The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1953 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1953
Page 6
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BLYTHEVTUB (ARK.J COUNTER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 1953 nee BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS TUB COURIER NEWS CO, ^ H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON, Editor JAUL D, HUMAN, Advertising Manner Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wltmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered as second class matter at the post- office at BlytheviUe, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. ^ Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of BlytheviUe or any suburban town where carrier service is maintained, 25c per week. By mall, within a radius of 50 miles. $5.00 per year $2.50 for six months, $1.25 for three months; by mail outside 50 mile zone, $12.50 per year payable in advance. Meditations For the vision li yet for an appointed time, but at the end It shall speak, and not lie: thouith H tarry, wait for It; because it will surely come, Jt will not tarry. — Hnbakkuk 2:3. * * * Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genuine. — George LeClerc. Barbs Inmates of a southern prison held a track meet. We wonder who won the pole vault — and where is he now? * _ * * A Nebraska Ian- doesn't allow a TV In » taxi where the driver can see H. He'll have to get his fun out of watching: the meter. * * * Why not take a tip from the horse races that ire won by a nose — and keep your chin up? * * * A doctor says women are olitllvlnf men. Maybe because the attention of women pedestrians Is not distracted by looking at men. * * * No home is complete without a few highbrow books on display that nobody ever reads. Mishandling Spoils GOP Bid To Renounce Pacts 'The handling of President Eisenhower's resolution on the subject of wartime agreements w i t h the Russians seems certain to go down as a tragedy of errors, no matter what the- final Senate action. The President's purpose was to give the satellites of the Soviet Unicm^a firm psychological lift by declaring that the Russians hart perverted the Yalti and Potsdam pacts with the West into instruments for the enslavement of once- free peoples. Mr. Eisenhower's evident mistake — or that of his top advisers — was in not gauging carefully enough the temper of Senate Republicans on the Yalta-Potsdam issue. GOP leaders had accepted the President's proposal in principle, but Secretary of State Dulles did not show any of them the actual language of the declaration until just before it went to Capitol Hill. Republicans hit the roof. To the GOP, broad condemnation of Yalta and Potsdam has long been a battle cry, and it rang especially loud in the 1952 campaign. They argue that the concessions the West made to Russia on these occasions — giving them the Japanese Kurile islands and carving up Poland — were tragic betrayals of good peoples. Consequently the Republicans cannot let lightly pass any proposal which mentions those pacts without indicat- , ing either their disapproval, or at the least, their lack of approval. In this case, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee tacked on a proviso stating that Congress was not passing judgment on the "validity or invalidity" of tht Yalta and Potsdam agreements. But in its insistence upon this proviso, the GOP lost Democratic backing for the resolution, and hence the bipartisan unity which alone could have given it much meaning to the Iron Curtain peoples. In revised form, the proposal can have no psychological value. Yalta and Potsdam as agreements are not being argued here. The only point to be made is that the propaganda possibilities of the President's proposal would now stem to have been lost. The satellites are hardly likely to take much hope from a proposal that can gain only divided support, nor are they apt to be impressed by a watered-down declaration that fears to mention the wartime pacts at all, From all this this administration may h«v« learned another hard lesson in th« matter of measuring the mood of Congress. And Congress may have learned that the necessities of domestic political propaganda don't necessarily blend with the requirements of psychological warfare abroad. He's Lucky, at That Our heart goes out to an anonymous engraver in England. He must he one of that country's most respected and skilled craftsmen, for he was chosen to do the engraving on the official coronation medallion. The design, by Sculptor Paul Vincze, shows a profile head of Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by Her Majesty's name and titles. It was a beautiful job of engraving, except for one thing —- the "Z" in "Elizabeth" was backward. The error was not discovered until scores of proof medals had been struck off and distributed in Britain and the U. S. There is no report on what happened to the hapless engraver. Undoubtedly he received a severe reprimand. Possibly, he was fired. But we're pretty sure he is not in the Tower of London, awaiting tty? headsman's axe. Whatever his fate, we can't help speculating on what would have happened to him if he had been a Russian engraver, working on an obituary medal of Stalin and had got the "S" backward. Views of Others Mexico For The Heat Just for the record, it ought to be noted that William O'Dwyer has no* done What he virtually called a reporter a liar for saying he planned to do. The former Ambassador has announced that he will live permanently In Mexico as an immigrant — though without relinquishing his United States citizenship — and will serve as adviser to a Mexican law firm. Yet when reporter Frederick C. Othmnn wrote a story to thlseeffect last October — on the basis of a conversation with Mr. O'Dwyer — the latter specifically denied it. There are, of course, many advantages for the former New York mayor in remaining in Mexico. Not the least of these Is the climate. We dare say that Mr o'Dwyer will notice the heat far less In Mexico City than If he returned to New York to answer the many questions raised about corruption during his regime. —Washington Post. Baloney Defined Prime Minister Churchill wants a definition of the fine old Anu'i'lcan word "baloney." A member of His Majesty's Loyal Opposition said a member of the Churchill Cabinet hnd applied that w o r fl to economic planning. Whereupon the Prime Minister snid he would prefer to have it defined before lie attempted to deal with It. We have no wish to intervene In domestic British politics; but if the Prime Minister really wants to know, here is our best understanding of the word: baloney n. (Eng., bologna, a sausage named for a city in northern Italy; Am., baloney) Rub- bUh, nonsense; of or pertaining to unconvincing stntement; that which, no matter how thinly it Ls sliced, remains unaltered; ch. "So's your old man." —St. Louis Post-Dispatch. SO THEY SAY French officers (of the Foreign Legion) have admitted to me that a unit is not regarded us effective unless it has a solid nucleus of German especially noncommissioned, officers. — Adrian Liddell Hart, ex-Legionnatre. * * * I see as my main task promoting the voluntary entry of the (West German) Federal Republic into the European community of peoples. — U. S. High Commissioner for Germany Dr. 1 James Conant. * * * The eternal problem regarding our national anthem is whether it is nobler for the human throat to growl on "say" or to shriek on "glare." * * * I'm sick of hearing TV and radio jokes about U. S. aid to Britain and how Eisenhower should keep his pockets zipped while Churchill is around. — Canadian labor leader David Archer. » • * Nothing that the United Slates can^ do will ever be enough to make Europe safe if it is divided Into rival national camps. — Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. * « * The time will come when It will be safe for children to kiss their father good night on Income tax day and not have (heir little heads snapped off by their harassed parents. — Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks. * * * It (U. 3- foreign policy) Is like a pleasant aroma jupplantlnr a dank, foul odor. it. Is a hypodermic or hope to a hapless world. — Pennsylvania Gov, John Fine. Building Up to Another Korea? Peter Edson't Washington Column — Byrnes Says Stalin Failed to Keep Health Promise He Made Himself WASHINGTON —(NBA)— Russian Premier J. V. Stalin's health may have .collapsed because he didn't follow a rule he had made for himself in 184S, according to former Secretary of State, now Gov. James P. Byrnes o f South Carolina. "On Christmas Eve in 1845," Governor Byrnes recalls. "Premier Stalin gave a Peter Ed»pn dinner for British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin and me. It was during the Moscow conference. Members of the Politburo were the guests, nnd I snt next to the generalissimo. "There had been several rumors on the state of Stalin's health. He had been to the Crimea for n rest. He was awnre that the condition nf his health has been misrepresented, but he was happy he had returned to his duties in excellent condition. "He said to me: "I have been ending an abnormal life for over 10 years. I should take a rest every year, and hereafter I plan to do so. It is important.' "I never heard that he proceeded to carry out that policy," Governor Byrnes declared. "He has been staying close to Moscow. What happened was only to be expected." Luce Talk First State Department Em- ploye:: Have you heard about the new play that Ambassador to Italy Clare Boothe Luce is going to write? Second SDE: Ho. what's it going to be about? First SDE: :It'5 going to be a sequel to "Call Me Madam." Second SDE: :0h. That so? What will she call it? First SDE: "Call Me Madonna." A Kick for the Crowd Robert M. McCurdy, chairman of the American Legion's National Rehabilitation Conference, acted as toastmastcr for a big banquet, capping a meeting of his group in Washington. About 750 people were there, including all the big shots in veterans' affairs. McCurdy introduced all the people at the head table, going straight down the line from one end to the other. When he .got to Rep. Edith Nourse Rogers, Massachusetts Republican congresswoman who is chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, McCurdy paused and said:: "I now come to a person who really needs no introduction to you—the "Old Gray Mare" of veterans' affairs. . ." He paused, and a gasp of horror ran through the room. Not noticing that there was anything wrong. McCurdy then completed his sentence with: .v ". . .Ed Dudley, the Legion's national adjutant." ' What Toastmaster McCurdy had done was purposely skip Mrs. Rogers in his Introductions because she \vas going to make a speech later. When Mrs. Rogers was introduced later, she said with a smile:: "For a minute I thought I was being called 'an Old Gray Mare.' And maybe some of you think BO. But believe me, I've still got a lot of kick, left." Relieved of its embarrassment for her. the crowd in the banquet room howled with laughter and gave her a big hand. I.OHK Wait for Results Not much hope for any action on Ihe big Elsenhower plan to eliminate duplication in federal and state tax law's can be expected before 1956—if then. The present plan is to send a bill to Congress, authorizing a special commission—like the Hoover commission on government reorganization —to study the matter. It can't possibly come up with any recommendations before next year. Congress and the state legislatures would then have to pass laws on any recommended changes they proposed to put Into effect. Forty-four of the state legislatures are meeting this year. Since most of them hold only biennial sessions, they won't meet again till 1955. So their changes couldn't go into effect before 1956. "Firm" Hands on Helm The long-winded names of big law firms, mentioning all. the partners, are always good for a laugh, but the Elsenhower administration now has a "firm" name in charge of psychological warfare which tops them all. It Is: Dulles, Dulles, Jackson, Jackson, Johnson, Cutler, Smith and McCardle. The members are, of course, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles; his brother Allan Dulles, director of Central Intelligence; William H. Jackson, chairman of Psychological Strategy Board: C. D. Jackson (no relation). White House coordinator of psychological warfare; Robert L. Johnson, new head of the International Information program; Robert Cutler, White House administrative assistant; Undersecretary of State Walter B. Smith, and Assistant Secretary of State Carl W. McCardle. Exemption for Mama? There's sentiment growing on Capitol Hill in favor of a special tax exemption for professional women who have to hire baby sitters to take care of their families while mnma works. The arguments in favor of it are simple. When a man who Is the head of a family has to hire a secretary, he can deduct her salary as a business expense. So why should- 't a wife and mother who works full time at an outside job be permitted to deduct expenses for See ED SON on Page 12 the Doctor Says- By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service From time to time it seems like a good idea to devote this column to a few questions which parents have sent in dealing with problems which they have with their children. One mother tells me her nine- year-old boy Is very destructive. If things don't go his way he goes Into a tantrum, and when scolded or punished he laughs. He is average in school, but acts Ihe same way there as nt home. I am sure the parents nf many small boys have similar experiences. It seems normnl for most youngsters of this age to be destructive, but of course this should not be allowed to get out of hnnd. Children, like grownups, try to get their own way, and they take nlmost any method which seems to be .successful. Evidently this little boy has found going into a tantrum a good wny. What is needed is a [irn:. consistent policy so that the little boy will learn that destructive activity and tantrums do not pay. Just what method to use should be carefully thought out in advance nnd probably the family physician or someone else who is qualified outside of the immediate family could help In devising methods which should be followed both «t home and at school. I get many letters from pnrents who are distraught because their children h»v« Ui« null-biting hab- it. They if there Is a way to stop this. It is a common childhood habit seen most often in children who arc tense and emotional. It does not cause any harm to the health and most children stop when they start meeting others at a social level. Threats of punishment are out of place, but sometimes offering of a reward, if the habit is discontinued for six months or more, is helpful. It is best to be kindly and helpful .about the habit and not give it an exaggerated amount of attention. Another mother asks if thyroid pills would have any harmful effects on a young baby, and for what are they usually given. Thyroid pills would not have any harmful effects unless more were given than the, Infant needed. They would usually be given to an infant for a condition called cretinism, which is absence of functioning of the thyroid ([land. This is rare. Mrs. S. wants to know what to do about her three-and-a-half-year- old daughter who Is having constipation difficulties. Regulate by Diet If at all possible this should be regulated by diet ruther th»n by medicine. Once In a long while there is » structural difficulty of the bowel which Is responsible (or constipation u> » youngiKr, «nd this should be diagnosed as early as possible. To avoid sowing the seeds for future difficulty, this problem should be taken up with the family physician or the child's pediatrician. Mrs. C. A. M. is pregnant and tells me that she dislikes milk and wonders if her baby will have sound bones and healthy teeth in spite of this. * The calcium and other Ingredients of milk which are so Important during pregnancy can probably be supplied In other forms, but the doctor who Is looking after her during pregnancy should be promptly informed of the fact that she dislikes «nd is not taking milk. • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Courage Is Aid In Bridg* Tourney B.v OSWALD JACOBY Written (or NFA Service The Rnnronch of the Eastern States Championships, which begin this weekend, brlngi back a host of memories to most bridge players In the Enst. The tournament, one of the oldest In the history of Contract Bridge, has always attracted » strong field from all sections of the country as well as from the Eaftcrn stales. I remember the hand shown today very clearly, because It cost me first, place In the Eastern Championships of 1932. Charlie Lochndfe, tlttlng East, opened with a psychic Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NBA)— Exclusively Yours: : Freddie Bartholomew, once the screen's No. 1 kid star and "Little Lord Fauntleroy, will try marriage again next month. Wife No. 2: New York TV actress Betty Baker. . .Pat Wy more's keeping an eagle' eye on Errol. Flynn in Italy. Sits on the sidelines while he makes love to Oina Lollobrigida for scenes in "The Teacher of Don Juan." Plynn needs a teacher? Jerry Lewis finally has beat Dean Martin at golf—and has gold-framed the $20 he won. Bing Crosby's annual star-studded golf tourney in Carmel, by the way, may have competition. The Southern California PDA and the comics are discussing a $10,000 Martin and Lewis Open in LA for next fall. i Pox Is screen-testing a new French pastry, Gaby Bryere, who has eyebrows lifting over her quotes: "Hollywood expects French actresses to be just sexy. No one ever worries about their minds. bid of one club, and his partner, Johnny Rau, made an out-ol-turn bid of two no-trump. Johnny corrected his error by jumping to three no-trump, and this strange contract arrived at in so fantastic a manner, could not be defeated. Elephants have short memories compared to bridge experts. After 21 years I still remember every card in the hand, and I could still cheerfully murder my good friends Lochridge and Rau whenever I think of the hand. At many other tables, the hand was played at a normal contract of four spades. South won the opening diamond lead, cashed his remaining high diamonds, and led a low trump towards dummy's jack. At some tables, West timidly put up the queen of spades. West could still save the day by laying down the ace of clubs and continuing that suit, but this defense has never actually found. The West played us- NORTH WEST AQ84 V AQ J » 8654 + A74 Eut Pass Pass Pass Pass IT . 1096 • QJ 1093 *J92 EAST (D) *63 ¥ 854 « 72 A Q 108653 SOUTH * AK 10975 VK732 « AK + K North-South vul. South West North Pass Pass Pass Pass 1 3 A 4V Pass I N.T. 3N.T. Opening lead—* 4 ually took the queen of spades and shifted to hearts. Now South could take the king of hearts, get to dummy with the jack of spades, and get two discards on dummy's diamonds to make sure of his game. Strangely enough, at those tables where the West player was courageous enough to play lou r on the first round of trumps, the game contract was easily defeated even though West lost his queen of spades. At these tables, dummy was able to win the first round of trumps with the jack. If a diamond was Immediately returned from dummy, East still had a trump and could ruff, south did not have to icse a trump trick, but he could not use dummy's diamonds and therefore had to lose three hearts and a club eventually. If I have to display sex I'll do it. I've got it. But I'm an actress— not a French post card." Yvonne de Carlo's new leading man on and off screen, Carlos Thompson, is dating Lydia Lamas, Fernando's gorgeous ex, while Yvonne is in England. FAMILIAR SONG DONALD O'CONNOR on the subject of reconciliation with Gwenn: i "We have no plans at all. I'm happy to say that we are very good friends and that we parted on the friendliest terms. We hope to keep it that way." Now where have we heard those those words before? Stage Producer AI Rosen must mean it about starring Christine Jorgensin in a play. Rosen offered the leading-man role to John Hubbard but Hubbard told me on the set of U-I's "Walking My Baby Back Home": "I don't think I'll take it. I'm an ex-G.I. and I wouldn't be comfortable making love to another ex-G.I. And mark down that quote as the best of the year. Ricardo Montalban, who's sensational in "Sombrero," follows Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon and other' top stars out Of the MGM fold. . .Vera-Ellen's friends are worried about her starvation diet' and continued loss of weight. . . Jane Weeks, the movie beauty who retired to wed millionaire John Martin, just underwent surgery a second time for ulcers in Hartford, Conn. Peggy Maley, emoting !n Stan Kramer's "The Wild One," denies that It's serious with John Hodiak. She just shed a- hubby in Las Vegas. An Italian inventor claims cred-. it for 3-D movies without the use of Polaroid glasses. But it'll never work at kiddie matinees. You have to stick in the middle of your theater seat without moving from one side to the other to get the right effect. Greer Garson, a theater-seat squirmer, would be out of luck, too. 75 Years Ago In B/ythevif/e Mrs, Walker Baker played cards with the members of the Tuesday Bridge Club when they were entertained by Mrs. J. Nick Thomas at her home. In the card games, Mrs. Floyd White won high and Mrs. Baker second high. Dr. J. L. Guard left last night for Chicago, 111., to be with his son James, who recently underwent an appendectomy there. James is a student in the Chicago School of Optometry. Mrs. F. E, Black. Mrs. W. J. Pollard, Mrs. W. D. Chamblin and Misa Ruth Butt plan to go to Jonesboro tomorrow to spend the day at a rut hooking party. The mail service being what it is. some of the winter travelers are beating their souvenir post cards home and wish they had saved their two cents. St. Patrick's Day Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Today is a 1 Oily ketone festive one lor 2 Distribute the « "Wearing of the " 11 Ransom 13 Chines* laborer 14 Danish seaport 15 Made over 18 Educational group (ab.) 17 Flout 19 Scatter, as hay 20 Consumes 22 Sluggard '(Scot.) 23 Personal (ab ) 24 Alphabetic character 26 Red planet 27 Over (contr.) 28 Electrified particle 29 Legal point 30 Rodent 31 Arabian gulf 33 Restrains 36 Feathered friend 37 Mountain pass 38 Plexus 40 Poem 41 Glacial Ice pinnacle 43Ctuhion 44 Made warm 46 Spotted 41 Type of fur 49 Latin- American gulf 80 froperty Htm tl Mountain Ukc< cards anew 3 form a notion 4 Legislator . (afc.) 5 Interned Nazi 6 Departer 7 Gypsy husband 8 Click beetle 9 Sea ducks 10 Requires 12 Repairers 13 Retinue 18 Auricle 21 Cached 23 One who pants33 Drone bee 25 Year between 34 Mend 12 and 20 35 Island In New 26 Castle ditch York bay 28 St. Patrick is > 36 Black tea patron saint of37 Surrender 39 Paradises' 31 Helpers 32 Sleeping visions 41 Dispatched 42 Outer garment 45 Cravat 47 Malayan coin

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