The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1931
Page 8
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MON'DAY. JAXUAI1Y'2G, 19;U The Minds Behind the Thrones Blytheville High Sponsors'. First Tourney in Armory i Friday and Saturday. ! ,HE first basket- bill tournament ! to bs staged M the new Armory i will be held Fri-{ day and Saturday with ten ' boys' | teams repres2iH-! Ing schools ol i Mississippi county in tills state and 'Peniiscol county In Mirsourl participating at 'he invitation ol Blytheville high school. - The biggest crowds yet to witness cage contests nl the armory will come here from the southeast Missouri lowns and Mississippi county schools for tlic g-iinw. ; Teams of Blytheville W11 son. i Leachville, Shawnee, Osceola nni Luxora in Mississippi county, ami Cooler, Steele,. Holland nnd Brag- gadocid In Missouri will play In the tourney. ' Wid Matthews, .popular Catuth- ersville, Mo., coach and official, will' referee the Saturday contests whlb j other officials jrttt be supplied by' the local high school. The visiting Missouri Icains will probably rate, favorites lo carry th2 invitation tournament championship back lo Missouri with them. Steele, Holland and Cooler have good quintets. The Mississippi coiui- ly aggregations do not rule so highly on paper but may spring u surprise and upset the invaders from Missouri. The Blylhevillo Chlckasaws can hardly he classed as serious contenders for the tsur- ney title as they have been defeated rather easily by several learns which will play. The tournament will be divided Inlo five session starling Friday afternoon. The schedule for tlic tourney showing the drawings for the first games and the elimination program, • as released by Crawford Greene, Blytheville supsiintendenl, Icllows: .. Friday Afternoon 1:30 o'clock--Game Ko. 1, Blylh;- ville vs.'Wilson. 2:30—Game No. 2. Cooler LeachvUle.- 3:30—Game No. 3, Lur.ora Braggadocio. 4:30—Game .No. 4,. Shnwnee vs.j ' Steele ' | Friday Night 7 o'clock—Game No. 7, Lbs;r No. 1 vs. Loser'No. 2. 8 o'clock—Game No. 5, Holland vs. Osceola/ .: . 9 o'clock—Game No. 6, Winner No. I vs. Winner No. a. Saturday Jlornlns 9 o'clock—-Game No. 8, Loser No. 3 vs. Loser No. 4. '9:60 o'clock—Game No. 9, Winner No. 3 vs. Winner No. 4. 10:40 o'clock—Game No. 11, Los2r No 5. vs. Loser No. 6, "ll:30 o'clock—Game No. 10, Winner No. 7 vs. Winner ND. 0. Saturday Afternoon 1:30 o'clock—dame No. 12, Winner No. 3 vs.. Winner No. C. 2:30 o'clock—Game No. 13, Winner No. 10 vs. Winner No. 11. 3:30 o'clock—Game No. H. Loser No. 9 vs. Loser No. 12. .5 o'clock—Game No. 15. Winner No. 13 ws. Winner No. 14. Saturday Night (5 BRUSHING UP SPOUTS ; y La ufe i HANCROKr OLSON (JOl.LINS Timneys Off on Asiatic Expedition Members of a National Geographic Society' expedition Into Asia, Gene Tumicy, retired heavyweight champion, and Mrs. Tunney.are pictured above ins they failed from Ntw York. "It's so ridiculous that I don' cvm uo;h to deny It nny more," wns Tunney's' reply lo a-quesiior as to the possibility of his return to. the prize ring. DID YOU KNOW THAT— The pec-wee gllf people have started a campaign "to eliminate from popular parhince such .enns as 'pecwec golf"... which tend to belittle the sport, according to the. now National Miniature Golf Association. , . Such nicknames create wrong mpresslon In the minds of the public, say the baby golf people. . . At that the game of pcny golf no longer is a Ind or novelty. . . . And innybc halt-pint, f 'should be treated with just as much dignity as football or ebfiU. . . . They say abbreviated golf is a health-giving Stime . . . and Tom Thumb golf is played by nearly as many people us play marbles, puolts, ping pong, chess arid charades . . . The bobbed pastime certainly is ceUiii3:a big play from the tcurlsts In the south this ycnr ... by which we mean of course, miniature fill. |Bul Rumor Is Out That Old Zach Will Replace Brocklyn Manager Soon. BY WIU.IAM 1IKAI!C!I£R NEA .Service Kpnrls Editor NEW YOHK.— A colorful old baseball face bobs back into t h c major league picture with the return ol '/.achary Davis Wheat 1C coach Brooklyn's Dear. Delightful Dodgers. ZaclVs job ostensibly will be to try lo keep some kind of Indian file among Hie Dodgers on Ihc ba$> paths. The Dodgers, you know, | have n penchant lor deploying as skirmishers once they gel their feet on the bases. Zni-li will strive ear- neslly to. prevent Indiscriminate Barnes of leap frog between Dodgers who aro supjxxsed to be occupying respectively third nnd first • base. Wilbeit Robinson, of course. j is slill Hie team's manager. But those \vlio know something of the tangled baseball affairs of Flatbush say that the advent of Wheat, a pjjmlar Brooklyn Idol, as coach, means lhat Ihe Dodgers now will have two" managers, neither of them even faintly resembling your i Uncle Wilbert. A few unkind peo- I pic have even said that Coach Ivy ! Olson really managed the Dodgers last year, Uncle Wilbcrl's chief duties having been the discussion, fine points of the day's strategy with taxi drivers, outside the park after the game. ; During Wheat's playing days with Drcoklyii, ite nnd Robbie never roomed together. Robbie never has been seen with his arm around Ivy- Olson, either. Judge Sieve McKeev- c-. who will not walk on the same sido of the street that Wilbsrt treads, is half owner .of the Dodgers, and It is said that he .was' behind the movement to bring Wheat back to prepare him to become manager of the team in 1932. With Olson coaching on third this year. Wheat struggling to hold some Impetuous Robin on first with a couple of men on second and with Uncle Wilbert In Ihe dugout reading his mail, the situation may resolve itself into a contest to see I who can do the most managing on ny given afternoon—Wheat.or. Ol^ in. • II PEOPLE WED UWE LISTENING T6THC RW3IO BROADCAST OF lite SecoNp 3 DORI^&THE SEVEMH ^O^JO-'ME OTHERS THE ANMoONCEfAEUt OF THE DECISION- iy Osccola Meets Shawnee at Basketball Tussday OSCECfcA, ARK-., Jan. 26—The Osceola High School P. T. A. bas- kclball team will play the Shawnee P. T. A. team In the Sha*r>Ee gymnasium Tuesday evening. Box receipts will be used for P. T. projects. Ern, in conclave the oilier day, <Ie- P cr J S rnnc Mirror ciiU-d the commission was not to l crlsc °P e }" IITO J Used in Speakeasies BEARDSTOWN. III. (UP)--The blame because Tom Hccney wns knocked cut with n count of eight i in hts bout with Young Bugs Dner. | R;al!y. • y.-.u know, it was,nobody's I fault. Dcinpscy counted lo "eichl," :°'d method of-a "peep hole thru Knockdown Timekeeper Art Dr.i:- which operators of n "speakeasy' van asserted rymi]:.=,ey's "eight" l<x* over :tlie visitor has given should have b:en "ten." and what away to a modern and novel meth- ts there to be done about it 1 ? A. cd by which, tiie "lookouts" can knockdown timekeeper 'ha-, to get scrutinize those outside and yet re- his inn:.? in the paper somehow, main Invisible, a raid by federal 7:30 o'clock—Came No 16 Cham-1 doesn't lie? Perhaps Mr. Donovan, I dry agents disclosed here recently, plonship,.Winner No. 9 vs. Win-1 t!rcd °- tlle obscurity, of his job,' The new method consists of.what ner No. 12. 9 o'clock—Game No. 17, Winnsr No FC1 ' tc tira f.?rent from tVic I suddenly decided that ho would appears to be an ordinary mirror by the forelock, be dif- to the visitor to the ''speakeasy' 15 vs. Loser No. 16. A girls' game may be arranged to take place belween the two final games.._ !•**/«• Soviet PARIS. Feed Plct Found? (UP)—Government investigators have found another al- cgcd diabolic Soviet plot agalns 1 the French army. In several arm> camps it has been found that the soldiers are being fed macaron manufactured more than threa years ago In Soviet Russia. As i Is forbidden to feed the troops with anything but French toad, t h government is investigating. ' them, such as Eddie .Collins, Kid leason, An Fletcher Jimmy .Burke and Dave Bancroft.'have managed ea:ns themselves. . • Dolhns and Gleason, who-draw >ay as Connie Mack's lliutenanls. xxh managed the same team, the Vlilte Sox. but unlike Wheat and Olson, they both were not manag- 15 at the same time. Collins, late- y, has been taking over nearly all if the routine management of the Athletics. £uch as cracking wise to : wreni in™ me herd cf ordinary' but which in reality is a sort of a i.Ttncrkrtcv.-n timekeepers nnd mnke periscope, it enabling the lookout E. reputation lor himself. You n clear vision of the visilor. c.-.r.'t blr.nic a guy for that. '. The "mirror" fits In the panel of * ' " I Ihc door nnd gives th? app:arance Jcc SnveTa Ten Years , ; ol an ordinary glass door. When Joe Sr.vell came to the: Indians in 1530. h? was a model; OTTAWA. (UP)-Canada now younf r,-,nn. His ambition was a has 40 f ec i c ral bird sanctuaries s p 4 J^ scattered' across the country. 3ur- sanclu arics preserving bird life, census of birds In a group of ten I; reservations on the norlh shore of Ihe St. Lawrence in 1930 showed j an average Increase of all varieti?s | WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA SAWBA DISTRICT, J^flSSISSIP PI COUNTY:. ARKANSAS. Joncsboro Building & Ixan Asso elation, PlalnUfL . No. 4879 vs. E. E. Byrd. et al.. Defendant. The defendants. American ccn 1 tral Life Insurance -Company sr | warned to appear within thirt days in the court named in th caption hereof and answer th j didn't cut up with the rest of the v indicate that these ! i;v, s ( : 0 v;n at the corners nf a Sat- Rre efleclivc )n p rese rvli '•" - 1 "*" "" lirci.iy night: he didn't No?.', at the age of 32. in the year Beanly Contest? mi- Sev;cn ls ro ; c -, wt i by ihe'ln- Afaybe.what your Uncle Wilton a\v.v. a.s l;cins lauw of h:itb and Robinson is trying to run is a j cm cf eye beauty contest. In the Brooklyn! _.. . .. , fc , h , f ; VancI Tdnir*, Ad ° nUeS ? ^^ you^nt w w in tterr ascore^ Vance. Adolfo-Luque and B,be. o: yc:%rs vol , , 1>ou ,,, rel|lx nm . nnd • and no-*- comes Erne.s;. ,,,,„ , lk! , Grom A <. c . x!xnde r. win! . from the Pacific Cras;.' r ,. lishci , .,„ yf!lr5 in lhc blv . i cn , ls - s ; mtsi Dountnm te:,i 1:1 : hsl 6cason> or Rabbit Maianvilic. | mo^En? *& ~; ^; :! '\ b ^^,^oSlS^; bSdlTteVrSSdrtS- 1 " •'•' -«-^ anlS h, league.' chief liaison officer between Me-Graw and the Giants afield. During McGfaw's illness last year. Bin- croft stepped Into the breach of the Master Mind and Master Minded the boys Into a winning streak that looked for a time as though it would run on all fall and winter. Smiling Joe McCarthy has twn former major league managers as coaches with the Yankees this year. Chisel-Chin Art Fletcher and Jimmy Burke. The Chisel-Chin served time as manager ' of the Phillies and Jimmy Burke Including somo near cities" and other tjny Graw. in the good old days \vhsn j 509,097. Matty was in there -and not a I "garden great deal ol coaching was needed, j within commuting dlstnnc;, C'rmt- |cr Stockholm numbers 030,235 in- 'habitants, or 19.4G7 more than 1S)29. | WARNING ORDER [ Odum B. n;xme, Allie Harrison. [Mrs. Allle Harrison, W. A. Snod- number; increased with 10,498 to g- reS5 and Helen F. Snodgrass are ~ | warned to appear in the Chancerv : i Court for the Chlckasawba •: Stockholm Shows Growth STOCKHOLM, (UP)—Stockholm now has more than hnlf a million Inhabitants. last year the ' "WARNING OBDEU CHANCERY Very often you Bed these .-''lieu- some years ago, and Jimmy Burki pnant^ of baseball," as "coaches • hqd the misfortune of directing thi re sometimes called in an upstage j capers of' the St. Louis Browns ay. are pretty well versed'in-the j Both -of these are very thorough book of baseball. Quite. a few j in their baseball schooling and could tell you at a'glance-tha' Babe Ruth is a pretty good bill player. '. •- ' ' One of the great unknown coaches In the big leagues Is Jean' Dubuc, who lieutenants for Bucky Harris at Detroit. Dubuc, .former pitcher, has been helping Roger Bresnahan lo teach the Tiger pitchers how to throw baits that look strikes. And the Tiger pitching staff,'as a. result, is one of the things that Bucky isn't worrying PI -. CO.UNTY, ARKANSAS.""' ' Norlheact Arkansas Gin.Company. ' et al., Plaintiff, No. 4efel vs. S. R. Gibbons, et a)., Defendant. The. defendant, Buckeye Cotton 0:1 Co.,-R.'E. King and Cole Warcl, are warned to appear within thirty the the complaint of the plaintiff, North- cast Arkansas 'Gin Company. Dated Jan. 10,' 1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, 'By Harvey Morris, D. C. Jesse'Taylor. Ally. Ad Lit em. h? umpires, lilting signals and all j about so much this year. that. j Bresnahan,' who has managed • • • | teams here and . there, learned Dave Bancroft, who once did a .much of his baseball under Me- days in the court named in caption ' hereof and answer Power Farming Entertainment HOME THEATRE Last Time Today CONSTANCE within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff in th- cause there pending wherein Peoples. Building & Loan Association ' is -plaintiff and the above named, together with O. B. Bcone and Annie J. Econe. his nife, nre defendants. Witness my hand os clerk of said . court, -and the seal thereof, on this 19th day of January, 1931. (Seal) R. L. GAINES. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ucirt, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. . 10-2C-2-9 RITZ THEATRE Last Time Today complaint of the plaintiff. Jo:ii boro Building & Loan Associate Dated January 20, 1931. R. L. GAINES. Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy w. Crawford. Ally. Ad litem. 2C-2-9-1G Sinker," or something like Anyway,- It's a striking nose. that. si'.y. SS5.COO tetter then Grr- ur'i present ban!:vcll- Carem-Matobey ' j If you felt unkindly loward IhoJUpv noble gladiators who now form Ihe i * '" heavyweight picture when you con-: ned the tidings that Priino Car- : ncra was to meot James, Msloney Breaks Long Church Record ,,,,-, nr , :FP ArV . nlr>1 . rf ,. again at Miami in. February, you nr r . , • .V, <U. )~A rc_- - ord o! ""'•>' '' n mi?ht.have said that an appropriate placs for such a shindi" would be Joe Wldcner's horse track at Hlaleah because the th'.ng is goinj to be a lot of hsiseplay anyway. But, not knowing hnw you felt, we cannot 1 measure voitr cmoticn. :•-.•.: ' ' * 1 Th« Short. Count ; Ths Ntw York Boxing Commis- here rccmtlv when '.VIS b7*?Kt>V- a pir.iivtlc slroke ccmp?li-:d H!rs. E. VI. B;- caso, prcrnii i ? l- ii r.i'jslcla-.i of ..Oih city, to be from her utu:-.! pest at ihe Trinity tpiscopsl church pipe orpn. Hnr absence frcm chuicVi was ;the fourth in her service lor iiEarly lulf a century as organist. RESUIIS Our \Vant-Ad Service is like a cotnmtmily S«'itch Hoard. You transmit your desires to a News Ail-Taker . . . (hat ad forms the connection between you and a special group of interested parties ... the quickest and most direct contact with results. mmt/ie Classified 306 — For an Ad-Taker McCormick Reaper Centennial Celebration FREE . MOVIES AND ENTERTAINMENT » FREE T HILyear193l marks the centennial of the McCormick Reaper, tliat famous michinc invented by Cyrus Malt McCormick in 1831, to free man fromhUenslavement to the soil. As a fitting means of celebrating this event, wo hava arranged a day of special entertainment for every farmer in this community. 11 will be a day fllo-1 v.-ith interesting and educational motion pictures and short. li'.!:« on modern farm machines and methods—something lioing every minute. Plan now to be our guest for tlic dcy! You v.iU alto tec tKc five-reel motion picture, "Romance aj the Reaper," especially filmed lo celebrate the one-hundredth birthday of the world's first reaper. jKennerh MtxKenna • Baul Rarhbone Rila ioRoy • Lotm Barlcls efll* alcl-ul I3H rcOK/ ^.Vi< en 10 A. M.—January 28th, MfCO*MJCK ttAKK ONTIMKAL 1931 Home Theater — Hlythoville, Ark. FARM EQUIPMENT CO., INC. JIatinee—2 and 4 O'clock. Night—2 Complete Shows Admission — Matinee and Night—10 and.25e. Coming —Tuesday, Wednes day & Thursday—Paul Whit man in "KING OF JAZZ". [IJOINIOIR \y LEOM ERRC-i L/NITtO A M H T t Admission—15 and !0o. Matinee— 2 and •! O'clock Night—2 Complete Coming—Tuesday, Wccir.c . clay & Thursday—Eddie C •• tor in "WHOOPKK"

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