Middletown Times-Press from Middletown, New York on November 6, 1915 · Page 4
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Middletown Times-Press from Middletown, New York · Page 4

Middletown, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 6, 1915
Page 4
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43 fcj It ·a. MIDDLBTOWN 'DAILY TIMES-PRESS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1915. VUddletown Time*-Press BctoblUhed *· Whiff Fr«» Horcmbcr 20. 1891. BitablUbed a* Trl-Weckly Pr*« May a*, 18TO. B*t*bll*h«l »« Mlddletowo Dally Fre»» October 26,1873. B«ua»U«hea ** Mlddlctown Pally T»m« April 30,1891. Established as Mlddlctown Dally Tin February Rnttrtd Republicans Rejoicing Mi IST r o o n . (Sonday* a" 11 H ° l " idays lixcept- «d), at the and TlMEs-PEBta BuilduiK, Comer Centre St»., Middlctown. N. Y., by tlie STIVERS PRINTING COMPANY JOHN D. STIVERS · - PRK»IO«NT M. A. STIVERS - - - 6«a-y-T«e»« H. H. K N I C K E R B O C K E R - - MANAOER Member of American Newopnper Pnbll»her» Amocintion Member of tfee Audit Bureau of Circula- tiona Member of The Gilt Bdce Newspapers Member of The Associated Pre«§ Member of Associated Dallies OBFIC1AL CITY PAPBR The results of the off-year are most gratifjinff to the Republicans, who see in them complete connrnia- tion or their belief that 191C will be murlved by a general Republican landslide. Wherever the voters had an opportunity to express themselves they proved that they were- too intelligent to bo deceived by the temporary prosperity which is resulting from huge j war orders and that ihej keenly ap- i predate that there can be no sato [ a n d enduring prosperity until t h o j machinery of the goveiiimeut is once more in tho hands of those who are I t.0iind on the tariff question and competent to handle !Jio financial affairs of the nation Massa-husetts, New Yirk. New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio all demonstrated that tho voters appreciate the Importance of setting back on safe ground and afforded abundant reason tor the lush hopes which tho Republican leaders are entertaining. THE TONIC. Press Comment JOHJC D. 8TIVBKS VAX-T»K J. I.TOX HS!"*Y P. POWSKS Bjxm P. Btoit. M«a VB»T«. M. C. W. BnjB»aB JOHS D. bcmn-Tz - El-lIBK B DBCKBtt F«AX«I M:. Cox EBXOSI CKI8T B. M. HUKTEK EdltorJn-Chjef Managing Editor - City Editor | City Staff | City Staff Art Dcpt. M«naeir Advertising Manager Circulation Mjinnper Supt. Com'l PrlntfnR Supt. Comjx Kooni , Mechanical Supt. SUBSCRIPTION RATB3 (6T»icri,r » ADTAJICB. BY Mxn,) One Year. $8 SO , Six Months, S3..7S: by Curriers at SO Ccnt« per Month Another more or less graceful bow to the inevitable was made when a New York Judge decided that babies had a right to cry even if they lived in an apartment house --Indianapolis News. The use of moral suasion in the effort to got .Cn-glishmen to enlist seems to be aoont as effective as the same means of getting Americans to return all their personal property for taxation --Ohio State .Journal. ANNUAL REPORT OF THRALL HOSPITAL (Continued rrom p»i» one) NOTB -- Communication* for publication in the Toczs-PM". tn order to receive oonild- . er*.tlon. rnnnTbe properly rigmed, as an eyl- d«JC« of good faith, and if return of mantl- , .cript U dedrert. .tamp, .uffldent to corer pori-Agc mort accompany »ame. Obtto*rle« are acceptable for tree Insertion, but death and fonsral notices, poetry, card* of tbankt, resolution*. etc., -Kill be chars*d for at regular card rate*. TELEPHCXU .- BnslncM Office Editorial Dcpt. No. 1 No. 101 IMrate Branch Exchange to all Department* SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1915. Ttt TIMES-PRESS Joes not an? fraudulent aaraiiifmfnts in st* column*. Altcoagb the TIMES-PRESS only morally guarantees its ad-cerltSfrKfnls.siv one If New York banishes fiction front the public libraries what a carting out of books ou the European war bj "military experts" and "investigators." --Louisville -Courier-Journal. At our house we have been having sroen corn for positively the last time this season every day for two weeks now,--Ohio States Journal. General Exhaustion seems to be \ ery slow about reporting for duty upon European haule fronts.--Louisville Courier-Journal. In any e'v ent the movement to enlarge the alphabet and reconstruct the English lang-uage will gi\e somebody something to occupy his mind with.-Cleveland Leader. Qulebra's resentment at being pierced by a canal has fceen fully ex- trio consider* b or sh, to* btat retina^ bj \ pregspd _ Now the PanaTOnn mountain ttsf afrrrtistment -sill confer 2 froor »pon\ vM p]ease content ltse u w l t t l wa tch- tl, TIMES-PRESS by adrtstng Sbi adeemi- ng dejariaifnt ai ouce. ing t*se ships Times-Star. go by.--Cincinnati Daily History Class--Nov. 6. 1460--Sir John Falstaff. English knight, ' died. I 1S60--Abraham "Lincoln elected presl- j dent on the Republican, or anti- ' slavery, ticket. 1914--Russians recaptured Jarosla-w, in Galicia. Russian Cossacks crossed the German frontier into Prussia. ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS. Evening stars: Jupiter, Mars, Venus. Morning stars: Saturn, Mercury. Planet Mercury in conjunction with the moon. The Progressive Return LETTERS FROM THE T I M E S - P R E S S R E A D E R S In all the states where elections were held the fact that tho Progressives had returned to the Republican tfold was manifested. There are, por- haps, no voters who study politics more closely than the msn who followed Theodore Roosevelt out into the political -wilderness and there is no class of men. from their leader down, who have been so thoroughly disgusted with. Democratic maladmin- istration. The large majority of those ·who followed Mr. Roosevelt in 1912 did so, of coarse, with the hope of electing him President and with no puppoae to inflict on the country a Democratic Administration, but few of them appreciated how unfortunate ·would be the results if that should bo tlie result of their breaik with tho O. O. P. They realize it now, however, to a very marked degree and thoro is manifestly no danger whatever that they will repeat their mistake next year. They have, moreover, gained something in returning to the Republican partj, for they have been cordially welcomed back and there is no doubt that tho general trend of tho Republican party will be nioro progressive from now on, as a result ol the loyal support it is receiving from its whilom opponents T H E C O M I N G CONCERT. Editor Times-Press: May we, through the courtesy of your columns, answer the many inquiries regarding the auspices of tho concert to be gi\en in Eagle Hall on Wednesday evening, Nov. 10. This concert is not for the benefit of any organization. We have taken it upon ourselves to give the mualc- lovlng public of this city the opportunity of hearing artists high up In their art, and we feel our city is musical onough and this recital attractive enough to warrant an audience sufficient in size to meet expenses without the support of an organization. Jllddletown IB worthy of concerts of tho highest standard and it 13 our hope that the patronage will encourage cur ambition to promote them. Yours truly, David "Walsh, Wm. H. Tremper, Wm. C. Herbert. --Rochester Herald. Do You Need Glasses? PUBLIC HEALTH HINTS Prepared Each Week For the Readers cf This Newspaper by the New York State Department of Health. T HE human eve is a ·nunderful instrument, but--at least under the trying conditions of modern life--it often fails to meet the demands we put upon it, and serious troubles of all sorts result because we do not help it out by getting glasses to SUPPLY NATURE'S DEFECTS. Particularly at the time when children begin their SCHOOL LIFE the new and difficult uses made of the eye often bring on eye strain and a host of resultant disorders. The signs of beginning eye strain may he quite different in different cases. At first only a slight fatigue may.be noticed after reading or sewing. The eyes may water easily or the eyeball may become bloodshot or the evelids red. Some persons whose eyes are overtaxed show it bynerv- ousness and others by drowsiness after the eyes have been used. HEADACHES of all sorts and even attacks of vertigo may be merely the symptoms of eye trouble. The eye has a remarkable power, called the power of ACCOMMODATION. When you look from a distant object; to a nearby one you. notice that it takes a few seconds to focus the eye so that you can see it clearly. Little muscles are contracting and changingfcthe shape of the eye to adjust it to the different distance, somewhat as you change the focus of . attorney, George H. Decker, for the a camera according to the nearness of the object'to be photographed. If 1 ' services rendered us during- the eye is abnormal in anv respect these muscles have to work too hard, and, even though we may by this unconscious effort be able to see clearly, yet THE STRAIN is there all the time. ·rrr * i _ /-tr\-x--r»m * -vrrn T^TTI inery gave out, which would necessitate new, so it has been decided that u new and separate building must be erected which will serve as a laundry and which, will .be large enough and contain machinery sufficient to do the work required when the new hospital building is completed. A large u u m of money will 'be needed when our plans for .building "are carried, out but we feel assured the citizens of Mlddletowu will respond to a call for funds ae generously as they have responded in the past ,and we will haie a building which will be supplied with the best and most modern means for medical and surgical work, and of which the city of Allddletown will be proud. IJriug; the year two valued members of our Advisory Board have passed away: Daniel H. Bailey and Jesse W. Cantield. These men have been associated with our work since Its origin and ever stood ready to glA'e of their time and counsel -- and we have reason to mourn their loss. F. D. Kruc-chan was elected as a member of our Advisory Board to fill the vacancy caused last year by the death, of 'Wilhum B. Royce. Tw o members of the Board of ilanagrers ha\ e resigned during the jear. Mrs. Henry \V. Wiggins, who i hud served as the valued Secretary | fci the past seven years, and Mnj. J. J. Relgeluth. These vacancies were filled hy Mrs. I. H. Lent and Mrs. J. V. BemeresL Our resident physician, Dr. A. L. Wheeler, left at the completion of his year's work and Dr. Hal Cleveland, of the Vanderbilt University, was appointed to nil the vacancy. The Board of Managers wishes to express its grateful appreciation to the following: To our staff of physicians and surgeons who have given so faithfully and liberally of their time and skill for the xellef of the sick and afflicted To the superintendent, Miss M-nCow an, and her corps of hard working nurses who stand ready night and day to care for thp suffering and give aid to the injured. To the "Thimble Chanty" the "As You Like it Club" and the "Lenten Sewing Club" the members' of which have worked untiringly with their needles to keep the hospital supplied with the necessary linen and articles of apparel so needed in a hospital and which are constantly wearing out- To the generous friends who always respond liberally on donation day and at other times during the year with cash donation and all the necessities that are appreciated by the sick. A list of these donors will be found in the annual report. To the editors of the dally newspapers for many courtesies extended to the hospital, and also for their generous donation of newspapers -- so eagerly read by the convalescing. Certificate of deposit 4,000.00 Interest on Children's Ward Fund 30.50 Interest on Melvln Horton Ward Fund 295.3S Interest on Jennie L. West Ward Fund 2C6.80 Total for investment 592.CS Footing ? 11,092.68 Special Payment* (Invetted). Bonds and mortgages ...? 8,591.17 Children's Ward Fund 30.50 Melvln Horton Ward Fund 295.3S Jennie L. West Ward Fund 266.80 Total invested Balance .$ 9,183.85 .$ 1,908.83 Cash on hand, October 1st, 1914 620.72 Cash received during the year 17,606.11 Total $ 20.135.6C Ordinary payments during the year , 19,057.54 \Ve would alsj onr indebtedness to the advisorj tcuru and our Cash on hand, October 1st, 1915 $ 1,078.12 Investments. Torrey property $ 2,800.00 France property 4,300.00 Bonds and mortgages .... 52,834.21 Kunice H. Millen Fun ... 1,000.00 Melvin Horton Ward Fund 7,076.08 Jennie L. West Ward Fund G.309.57 Children's Ward Fund 744.84 Clinic Fund 41.43 Certificate of deposit 1,000.00- Masquerade Big Success Junior Order Event is Attended by the Members The Masquerade Ball held last night in Junior Order Hall under the auspices of the members of ^Wallkill Co'uncil, No. 92,'Jr. O. U. A. M.. was attended 'by a large crowd and was a most enjoyable affair. At about 9 o'clock the members of the Oriental -Drum. Corps followed 'by an enthusiastic gathering of masquers paraded through the center of the city, later retiring to the dance hall in the Times-iPreBS Ibuilding. Dancing began shortly after 9 o'clock^ the grand ,march following at aibout 10 .p. m. Prizes were awarded as follows: Ladies' first prize, silk umbrella; won by Glady-s Ovens. Gentlemen's first prize, silk umbrella; won by Arthur St. John. Ladies' second prize,- gold brooch; won by Getiva Giel. Gentlemen's second prize, gold cuff links; won by Austin Evans. The members of the committee who wei£ responsible for the success of the ball are: Arcihie Lewis, David Vandemark and John Black. William T. Cornelius, Lawrence S. ·Conkling, Phillip Giel, Jr., and A'bram H. Porter were the judges of the costumes. \ ? 76,106.13 Recapitulation. Cash on hand, Octoher 1st, 1914 Investments October 1st, 1914 77,422.28 Receipts, ordinary 17,606.11 Receipts, special ~ na '-° 620.73 Payments, ordinary $ 10,057.54 Investments October 1st, 1915 76,106.13 Cash on hand, October 1st, 1915 1,078.12 $ 96,241.79 $ 96,241.79 Respectfully submitted, HARRIETT D. VAN DUZEK, Treasurer. October 1st, 1915. Report For Year Ending September 30, 1915. Patients remaining in. hospital October 1, 3914 23 Number of patients admitted during the year 662 SUGAR OF MILK. In its notes about interesting people, tlie Sussex Independent, says:. Sugar of milk as a commercial industry started in "Orange and Sussex counties, that is, the American brand. The originator of the best brand vras S. C. Hayne, of Unionville, who man- utactured it extensively witih his brother-in-law, Lewis "Whitaker. About the same tirre the late B. P. Walling made it quite extensively at his plant at Hambxirg, under the direction of one Max Plory, who is well remembered here. Poor California Oranfle Crop. Sacramento, ?7ov. 6.--The California orange crop will be from 20 to 50 per cent below normal. We are seeing by a CONSTANT EFFORT in such a dase, -while if I - 5 . , J . . . , ,, -, ,. i ,, . · . i i j _3 _ xi-:_ services the year. Every year we find it takes more money for the running expenses of Ir-o hospital due to the higher cost in living. We trust everyone interested In suffering- humanity will give as llb- Wilson and Huerta NOT W I L L I A M R. M O R V A N . Editor: In Tuesday's issue of your paper, November 2, the name William Morvan appears on the list of persons indicted by the Grand J u r j . It should read William Marvin, not Morvan Will you k i n d l y correct the error as I cannot permit the name of Mor- vun to bo on the criminal list, as I am the only William Morvan in the county possibly in the country In England, whoro tho name originated, there is only one known family ot that name and I am proud to be a member of it. Respectfully, WILLIAM R Campbell Hall, Nov. 5. glasses were-provided to correct the defect of vision they would do this work for us and save all the strain. Many a miserable hour m the future would be saved by doing this in time. A careful and thorough examination of the eyes should be made. In order to do this properly it is often necessary to put "DBOPS' into the eye, drugs which relax the little muscles and put the whole eye into its normal state so that one can see what the condition of the eye is when it is relieved from strain. Tho effect of properly adjusted glasses upon happiness and efficiency is often almost miraculous. It is not at all uncommon to find a child in school who has been dull and fretful and backward without any one guessing the reason. An examination of the eyes reveals serious defects, and glasses correct them. The whole nature of the child and its place in the school community change. Glasses or no glasses, there are some things that cannot be done with the eyes except at grave peril. TOO LITTLE LIGHT strains the eyes, and so does TOO MUCH. A direct glare right in the face is quite as bad as a room that is too dim to see properly. For reading, sewing or other work which requires close and accurate vision the light should be clear and steady and should come from ABOVE and BEHIND. SING SING FIGHT WILL BE PROBED The New York "World," which, b.\ reason of its enthusiastic biipport of the Administration, is generally accurate regarding · the plans, announces that President Wilson is seeking some method \\horeby he -can surrender ex-ProsIdont Huerta to Carranza, that he may be executed for the murder of Madoro Of course, the constitution prohibits oxtraditlon for political crimes, but "Thp World" declares that "because of the enormity of the crime" a v.n.5 may lip found--found to circumvent tho constitution of the United States, w h i c h Mr. Wilson has sworn to uphold. Of course, if Carranza were to put Huert* to death his punishment for defying: Mr. \Mlson's order to abdicate and get owt of Mexico ^oulcl be so complete that even a change of administration at Washington could not undo It. Ghosts are Numerous at This Party The Hallowe'en social last evening, one lon(; to be remembered by the members and Invited friends of the Christian Endeavor Society of the Webb Horton Memorial Church. Judging from the members present, ghosts ·were the real attraction and when there w e r e large ghosts, small ghosts and medium sized ghosts, It \\aa all the more perplexing. The social committee deserves! ed, having spent a most enjoyable evening. Next month, the committee has planned to have a diving exhibit in tho swimming pool, to which all are invited. It Is also hoped that persons who do not belong to anv other Christian Endeavor Societj w i l l remember the Sunday evening services In the chapel each week at G.30 o'clock. The meeting tomorrow evening is as conso- ciation service THEATRICAL M a r y M i l e s Minter. Tonight's photoplay offering at the be "Emmy o£ anco, and help bear the burdens of those less fortunate than themselves. Respectfully submitted, Katherine H Ayres, Recording Secretary. Treasurer's Report. From October 1, 1914, to October 1, 1915: Cash on hand, October 1, 1914 $ 620.72 Ordinary Receipts. Account Amount Board and nursing $ 12,164.60 Oporating-room and anaes- thetics 1,160.75 Laboratory examinations, prescriptions, X-ray . . . . 37.05 Dressing and supplies ... 126.86 Supporters, plaster casts, crutches Services of nurses Nurses' supplies .. Meals served to friends patients Postage and telephone tolls Ambulance and rent of wheel chair Sale of cook books and other supplies Cash donations Interest on Investments .. Total 685 Of this number there were: Pay patients 412 Part pay patients 158 City patients 22 i Hospital charity patients ^ 93 j Total .-.. 685 Days' treatment pay patients .. 5721 Days' treatment part pay patients 20S'i The Home R e m e d y for coughs, colds, hoarseness; pleasant to take and sure to help when needed. Male's Honey Of Horehound and Tar A tonic, expectorant and laxative. Contains no opium nor. any thing injurious. Sold by all druggists. Days' treatment city patients 503 of 195.00 19.00 64.00 329.60 10.91 7.25 41.91 309.00 3,140.18 17,606.11 Days' treatment charity patients 1058 Total number of days' treatment 9369 Dally average number of patients 25 Patients gave their religious belief thus: Roman Catholics 160 Congregatioiialists 30 Presbyterians « 96 MPthodlst Episcopal 137 Baptists 21 iHebrew 19 Lutheran I 2 Episcopalian 49 ·Unlversalist 1 ~ Ilnitarlan 2 Dutch Reform 10 A. M. B. Zion 5 Salvation Army 3 Christian Science 3 Giving no belief 122 Total _G83 Remaining In hospital October 1, 191=; Discharged during the year . ... TIT Pika'ft Toothache Drops 25 660 685 $ 3S,22683 O r d i n a r y Payments. Account Amount Salaries and wages $ C,741,41 Provisions . . . . Tee Light and fuel Telephone rental sages Typewriter, stationery postage Printing and advertising and mes- and j Rent and insurance White Plain-;, X Y.. Xov. G --District Attorney Frnncls A Wooks Hnys ro- Presldent's , K arding the reports of o-nv trouble in afrt^nt w n - ' Sing Sing prison, in v, nleh one man wns stabbed and nnothcr injured In a nghf. "No one, Wnrrleu O^borne or any ono else connected AX Ith Sing Sing prison, has made any report of the affairs to me or to my office Moanivhllo If tvlint I learn indicates t h n t there Is ground for inquiry I may take tho mutter up as part of the general In\ostlgatnn, al though assaults have only a slight rela lion to the matters now to be gone into before the grand Jury. Any report that I have been called off or tliat the delay was due to^any intention of dropping the matter is false." The grand jury is expected to hear witnesses on Monday. Stratton theatre will Stork's Nest," a five part picturlza- Express, freight and trans- tion of J B. Ellis' i?reat novel. The J portatlon . ..... . ...... ,, , j ,, *, ,»·! Nurses' supplies and com- beautlful juvenile star, Mary Miles nienccmont expenses .. Minu-r, will be seen in the title role, ' Monev refunded ......... ahlj supported by an all star cast, StroPt improvements 5,521 59 181 20 1,437.47 95.31 ] 65.79 65.07 125.70 137.02 104.52 247.93 I 128.50 TWO OPERATED UPON. Miss Jeanette Thomas, off West- brookvllle, was operated upon at Thrall Hospital Thursday for appendicitis. The operation was performed by Dr. W. I. Neller, c-£ Mlddletown, assisted by Dr. Sohleiermacher ol VVurtsboro. H. Weeks of Summltville also underwent a like operation on Thursday. 13oth patients are doing nicely. "McNamara shared the honors with Schumann-Heink."-Galesburg Mail. "Scored a success-voice full of warmth" Buffalo Courier. -- Advertisement. Your Thanksgiving guests with a table that you will be proud of. The plate ware, the cut glass, the cutlery.--the whole sideboard equipment should be carefully put in order. Brighten up your equipment with something new from Mentley's. Everything new is here -- everything here is new. Look to Mentley's for some new ideas. H, F. MENTLEY JEWELER, James and West Main. 'Phone 944-J. ccrued interest F*ar« Socialist Upheaval He'e. London, Nov. G.--The United States Is facing a Socialism upheaval as a result of the European war la the ·etnioa of torrt Northcllffe. all Joined heartily. Following a grand march of tho masked ones, pillow cases were removed and many wero tho exclamations of surprise. Then there was a peanut race, ducking for apples and other Hallowe'en pranks. Later In tho evenjng, refreshments wore nerved by the committee and all depart- Padorewkkl la Fifty-fivo Today. New York, Nov. «.--Ipmaco -Tan Fade- rewikl, the famous Polish pianist, 1« fifty-five yearn old today. Watch the Uyorocut, classified ads.--Artver- The World War a Year Ago Today--Nov. 6. The Russians recaptured Jaro- «Iaw, Gallcln, which they had abandoned on retreating from Prxemyil In October. Jnroslaw Is an important railroad center seventeen miles north of Przemysl. Russians were advancing on Koenlgsbprg, East Prussia, and tholr Cossacks crossed the (3nr- man frontier into Posen and Silesia* tiful society belle. Miss Mlntcr is seen at her best in this feature. Tho vaudeville which opened yesterday, and appears for the last time tonight, Includes the greatest novelty j act *ver presented her" It IB (Jporge I N. IJrown, world's champion walker, ! and he walks a real mile race be, fore your eyes on two 20th century n o v e l t y walking machines. It is an act that must be seen to ho appreciated. Larue and Richmond, two clovfr young ladles, offer a list of i new and up-to-date songs. Both acts I closr; their engagement tonight. Shows start at tho usual time, 7:10 and 9 ' o'rlook Monday will he Paramount da when Cyril Maud, late star of tho N'ew York success, "Grumpy," will appear in Honrik Ibsen's "Peer Gynt "--Advertisement. bonds and Repairs and improvements to building Ordinary repairs Furniture, carpets, shades, pto Bedding Gownp, toweling, muslin, ! etc i B"dsldo and window scroer.s Dishes and kitchen supplies Laundry supplies, ash cans, cleaners X-rav and supporters Instruments and repairing Cotton and gauze Rubber poods Drugs and liquor supplies Operating room supplies . Chart now open at Young's Pharmacy for concert Wednesday evening, November 10th, at Eagle Hall.--Advertisement. 92.06 464.73 120.S8 274.12 159.08 ' 384.02 56.30 1 20.33 194.S2 168.08 653.16 144.48 1,022.14 403.41 AT THE Alhambra Theatre 7:10 TONIGHT 9:00 The Greatest of Feature Dramas THE CREATERS OF FIRE $ 10,057.54 Ordinary payments $ 10.057.54 l Ordinary receipts 17,606.11 Deficit in year's work f 3,451.43! Special Receipts (For Investment). Bonds and mortgages (re- I Invested) ,...,.,,,,...,··! 6.500,00 Full of Interest from Start to Finish Also a Go od Laugh. , "DOES FLIR TING PAY?" --AND-MUTUAL WEEKLY Full of Interest ing Happenings. VAUDEVILLE A RIOT OF FUN MILDRED WOODS HOAGE HARDY jolly and Wild. . MON DAY William A. Brady Presents Holbrook Blinn T h c F a m i 1 y C u p b o a r d

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