Newport Mercury from Newport, Rhode Island on March 2, 1917 · Page 7
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Newport Mercury from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 7

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Friday, March 2, 1917
Page 7
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HIWFOM JOOTHTA1 AKU WM1CLY MIW1. MtUUY, MAIOH 1. FAOIftVBV ST. VWTOMMf. bad twn Ulktd of for WMks tn th* point district, anl a big crowd was on jha.nd to me the old-ttm«r» humbled; Jbut, alaj, it was the youncattrs who w 'TM 0 «*'« n * nd therefor* the Joy of , th | hcg .'. n 'rho^po.. dnp i51 l ;-win nl n. Crlmoon twm were \Y. L. CrowtH, an old-tlmo centre; "Dinky" DennU, a p*ppery forwttrU who loyt nono of hi* enthusiu«m and only a little uf his .wind; "Game" Pahlow, \vhose frenzied QutntH Tnmi Cleyne Hcui« demands to knou how mm:h time was The Y.M.C. A. Attack Withers Before Superior Play. Ttirni Crimson Flvi ·eats 9t. John'* Seniors. left to play betokene the v,onditiun he was fn; "Peg" Arnold, the present instructor at St. John's, who had the pleasure of participating on a winning team after many former seatons with the Young Men's Christian Association · prediction*, the St. Mary's In the City league, and Friend, whose u*.TM.ei. u«i team uncorked a biff *purt * tt ? 1be resembled that o^ lon^ ago. in the second half of its game with th« : youngsters %ho ^wu»d C compfite with Younff Men's Christian A5»oclatlon these veterans was "Sam" West, who Tu«*d*y evanlnc in the tatter's «ym- : a**^ 0 of^1? wSrk^aillnrtViSS na*ium, and proved that H ha» a ju«t ability and better condition, and as claim to thu titl« of city amateur . USU al the masterly game triumphed. champion by defeatlnc the Association. I ·"'· .«i»* t»«, M, «,,« AT THE QATES OF VERDUN. i to show some of its __ bre*klaK ability, which 3i*3 been *vi- _ . "*"--^"T~ _ d e n t I n ffarnod upainHt Bri dee water and BVeryWIterd a AtTOClOUS OCCne and Confusion in the tliu W. lj. Douglas team of Brvckton, but tho aujjeplor play ol* St. Mary's ivas 100 much, and i nut end of coming Lack t:trontf!y In tho second nestilun lli« .VtsueiiitloM attack witht-red llku paper in a fire, A big crowd, evenly divided as to siuputhic'S, saw the matoli. Through the flnrt half the Association held its own with the much touted- Woods. [Louls-Qctave-Phlliiipv, i» Ihe Atlantic.} The ground at Verdun made me think of tho craters one sees on photographs representing the surface, of the ng. ' . it'different distances /rom the ground Of the woou then; remained nothing St. Mary's quintet. The a«resslve ptey '. moon. The underbrush ihaa been ripped of the down-toivn team seemed to j and chopped- remained nothing have a decided effect in the last half, but shreds. The tree* had all been cut for all the Association players with the- off. smashed; not one did I see stand- exception of Captain Tarry Oxx | inj. They h_ i *en shaved clean off failed tOiut up the game expected aitd Tvc-re apparently content to allow St. Mary's tho honors, once their uppoiiento ! but an indescribable confusion of were out in front. "While it was said t trunks and 'oranchcs, broken, crushed. that the AKSOcmtiou did not try in splintered. Bui an this is only a setting for an atrocloue scene. The ground is strewn with corpses- Poor mutilated bodies! To v/hat odious profanation they have been submitted! Here is utie which had.been sheltered by a tree; the tree has been cut off, and In falling the trunk has crushed him to the earth. This other one ha$ had his head flattened, without a wojind. aa If It had been rnft'lo nf cardboard. That one over them lias had his i:Tieat staved In. :i.rii] his a.nnn ruitl letrs Uissr.vered Here ur« sume. bodies whicli Jiavebc'-n hurled into the tredB and are ^han^'n there, pathetically, like old ruga. Here und thero are parts of human bodice-intestines clinging to the branches from which lh« blood ruim iu a horrible dribbl.;. Jiiffht here ia a human trunk without a head, nor arms,- nor legs, which is jjluod to a treo-trunk, Ilatteni-d out and split open. TCverj'-- when* is an alrociiun-mixture of fles'i second half, tli-e fuel remains that Bt. Mur J s iilt-d up the score almost at ·Rill. This, in view of all the great last- hahf rallies tho Aiisoclatlon has uncovered this year, did not look well tfor the home loam's efforts. ' St. Mary's played tho firood -swmv expected of it in even* way. Tho five (rtarp wJio oomjwsed the warn worked Tveli toffotlier. four m«n doing fhc txxri-n,(; antl the fifth the bulli of Uw suaird t\'ork. Severj.1 shots by- Ccn- n-uUy, .SuUiva.ii aiul J. Alii.rt.hi '".lero :*t;j i:»aUtHw*l. and th-e pae.siag: .\vas all iZtini ooull be «J«', In contrast. t'hu AssocLaOion went well in spells and Kt-umpeU -in ot'?ier«. Tlw ibftat single exlrrbi/ttoii of .tDio oonteet -was -by $\o .Ysaooia.'Uon when \V-hLte a gx»al after five anen dtatl touched the ball in a rapkl pji»a 'loftii Uic h*ai. Thero \tELs miidti exci'tameat during t'he.t'irdt half, wih*n *Jlie ri\iala oom- p-eted occk and neck for tlwj honors. At the etart tha Aaeoafcalkm won a C-^ l«ad on t-wo **W goals by Whita tuiid two foul allots by Oxx, aga.lrwsL a foul and a. field goa4 flay Kenn«y. St. Mary'a saan cut tlawn tltte narrow ma-rgui, an-1 the t«am« raced riilons, ft'.nltli riret one and tlien the other In front. MujrUn's field goal, Ui« last oil" the 'half. Hemt St. Ma,ry*»s out in front by ii 1-5-14 scare at half-time. POP i wljlio during tlij iieccsnfl i'. looked like oiiybody'is ffamc, until Ihc wntLre Aiv*ocia,tioii teaan with the ox- ooptlon of Oxx fell away und-.-r t3ie oon'liiJYuaJ liaTnTncrmg 1 t-f tliolr oppou* OJits. Oxx tried to invtlll 'life ipto Jils jncri by scoring .frequently, but, un- aMed, could not keep up witili tjli* fact traveling HL Mary« team. Martin, Sulllv»n. CcHiTiolly and Kenney isMJed up 18 poiTuta for St. Mary's m this half, against nine for the Aswoola/bion, all nine registered tyy the Oxx. Wi th tw o minutes perststont to play Conntrton wis «ent to th« Showers for and Martin shared hUcih scorer on the Sullivan honors for the st, Mary's t«im, rwttth Connolly a close -secon'd. The hi#rh inxlivMual scorer of the fiaimc! wua Oxx of the AEoolation. The line-up and summary: St. Mary's. 1TI410 Goala Koivney, r- f- SulIUian. 1. i. J. Martin, c. Connolly, r. g. Connorton, 1. g. Cremin, L g. Toltofson, r. f, Dunn, 1. f. WOiitc. c. Oxx, r. e- 011%-ia, I £. 4 0 0 16 , XL C. A. 0 1 3 4 0 and blood, over which Klokenliig \ ; upor- lloata a fetid, AVIATION LANGUAGE. Accepted Terms Should Express Their Meaning to the Common Mind. The IMew York Times.] invention and development of Eoferee--Dunn. Timer---Clifford, halves. Soorfir--Austin. Time--20 - m 1 Inu te With vtreet rtvenge }p their minde, because of the defeat handed them earlier in the ieason. the Colonial quintet went to^Cloyne House School Tueday afternoon and trimmed the first team by the score of 38-19. The team work of the Colonial hoys showed much improvement over their first appearance. They passed well, despite the fact that tlmy have had no oppor- t u n i t y to practice together, but as the baskets at Cloyne Houce are' rather difficult the score was not high. In the first half the Colonials out- ·-:ored ihfelr opponents, Graf ton and Whooler contributing four goals each, while Armstrong found tho "net" for three. The second was much faster, the Cloyno boys trying hard to overcome the big lead, but the Colonials were alao going at a faat clip and o.ithough the Cloyno House athletes covered well and played a strong defense game the Ncu-portera drove through the lines and again out-poialed them. 34-11. Pur tho Colonials Grafton. "Wheeler ·intl Grant displayed a fast brand of floor game and also shot well, Wheoler ueorliiK seven baskets from The floor. Armstrong antl W. SuHivn.ii alao played the automobile have placed many new words in the dictionaries. Tho word "automobile" itself aroused inuc.Ii hostility In the early days of self-moving cars, because it was an improper compound, becauee It was obviously an adjective rather than a noun and because it was not English; but it hau survived all opposition and Is in the English dictionaries. So will "aeroplane" survive, though it may never be properly pronounced as a word of four syllabled, the diaresis having be«n omitted, first by the printers, who always.aim at simplification, and later by common concent. But the Aero Club Is giving it» attention to needful revision of the uorrxn- clature of aeronautics, and Mr. Henry Woodhouse direct* attention to the report of th« .natluiml advisory committee on aeronautli-H, w.hleh containn 111 terms used In connection with air navigation..Mr. "WqodhousG himself lias accumulated a collection of 2,500 terms 10 ; relating to this subject. What Is aimed at Is simplification. is desirable that the accepted terms relating to wi;tt we call aviation should be Euch as express their meaning to the common mind. It is well at the 34 beginning not to leave the vocabulary entirely to usage. Mr. Woodhouae obviously prefers aeroplane to the often suggested alrplan«. We have aero- J f drome, aerostatics, hydro-aeroplane 6 i Air squadron might be as serviceable as 15 'aero iquadron, .but it is likely that in 0 ' most ot the already long-established I terms we shall f tick to the "aer" even 2* |if we pronounce, it as a single syllable. Air service, however, will always .be acceptable, but Mr. Woodhouse to the employment i" the army of the terra "aviation section" to cover both the lighter and the heavier than air machines. The Signal Corps, he thinks must have an aviation section and an aerostatic section. NEW TREE! AN! PUNTS. TO REUEVIKLIIANS, Many Foreign Importations Be- America Contributes $1,801.33 ing Tested in America. by Tin Box Fund. A Wide Vtriety in Introduction Gir-[Children Uraed to Continue Gtnirout dent Maintained by Department of Agriculture. A wide variety ot promising foreign plants are now Aid That th» Work May Go Forward. THE NITRATE SUPPLY, New Process Will Utilize Cheap Source in the Air. Can be Extracted From Co«l and Will Double the Cropi ol American Farms ·*. The much discussed Issue erf a future abroad tested by th« government In the plant the Children'* Tin-Box tund that clow retembltnc* to ttt* African Itoptrd. It 1. how«v«r, * h«a.vler and mor* powerful animal. In part* of the Jena* tropical forut of South Araerlo i coal black jafuara occur, and trhllc nvreMnting merely a color phase ttjny »r* supposed to be much riercor than the ordinary animal. Although 10 target and powerful, Uie Jaguar has non« or the truculent ferocity ot the African l»opard. During the years I spent in ita country, mainly in Uie opon, I made a careful Inquiry without ..wring of a. single ewe where one hid attacked human being?. In on« locality on the Pacine coast of Guerrero. I found that the hardier natives had an Interesting method or hunting tha "tigro" during tne mating been ! period. At such timea the male has the 1 tabit of leaving its lair near the this soriKiny and distributed loUh't* Btatt 1 stations aiul l\i 'thousands of o»nfrimntrra ana" urecdura throughout thy country. At tho present tlnu-, s:iys an arlidui · ........ . . ' Tho Children's Tin Box f u n d won originated as a scheme to aid tho commission for relief In Belgium, 120 liroadway, New Yorl:, in their lite that strickra land. Its propar juju^uii liavu as delicate many dates. It is fruit and Jiaa lehii been China. Tho Chinoso flavor Kood fiv:ih popular In lio it* another irn- any land at any time, by order of its officers. Tho sign upon the boxea may i« , -but the work will go on. .... _ ..... ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,-,,,, ,. auuuHir ,,,,- , purtatlun wlilch tms bt*n suggested lin E '-' rl ' °f, tho i« fur uso as an avenue tree ThouBaudB :ind of children, whose charity f 0 0 0 300 alld This fund ia, so to speak,* tlio affair the man in the street, of the tvork- p:\ssGT--by, trity saving a oFy7u^r\!^havo V b^n diatribi""S|^ *«nall. The $3.000. *300 and $3 man has been approached, but iiot tho throe- cent man. This scheme gives him his chance to tiike o. part uf his country's responsibility upon himself, and in the short time -since tho tin box fund bo- Kan existence, ho haa Justified Us be- On November ", 1910, the first box nviia placed In a eliop Iti Bristol, R. I., ·.\itli tho hope-tiTuit a few dollar* 'iniph; Itf. secured. At the miiw Unit' ;t letter r.v;m published hi th« UrdsloJ newspaper, addressed to boys and srlrls, teJl- hie,- them of the sad plight of children in oilier lands. Before Chrintmaw over , of fi-uc Verse. What his wan- wore that night unions ' lo parlts throughout tho country this purpose. One advantage of this tree Is Die great agu to which it lives For the production of nuts the variety of pistacho found in central alid we:u- orn Asia is being tried. At preuuii' the entire supply of the nuis used il Uie coloring and flavoring- of Jco criMin and candy coupes from abroad, but .-I Is mild thai thi-re (H nu r.-u^m \vlij this country should nut #row its own supply. The Sacrami-n'.o anil Sui. Joaquin vullfys In California appeal to be well suited to the industry- A aplondld specimen of the tetanus bacilli, the gift of a proofreader who had been on duty curing the campaign in Russia, was lured Into volume de rings uncut iKLb'es we carmof say. 'jut"when ho w;w* released It wfcs evident that his reason and his -itlng \vur« g-onu Wu let hijn (jo and it Is rumon-d that he killed hiinseil! in opuu window week. · ·ClUnoao poralimnoiiR and Chiucne chestnuts aro also being tested. It ia believed that tine Chinese chestnut may -prove exceptionally valuable p be- oauso of i,Us power to retrial the cheat- jtul .bark disease, which l« doing .so much damagT! jtmomr the native chtwt- ivuts, T!io .ycrsbmiioa. it is thought, ruiglil !bc grown commercially In Call fomla SLIM! In tliotto sections Ln tho South wilitTO -tho temiK-niture does nol fall iivm-h bvluw //two. In China und Japan drk-d persimmons are a. staple food ajid lliccru sooniiii to uv Jio reason why Ih-ey gliouid not 'be oaten In tflie future in this country, Still another iiirpartatirfn Is an early sw«1 oherry which has bwni Introduced from Ta.nffl.Al. China. This may prove profitable to grow ere an early FRANCE HAS CHANGED. Inhumanities of War Now Reflect Some Resurrected Hope and Joy. .lKd,rtoons ; ' Uie second time the Parisian cartoonists havo opened their annual ex. hEbitlon under this UUo. The paramount interest of the visitor to the galleries in Hue do la Bottle lies In judging to what extent the attitude of France has Jhorvrod d urine th e year. Fur thero is 10 bettor barometer by whioh to gauge the fluctuations ol' puitlie oijlntwi thu.ii t-litwo sketches reooniing from day to day the emotions of tho pooplo. IJLUL yoar llio keynote of tho exhibit, with aJmoet savage fury, lioii-or, Indignation and . . holdJnff the Cloyno furwardv in l at the Butchery, pllla^o, incendiarism check. S. Kerr Lamb and Kaufman antl ruthlessnoss of the Cmrmaii tn- at a rred for 1 he Cloyne House team. The line-up and summary: Colonials. timrton, r. f. 4 0 Orant. 1. f. 4 1 Wlir^iJer. o. 7 I "\V. Sullivan, r. y. 0 0 Anntitjrong, 1. g. 3 0 Cloyno House School, K Ijujtiib, f, f Stires, ]. 'f. u-ibson, j. £. «. Kcrr. r. H. Turner, r. 5. Kaufman, i. s. vasion. Ono left it oppressed as on awakening from a dream too terrible for human cont«mpkitlon. Th4s year, though nomo gloomy fic- ures--such at, Stoi-nlen's "rferbia Cruci* f(ed, M which dominutriH tho (whole exfliJ- *° bitlon--rftill hold bwforo our eyes tho « iuhuma-miiy of \^ar, most of them re- 6 ,fleet a ray of resurrected hope ;uiU joy. --- Ono mlsht almost call this c.%liU)itlO!i S 8 ,tho apotheosis of "lo poilu/' .T-'pr he tit' ie wlio fonna tho teenier around fl ! which the pleasantries and tho tondor Q humor of our artists revolve. It scums n aa though French art had discovered j 0 that slm know but Imperfectly the 0 sons of her own soil, anfl with over* flrwinr lovo had __ 2I«rmaiiii-Paur« Steinion'u Poulbot'H, Forain's. Abel Faivre'i 8k*tch« , voted to the olde ' of the third «. l **ic« LV tiic 5Li\i«ii i«^4v \n i n«j buiiu Thompjoiv. Tlm*r-- Thomp- republic will remain *. raonuroent even ** v Score;--Walter. » halves, . Tlm»-- 20-mio-|moro precious to comins generation* Raffets "grofrnards," the '.'grura- Farmer «tai- players who composed the old St. John'* in the, days when in la wa* one of the leadlnff tea mi ot the city athered affaln Tueady even- the lilers," aa the old piaraB of the Napoleonic era wtro affectioaatuly nick* ntuned. - T Sherman L. "Whlpplo of BoBton will : for thn purpoa« of playiur the ific«iv« JIfi.tmo fAr thn work of bimoelf preiont St. John's Seniors. Tlm old- and asHiaUinta an counsel to tlm Hou«c went under the name of tho rules commit to*, in the peace note "leslt" ifcon Five, and prbvtd that it* inquiry- Tho fee was unanimously ap- not materially affect ability, u proved by the committee. The total ' defeited their younctr and b«tt*r cost of the inquiry, Chairman H«nry " TU« ·att«,s«yc, will not «*OOd $50,000. ohwry for th-e eoe' T ern rftark-ots. A number of new v-6ff«tabl6s, too, are now twing tested In, tne plan.t In- troduclon gardemfl. A.tnontf these are th* chai'otte from tropical America. s -vine iproduoes pear-Bliaptfd fruit In abiwidanoe in the fall. They wwHuit resemble in flavor sammer a«h or vegetable- uauiTovv, aivd ino.y he utioJ oa a fresh v-ftgoia-'ble tlirouirii- out the wiriitor. Tho ulo If. a 7io*.v salad plant from Japan tliat n»uy be erowji in pntcti- rally every Btatv. This Is grown in much the same war as asparagus ajid may -be cooked as -well tn tlui same nay. A *erw plants of udo, says th* article should be in every home gar- AFFECTSTHE FLAG. Washington Novelty Dealers Withdraw Merchandise From Sale. That fully J1GO.OOO worth of merchandise, ordered specially for Inaugural has been withdrawn from Washington stores as a result of the approval by the President of tho law prohibiting tho desfexjra-t^-jn of the American nag In the District IE tho estimate of local dealers who lanolo novelties. Pillow tops and pennants, platae, pajp*r weights, countless aluminum pieces and other articles engraved or stamped with the fla£ o.* shield come undor the provisions ot the law and will not be offered for sale iMrin* tho inaugural period or at -my uiher time- While c*timatea as M the ·,aluo of this etock vary, several dtal- ers aro of the opinion that it is in ex- r Washington merciianta. practically without oxcoiHioii. are indicating a dc: to co-operate with vho aulhorl- in 'brhiginK about enforcement of the law. in return the district attorney's office haa announced that its -icy will not bo to extend tho urohi- jition to the wale of ithosw article* which tho law evidently did not intend to reach, though they might come m tlie prohibited class if tho lottec ol! the law was strictly followed. For example, tlie American flag ia printed on the cover pago of the official suido of Washing-ton. Several merchant withdrew the guide from cheir stock of publications, 'but wer« by tho dittu-lct attorney's oftlcc tliat, though 'it mlg-ht ^e barred under a «Lriu enforcoment of tre law, no action would be taken, a» tho spdrit of the law manifestly did not uend that tho sale oj such punlica- ion should be prevented. One dealer ha/I ordered a lArge atock of pictures of government building's, printed on glass and framed, with each building, ihowlnff a Kovornmenl flag above ft. I .nquiry developed that the sale of th,Jt' morchandise wouJd not 'be prohibited. Inasmuch as the law doee not provide a period In which merchandise which it is directed may tn innter places an expert native with a short wooden trumpet near the mouth UlQrL TVCFUUt-'Il t l U l l l t / V l !»»:··.« fc««w . . . « « » · - -w-,.. ... -,--.. ·* ... - . . . 4 of tho canyon to imitate the "URre's" Naval officers point out that m«n of call as soon as it is heard and lo ro- I special skill, trained to the minute, peat the cry at proper Intervals. Afte-'i would be required aa «un pointers ; lias bewi MUcoverL-d and put in UBU s tluil Ls Kidd to ifxluce t i o Iwrao-power required ,\v '-xiract a given nouut of u'itrogen to on*j twolCih of ,.LO fonnor proportion TJio result of tills will probably 'be t.hat In, the yoa'pa Lo come L"ho worto ~\siill find .- clieaper sourco of jiitrt^jjeu rig-lit ;LI hand hi Uie air W*an .lias ever bw«i found in HIP nitrate betKs ol" Chili. It lias also bi.Hiii fouiid tliat through the ooMntf process big- rfupplics of JU- can U' exit-ractvU from ooal. -ors now «*stliiULto Uiat if w« were COUHTY ^OVERNMENT. A Complete Oonaolidation of Organization to be Brought About. lo ooko an nuicli coal aa we have n tli*r post, wliioh would still ^e. loea ·ha'i five per e*nt of our VOt'U ««i'l out- K ut, titie tluit wo oould secure tliorefroin wuul-1 be ouor*j -tlum m-ouffh to meet all our necdii as a nation, either In peace or in wiu-, Lu tlio coKiag ot coal a eubaruuico is recoverod wldch is cE:llod "by t-he dlioaniat. "tH*nzol." Tlie "Xp'TiseJJ of recovery oru nut exeesffivo- ly «reat, «uid ju»t at the time wJion uur gCA'crament was ann^unciuK tiiax. them was no r*Md uiU'ate dcjHwrit onijiwherv m siphl ol" the United Suites of reoHy important valu«, the *UscrLpLious of the IhUior prixn-^ri «f -:;i.r.u-;:on from the air ;uid ol' the pixx;erfs t ts I'or recovery trom coal have ."been mo^t timely. Perhaps the most r^rnaiUio, thins °° all about the war across the Atlantic is that'part that nitrogen 'commission" government in cilies --Is well under way in several states. In WaalUngton it coines portly from an official oource, the state osaoclution of county cmmlsfllonera. who out ot their own practical ex?w»rionce ha\"e come lo realize the ineffectiveness of the organization through which they have :been attempting to redeem their responsibilities. An influential group ;·!' pruKivs^ivo loaders routerins In unit; IH respuiiritblo for a vigorous LWid for a coniUtutionul convcn- ... actuated in very large measure a desire to secure th« privileges jilacwl in Newport and jiiltroireu atoau 6» the moy.t patrician ot - - rlilGnce. n. I.. In Concord, K. H., in all Harbor, Maine, aiKl in two other sma.11 placet). On Januai-y 23, 1917, the UailboH. haldron's tin 'box fund had sent to the cumin tesio n for relief in Belgium $1.630.33. collected from the boxes and ? 175.00 from donations, anoiUng a Lot--U smn of $1,801.33. Sine?. tli,"»t da to the fund 'has betui nlaited In Hangor, Porflajid, and South Wotit Koi'Kor, tMaine, iu, MorriaiLowii, N. J., iWooiiBOflket, R. I., Boston, Ma»a., and; New York city. The letter ad- dreaaod lo cJiildren has bowi i-ead in albout 120 Sunday Sclioola of al] de- iiomi-nutionti, iriated In swera.! new*- jMLi/w-it, an] children Jtnvo rt^pondd In Itoston LTie wording on the !s fomcfwhat ohiin^wl 1 and tlio f mg aiidi-d: "'Under the uuspicos of the Now England Belgium Relief and awing to thu khid'iess intereHt of this orca.niza.tio'n. deeilc. room has been giv6ir us in their headquarters, :fla Madison Avt." We have both in ing to ith« interest of Miss Anne Morgan. itTw sign* «ad: "Co-operating nrtth Vacation War Relief Commute*., 122 Madison Ave."? We have boUi tn Boston and New York the Assistance of the Belgian consuls and many others. For the expenie fund the commit e aro dependent on contributions, as not one cent talcen from t h n boxes is iwed for any cause save the feeding of the suffering childrfin. We have the satisfaction of ,know- jf that $1.801.33 has gone to Belgium. Wo Phall cmitiijiuo \vith the work. We Amerlcaim cannot lot them grow to deficient mujiUood and womanhood. le» (ham starve and tilt, while our children arc safe and happy, clothed ,1.11,1 fed. Three cents, only three cents. will five a child 'one meal, and who can tell when our own little ones may need such help. If that day comes, we are cure that wherever the Children's Tin Box fund is established the children's cry will be heard and answered. an3 we earnestly beg all those whose rclp and Interest have- fiSven us eo rruch encouragement, to continue their jtentrous aid BO the work may go forward, gainlag In strength and giving abundantly. E. O. H. Lamed. President Children's Tin Box Fund. NEW DEEDS FILED. Tlic following- tfMds liave l*x-n ulei n the city elbrk's office: Marat Hazard de Vans to th*. Rhode Island Estates Corporation-- Her in- In die tract of land bounded easterly on Sohool oLreed, 95.5 feet; southerly on land of hoLrs f r doviaece of Hannah M. Woodc-us, 53 feet; ·west- erly on laaid now or lately o*f Clara e Swasey, Vuid now or formerly of Susan IJ. Knulin. 9H.5 feet. northerly on lanJ nofw or 1-Uely r/f $ foot: aJatx tho nortliwiwiL'-rly on . ;txtoL of l-'uid i vay arrool; nortlu'-tatorly on I:Lnl l 10 Unitaria.n or 'ktUily of or ' ClHiroh; 13owi«r I^ane, so calKni, ajid #Kuth* partly on land :Km- or i'omnerly of Kdmiuul Wlilto aisd partly on land Viseid- a,s .1 ftlrcul whort HnnK'.y opt.nt; i n t o Kay strcot, 4-s \V. Ursb-il-c-y and Itliotl* 1 . l:lflj;d al Trust Co;n;u.iiy, trustee to Vrthur Curli'Sa J.-Lmo-t--l^CLnd bound**! lortliwesterly on iand of Kra.ntee. 47s "eot; oaatcrly on of-her land of grant*Hs. J-1S.3 feet; northerly on other land of ^e, 31fl feet, aiwi eaMcrly, »outh- 'b'. aoulhorly, ti^utliwesterly, and rly fbj' Beacon HIH road, lo a bound and nortlwxiartorly opair. 2ij.'.»5 feot to o'Jier Lmil of p^a-nteo. and veatwiy aguiu 000 f«v.-L, cunipri'sint,' in all T.liri acrwi. Sar.ili K. Xorman to f?araJi Korin.ui lyt-r wt als--JXUH!, vilih ·biiildliiKW :i*ul nort.h- ,, It never descends to earth unless driven there iiy the tliun- the -it. bwsoni uf tho raindrop, gets Into Uie soil and starts aJi widths ruund of jombinations with tho atoms of other L-lt-mi-iittj, some more und some less distuateful to 'it, but none after Its own Hking. i\ow it is lin-ked up with others to form tJic KTJLS.S arid the Brain, now united with »UD others in the flesh of the animal world und now going bac't lo (crows again. But wlitn tho chemist i-OiiieH ulon^- and -imprisons it along with other ntoiiu* whose company it rem-nbi, the prfeou ·being cotton eanh, It awaits its first opi»ortunity to make a bold dash for liberty. ThiA opjMjrtunlty usiKilly (wmea \v1tli the tonating «fftrt uf fulminate of n ·cury ur soJiie other aulxstuui. 1 ". and tin result iin u terrific explusion. The nitrogen atom, at last fre« from its inifcny on,t'tnfiling ·illiaii'cefl, makos a bold Aiah back into the carcmnain'bient and the violence of the explosion is the measure of the repulsiion it feels toward th e nwi-jhbors with v.'l.ich it hi» been a forced prUontr. Not only wiill the new procesees of extracting a bountiful supply of nitrogen from, the air ajid from coal be an advanta^ to us in th« matter of defending our country, and in putting it upon an independent basis from a world standpoint, but it will be an im- nietise advanta.tfe to u.s In our ayrioul- turo. Tlie most expensive oloment that wt- have to put Into tho soil to farm prof.ltii.bly is nitrogen. AVe ordinarily buy it In the ^hapo of nitrate, ground bun-, or de-composed mutual inutt*.--r, and tint farJiiur'M fertilizer Viil wiiyg lieavy if Jiv v.'ants (o ] 1-ar^e crops. A ehwq» source of nitro- pe, n, such as v:e rnigfht exiieot from system of cheap fixation (ro:: the air, will T.ablft the AJnf-ricaji farmir, as his crop:, may havo been in th fe past, to produce two "bushels of where formerly -he productd ont, and to holp feod a rapidly expendins world population. LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. The Philippines Offer Fortune to Those Who Can Resist Pleasure. (.Mjlwaiikfte Sentmf For the young Am-ertcan studiously apply ^imsetf u i ·will and not alloTv his ambition to become d-u!]«d by climate there ajx unlimited opportunitief: in Majvila on-i tlie Philippine Islands, in the opinion of Duffy, vice president oi Nc-abit f o r t u n e in t'Jsat Mr. Putty, "is thai 3w 10.(K»0 iuilo-3 ;L\\ay from n,^ a \-ouivc: man must Ootonniiu.-^ to y».x-ek liin iropioil i.-r.ui\tr-, eoJd SKIUUIINNUSNUKI, Required as Pointers for Antisubmarine Work. Wtapons and Mounta Sufficient to Arm Reaionable Number of Amirican Ship*. According to in official statement, . M ,.i. .« .-.. -- ...... I t h * Navv B«P»rtment now has stored iead of "a simtYl"canyo:i in"the footh'lii 1 1 at navy yards guns and mounts sum- early In the evening and following I C | tn t to arm any reaaonabl* number of down th. canyon for some distance ai . Am(rlc4n merchant ahlpa. Efficient V U ' ' ° ; n h g n t n , g l u ' tho lunner. are how.v.r. un,«. they are taken from active ihipa, which can ill spare them. close quarters- mated that not more than 100 would apply for guns and take the risk of crossing the German submarine zones. Thero will be no dlfllculty in furnishing that number of vessels with weapons, but aupplyinu trained gunners for JO') i guns would take tha many valuable (men away from lighting ships. i There are about 1,000 men in t h ^ fleet reserve, of whom approximately " ', ,i A^^^inir, 100 were trained gun pointers when OaruMtson. in the .Araoncan| 0 ]eft thy actUxjbUst / Moet of t h e m Review of Koviews.j , are oldyr mftn how«v«r. and none havo As tlio year Il!7 opens, a definite j n a ,j anj . recent pnictice in gun point- of'ing. It is said that no sufficiently c.\ I If. movement for t!he re-or*unlzation rountiea-anothor by-product pointers for work on merchant- could be obtained from that source, although some ammunition handlers und other membcra of gun crews might be obtained. Of the 1,000 . reservists about one half havo been drilled in gun handling, other than pointing. Navy officials construe the President's language as asking for authority wide enough to take any measures to defend American ships. That might include iiiival convoys, but the opinion of naval experts is against such a sti.'p, both bromine it could not Irjaun; the convoyed ships against submarine attack and because tho efllcleucy of the -y -- _ .... . of home rule and simplified govern- flftpt as a fighting macliiue. would bo ' _ne*U in counties. In Kansas the county queaUon comes 'before tilio .y i ut-Tic ·«! scat iously impaired if its lured for convoy duty. units were at i«t»t t h e nominal support of The available guns range up to six - wiui at «t» e nomna botli the Republlcaais and the Demo- cnitH · who an: committed to an attempt to Becur« a butter county organisation, if need be, by ooiisltutlonal amund- inent. Governor Captier emphasized the imporUtnco of tliU Ownond with considerable vigor in Uia me«n«e to the 1915. Thtwogliout Ksnsafl. by tlm way. commission government : hus been adopted .by a larger po-oporUon of the citiea tflian in any ,ther state. Perhaps tho most uotic«eible prea- iit effort hi the fiekl of county ernmont i contains the coTWidorable cilies of Oakland, AlamLMlo, a.nd Berkeley, llore i.s a commmilty in which rapid a d - vances 'in popukvUon In tlio \a«t M yoo-Ts havo loft ih* plan of Ivx'al gov- ?nment as unequal to faoe present con-ditions as the Merrimac to face i mofJem dreadnau^ht. "What w-aa onoft little more than a. *«ie.s of isolated siibunhajn settl«m6nts an-J £cU*107i- truck farms has yrown into a mor* or Ifss compact metropolifl, ha.vtnr a population of Twtween 300,000 and '.00.0090. Mean-white, county govemnwit has fitood sill'. Numerous offices overlap in their functions at various -points, Kith the usual confusion, ln«f"'.ci*ncy and waste, creo-tltiff a job-holders' p:w- adisc. of «troTi.£r -local pride in munitMpalltlM. it has "beon impossible to bring: uboul .'i complete isnlUIation of c i t y and ooirnty or- iLlzation. To meet this situation a plan of federation has "bcMi worked out permits t.he central ooun ty c~o\'orn.m-6nt to talCA over functions kfe police, fire and Jiealth protection. 'hich are obviously common mtwww. hilc the "horouifhs (to consist of exlst- inc munioipalitieB) wcmld still control culihpj. Most of them are o''i Fjls. but have ample range and power for the work desired. Rantjo and rapidity of fire are vital · factors In anti-.submarino operations. It is important that the under-water i-rat be aaHallecl Ixifore she cornea Into goo-i torpedo rang-o- The majority of cae-js reported show this lo be 500 yards or less, and the skill of the gunners ·would 'fe sufficient to make it dan- gerouH for a U-boat to show herself a* 5,000 yards. Navy officials aro not inclined to discuss the change in tho status of a merchant til.lp which might resul' craw on is under way in Alair c-ounty Oalifornia. which lie* just n, K.,,. -f^ni *,t, VranHwo "fora placing a na\T Hit- lw- .rom Stuj JYancitco WhethJer U[C ^ n crewp WOI|M ,, placed t i n d r r the orders of im-rchanf. fiLptaitii, or whether naval otncer;i %-ould ' command thy PJIIS antl determine liow and when they should be UBexL is not ruade knowia* a The"nav'a.l militia, more than "9,00t could not be dra-tvn upon for gunners 'necauss of its militia *l*tus. The t*nna under which tnc men could be called out for aclive sen-Ice are limited by the constitution to suppression of Insurrection, repellinp invasion and enforcing the laws- In addition to guns now held il reser%'e at navy yards, the Navy I)e · partment has many smaller weajKms building under contract. These coum he hastened to completion at need, for use on board merchant craft, but there Is no present Indication that they will h« required. THE "BARREL"'SKIRL May Take Place of That Now Fashionable and Comfortable. tain oth^ , matters as struts anrf « k T-i[Grac« Marfrareft GouJd in Woman's · public works. The sidminie- I Homb Companion-] At th* very moment vh«n fashionable starts are comfortable, there, Is t r a i l ATI of the operMln..? depArtmenta mid he un^w the control of a single wft!l-naid city-o.ounty ma.Taii:er. follow- In- tli* lead of the Dayton flroup of I talk of the barrel skirt. Thia ia the I old pojf-top WML, you knoff. thft ftkirt jtha-t bulges out like a barret luid j ?rcra-s narrower -toward th* hem. Cal- ilot, ovr.r a yfrir ag-o. aho^*«d it, but a-L Work and ProDpeots of u, e :g« «*»«»«»»" "««· ^"' THE KILKENNY AREA. National Forest Reaerva- tion Oommiggion. The national forc-st reservation com-1 By -way of description, let me say '.bo 'barrel sUrt ia mad* of only two CTtadUis of material- sored a.t th* .'top a«d 'bottom, with a aearn at ea^b. · sli*. 'i^i« goring gives the curved line of the -barrel. mission has approved the purchase by R I F L E C L U B SCORES ABOUT THE the governmfcnt of 59 tracts p[ land, j with a touil of 6S.80 acres in tlie ' Appulacliian .and %S'hitf mountains. Or tliis. 36,UuO scree iti i AVERAGE. .. . . The acores made by the Newport so-caMed R)flo Club in tlio sixth match of the ooun- ulie disposed of. It T-'lll be Uie policy of UKI ft-ulhorvtie*, H iu und«r»toxx), to apply tho epirlt of th*. law as far M possible, nu order that sftriou* Injury may not 3O done local merchantc. Many of tlie iH6Tchanti b*li«ve that they will lie able to arrange with th* manufacturers from whom they purchased the m*rohjuidl«e to have it returned or mid in t»tat«e wh«r« th«r« is no tar ·Imdlar 1o the one tn operation here. T'hat inaugu/ai novelties, barred oy he law, may be offered for eale on the 'ro«U by \ei.d«n coming into Wann- Kjton, at ifcaJ. tissc and not ware of th- pxlvtftnce of the Ian ituetlon that ia antlclpevtM by on land of ceas^l. 100 f«ot; *vjutlx»rly on lanJ of Wallace C, Martland, 0 foct, wvX westerly oo Tylor stroert. IOO feet. Marco A. HUPCO to I3rmtnio Lino id, with buildings and other im- «i. IT--U.. . . . . . . provenientu, boundcil northerly on I of grantor, UK" feet; easterly on land now or formerly of ,loao I. Martini;. ! 1'oel: southerly on land now or former.y of William II. Hunter, deceased, li0 f*et, and westerly on Butltr str«t, 50 feet. Ell«Mi A. Condon and other* to Samuel M, Booth and wife--Land, w i t h buildings and Improvement* bounded aouUiwcat on C*II«iul«r avenue, t6 feet; northw*'«t ulroet. 70 . feet ; north eat) t on iJi.nd now or formerly of Mary D. Shea, f-G feet, and *outh- ie a 'he! . A. iK to be w York. :*O.CK"J only atoul "O.-^vO arc Amencn.Tin :imi Ivurop^juis. Con-.nienUy he wii: :n; thj'Owii much ~n~i\}\ 1.1)^ !-Mip:nos ;hC!mv i lvt«3, :uul it -«113 bo necessary for him !·· r.vviitusiJly take thtmi up n.s his I-o\ini;-, :L.S tlioy aro :ii all tropioa! Lrici". ^^.iUl tlKse furrouaJiTi^r. younr; AJnariiun is his TSurk, ~m u :ni'iisTin?. luniti^.s av.-ajt -him f.^iio GUI Liio oasv (TOinj^, ploa-sur^i loving poiiu- .pf/'uy }imseJf to h\a work." rays tin- odiico.uxl cl;u^oi Fillpisios and -he l:ji«.I orwners do not, want t)io yovtp«;ipriity of Ui« 1'niieil ritatow takon aw;ty. "They iv.UIro." lie s:,id. "tliat Uioy are a nation ot S.OW.OvO to 9,000.000 'porsons ivitli«ut pixi»x v .l.-ion; Tiit\ reeiJizo, -too. Ilia; (·Ihfli* iiiitioiu; k n o w tti'j Mii-'it jxitura.! n 1 - j sources f-f i']if.rr country, also they fcnos- protxxnu:-.'" Ilgferring -uo tlio aUxwl car a'steni in M~. Duffy i^'-ui ttnirft aro firs; ioii lo b u i l d up aa nearly solid governm may through buj-inf only I n t-t-rlaiii specilii-d ' Among · · nt evening were nlmut th" avoragft. Tho ,.. Newport Club is still in fifteenth plane tho;;e entered. The scores , which nru designutc-d purchase i "* ··!·« as follows: Thu K i l k e n n y purolit*.. j o n r o a l . r . D. Chase ' ia ti k e n n iH the j»o-i*«]lt^J "WhJtt: mountain as«f arwi" on iho north, und is on uiijrshi'd of the Contu-cticut rivt-r. land now npprovrd for : lirat to be acquired in tlio Kil- arou. About 17.00U acres uf the W h i l e mountain art-o WHS H. Spooncr r. Hay I. Chaso, Jr. R. Anthor.y T J uiiU-inps ulie a pprov»,d. This In ml lies for tin- must j T J. ry liKOly to forget j p,i rt un the weal slept of th-j C a r t e r i H . R. Chaso ' Peck ham Blvsel iMr. 1SG ntr, ?70 18S 1S8 135 1S4 I7S Rtmddlans-oo-tlie-Clilfs. Furnished cottages to r«nt for the iKoiy 10 ior b -ei.|p iu - t un t h So thei appor- Irangi-. and practically complete the I N. Kluddt-r g o v f r n m o n t purchases in tlie liortht-rn ! T. portion of the Whltt: m o u n t a i n region.' With this laiid a lota.1 of Oys.l'Sti acres in tho \Vhit- ntountains has IWMT, uc- · inired. Smaller tracts were purchased in thi- southern .\ppnlachtan mountains, tlie largest total on any art.-a bc-ins that of 7,t;?s acres In Trant- p ylvnniu county. hi'Awry.CaldwHVMaconWd'Mi'Sw- convenient. All modern improvement* . f l l rounUcy. N. C.; on tJie Kooiu-. I \iLr.lali:ila nnd Mount M i t f l m l l ;irti(ij, ^(Ti-L-Kute t,S?0 acrf.-.. Approximately .OC'u acres of the ao^rvved landu are 11 TJi.- Polomac, Slunandoali ;uul N a t - , i a l Hridge areas in VirKlnia; ait acres in Kabun and Union counties. Ga., I 42 CHURCH STHCET, : near tho beach and trolley. irw. Horton^¥(k anl ancond olitss rolriulea. anil a thi-eou,,,] ,|-. e remaining 5S6 acn-a arc in com f;trc ia oli;Lr^1 tho ixiomr hftforc 7 o'doiik \n ilic mor.xi.iK. l that IK r\s-.xr]»l It a-s n.n intnrwl- inff fact tK-u noariy aJI of tJio nativus' UVKW. .w«i "· nif-u anu Ti.e remaining oob acri-a arc in _ , · ·· tho ixomr claMOe | Monroe and Sullivan countitss. Twin. IflVltC Afl USpCCtlOn 01 T.,. ^n.,^, '" ""^Tf'und j Desks, Tea Tables, Book :innli.K _ - -. . j 11.^^ The ctingr^HH recently lat-Hl the ja,000,000 of tho 01 ·liidi van not yponl In th ,,.. bcgi authorities. Warnin*; *UI be given A -bill traavUnff A penrion of »100 a LARGEST AMERICAN CAT. The Jaguar Bigger, But Mot so Fierce as the African Leopard. [N»Uon»l Geographic Matfum*.] T1)c jifuw O r "ol Usr«." " it *' generally koOTTi! tlirou^h II »uch v«nd«ri by the police 3.11 » r - ImoniUi oo tho w:n tie m*d* H U*oor*rid. *r«|Fred*riok Puwnmi lia» been IOM Swwt*. of Major GonoraJ hindsom- L deep »t of American citn. IU yellow color, profmely mtrked with lvi It if the \vorlt, and which conaoquently n.-xx'i-tcd to the treasury. This money, according to the officials In charge, will b« uded mostly to round out tlio lands already acquired, so that they may be easily and economically administered. Tn making future purchaee^j it ia stated that the policy will bo to select thoee tracts which block in with lands ul- nvtdy purchased and which arc offered at tlw uiOHl rt-aaon^ble prices. The acquisition of landu \vu« begun in 1911 undtT th". HO-uillcd "V/ccl;^ .«.«·," "h'ch pcrnuttrd the K°vcnuuuiit to purchiue, for national foreitt purposou, luiidn on this hftttlu atcrw of navlpablo ctrvamti in tho ^Vhito mountains and Appalachian reclon*. To date 1,396,367 acre* .. , 01W ,,.., . Work in all its branches. Faraiture and Crockery packed and shipped. Furniture stored. WATER, rV.rsOHB H**lrous of havinf water introduced iftto rildenceD or placet of burnings should mak* application at the offlo* of tbn NtfWpott Water Work*. 5 an4 7 *tr**t

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