The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on April 8, 1969 · Page 78
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 78

Los Angeles, California
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Tuesday, April 8, 1969
Page 78
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15 Part IV-Tues., Apr. 8, 1969 Everlys in Country Music Show at Shrine Contrary to the familiar saying, the Everly Brothers went home to country music last Saturday night at the Shrine Auditorium and everything seemed fine. The "return" of brothers Don and Phil was the highlight of a varied KBBQ-KFOX show that also featured Ray Price, .leannie C. Riley and the Stonemans. Like many of the recording stars of the late 1050s (from Elvis Presley to Jerry Lee Lewis), the Everlys started in country music. Since then they have moved into a soft-rock and pop bag that has taken them to such places as New York's Latin Quarter, San Francisco's Hungry i and the Las Vegas Strip. Quick Answer Their Shrine appearance was the first all-country show since they left the Grand Ole Opry some 10 -ears ago. "I'm anxious to see the reaction," Don said before the show. "We'll do the same show we do everywhere, the thing we've grown up doing." Once on stage, the Ever-Ivs got a quick answer. Their opening "Bowling Green" and long string oi hits, including "Bye, Bye Love." drew enthusiastic response. Except for some rock numbers, the Everlys are still pretty close to their country roots. Though most of their pongs were their old hits, they have updated them and (something rare in an updated song) improved them in the process. The Everlys are polished showmen and excellent vocal stylists. They should be welcome on any stage, eo'ffltrv or otherwise. Little Talent Jeannie C. Riley, the "Harper Valley PTA" gal, i another matter. Like the Everlys, she has found pop acceptance. She headlined last month in the main room of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. But there the comparison ends. Prowse Show Opens Tonight Juliet Prowse brings her new stage production to Melodyland tonight for the first of eight performances this week. -Appearing as guest stars with the singer-dancer are the Four Tops, exponents of the Motown sound. Following Miss Prowse's show will be Ed Ames and Peter Xero. opening April 1") for a week. V Opposite DisMyUiid LJkmmWj jl LOPENS TONIGHT April 15 thru 20 J THE JULIET PROWSE SHOW spocial Xest stars THE TOTS IV TKS.tknFli.&30$at,7tlO I TMS.IkraFri,&30 Slt.7110 It I X- ri$350, $4.50. SlsOtslsO-,. I fW eriTT aimar tll i.J j -ri l r. n. . - . . SEATS NOW at MefocMancf Theatre Box Office Btrffums' Mash Co, 637 S. HiU St., Los Mak chock payablo to MELODYLAND THEATRE. BOX uiniin, wain, CITT .IIP r!im nelan tdf-idrvsW aaiiawi OMaleoa Miss Riley has all the confidence, in the world on stage but, unfortunately, little of the talent Neither her voice nor most of her material (largely drawn from her two albums) is very good. That is two strikes. The day the public forgets "Harper Valley PTA" may mean three. Price, whose appearance last summer at the Hollywood Palladium was reviewed at length, is a fine country singer who has run into problems in his-attempt to move into a pop-country style. Unlike Glen Campbell or Eddy Arnold, Price's use of pop orchestration is not successful While his new sound aids "Night Life," it only hurts such country standards as "City Lights" and "Heartaches by the Number." Finally, the Stonemans, two brothers and three sisters in one of country music's most famous families, offer a lively blend of comedy and music in a traditional country vein. The added variety to a show that gave a near capacity audience a good look at some major but vastly different contemporary country-pop performers. ROBERT HILBURN niTiv k SEE DIRECTORIES FOR "JET ""ACT ?oT SECOND FEATURES! IuoJ JEEi I l I "SEsF "- Jg. CENTURY jo,,,,,, ALHZH HERMOSA g L0OLEVAH orlUjn K061S gJJJg HI 5-3306 FR 2-6245 015-2222 353.2565 CALL ilull roMOA mjnjjm huwiiw.iuw 'ISr "EWE E RET " WOW CMQU goWTMT WA3o7oI AT2-M04 $ TH 5-1586 H60 MflUIMATCn DID 0 ACADFT.1Y Al'ARDS INCLUDING: BEST PICTURE BEST ACTRESS Barbra Streisand COLUMBIA PICTURES &. RASTAR PRODUCTIONS BARBRA OMAR STREISAND-SHARIF IN THE WILLIAM WYLER- RAY STARK Production "Ciimaiv emi runm uinu MO T.H1K7 w www -ajexof-s S 7ia Hollywood suto. The ED AMES Show MORtttN GELLEK Musical Director aptcial fXSt Star PETER NERO Angeles WaUicfis Music. City's Data piovj TMal Charrt to mr uinuroticuo CODE- for rabrra of joar tidtts For Tkoatr Party inforrmven ci'.l (714) 771-4210 Phone (714) 776-7220 RESUMES Well again after an attack of virus Shiriey MocLoine is back in Cuautla. Mexico, for work in the film, "Two Mules From Sister Sara." Rock and Blues Concerts Slated Creedence Clearwater Revival, a rock-blues group, will present two concerts in April the first at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on April IS; the second at Anaheim Convention Center on the 19th. In Santa Monica the Sir Douglas Quintet will be on the program. Grassroots will appear with the Revi-val group in Anaheim. Xrz - Reserved Sots at Box Office or ty Kail, at Mutual Agencies S27-124S)Wal0clsMlBicCitT. Liberty Agencies (466-3S531 4 -; ( 114 TWim tt So. Calif. All Mutual Agencies oil Prioi TKkns PtrTaMI Ofsired mi mm Ma 9Ki 'Bait' to Star Strasberg and Hayden Claude Giroux, president of Girouxfilms, a production organization based in Paris, will film "The Bait," based on a screenplay by Ruy Guerra and Philippe Dumarcay, as the second film on its multiple-pic ture program for 1969-70. "The Bait," a psycholog ical drama, will star Sterl ing Hayden" and Susan Strasberg. Ruy Guerra is to direct. Introduced via special teature roles m the film are Maureen McNally and Jean-Pierre Kalfon. Preliminary filming has CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES FROM 1:00 P.M. THE FILM MARRIED PEOPLE SHOULD SEE, AND SINGLE PEOPLE MUST SEE! BXS BeER-KUABWl HWTEL-Sn AtMES FUM RELEASE LIFT BANK THEATRE 7734 Santa Ma tM. 634-3744 miiiispiiits. iminnoiiBrOBr 5 MONTH AID7 WARHOL'S) L01IES03E COWBOYS JS ASruH COiOR xwa ruua nmFri:U.I0.1at.Si:a2.4.M.l0 HcT!u77 C&eattts Spoken center rouPoTHEATRE V cmd GuildeMstjeRN AReuead Saab Availablo at na Italic Cartar Box OfCct. Aato Clot, of So. Calif.. and Mitral Aftntics, Wailichs Music City, downtown So. Calif. Music Co.. and ail CoorarMsat ouOats. For irdorautios call 626-7211. TONIGHT AT &30 MATINEES WED. & SAT. Z30 aflL.v a Jl sW m mi iff, M ANawrPlarby DctMby Proauctnn DncnM by MART CROWLEY ROBERT MOORE PETER HARVEY THIS PLAY iC IIMCtllTalftt CTiD mil ntcu TICKETS AT BOX OFFICE, BY nll'Jj!'l.UJ.lJl:TffWT!WS!fsy g TONIGHT 8:30 PM -sg For Ttt PMr WonoitloSslcl Tooi lUHy OU1 t-tlr ft. rfL8,1' ir vin,' H"rt-c"-i-aw. 461-3S71 jj&r been underway at St Malo in Brittany. Girouxfilms' initial film. "Thirteen Chairs," starring Vittorio EXOTIC THEATRE MAGIC by BERNARD SHAW Adapted for the stage by CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE NOW THRU MAY 4 Tickets at tho Music Center Box Oflice (626-7211). Auto Club ol So. Calif., all Mutual Agencies, Wallich's Music City, and downtown So. Calif. Music Co. 51.75 STUDENT TICKETS available Yl hour before curtain. STIU THE BEST SHOW TOWN" - Ceo SmrVh. LA, Haws 2nd Year Tues.. Wed. Thurs. at tM Sua. at 7:00: S4JS. 3.95. 2.95. fri. It 8 JO. Sat It 7:00 1 10.-00, Sun. Mat at 3:00; S5.95, 4.95. 3.95: IYAR THEATRE t71 NOW PLAYING .THE CASSIS "II there is still a place for honestly funny, frothy plays The Only Bathtub in Cassis" should be at top at list" Variety " . . . Ranges from chockles to gutraws... Hollywood Reporter " . . . Hilarious . . ." LA. Times VM.-rrL I JO. Stt. 7:00 1 IBM Son. M4t a 7 JO GALLERY THEATRE 8325 Santa Monica Blvd. PhOM: U4Si fSSSSSSSSSl UNOY OPERA HOOSE 3110 watkii llvri. 9U-OX1 LAST 2 WEOS-Ends April 19 Mon. Km Saf. IJO tM. MatiiiMS W 2 JO P.M. LAMP AT MIDNIGHT Tbe cothrallins story of GAILILEO GALILEI Company of 25 starring MORRIS CARNOVSKY Directed by Sir Tyrone Guthrie Drama ausic -0- " J LAST 3 WEEKS! 1 ''EXPLODES WITH LAUGHTER" Don SoHfvon, LX Tinn TUC DAVC MIL DUIO IN THE BAND MAIL t ALL AGENCIES Gassman and Sharon Tate, is currently filming in Rome, with Edward Pope, producer. -IT ISA HFJUBKABLE FILM AMD -KOBE THAN THAT-A HEMABKABLE LAST DAY! The African Queen AND The Big Sleep SPECIAL : iabLj 1ST ACADEMY AWARD -ttsTPicnnir' with Charles ACJUEW AWARD NOMINATION! BEST FOREIGN FILM! V 6ai 835 & 10:0 PJI. SaL The MwwJwMjrj mama LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD CLUNY'S. 604 S. Alvorodo-483738 Torrid Girlio Movlas-for Man Only EAGIE, 4884 cool Rock lvd.-CL6-OI8? GATcIY. Pko & Alvarado-JSo-Sy42 Films from San Francisco. Malo Adults KAtUKI, Adams at Cranshaw-7344362 Whisporing Joo; Lady Ohona LA TOiCA. 230 i. Vmom-ftL3-722 Sts. Satu Unsor Haos in Komorun & 2nd PAIU, rh & Aivorodo-HU J83 Fat Roeeo Prsunti. in color STUDIO 1, Sonut-AIorodc DU.O-5040 Sralking Moon; How Swnt It Is, 6:45 TEMPLE. 0d63 S. Vormont-Ff2-4IOO Sts. Fri.: Vampiro Kilter; Corruption WESTLAKE. Alvarado.Wilshira-HUJ.Sll3 Swiss Family; Angel In rocket, 12:30 WIISHIRE DlSTltlCT-BEVERLY HILLS WESTWOOD VU1Y CANON. K. Conoo-OLJ-3244 To Inarid Mv Lav. Lisa. DEL MAR, 3036 W. Pko-WEJ4424 Serooont; Buono Sara Mrs. Canrpben EMBASSY, Western nr. 3rd-387-l 1 14 3 in The Attic TIm Producers FOUt STAR, 51 12 Wilshirs-WE4421 1 7 Acad, riominations Lion in Winter' GRANADA, 9000 Sunset BI.-273-2266 John Crjssavnlos "Faces" MERALTA, 9632 Culver PI.-S3S-3432 C Robertson, Charly; How Sweet It Is mlioil nAu, wi,sn.-ooneny-.iL4-anoy Hall Bartlerfs ''Changes" PALMS. 3751 Motor Av.-vcJT.7171 Fr.Pk. 2 Acad. Nominations McQueen, Bullitt PLAZA, 1067 Gindn. GR7-00A,T.y-W7 Best Rim Namin Romeo & Juliet REGENT, 1045 Broiton. 477-005?. 272-0501 Acod. Nominee v. Redarave. Isodoro TOHO LA BREA. 9th i to Breo-WE-2342 Red Beord; Sun Above, Death Below VAGABOND. 2511 Wilihire-DU.7-2171 C Rabertson, aiarly; sralttng Moan EAST LOS ANGELES BOULEVARD, 4549 Wh;ttisr-261-26o5 3 in The An'- Sam Whiskev CENTER, 4762 Whittier Blvd.-263-9631 All New GiHie Show-et. 10 cm. GOlOEN GATE, 5176 Whittrr-2694186 Steve McQueen, Bullitt: Skidao UJL. ALAMEDA. 5136 Whimer-AN.1.3924 No Juzgaras Tus Podres; Cana Brava UNIUUC. J040 C 1st AN.V-1JI Fray Torero; To El Muienego WHITTIER WHITTWOOD, 10125 Whmvd-9434312 Diinev's Smith: Inerediblo Journey WAROMAN, 7038 S. Gmtf . Oxford 6-3242 Sam Whiskev: Plav Dirtv WHITTIER, 1 1608 E. Whinier-0LS-2712 Dirty Daren; Grand Prix SUNDOWN D.I.. 12322 E. Wsh. 693-3242 Rod Steiger, The Sergeant; Harper LYNWOOD HUNTINGTON PARK SOUTH GATE ALIEN, 3809 Tweedy Slvd.-I0.641 57 Chartv: Hlah Commissioner ARDcN, 1 170y Long Beach BL 631.1555 Angel in My Pocket; Play Duty LYRIC. Pocific-Florce-LU.9-2877-Ct. 12 Office Party: 4 Kinds of love WARNER, 6714 Pacific 585-0944-ct. 1 p Stove McQueen, Butlitt; Point Blank TOR RAN CI- CARDCNA REPONDO ALPINE, 833 W. Torrance Blvd. 327-4436 Open Friday thru Monday only ROLLING HILLS, 101 & rshaw-325-2600 Disney's Smith: Inrndiblo Journey MARINA, 302 S. Catalina-FrU-8300 Stalking Moon; How Sweet If Is PARK, 14948 Crenshaw BL-324-4040 Dr. Dolirtle: Don't Roiso The Bridge STADIUM. 1653 Cravens-32R-6375 Two Jnouneie Produeilons SLIRF. 302 S. Catalinn 37200 Adults Only Aaonv of Love: Love Conf. U Jt- IURANU. Woe. Ut. BAWK Bullitt, IrOO, 310. S-20. 7J0, 930 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA SKYWAY. Boulder Hhwoy-DU-8505 Tney (.ame to Rob Las Vegas; Harper ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM, BROOKHURST PRJ.6446 Disney's Smith; Incredible Journey ANAHEIM. GARDEN-KEJ-0148, Ct. 12 Office Party; 4 Kinds of love BALBOA. BAUOA-OU-4048 Endless Summer; Whof s Bad-Foelmg Gd. kea, BREA incAiicc Ary-Aoo Stolkina Moon: Secret Wcr-Hamr Friaa owcriA rMS, wcaivu u. i .gjjr Vmlatsd lave: Mondo Sexo CORONA DEL MAR. PORT-ORJ-6260 Suooort Your Sheriff: Yellow COSTA MESA. CINEMA-546-3102 Hurry last Day, Romeo & Juliet COSTA MESA. MESA-54S-1552 Swm Family Rohmson: FamasticVovrjaa FULIERTON. WIISHIRE LAmbert 55777 3 m The Attic Haw Sweet It H GARDEN GROVE, GEM-534177 Sts. Wed.: Dr. Dolirtle; Country Coyote GARDEN GROVE. GROVE-JEJ-6600 Disney's Smith; Incredible Journey HUNTINGTON BEACH. CINEMA-847-ysOt tn The Attic: lovely Way to Dv HUNTINGTON BEACH, SURF-lE.6-9396 Sam Whiskey: Subiecr Was Rases LAGUNA. SOUTH COAST-494-1514 Steve Me&ieen in Bullrtt LAG-UNA NIGUEl, Nigu.1 Thtr.-499.2327 Disney's Smith; Inerediblo Journey NEWPORT, CINEMA. Csr. Kwy. 8, M'Arthur Steve McQueen In Bullitt, color NEWPORT BEACH, UDO-OL343SD Cliff Robortson. Chariy. Interlode ORANGE. ORANGE KEJJ-1501 Julio Andrews m Sound of Music ORANGE. VILLA. TustmWLdams-639406 Sraflrlna Moon: E. Taylor. Sondbioor SAN CIEMENTE, San Clemente. HY.2-3437 Swiss Family; Tanon t Jungle Boy SANTA ANA, GUIlD-547-9936 I Am For Sale; Peefcuuiiio Split SAT. ANA, United Artists-543-97t7 CEfF Robertni. Charly; Hot Million TUSTIN. TUST1N. Tostin S7uaf-LU-169 Anael in Mv Pocket- Fantastic Vovaoa WFSTMINSTrR. CINCMA-WEST, 892-4493 Steve McQueen. BalGtt, colar RTVERSIOC COUNTY ARLINGTON. ArWon-OV.94400 The Bble: Ono MHIinn Years B.C CORONA. Corana-7354191 Sera. Mrs. ramobell; More Ioa-Aliva El CENTRO. Broadway-352-5755 2 Aduh-Only Movies EISINORE. LAKT-o74JbT0 Dr. OolittW: Tm Mmikees m Head NPRCO. CREST DRIVE-IN. 735-2140 Dirty Daren: cjrand Prut PALM SPtfNGS. CAMElOT-327.1273 Burton. Eastwood. Where Eoales Dare -l M SWINGS DRIVE IN 127-1832 Steve McQueen. Bullitt: The Pf-oer lion PAUA SPRINGS. PIAZA 325-6322 Romeo & Juliet l M SPRINGS. S"NA!R Driwln Supoort Your Sheriff: Trock of Thunder I'M SPRINGS. Vlll AKE-T5-6022 Marvin. Mifune. Hell In The Pacific RIVERSIDE. DE A-JZA Support Your Sheriff; Yellow Submarine INGLEWOOD HAWTHORNE TJNTTED AttTISTS. 142 N. MoHcit-fJtf-fi77 IX Rifles: Ledy in Cement, 12:13 Desert Inn Songstress LAS VEGAS Roberta Sherwood has been signed to appear at the Desert AHatBaroettFh) t "CHANGES" Color F'anavision ONE WEEK: Wet 9th. thru Tues. 15th new neu. sin, inn iocs, lam WINGS - "Buddy" Rogers. Clara Bow. Richard ("IWIiDEaTUt I CUbttEIT I COto "Vty ennnun v HllauiirtuB taniomioiauHLei fUrtHY.'-L.Tis Showtlrnsn Won. thru Fri. Sun. & Hols. 230 4.-Q5 S.-15 830 Pussycat Theatres Where The except lie LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARCADE, 534 S. Bmodwoy-MA.8-2820 3-Big Hils-3, Open All Night CALIFuitNIA, 810 S. Moin-688-y741 Las Pecadoras: Viento Nearo CAMEO. 528 S. Broodwav-MAJM974 Minute folay;6urrsanoebastion;oi3rd liivua lca. oi a. Mom asAA-aaan MAYAN. 1044 $. Hill-RI.94294 50c Dokugan Irtoryo; Katana Onuite Tho layout: Buirwhocker. color MAYAN 21-B, 1044 S. Hill, 8744149 International BV Festival MAYAN 21-C. 1044 S. Hill, 8744149 Male Fms-Man to Man, color MILLIONS, 307 S. Broodwoy.MA.9-2895 unowgetM. rronco, yoncnos, Aochimileas PUSSYCAT. 5th & Hill-62S46o8.ct.9:45 am OfReo Partv: nluc SihS-Obm All Ntaht ROXLE, Brwr. bn. Jth-4rh-MA7633 Thondorball; From Russia With Lava TOWER, Brwy. at 8th-MAJ.9109 clvis rresley, Unrro; Bandolero, logo METRO DWNTWN. MA. 4-C27I BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th Bolero do Roquet; Sombra do los Hiios BROOKLYN, 2524 8rklynve.-268J9S8 Man & Woman: Praa.XmdMmMl fSaan.! GLOBE, 744 S. Brood way Lrron notol; ligre de Lfuonaiuata LOS ANGELES. 615 S. Sraadway Steve MrOuen. Bullet: MmU Shnn OLYMPIC, 8th b-t. Broadway & Hill Russionsoming; Apartment; & 3rd 3R?riUM. 9th and Broadway Gone With The Wind (Spanish) PALACE, Brwy. between 6:h and 7th Disney's Smith: Incredible Journey RIALTO, 8th and Broadway I Am For Sole; Woman of Desire STATE, 7th & Broadway 100 Rifles; lady in Cement UNITED ARTISTS. Bdwy. bt. 9rh-01ympic la Amante: Amonecer En Puerto Oscura WARXCNS. 7th ond Hill Support Tour Sheriff; More Dead-Alive SANTA MONICA-PACIFIC PAUSADES AERO. Montana at 14rh-EXi4990 Stolkina Moon: Thev Came to Rob Veaas mi, rocrric ronsaaes. eo-3jj C Robertion. chariv: SralkuM Unan MAYFAIR. 214$. Monica PL 4514661 Disneys Smith; Incredible Journey WEST LOS ANGELES NUART, 1 1272 SAL Blvd.-473-3706 3 m Tho Attic: Tho Producers ROYAL 11523 Sta. Man. G&3-1636 rraneora Truffcnifs ?rolen fusses' BELLFLOWER LONG BEACH SAN PEDRO WILMINGTON HOLIDAY, 16711 Bellflower B1.-867-7721 Disney's Smith; Increcnolo Journey LAKr;WOOD-NF-6.7440. HA-S.2S30 Disney's Smith: IncradAlo Joumev-6:15 rLAA, rate veroe & spring szy-auiz Chariy; Subiect Was Rases-ct. 6-J0 STAR. Ocean & locust BI.-432-6221 I Am Far Sale: Peekamma Salit STRAND. 1035 Pacific Ave.-832-26oT Two Mxiem PituMc THE MOVIE, 345 Ocean, GE-5S72. ct. 9:45 umce rorty; plus inch-Open All Night UNITED ARTISTS. 217 E. Ocoan-HE7-1267 Bullitt. 12:45. 3:00. 5:30. 7J0 IthOO WARNER, 478 W. 6th, 832-7227 Steve McQueen in Bullitt, color WEST CO VINA EL MONTE BALDWIN, Maine at Romono-ED.7-2759 A I : uu g L. i : - . im. EASTLAND, Workman i Ctrus-331-9944 Stevo McQueen, BuHflt, color El MONTE. Valley at Tyier-GMt-6922 Support Tour Local Sheriff; Yellow Sub. DOWN EY rfORWAUC AVENUE. Dowry-WAJ-6781 3 in The AnidRl: Gunv GU. &3Q MERALTA, Downey-TOaai 1-2281 Steve McQueen. Bullitt, ct. OJO NORWALK. NorwaIk-3684771 Suaaort SherifRGl: Yellow Sim. 6.30 SHOWCASE-GRAND OPENING April 16 KOMmcrys eaoy; Ursa couple ALHAMBRA SAN GABRIEL VALLEY ALHAMBRA. Main at Atlantic-AT.2-6136 CENTURY, las Tunas nr. Dal Mar-ATJ-5168 Graduate; Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell C1NEMALAND. Arcadia-HL7-21V5 Graduate: Buona Sam. Mrs. Camnewll El CAMEO. El Srreno-221-9791 75c Adulle-SSc Children-Family Night wrxi. main arna, Ainonoro-At. Uifh Robortian. Chorlv: Infawludo a REY, Main at 4th, AlhambroATJ4404 S in Tho Attic Lnv)v Wm fn GARFIELD, GarTield at Valley-ATJ-4154 Dbssvy's Smith: mcrecCblo Journey GOLD CINEMA, Main & Atlantic. AT.2-6136 Support Your Sheriff,- Yellow Submarine mursicxcr. Iartieu-rlofltnon-o73y52 Dr. Oonttle; With 6 Yost Gat EggroTl TEMPLE, las TunasrMeaMad-AT317 Grand Prix; DifSv Diumi THE VILLAGE, Azusa--334-40t9 rsMTD InlUillslJ Rulflo EI ftmtttttt UNITED ARTISTS, POMONA-NAj-3515 usarro; With o Too Cat cggrall CLENDORA SAN DtMAS CANYON. SJJ. Cyn. faL-714-599434S Angel " My Pocket; War Wagon SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY BARSTOW, Barstow Theatre-CL6-2234 Swiss Family Robinson; lost Ccnlinqnl BARSTOW SKYLINE Drive-ln Cha. Liaht Briaade: More Dead ABw. FONTANA. Arrow-VAJ-3616 Dr. Oolittle; Disney's Boor Country LAKE ARROWHEAD, Villaae Sts. Fri - Niaht of Tha fnTlnww. Day MONTCUIR. CINEMA I. 4955 S. Ptoxa Ln. Steve facQueen in Baflift. color MONTCLAIR. CINEMA II, 4955 S. Plaxo In. KOfrrCO ORQ ePlJnl9jrf MONTCLAIR. Montdair 624.9696 Cuuielul. Dbnev's Mystery of The Deerj SAN BERNARDINO, CREST-ftBB-(247 Disney's Smhh; Incredible Journey SAN BERNARDINO, Ml. Vernon Dr.-ln Half a Sixpence: High. Wild 4 Free UPLAND. Grove, 276 E. 9rh-YlU-1342 Rex liarrisan. Dr. DoiirrU VTCTORVIllE. El RmKho-CHJIIB Swiss Family Kobinson: lost Continent VICTORHlE. Joshua Dr.-ln-CHJ-5525 Org, Light Brigade; More Deod-Alrvo VENTURA COUNTY CAMARIllC. PONDEXOSA Rex Isarrison. Dr. Dotlrrie: ProMd X OJAI, los Robles-646-6070 Nvw Prcrarern Stcrtt niundov OXNARS. VCGUE-rtUnter 3-921 6 Viaie: Rulrtero A Toda Marcho SIMI. LARWIN. lorwin Sa.-526-fC57 Orfty Dozen; Grand Prix SIMI, S'ani Drive ln-3-S-6E24 Support Your Sheriff; Yellow Submarin THOUSAND OAKS. Mvlar-y-eoS-OS-l 100 Rles; W6 Get Eggnn. 6:43 VENTURA. Mayfoir-MI J-631 1 Volley of The Dolls: Blue Max VENTURA. VThrruRA-MI.3-3333 Disney's Smith; Incredible Journey s&90 Tin Inn for a limited engagement beginning today in the Lady Luck Theatre Lounge. l? lw!l FEATTJSE Mori, thru Fri. at 6:30 8:30 & 1K30P.M. Sat Son. & Hob. FTUKlt250-4:50 620&50-lftS0PJL mvanur tttuM ,.w 1WJ!Rieill hi ll74IM St Encore MELROSE at VAN HESS 469-3545 Arlen. Gary Coopr ' WOW PLAYING! K EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT! & 1030 PJI. Re&I Action Isl I lj MMtaScVK J Itaes-ssTsr San Francisco Specials I ADULTS ONLY duixoc i INDEPENDENT flTHE GUIDE tfllkawl ! HOLLYWOOD ACAOcMY. Hlywd. at Wilcox-HO JJ491 Disney's Smith; Incredible Journey, 12tl5 APUUU AMIS, nlywd.-West-462.y4y7 I Am For Sale; Playpen Girls CAMrUS, Vermont at oio.-Mon. NOJ-5881 BuonaSera,Mrs.Campbell; Sam Whiskey CIN I, I3SB ri. La Brea-46l.3S9 Split Track; Frisco Holiday CINcMA, 1 124 N. Western-rt0.7-57R7 .Warhol's lonesome Cowbays,6,& 10:00 CINbMATncQuc, od!6'i Snst.. OU7-o811 Lenny Bruce in Only Film Performance CLASSIC-ART. 8257 Sta. Monica-6564332 Frisco BV-color-cl. 10 am to 4:03 am ClIMON, 526 N. Western-HO J-9101 Charly; The Subject Was Roses ENCORc Melrose at Van Ness-HO.9-3545 African Queen Tha Ka SImm FLICK, 1082 N. Wen-4d7-7176 Night of Vibrations: Frisco Lunch GORDON, la Brea at Melrose- WtU-2944 li na aergeortt; The Brotherhood LOS FEUZ. Vrmt.ranklin-NO-21 69 Boudu Saved: Jounwv Into slf LEFT BANK, 7734 Santa Monica -OL4-5744 American Promierel Miracle of lav ORIENTAL, 7425 Sunset Elvd.-S76-0212 aiany.- Subject Was Rases PAN PACIFIC 7554 Beverly-WU-7070 Camelot: How SwMt 1 1 PARIS, 8163 Santa Monica-OL6-118l Charge of The lonely BV PARIS PENTHOUSE. SJ. BU 656-6621 Girls en The Split For Young Boys SltcNT MOVIE. 611 N. Fairfax. OL3-2389 Youna-Valentino.Evec of YauthhoarM SUNSET, Westn.Sunset HO-0721, ct. 12 vrrice rarry; 4 Amos ot Love VISTA, 4473 Sunset Drive-NO.1-541 women With Passions To Split SAN FERNANDO VALLEY AIRPORT, 16733 Roscae BI.-892-1 181 Charly; Subiect Was Roses AMERICANA. 8700 Van Nuys-892-0718 Steve MeOuoM. Rulllrt ART.Vorrrura at Topanga 883-8835 uiirr Kooerrson, utany; Tne Producrre BARONET, 6937 Topanga-OI JJ-7434 Stolkina Moon: Subject Was Roses. 6:43 CORBIN, 19618 Venruro-345-2222 J in The Attic- Model Shop HOLIDAY, Tooarrga-stacoe-OI.6-0950 pisneys Smith: Incredible Journey LANKERSHIM, 7532 lank. BI.-POJ-5V52 Arm) in Mv Packet: Hot Millions MAGNOLIA, Burbank ST.1-79B4 THJ-1586 5 in Tho Attic Cocoon's Bluff MUSTANG Dr-in, Sol. Cyn. Rd., Sierra Hy. piny uocon; sjrana rrix PANORAMA, 91 10 Van Nuys-892.1167 Support Local Sheriff; Yellow Sub. mot. PARK. Canoga Paric-DIJ)-1234. ct. 12 Office Parry: 4 Kinds of Lovo SAN FERNANDO, SoBrand-EM.1 -2212 Coil ThaKitrf)1 for Prooroin SHERMAN. 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