The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 19, 2000 · Page 81
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 81

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 2000
Page 81
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LOS ANGELES TIMES WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 2000 F11 TODAY ON TV RADIO CHANNELS LnAngalt BB KVEA (Tele) 23 Orange County ED KDOC (Ind.) 56 H KCBS (CBS) 02 EBKJLA(lnd.25 DKNBC (NBC) 04 0DKLCSEdu.17 HKTLArWB)05 BB KRCA lnd.) 20 DKABCABC07 Palm Springs HKCALlnd.09. & MIR (NBC) 04 IBKTTV(fox11 S2KESQIABCI7. ODKC0PUPN13 25 BO KSCI (Ind.) 18 staBn SaKCETPBS28 , (AdIIUV EDKPXN(PAX)30 a" Bernardino G0KTBN(lnd )4O Ventura County B3 KOCE (PBS) 50 BSKADY(UPN) 16 Cable Servicei A&E 39 ESPN 34 MTV 48 AMC 35 ESPN2 84 NICK 38 BET 57 FAM 47 SCI-H 87 BRV0 54 FNC 91 SHOW 41 CNBC 31 FSN 27 JND COM 79 FSN2 59 CSPN 29 FX 89 IF!" f. CMAX 45 HBO 33 n CNN 42 HIST 30 TNN 49 S?CCU IFC 2' TNT 52 DISN 53 UFE 46 USA 44 E! 63 MSNBC 90 VH1 62 Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. (R) in the grid, denotes a repeat program. TV RATINGS (TVY) All Children (TVY7) Directed to Older Children (TW7-fV) Directed to Older Children; FantasyViolence (TVG) General Audience (TVPG) Parental Guidance (TV1 4) Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA) Mature Audiences Only D Suggestive Dialogue (LI (SI (V) Sex Violence Movie Ratings A CLASSIC FIRST RATE FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS DESPERATION TIME Morning 7:00 a.m. B KCBS The Early Show 36258 tM KNBC 3$ KMIR Today 58426 H KTLA Morning News 74432 U KABCI31 KEYTK2I KESQ Good Morning America 96600 tH KTTV Good Day L A. 12616 IB KCOPSS KADY Doug 99890 m KWHYBizbiriie 63600 B3 KCET Barney (TVY) (R) 37682 BD KPXN Employment Television S3 KMEXiDespierta America! m KTBN Rod Parsley HD KOCEOceanus W KVEA Doug; Bocko (7:15) 03 KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) BO KLCS Learning English m KRCANubeluz (TVY) 58074 A&E Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling With Life (TVG) BET Morning Moves CMAX'iV"Dreamboat",52 1hr23 540432 CNBC Market Watch 29258 CSPN House of Representatives 686161 DISN Madeline (TVY) El El News Daily 839258 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Kiana's Flex Appeal FAM New Addams Family (TVG) FSN Regional Sports Report FSN2 Gilad's Bodies in Motion FX MASH (TVPG) HBO The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures (TVY) HIST Year by Year for Kids (TVY7) LIFE Denise Austin's Fit & Lite MSNBC Morning Line MTV TRL Wannabe's (TVPG) NICK CatDog 215548 SCI-H Battlestar Galactica (TVG) TBS Little House on the Prairie TIC Pappyland (TVY) TMC "Native Son '86 (PG) 1hr52 96524987 (7:25) TNT CHiPs (TVPG) VH1 Back to Back Videos (TVPG) 7:30 a.m. O KCAL Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles (TVY7) 37971 m KCOPSSi KADY Sabrina, the Animated Series 12797 DO KSCI Iran-Sima (Farsi) 79513 24 KVCR Faces of Culture HD KCETZoboomafoo 95277 QD KTBN Marilyn Hickey (3D KOCE America Sews 03 KVEA Aventuras en Panales S3 KDOC Hollywood Plaza W KJLA Mike Russell (TVG) ED KLCS Dragon Tales 71971 ES KRCA Federrico DISN Bear in the Big Blue House El Talk Soup (TVPG-DI 841093 ESPN2 BodyShaping FAM Angela Anaconda (TVY7) FNC NewsQuinn FSN National Sports Report FSN2 The Method FX MASH (TVPG) HBO Babar (TVY) HIST Inspector Gadget's Raid Trip LIFE Denise Austin's Daily Workout MTV MTV Jams Countdown (TVPG) NICK Hey Arnold! 121155 SUND "Deceiver" '97 (R) 1hr42 383285 TCM 'Tokyo Joe" '49 1hr28 7205529 TLC Rory's Place (TVY) 8:00 a.m. H KCAL Monster Rancher (TVY7) fB KCOPSi KADY Pepper Ann 241 KVCR Introductory Geology SO KCET Dragon Tales 65838 BD KTBN Kenneth Copeland m KOCE Jenkins' Art Workshop m KVEA Pistas de Blue OB KJLA Laura Gregory (TVG) M KLCS Reading Rainbow (TVY) E3 KRCA Chespirito A&E Northern Exposure (TVPG) BRVO BrynTerfellTVPG) CNN In the Money COM "Repossessed " '90 (PG-1 3) 2hr 3934432 DISN Bear in the Big Blue House El Coming Attractions (TVPG) ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Co-ed Training FAM Kids From Room 402 (TVY7) FSN2 Yoga Zone FX MASH (TVPG) HBO "Gross Anatomy" '89 (PG-131hr49 857068 HIST Year by Year (TVG) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) NICK The Wild Thornberrys (TVY) SCI-FI Battlestar Galactica (TVG) SHOW 'The Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer" '98 1hr13 67962987 (8:15) TBS Mama's Family TLCSkinnamarinkTVfrVY) TNT CHiPs (TVPG) USA Fired Up (TVPG) VH1 Music Videos (TVPG) 8:30 a.m. El KCAL Beakman's World (TVY) fB KC0P63) KADY Recess Ml KVCR Introductory Geology BD KCET Arthur (TVY) 64109 BD KPXN James Robison BD KTBN Laverne and Edith Tripp BD KOCE Teletubbies 163567 m KVEA Dragon Ball Z ffl KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) S3 KLCS Cursive Handwriting; Phonics in Context (8:45) m KRCA Cine AMC "A Lady Takes a Chance" '43 1hr30 142105 CMAX "Deep Waters" '48 1hr26 660155 DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) El Fashion Emergency (TVG) ESPN2 NBA Inside Stuff 7263277 FAM Mary-Kate & Ashley (TVY) FSN Regional Sports Report FX MASH (TVPG) IFC "Othello" '52 1hr33 89027180(8:45) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG-D) MTV TRL (TVPG) NICK Rugrats 697513 TBS Mama's Family TLCSkinnamarinkTV(TVY) USA Almost Perfect (TVPG) 9:00 a.m. B KCBS Martha Stewart 38703 U KNBC 136 KMIR Later Today 50971 B KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TV14) 76987 D KABC J KEYTRZ KESQ Regis & Kathie Lee 98155 El KCAL Maury (TVPG) 12703 ID KTTV Divorce Court fB KCOPMontel Williams 65819 HO KSCI I Can Do It! W KWHY Ellas, Inocentes o Culpables 24 KVCR Sesame Street 19819 BO KCET Barney (TVY) 48161 m KTBN Dr. Cherry EH KOCE Portrait of a Family BB KVEA M6nica 11277 ffl KDOC Life in the Word S KJLA Mike Russell (TVG) BD KLCS Reading: Basic to Success A&E Night Court BETVideolink BRVO Moonlighting CNBC Power Lunch 93345 CNN Newsday DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) El Celebrity Homes ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 NBA Today FAM It's Itsy Bitsy Time (TVY) FNC NewsAsman FSN Sports Geniuses FXNYPDBIue(TV14) HIST The Real West (TVG) LIFE Who Knows You Best? (TVPGI MSNBC Headliners & Legends NICK Little Bear 784093 SCI-FI Battlestar Galactica (TVG) TBS Matlock TCM "In a Lonely Place" '50 1hr34 2039221 TLC Bingo & Molly (TVY) TMC "My Life as a Dog" '851hr41 59289105(9:20) TNN Dukes of Hazzard TNT Lois & Clark (TVPGI USA The Jeff Foxworthy Show 9:30 a.m. Ill KTTV Divorce Court (23 KCET Between the Lions (TVY) (R) 85180 9 KTBN Unfolding Majesty With Dean & Mary Brown BD KOCE Portrait of a Family H3 KDOC Benny Hinn EB KJLA Dow 30 Report (TVG) A&E Night Court CNN Burden of Proof 961 600 DISN Out of the Box (TVY) El Mysteries & Scandals (TVPG) ESPN2 RPM 2Night FAM CBN Special Edition 690180 FSN2 Gilad's Bodies in Motion UFE Who Knows You Best? (TVPGI NICK Blue's Clues SHOW 'Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller" '88 1hr45 3277884 SUND "High Hopes" '88 1hr52 245180 TLC Salty's Lighthouse (TVY) USA Something So Right (TVPG) 10:00 a.m. D KCBS The Price Is Right (TVG) J KEYT Home Improvement n KNBC EXTRA (TVPG) 17635 H KTLA Salty Jessy Raphael (TV14) 93567 O KABCI42 KESQ The View Peter Fonda; BBMak. 88635 El KCAL Jerry Springer 33155 ill KTTV Queen Latifah 24451 fB KCOP Forgive or Forget 14109 m KWHY Hablame de Amor 241 KVCR Creative Living HO KCET Sesame Street 84161 BO KMEXMaite 0 KMIR Judge Mills Lane D KTBN Behind the Scenes BD KOCE Portrait of a Family S3 KVEA "El Brazo Mortal'' '86 2hr 38258 BB KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) BO KLCS E in Me; Entrepreneur in You; World of Work (10:15) m KRCA "El Gallo de Oro" 2hr 10884 AMC "Calamity Jane" '53 2hr 869258 A&E Murder, She Wrote BET Hits From the Street BRVO 'The Lion in Winter" '68 (PG)3hr 471513 CMAX "Eight Days a Week" '97 (R)1hr32 550819 CNN CNN Today COM The Daily Show 3944819 DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Rolie Polie Olie(TVY) El The E! True Hollywood Story (TVPGI 583118 ESPN Racehorse Digest ESPN2 Softball-Ohio Pride at U.S. National Team. 7293432 FAM The 700 Club FSN2TheMfnd FX Beverly Himo, 90210 (TVPG) HBO "Baby Geniuses" '99 (PG) 1hr34 9719180 HIST Weapons at War (TVG) LIFE The Things We Do for Love (TVPGI Everlasting Love. 756345 MSNBC Home Page MTV Mandy (TVPG) NICK Little Bill 494513 SCI-H Battlestar Galactica (TVG) TBS Hunter TLC Pappyland (TVY) TNN Dukes of Hazzard TNT In the Heat of the Night USA Ned and Stacey (TVPG) VH1 New Videos (TVPG) 10:30 a.m. Ti KEYT Mad About You (TVPG) D KNBC Access Hollywood 27971 24! KVCR Martha's Sewing Room 96) KMIR Judge Mills Lane BD KTBN Casey Treat BO KOCE Portrait of a Family BD KDOC New Zoo Revue 781987 BB KJLA Bio-Med Check-Up BD KLCS Hands On: Crafts for Kids 62703 COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? DISN Bear in the Big Blue House ESPN America's Horse FNC NewsVester FSN2 Yoga Zone IFC At the Angelika LIFE The Things We Do for Love (TVPG) Against All Odds. 962819 NICK Franklin 780277 TIC Jay Jay the Jet Plane (TVY) USA Hearts Afire (TVPG) Tip for Today 8- 11 p.m. Opera House, KCSN-FM (88.5). Oscar Strauss' "The Chocolate Soldier." 8:30-10 p.m. Rockllne: Music and interview with Cat Stevens, KCBS-FM (93.1). 9:30-10 p.m., 2:30-3 a.m. The Whistler: An old invalid's heirs think she is living too long (originally broadcast Aug. 6, 1945), KNX (1070). 10 p.m.-midnlght Chicago Symphony: Christoph Eschenbach conducts Takemilsu ("From Me Flows That You Call Time"); Beethoven (3rd Symphony), KMCT-FM (105.1). Drama-Comedy-Family 9- 9:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m. Gunsmoke: A man is out for revenge despite a freezing snowstorm, KNX (1070). Classical 2- 3 p.m. Mara'i Muse: Philip Glass ("Quartet No. 3"), KCSN-FM (88.5). 10 p.m.-mldnlght Chicago Symphony: "Retrospective," KMZT-FM (105.1). Country-Folk-Jazz-Pop 9 a.m.-noon Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW-FM (89.9). 10 a.m.-l p.m.-Global Village, KPFK-FM (90.7). 8-10 p.m. Metropolis, KCRW-FM (89.9). 10 p.m.-midnlght Swing Lounge, KLAC (570). Mldnight-3 a.m. Shortwave, KCRW-FM (89.9). News-Commentary Contlnuous-KFWB (980), KNX (1070). 3- 9 a.m. Morning Edition, KCRW-FM (89.9), KPCC-FM (89.3). 7-9 a.m. Up for Air, KPFK-FM (90.7). Noon-12: 15 p.m. Paul Harvey, KAI1C (790). Noon-1 p.m.-The World, KCRW-FM (89.9); also, 7-8 p.m., KPCC-FM (89.3). Noon-1 p.m. Noon Business Hour, KFWB (980). 1- 2, 7-8 p.m. Which Way, UA.T KCRW-FM (89.9). 2- 2:30 p.m. Marketplace, KCRW-FM (89.9); 2:30-3 and 6:30-7 p.m., KPCC-FM 11:00 a.m. fj KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV14) 35529 El KNBC News EJ KTLA Judge Mills Lane O KABCif KEYT Port Charles (TVPGI 87345 EJ KCAL Judge Mathis (TVPGI ID KTTV Living Single (TVPG) Please sm TV LOG F12 Prime-Time TV Rankings Networks, Not Game, Record All-Star Numbers CBS' "Survivor" climbed to its biggest audience yet last week as summer TV viewing continued to be hot, with the three major networks all recording increases of 8 or more compared to a year ago, based on viewing estimates issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. NBC received only a minor assist from televising baseball's All-Star Game, as many top names sat out the game and tune-in sunk to a record low to see Derek Jeter's MVP performance. The audience scorecard was down 17 compared to a year ago and more than 20 versus the game's slugging percentage in 1998. Ratings remain uneven for CBS' other summer National Nielsen Vlewershlp series, "Big Brother," plummeting during the weekend but faring somewhat better on other nights. CBS is said to be contemplating scheduling changes on the five-night-a-week program, which is generally winning its time slot (going up mostly against reruns) and bringing in young viewers who normally don't watch the network. Despite the perception that the audience is completely turned off by reruns with newsmagazines such as "2020 Downtown" beating "ER" in its Thursday slot popular programs such as "Everybody Loves Raymond," "The Practice" and "Law & Order" are still holding up pretty well in the summer months. -BRIAN LOWRY Here are the rankings for national prime-time network television last week (July 10-16) as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average number of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates that there are 260 million potential U.S. viewers age 2 and older. Viewership is listed here in millions. tot- View- PfOfnwn work era 1. Survivor CBS 24.50 2. Millionaire (Thur.) ABC 21.77 3. Millionaire (Sun.) ABC 21.44 4. Millionaire (Tue.) ABC 20.26 5. ' All-Star Game NBC 14.71 6. 2020 Downtown ABC 14.55 7. The Practice ABC 13.83 8. Every. Loves Raymond CBS 12.87 9. Law (.Order NBC 12.75 10. Dharma&Greg ABC 12.29 11. Judging Amy CBS 11.69 12. Becker CBS 11.56 13. 48 Hour (Mod.) CBS 11.49 14. 60 Minutes CBS 1099 15. Big Brother (Thur.) CBS 1097 16. Flien NBC 10.70 17. All-star Pregame Stow NBC 10.64 18. Big Brother (Mon.) .CBS 10.53 19. 2020 (Wed.) ABC 10.35 20. "CMdlnodSveelheart?" CBS 991 21. Touched by an Angel CBS 980 22. Tw Guys and Gil (9:30) ABC 9.78 23. Lm S Order (Mon.) NBC 969 24. Dateline NBC (Mon.) NBC 966 25. King ol Queers CBS 9.16 26 2020 (Fll.) ABC 9.15 27. Raster NBC 9.10 28. The West Wing NBC 904 29. Law Order SVU NBC 896 30. The Simpsons FOX 8.87 48 Hoiks CBS 8.87 32. Whose Une Is It? (8:30 p.m.) ABC 864 33. Big Brother Hue.) CBS 856 34. DatelMe NBC (Wed.) NBC 852 35. Thid Watch NBC 849 36. FJ) NBC 847 37. The Drew Carey Sim ABC 810 Big Brother (Fh.) CBS 810 "GrompierOldMen" NBC 8.10 40. Malcolm In the Middle FOX 8.05 41. Daddlo NBC 8.01 42. America's Most Wanted FOX 7.98 43. Guinness WofMrlecorr FOX 7.89 44. NYPDBtue ABC 7.76 45. The Pooch and the Pauper ABC 7 60 46. Dateline NBC (Sun.) NBC 7 56 47. Spin City ABC 7.50 48. "Batman Forever" NBC 7.24 49. Nash Bodges CBS 7.17 50. Whose !mkAnyayr ABC 7.16 51. JAG (FA ) CBS 712 52. Cops (8:30 p.m.) FOX 710 53. "GeraMo Rivera Repots" NBC 695 54. Making the Band ABC 6.94 WalkerRanger (10 pm.) CBS 6.94 56. "Last Don" Pait 1 CBS 6.77 57. WWFSmackdownl UPN 6 71 58 Stark Rawng Mad NBC 668 59. Greed FOX 6.67 60. That 70s Show FOX 665 61. Candid Camera CBS 6.63 62. Big Brother (Sal) CBS 6.44 63. Family Lw CBS 6.40 64 Walker, Tens Range, CBS 6.38 65 The X-Files FOX 6J7 110. Rowel WB 1.72 Popular WB 1.72 I Dam You! UPN 1.72 113. 7 Days UPN 1.70 114. The Ship UPN 165 115. "Poliemon2000" WB 1.55 116. Shasta ' UPN 1.52 117. For your Lm (Sun.) WB 1.39 118. OtMt UPN 1.21 Cable Top 10 Here are Nielsen's top 10 cable programs in prime time last week, also ranked by total viewers (in millions). Ail-Star MVP Derek Jeter 66. "For Hope" ABC 6.34 67. NfgortheHl FOX 622 68. Providence NBC 6.15 69. Titus FOX 6.13 70. Beyond Belief... FOX 6.07 71. The Simpsons (Wed.) FOX 5.97 72. Making the Band (9 p.m.) ABC 5.91 "X-Merr. The Mutant Watch" FOX 5.91 74. "The Sky's on Fre" ABC 5 89 75. Cops FOX 584 76. Family Guy FOX 5.50 The PJs (9:30 p.m.) FOX 5.50 78 Family Guy (Wed.) FOX 5.48 79. Once and Again ABC 5.32 AjtyMcBeal FOX 5.32 81. Saonna, the Teenage Witch ABC 5.27 82. Boy Meets World ABC 5.17 Futurama FOX 5.17 84. NVPD Blue (Sal) ABC 5.03 85. The PJs FOX 4.96 86. Two Guys and a Girl ABC 4.91 87. "Supercop" FOX 486 88. CltyofAngeB CBS 465 89. Low Money CBS 4.56 90. Norm ABC 4.38 91. U.S Olympic Trals NBC 4.31 92. The Parkers UPN 3.74 93. Malcolm i Eddie UPN 3.33 94. GlownUps UPN 3.31 95. Star Trek Voyager UPN 3.26 96. Angel WB 3.25 Charmed WB 3.25 98. Moesha UPN 3.07 99. Buffy. the Vampire Slayer WB 3.04 100. 701 Heaven WB 299 101. Young Americans WB 287 102. For vour Love (Fli.) WB 2.84 103. Jamie Fob Show (8 p.m.) WB 2.57 104. 701 Heaven Beginnings WB 2.42 105. The Jamie Foa Show (Sun.) WB 2.25 106. Dawson's Creek WB 2.03 107. Young Ameocans (Fri.) WB 197 108. Secret Agent Man UPN 1.90 109. Mission rll I WB 1.81 titfWR wick wi 1. Wrestling (Mon., 10 p.m.) USA 8.85 2. Wresdlng(Mon.,9p.m.) USA 856 3. Baseball Home Run Derby ESPN 6.51 4. "Nuremberg" ft 1 (8 p.m.) TNT 646 5. Boon HBO 5.06 6 Wresmng (Hon., 8 p.m.) TNT 3.87 7. bating (Sat, 9:30 p.m.) HBO 3.77 8. "WHO Wild Wesf HBO 3.75 B. "The Parent Trap" DISN 3.70 10. "Nuremberg" PL (10 p.m.) TNT 3.54 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. week ABC 9.65 million 13.45 CBS 9.24 11.96 NBC 9.02 11.81 FOX 6.25 8.47 UPN 3.17 3.83 WB 2.42 3.42 Southland Viewing Here are Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs In the Los Angeles area during the same week. The rankings are based on the number of households watching. Radio Station Guide All stations AM unless otherwise noted MUSIC: ADULT CONTEMPORARY MUSIC: COUNTRY KBIG-FM . . 104.3 KK-FM ....943 KUT-FM ...92.7 KMLT-FM...92 7 KOST-FM . .103.5 KXMXFM ..959 KVSRFM...98.7 MUSIC: CLASSICAL KCPB-FM ..91.1 KCSNFM ..885 KMZT-FM.. 105.1 KUSC-fM ..91.5 MUSIC: JAZZ BIG BAND POP STANDARDS KGXL 1650 KJAZ 1260 KLAC 570 KLONFM...88.1 KTWVFM. . .94.7 MUSIC: ROCK KACD-FM.. 103.1 KBCO-FM .103.1 KIB-FM . . . 102 7 K10S-FM...955 KNHS-FM ..897 KROOFM .1067 KSPC-FM...88.7 KUCI-FM ...889 KXUI-FM . . .889 MUSIC: ROCK OLDIES KCBS-FM ..93.1 KCMG-FM . .92.3 K0LA-FM...999 KRTH-FM . .101.1 NEWS a TRAFFIC KFWB 980 KNX 1070 PUBLIC RADIO KCRW-FM.. 899 KPCC-FM. . .89.3 KPfKFM . .90.7 MUSIC: URBAN CONTEMPORARY KILH-FM ..102 3 KKBT-FM . . 100.3 KPWR-FM .105.9 KZUVFM...93.9 RELIGIOUS KBRT 740 KFRN 1280 KFSG-FM. . .963 KK1A-FM...99 5 KLTX 1390 KPFC 1240 KTSJ 1220 KTYM 1460 KWVE-FM .107.9 FAMILY WHS 710 FOREIGN LANGUAGE: SPANISH KACE-FM..1039 KALI 1430 KBUA-FM ..94.3 KBUE-FM..1055 KHJ 930 K1AX-FM ...979 KLTY-FM . .107.1 K1VE-FM . .107.5 KRRA 900 KNSE 1510 KRT0-FM...983 KSCA-FM . . 101 9 KSSE-FM...97.5 KTNQ 1020 KVCA 670 KWIZFM...967 KWKW . . . . 1330 KWRM....1370 XPRS 1090 FOREIGN LANGUAGE: OTHER KA2N 1300 KB1A 1580 KF0X-FM...935 KEZY 1190 KWE 1480 KVMS-FM .106.3 TALK-INTERVIEW KABC 790 KH 640 KIEV 870 KLSX-FM...97.1 KMNV....16O0 KMPC....1540 WIS 830 KRU 1110 KXTA 1150 XTRA 690 (89.3) 6:30-7 p.m., KCSN-FM (88.5); 7-7:30 p.m., KUSC-FM (91.5). 2:30-3 p.m. Left, Right and Center, KCRW-FM (89.9). 2:30-3 p.m.-Paclflca News, KPFK-FM (90.7). 3 4 p.m. Fresh Air, culture, KCRW-FM (89.9)); also, 8-9 p.m. KPCC-FM (89.3). 3-6:30 p.m. All Things Considered, KPCC-FM (89.3); also, 4-7 p.m., KCRW-FM 89.9). 5- 6 p.m. Beneath the Surface, KPFK-FM (90.7). 6- 6:30 p.m. Evening Update, KCSN-FM (88.5). 6- 7 p.m. Evening News, KPFK-FM (90.7). 7- 8 p.m. Feminist Magazine, KPFK-FM (90.7). 9-10 p.m. 60 Minutes II: simulcast with KCBS-TV, KNX (1070). 11 p.m.-6 a.m. BBC World Service, KCSN-FM (88.5). Sports Sports Reports 15 and 45 minutes past the hour, KFWB (980), KNX (1070). 7-10 p.m. Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Dodgers, KXTA (1 150), KWKW (1330). 7-10 p.m.. Baseball: Texas Rangers at Angels, KLAC (570), XPRS (1090). Talk-Interview 3-11 i.m. Howard Stern, KLSX-FM (97.1). 4:30-6 a.m. Front Page, KJLH-FM (102.3). 5-9 a.m. ohn and Ken, KABC (790). NBC: Defending Its Tardiness in 'Reality' Shows Continued from F2 sessments of the fall lineup but nevertheless joked about published reports suggesting he is in danger of losing his job. Allison Janney, who plays the White House press secretary C.J. on NBC's critically acclaimed drama "The West Wing," opened the event by saying Tuesday was "the 23rd day in a row that Scott Sassa has not been fired." NBC has done some minor tinkering designed to fortify its prime-time schedule, flipping the new comedy "Tucker" to Monday nights and the well-traveled "3rd Rock From the Sun" back to Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m., where it will precede "Frasier." Network officials who announced their revised roster before the other networks attributed the maneuver to appraising the playing field once all the lineups had been announced. The network also confirmed that William Devane and "Saturday Night Live's" Tim Meadows will join a new sitcom starring "Seinfeld" alumnus Michael Richards as a bumbling detective a project perceived as being troubled, with NBC having dumped the prototype used to sell the series. Sassa maintained that quality dramas and comedies remain the "bread and butter" of the network and still represent the means by which broadcasters can best differentiate themselves from other viewing alternatives. Basic cable networks, for example, have generally been slow to make in-roads in the realm of episodic series. Beyond the series arena, NBC announced plans for a made-for-TV movie chronicling John Len-non's early years, "In the Life: The John Lennon Story," which joins a movie about singer Natalie Cole and the miniseries "Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot" on the network's slate of upcoming biographical productions. With all the discussion of reality programs, it's also worth noting that NBC will broadcast "The Truman Show," a film frequently tied to discussions of the potential excesses of that genre. CD oo Q3$jQooo .&mmMB UA r A AGD 0) - sp: ; J! : .'JlV M m-H ill nnrr r bi h mm ' a , 1 1 i i SO Hhm- Millionaire (Thur.) KABC 842.787 Mionm(Tlie.) KABC 785.205 Smvtw KCBS 706,685 Mdionaire(Sun) KABC 696 J 15 2020 Downtown KABC 596.756 lew J Order KNBC 586,286 60 Minutes KCBS 502.531 DharmalGreg KABC 481.592 MMnglheBand KABC 476.358 Two Guys and a Girl KABC 476,358 mm.

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