The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1938
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY 3, Id38 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) CODRIRIl NEWS PIVA Ti fit [REC1EQ Blytheville Paint and Wallpaper Company Reopens I The Blytheville I'aiiit and Wallpaper company lias reopened utter . a recent lire in which the sto;k was I destroyed. It. has been announced by n • mi i [-it. M. Mtrllncttl and R, C. Colc- being Made I' Or man. operators of the lirm for I{. J. M r> . .• I I Martinet!!, owner. NCVV. LonslrUCllOn In -u ic firm Is again Italia In the Glrncoe bull-ling on Saulli Second ttrcet. In addition lo the former stock ot paints, varnishes and wall pj[iers, Venetian tllnds and llm- Icmn have been added :uid arrang;- ments have been nude to assist customers in ensuring JHA leans. ft number of attractive new residences arc lo be erected In Blylhe- villo Mils sinnmer. among which are several which arc announced today. The largest residence In Ihu erot:p Is that of Mrs. M. G. Goodwin, which she plans to creel al 11V South Tenth street, the site of her present home, which is ID Ire demolished.' Tlic two story frame house, which will be of colonial design, is to have four bedrooms and two baths. A wood sliiu- tjle root will be use.1. which will probably be stained iu contrast- to the while house, wlileh is lo be ot Plans arc virtually completed tor the duplex apartment which James Terry and A. B. Wctenkaiup are creeling on the 50 loot lot al 62-1 West Main street-, whicli they recently purchased from Mrs. Jesse H. Webb, of Dumas, Ark. The duplex is lo have the appearance, from thj outside, of « single residence wilh one entrance on the front, and Die other on the side. The 32 by (ill foot building is to be constructed of asbestos siding, with a blue composition roof. Each apartment is to have n living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and ualh. Several closets and other modern features are Id be included. Wendell M. Phillips Is architect. Smaller houses are to be built by Mr. and Mrs. W. A. AfTlick. who have pmc'rascd a lot at llic northwest corner of Tcnlh and Holly streets from Mrs. Rurlolph Morris. ai:-;l Mr. and Mrs. Charles Petm. who have purchased a 50 fool lot on the south side of the 1200 block of Hearn street. The Afflicts purchased the lot, which is 105 by 140 feet and which has beautiful large trees on it. and the house, which is to be razed and the material used by iirs. Atllick's father, C. P. Tucker. In the con- slrncliou .of farm dwellings. Mrs. Morris and her father. Otto Cutn- miiigs. have resided there for a number of years, A California colonial house is being .pjimncd. by" the Afflicks who -\vanl ."a'-rfijnbling with! • a Itjw'.roof .and ,\vopcl : shingles" Mrs, AfTHcki'.says in telling of then?: plans. The house, which is lo be'of clapboard and painted white, may have blue shutters but llils has not definitely been decided. The house is lo have a living room wilh fireplace, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen. two bed rooms and bath, aixl Ihe modern conveniences will ine-lude oil burning furnace heat. 'Unusual features will include a screened rear porch, whicli will open onto a lerrace. U. S. Branson is architect and work is expected to get underway during the early summer. The Penns' new house, which is also to 1)3 of clapboard and painted while, is to have hot water heat with concealc:! radiators. The five room house will have two bet! rooms but details have not yet been completed. U. S. Branson is architect and work is expected to start during Ihe summer. This lot adjoins Ihe tot on which Miss Monla Mrs, C. G. Hires Purchases Walnut Street Residence Mrs. C. G. Hires has 'purchase;! the residence at U27 West Walnut street frcm BJjar llerrlck. which Is now occupied by Mi 1 , and Mrs. D3vid Travis. Mis. Hires plans lo have th? house painlci white on the outside. both porches repaired, other minor improvements made and the interior redecorated after the Travises move on May 20. She will probably move early in June. IJw .piisterKj house has living room, Uiniiij room, kitchen and three bedroom? on 11 le nisi floor ani a larsc finished room on the second floor. Small Space Sufficient For A New Bathroom Space available for an additional bathioom in small houses is usually :ec'.listed in size. This is no obstacle, for even a space' 5 feel >qunrc can be utilized. In crder to ao'L'otnmo:lale the necessary fixtures in-so-limlled an are-a it Is necessary to use a shower stall .11 lieu of a tub. In many families, particularly where the exlnv tath Is for the children, this substitution ,;ill bo welcomed. Many improvements on shower j stalls have been made in recent U. S. to Gain Nobel Winner Two 11 a i) (! s o in c Homes Planned In soun City New \lis- Plans linve been completed for two modern residences to be erected al CarulluT.svillc. Sam Orgel, who liml here for many years, lias already had tlic work slnrtc:! for his five rocm residence- nnd i'b,d lianihtirt, ,3mUli-ll(i;lics iiistrt'3- lor in tlic clly high school there, plans to let his contract \villiln n s'hort time for u slightly sm.iller house. Ihe Orgclj iMisirc Is lo l>; of brick veneer, with a tenair on lire I'ront and .1 s:rcr:io<I In rear porch. There will also be a •'oiiifclnutlou glassed-in sun room nnd breakfast, room, living ronin, dining roam, two bedrooms airj lllwl kitrbfi) and bid) rooms. 'Ihe house will bi: healed wilh a hot air lurnatc unit. Wendell M. Phillips'!s architect. AsbE.stos skiing is to he used fur Ihe Barnhart house, which is to be I of colonial design, 'liie five rooms' will cove;- a floor space ol 28 byj 30 feet and will be heated by n 1 hct air furnace unit. Wendell M. j I'hillips is architect. I Activities 01' "Belter Homes" Week Reported ,'cars. They can be had ready to .nstall with either -glass doors or :,hower curtains. The Property •Improvement Credit Plan offers an ojrporlulnity for the jistsllation of an added bathroom. Funds are available at private lending institutions insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Old (Fashioned Front Porches Losing Favor Add vanishing Amcriranri—the front porch. Time was when this habitat of svbker rocker and string hammock was adjudged a necessary part of almost every American home. But that, was before the advent ,, « of the solarium, enclosed ycar-rounl | liOHSC UH sleeping porch and roof deck. All of the !!B iiomc ticmonstr^.- lion clubs in n'crtlVM'n Mississippi county reported special activities tor (he littler Hcmcs program at a meeting oi the county hero Saturday when mem, drive was also Mrs. O. 17. Hertford council the enroll concluded. E.kron, president of Ihe council, presided at the all (lay meeting held at the Woman's cliw. Plans were also trade for two feed meetings to :>e held Friday and fc'atm-day when Miss Giacc Conant of Little Hack, stale extension nutrition specialist, will speak. The all day meeting Friday will te at the Masonic hall at LeachviHc and the Saturday meeting will be at the Woman's club here. Individual cluts Jiavc been con- duct-ing membership campagns during Ihe spring 'montlis titici these reports slioivert tliat every club exceeded the goal ot a Icn per cent increase in mcmbcrshiji. Repaint, Redeccraie Declaring dial only in the Unit-' ?t\ Slates co'uld he find founcln- tipns ol life mcnsurinj; up lo liis peisonnl views. Thomas Maun, .•ibpvc, sell-exiled German Nobel prize winner (or library achievement, lold a Cleveland. O., audience ihi-i he would soon talte oul American citizenship papers In Ihe United Stales Mann will write Ihe concluding volume of his nest- selling "Joseph" novels, based on Ihe Hiblical narrative. Bridge Table Hideout Behind Built-On Case Whm kulldiiiK In l)3akc;iscs n comuarliniMil ciin be ph'-'ed at I ho fi.r Ibc sloniRO of u bridge table, it Hie bookcase is buUL «.s hish as the width of HIP Uble, false b:r, ks on ,l;o put in HID shelves, Icuvini; a shallow iilavc for storage PUI'IKKTO. Ui'lH In bookcases nrc »u eligible imiirovemont linancod by funds ob- taiuril from pilvuln llnunclal tnsti- tutiins ror-;:rr:itintj imitrr the proH- crly imgirovcinent cvcrtlt .uliin oi tin' llou'jln; Almlnistva- lion. Health, Sight Aidsd By Proper Surroundiugu ('(irri'cl lii;iillm: In Ihe hiinii' ]>>:'.<:, xn Importiinl I'.'iM iu iiiiiln- taintns; the lio.illh «1 the ianilly. In i>l;iiiiiiiu; u new linmn ov Iu mcdeiuliliif; mi old one the llnlitIni: system should lie t;lvcn chisc study and the r.ilcnlriH-iuleiicy ul l-:<inl \vlth light liikcn Into consideration. Inipoilance of clioiisliiij the best available fixture:; and wall wilnr; thai icudlly rellc'd light without glare k: cvhlenl. Palnlcrt, builders, ami clccl-rU'iami combine to give- their best ctlorls for satlsfnc- lory results In order (hot buildi of jill kinds may he inutlv more comfortatle uiul elticlenl i>laccs in hicli lo live an:! work. Dark, gloomy days may Ira Diil cd a way, and with proper llchl.- t; the surroundings ran assume cheerful, stimulating atmosphere. Loans lo lliwncc nciv light nys- Icms or lo redesign olil oncu Ire obtained, under Ihe I'arcporty Improvement Credit. 1'liin of the Federal Housing Administration at reasonable cost. Handrails On Stairs Prevent Injuries "COUT NEWS The Girl Seoul Council ivllll meet tonight In Ihe munic|i»l court rocm of (he city hall at 7:30 o'clock when Marcus Evrard will speak on "Juvenile Crime Problems". Storage Closet For Ciothes Convenient fere people realized that a, porch ccnld C2 something more than just a fair-,leather lookout, or a luxury. The Flarry Kirbys arc repainting their house, at 812 Chickasavvba avenue, while and similars green Few small home designs, for ur- after having had ' the first floor Hughes is erecting; frame collage and was owned by Ross Stevens. ban use. today incorporate a front porch. By eliminating this feature litttle is lost and much in cost as well as architectural symmetry may t; saved. The removal of front porches also is a popular modernization , . . , c. • it ' r ' P"f ? all: ' pfle " f t ' 1 .?., mcil " s of restoring the desirability ol a house that apparently was hopelessly outmoded. Such work can now be financed wilh funds cblained from private lending agencies Insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Sagging Doors Can Be Repaired Easily Euccn doors lhat drop away from the top of the frames and leave a nice family entrance for files and c liver Inserts can be reslorcrt lo their normal contours by fastening a wire diagonally across ths back and securing it wilh a small tiirn- tuckle in center. interior redccoral?d. HANDRAILS CM ETAIR.S-H In countless homes where stairs descent! between walk no handrail is used. This is a cause ol frequent accidents and should he corrected. Funds may be obtained to buiid handrails from lending institutions insure:! by the Administration. Pederal Housing Allies Space lint was assigned lo all*;-, in many old houses can be converted tc a usctul ma pose wnn careful phnning. Funds wilh which lo metallic allies nrc available under the Property improvement Credit Plan cl the federal Iloiisin» Adminislration. Partying Pachyderms' Prankish' 'Pass-Out' »<>!• . -^'/£>->' ', •* <jl' • * '*!&*& (* " *< This "dilnkliifi" net, i>nt on by pnrtylng pncnyclcrniB nt Ihe Et. I^juls 7.00, hob nrouscd the Indlgiia- llon of lira Mksaurl A;Hi-S(iloon . jjeugtie. Clcorgc Vk-rliellcr, cflrcclcr of (ho too, claims H'B all "in fun nnd llml the llneo biiby Indlnii clcpliants, Chrabellc, Marian, uml VI. don't tipple haul liquor »t nil, tut merely <|iwll sugared wnler and then nchlcvc Ilio npnciirnnco of pnwliig out, on the floor while Hie triilncr sings "Show Mo Ihe Way lo Go Home." lint P, A, Tnte, dlrcctot of the Anil-Saloon Li-ague, sees no humor In the acL nnd snys ho will bring the • flintier up before Ilio piohlbltion gioup'b next mocllng. F. W. Schqtz To Erect New Home At Helena U. S. Branson, load architect, Is drawing plan-'i for a new colonhl rcsUencc, to Ijc elected by P. W, {DChiiln of Helena, who formerly icEltled licrc. Nolhlng dciinllo hw; been decided uiwn, according lo Mr. Dvnnson. except that the house is to be nl frame construction, pninlcil while. will be tv.'o siorics and (ho colonial Irciid will be through- Ji:'v?nvrnlcnce of haviiift lo pni away oul cf season clothing trunks and cheats In done away v.'itii b; building a clothes The cloGEt may be mothproofe't if desired. The rinanciu; of siiSiT 1 . wcrk m'jy IK obtained from prlva't 1 ?-' lcn:linj a^eipics under Ihe I'll A. Prcpcrly liniiovcmcnl Credit Plan. Kuundatioiis . Cro:s-vent)lntlon should ' be provided lor (he space enclosed by foundation walls, whclhcv it K ex- Cornel closets arc Inexpensive lo build and extremely useful In rooms where added space is newled. They may be financed under thr Property Improvement Credit rlan of '(lie fllA. l.jvaliiry An under- Ihe-slalr closet space, providing- It has possible oublile ventilation, makes an Ideal location lor :i lavatory, i'nckngc Kccclver 'I'he woman who workn nnd also runs n house will find that n pank- ugc receiver on the Inside of the klk'licn doer will ha n ur.flnl mlill- tlon la a liouse. Tho receiver should iv.ivo mi ample opcnlni; lo hike cave of any reaaoiubly sired •delivery. Uusl No ccvro:lve melal piece ol liind- wuru shoul.l be u.scd oiitsltli! of a iloor yr window. If rust .'jets In not only will the gadget attc:tecl luivc to be'replaced bul'woodwork will also Ijc rott'jd. cavated or If no • provifilon i;; New Decurathm N ' Newest schemes ol inlcrlor dcco- ralion tealurc the bold use of color ;jnid u return lo Ibe r.lyles tlint held sway during Ihe early part ot tlic past century. Wallpapers especially designed to cpnlri'jiilo lo the new Ironic are colorful and quaintly ngured. .••): Moors Shabby. spUnlcred UOUIT, give an ipurtment or house nn untidy lopk. f'licy etui be modernised nl cotn- parntvely little cost, *ntl Is the hrst llcni of c. and unvlromminl is the llnul BOUKO of value Ip building im;i owning u nomc. ClioMe well when huylug your let. O made for air circulation within the enclosed space next to the ground, dampness accumulates, and excess 1 incisturc can seriously damage' structural members. ji±. <& Mrcna A HIA Does Nut Uml 'i'hc Federal Housing Administration lends no nicncy. It insurer loans made by private financial Institutions operating under provisions of (be National Housing Act.. Pi'elly . C n I n e r i n'c Sinister smacks one to prove lhal she drives a goK ball magnificent distances. Tlic 16 - year - old Long Beach. Calif,, high school 'studcnt'couplcs (his power with remark.ible accuracy on. the putting greens. She is 5 feet » inches tall, scales 162 pounds, •sr.d promises to carry Siore weight than I':;. 1 ! i» Hi" »ulJon;il junior championship touvna- n Chicoso in July.; Many New Homes Will Be Built This Year .., One of Them Can Be Yours We arc completing a number of new residences this sprin;; for people who obtained FHA lomu. Others arc btini; negotiated ant! will soon '>« under iv;i.v. One of the homes we will build this ycur can be YOURS, to be nail! tor with small monthly payments like rent. \Vc can help you obtain a loan lo build us «'c have helped others. Consult us now. THE ftRKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Bay Window window on the smime.U fide of the living room will increase the glass area an:l greatly aid brightening a dark •• robin, work may be linauced .wilh obtained under the Property 1m- Crcclit Plan of the Fed- ( cral Housing Administraliou. I ANT-ADS RIE Phono, call A I our oltlco, or ' illl oul Ilio Cou- ' pon At right and • nond it to uii today lot your ; FHEE copy oE "KNOW THK. 'TnUTl! ABOUT TERMITES." ., SEND FOR YOUR COPY TOD.4V This allracltve booklet giv^s many inleresUncj kcls about Iho licibils, mulliplicaUon, life and naluro o( TCRM1TES A copy is r yours (or the asking, bul don't delay, as our supply in limited ADDRESS : ...„ ;..:. .TOWN.. ...„.!" . - STATE _ EX.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. wjwue PHONE (OO APKA* Wo Do The Rest Nature Prescribes Plenty of Water and tiuttshine for Your Plants and flowers Of course only Mother Nature herself can provide the sunslune,~bul you can supply tl\c water whenever and wherever il is needed lo any part of your yard or garden (or growing plants and flowers, f Ins is only one of the many advantages enjoyed by users of "city water" through our modem facilities. i hose who are building new homes where mains are available or those who wish to change to au individual meter are. reminded of our offer to provide free service connections any time until July 1st. Courteous, Personal Attention lo Every Cuslomcr 1'hoiiG SO 113 So. Bioarlway Beniaid AJIeii, Manager ' We have a special representative trained in makiny FHA loans with us this week. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER ULYTHEVItLB ARKANSAS

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