The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 6, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 6, iOSG RIA'-l'IlEVlLLli!, (AHK.) COUlllEU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rjally rate per line to consecutive Insertions: One time pti nno i<x> Two times per line per day .. 03c Month rate per line 60c Minimum cnargB 6Co "'luce times per line |;si day . dCi Blx (lines per line per da; .. 05c Ans ofUercO. sojc inree or elx limes and slopped before expiration will be charged for the number of tlmrs ilic nil appeared and "<JUiUnenl o( l)fll marie. .ill CJa.winco Aomitslng * copy tubiuittcd by persons residing out- Elde ol me city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed Ir^ni ubova lable Advertising oraereci lor irregular Insertions take the one tlmo rate So i<3|iunMuimy will be taken tor more timn rmc incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Sale oll Used Coal Oil aTOVK, Phone 'K'l, Mrs. Charles Urr.lit. (ip kll) 50 Day seed corn. Golden Glow. $2.50 IH.T bushel. J. M. Crockett, Stcefc Auto Company, Inc., fa'tcelc, Mo, 2-p-d-10 4 cylinder Indian MOTORCyclc. T. P. Fox at 327. l-ck-5 1-OK SAI.i: 5 room house, bath. Large lot. Across fran liigh and grade tchools. Ciicapcst taxes In town. CoulU be made into apartment; 80S) Cliickasuwta. dh tf High Bred Pointer ,Ptipa. Right. age for hunting next season. Prices reasonable. C. P. Powell, Luxora. 30p k8 Ponlisic Demonslralor- Reduced Price LEE MOTOR SALES FOR SALE—Wcslinshouse Electric Range, sofa, Indlel and bed. Hat ioji office desk, will sell cheap Blylhuville Gin Co. Phone 214. 2C-c4>3 Good Used Trucks 1331—Hi Ton Ford 1335— '/. To;i forfl 1'ick-U]] ' 1931—l[i Ton Clicvrolcl.....,,: I931—l!4 'J'on InleriKillonal All liavc Oond Slake llmlics TKKMS Delia Implement Co Keai Estate For Sale or Itcnl !',•'• Acre ground & good house on k Franklin. J. W. Alley.- 2-]>k-3 Only a Few Tracts Left: especially anxious lor every one wiio wants a low-tax plot of ground ncnr Blytlicvillc to hsvc tin opiiorlnuity to get it \vliilc Ihe inicc ir> low. Come and see me, and let me show you. One -t-r.crc block, or 4 one-acre blocks, just outside ot town overlooking tlic new park. 10. 20, 40 or GO-acre tracts just outside of Blytlicvillc. One 25-acre tract on .highway near Blythevnic, terms. .' . -Vacant lots hi west end practically jjivon n\vtiy. • : K. M. TKUIIY J'liiniB GI7 or 316 ClassiftM^HQPPiMG .ness Directory Personal 3K1 »te.,'r^,.,r" m '- A ^..*•«• ., WTHRMUNICI..^™™,.,, FIVE Business Directory FREE GASOLINE 1,1)111) (iailims la lie (liven Away 1'KEE To Our Customers' Every iminhrr of our GiiKulIno Dividend :;iuu ran win from 1 s lo 25 Oallons-. \vhen you buy ftas al liLiili'y's ask for n membership card. i| t os(s iiolhliiff. HARRY BAILEY'S Al MUsouil Slate Line All's. J. J. Davis — spencer Corselife Call 421-w for appointments WANTED —ALI. KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 tou Aluminum, 10u Ib, Brass, 2o to 4'ic Ib. Copper Wire; 4c to Be Ib. Radiators,' 4'/jc ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF AUIAN i'UONt; 110 128 E. MAIN We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A feiv used desk fails for sale clicap Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN THANTI1AM THANtjl'liR CO. Movhif 50c room up. pianos *1 up. PHONE SC4 IttIV CLOTHES NOW! ?a>- out of your bonus. GEO. MllIH, Tailor 201 N. 2nd Always in llic Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Mcial, Hides & Bones BiyUieville Iron & Metal Co. .221 W. .Cherry Cull «B Keep Kcol With , Hunter Electric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co. gravel good till. VKTIillAN! Here i:; a chance lo invent your bonus money wisely. GOOD 53-ucre farm near St. Laws. CHEAP. TERMS. T. F. Elder, Care Bell Cafe, West Memp'nib, Ark. For Kale or Trade—My home lit 019 W. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. S. Slcrnbcra. Call 88i: Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays lop Prices For Efr£s & Poultry E. M.iln Shoe Repairing QUALITY RIIOK SHOP Men's Halt P"Ics Clc. 75c. $1 W"ii'x Riiliht'i- JFrcIs 2"ic. 35c, lido Men's Full Piles and Hrclr $2 Ixidlcs' and Children's Halt Soles snr. antl G5o Qi.'aiily ATatrrial.v 1 nrr:; anv cnl'.T. 1'rcc tlrlivrrv srr- virr. ;i H8KE Siiincs with linlf snlc. Agents Waiilcd ACII'.NTS WANTKH Sell H'lie l^iri^o Moinilaiu Mineral fir Irrli Wood immure, kidney. MaclrlT nnrl I'loinacli trnublrs. >'i:r;.br, tir:iimrnt — -One Dollar. 'Ilin On> Tone Co.. HunUsville. T^ost ace Cfife. Ai'D for reli't'ii of ladie's Watrh. white gold. ?et cs and diamonds. Pal- 6p k9 Wall Paper SALE 1936 PATTERNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. I'lionc 40 STOVES 51'ORED FOR SOM- MKB Local Hauling My Coal Is Blacfc But I treat You White JOHN DDCHANAN—HlOiN'E 507 Batteries BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clone :\t Tom Jackson's Service Station Earlier Shops HOLTS B>\KBE(t SHOP 101 South 2nd St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVE 15o Bath—Close R p.m.—Shine Salesmen Wanted TO SELL our line of hams, bacon lard, sausage on full lime, par timc.'or sideline basis on commis sion. Apply with references. Sa torius Packing Co., St. Louis, Mo By Ifir^c corporation, salesman to l:eariquartcr in nlytlieville. Op- iwrtt.'iiity (o make money. Give full particulars in first IclUr lo Box AB. Courier News. 3-pk-4 good Tliree direct salesmen n-itti piirriraiirr. Permanent busine Advancement for energetic me Apply 802 Dcnnon lilds^ Memphi •' Two .salesmen lor a new dcpirl incut. Owxl compensation. :-;, n Gee Sales Co. 2-ck- Wauled EXPRBIKNCED STKNOGHAPHKU and Bnnkkcepcr wants position noon reierences. Elesn&i Smi h 1315 \v. Main. Cai! J35-W. AUTO LOANS Cash Ad winced — C'otifhk'titiui I'AYMliNTS RKOUflKD o co-signers, jus;. Dfinu ciu 1 and Lralton card nloiv^. U. W. MULUNS rv Hide. I'hone -193 for Kent J loom furnished aparlmenl, GOO N. 5lh. Mrs. W. a, Ciwcler. 3 l-'UUNlSHEl) liooin. 1 !, modern. Sink In kitchen. OH llenni INCUAM nirartinent, Incinlre nt rnrkliiu-il Co, l!8-ck-l( Found Small mule long halrcil (!OK, tan with black imirkliiBS. Blniyi-d lieiv \Vedni\Mlsiy. J. I,. Flake, 31!) S. Division. 3-|>-k-lU Help Wauled room FUUNISI1IU3 aparlmcnt, Bnvaec. Mi3 W. Main. Phone KK. i room I-'URNISIIKD apartment. Sirs. r«i Circcn, Call M8-J. 2ektf 'I'KACHEUS - Miiny vncmicles llp ., listed; wiilo us your (innlillrii- ,-lions, eiiulilic Mump. Teneliers 1 KxclKin|;c, Kunsius CJIly, Knns. r OU UENT-3 room Fiinilshrd Apartment, Barase. L"4 Uongan. lull SD1-W, Mrs. \Veit, 2o k7 'iir. Aiiiirlnieiit In Sliiinc Duplex nt 1111 West Ash. Cull 197 or M-ck-U 571 At 1122 \v. Main, Ten Room HOUSR, to one parly, or will divide into , two apartments, call 312 or U05-J. J. H. smart. 30-ck-tf Male Help Wauled MAM. reliable, |o become an milo- uioblle and uccrldi-nt claim ;iul- ju.ster in your lerrilory. Insnr- anrc experience imneo'ss;iry. No selliiiij. Wrlle Associated Adjiwl- eis. liox 7(il), Milwaukee, \Vls. U<H.'OU I'UUiMIT Nolit-e is hnvb.v alvcn Unit the Co!nmis.',ioiH'r of Revenues, ol Iho .State of Aikam-as has iwiuul a lieiniit to Mrs. Carnle Kskrid-je lo .sell anil dispense vlntni:; or spliltvons liquors for Ijcvernsc at room jnodenrhousenTs^per rrl "!' °" ',"" |lr|lmi:;f ' s '•"""•i'''"' mown. I'hone 93fi 2-l-ck-ll :1:: m3 Noilh GU| ' Sl - "lyUn-'vllle. • • Ark. This Dcnnll Iraned on Ilic 1st d:iy of July. I!MG, iinil expires on Hie 1st duy of Jiiiniiiry, 1037. room Furnished Aparlmcnls. Cheap. E. M. Katon, 713 Chieka- sawba. 29-ck-lf 1 Iwdrooms or a two room furnished apartment.' Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 llcnrn. Six room unfurnished house. 903 E. Cherry, phone 283. 10-ck-tf Cool front BEDROOM Reasonable. I3ess JJall, Call 280. Ccktf 3 room rurnishcd np^rlment witli ball], Newly dccoralcd. Telephone .<£ water free. Mrs. Belle Wood, 120 Dougnii. Cull 78S-J. n-ck-tf Two Room KfTiciency Apnrtiucnl with bath. I'hone 3G7-R. UHi Ash. - 30c ktf TU,KY ooi* "~ ' /5AV, OOOLA-) NEVER MIND-JU5T WHERE ARE/COME ALONG — YATAKIN'/YOU'LL SEE, SOON J " ME? HI ENOUGH. _J Mrs. Carnic Kskr . -. CHfCO, Cal. (UP) — The city council granted a gratuitous license for the Unite County Spring Fair and Fiesta siuinsorcd by the Clifcn Chamber of Commerce. The license wa:; granted a month after the fair had been hold. Natives of Tristan da Ciinha, a tiny island of Ihe South Atlantic, have never owned loDth brushe.'i, bill, 84 par cent of them have perfect teeth. Actor Meighan Seriously 111 IN THK MUNICIPAL COURT TOR TllK OI'I'Y OP IU,Y'niKVlMJ':. CHICKASAWIIA TOWN81III' MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. Alt. O. E. mcwarl, I'luiimn vs. Auroii UosciUlml niul Joo Newpovt Uofcmlcnta. WAIIN1NQ Tin- defciidant.s, Aaro un<l Jm NPU'iwii, uve warned |o up. Pt'llI- Wlthlll lllhly <|uys 1,, DJU court mimed In tlie caption hereof and answer I'no complaint O f Ihe pliilnllll, O. K. 6le\vi\rt. aU'tl (Ills tlio Mtu day of Juno, 1930. MIANK WUITWOIITII Clerk or Ilic Municipal Court, Claude K Cooler, Ally Citizenship Denied Aliens Driving While Drunk lIAIiTK)lll), conn. <UI>)-lIerc- Hltcr clllzciulilp puperb cnunot lie pblnlncil hi'i-e ror iillem wlm jnn-o l:ecn convicted ,or drlvlnf while Inloxlc'iiicd. Judge Iftlwln a. Thoinns Ims ve- fnsal suvc'i'iil nppltcanls, stiitlns .lint live yours mini ellipse \, c . Iweeiii the end of tlu> scntente In iiieli n wiso iinil the tojisldcriillon of i> pellllon Tor ellliienslilp. Koi Hie MTiuiil linu' in a yoiu 1 , pneiiini'iiiii thcetileneil the life cf Tliiimns iMi'ijjlian. iilmvo, not. (I ncliir ,,f ihf s i| ( ,,,( sci-c^,,' ill in New York City, wlx-re "lie h;is iM'oii conviilcM:iti|< from u till Hill OpCI'dlioil. i:i.i:cTiii(; ,t ACKTVI.KNK WELDING AT BUST I'niOES IMiOMlT SUIIVICH Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'llONE 10 VANCOUVKIi. ]), c. (UP) -The Nullve sons of iimisii CulniiUiln have lannelied a jnovi'mnil for the compulsory niinmirliitln B of all ou wih'i'liig (hn Dominion. SWIM ALL DAY I IK- - liic •'Olt QUICK .SKUVICK ON WASlIKi) SAND Mill Poo! RADIO REPAIRING A Complete 1.1 tie ut k Tubrs KTIJ |>afU I HUVBARD T1HK ft BATTBHY (JO. PHONE 4i| Now I-ocultil at 101 Norlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKDS, Proprietor All niiktj 01 rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Macnlnw »iid Cal- culators—Repairing—p«rU—Rlbtioni and GRAVEL I'HONK 700 Sii|ivrior Coiil & Miniii)r Co. And wii Immllc nil l^adlni; Uriuiils (if IHfth (Jnulo Coal— Siinilll, (iri-iij llcail, lu-llllanl, Mnnlli-i-llo, cto, , ' Drs, Wert & Wert OrTOMKTKISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Btori "WE MAKK 'EH SES" PIiono 510 a^ggS: ONE STOP .SKIIVICK STATION OK VOUK CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUUH1CATION WYSK 1'IOHKY In chnrgo of Service Department. I,. U, JOHNSON in chiirgc of JJuiIy Deparlinunt. —IIATTHUV SEKVICE -ItAUIATOlt KRI'AIK —II(>I)V 1VOIIK -I'KNIIKIl VVOIIIC —(il.ASS 1N.STAI.MJU —AUTO 1'AUTS W. T. BARNETT AUTO Si I>odj, r e ,Ji I'lynioulti Dealer PilONB. 888 HEAR! HEAR! If yon have n hurial nssoelntion certificate of imy'hiiul on your loved one« when' they was ti\vuy, we will itceepL it (it full vnliic on tlio fmicral, provided you buy us nitieh its $50 or mure in nierchiiiidiso. COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONIC 2<> . A UK!'OUDKIl—KVKN Voit.OOl'! , BESIDES , 'LOSING FACE WITH ."KING WUR'9 SISTER. -ALLEV OOP FURTHER COMPLICATED MATTERS BY GUMMING UP THE KING'S 5UIT WITH OOOLA. LOOK POWMJ WHV, NOTHIN' THERE-WHAT PO/'CEPTIN 1 QL KlMfo WL!R VOU SEE? s-f TALV^IN' TO A BUNCH, OP HIS WELL, CAKI { HUH-I DON'T HAFT/ VOU GUESS GUESS-JUDGING WHAT HE'S/FROM-TH 1 LOOK TALKING (ON HIS FACE TH' ABOUT?) LAST TIME I SAW HIM, I'P SAY Ity Hamlin ^°f- I" tt V* HE'S FIVIM 1 T' 6E7 HIS MEN ALL DECORATED UP WITH KNOTS / "—-—~—-xON THEIR RIGS-IT-BUT V SKULLS' EVEN VOU CAN'T HOLD OPF AN ENTIRE ARMV.' HOOTS AND HER IWDDIKS /V (fft 0 i»'i OT m\ sriivictl inc. A MKTVER. 'O'rj-—^T /SURE) \ M. REC^U. s. fA^orr. j ~ ^~M:trliii WASH TUJiJiS WEX.\--X-V\_ VET WE -Y\ ,.\'Q193S BY »EA :E. INC. T. M. HEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. BElTtR LET ME GET OUT, FELLA,, AMP SEE IP THI? BRIDGE'S SAFE ZARAT PRE PARES TO 5EFOFF TOE EXPLOSION ;, MtKCKLKR AND HIS KKIKNDS £>DT,:WASH;IS ON HIS .TRAJL. T5v Crnni m.lHtBYH.E<SE«VICF.,ll«!. T. M. UK. U S FKT. OFF. LOOK AT THAT BOAT.. THAT'S WHAT I CALL F-UM.' TDKIK3HT IT'LL. PULL 1MTD ELMSFORT AW PICK UP MOPE CARGO AW' HE THK' VEP...THE STARS'LL BE OLTTAMD ivit t^iooKi WILL MAKE A PAW cu THE RIVER, AK1' THOSE PEOPLE OH THE -Top DEC(< TO THE GEWTLE LAPPWQ ', OF THE RIVER ! tMA2tNE G01MG DOMJ THE RIVER IM A BOAT ! TOM SAV/YER DID IT V/ITH HLCK RWWj AW V/HAT WAS GOOD EWOUGH PDR 1S GOOD EKJOUGH PDR ODULDM TV/EGO VAJ TH' RIVER? v^: COULD A BOAT V/m • 7HAT MONEY H.v Blnssei I SURE. 1 WE COULD UBE i : WHERE COULD V/E ET A BOAT FDR $35? THAT WXiLDKIT BLf/ US MUCH MORE THAW AH OAR ' SURE.' LIKE A SELF-STARTER A SET OF

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