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The Frederick Post from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, October 5, 1912
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to Ike iaimsts テつォf Freierkk eltj テつキテつサ* eoutr. TBS EVENING POST, ntEDERICK, KABY1AH1X SATCJtBAI, OCTOBER 5, !テつサ!テつサ. An iadepecdeot newspaper, pub- Bshed each evening, except Sunday, ax The Post Building. Court street, ftederick, Md., by THE POST PCBLISHLNG CO. ISAAC M. MOTTEK. President D SL GILBERT, JR.. Editor. V. EL BERGKAUS, JR.. Business Manager. Entered at the PostofEee at Frederick as second-class matter. Terms of Subscription,--One year, 13.00. One month, 25 cents. Served In the city of Frederick by carriers. Report of inattention or neglect of carriers ia the delivery of the paper will be appreciated. Chans* of Address. When notifying this office of a et-tcco in address subscribers are re- Qu-.-stv-d to give テつサテつキテつキ.-: I as the n^w. cal. culture enthusiast is determined that his daogliter shall be physically sound and well formed. The baby is noy capable of feats not usually \\ithin the capacity of a child cf her years. She- walked, before she one year old, she could swim ai eight months, and her other attainments are of the same unusual scrt. \Vhsi can lx done in the- way of :pGuld:cg a fine sptciciea of wosaan- hocKi through the medium of plastic exercises is shown in the woucler- .ui case of AKaette Kellerman, tkv ilrcsner and dixer, considered by j sculptors the most beautiful!} Advertisement. Roosevelt and the Workiipan We siaMd fur テつォse passase ei lerisi*!ku iu the uatittn and In nil J*tei*s, JB* STANDARDS *f COMFEXBATIOX f.-, r IXUSTKIAJI ACCIDENTS ant! DEATH, cat! for DISEASES fiearir due to the XATL'ltE of CO-MUTIONS of IM1 S-ITY, and w? staad for the adoption by law of a fair standard of roispeasjiUou ftテつサr CASUALTIES fatally which kai! elrarlj- tii. tbf minimum rosntK-iiMtiicti JM mil casts. iVc stand fテつォr a LIVING WAGE. W'a?t* ere subnormal if they fail to pnnide a LIVJ.VC." for those who deiote their TIME and ESERGf t* Industrial oceEuaiions. Th? monetary rtjuiraH-itt of a tiling wagr*- *anV stTurd- JES- to Iocs: romiitioa-, bat mast iar Jade テつォruongrii to *ware the eSeinent* テつサi . r a SテつォR?? \L S'lAMJAlili of LIVIテつォ-- a s-tsa-Jard bieh cuousrh tテつサ make MOU:n- "- " it: vorasii in tht- world. Miss Ke"- lerman as a child was sickly and had a crooke! spine. Exere:sテつォテつサ, mostly ivテつサ The Evening Post is on sale at the following p'.aees: New City Koiel. P. K. Schmidt's Tobacco Store-. Arlington Hotel- Clark Devi'.biss" Grocery Store. At Braddock Heights. Koiel Braddock. Zimmerman Bros. Grocery Store. Telephone -- Frederic!; 879, "テつサテつォnins iu the w:t:テつサ-rs of *=er u:;t-j Australia, haie snad- h,r ou- of!"*" テつォテつォ KLtTl'EKATE ,.テつキ most beautiful won:" n now livii'S- AniTlcan wosnen are tak:i:? sisore ever did b fore-. They :ire discard- ::テつサfj cosmetics as uan.-otテつサssary and ruinous vthen exorcise will make the- Of course, you =テつォ~テつォ- sonv dr'.is; stor* 1 complexions テつキ"テつキ'- ' :-yv.-|.--ri', but snostly iu cities a:: 1 ! :hoテつ」* one do*s see usually adorn !::テつキテつキ r-bet-ks of certain well defined class-.s テつキf women. wiテつサosテつォ.- lives ar^ too Jtivir- Af.ITY テつォテつサ0-?!テつサ!K to pr-md.- for HIHTATIO* and Rテつ」fRテつ」ATIO\, to rare for JW テつ」\IBEKS テつォf tnテつォ- fatally, to maintain the faatiti duns? Pテつ」K- 1テつォDS 01 Slt"KESS and to permit テつキ! reasonable S \Vi"( for OLD AGE. HOE'RS are EXCESSIVE If Ifcpy fall to afford the テつォorker uuieieut AND KETTKX TO HIS WORK THOKOi'VHLY JtE- the old .address as i sk'.n clear and saisny. TilE 31 K. 31I'\SKY. INTERESTING LITTLE STORIES OF NEW YORK Important Activities ef the Week in the Metropolis Boiled Down for Hasty Reading New York, Oct. 5.--\Vhea tisat old j as an argameat for a do .i si-revision saying about everything be:i.g fair ia j of the tariff, love or war originated pre;-s tgc-rts! To answer ibis implied argument were an unknown quantity. H^d j the Woman's Dejtartaient cf the Xa- SAFETY CONDITIONS are alnerusa! when -- tlic- workers are safcjc-rt- to I "AXECESSAKY HAZARDS OF LIFE A.\D LIMB. -- THEOHOBE ROOSEVELT. OF FKEDEKICK COUMY! If yoa hare at heart ihe W E L F \ K r =ni! I 1'MKI テつォテつサf LA BO!: and the PKOSl'EKIlI' aud PKOTEf- TIOS テつサf fJu- HOME asid FAMILV, VOTE for THEOBOKE KOOSEVELT AM) H I K A M "/. JOJINSOX. ^ If you l*iitie (hv LAlUK'ltEK IS WOKTHV OS-' HIS H I K E and i- entitled to a F A I K SHAKE OF I'ilE FRl'lTS OF IOS TOIL. VOTE FOR THEO1HJRE KテつォOSi:VE!.T A X B H I R A M W. JOHNSOX. wriii テつォf Fruar. Trees. E. H. MrBKIDE.) tjiey been known thc-si :he sa;-;: ! g v/ou:d surely have Included ' and tlie- atnca! adt'ertisine." Oscar Haairaer- siein has the repat-itioa of holding rusher liberal -. ie\vs 'upon the subject jof the fairness cf theatrical adveriis- g, but he has テつォテつキテつキテつキ ic-eatly co:ne to thu conclusion that the line mast be drawn somewhere. Ke had no objections to the various yarns v. hich the press rigeat of Miss j iery m t; ie '.Voniaa's Department, and FeS'ce Lyne, .he new priwa dosnajst is promised that there vviil be more discovered by him, saw fit to circulate i colors, snore varieties and sizes and s テつォrniテつサ, Iテつサy authw Watch Our liaxi Article in ifie Wadnesday Post cieni arテつォ- to of political! Hires of s btr evpec'ed in the campaigns, especially one as exciting Address all communications o The as tn ; s o r the year of our Lord IS12. Evening Post. Frederick. Md. j We ? _ rc no . surpr!se{ i {o hear orators on thf stump claim for their candi- AUT EXOl'PH テつサIKLS TO CO I{OrXD;dp.tes "all the virtues in the Bible and OBTLINE OF FAMOUS ROSENTflAL GASE WHICH WILL BEGIN MONDAY most of those iu Shakespeare" as Mr. ^ A chronological outline of the fam- ed o? having done the actual shoot- ous Rosenthal murder case, in which j in S of Rcsentbal and their capture anoih-r important chapter will be tional Republican Committee has decided to form a silk-stock-ng club, all its members to wear siik hosiery- This is intended to show as a Republican arg^meist that nowhere else in tLe world would it be possible for women in moderate circumstances to do this. The clab wiH be started ia a few days with an exhibition of silk hcs- !o arouse public interest in the singer, so long as they were kept \vi:!-i:' rc-asonahie bounds, but when jouag priraa douua entertained reporters upoa her arr:\al ia The activities of one of Frederick's | leading industries, the Union Manufacturing Company, is crippled for K!pHnS Sa " S ' Reall "' Ulel " e T moraing when | completed the round-up of all of those believed to have been indirectly concerned in the crime. oasfnt to be some limits. I:s the newspapers controlled by Mr. lack of girls to operate its machines. In another column an advertisement for help of all kinds for the factory is printed and some description is gireii of the conditions of work at the plant and the wages paid, .which are dependent upon the intelligence and industry of the worker. The company has already been forced to open a mill In Thurmont and "will shortly-open another "plant in Emmitsburg. simply because the necessity for help is so urgent and the supply in Frederick so limited that it has been found that the work mast be taken to the places where the help can be obtainexL TThy this difficulty of obtaining girls to work at a safe, eminently respect- abie occupation, under excellent sanitary conditions and at good wages should exist is more than can be ans wered oテつ」 hand. Officials of the knitting mill have been studying the prob- jMiiitsey a list of the offices held by Colonel Roosevelt is given, beginning with membership in the Xew York Legislature and ending with President of the United States. Of the manner in which he discharged the duties of these various offices is this solemn comment: テつキ'And in every job at least as big as the- biggest man that ever held that job." Lieutenant Charles A. Becker is placed on trial an Xew York for allege;! complicity in the murder, is as follows: July 16--Herman Rosenthul, a notorious gambler, who had threatened to expose an alleged connection be- Lietu. Becker and New York's gambling and vice syndicate, was shot do-a-n in the glare of the lights of the Hotel Metropole, within a few hours of the time he was scheduled to tell his story before the grand jury. Jaly 16--"\Viihin a few hours of the crime the car in which the murderers are alleged to have escaped, with William Shapiro, the driver, were arrested. July IS---Bald Jack'' Rose, well- known gambler and former partner of Rosenthal, surrendered to the district attorney, to whom he is said to have coafes'sed to having acted as Becker's collector, also giving tho details of the alleged murder conspiracy and the names of those concerned. July テつア1--On the strength of the statement made by Rose. "Bridgey" Webber, alleged gambling house proprietor, and Siuii Paul, notorious gang leader, were arrested and charged with complicity in the murder. Both are said to have admitted having an intimate acquaintance with Becker. July 23--Harry Vallon. a gangster suspected of having been one of the {occupants of the murder car, surren- B-uer renting conditions would j Frank H. Hitchcock. Postmaster- j dered to the police. brins more people to Frederick and' General of the United States. 45 years j July :6-Frank Cirofici. another ~" *--"-**- i suspect, taken into custody. ! July 2fi--Mrs. Rosenthal, ' As big as Jefferson, Adams. Washington and Lincoln, that is to say! Is Mr. ilunsey attempting to make Coionel Roosevelt ridiculous, or has h* simply mislaid his sense of humor. K is 68th Birthday Th? Marテつォ;uis of Ormonde. Marqnss of Ormonde, one of j the bf'St* known of the Irish psers, T.-as bcm in Kilkenny Castle. October 5. IS-f-t, Ti-.f Irish estate of the Marquis of Ormonde embraces nearly 25.OOO lem for some time and they are assncres. Kilkenny Castle, his principal far away from a solution as ever. It is, however, probable that one underlying difficulty is the trouble in place of residence, is famous for its picture gallery. Congratulations Jo: T. P. O'Connor, nc-ted Irish leader obtaining good modern houses in and brilliant journalist, 64 years old pleasant locations at reasonable rent. | today. This Date In History 1535 OCTOBER 5. -First English Bible printed. 1744--British warship Victory was wrecked, off Alderney. with loss of 1160 lives. 1S63--Gen. Bragg began the bombardment of Chattanooga. (he Guest of Bryaa. Lincoln, Xeb, Oct. 5--William J. Bryan welcomed Governor \Voodrc-w Wilson upon the latter's arrival in Lincoln today to deliver an address. The Democratic presidential candidate will remain over tomorrow as the gテつォest of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan at Fairviev/. "would increase the supply of factories. This may cr may not be the . Sold today. help tor ! of Catch -Seven Fine Bass. Messrs. Wiliiam Kreh and Brother Lease caught 7 fine bass while fishing in the Monocacy at the Junction yesterday. The largest weighed 4 pounds. the" the this country with a sensational story as to show Mr. Haaimerstein had "grossly insulted" her ami how she had slapped him, he considered this a step beyond the bounds of advertising ethics and promptly filed a libel sait for $100,000 agaiast Hiss Felice Lyne. Xo matter what the outcome of the libei suit may be, the end sought by the singer--extensive advertising-has already been accomplished. His friends are Quietly speculating what Hammerstein is going to do with the テつァ100,000--when he gets them. "~ * * * The Pulitzer School of Journalism at Columbia University has been formally opened and the attendance is already larger that v.'as antlcipated- The students come from all parts of the United States and many of them have had from one to four years practical experience on various newspap- \ ers. There is no record that tee students have selected the color for their school banner or their college yell. It is sincerely hoped by the friends of the institution that the color to be selected Trill not be yellow. " テつサ * * The present political campaign is not without Its interesting and even sensational features and, moreover, these features are by no means always supplied by tie candidates on the national ticket. The Democratic campaign managers "while a long toward sensationalism by establishing a Chamber of Horrors exhibition with a view of giving an object lesson in political economy. In the "Chamber of Women-* they exhibited dressed dummies wife every piece of their wearing apparel labeled to show the tariff upon the goons and their cost. greater variety of prices than any one woman has ever seen before. All women who wish to join the Republican Silk Stocking Ciub and wear sheer silk hosiery as a mark of good Republicanism, can do so by sending their navies to the Woman's Department of the National Republican Com- reiuej in this city. As the silk-stocking argument would fall fiat unless freely brought to the attention of the public, it Is predicted that short dresses will become extremely popular among: the members of the Silk Stocking Club and liberal displays of silk hosiery a matter of everyday occurrence. No protest has been, heard so far from the male elements of any of the par- More than _eight hundred boys ai- reudiag Public School No. 19, in Fourteenth street, near First avenue, went on a strike the other day, when they learned that their beloved principal, James- 3. T. Demarest, was to be transferred to a school in Harlem. Mr. Demarest was extremely popular with the boys in his school, because be took a great personal interest in interscholastic athletics and encouraged athletic sports among the boys of bis school to such good pnrpose that school Xo. 19 could boast of some of the strongest athletic teams among the schools of the city. Louis Geitaer, the captain ci the bssfcetball team, who has evidently been a careful reader of labor netrs, organized the strife and by a clever ruse even indcce'd the boys of another school in the neighborhood to go on a sympathetic strike. Only by the most determined efforts of Mr. Demarest, "whose transfer means for him a promotion, could tie boys be induced to return to school and to call the strike oft. テつサ * テつォ John McKecn, ot this city, and his only sister had a reunion the other Business Directory of Frederick BAEEK*. G. L. Baking Co Carroll Street Phone 215. ^Fattier- Clark fioes Abroad. j- t! . e murdered rambler. lestined before Xew York. Oct. 5-Dr Francis E j t t c graad jury . Ua , B ^ ker collectcd ' - in Norway. oenainec! and stテつォテつサns be taken to bring テつキ i_and and later will at;テつサ~-nd ("r.rist'r.n about belter conditions. The s^.*- of Endeavor meetings to bo iwd n^s- thf- ar.r.'jsi payroll o? the Union Msi- uf.-cturirg Company, which one of the off-f-ials gj;-s co-i^d iust as weli bf | i $1^S.'""""'. is laree encash to Tn^Tv^ i* i -- i "~ "'" " i btisli^-ss Tren of Fr^-v'-i. k A-.y-h"::c ' thM affects .the --fTci.-7.ry ?.nd rro?-' perity of tbe knitting m:K or ::~~ r v .-l er local industry affects th* v-i-p"city. o i 1--Frank Mul'.-r. alias! テつキ Kt-iJ ;Yc:テつォ t!.-e city imn;--u:alf'.y j j a i i - T the martler, srrest'.-d IE ttu!; Senator I^sdcf- Presides. JSJHM. j Hor-tor. l?ass., Oct. S--Senator H"n- テつキ August 5--D-sclosures concerning i Cabot IXJGS;'' occupied She chair-テつォ'-"?テつキ i Iv;-os".".s of tf:o' of ciri-! ^テつキ;-,.-テつサrod th-" 1 k^vrir.t-- = pcocf. a t ! - r 5 l-"i in banks ;r. Xov, York C:? j Republican State corven::c-n !-Jid テつキSsovrhers b/ !.;テつキ;;. Uetk.r .:nd! m-^i iouay ITS Trcraoni T-^r.-pio i テつォ:s w:fe. テつキ CAB LTJIE. WB. L. Sinirocs. North Market Street Phone 8SP. CtEA5CF6 A5D FRESSI5O. Edwsrd 3. Djvr. Market Space. Pcone 155K. FLQEISTS. Berte テつォre, North Market Street Fhons 224. LEATHER ASD SHOE FLSDGfCS. Henry JU Hafca. 89 fiMt Patrick SL Phone ISO PLUMBI5G A3TD STEAM FITTOG. E. S. Meblej Jfc Bro. 100 West Patrick St:eet. Phone 12テつサ- 5. J. Wilson Jfc Sea. 2S East Patrick: Street. Phone 201- Chr.r^-s ilprrean Son, s W. South Street. Phone 26. Thossas F. Allen. 201 West Patrick St. Pbone 9SSL EICAYATCiG AM C10SST CLEA5- YSG. Yf. H. Sbofl. 406 M. Bentz St Pbone 429R. PAXSTOfG. Hearr B. Lanpe. 7 テつ」t8t Fifth Street Phone !45K WHOLESALE CXOCEES. to, C. WlaテつォhrcBer * SM. Frederick, Md. Brunswick, il Phones 150 and 252. Pbone 30 SLATE KOOFEVR. John 3f. HartfnaE. SOS East Third Street, Frederick.. Md. FLOUE. FEED, HAT, Etc. diaries F. Knock. FARMERS'A テつキ! lies' NATMfCAL MHK SWnUt AID MOHIS CHAR1JES B. TEAIL, ....... ...Praddcfit JAMES H. HARRIS^...VieePraDテつォleM C. ALBERT GILSON.._ ...... Ca*bieテつサ Ypar hafiktec tMMliun a earaeul; to- tuaied sad we nrテつォe yoc 9mA prompt service. For Rent.--Offices on Court street fcnnerly occupied by the laie Chas. P. Levy. Apply to Arthur Petts. 2S For Sale.--Dayton Wagoa acd fear- ness, with collar and strap; first clasa condition; cheap. Apply at The Buffalo, or 247 West Fifth street. NOTICE TO fKEDITOKS. No. 4S10 Insolvents. In ihe Circuit Court for Frederick Coauty. In the* matter ef the lusolvc-nt Petition of Edgar Hammond, of Lifcerjy- town, Md., et. al., vs. Harvev A. Long. Xctic-e is hereby given to the creditors of Harvey A. Long, of Frederick Tcunty, State of Maryland, that the said Karvey A. Long, upon the petition in the above cause, has by the Circuit Court for Frederick County, hcea adjudicated insolvent, and that proceedings relating to his estate are now pending, and that the creditors of the said Harvey A. Long are re- qnired to appear at a meeting of his creditors to be held at the Court House, in Frederick City, ileL, on Saturday, the 12th day of October, A. D. 1912, at U o'clock a. m., at which tin:e aad placs the creditors will prove their claims and elect a permanent trustee for the estate of said insolvent REXO S. HAHP, EDWARD J. SMITH, Preliminary Trusiees. Frederick, Md., October o. A. D. 1S12. day at Schenectadv. for the Srst time in fifty-two years. John was seven years and and his sister thirteen, テつキwhen she ran away from home because her mother had spanked her. The girl found work as a servant in a household where she remained until she married. She r.ev=jr mada テつキan attempt to ccjamcEieate with her parents and her brother and her paiv euis eie-5 sosse years ago in the belief that she "was dead. A short time ago she ran across the trail of her brother nd after an exchange of letters a meeting was arranged at Schenectady. ilcKeon immediately recognized his sister owing to her strong resemblance to their deceased mother. テつサ * * Among the guests at the "Waldorf- Astoria last week ^vas a man, apparently in opulent circanstances, "fc-fco, not so many years ago, had been one of the bellboys in that great hostelry. Early reminiscences die hard, as the saying is. While enjoying his after- dinner siesta in the smoking rooso, the former bellhop^ "would jump up テつキwhenever he heard the call bell and it was this automatic response to a well known signal which finally induced the man to tell the story of his life. He admitted that he had been once a bellhop in the Waldorf-Astoria, but テつキwas now rich enough to stop at that hotel aad to give Si tips to tie present day bellhops. Be said that he had made a fortaae is proasotins mining schemes in Canada. テつサ * テつサ There is a shipyard in Raritaa Bay, os the Jersey coast, siear Sandy Hook, is owned and conducted by a LC3EER A'D MILL WORK. テつ・T. B. BTrers T.テつォB%er テつキ* 'Si liist Patrick Street Fccne 23. f- IS presidential cl a i-latforin for tho A -FFHFErT W03テつォ.V'.- i (sf o'.dJi" rri'KnV'.j Via. iv... G'-l. -"--l he* -Tnbi-; '(テつキ State S.sbbatii Sciioos ccn\- n;'.r:^.: s ushered j テつキ.Ills afternoon v:t : ? a T,-r--i:テつォ ! Ausust -" B!hr-;f-T ir.uテつォ ir Aacust '2---Sflm Schテつサpi.-?, who ss al-! leged by Jack Rose- to hai^ bc^r, thf i 1 man who hired s-inssK-rs for Becker! Brewa, ~'. Secoad ana Bentz Sts- Phoae 1S4. BLACK- Tlrts. IT Scnth Beate Street. Frederic.*. Md The physical tiir-ecior of z TVf-5terj university is r-'J!r"'"S hi? little dr.agb-S "fork in Penasy:\ar.ia. ter. who is about tv.-o y.irs through a course- of rr;ihテつォr s ..fondy there wsi' be a testimonial to OTIS exercises with the intcnt'.or. o'; John w aaa r ia ker, for msny y t .rs producing a perfect woman. Of 'cv.ainnari of the board cf directors cf L. Kテつサ{benfcテつォe*or, and paid thorn off -f;テつォr the murder: i hended in HOT Sj-r^jrs. Ark., ar.d re- | iiir.ica to . evi ork. folio-- Springs Sta., Frederick embテつォjr 3 -Bc-f k~-r"s tnai fr-;(i to テつキ ^r-ihor ^TMA sifiss-^^ Wntt! Vta bt-forc Kecoriler Goff on Set- t^mbcr 1-. i~ course, when it com^s to prrfer*'. th.~ Per.r.sylvania Sabb.sth School As- l- v , women Jfeey are a gocd deal liko poei? ; scoirtion. --being born and not made lo orfior テつキya'tems of exercises. -\JBut the foundation of all beauty ii テつキad form I* health. Tfcfo phrsi-jof Xotnagle Bros. A:r. L. Xatnagle and Mr. B. Larkias jnst finished painting the store F.eckcr September li. -- The },oテつ」tpcn.-.u b j.grtoai unsi! Ovtcbcr IT. September 14-- Harry Horowitz, al- ia.- "Gyp the Bkiod," and Louis Rosenberg. alias "Lefty Louis," found in a flat in BrooKijn and arrested for the murder. These two were saspect- 'Phone 850 -- * rings. T T IV. JTv Sale. Central Private l;n;n? ROOD. 4 North Market Street PSテつサcテつォテつォ 109W L. E. Staakle, Prop. 8. Market St. Frederick, Md COXTliACTOR ASD BOLDER. Boy TT. Poole. Pious Sli-4. Frederick, Md. TAFLORIXC. , Baclel S36-8 North Market St. Pbone 46F HAO-IXG. Jobn T. Best. Near Frederick, Md. Phone Pbone 31. I. A. 4テつォaiisen. "240 W. Patrick St. Clmrles Klipp. Near Frederick, ?.I(i. Phoae 295K. ITHE, EAR, 50SE AXD THBOAT. テつキDr. Janes A. !テつキテつキテつァ. 108 N Market Street Pkone 71 South llarfeet St. Phone 37K EXCHASCE. FredテつォテつォicS Cテつォ?テつォ:ty Fanners' Carroll Street. Fiioce テつ」14. PA1XTIXG AT PAPER $acrea Ik Welly. 5ld Ess. Church Sirset. DE5TIST. Dr. T. S. Esテつォer. SS X. Market St. Poae 71K LivexiaAJT. BテつォH ItolL ATle: Phone 207. Gテつォr%er 4k Greem. acd *? Market Street Phone XO ODERTAEESS. T-ronian, Mrs. Edith DeWitt Treelaad. TVhen her husband, the o-STier of the shipyard, died about a year ago and left tie property to her. she decided to continue the business. She worked an-5 studied hard to learn aU the details cf the b-ssiress. bat the shipo-waers had a prejudice against -woman's work in tae ship- Imilding and repairing 1-ne. By her perseverance, however, she finally convinced a few cf tiem of her ability to turn oct good work and now her business is flourishing. 10-12 South Market Street. Store Pテつサonテつォ, 155. Correct Ttete Flashed to Sea. Since the "wireless method of sending messages has bテつォec perfected it la possible to flash the correct tine each day to vessels far cat at sea. Tim talleat wireless station ta the wwM to the Eiffel --^rer in the dty of Paris, テつォj from this and a Dumber of other tan stations throughout the globe thテつサ tixae Is seat at noon, midnight and at eight IB the morning and evening. Thas the officers of vessels in a great part of the earth's great waterways do not have to depend for their reckoa- on the テつォorrecMテつォss ot their chrs- ten. TMs is m sMp forsnod. Mi of ONI mmmr nsテつォ* fossMe hy Aft vlrtiess. "We to not to lEWSPAPER SFAPERl

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