The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 26, 1934
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Served by the United /'rm TM DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOR-HOtA HT *»«•»*«.« .*„ .^.r^-.c *<,„„„, ^ "*~* * * ^^ HT ARKANSAS AND 8OUTRXABT MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 34 ;- ille Dally News MythevUJe Courier -sslppl Valley Leader Ulythevllle Herald B1.YTHEVIL1.K, ARKANSAS. THURSDAY, APRIL 20, I9»l SINGLE COPIES FIVE' CENTS GUNNERS ROB BANK OF DUMAS PROBt DtftTH OF UNIT Russell Phillips Is ' New Rotary Club Head! finssc'li I'.-illips was elected pres- i'.lenl of tli^ Itoinry club in tic an- !nua) election at the Hotel Noble today. IS. A. Lynch is the rcllrtivj president. Otter clflcers immjd are A. B. p.iirileid, vice-president: U. S. Branson, re-elected .secretary for Observations bt €. ft. 9.: Mangled Body o{ Local Man Found on Frisco Right of Way Today Railroad officials indicated today that their private investigators would probe the deiuli of Carley Kelley, 28, 111 W. Uose. whose mangled body was found on the Frisco right of way, about a mile south of Ulylhcville, early Oils morning. A Memphis-Si. Louis passenger Irain, which passes through here at 1 o'clock in tlio morning, apparently struck Kelley, hut no admission that the occurrence actually caused Kelley's deatli has been made. E. F. Dlomeyer, local agent, implied instead that the lailrojd was nol altogether satisfied with whal few details of Ihe affair were available today rind that it would ue the subject of further invesii- tRtion. Was at Lutes Store Kelley was known to have visit- reclors. will assume llieir new positions July 1. The Blylhcvllle Relief Committee script plan Is working. The only trouble wllli H Is lhat it Is nol working fast enough. If Blylheville Is to take full advantage cf the $14.• ,1 i u., ur ^. r. " 1000 p?r month work relief payroll 'c'w' AmVc^arfei P Penn' S <n' «™ * «™.tabte. and is l5V u w. c..ari(..s h. icnn. <li vj(]( , for , h( , ncw)s of Us aesMllle unemployables, relief fund res'enue musl be stepped uj>. Up to last nighl 15,400 worth of script had been sold. The proceeds, of course, represent profil neither to the rrilel fund nor lo anyone else. They are held In trust for redemption of t'r.e script. Sale of stamps, proceeds of which go lo the relief fund, amounted to $370, and U is going to take more than lhat amount per week to meet the House 'Conferees Accept Major Senate Changes in Revenue Measure WASHINGTON. Apr. 20 (UP) — llcuse leaders charged today ihnt acceptance by conferees of senate tevcnue -ii!Crc>ases In the tax re- vis.itn hill was due in part to the fuel now federal income was needed for veterans antl federal em- ployes inci eases voted over the president's veto. The bill as agreed on in conference last iii'»lu carries approxi- situation. oOo Perhaps, however, this first week did not afford a fair lest of what the plan can produce. For one thing, the end of the month Is near. Bills, for tte most pavt, have been paid, a lot of folks are wailing for payday before doing much spend- in?. and Ihe circulation of money, and therefore of script, has been below normal. The first of the montli comes next week and with ils arrival there will be ollered an opportunity put tlie script program into high ccl at Lutes store, about five, mites i uiatcly S157.000.0QO more than Hie gear. Let everyone -who has ac- sonth of Blythevillc. yesterday of- original inx measure passed by ternoon. He • was walking along j the house. Highway 61 when picked up by a motorist, and carried to the store. Members of Kelley's family said he was in Ihe habil of visiting Mentis at the store frequently. His presence on the railroad right of way in the early morning they Chairman Doujhton and Representative Hill of the ways were unable to explain, although' n ™ revenues, it wns believed likely that he may have Iwen walking homeward along the tracks. It was pointed out that such a course wns a shorter and that pioxlmafjly S100.000.COO were due to Ihe veterans and pay action. The lav bill as passed by the provided for $258,000,000 in cumulated a supply of script use it next Tuesday to pay bills that fall due that day. Let those who means committee estimated |i m ve none on hand lay m a sup"•'•"' : ' Avenues of ap-1 ply f0r the same purpose. Let all who receive it in payment of bUls one from the rural section where he had-becn visiting to his home than by '•**- "-•-' - " '•-- IV'iM Vole on Flat Increase The conference agreement was complete except - for th? senate amendment adding 10 per cent to all Individual tax returns next year. This! will be-taken back to the high^av, and" also house for a separate vote: The also -will -set,- first oh tfie conference rcjjort. The house schedule of surtaxes, ranging from four ;to 19 per cent on net incomes between $4,000 and $32,000, was accepted in lieu tit Ihc. senate rales of five lo 21 |:er cent. Tlie 10 per cent credit allowed taxpayers for earned income was changed (o apply it on net incomes up to 514,000 instead of $20,000 that -hta~-enancVs "of securing—a ride at .night time would have been slight. No explanation other (him that he might have fallen asleep could be given for the train striking him. Kelley's body .was hot discovered until several hours after the northbound passenger train had paired. The engineer, relieved at Chaffce, Mo., had retired before he called to nsk local railroad employes to walk down the track and .see If they could find anything. He said he believed he struck a do? or chicken or some object on the track nnci It had been on his mind the remainder of the trip, although he failed to report the incident when tlie train stopped here. Body Found Later A railroad employe wafted south on the track to where the engineer . fflid lie believed the train lilt an Hie senate, object but failed to find anything.! The senate's It developed later that Kellcy's which usually provided by the senate and 80,000 by the house. Estate Taves The senate estate taxes, ranging from one to GO p=r cent on net estate valuer, from $20,000 to $10.000,000. compared with on? to 4f> per SIO.OOO to cent over values 510,000.000, from POLICE SEEK mm OF LITTLE fill)L Jin! Possibility Dillingcr Gangsters May Have Been Involved J. G. Hornberger Dies at Home in Jonesboro Funeral services will be held at Manila Friday afH'incon, -i o'clock. J. O. Honibcri;er, formerly of anlla, wlro died nt his home In uiesboro lasl nlg'.u. The decease;!, who was widely i in Mississippi cumty. was a tired fanner and owner of a stive ill at Manila, He Is survived by hLs vvl'e, a iiighter. Miss Ell/abcth. mid a son, oe. both of whom intended school •re. TUCSON. Ariz.. Awil 23. (UP>A second nole reducing the demanded ransom for June Robl?s C .10.000 from JI5.000 was delivered oday to Bemabe Roblcs, wealthv grandfather of the kldnaord child It vox indicated thai the family was prepared t« pay the ransom. The rote read: "Mr. Rcbles: Child safe. WIHine to reduce ransom lo SIO.OOO If you act quickly. Child will be returns! safely ns per the instructions. You must obey the Instructions." It was signed with the letter "Z.~ Z," TUCSON Arl/.. Aoril 2G. (UP>— Tucson notice, wl« last canturc John Dilllnscr and his bind of des- neradoe.s. toclav rircssod a wide snread s"arch for t*n abductor whr kldnaofd June Roblcs, a, daughter of a wealthy otomeT Arizona family. and demanded 115.000 rins'"Ti She was the second child vie llm of kidnapers slnr» Charles 'A LJndberrti jr. was stolen from hi crlh In hU parents home at Hnn° ' posed by ihe house, were accepted, but the exemption on gross estates was Isft al S50.000 as in existing instead of $40,000 provided by higher gift taxes, - - . — «"...-..,. run three-quarters body was lying on the tracks of tlie estate rates, also were agreed about a half mile further south, to without disturbing e.\istin» ex- II was discovered at about the " ° time the St. Louis-Memphis passenger train" pulled 0111 of Blytheville. around C o'clock. . 51 mplions. The conferees agreed to the senate r-i'ovLsion abolishing to file consolidated reUirns for ihemseKes | limie Coroner W. H. Stovall was sum- and subsidiaries, but with nil uumed and removed IJic body, ! amendment to let railroads con- R'hlch had been ground Into a rrmss of broken bones and flesh. No inquest was held. Kellcy is survived by his willow. : iicity . ""'endmcnt subjecting en- lo make single returns. Publicity Approved The La hollelie hicomc tax pub- Mrs. Ruth Kellcy. and a 4-year-1 llrc tnx returns lo public inspcc- old daughter, cplice. He is also :tion was modified to make only survived by his parents. J. B. Kcl-' p3rUl! of a return public property, lev and Mrs. Daisy Kelly, n bro-1 Unricl ' tll e change, each taxpayer would be required to file a separate statement with his return giving his name nr.d address, total gross immediately pass it on to tr.ose to whom they are indebted. Let thai process continue as long as there are bills remaining unpaid. Such a procedure will give the movement a needed boost, it will also help gel a lot of bills paid. oOo The spirit In which business men and the public generally have accepted the plan has been wonder ful. Cooperation his be$!, liisf about 100 per cent except.that 'some have not re.stHzed'toat to buy script or to accept It for services or merchandise is not enough: Success of the plan also depends upon.'spending script Instead of money at every possible'opportunity. oOo The 2-cent stamp required every time a piece of script changes hands should not be regarded.'as a burden. In the Inng run the plan t nol going to cost anyone In Bly thevillc a single red cent. Instead it should be welcomed for what it Is: a self-financing method of keeping for this community a SH.OOO a month federal payroll and of providing {or unfortunate persons whose neciTs the community would otherwise have to meet in some other \vay. If by this little eelf- imposed stamp tax we can raise S2.000 or $2500 per month and by so doing bring into Blytheville $14,000 per mcnth, It Is plain that we are making money, not losing It. Of course not everyone who buvs script stamps can see where this SH.OOO per month means anything to him. directly or indirectly. But it does, if 11 brings no immediate increase in his Income it certainly, by Improving the general level of prosperity in the community, makes his job or-his present income more secure and contributes to the possibility of future improvement. In a community the sire of this $14,MO per month in "outside" money is enough to affect in some meas- ire the economic welfare of every well. N. J., In' 1932. McMatt was stolen from her home at Har wich. Miss., Mav 2. 1933, and tiirnpd two days later in nivmen of $70.000 rinsim. F»r Wdna; nou 1 is serving n life sentence. Tiic Robles child was seizeH -she was returning home from school yesterdav. T' n e kid n i threatened her wll* death unless the money was paid within ti day*.. -. ._—• •-••._" ( Unrlersheri(T O. 3. F»irar, in" t^i*> leaders in the capture of t' there was n "lone phanne" thit flf the nSllincfir oanT rn Q "ib" T <; i-«<iirn°d and nartWnnted '" Mdnarvln?. H« recalled that, n' lime of f-e oi'tliw's rupture autlwr ilies hflleved Ihev ha1 a laree r nf hnnk at a secre h^odouarfTs here.- THe glrlX fnmlly had mndc n coritnrt. aii>) the. ' renorted. Thev isolated thnmselve n th»* hnixj of receiving further in Ei.nictlons. Thp ,<:Aarrr). *- 'olice C. .A. Wollnrd. extenrtfl h ^to Ihe d pon T-t. wiimlrv, A resident. oOo Closing Stock Prices sde was ci' abmit th P°RCC officer'? and posses, arm with rifles, side arm*, shot^i'is. a 1 bri"'"i »nrl club';, on'mlled fi . P^ssire fliilomoblles wer halted and s n i\rcrifd. Fereuson Will Handle Cooler Bank Liquidatio WE BET!ON ILL Wirt Charges Unfounded Hous; Committee Finds WASHINGTON, Anvil M, <UPl-i The committee which Invwulgalcdl Dr. William red plot liort to A. Will's liruln trust Urp,es "Bargaining" Bill Before Senate Finance Committee liuuse ihtii ihe Clnry fulled to substantiate his allegations. Tlic vole was Ihrce lo two. a slvlol party division. Win charged Hint the Roosevelt brain trust plotted soclul mid |K)llllcat revolution In the United Slates and would sup- plum tlie'president with "a Stiilln." for Information on Ransom Money, from Man Caught in France HAVRE. France, April 26. (UP) — nfoimation of importance regard- is tVc Umlbcrgh kidnaping rnn- om may be obtained from Stewart Donnelly, International confidence nan, u was inllmated today as he ilcd under arrest in the liner Vashlngton for New York. Donnelly was handed over by 'rcnch police aboard Ihe Wushlng- pn just Mcctlvcs Martin half of New York jiollce depart- nent and at once placed him In he ship's brig where he will rc- nain until he reaches port. H was learned that Herman Lcl- ert of the American secret service alked with Hayes and Ralph bc- oie he sailed on the He dc France •esterday for New York and said afterward: "We believe Donnelly can en- Ighten us on the Lindbergh random." . ...... "*™^«^: ininlslratbn WASHINGTON, Aiirll 'JO. (Ui'l— Secretary cf State Conlell null tn- dny pictured the world in » slat? ol panic and tre, United States confronted with an unexampled economic crisis in.a pica for ™?»:|enactment of the administration'.-- larlil bargaining bill. He appeared' before the senate finance committee 1 . "Congress and the entire government never faced a graver economic crisis," Hull told the committee, wit roused Reuuullcivn protest (fespltc his urgenl plea. Senator David A. Rccd (Rep.. Pa.) senior minority committee member, challenged Hull so vigorously that Senator Tom Connnlly (Dem,. Tex.) complained or partisan political heckling. Reed contended there was sufficient flexibility In existing tariff provisions but Hull refused to concede 11. He said the Coolldge ad' ' " ' larlll V AfwiU Sent 1 "! BOSTON, Apr. 26 (UP)—Thirty- hree heavily armed federal agents lave been concentrated in the Ruthland, Vt., area reportedly in connection with the Investigation FEIEMJCEIT Dunklin County Man Ad- .mits.-He ; Pointed Shot gun at U! 5. Officer . Tlic statement of Cecil Langford 29, shot at tlie scene of a still In Dunklin counly. Mo., nine- mile case, it was learned here today. Their operalions clolhed In absolute secrecy, there was no om- al agenl. Is IN THREE Sri-vices Will Be Held at Presbvterian Church Saturday Afternoon N. Johns, (iD. Ihe oldest mer- "liarl In Blvth-ville, died at his 'ome nl D:M o'clock Ihls morn- iiK. He had n stroke of paralysis :ilne days ago. which left his •inht side ppralyzcd bul his cun- illtlon was nol believed critical I'litll a short time before his ileath. Fuirrfl services will ire held al the l^irsl Presbyterian church Saturday afternoon, 2 o'clock, with the Rev. Stuart H. Salmon, officiating. Burial will be made al Elmwood cemetery. A native of Bctgraln, Ml. Lebanon, Syria, Mr. Johns wns a iirmbcr of the RondiUphus family ind nephew of n former ruler. His wife, Mrs. Mary Johns, li also a niece of n former ruler. He nils educated at Belrnl, Syria, mid wns teacher in n school there before comln? to this country 35 years a?o. After living In Cairo Flee to Swamp After Running Blockades Set to Trap Them TAMO, Ark,, April M. (UPM Bandits wlio icrrorl/,?;! Ihrne southeast Arkansas communities with machine (jms abandoned itielr uul- lel-rlddlcd automobile near, hove today and fled Into R swiuni). A posse began closing in. Blood-' hounds from a prison camp were put on the trail. 111., and Slkeston, ^ for several ient to ab- clal explanation of tile agents' ac-1 ,"" tivitlcs but it was reported rella- oay ' solve officers frcm eny blame, J. P. Farley, district supervisor of the uu of Industrial alcohol, said to- 3ly lhat they concerned direclly or Indirectly the Lindbergh case. Clarence D. MeKpan, chief of the New England division of the bureau Langford was shot through the left lung by O. B. Knapp, federal officer, while he was allegedly leveling FI GETS TEN YEARS V!M,E Ml.— Fpr<n!«on. recpiver "f the defun "Rinlt of Carulhersville. which closed here severil weeks s»o. ha< heen named 1'niildator of t v e V"^ of Cooler which was closed last week as the result of a decision bv Its board of directors to limiMnte Its affairs. Ttiev asked for the appointment of Mr. a sholgnn at Nathaniel Jen- of Investigation of lh« department ™- an ° 111 " lcd « a } °™ cer ' ^; ol juslice and regarded as one of . ford ls n the Blythevllle hospital Ihe department's crack InvKllgat-! " cre un . tier S» !lr < i - His recovery is ors. has nol been al his oilice here 1 cx ? ccte f ., for 10 da>s. Langford, according lo Parley. made n voluntary statement today In which he admitted that he aiming his shotgun In the general direction of Jenkins, when Knapp almost 100 yards away, opened fire, Langford, whom officers believe Is a still operator, said he was In the habil of going to the still to carry "sr.orls" (dregs of the mash) to his hogs for food. He admitted having carried his shotgun to the still with iat he ran after It when he saw the federal officers. Ijing ford has been convicted of lllega possession of llmior and at the lime he was shot was wanted by Dunklin county officers for allegedly Inflicting gunshot wounds on a farm youth near the still, it Is under to. Mi>2iip}pp4 court" ty : ihd /ipenfli K business In Lu.v orn before opening a firm: here 30 years .'ago. Since that time he had ajio acquired considerable bus- Irirss and residential property and a;t the time, of his death had been business here longer than any .her merchant. - Mr. Johns was a member of the Irsl Presbyterian church. Besides his wife he Is survived y one daughter. Miss Nellie Johns, nd six sons, George, Nesebe.-El- olt, Mitchell, Sam and eleven I) of here, and one brother", F phns, of Ijitxora, •A large nunifcer of out of tow: ?pnle nre expected to attend tin. uhernl from Boston, Cairo, Slkcs- Wound Officer it Gould '" GRADY, Ark,, April 20. (0P)- Three mathlno sun bandits ter-. rorlwxl Ihrce southeast Arkansas communllles, robbed one ;bink, wounded an officer, and escaped .In the dust clouds swirling behind their retiring automobile. ' . : The bandlls ran a blockade here shortly before noon after wound- Ing Deputy sYicrin H. 1... Butcher at Gould. BiiUher was shot as Ihe oullaw machine guns poured . a stream of lead into n Oiling station. Machine gun bullets smashed through the windows, punctured " inks, and crashed Into Ihe sides f the sla*ton. Officers and citizens ursiicd the bandits but they es- . aped J_n HID direction of .arad 1 / •here another unsuccessful trap was Butcher and a filling station at- fhdani' were loading shotguns to apture tlie robbers as thslr car Irove up. A gun battle broke illicitly' Tne officer and the BOS station !inp!oye had been advised by of-." fleers at pumas that the outlaw •': automobile'was headed in tiftl dl-' ! Dale Perkins Convicted of | him and thl (her. Curtis Kellcy. and a sister, Mis. Gr-orgc Tngrniu. Funeral services will be held .... „ 10 o'clock in the morning at i "iconic, total deductions, net in- Sawycrs cemetery. ' ccm0 ' lotal credits against net income for purposes of normal tas. and tax payable. This separate flatcmem will be tha return subjected to public examination under NEW YORK, Apr. 26 (UP)— ! i;ry. Two periods of heavy selling broke] With some changes in language, eas >'. ar| d more expensive way. And So let's meet this proposition in a way that will eliminate any doubt as to its success. All that Is required Is that each of us do his part to speed the circulation o( script. V. Is cusy. it is cheap. There Is no j-%..^^. ,.« l/iivnv, t-IUIJII UUliUll UllUCI .. j i_ i.«_ j * UtltU itBulatloiu prepared by the trcas- th « J° b this way we will have to tackle it later in some other less handle the affairs of liquidation of b-th Institution? from his office in IMs city. Masons Meet Tonight The local Masonic lodge. No. 134, F. and A. M.. will have Its usual meeting tonieht. 7:30 o'clock. the monolony of narrow quotations the conferees al.<o agreed to the In the stock exchange today. One':senalc tax on personal lioldhi" ol them' -«.—11- -••- . • and the The last brought prices down one came shortly after noon oilier in tlie lost hour. compa.nlK—30 per cent on tlie first $100.000 of undistributed adjusted net incorc.c, plus 4o per cent tour minutes. to more than three points and ] the excess. ' " *""' caused tickers to lag as much as \ Also agreed to were the senate amendments eliminating excise taxi cs on fnilt juices and soft drinks, car.dy, furs valued up to S75, and gold to S A T. and T 150 1-2 Anaconda Copper 16 1-2 Bethlehem Stcelc 42 Chrysler 50 1-8 Cities Service 31-3 Coca Cola 124 Gen. .'-m. Tank 40 3-4 General Eleclric 22 3-8 Grneral Motors 37 3-4 Internallonal Harvcslcr 40 7-8 ,\i:ddlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward 30 1-2 New York Central 34 1-8 Packard 47-8 Phillips Petroleum 13 1-2 Radio 81-4 Simmons Beds 191-2 SI, Louis-San Franc. ... 4 Standard of N. J 45 1-4 Texas Co 253-4 tf. S. Steel 50 1-8 U. S. Smelting 120 "Jnl content articles valued up The house provision repealing the bank check tax tis of January 1 1933. inr.lead of July 1, 1935 a', provided uy ihe senale, was ac- IccpUd. Chicago Wheat In Ihe meantime there will have occurred a lol or surterin? among some of our fellow citizens of a kind that Is not pleasant to con- tcmplate. 23. i May I Jul open high low close 75 3-4 70 1-4 74 7-8 75 3-4 75 5-8 7G 1-8 14 3-4 75 3-4 Chicago Corn open high low close 44 7-8 45 1-8 44 44 47 5-8 47 3-4 46 1-2 46 1-2 Hold Services Today for Mart Wifliarai Funeral services will be held this afternoon at Cobb chapel for Mart Williams, former Blythevllle chief of police, who succumbed ycslerday. Tlie Rev. W. J. LeRoy, pastor Of the Lake Street Methodist church, will officiate at the services. Interment will be made at Maple drove cemetery. Tl'.c deceased is survived by, besides hts widow, a daughter, Mar- garcl, and a son, James. He Is also survived by two brothers, \V»l- ter Williams of Oklahoma and Edgar Williams of Memphis and three sisters. Mrs. Mabel Shackett oi Houston, Mo., Mrs. Adrion Biggs of Paragould and Mrs. Charles Miller of. Taft, California. M. New Orleans Cotton NKW ORLEANS. Apr. 26 (UP) —The cotton market ended another session of henvy llouldatlnn on the local exchange with losses of more than »l » bale today. open high low'close May urn 1103 1070 1071 .Till 111* 1120 1<*U 1088 oct 1135 ins noo 1105 Dec 1142 1145 1109 1115 •Tan '.— im \m 1132 1120b Mtir 1159 1159 1143 1130b Spots closed quiet at 1098, ofl Part in Hayti Game Robbery Card CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— Dale 'erklns, game warden and former leputy constable, was sentenced lo en years In prison Tuesday at n pedal session cf circuit court on a robbery charge. Perkins was named by a negro as the insllgator t Hayli The negro said Perkins furnished tie gun, told him when to make he robbery, and who to rob. One man was relieved of about 5200. and this rnnn sitd tee negro knew which pocket he had It in. The negro said Perkins told him. •Bjfrklns was one of, those indicted and sentenced in the Peml- scot counly liquor conspiracy several years ago. stood. While Parley Is making his own Investigation of the shooting a separate Investigation by two depart ment of Justice agents is also un dcrway. H Is because charges favoritism might be made and t secure unbiased reports that offl cers of other departments Investl Sate such occurrences, Parley said Mr. Farley, whose headquarters ar In St. Loliis. was In Hct Spring when Ihe shooting occurred nea here and came here Immediate! He plans to leave for St. Louis to day. on. and Canitliersville, Luxora. Hayti. Osceola The Cobb Undertaking company charge of arrangements. T SETTLED tab DnrnM Bank V ""' The. trio, robbed Ihe Bank of Du- '• lias" of $1,000 and escaped .before * lie gunfire of citizens'. .One shot"' crashed through the rear window ol . he car. ..- "n Two of tlic men entered th« bank while a third v.'fllted in tlie auto- ' nubile, UH> motor of which was dllhg. Instead of demanding money the ' oandlls held back D. V. Oausey. president, W. H. Rice, cashier, and Lawrence Olll. assistant cashier, while they searched the bank. ^..._. Rev. c. Crowe entered the bank " but fled when he was ordered to throw up his hands. He notified Joe Lee McKennbni bank director, and Raymond Turner, who rushed to the bank with guns. Turner fired a s!:ot through the rear window ns the bandit machine raced toward Gould, y New York Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. M (UP)-Cot ton closed st«ady. open high low close May 1101 1103 1071 1073 I Jul 1119 1121 1086 1092 Oct 1132 1138 1102 1108 Dec 1142 1147 1112 1119 Jan 1146 1152 1120 1124 Mar 1160 1163 1131 1136 Spots closed quiet at 1090, otf Plan More Concrete on Hayti-Kennett Road The TJemocral-Argus of Caruth- eisvllle reports that the Missouri State Highway commission Is planning additional concrete construction on Highway 84 between Hayl! and Kennclt lo give it a full 20-foot concrete roadway for eleven miles out of Hayti. The road Is at present half concrete and half gravel. Bids on Ihe proposed work will be opened at Jeff- 5«on City, May 4. Portis Company Plans New Gin at Lepanto LEPANTO. Ark.—The Portis Mercantile Gin company, operated by Dan Portts Jr.. will begin work here the first of the week on a new steel cotton gin. The gin will be a five stand Continental, to co't around $10.000 Work of removing tr.e old gin was begun ihlsVcek . Agreement Provides fo Gradual Restoration o Former Pay WASHINGTON. April 26. (UP) — The six weeks old railroad wag controversy wns seltled tcday by compromise between tabor and management. The settlement automatically removes it strike threat from the nation's 2.000.000 railroad employes. Terms of the compromise provide thai 2 -1-2 per cent of the present 10 per cent wage deducllon shall be restored July 1. 1934; 2 1-2 per cent more on January 1, 1935. and the remaining 5 per cent April 1. 1835. Chairman Alexander P. WhHney of the railroad labor executives association firsl announced terms of :he compromise as 2 1-2 per cent restoration July 1. 5 per cent January 1, 1935. and 2 1-2 per cent April 1. 1935. but later corrected the announcement. Revtral at Holland Will Open Next Month WEATHER Arknnsns— Cloudy, thundershowers In north, colder In northwest portion tonight, Friday cloudy. _ thundersrowers In northeast por- itlon. colder. Memphis and vicinity—Probably Raymond Michie Grfi Freedom on $7,5M, CARUTHERSVIt.LE, Mo)H mond Michie. charged jo" Johnnie Young with the robbery of a sikeston distance below Steete abou weeks ago. was granted bond^ sum of $7.500 by Circuit Jud?« 'jph'n E. Duncan. Securities on his : boml were J. A. Brown, cooler farmer and-candidate for counly collsctor in the Democratic ticket; LOT 3urns, former city marshal of Stcelc; Sterling Martin, Albert Reed. w. A. Key, farmers of the Marvin Chape,!, Denton. and Cov- 'ington communities, respectively. Counsel for Michie and Young slated they would ask c'.'ange of venue for their clients. It is expected this win be granted to New Madrid county, the trial to conic up at the next lenn of circuit court there. Michie is one of the defendants In the Bank of stccie robbery which occurred last July. He waa out, on bond ol MB.099 pending an appeol of a ten-year Jury sontence In that case when he allegedly lock part in Ihe holdup and robbery of Young. CC4U1 church of Holland, It has be«n announced. There will be a food evangelistic party with cxcfl- >*nt music and singing, it is prom- The maximum temperature here Cus(er's Ill-Fated Departure Remembered OKLAHOMA CITY. (UP)—General George A. Custer's departure on his Indian campaign, which ended In the tragic massacre of the Little Big Horn, Is os vivid as If he left only yesterday, to Mrs. Nettle Skecls, Oklahoma cltv. When a seven-year-old girl, she stood beside a covered wagcn al a Colorado waterhole and saw the general b!d goodbye to friends and ride away with his troops, the fife nnd dnims paying sentimental tunes. The child's mother wept and I H. Workman Heads Steele Lifters Club STEELE. Mo.—J. H. Warkman svas elected president of the Steeb Lifters cl,* at a meeting and banquet Tuesday night. Ally. Roy Harper was elecled first vice-president. Fred Kelley was named second vice-president, T. A. Hoggard was elected secretary-treasurer, and A. B. Rhodes sergeant at arms. J. R. Morgan, an old member who wos president tvio years ago, was reinstated as a member. Mr. Strle- gal of Kemielt a visitor. An ear trouble which caused a ronring sound In Martin Luther's said, "I know ttey will be killed." ear led him to btlleve lhat the yesterday was 69, minimum 37.IA few days later word cam* that devil was 'howling and whUtllnj clear, according to Samuel p. NDr-iCuster and his entire ris, official weather observer, had been massacred. squadron | at him. and, driven /rantic. at limes, he was

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