The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, September 1, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS " : ™ E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHE^T ARKANSAS »«n n n,rpm»», .U. "^ * * ^^ Vl VOLUMR XXXVI—NO. 140. Blytl-evllle Courier niyilipvllle Dally News lily 1 'lie HeraUl Mississippi Valley leader ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUHI 3-AJKANSAS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER' 1, IDS!) London ?o Berlin: SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS*'' HALTjIOSmLTIES OR WE WILL FIGHT! Poland Calls For British, Frenchjiid fnr)!;° n°? iN A S01) M' (UF)-Ai) offteinl Polish source said today that Count Edward Rnrainski,. Polish ambassador, in a visit to Viscount Halifax, foreign secretary, had invoked Artie e 1 of the Anglo-Polish treaty oV alliance which provides that the alliance operates in'case of direct aggression against Poland. .WARSAW, Sept. 1. (UP) -President- Moscicky pro. i ~ —"~ •" ""' *** *• vtwm.1 today nftcr Gcrninn Airplanes had bombed. Polish cities, including Warsaw and German troops had smashed across tlie frontier from Slovakia to the Baltic. Tlie state of war proclamation was not a declaration oi Weir* "The entire Polish population, blessed b v God, will march to victory," the president's proclamation de lare as anti-aircraft around the capital burst into act o for tne fourth time since dawn. The state of war proclaimed was a domestic measure designed to put wartime regulations into effect An official announcement said three men and two women had been .Bounded in the bombardment of Warsaw No fatalities were mentioned. »<u h< i\\. A0 WAUOII,, / OLES CLAIM SUCCESS hi K 8 * K^^)^**"*,****'* the capi- BE Urges Wan-ing Nations To Spare Lives Of Women And Children WASHINGTON, Sept, 1. (UP! — President Ho:sevclt today appealed to the powers of Europe to 'retrain from bombing civilians and unfortified cities. He dispatched the appeal at 4:30 a.m., nn hour after aimcunctng official advices that "Gcnnany 1ms Invaded Poland and four Polish cities are being bombed." Beginning of fighting between Poland nnd Germany swung the White House and slate department into high-gear nclkn before dawn. Mr. Hoosevelt was on the trans- Atlantic telephone several times during the night. Secretary of State Cordell Hull, Undersecretary Sunmer Welles and heir aides went to their offices as sorn its first reports were rc- |S|S|Die Is Cast Hitler fells German Nation wATjc. A «, WARSAW Sept. CIVILfANS BOMBED 1. (UP)—An official at scores ' . . s. William c. Btillltt In Paris and BERLIN, Sept. L (UPJ-^AdoI, Hilbr annexed nnxji today and sent his armed' forces surging across the PoHsh frontier in an undeclared "lightning 1 ' war Germany's army crossed all Polish frontiers in what, the Nam officially described as a "count si- attack" c!U(W whtch wcr ' c nf rn I urn Into Action. Danzig « P Rcich . slfl * wh < lch defense of the Baltic son. ftclli ' 10 lnoml ill(o nc ti°» W°'' c « suddenly called session a action in seizing tfl .,.. .. . . charged Adolf Hitler with violation ot his pledge to spare civilians. ."I have told tho air forte! to restrict itself to military objectives. If.the enemy does otherwise ho will receive li. due answer. From now on bomb after bomb is fnlline- Who lights wan poison gas will-be fought W ilh poison gtw." I he first news broadcast to Germans reKnrtmiir thp military campaign Rn id that the armed forces had been given orders to stop."Polish;violence." - _ : Btniitt in Paris and ,„ Ib ,} vfls officially admitted that German airplanes wove Anthony J. Dre.xel Biddle Jr., in bombing fortified cities." , U»«nLS -\\eia Warsaw of the "German invasion i The main flipmn nf T'ntinVi. t.^r,« n t i n ^ ",', , of Poland." „ "'";" u|i -"i|-••01 -tiiviei s speech to the Reichstag cimiiK ir, -*»r-*™,, ^'^/'i'l 0|3VIOUS desire to localise German-Polish hostilities -• tepfhof 0 ™ "S ' ! ' ltier «?"Kd f}«d Marshal Herman Goering, ht a "fe was too urgent to wait for coded \, aM m . m > l .° be llls successor "if anything should hanuon Cab ' CS - ' NiJ? mrf I' I'" 18 ?- 8 " n " (1 ;n ? med RUd ° ll)!l Hcss - ^P'^ isazi parly leader, his second heir. ' Hitler made his visual review in such circumstances—' Dana* and the Polish Comdor were GermaT the Versailles treaty was to blame; he had tried his bek to solve the problem-,>eacefully.and'/the Polish answer wu mobili: capitals were kept hot. was ti cables. President Roosevelt was .,.„,.„ expected to- call an early extraordinary session of Congress. -,,-.. ^m^u.. i He also was believed likely to were (lea<l j Invoke .the .neutrality,, law-, ..but-it, was riot'b'ertiilii lioiv soon this'might v i dene. The present law, if ap- would stop shipments of air- to belilger- Coneress General War / f Appears Only ; t ^_ IMI ^^ "* Hours Away * „ ffistiirsSTr'ssr «?z •; "u°iirvurTp°" S ' l ° ' vUt ' <lr . nw NIC German troops which.}, N™ !," a s t nlte !J lo . nt !™ 8 /oral3eKd r an a Sll?mBtL??^ t V Now, he said, it i.s tiine for action rather than words ( intri •ml£ n!u i ruehrc ' 1 ' i''. ms not hcs it«te<l to plunge the world l sriid. to serve,Ins senseless ambitions," Chamberlain Chamberlain anndtiiiccd that both Groat Britain and' Franco .had instructed their ambassadors ut Berlin to ask lot their Diifisiinrf K jinrl />rmin homo imlp^ti / " 1 ~ '" ' nation. Coi'ridor l am resolvecl of the .when'the train W as bombed t "ihc coramJni^'skw"" < "" ! " i ^ ""' ^"^ . l lie communique asserted that Polisli defenders brought- , In ', llls nppcal " gnl " 5t nlr bomb - ?o7o t 'f P' Gei ' ma ", b ° mbers at Cl ' acow and 1 ot ( fw, ' ^' ^ » KM ™ 1 ™ M l ° " le Ellr °- loui other German planes in the Gyclnia district. BAD™ 'STATE OP SIEGE' PARIb, Sept, 1. (UP)-The cabinet lodav or, the f eld '"' PlaC1 " g H " a ™ y of six 1 » i ' llio » pen- f n °? tf pr pean powers: "If resort is had to this form of inhuman barbarism during the period of the tragic coiillagratlon uith which Ihe world k new special meeting of parlia- The cabinet also ordered ment. v The mobilization affects armv, nnvr and >,ir tv«w ,- n seryes and the first mobilization'day will be . Polish sources here reported meanwhile that the Polhli army was slowly retreating fr om the German front c , fen, P nn v the Gel ' man °» sl ™S h t ^d was taking n d ' tense positions „, upper Silesia, previously arranged. ' MSSOIJNI aiAKESPROPOSAL i •(UP)—Premier Mussolini transmitted ' sibility Cor and who are net even remotely participating in tho hostilities which have now. broken out will lose their lives." He asked each government "to affirm its determination that its armed forces shall in no event and under no circumstances undertake the bombardment Irom • the air of civilian populations or of unfortified cities upon the understanding that these same rules of warfare will be scrupulously observed by all of their opponents."" Tlie president asked Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany and t«i n ransmtted • ™"«. «y. erman, J ' " proposal for a fivc -l»wer European peace ! P ± nd lo give plc<1 s cs tll[lt - ' ' Jt - tlt - t ' i \vl 1 lint, r^cnrr in n»« r.t^i. i will not resort lo the '• Inhuman barbarism" of bombing civilians. Declaring that such bombings in recent years have "sickened thc hearts ci every civilized man and Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. 1. (UP)-A rush to buy "war babies" sent those issues soaring on the stock market today after the list had experienced its widest decline since January Bonds brok& sharply. AT&T ...... 158 ] ? Anaconda copper .'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 28 j.g • Associated D G . n •, » Beth steel ' ..... "" « oBeing Air .;:;;;; ........ f. Chrysler .... .. .......... * l ~i Coca Cola .... ........ , * , ! General Electric .. ........ ,? ~ "J General Motors ...... II , „ Int Harvester ....;;; ..... JJ }~* Montgomery Ward . '" 4 , , , ..... ' N Y Central Packard Phillips Radio • ....... . Simmons ............. 19 Socony Vacuum .. ........ n i n Standard Oil N J "" if , J Texas Corp ...... " " U , , us smcit ....... ::;;•- " -^ u s steel ............ ;;;; 5° N2 Chicago Wheat high low close 757-3 72 757-8b Dec. 731-2 731-2 73 1-2 73 l-2b Sept, open 72 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. I. (UP)— Cctton futures rose several points in late trading today after an early slump. "tragic cons', confronts the world, tie ssKed for an immediate reply from each of the governments. Oct. open 837 Dec 820 Jan 808 Mar 802 May 702 July 775 high low 857 834 843 819 825 821 Osceola's First Bale Of Cotton Is Ginned OSCEOLA, Ark.. Aug. 31.—OSCB- ola's first, bale of cotton for tlie "For myself I am ready to make any persomil sacrifice o- to .„ ,...,.. „,, , , coat ""less I have" won'the victory' JViy whole life was nothing but one great stvuralo for 'S . a for ' Germ » 1 W'B resurrection. . AQ T a 11-1 i nn I t • 'o . *uivi LIlclL- Ii> CttpllUlflLlOJl* /is i am leady. to sacrifice my life at any lime so 7 exnecl the same trom everybody else." '. <-Al'eci •T0~LEAVE BERLIN »i, i '•<" \' (UP)-^-The Polish embassy tonight that its staff was departing from Berlin immediately. BPPTTV o ? ERI '»N Gfcts SCARE BLRLIN, _Sept. 1. (UP)-"A1| ,> I-, ll » ril « Which it was Pollsh -*"-Ptene s were about to bomb the Gelman capital. mif nf 6 n'n™ follo ^ ed tlrastic o«1ers providing out of all German cities "until the end of. thc w ITALY REFRAINS a black- „ laid the blnmc for the invasion o'f Germany, declaring that Poland had offered to lc the dispute and had been turned down. "— Uimnbcrlnin mndo hia portentiotis atatement to t, Poland had invoked the'clause of her.treaties .in and France calling r or their aid in case Poland victim of aggression, berlnjii indicated the temper of the British BOV- by amiotinciiig that a bill would be Introduced military service ages. 18 to ,41. which would,vastly L\\0 • HVnifiM tnv-nnc. : -nl\<nr.rl.. An .lf A j ' ..j i' All-Time High For .August Collections Is lished Eslab- LITTLE ROOK, Ark., Sept. 1,— Establishing nn all-time high mark for August, gasoline tax collections last month totaled $94'i,Gti.15, or approximately 51 per cent of the $1.852,2310,1 collected by the slnto Revenue Depnitment from the slate's 30 special lax sources. It wns the second highest monthly gasoline lax colleclkn on record, being exceeded only by Oct- ober,1Q3B, when collections from this Bonrcc totaled $954,805.83, Supervisor clmrlcs E, Patterson of the department's Gasoline Tax Division said. Thc 30 sources last month netted $256,520.01 more than the August, 1938, total cf'$l,G!l5,1G3.Q2, but, they produced $171,271.84 less than July's .olfll of $2,023,655.77. The beer sales tax Imposed by ho IS30 Nybcrg net nccuiintccl lor SC3.-I2-I.39 and the liquor sales Inx 510,627.21 last month. Sales taxes totaled $'121,357.78 in August, 1938, and $458,389.72 In July. Cljaretto tnxcs of $132,400.85 set new high for "normal" monthly sales, Revenue Commissioner 7,. M. Mccarroll nnd Cashier N. E. Sluif- fleld attributing the increase m cccipts to a reduction in "bcotlcg" '"i Ca " b ° «V° ! M ae ,° J ". Eu «>pe, the prime minister' *"" ^"t exists fi na pursues that th ' ae nlethoda muat conie to an Wit ' Wi ' d chee «*rtm «« of the" house!' ' • , ,. , 0EVACl/AT ION IS PUSHED SCpt L (F)r? reat Brita1 "' in ™e °f the iimss movcmonta-of history, started the evacua- l on toilny o its mothers and children, its "crippled and its K the Munli? Wt ni ' enS " in lh ° lnrgo ckiM to sanetHnrlS Autliorities hoped (.lie evacuation, afTectinfr 3,00000'0 persons, would be comploted by Monday night but newn rom he continent indicated that by that time it might be anV ° ° ft lh ° m £rom tho llo "°« of awtal '' foui ' ° slxtec " J ' eHrs old . came tat. Some toclfly towaird . Tomorrow the blind children and adults were to follow c f ip lo ,nati c Receipt of Hitler's wire followed a Name Children Similarly Cousins 812 794 803 802 700 775 Spots closed steady at 886, up 3, Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Sept 1 (UP)— Hogs: 0,500 Top, G.75 170-230 its., C.G5-6.75 HO-160 Ibs., 5,50-6.25 Bulk sows, 4.75-5.80 • Cattle: 1.200 Steers. 8.00-9.85 Elavightcr steers, 0.00-10.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.00-950 Slaughter heifers, G.00-10.25 Beef cows, 5.00-8.00 Cutters and i:w cutlers, 3.75-4.75 Chicago Corn ---- ...~ v U(l n, UA tv/nun i 0l uie v^uuams iiiccunir eacn otliPr fnr close season, finned Tuesday by the Ton- the first time in their lives Is nice ?^i ? , Company, was auctioned and it is even nicer to learn thcv 836 jln front of Mssscnglll Drug store have the same taste when It comes 825 ,nt two o'clock today and bought by to naming their children Ben P. Butiei- Implement Ccmpany J. V. Henderson cf Dell has re- tnr '"" and ten one-htin<irodths turned from Hot Springs where lie 825 816 807 794 for ten cents. ; visited a cousin. ; •"•«•« « timsm, HOD Henderson, The bale weighing four hundred whom he had never seen and of fifty-five pounds was grown ' by v ' tlc " T > 1)0 to'ew very little. Imagine Wiley Hall on the Converse farm lhc sur P r 'sc when the Hot Springs west of Osceoln and of the D. P. «:usln introduced 'hk two daujh- anrl L. 11A variety. The turnout lcrs ' Mar y and Ruth Henderson \vas r - on ' to v UUIIUUt ' , , \vas around tiiirty-four percent, on 'y to be 'old their names were grading one and one sixteenth Inch i tnc same " " middling. . daughters. Around thirty-five dollars prern ium in cash, prizes and merchandise was nwai-ded Mr. Hall. Sept. Dec. open 451-4 453-4 hljh 511-2 481-8 low close 451-4 50 453-4 481-8b New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 1. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July open 828 812 801 798 783 768 high 849 838 819 821 810 787 low 834 810 793 794 781 763 close 842 828 S18I) 813 801 782 " • * v " «W* HJJ IQ£, Spcts closcdnomhialal882, up l. as J. v. Henderson's Mrs. Henderson accompanied Mr. Henderson to Hot Springs. Servant House Damaged Flames damaged a servant house Rt the rear of 325 North Fifth Street yesterday afternoon after catching fire at four o'clock. Experts calculate that six to ten years without birds would bring to a close the earth's entire system of animate nature, insects would Increase to such proportions that everything would be smothered or devoured. Reports 148 Pupils In Church Schools OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. l.-A total oi one hundred forty-eight pupils have been enrolled In the four Vacation Church Schools conducted by the Rev. L. T. Lawrence, Trastor of the Osceola Presbyterian church, within thc past two months. Tlie first held in Osceola In July enrolled eighty-one children in handcrnlt, Bible memorization, music, drama and recreational activities. On the faculty were thc Rev. Lawrence, Mrs. L. T. Lawrence, Mrs. D. S. Laucy, Mrs. A. P. Splese. Mrs. R. C. Bryan, Mrs. W. J. Driver, Jr., Mrs. Dick Cromcr, Mrs. Bob Cromer, Miss Virginia Cromcr, Mrs. A. W. Bowen, Adclle and Acialr Hook, Mrs. H. C. Davidson and Jean Chiles. Thc forty-two pupils enrolled at Bassett Presbyterian church tlie last two wehs of July had the Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. W, B. Burkett, Mrs. Joe Miller, Juantta, TM^C. n ™ RIS WORKS FAST PARIS, Sept, 1. (UP)-A new order for the evacuation of Pana was issued by the government tonight Ihe order insisted that nil those who are obliged to remain in Paris must leave immediately Tt ""is announced that special evacuation trains are de„ every few minutes. ^ r This service will continue another 24 hours. rnxmnM cAppn OVE8 WAR CREDIT •' LONDON, Sept. 1. (UP)-The House of Commons toot GOO.- Veterinarians Guests Of Lee Wilson Company A caravan of cars and buses bearing 1400 members of thc American Veterinarians Medical Association vlslUxl Mississippi county yesterr day for a barbecue arranged by the LCc Wilson company. Tlie baibc- cut was held In the Sunset rccrea- tlcn park at Bassclt. The group, composed of veterinarians from all states In the union, also included mejnbcrs of the profession frcm several foreign countries. Thc entertainment program featured music and dancing by a negro "jug" band. A mule race Iat c yesterday afternoon also was a highlight of Ihc day's activities. The visitors were served cld- rashloned pit barbecue prepared at U * par!C - lorwe/Mumr. - !Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ollless , The association today concluded Fifteen children were present for married on August 13 1S3B « four-day convention In Memphis, tlle sehcol at the Sons Soucl Funeral and burial services were and the trip to Mississippi c:unty • sct!0 ° lhou6c lt ": "rsl half of Aug- lirld at the Calhoun cemetery this was one of the recreational act' ' llst . followed_by a similar school morning at ten o'clock, by the Rev ' - • • H. O. Harrison. She leaves. besides her husband and parents, three sisters and three brothers. HOPES.TO STAY OUT \VAbHINGTON, Sept. 1. (UP)—President Roosevelt said today that he hopes and believes the United States can stay out, ot war. iviH H n ,t° kl h ' S l )r £. ssLcollfci 'e»ce that the administration ttJll make every effort to preserve the neutrality of this country m the grave European crisis. ' Mr. Roosevelt's face was. grave. He said that the questions of a neutrality proclamation vclopmcnls '" SPCCWl ^^ ° f C °" BreSS must a * ait '.. d ^ He made it clear that he proposes to summons congress nation 10 "' C aCt l ° Pr ° tect the "eutralify.of this" Mrs. Katherine Wells Dies On Thursday LUXOBA, Ark., Sept. 1. — Mrs. Katherine GIllcss Wells, wife of Bill Wells, died nt the home of her sister, Mrs. Walter Ennls, Thursday afternoon nt 3:30 f », «. " ---w ui tt*Vr * tVi UUHULi.ll Ht^l 1 ties planned for the visitors. The affair was also attended by a large number of people from this ccunty. in May, 1039, revenue passenger traffic over 17 domestic airlines re- passed thc half-million mark. •.— -i tut* vii vv* wjr iv OJI LI lid* 01»1H/IJI held at the Carson Lake Community Church last, week In which ten pupils studied. These four mark the first, efforts nt Vacation Church schools In the southern half of tho county and plans are being made for nn ef- Icrt toward regular week-day Dlble schools classes this Fall. The greatest distance possible between any two points on the earth's surface, in a straight line, Is approximately 12,500 intles. Cuts Self Ceverely' While Chopping Wood MANILA, Ark., Sept. 1. — Willie Robinson, 25, sustained a three Inch cut across his forehead hva peculiar accident early this morn- Ing. Young Robinson was chopping wood In the yard of his home. , A stroke of his as was deflected by a clothes line in which the aX biei rame fouled. The ox struck him across thc fcrhead, penetrating to the bone. He was given emergency treatment at a doctor's office here. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. . Memphis and vicinity—Owwrtlly fair tonight and Satuniny, 'not much change in temperature.

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