Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on April 3, 1964 · Page 23
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 23

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1964
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1964 THE ANDERSON HERALD PAGE 23 ing TRACT WHBU—Anderson 1240— CBS 7:00 New» Roundup 7:15 Musical Dock 7:30 Musical Clock 7-45 Clock-News HOWARD SCHENKEN And RICHARD L. FREY When declarer Is cashing a sng suit, the defenders may be lYult NORTH (D) IE-W *K9 9 9 3 2 0 A7 * K Q J 10 8 7 F HAST |4 10 7 3 4 A 6 5 4 2 K? Q J 10 7 5 " [OQJB 52 SOUTH OK2 * 643 0 1096543 * A9 [The bidding: i North East * Pass 2* Pass fSN.T. AUPtss South 10 2N.T. I'esl Pass Pass i Opening lead: Heart queen gaining relief from pressure Sometimes you can tell that the contract cannot be defeated unless partner has a particular card, and in that case the defender under pressure my be able to throw all his cards in that suit. On the final round of bidding, North might have been pardoned for passing or signing off with three clubs, but his actual choice was a good one. The club suit was magnificently lealthy and the diamond ace was a certain entry; North hoped that this card would be particularly valuable because! South had bid the suit. He was disappointed in this respect, but three no trump was still a fair contract, although it should have been beaten because of the 5-3 heart division. West's heart queen won the] first trick, East encouraging; with the eight. The heart jackl went to the king and ace, and put to an irksome series of dis- now declarer exerted pressure •cards. But there are ways of'ty rattling on me ciuus. West J felt it would be unwise to un- I AVAILABLE IN KING 5I7F 8 uard diamonds since declarer AVAILABLE IN KING SIZE g^ ^ ^^ ^ he ^ gQ f^s^s?^ I three spades and a heart. The! '• —^* heart discard was poor, for when declarer drove out the spade ace, the defenders no longer had enough tricks to setj the contract. West could count declarer for six club tricks and two red aces. If he also had the spade ace or the diamond king, the contract was untouchable, so West should bet on East having both these cards. Once that is realized, West can throw diamonds with impunity 5 and keep all the hearts. No need to fear ;hat East lacks a third heart ;o put him in with — without it, East would have unblocked the heart king at trick one. E-W vulnerable, East opens one club, South overealls one diamond and West bids four spades. North holds: S: 8 7 4 2 H- K J 8 5 D: A 9 6 4 C: 10 What should he bid? Answer Sunday. 8:00 World News 3:15 Musical Clock 8:30 Musical Clock 8:45 Clock-News 9:00 News-Godfrey 9:15 Arthur Godfrey 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 3:45 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 News-House Party 10:15 House Party 10:30 Garry Moore 10:45 Crosby & Clooney • « ,,,, 1 12:15 Noonday Melodies 1 12:30 Visit With Verna |]2:45 Noonday Melodies 1:00 News-One Woman 1:15 Melody Matinee 1:30 Woman's World 1:45 Melody Matinee 2:00 World News 2:15 Cook's Tour 2:30 Clcseup 2:45 Cook's Tour 3:00 World News 3:15 Cook's Tour 2:30 Sidelights 3:45 Cook's Tour 4:00 CBS World News 4:15 Cook's Tow r 4:30 Sidelights 4:45 Cook's Tour 5:00 News-Serenad* 8:15 Dinner Serenade 6:30 Dinner Serenade 6:45 Lowell Thomas 7:00 World News 7:15 World Sports 7:30 Ask Dimension 7j4J5 Top Tunes 8:(K) World Tonight 8:15 Nito Watch 8:30 Nite Watch 8:15 Nite Watch 9:00 World News 9:15 Nite Watch 9:30 Nite Watch 9:45 Nite Watch 10:00 World News 10:15 Nite Watcli 10:30 Nite Watch 10:45 Nite Watch 11:00 World News 11:15 Nite Watch 11:30 Nite Watch 11:45 Nite Watch WTTV HOW CAN I? Also Bottlers Of PEPSI-COLA TEEM Cm; FLAVORS Ornng«, Grapt, Strawberry MASON'S ROOT BEER PEPSI-COLA Bottling Co., Inc. Of Anderson 18th St. At Louise Phone 642-1119 or 643-3063 Q. How can I make the clean | ing of spatters on my window Danes easier when painting thr sash? A. Before painting your win dow frames, coat the pane, with cleansing powder. Then, if paint does spatter on the glass, it will wipe off very easily along with the powder. Q. How can I darken light tan leather articles, such as belts, shoes, etc.O A. Try rubbing them with a cloth dipped in ammonia. This gives a deep brown finish. Be! sure to apply uniformly, so the finish won't be spotty. Q. How can I insure the removal of lint when laundering! black garments? A. By making the final rinse| one of vinegar and water in equal parts. There will be no vinegar odor. WISHING WELL Registered TJ..S. Patent Office. 6 Y 7 E 4 E 5 M 2 C 7 F 5 I 5 Y 3 TJ 2 A 6 T 7 N 4 O 6 M 7 S 5 H 8 L 7 K 3 O a 0 2 C 3 Y 8 E 5 V 3 L 6 A 8 r> 1 Y 3 H 2 H 7 A 4 R 5 H 2 O 8 II 4 J 7 C 3 j. 8 H 7 D 6 T 3 I 5 0 6 TJ 8 T 2 P S N Y J o V 2 A 8 A 6 S 0 U 4 J 3 N 4 Y 6 O 4 W o E 7 I 6 R o G 2 E 3 O 0 A 7 li 4 Y 3 W 2 •I 6 E T P ( I 4 L 2 Y 7 0 8 F g N 4 E 3 \V 2 P 8 A 0 T 6 I 3 T 5 U 6 P. 3 L o C 2 H t O o E JLJERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message * •*• every day. It is a numerical puzzle-designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6 t add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. O 19W. by William Jl iiiller. Distributed by Kins y**iure« Syndicne. Ir.c. MORT WALKEK BEETLE BAILEY GOTTA EEMEMSBfc TtUS IS THE ARMV QUESTIONS, COME JUST SAYS By FRED LASSWKLL BARNEY GOOGLI AND SNUFFY SMITH HAPPY 8IRFP4Y, AUNTSUKEV MAW! Ye CAN) OFF PLOW1N 'THAT BARN! By CHICK YOUNG •/" YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS ( BECAUSE HUSBANDS HAVE DAGWOOD, iTOP PLAYING ) WITH THOSE" r MEA1 BALLS )/ THAN WIVES DO, WHEN THEY COOK By ALEX RAYMOND K3RTUNATELY, \ THIN6S HAVE ' BEEN QUIET FOR SOME IN FACT, THEY'VE BEEN TOO QUIET/ I'M 5TARTIN& A SPECfAL PATROL TONIGHT., HOW IS ^< SHE'S BEEN CAPTURED BY THE LOVELY \ A 6REAT-AUNT, PE5MONP. MISS MORGAN, J ANP WE HAVE SOMETHING SjRf rs^-^V xa^^ ELSE TO THINK CF NOW. THERE ARE MORE WOMEN WITH JEWEL COLLECTIONS THAN EVER IN THE HOTEL. WE'LL HAVE TO BE ON DOUBLE ALERT/ MR. p KIRBY. / <L By DUDLEY FISHER you TO AS/, Birr V'OU'f?e OS'W 5 .,, , .. WUBKTM I V LITTLE WOMAN MISTER BREGEH © Kinj Featurcj Syndicate. Inc., 1964. \Vctld right* rejerved. RADIO SCHEDULE WLW—Cincinnati 700—NBC FRIDAY MOXNfN'0 Prayer Period Clock Watcher Clock Watcher riock Watcher WFBM- -IndianapoLJi 1250 News-Weather Fran'. Prater Frank Prater r rank Prater Clock Watcher Clock Watcher Clock Watcher GocMVatcher "Breakfast Club" Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club News Fred LveicU Fred Everett Fred Ev.-reii News Fred Kvereu Everett , : '\pn1t tl :00 News-Session 11:15 Sam's Session 11:30 Woman's Washlnsrton 11:45 Sam's Sereions ______ Everybody's Farm FRH).\\ AFTEKNoo>T News Jack Gwyn Emphasis __J_ack Gwyn News-Emphasis" Tennesse Ernie farm 50.50 Club 50-50 Club so.™ club Xews r red Everett Fred Everett J-Ved Everett ~Xewt Frank Prater Frank Prater <"V>ffer> L. Marott r'rank Prater News-Weather Prater Frank Prater ."J-50 Club SO-50 Club K T e\vs Longstreth Show News Fred Everett Fred Everett Fred Everett Xewr Hob Hraun News Boh Braun ernle Hennar ierni' Herman Rernle Herman tollm ftollin Along Vews-Rollln' Alonf News News Bernle Herman Bernie Herman Rernle Herman News-Rollin' Along Rollin* Along Rollin' Along Rollin' Along News Ptrnie tiermar Bernle Herman Dernie Herman lour Bab And Mine r by Myvtla Meyer Eltfred FRiDAI NIGHT Sports Show Peter Grant Alex Drier 3 Star Extra Comment Back to Bible Sack •.. Bible News-Conference Conference Lall Back to the Bible R.-x'h to thp Bible News Chet Huntley Crustev Square Croslcy Square World fomorrov, \Vurl; Tomorrow tdwii 1' Mor-'ar ^I'hooi of Sk\ Ha' Fryar Hai Fryar HaJ Fr.var H:. Frvar Vouth For America Youth For America News Youth For America Hal Fryar Hal Fr.var Ha. Fryar Ha! Fryar News View* Crosley bquart Crosley Square News Views News Hal ?ryar Hal Fryar Hal Fryar News News Life Lin* Croslev Squart Hal Fryar Hal Fryar Hal Fryar Hal Fryar TELEVISION SCHEDULE 13- ABC WFBM WISH The Symbol C Bplnw Denor** Program In Color FRIDAY MORNTNG Silent Baby Talk Silent En France Silent Silent SUent En France Silent Silent WLW-I Silent Silent Silent Silent Today Toaay Today Today Sunrise Semester Chapel Door Cowboy Clyde 5 MJn. to Live Univ. Mich. Univ. Mich. Silent Silent Silent Silent Today Today Today Todav Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangaroo Jack La Lnnne Jack La Lannc Kindergarten Kindergarten Silent Silent Silent Silent Movie Movie Movie Movie Cartoons Span. T-cours* June Fora June Fnrrt 10:00 Silent 10:15 Silent 10:30 Silent 10:45 Silent CCA Report CCA Report Trigonometry Trigonometry Movie Movie Word. Word (C) _Word. WordJCJ_ Concentration Concentration Jeopadry (C) Jeopadry (C) Mike Wallace Mike Wallace I Love Luc> I I-ove Lucy Kindergarten King-Odie Don Melvotn _Don_Me!voin Don Melvoin Don Melvoin Don Melvoin Don Melvoin Real McCoys Real McCoys Pete & Gladys Pete & Gladys Get the Message Missing Links Missing Links 12:00 Lunchtlm* 12:15 Cartoons 12:30 Lunchtim* 12:45 Cartoons 1:00 Bingo 1:15 Bingo 1:3Q Girl Talk 1:45 Girl Talk 2:00 Movie FRIDAY AFTEKNOON News-Farm Love of Life News-Farm Love of Life Truth Or Search Tomor. Conseq. (C) , Guiding Light Peter Gunn Peter Gunn 1st Impression 1st Impression News Farm & Home World Turns World Turns 50-50 Club (C» 50-50 Club (C) 50-50 Club (C) 50-50 Club (C) Let's Make a Deal fC) Doctors Doctors Password Password House Party House Party 50-50 Club (C) 50-50 Club (C) Ernie Ford Ernie Ford 3:15 Movie 3:30 Dragnet 3:45 Dragnet 4:00 Loretta Young Loretta Young You Don't Say (C) Price Is Right Price Is Riflht Day in Court Day in Court Robin Hood Robin Hood Fun 'n' Stuff Fun 'n' Stuff Tell Truth Tel! Truth Edge of Night Edge of Night Match Game Match Gam« F. Farmer F. Farmer Gen. Hospital Gen. Hospital Queen For a Day Secret Storm Secret Storm Movie Movie Trallmnster Trailmasler Trailmt-ster TrniJma.stpr Superman Superman Popeye & Janie if. Fanner F. Farmer F. Farmer F Farmer Movie Movie Movie Movie Mickey Mouse Club Mickey Mouse Club LAUGH WITH CHILD ^. Parents who can laugh with .heir children (not at them) have a magic formula for lift- ng the monotony of daily rcu- ine out of its rut. Small prob- ems often disappear when landled with this light touch. When 3-year-old Suzy balks at going to the "tcidy" and you ieel she should, try saying, "Shall we tell the bathroom to march right down here to us? Wouldn't it be funny seeing it hippity - hopping down the stairs?" Or, if Johnny kicks while being dressed, instead cf waging a pitched battle, stand back and say thoughtfully, "How can we put those legs in the corner until they behave and still get ycu dressed? I can just see them standing all alone and dripping tears." A cross, grumpy child may be liandled with, "My you have a blue face this morning, go upstairs and put your pink one on.' Shrug And Laugh Even the name-calling which most mothers are sometimes subjected to can be passed cff with a "Oh, now I really don't look like a big nut. do I?" A shrug and a laugh make such remarks less satisfying and may change a child's anger to laughter. Pre-schoolers will be amused and diverted by such ridiculous possibilities and one more chore is accomplished or the day's mood improved, without creating a fuss. The antics of a parent being a monkey, making faces and rough-housing a little, in a childlike fashion, is "giggly" fun. Children love to be silly and feel a close bond with a parent who can be silly with them. Neither is there any harm in a little obvioust easing in a spir- t of fun — but this must be ery gentle at the child's level, ever humiliating. Nobody wants o be ridiculed for his faults cr lis misbehavior. This is belit- ling. The child should have a chance to give and to take it, with a twinkle and a smile that is easily understood. Fun From Housework A sense of humcr shows itself m many ways. It is mother's ability to laugh at the dilemma of housework and say, jokingly, "I'm scrubbing the kitchen so the mud prints will show again." Or, "Yes, our living room is Early American, Davy Crockett style." Perhaps I'm not being too funny. You can do much better. It is not the quality of the joke but the spirit behind it. We have to laugh a little at ourselves and at the situations children naturally create in a home. All cf us become irritated with the difficulty of living with growing children and it helps not to take it too grimly. Good humor and many shared laughs make a happy home. Let your funny side show occasionally. It lessens the tension and your children will remember you for it. Tomorrow: "Bashful Child", Rocky Popeye Magilla Gorilla Mngilla Gorilla FRIDAY EVENING F. Farmer Movie News F. Farmer Movie News Hunt.-Brinklay W. Cronklte Cheyenne Hunt.-Brinkley W. Cronklte Cheyenne News Newy International Showtime (C) News. Weather News. Weather Great Adventure Cheyenne Cheyenne Destry Destry International Showtime (C) Bob Hope (C) Bob Hope 'C) Great Adventure Route 60 Route 56 Destry Destry Burke's Law Burke's Law 9:00 Stoney Burke 0:15 Stoney Burke 9:30 Stoney Burke 9:45 Stoney Burke Bob Hope (C) Bob Hope (C) The Week That Was Route 69 Route 66 Twilight Zons Twilight Zone Jack Paar (C) Jack Paar (C) Jack Paar (C) Jack Paar (C) A. Hitchcock A. Hitchcock A. Hitchcock A, Hitchcock Burke's Law Burke's Law Price Is Right Price Is Right Anyone desiring to communicate with Myrtle Meyer Eldrcd can reach her by addressing letters in care of the'Register and Tribune Syndicate, DCS M o i n e s, Iowa. PROBLEM A DAY Boxing Boxing Boxing Make Spare News News J. Carson (C) J. Carson (C) News Sports Mcv.e Movie News- News- Steve Steve J. Carson (C> J. Carson (C) J. Carson (C) J. Carson fC) Movie Movie Movie Movie iteve Steve Steve Wthr. Wthr. Allen AHen_ Allen Alien Allen Allen "I see where the average family's income has gone up asain with, as usual, no help from vou . . . ." "I hid his golf clubs." News Silent Silent News News Movie Symphony Backstage News MAGNAVOX LOW BOY 260 Sq. In. Screen Walnut With Trade MODEL HOME STORES 23rd and Columbus 14th and Main OPEN 'TIL 8. P.M FREE PARKING DIAL 643-3430 Two squares of different sizes have a combined total perimet- of 112 inches. If two sides of he squares are placed together, he outside perimeter of the figure thus formed is 90 inches. What does one side of each quare measure? Answer 11 and 17 inches. One-fourth the perimeter of the smaller square will be missing from the perimeter of the new figure; multiply 112 by 4, and subtract 360 from this; divide by 2 for the perimeter of the smaller square; subtract from 112 for the perimeter of the larger square. -* Output Of Coated Paper Gets Underway DAYTON, Ohio (UPI) — Mead Corp. has launched its Chiliicothe Paper Co. division into the production of coated offset grades of paper with plans for a $6.75 million construction program. The program includes • three new buildings of coating PEOPLE ON T MOVE WASHINGTON-From 1935 to 1940 about five per cent of the population of the U.S. moved to ether states, but between 1940-47 the trend had increased to 10 per cent. THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW LAFF-A-DAY by Fagaly & Shorten CURRENT SPEED 18,204 M.RM.' " OR3!TOSi,7rl ASTRONAUT, GO".' 3 A-0«AVf SASTH TIMES AND LAMED WITHOUT 50 MUCH AS A 5CSATC^£ eAR LOSE By Jimmy Hatlo They'll Do It Every Time WAT PACHVS4MDRA US SACK ON THc EEAimFUL CROP Channel Chuckles NEVER AUMO OVER HERE/A A BIKINI—LOOK SHE'S WAViM'.AT MAJOR. 'OS r HE SI BATriTU PROSA6LV LOM6 WEAPON A CLOTH ur THAT NIGHT GcTTiSJG- BANQUET IN HIS HOMOR ~ YOU GUSSSSD rr/ Klr.g F?»!urri 5y.-.cJi.-«:e. Inc., 1964. "My appendix was removed in Paris, so I can tell you about my trip to Europe AND my operation." RbOTlN6 FOR 6UIOEO-70UR WHO LIKES TO TAKE SIDE TRIPS ON HIS OWN I*. 1 T T ~» r^ ' '*_-' '"• m-. >^f,j I V-^*^L ^-.' ^O5?2* • MC?/ @^&l£^ WHITE ENRICHED BREAD "You're right'. It WAS Midi ad Anthony from 'The Millionaire;"

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