The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1944
Page 3
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a. ia-n Need For Labor In Plants Acute Additional Workers May Be Drawn From Thinned Farm Ranks »y Unllcil Press U rany jjc necessary to cite into lh<j depleted farm lnbov si"pply m order to meet (he crying. neM foi weii In war plants. The War Mnn- Wiw Commission says war nlnnts n*urt MlflOOftddltlLl, *& within the next few weeks. By the i r x mon0ls Its so" 1 ls «" * l force of 300,000 workers 'V 8n , lri ge(llll s hc] P fro vc Service. Men of military age who are not engaged In * ing or essential Industry nre c The Detroit Schools' Museum _ tty Pl.AlM^o or * T-IT-. . ' JLYTHHVJLLE TrndMonaHsls? Because It accomplishes whiH Prognvsslve.s ' wniil • - -- - SUDE I ir vmi I,.!,,' m i , I 1 ";'"'"'"!* ''liven by u" kUI's Inner Detroit ll,e public scliodJ ( |, ] d K™om. ' ™ Vi 'M y ° !I " t ' )|> s . " llll; ^"'^'t rolnlns Tn, oiicrate a Children's Museum, u ns-i c ° U , 'l^'T'".'""*' "' u """ s ' s wn '» : attention to dc- imst have something on the tall ex [ten.',„ . , S '' ;lctlc '». '"' • "MHormlty U, sensible stand- because 20.000 enthusiastic school »k-«j In t n<'' ''"' " ls sl «' !"' lls of 'W»»Plisl,,,,onl, Jess , v children visit U Individual each eache, w If T™ "" Km|; "f 1 "''" 0 lltout ""Ulludes". Uirec Uy Voar, me under ||, Uc a<luU aupw'. ' ™^'£J^'" «l»ut future alter vlsltln,- u,e C),IWr«i'« A| son while there, and yet learn f o m lennml f, „, W ?, S ' S S "° ws « rcnl ?,""",.'" 13olri)lt T ™M I" Aberdeen 11. How does (he Museum do It, with i>i ,, ' t I 1 " 1 "'' 1 ;' 0 «>'>'»., 'rovi,, fi Ground It, Is s: [ when^r °, f , C V" iUlren <>»»> In th "±± f »' *,.!!!*:, tl "™< 1 ^'<>" tot-co . ^r.,? 1 , 1 * '"-. lh t;; 0k ^ ws " ls iob NKVfS with draft fM of their notices. This of " lcn present Jobs, with os, wi me view (o possibly moving into a foundry or tire factory. But tills may be too slow n pro, H M nCCl imi "«'tate ami crl leal needs. News from the western front n turope definitely .shoivs ' that Diei-c can be no delay. TJiis being the case, WMC Is leaking lo Bgrlciillurc r or additional ™»!»«-er. Its urgent problem is "ins put up to an advisory committee which is composed bf leaders in management, labor and STiciiU p',£ii ^ ^ l!ittel " gl ' ou " '» cll "<« Piesidcnt Doss of tlie National Giange,. President O'Neal of the America,, P flrm Bureau Fcderalloa Prrtlon 6 These men are willing | o SCc , ncn leave _ farms to lake off-season in- lustna jobs. n,,t they hope some type of safe-guard can be set up which will return these workers' o .agriculture when they're needed n«.' Indoors on a rainy Snt Tlic knack of being able to inlet- est kids is Die answer, and tills Is significant, In two ways: the M« scum becomes n common meotim erouml of '.'Progressive" am! "in. dltlonal" teaching; and IfllUistmios one way of getting "visual ah s education" into schools, iiot a ,»" schools have vehement- IV cussed and discussed each other as if no common meeting grounds fould possibly retain the sound prac! tices of each m,d d | SCfll . d t , 10 ' (fi fling - ominyral; secondly, the Army - "f'»e «*«„! materials, ke' •"'"'^I'^ters, displays, snnd , and cut-oius, has reduced instruction time, » m | schools o g to sec if they can prolit from this -' Museum Wtferenl There are 25 or 30. children's mu- scunisin die country, but only two arc conducted by public school systems, In St. Louis and Detroit. The jailer is exceeded In age only by Brooklyn's and Boston's. A great difference exists between an o dt nary and n children's museum. The first, arranges exhibits according to subject-ornithology, Ecology, n, le arts or what have you: the subject ma ter is the point of reference A, thildiens museum, however be ' n ind , . C ', ll l ci ' s icvel ° r iberately amis Its exhibits comprehension; interest- 1 In tho- Museum Itself, which Is simply n couvcrtcd mansion, there nrc four iniijor roum exhibits' per year. This year one was nbont defense. Posters, pictures, and charts lined one room; cases wore full of spears, t;uns, or swords. At one point n liirlle -slii'JI was placed next lo a • suit of armor nm i., mo ,i pl ot R lllllk | In another room an c trnled the principles of . birds to bomlwrs, In the c-clvi'd vlsiuil • ....VIHIL^ UIU..) til ll]l> An.iy. n was striking lo Sl , 0 ),„„. simllnr the miprmu'h was In u>th Pluces; by humor, by skillful i,,,. of color, by models, by eyo-rmcMnr I) J ) -IDJIjm Irt,.* _ ... * ' . "il Bomb Bay Flyer : • "Hi 1 wns orieiillnc 'o Army life more quickly ,„' ,•• »•"- tlJllO lu IClK'tlliit; » Pislol mechanism, nml liio ollu-r «as impelling a .little, girl to Iwn, ;;!„!'"'!'? nr .. IJ !™ t; ".H'- ttm^ Illus from iddle of room; bombers do you o you suppose were "scillcluvl"? Two he- cause the Museum iv well guarded? No, Ihc fonrleon slnlf members mo l/lrt l\iim tl. (..!.! ____ .. . neres capacity is the point of reference. 'Hie organtatioiis arc also 'williiip to see foreign workers originally fa™ work to take Museum house, shop, and studio to nrcinrp exhibits to S0 to schools; is a train ing center for teachers in usini' «± l ^ tl ? ; «"?• besides ,as „ „„,-: off-season lritiiistr'lal""jobs again they want ' Catholic School Group Presents 'Christmas Story' School, under the vision of the Bendictinc thLs morning presented Christmas prog mm nm as high fts „ hundred separate Pieces. They are set ,,p i,, ,,a» s classrooms, or libraries of schools' bomet.mcs they are planned to catch the casual eye as children pass them, sometimes for close inspection in class. As far us it , practical, they can be handled' picked up, examined, thoiighl about Miss Margaret M. Drayton, Direc- ihnnclli- MllSei " n> S!lyS ' "" ^ Chil<1 their for example. anTcomparc 'iHiHli busy iiiinititig nj, ,„„,.,, if ^ it _ _ devices; they have neither lime nor inclliinlioi) to be policemen It Vi knack again. Soim-liow children (Ion i seem to want to spoil things- It would ruin (he next guy's Tun. inc Museum's (ink-t. vunijietciU atmosphere exercises Us own impersonal rcslralnt and makes rowdyism null and totally uninteresting. IiiMonuity crops up everywhere An exhibit about China hiul two sets of luliels. one at a third grade reading level, a second for hHi school students. The first simply told a story about the two dolls np- pe.injjir m the exhibit; the second was packed with information Moth- US seems to stump the stair: now they are, trying to ri'4 njj n three- dimensional Jig-saw "pnralc O f „„ aivplane that will allow the vnrKw parts to be assembled and disman- tlctl. Out of this, too, will growc a t;ame". with » mimeographed wit tester. Lessons Made Intcreslinj; 'leachini; tbrou" lithe eyes no inning, time killing eiilf-rtninmcnt is evident (hrouijlumt the Museum Dill like any ,;;, 0 d leaching, it I- mndc intcrestins so that the stuff ivlll stick. Said a little ,;irl dashinp past Miss Brayton toward the blrf 1 room to study exhibits and n.iswe- Ine riddles on slips o f paper "fin going to gctlN right today or'brenV " '<•!:! 1 saw live children on the uoor around a large board with North America and South Amorlc: pamtcd on it. Lines of .diiferenl colors showed the migration route- oi ihe Baltimore orioles, scarlet lanagcr, bobolink, golden plover •iiKl erasbenk. Each route hail grad- untlans marked on it. Small pic- tmcs of these birds had been cut out and mounted on wooden b;ise<;'proceeded like p; lr chcsi Ihn ii,l»,m.. u,i ,, . _'*-"^- 3 'i students' could' make mode's, or art classes paint posters <,. •wtence classes iliR out Jnfoi-Jimtion oi tiiBllsh classes condense t| u facts for Inbels. Surely with a loach. er or so lo coordinate all this, am "Pine,, to put a „„ (IlsllH} , r V[SU|1] P^l^^So^^ 10 *"' 111 ''''Tot Buys^BoSd With Pay Earned Picking Cotton ;> uncle| m , s i y wo imd ( 'd ra K onl.s very » ! " E •" ' " "" the world, the war is a or.t. nt -ar thlny lo- fot.r R , 1BSe |, Cn , tl|)bc|| wllc » by his fnmllv - '' carolers. wing the play the mmi] were -teil.Ined with a Christmas thr^or^Tta'flVC^ jr of th I riiomi^ arrive nt its winter home ChiUlrei , , ••* «-" J i»4lf,1L'l([]( meeting ground of Progressive and *** Same tangy, zesty flavor- Same superb qualify Same richness - --i>^ Same pre-war enjoyment. It's tlie same Old Original $tQ$]fo Catsup . . . Only the bottle has changed . . . nothing else. Look for it in the War Emergency Bottle. 0 0 3 \ Don't be confute^. Brooks Caitup at preterit U packed in War Emergency Bollfej oi l^1ow^ here. .'. - y Monday nl 8 h t , wllnl nc .' m f rw h lhemo,icv he had !'„',<, "s tail plcklny cotton nlongslilc bis parents and older sJslers Oor- ion proudly e.xclalmcd "I'm tjolnu -o buy R War Bond so Uncle Srm, •an Imvc money to buy bullets (o :lll the Japs," •iJp^} 0 "" 1 ^" 101 '"^''' 10 """ "is wrenls, Mr. and - M ,. s _ p,. mik '"'"lilJell. went (o the local posl- f"' c . " lic '- c u '«> .yau'iB patriot, leuonally purelmscd his War •Shnlnn Criftls, above, o( New Canaan, Conn., recently made, n <lji))i}[>i-oi!s, cold mid imt'oinfort- ab!e trip from Kngland to Sweden, for Use roreirjn Kconoiule Adminislrnllon, lyin« prone in Ihe bomb bay of a lirlllsh Mos- (juilo boijibcr. Oo.i! of (lie mission was to persuade Swedish ' Industrialists lo reduce mnoimt of bnll bciirinds exported to perniiiny. Grinis, n New York im-eslinejil bi-okcr, is now In i'acille as lied Cross cominls- siuiicr for llie 1'acillc Island area. Hose to LOCO during tl, c i.-,, u season. Saving all his money In » inrcu clear BlrAs bowl which depicts 'n sailor, n .soldier and an airman Cordon yoftcrdny had his olclurc mode with his precious bank clutched In his arms Just before ftolnu to ihe poslolflce where It was opened and a bond wiw boiiKhl n Ihe name .if "Ciordon Russell Cninpbell"—to help kill (lie Jnpsi '.^Jamcs Jackson Webb Serve In Panama Dr. James Jack.'vm Webb, son ot ->r. and Mrs. Floyd Wrbb was 1 graduated Dec. in from the' Unl- wslty of Arkansas School of Mcd-> cine in Little nock. ''"sldelit of Phi cm medical Unable to secure enough help to Dr t< w"lb ( l""' 1 "| B '"'" ^" f T-"' JM'..^^ sri£ £rw n ?r& r^i ^ixr v ar b?±« !r? rr f "' ^^- >c left, the lay went along j I™ ™ vc ,",".' KmK ' wllwc llp »'»! 'pick-sack," and his parents' dc-1 tr ?' llilnl "« .o keen a , C cL of" t! m^ S^.«'.»? '"" <^ • — — ^: • __ rAUifl'THRl Should Lonely War Wife Date Other Men? Hy Ktli'Il Mll.l.K'rr Or li , i ' ... li'iiyc has sent me u jotter mltlc'n u> n ' J^li., 01 '".. "J" 1 ".'. kl . low l"B that wives Will i^ t ?,^y$ l<1 ty Hy it urn Mii,i.nn> A soldier about (o i>o homo on li'iivc has sent me u i ot t ci . wjllu , n lo him by his wife w B , lllcl ,".,," an i 1 h'llf 1 ,! 11U bl ' f ° re "<' Kds llu '" ll! ami brnri it f,. 0 in go.ssl|«s slie wanis him lo know she bus been diillng l«i' wife's t'lnbiirrnssed, npolo. i'lici bewlklKviiieni as i'enecled'"^ I bh '''i°>" U ' wtml<l " lnlic llr ° r - iasn'1 yet niiidc nplierjnlnd wiietli- ibsi'i) "I" 1 '" l '" l<v '" lu>1 ' lui ' ibft ' l 'l'« Tljo wife In this case says "1 was -niiply -us nil vvar wives nru Ian.- J. bhe says (be (hllnjj w-ns entirely harmlcxs — but •••••- u o utlii'i-, v lsc~)»s (here arc nl- f tM * (0 sit« snys she loves her husband i ! , M "?"T f01 ' lllhl tD fo >™ loiiH'. Most wives, even munv of 'here who decide tbej ' ra " t 5 net Uut rliibt now sli c l s on the snot 01" IltKllllMfl (C I t "|AJL. Isn't, a, complet9ly JoyfuiX""- siu has r ba!| r , n ° r f °, V 1 ' 1 " 1 ' **""* ..!. ! lns ,W» I" "inkc oxplDimlloiw. ''.'Fe, wouldn't, be such an . •, t''H <H Wiltlon now If-the u'lfii she wr^'fj,".?^ 1 ," 1 ; 1 - 1 ' "^ iisbnnd'B iibseuco! " '" " ' 'P"\\ »>'<•• coiitrt have wiltten u, isk Im it i,c objected to )„.,.„". •""("Ift tmin's Invitation to din- ami an emilnp of dnncliti; or i—and let hls Verdict stimd. TERMINATES TERMITES ^'futZir^t^ie'^ »'(!«*i Jermltc control"r B "n a ion nro.eoi , ou .p,,,,,," 1 ^ niiesi lnl >""'l°"* on „. BRUCE TERMINIX CO Ucwwe of E. 1,. Bruce Si MEMPHIS SlNCK 1DZ7 u| , i. , 1;^,^,! k( tjl . (j][i mount of cotton thc child picked •nd pay him regular picker's-rale. Ulylhevllle |»-lor to new post. to Is a^laj^Gordon jnlherod Head Courier N GIFTS DISTfNCTION —Il'i Smart to Shop At— The Gift Shop Modem A Antlqn, Q lfu MOSS BRYAN would eventually'have to do ; ie of two things: Tell he,' hii.stoiul Hint she, had i en datlni; teforc he came homo KiV'p from riimilni; t hc r jsk ot i» lu-nrlnu about |t tn'm somc- My else. Or s:iy nothing to her ut.uiimi nbont lier Uuii ng< nm | B0 someone And she coulci certainly anilcl- -nli' cltlier of those courses would '« far from pleasant. She jiiljjht veil riifurc timt n f^. ( | n i., wouldn't be worm the price. F" '" _™ U. 1 '* coml "8 'ionic some HOI- i r" "'*'" wii vVr(W]io do it'1 nhlL!?. nra i, any B P°Iogles or real anybody'smalicious remarks. * CAIIO OF THANKS , Wei take this 'meth'od of express J liitl'oiir appreciation, to all tho f wo have come to (iar M M° n« ? '''"^'l Bi'leMivtM Joss "f otir beloved soil ana brotherl God blessi ; .r,icti one for-thel! •. Mr, & Mrs. E. D. Lloyd I Mr. & Mrs.-Clyde Bunchl SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS FLOWER SHOP DRS. NIES & NIES Rectal Diseases a Specialty (f XCFP7 CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 : ^CHnk-CMMnin Blylhevlifc, Ark. ' Phone'2921 LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative 2M Lynch" sMT.,™^ 0 C '; AS .?;, WOIIN tSl'SI "Hl F. B. JOYNER ' MATS and and IIBPLACE URGENTLY NEEDED NOW Rubber Co. the appointment ot Blan Heath Aiito & Home Supply as AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Hagfin, Missouri VaJfey and SoSliff (Prime Contractors) FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on tlie job for workers at §1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions. .Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS T jn are nm engaged In tn essential .ictiilty »t yonr high- «t skin, do got apply. 1 Men nndcr Zl and women uniicr 18 mml h.ivc wane re- Ipnsc form signed hy parent* whlnh can he ohlalncd M Employment Office. Goodrich SilverSown Dealer For Biytheville. , This n^storo w j,, scll the comp|cte ^ ^ ^ ^ - ^ -Bu cd by fhc B. , Good , ch Rubber Co , Sh[pmcnt$ ^ WIN b -H 7 fracf ° rs have becn rcceivcd ' Oth " i -^"«*- w,ll be added as ,t is available. Thc present locator, at 425^ Main St wi.l be , em ode,cd as soon as conditions permit t6 gi.e Bly»h.r,.f. one of the mos t n,odcrn auto store and super service station. The Blon HcoH, Auto and Home Supp ly ,, owned by Blan ^, V,r g( n ia L,ttle Heath and Tom A. Little Sr. M, Little is super: r.smg thc business until and Virginia return home from armed service. Mr. R. G. Edwards is manager of this new firm. He has many years of experience in servic* station and tire business. Along with the Goodrich Silvertown Store, this new firm will op- ortto a complete super service station, selling Good Gulf Gas & Oils. Now equipment is being installed for auto washing and fubrica- titm. They invite your service station business. Drop in and get acquainted. They know you will like their friendly service. '* BLAN HEATH AUTO & HOME SUPPLY 425 W. Main Phone 828

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