Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on December 15, 1914 · Page 6
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 6

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1914
Page 6
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SIX IOWA CITY DAILY PRESS TUESDAY, DEC. 15, 1914. | · ·**· X AT BROWN'S AMERICAN Tonight "PERILS OF PAULINE" 16th episode, starting the first of the final 5 installments r u n n i n g consecutively for 5 weeks every Monday and Tuesday. Also'a roaring "COLONEL HEEZA LIAR" animated cartoon corredy. Don't miss this excel ent program. Admission iQc and 5c WEDNESDAY ONLY Engagemer^ Extraordinary The most spectacular ni'. e film ever produced. "Tue Wrath of the Gods" «! y a'I the * **** S H O W I N G A VOLCANIC E R U P T I O N SO CLOSE AND SO REALISTIC. THAT IT SEEMS I N C R E D I B L E . '·The Wrath of the G°ds" was acclaimed a rr-asierpiece New York Critics during its record breaking emjagei*-e".t £ Strand Theatre. D!SPLA\ ED I N 6 ACTS AT BROWN'S /CAN WEDNESDAY ONLY. THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Barbara Tennant in "When Broadway was a Trail" FIVE ACTS CALENDAR FOR TODAY. West Side 'uppecer. Club with Mrs. le st I the chureli ^ i t h a beair.itJ 1 music-ale. | :".:e gined organist and di:ec'.or eir.^-| Miss Mary Kli^a Hiu-hv. 1 s. and a j K 1 soloisis. H. O. O^Gra^:". Isaac KuLir. , ;.te:n aad Mary S. iso-.: The , no:." 1 \\;-. a-#o a: iis be si. : Sam 0:1. * * ,, » · « -::: riii.:.- .1. ::oaor ::·?. Ji)h-:=on o: ·?..-!·..: a; j;n:..' C A L E N D A R FOK TOMORROW 01 ·,,- Dr. F. C. Ensign Is Honored · ir. K. C. R::s:j,n. d.-: !o**a u:il-ers:*y. has " i ien: o: '.he S(K-i*-'. Fr:er.a.^ss. \\ h:eh is do:: :or::: v ork arson.; the d ·:i;Vr* -! -r.r:o. or the ni.:- ,-:.d »Isevi hr"V ::i Io\va. elected for ' 5u IHUC'J re TODAY Iowa Theatre Imp Drama "Three Men Who Knew" Sterling Comedy "His New Job" -**- ·*** POLITICS' r Jos- Drao. propr:«rtor , s-*| I il ll n:ok::v--reo:n Mis. John .*llanlon. 5-r :! .»ni J j a-.-v.arJ. Verne lor^ :icf Freeman. P,o .v;.''. Gt-r.L--. :t-\ Arsuilla. steward? I Soldiers, sailor;, ship's | etc. j Ac: I--Deck of the steamer. Bo::the St. Clary's auditorium i var. harbor of Porto Banes. Sunday. The play was presented "In Politics", as briefly recorded herein, last eveni-is. scored a great '. ~. »v,« Gr Ala-i-'= :v;r!"Tr»*--'*.T!l i · ar. iiii.ju- u- j: u-LU jj^iiv.;-. Act 2--Three hours later. The Jos-i Consulate of the Urv.-ed States. Porto sie'.-i strong support-] eph J. Grady. the popular youn : suranee and realty man. in lie lar ro'.e. and with a ins cast, from first to last. i S The St. Mary's alumni and alurr.-j nae are certainly entitled to praise j for ihe excellence of their various I | impersonations. T'.ie cast is a well- | s balanced one. including some of the! | nest talent in Iowa City, and those j * who witnessed tlie spl:~- - " j tainment hope to see the sawe 2rc**:rl of actors and actresses :*i .^-i _·.-·-·[ Dlay erelong. Many who missed the; initial entertainment, and have since heard of its merit from the delighted attendants will press the little COXE- ·jiany for a repetition of this same of- ferins-some day during the current ::i-jBanos. Time -- Present. Place -Pvrto Banes. Republic · ·'.:ja. C--:~r2i America. I 19H-191S ! -r.i:.i -' A'.d o:~ ;: ' (.··. · of ' M thod:-=T La. a Deli? Garrsn-.a uan.s:!a serori chapter house. -:·-;,':..:u-.! i hur- i \V. Jones. 7« Z. C. B. J. Society Elects Officials. The 7.. C. P.. J. ?0(ir--. '/- ithan.t !. -r.. Charles Chadek. vice i:vde:T. Ot:; -r oft'kials o: -his strc-:a r,ohe:r.Ia:i- Aru-rkaii organization ari- a-= 10. lows- Secretary. James Aibreciu. . Jlnaneial secret:..:}-. J. ^'. Kadlec - u-ras'^rer. Mrs. Joseph Koni alinka: Wednesday Victor Drama The Little Grey Home .'i-.r!vs M. ·· eph ; -r.i ni:::.- Mary Xlka. irustee. A'bert T:-_u !·:!· :=; Mrs Rose- =(«-!;.i Sterling silver tIiim')U-s. A. M. Grec-r. oe:r.s With Harry Myers and mary Theby. Animated Weekly Mrs. Currier Entertains lira;. V Rassln?. e.- ; i "· "-t Socieij .v. l-*-r hoir.e Ir.s. A verv :n"ere^'.irs;i session ·.·.·:: "·.-Id. Prof. K:ac-h^r read a p.rper on "'· · erman-Amvrica'.i Poets". · :« -^ A Haystack League Al Cong. Church The Ha*, stack Leas'-ie held a i'o:sa:- c:r:-vh last t\eii:ns. *--» *--» Csrey League With Chaffees Tap CV.rev League continued mission siudy st i'~e C evening. CF Ul WEST LOS! IS Flfit *--**-- Prc?. Shimek Tells of war. Iowa onened the basketball season on the hc|ne floor last evening, with _,,,,, t s. 5'j to -2-2 'victory over ihe Iowa Wes- winter. " ! leyaa five. Altho somewhat one-sided- Mr. Grady has displayed exception-* ^e contest was interesting and warm al talents heretofore in ihe realm of -. y contested throughout. The \Ves- footiighis, on the amateur stage, anci iejan quintet afforded excellent prat-- justified the faith of his manj - ad- ^' ce competition for the Hawkey es mirers. in his superb interpretation an( j pui U p a plucky battle with the of the delicious comedy role that has j a( j ds tremendously against them, been made so important in this rich xhe Iowa five showed exceptional comedy--but a -comedy thaz is -not allj ear -, v seasol i form, and this forecasted laaghs". for There S.TS many moments; successful season if'they hold true of thrills in it. To those opporrmiif=s i IQ " T - ne -: r showing last evening. Ban- } good sized audience at the Scott ' church last evening, many braving : Virginia Ciiy. Xev.. Dee. 13.--Th uhcsts that tenanted ihe oUl Iiuern-, tional hotel vill be homeless tonigh. Fire that broke out eariy today swep 'through the high ceiled sample rooir. .hastily climbing the winding walnu. } balustrades and scon !e:t the riches · storehouse of memories of the srol I ! west a heau of bricks. The -laternji i tional was built by Maeky. Flood an''. i Fau~ in the days when the Comstoe" ! ]Lode was making them multi-mi'- Saturday King Baggot, in "The HOI Stream brings up anew the much discussed phase of the law--circumstantial evidence. Parallel cases to that featured in two ree! Imp. OLIDAY We are making VERY SPECIAL PRICES all this week on - ? v-w ?.] Pretty Casserole Dishes in White, Silver Inlay, Brown und Green. All the frames are Triple NICKEL PLATED and guaranteed. There is ,| no gift which equals one of these dishes, as they were selected especially for Christmas presents. Priced to sell at $2.49 to $4.98 All new designs and only one of each pattern., SEE WEST WNDOW. SMITH CILEK Christinas Hardware tat Gray's Raisins. page S. See our aJ on 1M5 Prof. Bohumil Shimek addressed a, lionaires and it seemed that Virgin::-. City would stand forever. All th? 5uests escaped, although one of their. the cold to hear the noted, savani ~ gmithers" of Reno, had to jump fj.- his life from a second story windo-\ The building was owned by Mrs. :~ Rolfe of San Francisco and the ir. surance was nominal. fine' Points made by item. Dutton. i\.er- parts in the comedy, and everybody j ~-ck an There were numerous otner ot secona !mirab:e j string men and the latter , in holding: the visitors as Dr _ nd Sn~der also shov»-ed up well who had anything to do-great cr j as "d:d also J^cobssn. Parsons, an able small-'-made good". As a conse- j veteran -as "mere _«ili L fie good- quence, there were iaushier. ap- in the secona nenod Coacn plause. and eonsraralations. for *v- sent in a largennaioer eryone in the following ad cast: Brooke Travers. alia? "Sieve" Hill.: the vr.rsity. Joe Grady. ! Simeon h-'s valet, alias "Jirri''- Dodd/Joha Suepoel. Chafer Hyne. wireless operator for the Red'c line. Henry Hotz. ^olc-iei John T Bowie. States "consul K Porto Feller. ' tell of the "European *--»*--* West Side Club At Ruppener Home The West Side Ciub was enjoyably entertained -at the home of Mrs. George Ruppener this afternoon. Varsity Glee Club at sh a rori The University Glee Club will give a concert at Sharon. Center this evening. Titzeli chaperoned 2 at Good Te3m Work The feature 01 -,ae game teamwork displayed by : Although having seen in trailing | wo weeks, their^ work *as Poli . United land they nacaiea tne o»al ii^e ^ Banos. Jack j | well-oiled -ac-hine. ihe line-up aac suianiary: Eat Gray's Raisin?.. See our Round of Pleasure. '·Well." mused six-year-old Harry as he was being buttoned into a clean v, hite suit, "this has been an exciting week, hasn't it, mother? Monday we went to the zco. Wednesday I lost a tooth. Thursday was Lily's birthday party. Eriiiay I was sick, yesterday I had my hair «ut: and now bere i nm rushing off to Sunday school!" Amateur Couldn't Hurt Him. ·- Imperial Rome. Testy O!d Woman--"There now! I * There are various estimates of the guess you won't go around poking : copulation of ancient Rome. One fig- your nose into other people's busi- ^ ure given by Gibbon was 1,200,000. aess after the raking I just gave you." ; Baker, in his notes to Montesquieu's Reporter.--"^-'cll. dcn't get proud ; "Grandeur and Decadence of the about it. madam: you didn't hurt my | Romans," gives good reasons for Uiink- feelings much. I've been insulted by i ing that Rome's population was 2.000,- oxperts."--Life. j 000. The city had within its walls, ia [ the time of Theodosius. 48,332 Qabita- ' tions. built, as a rule, witn several Merit :n Overcoming Obstacles. ! stories. To seek to .io only the easy things ! · of life is a foolish and suicidal choice, j for anybody, even a nonentity, can do j these things. T-ct us care, rather, ic j do things, the o'.ercon-ing of ~blrh will briDJ: to us moral strength, z. tested fortitude, end n wl.ler esperi- i ence of "he deeosr meanings 01 uu-' man life.--Chris'ia.n Register. Your Parents' Diplomas. Daily Thought. "The greatest test of friendship, it seems to me, is the knowledge that one may tell the truth to a friend with the certainty that no offense will be taken."' Daffy, a secret service detective.; iowa Ralph Moylan. j Xevins. Snyder Rev, Arthu- Sostiek. Timer Ri"S. j BannicV:. Byer? - Lier.ienani Pc-rry, U. S- 5. Oregon, j r U tion. Kerwirk r,lf-rrili Curtis. I Parson-. Tiek:lr. Samuel Codm-n. captain of :!*. Boll-j .Tac-obser., Fe:=iC-r var. Red C Line. Merril C -.riis. General Sar.:os Campos. Pres'.-ient o: San ?.!ana:i?.. Her.ry Corso. Dr. Vas-uc-z. health officer t .Por: r?. T-^ichael Corso. Gabeline vTesios Service Calls Answered Bay o? PHONE } 4 | Sur.smr.r..: -- from ir.icv: i T ' - N-.-·"-? -. rntto:: 1 !. Jaco'.-.-er. 4. K^rwi-'k 2. =n ion 'i. Car.-:?^;'- "·- Gran" 2: frO:T. fo"is. W. j rl ·"·. Bannick Gran: \Vahi :or.r. E?r.- :. Parsons \Ves- Go?.3= . R= r - Sigma Chis Entertain Dr. anci ?. mos: enjoyable dinner iarty Sigma Chi house Sunday. *--**--* Tea at Triangle C!ub Rooms A delightful tea was held at the Triangle Club rooms this afternoon for the ladies of the c-iu'.) members The r.cs:e~?e= for T he function were: }te=dRraes Waliams. Loos. iicClint- ock. Bordwell. Peirce. Aumer anc Van Horn. P: Beta Phis Enlert a ifJ The Pi -Phi sorority entertained at dinner or. Sunday in honor of the freshmen c:rls at th° chapter housp. Notable Eventt At Evans Hcrne A ?:· o'clctk dir.ner will be- rivryi -*.-, »vpn:nT at the Mvans" home ir. ^ . . -,, ~*ff V^'Q^QT-^TS--^; tl" 1 ^ *-V£'T*t I'OilOr.IjL^ .»;r^: Johr.=on o: Sheffi°:a. Iowa. Officer^ o: the par^nts-t acl:°rs association 11 r-e zuests also, i^aier in the mm 1EEO OF i CUSP Paris. Iee: 15. -- President presided over a meeting of the Frenc": cabinet this morning- at the palace c. Eiysee. All 'the ministers were pre.-- ent with the exception of the mir.iste. ' of war. Alexander Millerand. who i · at Bordeaux Acace. A decree was sisned setting Deeorr- ber 22 a? the date of the opening c" ".-·oth ho-ises cf parliament. The mir Why Pheasant Is Valued. The renown of the pheasant as a SW.S bird is due to its skill in hiding itself on the ground, the fine shots that it offers when driven from cover, and the cpportunitips it affords to the fine art of cookery. Letter Help. Have a box at hand in desk, into which slip interesting articles, v.-jtty stories or poems. When writing to friends, choose from the collection sue!! as would appeal to the individual. If you are not in the "writing ir:co.T" Careful Worker. City" Editor--"For a beginner, that Although your parents may have no ; new reporter see ms very particular college diplomas, remember that they j not . IO ma k e 3^- mistakes." Assist- are graduates of the school of ex- j ant ----Y es; i told him to write on. perience. in which you are the merest one side ot the paper 3^4 ^e -wanted treshman.--Youths Companion. to 1^0^- which side!"--Judge. IT COSTS SO LITTLE xs art! greaJ liy that ^ @ *£5tet!tdat f u -fr r r . "· ., .!/ ; roora sbc-Jd be ~~_ ~ (^v ^T-^ ".^t: ~?csQt dyyi'zfii ~=^^_ A Fixture -~zS~ f o r e v e r y *" ^EH ?'**"3t"-2S ceed '^ _- displayed in " « siwwtoom. WM.J. V»H!TE P!umbinc-and Heating Sick Headache. Si:-.v headache is nearly always r -a"as£d by disorders of the stomach. Correct them and the periodic at | tacks o: sick headache will disappear |r.5r?. Johr. Bishop o: Rr-=e~::le, Ohio I wrft^s: ·""About a ;. ear ago I was tron- s'clfd ~:th inc:sest:cr. ar.i aa-a sic"- j h^r.dacae tl.a' lasted for two or tare-' j days P.-. a tirr.r-. I doeior-c-d and tried t \ nuE\ber of r^-mc-di^s "r-::t nothing help id me until d-iriiig cne of those sici _ sp-el'.s a friend advised me to take | Chamberlain's Tablets. This medicin* · "e^i^vc-d TT- !r. r. ~"~"~ "" " "·· j sale by all d~7rc:-t?. t' eve- : si=-r of^Snance. Alexander Rioot. e?,-,,itese supplements will be greatly ap- alained the bill referring to provision- preciated. al monthly credit, after vrhieh the c-al:-? inet decided tc ask parliament to rote six provisional monthly credit- in order not to hare the nations" defense having to exist from hantl 10 mouth and so that the armed force" may be able to continue the war wit"necessary energy. ning. Ajrs. Johnson will andres? tne; afscciation members at the higc =choo". Y. W. Cabinet Entertained The Y. W. C. A cabinet and board was entertained at a spread a: the hor.:=- of Mrs. George Rig'.er on X. Cl : .r.:Dr. ?tr--t ".a?" -·vrr.:i:r- Ad CJub Session Th'jrs-ay Evening ~: ·· ~.r~'a Cry .'·-·'. f 1 S J ' "ill inee: ir.* ^*on^":"i-rc :«.i C. \ } rooi-i^ or - BRITISH R E N E W EMBARGO. j Lor.tlr3. T'-c. -r..--A ?i ; ecial iss'ie o~ th 0 OfficJ?! Gazette proclaimed th prohibition -of tr.p exportation of sin"- linp oil. aniline ?alt. and pi:-ric acltl and it? components. ~o -ail destinr- tions This snr-ouricenient amends th ·oroclamation of Xovember l fl _. which permitted the exportation of these articles -o the Unl-ed States and to European ports of the aihes. -·"It was only after considerable e*~ fort on The part of Consul Generr kinn^r that the British govemmer. :n its dpcre 17 - of November cons'ir.'e to p.Ilow anil:re o" to go to America The Prophesied Completeness. We rejoice in life beca'-se it seems^ ' to be carrying us somewhere: because" its darkness seems to be rolling en ' toward light, and even its pain to be i moving onward to a hidden 103". We " bear with incompleteness because of the completion which is propiitsied and hoped for.--Phillips Brooks. WHEN YOU WANT G E R E E R Call 19 I BREWING CO. Iowa City 4 Iowa tir- -=.-- -"- "T'..' Congregations! Choir Pleases T:.f- Cor.2TC-g er.tertair.'d an ~;, : rfrd r P i EVANGELICALS DEDICATE. :.'.'·· Kvar^i-f?.! ·i-y was dedi.'atec SurJay bv Sprens: of Napervfile. 1:1. H ·· was a??is»t-d by ?«-T»ral prornm-n- d - v"i«--= of The d^noTT.ination he-aded ";·;· R*v. Smay. row :n charge of the T^-.:-el cor.ffrf-gat^or.. and througn w'los-: -rfor'f the mov-'-r.ient for the n^-w eo : (s . ,-g^^g Th c '-hur;h Is Tr-odern : . every resrett. FOR Pasteurized Milk and Cream Oysters Ice Cream, Ices Sherbets CALL 217 Sidwell's Dairy We close on Sundays at 12:30. Open frem 5 to 6 p. m . No evening delivery The Iowa City State Bank New Departure in Banking Will tct administrator of year estate. Executor of your will, iian of the property of Minor children. Trustee for tae execution of *.'.l kinds of trusts. Besides ootag a general banking bnsineM » heretofore. U. S.- Depository la Bftofcrcyt State by appcisUne^t ot ti* TeAenl Coort. The Best Safe Depoilt 7aralt in IOTTB. Capital SIOCMXXX »urp!u» and Profit, $50,00001. EC CUD 3A?CDERS, Pre*. WM. XUSSBR, Vice Pres- P. A. KORAB, Vloe Pre*. M»r. GROYESa S- KBQUTH. C5a»h*r. Board cf Dir*ctor*. 3. W. -RIC 8. W. MEBCani EUCLID SAXDfia *· F - CLAPP P. A. KOBAB W. I. PRA.TT WH. K. SCH7SETD2R WJ£. W. ». CANNON, ML Get the Bumm Worse, Phunny Pheliers By Gross £.. F. O'BRIEN JOHNSON COUNTY AUCTONEEft will cry sale?, all kinds of sales, and I am workinsr for the interest of iny patrons. Date you sale with me r.nd oblige. Address me at Iowa City, Iowa, R2 J will drive to vo*.:r residence. Telephone Farmers' Mutual. SiocP Iftefife | - 7P£ GtQi£ COKE \ fSPAPERf

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