The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEH BLYTHEVII/LE (ARK.) COUIURR NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1047 Telegraphers Accept Small Pay Increase NEW YORK, Aoril 21. (UP) — Tlie Western Union Telegraph Company nnd the Commercial Telegraphers Union (APL) reached a contract agreement- yesterday providing a five-cent hourly wage increase and other benefits for 50,030 employes outside of New York City. The contract also provided for increased social security benefits, a dues check-off plan under which non-union members nlso would pay dues, a continuation of maintenance- of membership, and a 13- week sick leave. 'The contract wns retroactive to -April 1. CTU President J. A. Payne, ol Kansas City, who signed the contract for the union, said lie was not quite satisfied with the provisions, but "the industry was about to go on the rocks anyway and that is the best we could got out He's Set for Vacation Afloat or Aloft of them." \ Echidna Is Little, But He's Strong \. {^^^Igr^'^fePSfl^^l^ [*• -—'*^-r._-'_ _>'••'., • " 'r^;'/'.' r ' l " < "' ' '."-. " ' - "^-- 'WT^Sii SYDNKY, Australia (PU)—Fantastic feats of strength attributei to the rabbit-sized Australian echidna (spiny anteater) have lost their legendary air to a Sndnoy I man who caught one. •He put it in a four-gallon tin B»r.e. covered with a heavy sheet of galvanized iron. The tin and iro.i went into a 12-gallon copper kettle and the lid of the latter was weighted do\vn with bricks. A few hours later the man returned to exhibit his find—and found: The The "iiirtrnft cuvrjcr" Dicst-l y;icht Krce/iii' Thru, pictured above, is .soim'thinii supcr-duper in viittilinii ernfl, deviled by its owner, Henri Sproll, retired hotel man of Los Anodes, seen in rowboat, ritilit. 'ilc equipped ywht with hmnrhmg hoom ;md deck space for his 'l-passenjjer am- Dhibkui nluiie, in preparation for u cruisu to South America. lid |;ushr<i off the tin, Die ropiiiT oveniihlit. Ily iiiorniun the animal lid pushed aside anil the e.-lndna had pushed a Miwivy dresser, a ta- llle, chairs and .several boxes from the walls to the center of the room. 1 '/.unionists -suy the traordinary strength tlnou'-:li leverage ii s tie body obtains by use of its quills. A South Australian ccnly shut one up in r"hidiias ex- is ubliimr 1 muscnlal 1 1U- tlie .strateiiii; The only Ihiin; in the kitchen that hadn't been moved was the gr; stove and that \v:i s bolted to the floor. expert r--' his kitchen Eeiul Courier Nevrs Want Arts. by Gwen Davenpoit; Distributed by NEA SERVICE; INC. Wldnw ill nit I n U-r 11:1 II mm I banki-r, him hull Itvvil comfortably tin Iho Uivirrn inttll the wir. In JUT iisirly nro Vli-tnrln Jriiklnn, IUT i;rninl - il:iui;H(cr; Sliirct'l I'l'rrnutf, im elderly Frrm-hnum ivlin I- li.-r ].,ir(niit ill Sir Cluirlr di-n, lu-r ljuth bmiKtit IhR ul*l v on r.\f1uslTi- fit: . Godfrey JMuiislir i InK In ;m old 1 on her riinsri ' wiltOn to Mm. hurt hu Slit: S OPHIE remembered the instant she became conscious thai waking today was dilterent from \vak- • ing yesterday, but it was another - instant before she knew why. The ! letter! She reached under her pil- * low, drawing out the cheap en velope addressed in splotchy blacl ink. Lying flat on her back, sh '. unfolded the single sheet nnd re at ^ Hie letter again. It was brief. • **My dear Sophie: - "Since yon so much wish it, should consider myself child is indeed not to accept your ofVer t . a-home in the spirit of kindncs which, I am certain, nrom.ptcc your thinking of me. I was aw; of course, that you had come • America, having read the intei view with you in Variety. Is doubt you arc lonely hi yoi - widowhood. It will require a Ic days for me io wind up my aftai here, so I shall let*yon know at later date the exact hour of n arrival. ^ *^ "Godfrey." It was exactly like him, c Iraordinarily like him; pompou without warmth, a lit lie cone . Ecending and with its dignity ji - slightly marred by cliches "lonely in your widow hoot *„ "wind up my affairs." Surely, - least they could not now, thought - Sophie, be allair-j ol the heart.' i She b-".-i a few cays : grace, then. which (o nccustom Marcel nnd • Chiirles lo the idea oE CJod- ey, They disliked him, she knew, men seemed lo dislike him, obably out oC jealousy, although nrcel insisted it was oultiiC loy- y, because Godfrey h;ul treated r i-o ishnbijMy. Yet Hiere was ore to it Ui;m thai, and it must jealousy, for she remembered ;U Ikisil VnsMov, who hud never en Vnet Godfrey, ns it happened, id also conceivt(1 for hint this olenl and unreasonable dislike. Since .she had not thought of t:\H for mnnths, Sophie was sur- ised to find him .coming into her ind now, in connection with oclfrey. This was no lime lo under what had In-come—if any- g—of that irascible critic. She ust devote her thoughts today Cndfrey; it would require tad ncl delicacy to explain, her action inviting Iiini, \FTF.R hreakfast, Sophie mado her inorniuj-t enirahce into Uio tudio, jK-cepliiiii happily IM ihutes to lier bounty in Hie roc •oaule- fjown. "This moi'uinor we havo an in- crview witli the press," she ,^;ii I thnu^hl you wouUln'l mind. 1 ' "Nuw, Soiihie, 1 ' he protested : you promised mo no inlci rnp ions. 1 am just slarthi;;. This he most important cUiy. \N r e can it have an interruption," At that instant there was minor interruption in tho form Charles, who opened the ciuur cautiously. "I did promise tins interview," Sophie told Maml. "I'lensu don't be temperamental." T-,i Iho butU-r, silic 1 said, '"Come on in. Sir Char and vcad to us, We're ready start." She sctiled herself in her ]>nr;e, picking up the mcudin;; which l^y- ready In her hand. Marcel started work and Sir Cliai'lcs resumed bis rcaclui:; nlcud of, a rather ::tilted Eii:;liiJi transla- tion of "Lo Ctd," H was Marcel's sharp fti' ];eard the timid kno«*kini£ at tho ! dour. The artist threw tip his arms in irritnlion and Sophia broke her pose. ^v ir'ftjfcl "What is it'?" she prilled. '' *%• It was Bridget. "A young Incly ! 1o see yon, Madme. She says she's a reporter." ^ "Quick, Sir Charles," commanded Miuhuue, "hide my mending basket! And take my gkisses. It would be dreadful to luivc It knuwn that I darn 3-0111- socks." * * * r PHK girl who entered with businesslike briskness was stocky, bespectacled nnd nut over 1H years of age. She evinced no .si^n of .shyness in the presence of the lady as she transferred her pad and pem-il to her left hand c> extend licr right in greeting. c\ little taken aback, Sophie re- poiuled with outslrelchod hand md said kindly, "Come, child, hat's ritfhl, you've nothing to be • if raid of." She: was not used to >ooplc who were at their ease be- shc jnit them there. "This is sicur PorniuU, a groat painter. And this Is Sir Chavlcs Madden." o\v tin you do," 1 the yirl said politely to Marcel. Sir Charles, acknowledging his introduction, also said, "How do you do." She turned and noticed him in sui'prisi!. "Oh, J thought you were the butler Mr. Hathaway told mo abuut. me." "Hut he is Iho butler," Sophie cried. "The yrealesl bulier in the history of the Knglish-stage." "In my day," said Sir Charles with (lii;nity, "I have been butler In all the best families in the drama." "I\ly name is Elsie Flaherty," the girl said, unimpressed. ''I'm from the high school in Goose Xeck. 1 won the imUest lo by the otic to interview you <hirini; the :s, j .summer for the fall issue of Tho to Scimitar. Thai's cur magazine." "Sit down. Miss Flaherty,'' said Sophie, ".sil down/' She tbiew her liL-ad back inlo Iho I'o:;e and waited with pleasure for the questions she had not heard far so tony. ..... (To Be Continued) vi'C£j Ifow Indiaii.s Did H THEMONT, 111. MJP) — Junics Shcijpcrtl, Trcniont cnt'ir> collector, u.scti Lo wonder how tlu; indiaiis could iniikc ])cr!cct hatchet.s and arrow head;; with unly stones f° r tools. He dt:ci<Ecfi lo try It hltnsulf. Uiiny only a piece of hnrd rock, lirpjiertl uu'nrcl nut a .s to tie bat- rhrl hf'n<j £<> perfect that expert H at refused to believe it was not a» itiithentk: Indian relic. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Ilwy 61 ill Slale Line Phone Hlvthcville 714 Let Us Holi) You— STOP DRINKING There is no medical remedy for drink . . . but we can help you resist its influence! No cost U you —only co-operation. JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous !*ox 873—Rlythrrillc, Arlt. IJ I de^-c shopping since Dad got so stingy about tho bills—1 always run across something I need so bad 1 cl positively die without ill" For Limited Time 4% ON FARM LANDS n medium si/e and Uir^c lnu;ls. 'o o\lr;is. Full ri'|Kivmcnt privi- t-ei.-. i:i; us rou QUICK SKIIVICI-: ON FHA LOANS For I^iililtn- or Kr|i:iiiin-. Alsi) Auto Truck and Tractor Ijiniis. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over (iu:iriVs Jcu'i-lry Store UlyllicriUi.-, Ai-li. ]ia Sure! \ INSURE l With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Norlli Second For Complete Protection lilTTNEK IS A MEMBER OF THE AMLWAUKEE FIRE D£PT. AJ.&tBEMJ, Milwaukee, Ms. Lawnrnowers . . . ExpcrHy sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Have New Cars Arriving Every Week • • Pont iocs Fords Chevrolets Plymouths and others Place your order Now for Immediate Delivery We Pay Top Dollar j>r Clean Laic Model C.ns BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and Main S: LOST HI \i=£CrfJi5^ f& . LIFE THROUSH HIS 2EAI-FOR HE WAS KILLED WHILE/flTEA\PTIN& ' TH E ^"J?ATEP O*~~ ' TO A\AKE A.5TUDY OF THE WORKINGS CF A VOLCANO DURING ERUPTION. ANSWER: Axlclrccs arc parts of a carriage. NEXT: How nrri to play golf. Arkansas Sfatc Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade'A'D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sacks Purity 99,5 Germination %5% LIMITED C1QHI PER SUPPLY ylOU TON Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansa^ WASH TUBBS ?" Oi'-W. PF.TTIFBR! NO EOUGH STUFF! WE HMtE A JO& FOR WU TO FlMISH AND UCM'T WANT TO HURT Thai's All 1'or Kasy JlOWLV EASV E.A.ISES H>5 HM4DS-THEN ) IN ft FLASH KNOCtS THE GUM ftSlDEJ BY LESLIE TUKNEB Our Board ing House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way ByJ. R. Williams TIED RYDKK Flaw in I ho »Y V. T. HAMI.T KAT WILL YOU BO IF fV AlriER WChS i\CO££ 1-YXRiUEt . A\^KE-L)f\ Bia /Al STAKE -'RE.O . R1DSR Fl*. PLAN TO , AND O^ \'OUR sv,\V HOME- AFTEH n Vcf\KS, j'J DROP IU AMD HftNle i VOUR HEftD r . J )/CERTIFIED ( BVATKE& SUR HERE , YOU TAKE "THE SECOMC 5HiFT OF 5M.-\k.E SUM ~m' BLUE SKIDS, TH' SOMG OF 6ICCS AH-AAAH- SEtYlEE^ 1Ue EVES.' COULTJ J EVER Eft-SUCH MftRKS- WAS. „_ ..... ACCIDENTAL ? fc~—!>^ _ Where Are You Going? BY EDGAR MAJiJTi^ Tlirco-liasc Hit t\X t\ft\)t TO ( U. | VUNUH , ( j j. / YOU \/ I/MD TO. CHILI. ' WAIKSO. I HE WAS GO;N3 TO KILL TACKY.' YOJ 1 YOU. T CC'.'KiD HIM fl?hat I saw when I looked througK Ithefirtulvanss'frontv/indow jotted I me right down to the heels. TV,'<\SAS;;_.. VIC WAS RIGHT AND 1?' SOME:THING T£« WAS Kfi HAS HAPPEN :3.'^a^5 fa ^ ? e « lI,lf!fllI!l^Tif s». < y^W.-=g-^ *=n£= ^ jfZiiX&f-^rP?, ' •••*' ' f-zi

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