The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on November 3, 1948 · Page 33
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 33

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1948
Page 33
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Thirtythree Journal-Every Evening, Wilmington, Delaware, Wednesday, November 9 i rii o . Market Sags After Election Wave of Heavy Selling Touches Off Losses To 6 Points in Key Issues MARKETS AT A GLANCE : STOCKS Weak; market cracks on election selling. . BONDS Weak; heavy selling in rails. COTTON Higher; general buying. WHEAT Firm; short covering. - CORN Firm; followed wheat higher. OATS Steady with other grains. NEW YORK, Nov. 3 UP). The stock market went careening downward today for one of the sharpest declines in a couple of years. - The Republican upset touched off heavy waves of selling from all parts of the country. Losses ranged . Xroro 1 to 6 points. Slight signs of a rally appeared now and then but none of the recovery moves had any punch. . Turnover topped the 3,000,000-share iriark for. the full session, sec-ond largest total for the year thus far. " Monday's business amounted to 1,220,000 shares. . Most key issues opened a full hour or more later, some not for three or four hours. Selling orders were so far out of line with buying that it took some time for traders to arrive at a price. . Exchange officials said the widespread delay was almost without precedent. . Among the sharpest losers were TJ. S. Steel, National Steel, Youngs-town Sheet, General Motors, Chrysler, American Telephone, Commonwealth Edison, General Electric, Dow Chemical, Allied Chemical, Goodrich Tire, Montgomery Ward, Caterpillar Tractor, Coca-Cola, U. S. Gypsum, Nickel Plate, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Standard Oil (N. J.), Phelps Dodge, Bendix Aviation and Schenley. Cities Service slumped more than 5 points at one time in the curb before coming back a little. Also down were Ashland Oil, Humble Oil, Pantepec Oil, Niagara Hudson Power and Electric Bond & Share. Declines Widen On Bond Market NEW YORK, Nov. 3 iJP). Selling increased and declines widened in the bond market today as trading continued brisk following the election results. Losses ranged more than 5 points. Pennsylvania Central Airlines, for example, was off 54 at 43 near the start of the final hour. : Losers of two points or more included American Telephone and Telegraph 2is of 1947, Baltimore & Ohio 6s, Central of New Jersey 5s of 1987, Chicago & Northwestern 4s, Denver & Rio Grande Western income 4,,2S, Hudson & Manhattan income 5s and Missouri Pacific 5s of 1977. Among the few gainers, on light trading, were American Tobacco 3s of 1962, and Firestone 3s. U. S. governments were generally unchanged in quiet dealings. On the foreign dollar list, several liens lost from fractions to more than a point, including Denmark 41.2S, and Australia 3 Vis of 1956. Closing N. Y. Stock Prices (Approximate as Shewn on Beard. Net Official Closing FfgnresJ Stock Market Averages Compiled by Associated Press 30 Ind. IS Ralls IS Ut. 60 Stocks Net change ... 43.9 43.6 dl.2 d3.0 Today ... 91.9 43.0 40.4 67.6 Previous day . 95. R iS.n 41.6 70.6 1048 high .... 8.7 48.1 42.3 73.4 1948 low - 83.3 34.2 38.0 60.3 What Stocks Did Compiled by Associated Press Wed. Mon Advances 29 645 Declines 1054 214 Unchanged 49 195 Total issues 113 1054 Reported daily by Laird, BisseU Meed, v OnPont Buildinc. A Prev. Close Last Air Reduction Alaska Juneau Allied Kid Allied Stores Allis Chalmers Amal. Leather ......... Amal. Leather, Pfd Amer. Can. ......I. Amer. Loco American Radiator ...... Amer. Roll. Mills . Amer. Smelt. & Ref Amer. Tel. & TeL Amer. Tob. "B" American Viscose Anaconda Copper ........ Armour & Co Atchison Atlantic Coast Line Atlantic Refining Atlas Powder .. Atlas Powder, Pfd lOOli B Baldwin Loco 1434 ttaito. at Ohio .. Barnsdall Corp. . Bendix Aviation Beth. Steel Boeing Airplane . Borg-Warner . . . Bridgeport Brass Briggs Mfg. C 1 ..... . Canadian Pacific Carrier Corp. Celanese Corp. Certainteed- Prod Chesapeake & Ohio Chrysler Corp Coca-Cola .. Columbia Broad "A" ... Commercial Credit Commercial Inv. Trust . Commonwealth & South. Consolidated Aircraft . . Consolidated Edison ... "Container Corp , Continental Can Cont. Diamond Fibre ... Continental Motors Corn Products Curtiss-Wright Com. ... Curtiss-Wright "A" I Deere & Co. Dist. Seagrams, Ltd. .... Douglas Aircraft Dow Chemical DuPont Common DuPont $4.50 Pfd E Eastman Kodak Elec. Auto Lite Elec Power & Light .... F Federal Mogul General Electric .... General Foods General Motors General Motors, Pfd. Gillette Goodyear T. 6s R. .... Goodrich Co. Graham-Paige Great Northern. Pfd. . Greyhound Corp H Hayes Mfg. Hercules Powder Hercules Powder, Pfd. Hiram Walker ..... 1 " Industrial Rayon .... Int'l Harvester Int'l Nickel Int'l Paper, Com Int'l Paper. Pfd. .... Int'l Telatel 24 22 3'.i 3 190 184 19'i 3iSi 31 337s 32 4s 414 45 li 80 22'i 20?s 15'. 1514 30 28','j fl!i 58 V4 15314 1321s 6454 02 70 67 38V 3514 113 108'4 59 56 42'i 41i 604 56 lOO'j lOO'z 1434 14 141k 12 40 38 35T, 33' 39 '.4 37 2fi 24 . 63 58 9'4 9 33 Vi 31 II '4 lOli 14' 13 15 ll'i 34 32-s l.V;i 14' i 38 37-;j, 0'i .; J 50 T. 146 23 22Vi 49 47 42 42 3 3',4 9 91 1 24 23 40V2 36 35 34 10 9'i 8 8 62 li 61 J'4 9 24 li 23 38 36'. a 16 16 5 " 54 li 49 4714 181 1761s 119 4414 4i'4 47 . 46 23 21 19 17'j 4714 41 42'i 40 40 SX'i 3 62 121 3414 32 48 46 64 60 3 3 48 45 li 11 11 9 914 47 4.V2 123'2 123 25 24 47 43 30 28 33 31 li 59 57 1 i 98 12 11 Prev. Close Last jonna-Manville . ... Joy Mfs & Kennecott Copper . L Lee Tire Sz Rubber Liggett & Myers Lion Oil Co. Lockheed Aircraft Loew'a 15 M Martin, Glenn L. . Montgomery Ward PhUip Morris it Co. N Nat'l Cash Register 44 Nat'l Dairy Products ... Nat'l Dept. Stores ...... Nat'l Distillers Natl Vulcanized Fibre. Newport Ind. .. . New York Central North American 16 North American Aviation. 10 Northern Pacific ...... O Ohio Oil Oliver Farm Equipment . P Packard Motors Pan-Amer. Airways Paramount Pictures Penney, J. C. 40 35 60 40 881 44 20 1S 59 3714 29 16 18 12 17 18 21 36 32 4 9 22 47 19 9 58 65 39 35 "B" Penna. R. R. Pepsi-Cola . . Phelps-Dodge Phillips Pet Pullman Co Pure Ol K Radio Corp. of Amer.. Radio Keith Remington-Rand Republic Steel Reynolds Tob. S Schenley Dlst. Sears-Roebuck Simmons Co Sinclair Oil Socony Vacuum Southern Pacific Southern Railway Southern Railway, Pfd.... Standard Brands Standard Gas 471 Pfd. ... Standard Oil of Calif,.... Standard Oil of N. J Standard Oil of Ohio .... 27 Stewart-Warner 14 Studebaker 26 T Texas Corp Texas Gulf Sulphur . . . Timken-Detroit Axle . Timken Roller Bearing Trans-Western Airline Twentieth-Cent. Fox . V Union Bag & Paper ... Union Carbide (new) . Union Pacific United Aircraft United Air Lines United Corp"., Pfd United Fruit U. G. 1. .. United Merchants & Mfg. D. S Ind. Alcohol U. S Rubber, Com U. S. Rubber. Pfd U. S. Steel U. S. Steel. Pfd W Warner Bros. Pictures . Western Union Westinshouse Airbrake . . Westinghouse Elec Willys-Overland Woolworth Co. Worthinston Pump Ex-Dividend. 13 8 11 32 36 29 42 29 26 19 59 48 65 23 25 70 80 ... 60 ... 69 ... 21 48 ... 11 .. 20 ... 33 ... 43 . . . 92 ... 27 .... 13 .. 44 ... 54 . ... 22 14 28 46 134 84 138 10 19 38 27 9 45 38 32 87 39 86 41 19 13 12 56 35 42 27 15 18 12 16 15 15 9 19 33 29 4 8 21 45 184 9 54 62 38 32 12 7 II 30 35 28 41 27 21 17 56 43 22 67 77 27-,-; 13 24 57 :. 20 46 13 19 31 41 87 26 1 i 43 52 I 13 27 44 132 7!t 135 9 18 :ii'i 25 8 41 16 New Charters Filed DOVER, Nov. 3 (Special). Charters filed with the corporation department of the secretary of state's office follow: Otilce Equipment company vi .uit5 1 office furniture. Capital $100,000. Prin-J cipal office, the Corporation Trust com-: jjany. Magnetic Inductor Company, trademarks, etc. Capital. $10,000. Principal office, the Corporation Trust Company. Texas Alberta Company, oil, gas. etc. Capital. $2,500,000. Principal office, the Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. . Little Farms Corporation, food products. Capital, 1.000 shares, no par. Principal .office. Corporation Guarantee and Trust Company. Omaha Scientific Supply Corp tools nd materials. Capital. $150,000. Principal office, the Corporation Trust Company. Dojama Eastern Corporation, advertising business. Capital,' $25,000. Principal Office, the Corporation Trust Company. . Merit Foods. Inc., food products. Capital, 500 shares, no par. Principal office, the Corporation Trust Company. Goss Realty Company. Inc., real estate. Capital, 250 shares, no par. Principal office, the Corporation Trust Company. - Dobbs. Chevrolet Co.. automobiles. Capital, $110,000. Principal office, the Corporation Trust Company. - Dolphin Steamship Corporation, boats. Capital. $100,000 and 1,750 shares, no par. Principal office, the Prestiss-Haii Corporation System, Inc. Delaware Tongers' Association, Inc., promote the welfare of tongers. Capital none. Principal office, Frank E. Baily, Milton. Local Securities Reported daily by Laird, Bissell & Meeds. Bid Asked All-America n Aviation 1 2 Atlas Powder. Pfd 100 10l',i Jos. Bancroft & Sons Co.. Com. 11 12 Christiana Securities, Inc. . . . 2900 2960 Christiana Securities. "Pfd 146 Continental Amer. Life Ins 42 45 Delaware Floor Products, Inc.. 30 33 Delaware Power & Light Co 16 16 Delaware Railroad .Common .... 42 45 Diamond Ice & Coal. Pfd 108 110- DuPont, Pfd ...118 11914 DuPont 37 Pfd 9614 96 Electric Hose & Rubber 16 20 Hercules Powder Co., Pfd 122 124 Remington Arms 4 5 Warner Co., Common 18 19 Wilson Line Co.. Common ... 40 42 Central Nat'l Bank, par $100.. 180 Delaware Trust Co.. par $25.. 68 Equitable Trust Co., par $25.. 67 Farmers Bank, par $50.. 4o Industrial Trust Co.. par $25. . 75 Security Trust Co.. par $50 . . 96 Wilmington Trust Co., par $25. 110 Ex-Dividend. 70 425 80 103 114 ed v U. S. Treasury Report ' WASHINGTON, Nov. 3 (P). The poition of the Treasury Nov. 1 compared with corresponding date a year ago: -Receipts, $80,868,47350; $84,289,-875.02. Expenditures, $87,958,965.13; $53,-630,105.84. . - Balance, $4,704,034,951.84; $3,719,-81328955. . Customs receipts for month, $1,-427,334.38; $1,868,849.73. . : Receipts fiscal year July 1, $11,-604,271,494.80; $12,269,465,661.57. Expenditures fiscal year, $11,632,-605.683.18x; $12,160,659,208.22." "Excess of expenditures, ' $28,334,-188.38y. Excess" of receipts, $108,806,453.35 Total ; - debt, $252320,723,860.07; $258,855,750,999.48. .' -Increase . over previous day, $8,-114,02524. ' - Gold assets, $24,006,750,983.62; $22, 336.69629227. " x $12,445212,879.12 counting for (feign economic cooperation trust fund expenditures. y $841,041284.32 excess of ex penditures counting expenditures above. -, J. C Hayward, Spanish , ; ..War Veteran, Is Dead J EASTON, Md. Nov. 3 (Special) Joseph - Chamberlain Hayward, husband of Mrs. Nettie Boyce Hay ward; died at his home on Dover Street, Eastoa,on Sunday after an Illness of several months' duration. He was 69. t? ' -.'- Mr. Hayward, a veteran of the Spanish -American War, died in the home in which he was born, a son of Robert and Elizabeth B. Hay ward.. He had spent practically his entire life in Talbot county. He is survived' by" his widow, brother. Dr. Bailey Hayward, of California; two nieces and oephew. , . . N. Y. Curb Market Reported daily by Laird. Bissell & Meeds, DuPont Building. Prev. Close Last Alum. Co. of Amer . Amer. Gas & Elec. Barium Steel . ... Bellanca Aircraft ... Cities Service, Com. Cons. Gas, Balto. .. Diana Stores . Elec. Bond & Share Humble Oil Int'l Pet., Ltd Kaiser-Frazer Monogram Pictures Pantepec Pennroad R. B. Semler Solar Aircralt technicolor ....... Ex-Dividend. 58 53 41 3! 6 5 . 52 49 ! 63 62 ! . 61 14 12 80 73 12" 11 10 JO 3 3 11 10 8 ; 3 8 10 8 12 12 Commodity Prices Foreign Exchange NEW YORK. Nov. 3 (JP). Foreign Ex- hange rates follow (Great Britain in dol lars, others in cents): Canadian dollar in New York open mar ket 8 per cent discount or 91.87 U. S. cents, up of a cent. Europe Great Britain ("pound) 14.03. unchang- I; France (franc) .31 15-16 of a cent, off .00 1-16: Italy (lira) November fixed rate .001739. October .001739: Sweden krona) 27.85. unchanged: Switzerland franc) (free) 25.46, up .03 of a cent. Latin America Argentina .(free) 20.60. off .02 of a cent: Brazil (free) 5.50, unchanged; Mexico 14.47, unchanged. Dollar Stocks Sag On London Exchange LONDON, Nov. 3 (). The Lon don Stock Exchange marked dollar stocks down as much as $4 a share at the opening today in anticipation of Wall Street weakness as result of the Democratic election surprise. There was little or no selling, however, and elsewhere the market was quietly firm. The premium usually paid by London buyers for dollar stocks was down from 29 to 28 per cent. Reported daily by Laird Nemours Building. WHEAT Open High 223 li 229 Si Company, Dec May July .... Dec May .... July .... Dec. Mar. May Cotton Market NEW YORK. Nov. 3 . Cotton futures advanced as much as 12.55 a bale in early dealings today, influenced by the election results. A good part of the advance was later lost on hedging and profit taking Considerable covering developed on the theory that the new congress win continue friendly to agriculture and price support programs. Fear mat tne nign loan scne-duled on the 1949 cotton crop might be lowered appeared to be dispelled, with the new crop deliveries sharply higher. Nearby months experienced tne pressure of hedge selling. Late afternoon prices were 11.10 a Dale higher to 20 cents lower than the previous close. Dec. 31.04, Marcn 31.02 ana May 30.79. Grain Market CHICAGO. Nov. 3 P). Grains took the astonishing election news with a mild show of strength today. It was felt the result meant continuation of the long range price support program. prices were up around a cent at the opening, and this gain was increased slightly in later dealings. Commission nouses ana local traders bought. There appeared to be some covering by previous short sellers, particularly in the 1949 wheat contracts. Wheat closed l-2 higher. December I2.29-J.29. corn was -l higher. De cember $1.38-, oats were - higher. December 78. -tye was unchanged to mgner, December 1.80. soybeans were un changed to 1 lower. November $2.52, and lard was 10 cents lower to 10 cents a hundred pounds higher, November J18.95. , Heart Attack Fatal To DuPont Employe Thomas Feeney, 52, of 6905 Garman Street, Philadelphia, who was associated with the DuPont Company, suffered a heart attack wnile working at the experimental station this afternoon and died shortly after being admitted to the Delaware; Hospital. The county ambulance took him to the hospital. : 1- Chicago Livestock Baltimore Livestock BALTIMORE. Nov. 3 VP). (USDA Cattle 300: bulk of salable supply in tended for Tuesday's market but scattered sales steers and cows about steady; few lots medium 1000-1060 lb steers 23.50-24.50: few lots common to good cows 17.00-20.00 canners and cutters 13.25-16.00. Calves: 175 heavy slaughter calves form- ins bulk of receipts; market not establish ed; good and choice vealers and light and medium weight slaughter calves quoted steady at 27.00-32.00; top 32.00; common and medium 20.00-26.00. Hobs? 500 Few scattered bids 25-50 cents lower, but salesmen asking steady and nothing sold. sneep: 15 Notning in eariy; quotations nominally unchanged on all classes. Lancaster Livestock LANCASTER, Pa.. Nov. 3 (U.B. Livestock market: . Hoes: 86. Local lightweights, ' S24-25 good and choice. 160-250 pounds. $ 25-127 250-350 pounds. S24-S26; sows. J21-J24. Sheen: 37. Ewes, all weights. J4-J10 Iambs, choice, spring. J25-J26; medium to good, S20-S23; common, U4-J18. Cattle: 921. Calves: 156. Vealers, good and choice. S33.50-t34.50: cuU and com mon. S1S-S26: cows, choice. S20-S21.50 cutten and canners. I13-J17.75: dry-fed steers, choice, $37.50-140; common. $23 $26: bulls, aood and choice, $27-$30: heif ers. good. $27.50-$30; common. $15-$20. Grass-fed steers, choice, $32-34: good, $28-130: common. $18-$24. Heifers, choice $2S-$30; good. $24-$26; common. - $15-20. Bulls, good and choice. $22-$24, cutters $15-$23. ... 220 ... 2041i 206 CORN ... 138 139 ... 142 143 ... 142 143 COTTON 3127 3127 3119 3123 3090 3100 Low 228 220 204 138 141 141 3103 3095 3078 Last 22! 221 205 138 142 142 3107 3097 3087 CHICAGO. Nov. 3 UP) (TJSDA) .Salable hogs 6.500. total 10.000; slow; steady on butchwrs; sows steady to weak; top 25.00; bulk good and choice 190-380 pound butchers 24.75-25.00; few odd sales down to 24.60; other weights scarce: few good and choice 150-180 pound 24.00-24.50: good and choice 300-400 pound sows 23.00-24.00; 400- o50 pound weights 22.50-23.25; good clearance. Salable cattle '7.000. total 7.000: salable calves 600, total 600; fairly active: slaugh ter cattle steady to 50 cents higher: gen erally fully steady; bulk good and choice steers 30.50-38.00; few choice loads held at 39.00 and above; package prime yearlings 41.00; medium to low-good shortfed steers 26.00-30.00; . good and choice fed heifers 27.50-33.75; few good beef cows up to 23.00; common and medium cows 17.00- 21.00; canners and cutters 14.50-17.25; most medium and good sausage bulls 22.00-23.50: bulk medium to choice vealers 28.00-32.00: stockers and feeders slow but mostly steady. Salable sheep 2,000, total 3,000: all class es fully steady; good and choice lambs 24.50-25.50; top 25.50: good to choice led westerns with No. 1 pelts 24.00-24.25; good to choice Illinois fed yearlings 22.50; load good td choice North Dakota ewes 9.50; choice ewes held above 9.50. Produce Markets New York Quotations Daily report of N. J. and nearby produce of the N. Y." market. (USDA) NEW YORK. Nov. 3 VP). Trading was fair on the wholesale fruit and vegetable market today. Apples and lettuce ,sold at higher prices. - APPLES Apples: Bu. bskts. and eastern boxes TJ. S. No. Is 2 in. min. unless otherwise states; New York Hudson Valley Mcintosh 3.00, 2 in. min. 1.75-2.00. unclassified 1.50- 75: Northern Spys 2.00-2.25. 2 In. min. 2.75, 2 in. min. 1.50. Cortlands 2.50-3.00, 2 in. min. 2.75. 2 in. min. 1.50, un classified 1.25. Delicious 2.50. 2 in. min. 3.00, unclassified 1.25. R. I. Greenings 2 in. and up 3.00, Jonathans 2 in. and up 2.00; Champlain Valley sect. Mcintosh U. S. fancy 214 in. and up heavy to large size 3.25; western N. Y. sect. R. I. Green ings 2 and 2 in. 3.00. Twenty Ounce 3 in. min. 2.75. Pa. Golden Delicious 2.00-2.25. 2 in. min. 2.00-2.25, 2 in. min. 1.75, utilities 1.50-75. Crab apples: bu. bskts. western N. Y. sect. 2.00. Hudson River sect. 1.75. Beans: Lima bu. hampers poor to ord. qual. N. J. 50-75; L. I. 1.25-2.00. BEETS Beets: Pa. bu. bskts. topped and washed 90. Bunched N. J. 1 3-5 bu. boxes 50, per bunch 3. L. I. 1 3-5 bu. boxes 50. Broccoli: Bunched Pa. 4-5 bu. box 8s 1.75; N. J. eastern crts. 12s best 2.50, poorer 1.75-2.00, 4-5 bu. box 8s 1.50-2.00, 1 3-5 bu. boxes 8s 1.50, 12s 2.00. L. I. 1 3-5 bu. box loose 1.50. Brussels sprouts: Per qt. L. I. 20-27. few best 28-30, poorer 15-18; N. Y. Catskill sect, few 20-25; L. I. bu. hampers 3.25-75. Cabbage: 50 pound sacks N. J. domestic round 90. Danish 1.00. red type 1.25-50. N. Y. Hudson Valley sect, domestic round some small 60. Danish 1.00; western N. Y. sect. Danii..1! 70-1.00. red type 1.50-75: Pa. Danish 1.00; L. I. red type 1.25-50, Danish 75-90. 1 3-5 bu. boxes 75, cantaloupe crts. 1.00. red type best 1.50. poorer 75-1.00. Carrots: Topped and washed N. Y. Orange Co. sect. bu. bskts. 75-1.00, 50 pound sacks 90, Adirondack sect. bu. crts: 1.75-2.50; bu. bskts. Pa. 75-85, fair qual. 50. L. I. 75-1.00; N. J. 1.12-25, poorer 75, 1 3-5 bu. boxes bunched 40. Cauliflower: L. I. crts. 12s and few 14s 2.00-2.75, poorer low as 1.00-1.25. L. A. crts. purple type 8-10s 1.25. CELERY Celery: N. Y. western sect. 16 in. crts. Golden Heart ord. to fair qual. 2 doz. 3.00-3.25. 3 doz. 3 25-4.00. 4 doz. 3.50-4.00, 6 doz. 3.00-3.50. 8 doz. 3.00-3.25. 10 doz. 2.50-3.00. Pa. crts. Golden Heart 2 doz. 2.50. 3 doz. 3.50, 4 doz. 3.50-75, 10 doz. 2.25. N. J. L. A. crts. Pascal ord. qual. 75. ceiery caoDage: Eastern erts. 75-1.00. Celery knobs: 1 3-5 bu. boxes N. J. 10s 1.00; L. I. 75. Collards: 1 3-5 bu. boxes 50-75. Cucumbers: Bu. bskts. fair qual. 2.50, pickles 2.00. Dandelion: 1 3-5 bu. boxes 75. Dill: Per bunch 10. Endive-Chicory: 1 3-5 bu. boxes N. J. 65-75; L. I. 50. Escarole: 1 3-5 bu. boxes N. J. 65-75; L. I. 50-60. Grapes: N. Y. Hudson Valley sect. 12 qt. bskts. 1.40-50. Horseradish: 5 pound bundles washed packed locally 1.7a. Kale: 1 3-3 bu. boxes 50-75. Kohlrabi: 1 3-5 bu. boxes 50. Leeks: Bunched N. J. 8s 75-1.00, per bunch 8-10: L. I. 10. . LETTUCE Lettuce: N. J. eastern crts. Big Boston 2 doz. 1.00-1.25. Romaine 1.25-50. poorer 1 00, Iceberg type, eastern Iceberg crts. 2 doz. 1.25-50, L. I. 1 3-5 bu. boxes ord. qual. Big Boston and Romaine 50, Iceberg type 50-85. Mushrooms: 3 pound bskts. extra fancy and specials 1.25-40. discolored 1.15. fancy and med. 1.10-25, poorer low as 1.00. buttons 1.00-1.15, spois and opens 75. poorer 40. pts. 20-22, few best 23-25, poorer low as 18. Onions: N. Y. 50 pound sacks Orange Co. sect, yellow Globes 1.65-75. Elba sect. yellow Globes 1.65-85. Oswego sett, yeilow Globes 1.75-85, Canastota sect, yellow Globes 1.65. PARSLEY Parsley: Pa. 4-5 bu. boxes curly 90-1.00. N. J. bu. bskt3. curly 1.00. L. I. 1 3-5 bu. boxes plain 1.00. lugs curly per bunch 10, root 1 3-5 bu. boxes 75 per bunch, curly 10. Parsnips: bu. bskts. Pa. 75-90: N. J. 75: L. I. 65. Pears: N. Y. Hudson River sect. Kieffers bu. bskts. small 1.00-1.50, li bu. bskts. i.oo. Peppers: N. J. bu. bskts. and hampers ord. to fair qual. Calif. Wonders 75-1.25, red 75-1. S5. other Bullnose type green 75-1.00, red 1.00. poorer 60. Radishes: N. J. lugs red 75 L. I. lugs red 40. 1 3-5 bu. boxes black 60. Stallions: Per bunch 3. Sourgrassr 1 3-5 bu boxes 50. Spinach: Savov type Pa bu bask 85: NJ bu bask 75-1.00. light pack 60-75: L. Is. 1 3-5 bu boxes 75-85. light pack 50-65. Squash: NJ Acorn bu bask 1.25-50. small and fair qual 775-1.00, Hubbard bu bask 1.00. 1 bu hamp 1.75-2.00. Butternut bu bask 1.50. Potatoes: Bu hamp Jersey type 2.50-75. small 1.35. goldens 2.00-2.50. small 1.00-1.25. Red Skins small to md size 1.50. Swiss Chard: 1 3-5 bu boxes 75. Turnips: Bu bask White Pa med size 75-1.00, large 50; L. Is. 1.00. Philadelphia Quotations PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 3 (U.R). Trading rather slow on the local wholesale produce market today, according to the Federal-State Market News Service of the USDA. Firm to "slightly higher prices prevailed for white potatoes, cabbage and spinach. Sweet potatoes about steady on good stock, dull and weak on others. Apples, dull. APPLES Apples: Bu. and boxes. .Pa. Stavmans 2 in. 3.00: Romes 2 in. 2.50: 2 in. 2.00; Red Romes 2 In. 2.25; Golden Del. 2 in. 2.50: N. J. Golden Del. 2 in. 2.25; Paragons 2 in. 2.25; Stavmans 2 in. TJ. S. utilities. 2.25. Potatoes: Pa. 100 pound sacks Katahdins U. S. 1. mostly size A. 2.50-2.65; mostly 2.60; some best 2.75: bakers 2.75. a few 3.00: TJ. S. 1. size B. 1.00-1.25: mediums 1.35: paper sacks Katahdins U. S. 1. mostly size A. 50 pounds. 1.35; lew nigner; lew low as 1.25; 15 pounds 45-47. Cabbage: Pa. 50 pound sacks Danish types 75-85. few best 1.00; ord. to fair 50-65; N. J. bu. hampers Danish type few 75. SWEET POTATOES Sweet potatoes: N. J. bskts. Jersey type yellows mostly fair 1.00-1.25; few 1.35; special mark 1.60; poorer 50-75; mediums 75-90; No. 2 s. 25-60: reds 1.00-1.25; poorer 75. Md. bu. washed goldens 1.75-2.00; Puerto Ricans 2.00: poorer 1.25. Spinach: Pa. and N. J. bu. Savoy type mostly 75. few N. J. 85; poorer Pa. 60. Beets: Pa. per bun. 2-3, small 1. bu. topped 85. Carrots: pa. bu. topped and washed, 85-90. Broccoli: Crates bunched N. J. 12's, 2.00-2.25; some best 2.50: fair 1.50-1.75. Mushrooms: Pa. 3 pound bskts. 1.25-1.35: few 1.40; fair 1.10-1.15; per pint 21-22. CELERY Celery: crates Pa. Golden Heaft various sizes 2.50-3.00; fair 2-.00-2.25; Pascal large sizes 1.75-2.00; N. J. Golden Heart 3 doz. 3.00; 6 doz., few 3.25. Snap beans: Va. bu. hampers Valentines 4.00-4.50; a few 5.00; fair 3.50: poorer low as 2.00; Bountifuls 3.00-3.50; some best 4.00; ord. to fair 2.00-2.75; poorer 1.50-1.75. Lima beans: Va. bu. hampers 2.50-3.00; few higher, ord. to fair, 1.75-2.25. Turnips: Bu. white N. J. 75-t85, Pa. few 75. Pa. 50 pound sacks rutabagas. 1.00. Parsnips: Pa. bu. bskts. washed 65-75. Radishes: N. J. lugs 24 bunches. 1.25; bu. bskts. 1.00: Pa. lugs 24 s, 1.00. EGGS, BUTTER Eggs: Market easy to weak and lower on all Mid-Western eggs and one to two cents lower on nearby specials. Some buyers were holding off early In anticipation of lower prices while others bought close to needs. Nearby medium in excessive supply some quarters and demand slow. Wholesale sales consumers grade A extra large 70 to 71; large 68 to 69; medium 56 to 57. Wholesale grades specials extra large 72 to 75: large 69 to 73, medium 57 to 59. Extras, large, 57 to 69; medium 52 to 57. Butter: Market Irregular: 92 score easy and lower, 90 score one-quarter cent higher. Undertone unsettled. Demand fair to good. Wholesale sales grade A bulk 60 to 62 cents, Grade B 58. Speaker Cites Farms' Needs Sussex County Agent Lauds Work of 4-H Clubs During Talk to Smyrna Lions SMYRNA, Del., Nov. 3 (Special). "Agriculture It's Challenge to Service Clubs" was discussed by William Henderson, Sussex County agent, at the Smyrna Lions Club Monday night. Stating that agriculture needs three things: better equipment, more aggressive leadership, and inspired youth with faith in the future of agriculture, he said that men in service clubs have the oDDortunitv and challenge to en courage young people toward an interest. "The strength of a nation de-nends on the strength of its agri culture." he said, and further, "nations wane as their agriculture wanes." He cited the importance of better seed, better livestock, crops, anrt mofhinprv nnri the need to protect the soli for future genera tions. Praises 4-H Clubs He spoke of the value of the work of 4-H Clubs and the F. F. A. and said it was his belief that every boy could benefit by a course in vocational agriculture, by giving him an understanding of its problems. He urged the Lions to lend their support and encouragement to farmers. The speaker was introduced by Edward Schabinger and the response was given by Davis Turner. Robert Dunning, presiding, introduced two guests. William Derbyshire, guest of William Kruchen, and Robert Stevens, guest of Mr. Schabinger. Turkey Shoot Planned Invocation was by Lester Meyer, who also made a report on the plans for the turkey shoot to be sponsored by the Lions at the Clayton Gun Club on Saturday, Nov. 20. Membership certificates were presented to Lester Meyer, George Smith, and Clifford Jones. A panel discussion on the departments and functions of the United Nations was conducted at a recent assembly at the John Bassett Moore High School. A brief history of the United Nations preamble was given. The quizmaster was Gene Short, who introduced the speakers. Taking part in an elementary school assembly were grades 4-1 and 4-2. with recitations by Louise Mills. Gail Lurty, Harvey Smith, and Patsy Ramsey. I uoituary Sergeant Smith Rites To Be Held Tomorrow Military rites for the reburial of Sergt. William I. Smith, 19, who I died in France, Aug. 8, 1944, from wounds received the previous day. will be held at the Chandler Funeral Home, Delaware Avenue and Jefferson Street, tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment will be in the Methodist Cemetery at Cherry Hill, Md. Delaware Post No. 1, , American Le- j gion, will con- ' duct the military service. A son of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Smith of Rockland, Sergeant Smith was inducted into the Wilham I. . Smith service Aug. 12, 1943, and received training 'with the Rainbow Division at Camp Gruber, Okla. He was sent to England in June with the oke of tne vaiueoi me wuii29fcn Division, 11th Infantry. Clubs and the F. F. A. anai Tjfy.r ntprirnr tho crvi cr geant Smith was employed at the San-Nap-Pak Manufacturing Company at Rockland. He attended the Alfred I. duPont School at Tal-leyville. Surviving are his parents; four brothers, Ira Smith, Rockland: Wil-lard C. Smith, Florida; Carlton C. Smith, Montchanin. and Lester B. Smith of Boston, and three sisters, Mrs. Irving C. Lamphere, Lancaster, Pa.; Mrs. Arthur Sweede, Montchanin, and Mrs. Harold Judeflnd of Wilmington. Pvt. T. J. Zaborowski Mass on Saturday Heart Attack Fatal To N. Joseph Tomat A heart attack early yesterday morning was fatal to N. Joseph Tomat, 56, of 825 Monroe Street, who died at his home shortly after returning from his work at the General Motors plant on Boxwood Road. Friends may call at the Russell O. Griffith Funeral Home, 902 Delaware Avenue, between 7 and 9 o'clock tonight. Funeral services will be private. A native of Austria. Mr. Tomat came to this country when he was nine years old. He came to Wilmington six years ago from Savannah, Ga. Before going to work for General Motors, he was a dredging engineer for the U. S. government. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Lib-bie Mae Tomat; two children by a former marriage, William and John Tomat of Savannah; one step- of Philadelphia; a brother, Frank Schwartz of Philadelphia; two sisters, Mrs. Rose Wiggins, also of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Jean, Goldstein of Baltimore, and five grandchildren. Oliver. W. Harman Oliver W. Harman, 51, of 48 Taylor Avenue, Richardson Park, died last night at his home. Surviving him are his wif, Mrs. Lillie Harman; a daughter. Miss Esther Harman; five sisters, Mrs. William A. DeCorse, Cranston Heights; Mrs. John T. Norris, Chadds Ford, Pa.; Mrs. Alice Pierce, Elsmere, and Mrs. Philip Kennedy and Mrs. Erma Street, both of Whiteford, Md and a brother, Charles H. Harman of Wilmington. A son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Harman of Whiteford, he had formerly lived in Baltimore until coming to Cranston Heights about a year ago. The funeral will take place from the McCrery Funeral Home, the time to be announced later. George F. McConnell George P. McConnell, 78, of 210 Newport Gap Pike, Cranston Heights, died this morning in the Wilmington General Hospital. The funeral will take place from the home Saturday morning with requiem mass in St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church at 11 o'clock. Interment will be in Cathedral Cemetery. Friends may call at the home Friday night. Surviving Mr. McConnell are a son, Harry F whom he lieved; two sisters, Mrs. whom he lived ; two sisters, Mrs. Mrs. Jennie Proud, Wilmington; six grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. A coppersmith, Mr. McConnell had worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company 27 years before retiring 20 years ago. He was a member of Aerie No. 74, Fraternal Order of Eagles, and an honorary member of the Cranston Heights i Fire Company Death Notices ENNI-In this city. member Walter W.. husband of Reecc. of 53 Avenue B.. Claymont. u J j, years. Relatives. frfJS Jjim rerdi-Pont Post. No. 1. American Lin r er nand 8oeer Post. 1?'X, to Tittend Claymont Fire Co.. are invited I w r the funeral service ','"' "nei, oa Jones Funeral Home. Claymont. , we- Friday mornln. November 5. at Sriend Interment at Lawncroft Cemetery. rr,cuu may call Thursday evening. HARMAN In Richardson t'gR,, Street, the time and place of intermen to be announced later. HAYWOOD In this city, on November I. 1948. Laura Mae, fJ''f.JEZ; wood. ared 44 year; , .Rj1"- JoSii-and members-of the VnUtA Otder ol a ail-lean Fishermen, are invited to attend tn funeral services at ti. ru isit on Church. Eleventh and Poplar Streets, on Thursday .afternoon. November . o'clock., interment at mv. . flrrf.i tery. Friends may call at h, JJ5Sr home of Edward R. Bell. 909 foolar Street. on wednesaay evenins irom w- KEMPA In Perry Point. Md.. on November 2. 1948, Charles Ernest, husband 1 or Esther M. Kemoa. aged 60 JfiyS:! tives and friends ite Invited to Jtteaa funeral services at the residence. J39 J. Hiffh Street. Elkton. Md.., on Wyj afternoon. November 5. at 2 o'cjtol IMermen in the Elkton Cemetery. Friends mJ eau at the home on Thursday evening. -.- - ti mm Vnv,m HELLUMB in orilTl u. JfV," 17,. ber 2. 1948. Ada C. Kellums. wife of William D. Kellums. aeed 42 J eZ" lives and friends lnvtMtfleiidthe funeral services at the funeral rhapel of W. A. Faries & Son. in Smyrna, on Friday afternoon. November 5. at 2 o ic lo"- terment in Odd Fellows Cemetery. Smyrna. Friends may call Thursday evening.. LENNOX In Wilmington General tHos-Dital. on November 1. 1948. Emilia I,ew-andowska Lennox. wife of Luke Lennox, of 146 Bird Street. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral r Th. ihn s Vasilc Funeral Home. 1607 South Harrison Street, on Thursday 'morning. November 4. at 8. o'clock. Solemn ....i.m mace at Hprtiti2 s Church, at 9 McConnell, With: o'clock. Interment in the Cathedral Ceme tery. "Tienas may can ncuurauw after 7 o'clock. MARSH In this city, on November 2. 1948. Ella M.. wife of A. Edward Marsh, of 108 Harding Avenue. Silview. aged 37 years. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral services at Trie Htrzel Funeral Home. 201 South Maryland Avenue. Elmhurst. on Fridav afternoon. November 5. at 2 o'clock. Interment a HoDewell. Chester County. Pa. Friend may call at the funeral home Thursday evening. McCONNELL In this oitv. on November 3. 1948. George F.. husband of the, late Catherine Gibason McConnell. aged 78 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from his late residence, x. , nan Ttir frftrtsmn HeichiS. on Saturday mormnR. November 6. at la o'clock. Reauiem mass at St. Elizabeth a Church, at 11 o'clock. Interment at ca thedral Cemetery, rrienas may cau i. residence on iriaay evening. Births i Solemn requiem mass for Private !daugnter Mrs. Audra ' Finnegan of JwZabLrSkl- S f,M,r;i Washington, D. C, and one step-and Mrs. Frank Zaborowski, of 114 ,, ,,.!.. Lower Oak Street, and late husband! ?rth? Flnnean' of Mrs. Mary T. Raduszewski. willj be held satur- Jeainiette M. Clark day morning at i SHAW To Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bhaw. 718 South Broom Street, at The Memorial Hospital on Nov. 2, a son. THOMAS To Mr. and Mrs. William P. Thomas. Kennett Square. Pa., at The Memorial Hospital on Nov. 2, a son. CLARK To Mr. and Mrs. Leon Clark, Millside. at The Memorial Hospital on Nov.- 3, a daughter. CROSSAN To Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Crossan. Stanton, at Wilmington General Hospital on Nov. 2, a son. PARSONS To Mr. and Mrs. John Parsons. Brack-Ex. at Wilmington General Hospital on Nov. 2, a daughter. RAEZER To Mr. and Mrs. Lester Raezer, Grubb's Road, at Wilmington General Hospital on Nov. 2, a daughter. ROBERTS To Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts. 813 West Third Street, at Wilmington General Hospital on Nov. 2, a daughter. GARDNER To Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gardner. 1431 Stapler Place, at St. Francis Hospital on Nov. 2, a daughter. SHACKLEFORD To Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaekleford, 507 West Fourth Street, at Funeral Service Held I st-Francl8 Hospital on Nov-2-a son 9 o'clock from St. He d Wig Sj Wnnnrnrv nnllhenrers for Miss HAYES To Mr. and Mrs. John Hayes, Rnman f'atVir.liAi . . . r , r . : eanneiie m. uiarK, so, oi tiare s Francis Hospital on Nov. 2. a daughter. uuh.ii. j Corner, whose funeral took place Private Z a -: Sunday afternoon were Mrs. Rita borowslfi w a s Rriskman Mrs Tw Cochran. Mrs. Killed m com bat in eastern France on Oct. 17, 1944. His body was re- Thomas J. Zaborowski Betty Slaughter, Mrs. Doris Barron, Miss Hilda Dinsmore, and Miss Eleanor Merrill. Active pallbearers were Irvin Walker. Thomas Cochran. Harry turned Monday. i Eichholz, Anthony Ruggerio, He was born in Thomas Howell, and J. Rees Brown. Wilmington andj Miss Clark died Thursday at the attended p a - j home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. rochial schools: Tasker T. Clark. here. He entered the Army on Jan. 11, 1944. He married the present Mrs. Raduszewski on Aug. 2. 1936. Besides his former wife and his parents he is survived by five brothers. Walter, Henry, Edward, Raymond and Alfred, all of Wilmington; two sisters, Mrs. Francis Lattomus. and Mrs. John Sikorski, both of Wilmington; and three stepbrothers, Frank. John J. and Joseph Raduszewski, also of Wilmington. Interment will be at Cathedral Cemetery. Laurel Man Held For Sale to Minor LAUREL, Del., Nov. 3 (Special). Glance Chase of this town was arrested by Chief of Police Harley Tlce this week on a charge of pur chasing intoxicating liquor for a minor. At his hearing before Magistrate B. Harold Cordrey, Chase pleaded guilty to the charge, and in default of a $500 bond was committed to the Sussex County Prison to await the next session of court. r 1 1 Other Deaths Naval Stores SAVANNAH. Ga.. Nov. 3 iP). Turpentine 39 W, offerings and sales 320; receipts 190; shipments 22: stocks. 15,684. Rosin: Oerings and sales, 300: receipts 363; shipments, S3; stocks. 20,859. Quote: B, 8.50; D, E. 7.00; F. 7J5; G. H. I. K, 7.7i; M, N, 7.78; WG, 7.81; WW, X. 7.95. Scholarship Fund Play KENNETT SQUARE. Pa.. Nov. 3 (Special). The first showing of Milne's comedy, "The Dover Road',, will be presented tomorrow evening. This is Kennett Little Theatre's annual scholarship fund play and will be presented at the auditorium of the Kennett Consolidated School. The setting of the' play is a well-to-do-home in England just off the Dover Road. Fred G. Hill, 70 BRIDGEVILLE, Del., Nov. 3 (Special). Fred G. Hill, 70, retired farmer of near here, died Monday after an illness of attout five months. He was a son of O. D. and Sally Melson Hill, of Bridgeville. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Willie Hill, a son, Lawrence of Queenstown, Md.. a daughter, Miss Norah Hill, of Philadelphia and a brother, Eugene Hill, Seaford. Funeral services were held from the Hardesty Funeral Home this afternoon at 2 o'clock in charge of the Rev. L. E. Wimbrow, pastor of Unicn Methodist Church. Interment will be in the Bridgeville Cemetery Mrs. Ella M. Marsh Mrs. Ella M. Marsh, 37, wife of A. Edward Marsh, of 108 Harding Avenue, Silview, died last night in Delaware Hospital after a short illness. Surviving are her husband, two children, a daughter, Betty Bones, by a former marriage; A. Edward Marsh, Jr.; her mother, Mrs. Mar-ren Bones of Downlngtown, Pa.; three sisters, two brothers and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon at the Hirzel Funeral Home. 201 South Maryland Avenue, with the Rev. F. D. Milbury in charge. Interment will be in Hopewell, Chester County, Pa., Cemetery. Mrs. Lizzie Bell The funeral services for Mrs. Lizzie Bell, 56, of 20 Academy Street, Newark, who died on Sunday in Baltimore, were held that same afternoon at the Chandler Funeral Home, Delaware Avenue and Jef ferson Street. Interment followed in Lombardy Cemetery. Mrs. Bell, the widow of Sam Bell, died instantly Saturday when she fractured her skull in a fall down the steps of a Baltimore restaurant. She was visiting there for the day. A lifelong resident of Newark, she is survived by five children, Jack, Edward, and Mrs. Anna Gustine of Newark, Mrs. Beatrice Cohen of Wilmington and Mrs. Sylvia Rifkin WILLIAM F. DOWLING In Utica, N. Y., 70; former justice and retired member of the Appellate Division of the N. Y. Supreme Court; attracted wide attention when he declared New York State's Unemployed Insurance Act consti tutional except for one section. RAYNOR SANFORD DUN-COMBE In Providence, R. I., 62; until his retiremetn last year was treasurer of the Providence-Washington Insurance Company. JOHN DRAKE In West Orange, N. J., 67; retired jewelry manufacturer and an authority on mounting McGINLEY In Chadds Ford. Delaware County, Pa., on Novemoer i. ivto F.. Sr.. husband of Mary (nee Golden) McGinley. aged 75 years. Relatives, ana friends are invited to aiiena me iuuni r . Ul. lot., CYlSttifi K KOrO. I S . liViu ma i " ..... on Thursday morning, November 4. at b ju o clock. High mass oi requiem v Chapel at St. Cornelius. Brandywine Summit, at 10 o'clock. Interment at St. Thomas' Cemetery. Ivy Mills. Pa. Friendi may call Wednesday morning. McKEOWN On October 31. 1948. Patrick. husband of the late Mary A. McKeown. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from his late residence. 120 Middleboro Road. Richardson Park, on Thursday morning. November 4. at 9 o'clock. Solemn requiem mass in- St. Elizabeth s Church at 9:30 o'clock. Inter-'ment at Cathedral Cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday evening. SMITH In France, on August 8. 14. Care, William T snn nf .TameS R. and Ella A. Smith, of Rockland. Del , aged 19 vears. Relatives, friends, members of the Delaware Post. V. F. W . and the American Legion are invited to attend the funeral services at the Chandler Funeral Home. Delaware Avenue and Jefferson Street, on Thursday afternoon. November 4 at 1 o'clock. Interment at Cherry Hill Cemetery, near Elkton. Md. Friends may call at Chandler's Wednesday evening. STOOPES In Indianapolis. Indiana, on November 2. 1948. formerly of this- c.rtv. ll V. Tpmnlf. wif nf William D. Stoopes "and mother of William Temple oioooes. miermcni at nivtiwcw vcwcvcif Friday. Novembar 5. i TOMAT Suddenly. In this city, on November 2. 1948. N. Joseph Tomat. aged 56 vears. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the viewing at The Russell O. Griffith Funeral Home. 902 Delaware Avenue, on Wednesday evening. November 3. from 7-9 o'clock. Funeral services and interment at the convenience of the family. IN MEMORIAM In loving merrtnrv nf Mrs Min Tmm, Pearson, who passed away November 3. 1947. sadly missed by Daughter.' Death Notices ARTIS In this city, on November 2, 1948, William I. T.. husband of Mary Pride Artis. aged 8.1 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services at his late residence. 108 West Twenty-fifth Street, on Thursday evening. November 4. at 7:30 o'clock. Interment at Barrett's Chanel Cemetery, near Frederica. Del., on Friday, at 12 o'clock noon. BRAND In this city, on October 31, 1948. Frank. J., husband of Anna Haggerty Brand, and son of the late Frank and Sophie Brand, aged 47 years. Relatives, friends, members F. O. E. and employes of the P. R. R. Co. are invited to attend the funeral from The Mealey Funeral Home. 703 North Broom Street, on Thursday morning. November 4. at 9 o'clock Requiem mass at Christ Our King Church at 9:30 o'clock. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday evening after 7 o'clock. CLEMENTS In Clayton. Del., on November 1 1948. Charles S. Clements, aged 53 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services at his late residenc. in Clayton. Del., on Thursday afternoon. November 4. at 2 o'clock. Interment at Lakeside Cemetery. Dover. Del. Friends may call Wednesday evening. The Paul S. Miller Agency Complete Life Insurance Service "Fittt In Sroirrngt Strvitt U Tkt Fittt City ! Tkt Fart Stilt" General Agents The Philadelphia Life Insurance Company 421 Orange Street Phone 4-2001 !f L Quality prirtitnef plaies in one or more colors NEC or. EIGHTH and ORANGE STS. PHONE 5-6822 LUtuui (rpcraUr Read and relax your way to big news on good buys and rentals in the News-Journal Want Ads. r I W Syttmt lutMti Write ar Fhn far Detail.' Accounting Service Caaialttt Baekkaapiaf Law at SIS a Maatfc Dtlmmtn TrmU BUg. Ma 5-3i AVCO MFG. CO. Latest Analysis Free on Request LAIRD, BISSELL & MEEDS Members of Principal Security & Commodity Exchanges DUPONT BUILDING, WILMINGTON "" ACCHMItlB 11 3D(lMMtEHEIIT ;twiMnw; a "4 Like Trying To Repair a Watch With a Monkey Wrench Th xpertnesa of th jeweler depends not only on his dexterity, but also upon the tools that hare been developed to assist his delicate craftsmanship. Trying to manage a building without the facilities and resources of a modern management organization is like trying to repair a watch with a monkey wrench. That is why many Owners although they are real estate experts in their own right appoint Arnold GoJdsborough to manage their properties. They know what it costs to run a building efficiently and they know that the management fees inTolvttd are a sound Inyettment. PflO.VE 5-4188 YERKES In Kennett. Sauare. Pa., n 3rd day. 11th mo.. 2nd. Mary S . widow of William J Yerkes. in her 92nd year. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services at The Worrall Funeral Home. 250 W. State Street. Kennett Square. Pa., on 6th dav. 11th mo., sth. at 2 o'clock. Interment at New Garden Cemetery. No viewing. ZABOROWSKI In France, on October 17. 1944. Private Thomas J.. son of Frank and Martha Zaborowski. aged 31 years. Relatives, friends, members of the Pulaski Lesion, the Eleventh Ward Renub- lican Club and the War Mothers, are in vited to attend tne Tunerai irom tne residence of his Barents. 114 Lower Oak Street, on Saturday morning, November 6, at 8 o'clock. Solemn reauiem mass at St. Hed-wig s R. C. Church at 9 o'clock. Interment at Cathedral Cemetery. SPICER FUNERAL HOME Successor To William E. Ilaines ! Established 1906 ' j Modern Funeral Home With Every Convenience Market at 24th St. ! PHONE 5-6611 , CREMATORIUM A Silverhrook Service marked by dignity and scientific method SILVERBEOOK CEMETERY LmtKBltrr At, ml DaPaal If 4, DIAL 2-3655 McCrery Funeral Homa 2700 WASHINGTON ST. 3 Lar( Parian witk Wick Pip Orfaa Our Funeral Costs Meet Present Day Conditions I Michael A. Mealey & Son 9 Funeral Directors N. W. Cor. 7th & Broom J t Phone 2-5913 JAS. T .. JAS T., JR.. JAS. T. OI m m - t 9 EAST 12TH STREET Funeral Flowery and Sprays 110 Middleborongh Road Richardson Park -Phone 2-8878 3-8879 We provide complete fu-':- neral information that..' enables tke family to" make arrangements at fccost in keeping with its, wishes. IEATMAN6 30N T tt ZlWUMKVBll' aJl 6

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