The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on June 8, 1923 · 6
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · 6

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Friday, June 8, 1923
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EVERY EVENING WILMINGTON. DEL AW AYS2. FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1923. QUESTIOIIS-AUSVERS EVERY EVENING tMti.Y E.xrr.rr vnr., WII.I.HM r. MtTTO. hiMIW INCOME-TAX INFERENCES CFrorn New Tor's Times.) fitxer Frjrrrs r;or fozged iBy NorniSn M. MacLcnd.) Senator Watson, haa said that the proposal does not mean coins Into the Lea g-ue. What does It mean? It means -hat tha United States will tie like the fond mother, who answered her daughter's Importunities that she be allowed to to In swimming: "Yes, my darting daughter, hang your clothes on a hickory Hmb. but don't go near the water. r vn mon badly split than tha Monarchists. Kerensky. w ara told, has not allied with cither wine of tha Democrats, but Is awaiting a, rips tima for making an opportunist choice. It would not bs too great a stretch of tha Imagination to believe that thaaa outaMa Russians, after Soviet. m has carried tha country- to the very pits of demoralization and do spalr, will at soma opportuns time strike for Russia redemption. History has thown us even stranger turns than that. lions might easily account for some of the twelve who dropped out of the tniiion -Income class. Kterybofjy knows that P21 was a year of slmp and nvar-panic. Another inference to be drawn trm the published figure 1 not ' fct Is still worth a remark. As le?fcr. the ret ji ns shw that lbs ISiates vt New York, Pfnnsylvanla snd lUmta pay fully one-half r.f sll the inconrw, taxes collected !n this country- Th s helps one to understand ths entha-siaem for the tax in those States whica pay but a begserly pan of it. It a explains their wjiiingnes to hang the expense of 3 II tbe new Federal experiments in regulating business and limiting the liberties of the individual for which they are zealt-js, sk iT.g as three or four frames have tm bear the mo in burden f,f the csl, Iow w-UI always start rsdy supply r.ew poli'i' al ",-i- jf 5he can bs assured that. New York can be ;ornpi4 i,, foot the bJi for the-ni. DE1.AWARK .7.KTTE. kalKhhil I 7 A Ktahlided WIuailMJTtvN lII.Y 0MMERCIAL, slant's bed I1 wm. r. mettkn ....... densea! Man' T. K REMU Managing trtitne V TAVI.oR tailor Eirt'ui J KOH HTMIS r.rttt.r A. t H. UHIKH . . ... ... CttjT EtHtor BRTA NT. O RirriTH BRlNJ"VV. I no. 'oretn Keprenentstle. New York, office, a.-. tnti Boston oifice. jo Woahire St.: Peoples ties fa Did.. htcet.: tirant TuiMna,S-rtw'a. harrtpt(n prlew r mail l IolUrs I"r jear. mmh iyW in sanes. Hrllvered b rarrivra la Wtlmlnw-ln sad every lng to tha btat at ae?e rents a weeW. ATEMHER OF .,!"OCT ATEI PRE5. EVEKY fcVKNINO tha on I evening newspaper In I Vis-are iain I h A -1- um Kress newa sero pee tre rmmrt th n 1 1 1 rr 1 I rim with th A-sotae.t Pre tWi- In rhOaOVtpMa. EYKRY r.Tl:MM) Is n " reswlarl- mht nawa atant llmllloll anil In !) arf. at llnwl street Sts. I'hlla-elphl. at thm MatMniiInD P-e Ilureau and m the ttiarrt-al'v ttaotl CMy Tha Associated Press la ejelnslvet- en-Ittaxl t I ha vt er republfc-aiton f all I cars ri.apatrhra rredlte.l I" r Bo I t tifrl rr.tnt t M p-r Circulation Ecry Lxeninz Yesterday 14010 FUIDAT. JUNE I. 19Z3. THLKt IOJIIH A TlUt: Kpowte,l;e by sufferlnc enterh And life ts perfected ly lath.- In cur Ut'y contacts lth our fI- Jows teri t'T' rem tn fr as much if n't mre dcusaton than the weather are Ulneas and death. In tbe average peruan a circle of frtendhtp end'rihip. if we mtvp tothfnk. ther la rsre'y a diy hrt Utnes or lenth does no enter t. bring an tty nd sorrow. At seme time or other tn life these i worth penitentiary reaTs In part a foltowe: "This article was no doubt written by a man named Perry who was. formerly a prisoner clerk in this office. Perry has some newspaper sblllty, an Impulsive nature and a. vivid imagination, and while hlsiartlchsls lnt est-ing reading. It has small basts In fact. "It Ws true that with my permbsiott a p'ioner named Whcde made some esperlmente in rejroduclng fltigcr print and transferring them to other objects. It s a matter of Utile importance, as nil he did was to make a "cut, as any photo .engraver would make to Hint with, then by pressing a dampened piece of paper into the cut he wpuld produce a mask by which prints could be transferred to other objects thereby producing e counterfeit latent print. Ask any photo engraver how he would go about printing a picture of a finger print snd you have the system. '"There was no excitement, no, dead man's ptlnts, no secrecy, no investigation by the department, no prisoners seeking habeas corpus writs as relief from forged flnser prints evidence, snd no Importance attached to the incident then, r since. "It is evident that finger prints may le produced, else how- would you get the illustrations In finger print tc-xt books and the like hut what of H that lKri3 NOT discredit the system In the least. The use of latent finger prints left on the scene of crime iri evidence is a very emoll item In the finger print ejstem and the wle ( took of today tines not leave sny prints on the scene of the crime much less try to forge prints for the ptapofe. It l much easier tj wear gloves. "Puppies It i admitted that a print can b successfully counterfeited (Which 1 am not admitting. It takes a very good original print from which to make a 'cut' or ruhlwr stamp impression, f speak B'lled!y for I have made them. WHO 1H t'ftfN't TO ITIiMsil TM1M MUftllNAI, PliINT I'tUt TDK tFHIt.T!ON? After the print is secured It takes a well equipped lelioratory and skilled workmen to make the cut from which the print is to be made. The whole operation Is so difficult that there bis very few men who could tnaks a counterfeit and know when it was good enough to deceive an esperf. In any event deter Mon cmid be mad" the same ss in the cae cf epurbuie money.' AVhede. the prisoner in question w-as a political prisoner from i'hlaso. No poet has -written of the hastening Ills lo which that Jarwl js a prey where wealth accumulate hut millionaires decay. "t this eetns t be the moral drawn by lbs Bureau of Internal Ite-venue from the drop in the "millionaire class," reveah-d ly the Income-tax returns for 1121- t'niy twenty-one persons in thai year admitted the soft impeachment of having an income of a, million dollars or upward. The year before there were thirty-three, in PM8 there were eisty-seven, while jn 1919 there were 205. The falling off is attributed by the experts of the bureau to the increasing kii! of rich men In avotdips? taxation by resort to tax-free securities and other methods. But for the year in question another explanation might fceiu at least plausible. There was drop not only of twelve persons in the class of th"', having million-dollar incomes, but a reduction of more than H.fifi0,0on,f)if in the total net income reported for taxation. Th"?" bist bil HAVING A JOB Kirrux it in-me 9. Jly Wslt Mason. "My tak, U is hateful." y"'J plaintively s'-1; you ought to be grateful that you have a job. You otiaht to be tharikfu!: when payday arrives you'll have a tin bank fu! of XV and -. "The w oud 1 am sawing is too to-jgrh to burn; th.? wage I am drawing js half what I earn; the ax and the wedsres my shoulders have lamed; no wonder man hedges when la hot H namfl. I'd like to cease splitting and - sawing the lots; I'd cut out my knitting and play with the dogs." I hear you c.-ottiplaiidng, you're weary of to'!, of striving und straining and digging the jtojj. f?ut when yo'i oliver the hrin old s'et you ride in your flivver, and you're out of debt- Your wife has a mantle, a. lid that is few, n payday yo j,- aunt"! he n-ir. josr one. too. Your k!-Js are all Po.v jr n-nrt;!r..j a nd ?:'k. your drindte-j cow, f V''-v. I furrlh-inc miTk. Your home i a haven where you may repc.e w hy i roak like a raven and o'i- loeue WV';'' Jua 'no fi-.e employment ihf worries ycr-jr herirf. and all the enjoyment of life will deport. You Ccjffbt tr be grinning sine yoti have a jo; heave jTyj:ies that ere w'lnniTig and ctit out the soh. ; i Carter's, Stafford's, Fountain Pen Fluid A special filtered ink. Writing Fluid For general Colored Writing Inks Red, blue, purple, green. INK. things are ss certain mm th- rising .f ! I.w or eractm-nt, that was net Jhe sun. mm certain s the tm aight 1 stained or flavored in some way by tht leere nt.- the sh-dws ..f ' setflahnei-a. He meant that there were Itlght. He wnn.t-r scmetsmea uw ;fw if sny Inws tntrmluced that were ere to meet the lnevit.b?e d.tlry cf !"..igned T be for ':t the pep.-hunwn life, we' wonder how wa inn ) Invarlat ly they were for the benefits mlure the suffrirg thnt ccm-jof certain groups or certain sections panles l;!nea. tile anility tht Un- : cf the country. .ers through Jong nights end ds . i If what Mr. Marshall e!d Is true. We c'ntemp:efe wtih a suftocating I the condition might esl!y be trnco- lread the riHMty c-f Wath, waiting like a monster outside the d-n.r cf a sick room. Put s much ss we fair, ss mu h s Optical Service 722 Market St. Promni snct crciHeou frvirs One hour servifi? rm repsr. Ocul iM , irns fievij TIIO?.) I OH AN Fteffietered Opto met rtst i i5r4cisl spryiirnsr;s eHtT l.!rinre ho.jrs. j An Up-to-Date Lending Library provides the rb,sr't ktviw !i f'TTrj of Tvbojcaorne. wrth-wt'ls eneT- fBinr-ient, We rent ths Je end "vv-.ks at the rse of t re-re repS rer rlsr. GREENWOOD BOOK SHOP Eleventh and Weat Sts. Waterman's, Sanfords Velvet Colors For sign writing. , Hirrgina Waterproof Ink For drawing. j Stamp Ink ; For stamp pads. AHEAD! TR01ID as tc ahrirk st the thought cf a grt I,.'btMes. st various times In our hle-I.Iposs. and i-ethare. if It be. j 0ry. have succeeded in pinning sieeth, theT shuld com- Into the , through many good laws and others Jieart a reaHzatton that the Oreat that were very bad. roealb'y the nm bHrit haa not forgotten; that He , fs true, of V1o,-e. Ttie "b'oc" no I..oks from above with tenderness and doubt t an offspring of tha old time, snowlevige, and gives us our suffer- 1 party caucus, IVit It hss grown 4ngs for soma rurpose. Would we l,ok Into the Inward thins of our eharscter we might find some faint siltmpse cf the reasons why these lurrlens and effitottene rs brought Any reader can get hs answer to an question bv writing Kvery Kvenfng Information Itureait, Frederic 3. Haskln, director, Washington. I This offer applies strklly l information. The bureau cannot gite advice on legal, medical snd financial matters, it does not. attempt to jettle domestic troubles nor lo undertake exhaustive research on any auhlect, Wrtte vour ouestlona plainly and brlfly. IMve lull name and address and echse two cents In stamps for return iHjstaae. All replies are sent direct to the Inquirer. Q. What 1 the capacity of the largest oil refinery In the United Slates? K. K. K. A. The largest one has capacity of 180,000 barrels 'daily. The next in slise lias a capacity of 65.000 a day. v Q, What, will tfmove Ink stains from School desks? ?. N. A. Put a few drops of spirits of nitre In a teaspoonful of watet. touth the spot with a feather dipped in the mixture, and, on the ink disappearing, rub immediately with a rag wet tn cold water, or it will leav a. white-mark. It should then 1m polished. J. What is the correct pronunciation of tlrosvenor? M. Ij. t). A. This proper noun is usually pronounced as if pelled Orow ve nor, y. Who selected the Seven Wonders of the World? Are any of them elill in existence? F. C. S A. Antlpater of ralesUne is thought to have made the selections about 200 Tl. C Only one, the Iyram!d of Che-i'l'.i, Is still in existence. Q. is a sea lion or a walrus larger'' m. n. n. A. A full grown male walrus i.o Fllghtly larger and weirhs considerably more. Q. Are single beds or double beds us-J abrtvjd? . K. A. A. Sinele bed? are tsual on the continent, while the rlouble bed is more common in Kngland. II. Jfow m the air kept freh Inside of Vieehives? M. K. C. A. The lifs provide for this. Pome of thm are employed consfnntly Ir fanning the air near the mouth of the hive with their wings, thus kenpiri? a 'n'ulfl iion of air sufficient for their nee. fa. Q Abecedarians be1ie-e par- tlcolarly in education? I.. 1,. A. i t he contrary, these elieteent'i century followers of Nikolau'' Ft"rch. believed it was let n"t to know !kjw to red sin the Jfoly Ppirif w.ojjd convey kno-viede of the Scriptures directly n th unde'-etandiriir ; and aK edui ation v icht be a hindrance t'. salvation, they n"jr)!sM children to lmve'"' etriy and lea.rn trades f". I!o did the ampere sr-f a a naruc" K. K. 1 A. It wns named for Andre Marie Ampere, a n.'ted French physic.!., who m.Tle ne?iy con rit!.it ions to p ipnro jn the way of invention and deduct ion. t AVhat wss the Kgypt'an name for Hetiop.ilis? W. W. T A. The Kgyptisns called the ciy An or tin. If. H'iw hot snd how cold doee it get in Portland. Oreeon? I. V. A. The hiirhest recorded temperature there is 102" F., and 1he lowest 2 below' roro." Q, What is the tallest status In th world? A. O. A. The fifstue of Liberty !s the loftiest in the world. The fgure measures 111 feet 1n height, snd to the extremity of the tomb 1&1.41 fee. The torch is 805 feet 11 Inches above mean tide, 0 THE ROVER'S WIFE For you I left my father's house And took me to the heather; Oh. I cared naught for wet nor col If we were but together. There was a man that wanted me-Ile had a farm and plenty; Uut he was past ihs forty mark. And I not turned of twenty. And so I up and followed you. Ho j'oung and straight and fall; And. for the things I lft lehind I have no thought at all. While nil vooi- -orts ttpr t- rl ..ft love j And kisses were as free As songs of blackbirds in a hedge Or leaves upon a tree. j We trudge the roads In silence, now; j There's not enough to eat; j The weariness of weeks Is in our heavy feet. sd months! You have forgot to speak of love, j And I have found regret; I dreamed of clean white kheets and food. My father's house and yet If I were young and you were young; And love wa ours, why then ! I wonder if I wouldn't run To follow you again? Abiga.ii Cresson, in the Xew Tork Tmes. THE EVENING SMILE PLACE FOR PETS. Anna Oluzman, the Moscow Kill Judge who sentences 'em to death without batting an eye. is not mar-i ried. She lives take it from ths A. P. "alone in a little roo-m without pets." There is no charge for the ad. American bachelors wishing to volunteer to become the pet of this eweet little maid will form a quiet, orderly line to the left. Kansas City ttar. j Jack "Why do you call your dog 'Thirteen'?" Tom Don't you see that he's lame." Jack -"Yes; but what has that to do with It?" Tom "Why, he puts down three and carries one. doesn't he?" New Orleans States. Ons of the things You seldom. ee In this fast age . Is courtesy. Cincinnati Enquirer. Father (sternly) "Fighting again!! Didn't I tell you if any of the other j boys angered you to count 20 before you said anything?" Tommy "Yes sir; but I didn't need to say anything. Before I'd counted 12 the other boy yelled 'Enough'." San Francisco Examiner. What we are palpitating to know i where the Xew England conscience cornea into an ad in The Worcester Post -which says "If Y'ou Want the Best in Corsets See Miss SaJsstrom." I 1 Finger prints cannot be forged In auch a manner that an expert would . be deceived. This Is still V tha contention Typlcfl Flsger Print. wr nnger print Fperia t n e we-ld over despite a continuous bombardment of unsigned articles emanating from questionable sources and atittcn by men who do not acquaint themselves with the subject they condemn. I- than two weeke sgo an Illustrated full pae feature story wa syndicated throughout the nation heralding the "news" that s IH'litlcel prisoner In the United Slates Penitentiary st Iieavenworlh, Kanenei, had suooossf ully deceiveil W. M. F'Lshff, record clerk In the finger print department of the "pen," by foislng the prints of a dead eonviot- The prisoner wee pledged to secrecy, the article esld. "I'liponers who were convicted on finger print evidence alone were etsrtlng habeas corpus proceedings to gain their freedom. The finger print system ss an infallible means of Identification am doomed." As is usual th srtlcle was unsigned. ProKtbly one of the reasons why the writer omitted his signature was that lli. way the- srticle was stilt en showed that the writer knew very little, probably nothing, of the finger print science. Mr. Fishev, who was quoted at great length In the erticle. was written to concerning Otis fisgery, if there had been one. In February another similar article relating to s finger print forgery by a criminal In Ijondon was printed 1n this'coun't y. A letter sent to Sc.itlnnd Ystd by T. tl t'ookeof "h ion so, w Ht a ns w rred as follows ; "In reply to vour letter. dnted February 17tb. addressed to Supetlnten-dnt t'ot;!ns. I am dftpvted by Ihe "otnmif'ioner of Police of the Metropolis to Inform you that there i.s no truth in the statements that forged fliuter pilots Impressions had been tomid at the scene of a crime In lon-don a nd that sulej'iit 1 v the io;ce dlcoveied a flnse-r print foiger's outfit in Soho." The letter received ft om Mr. Fisher In reply -to the one sent him lit reference to i he forgery In the Ieaveit- WITH THE PRESS t OMMI .M f; M K T. IviKtit snd left the schools, and eol-lees are sending young people out Into the world mote or Iei equipped for what Is colled "the bat.e of life." The design of eome commencement speakers is to scare their hesrets stiff with the dejMtj'iptlon of the ofleal to be faced- It its thought needful to reduce the bump of conceit and the else of the hatband. As a matter of fact, the baccalaureate baa met in his training a good many of the problem he mue confront in his subsequent career. If he brings to living in the world the same courage, patience and self-con trol he brought' to bear on scholastic existence, the chances are he will succeed with the kind of success that Is more and better than njoney. Philadelphia ledger. 0 TUB OTHER FOOT. Ja(e n takes emphatic exception to the dry ruling; on foreign ships in our harbors. Is the time coming when Japan will be impelled philanthropi-cally to send out a Pacific expedition under some Nipponese Commodore Ferry to open our ports? St. Iui.! v.. . V k T " i I V i IX AMISEMEST ANYWAY. Speaking of Democratic politics, notice mut be taken of the wsy in which our neighbor The World i.s amusing it?lf by trying to bring the Democratic National Convention to this city next year. If there ever was a ehadotvy chance that It might come here, that hos lieen killed by (iovornor Smith's signing of the bill repealing State enforcement of prohibition. Democratic committeemen would shudder at the thought of exposing the.r party tu the New York taint. They wvm'd no more think of selecting this city for their convention than they would of taking it to TomlMstone. 4f course. Ths World knows this, and every politician knows it, but so long as there is a dearth of interesting political topic there is no good reason why this one should not be made the occasion for solemn Interviews and grave predictions. New York Times. GOV. SMITH KEPT FAITH. New Kngiandtre may well congratulate their New York neighbors upon having at Albany a Chief Kxecutlve who would rather be right than be President. Kvery dictate of political expediency demanded that Gov. Smith veto the bill repealing the State Fro-hibition Kr.forcement Iavv. He waa warned on all sides, by friends and foes alike, that his approval of this bill would end his chances of nomination for President or Vice-President. To all such warnings he has turned a deaf ear In order that he might do what he believed to be the' right and honest thing. He has preferred to keep faith with the people who elected him governor rather than honeyfugle the people who might nominate him for; a k.gher office. 'Boston Transcript. AMI: KHAN IDEALISM. We may 4e an idealistic people-but we notice that the way to get anything modified or stopped entirely is to howl that it'a hurting business. Ohio State Journal. CHURCHES AGAINST GARY. Judge Gary may have thought that he had closed the question of the twelve-hour day when bo made hia report at the recent meeting of the Iron and Stcei Institute. Instead, the question is reopened with vigor of attack unsurpased thus far in the long campaign against this industrial outrage. Judge Gary, it we ceaiwniber. or- upon us. There Is a harrier thought, ' rrvernment rever wished for such a however, 'n the abiding faith that : poetical scheme. Hamilton, for in-sotnehijw icood"' stands like a guar- ' Btance, in his c(tremly drali?t!c ar.g'l at te rTtAls of our suf- j views, would probably never have THERAPEUTIC MUSIC A si sty-day test In a New Vork hospital, with tha phonograph, completed Wednesday, has proved, sccord-lnfr to the authorities, that 'the waltz is good medicine and soothlnj." Well ohosen musks. It is snnouneed, will tn the future form part of the treatment of patients In the Institution. Music long hns been recognized as soothing, soul-stlrrlng and Inspirational. Of course, there are varying kinds of music. Wo sre glad to see that the New York. hoiital has found In the waits the therapeutlo quality that was sought. One might have feared In a metropolitan hospital curative music would be In the form of J ax. Hut this Is not o. Imagine a leisurely lady, Just from the hospital, telling her fliend; "Oh yes. I wa.s operated on for append Self., and would have had to stay therei two weeks, but the 'Dlue Pi nulw;' put me on my feet In a week." Or. a gentleman, greeting sn old friend, after a memorable "party, might be heard savin. "1 never expected to sea you again, old pal, but a little sleep, and "The Hoautlful ljndy dM the trick. The .Iresmy rhythm of a wa!t, one csri easily imagine, has a certain rem-e.l!at e4TcC On the othr hanl Jaz brnrs up diiee to ounm'.t murder and dvmace th furniture. A doctor's or a nurse's life would be In 1inprr with Jarn riinnlng wild. It was a wle choice the New York hospital ml Hut It Is hard to understand, st that, Ivw a rl'',t can survive the scraping sgonJes of s grsphordiopet WIliT flMITH HF411.Y PIP. Many srood citl?ni thrnirioiit the country have deluded themeHve into thinking that (iovrnor Sm'th's sp-proval of the Mtl!an-pe Plate jo-hibltlon law was a nui'iftoat'on of the K thteenth amen'Vrient. How uch rw-sonlng could ever be srrrp.i st by fion-est, intelligent reop !s dlf'ti'.t to understand. The Kishteenth amendment Is a part of the organic law of the United (States. Governor Smith's sotlon ha not altered, Jiaimpered or nullified the amendment sn iota. The VoWead law Is) a congreesionaJ enactment, snd therefore Is a r'ederal statute, tlov-ernor SniSih's approval of tbe rrpcaler has In no way, manner or form affected the Volstead law, abridge.! its provisions, altered its purpoes or nullifie.1 it. The Eighteenth amendment and. the Volstead set still on tha booje, must be enforced and sre as alive as whn they first became, effectivw. The Mulian-ta?a law in New York was a state law pure and simple, dv s"gnet to five super-strength to the Volstead set. It put upon the state authorities the same duty that rests upon the Federal author'.tifvs under provision of the Volstead act and added a number of more stringent provisions. A violator of the prohibition laws in New Tork wsis put In double Jeopardy, so lor g as the Mul-lan-Gafe law existed. Double jeopardy Is In violation of the conetitutlonei rlg-ht of an American citizen; and if any "nullification wm wrouerht In connection with New York history. It was wrought when the Muilan-Gae law was adopted! Person who say Oovernor Smith has nullified the Federal prohitvition law by- approving the Mullan-Oare repealer, are showir.r an egrecioas And y, ignorance- The Chinese cabinet has resigned. We had hored they would Iron out tneir difficu.jea. The French flying flivver will give th. -average man" a etiance to find tne ariiver l.ning to the cloud. . te bcirg warm is a state of mind. some philosopher would have It, we are ij.t-headed: . Ths Englishwoman who won 5150.-000 on the Derby certainly showed good horse sense! The I-vlathan Junket scuttled! should be Everybody seems to Lj agreed that Jord has tiie power to run. ,MlMOJtKY AFXIL1ARV FJCMC The annual picnic of the Grace Young Womm's Hotnj Mrioaary Auxiliary will be hell at Naajnan's lea House, Saturday. Dinner wl.l be served at 6 o'clock A tiuiinee meeting will be hold after dinner. The devotions will Tbe conducted by Mrs Frederic McCall and the election of tlticers w.ll alo take place. our want ad In livery Evening eachea feO.l'iO a.dsrs daily. Adv, -iiloc roiirus. When the frame re of the Constitution followed Thomas Jefferson's ad vie and leave to the American people "relta'ous freedom. It was like opening random's box. Innumerable forms f religion sprang up; Innumerable sects and so-called rellicious organizations, too rumeroue to mention, ram Into being. It mlsht tne said that by the same token, under our form of political government, the framers of the Constitution, throurh their efforts to make this a "nation of free people, left wide cren the Kates through which haa swarmed, from the elir . a h All t t m rtS- a TK nsrss. ' "-- ent time, every co n-elv,-b!e kind 'f l. lhy- and eery Mnd f "bloc in the interests cf this or that legislation. Termer Vice-President Marshall once observed that in the eUht years of hts services aa president of the Snte, he could not recall the introduction into Ocrtsreas of a proposed able to the work of 't iocs- and Hobble It 1 questionable wbther Moc" pontes Is harmful or hrf"! under our system cf government. more rwerful In many respect than the caucus, and when It wlehea can do Infinitely more harm. Arm ww drifting tco much Into -Woc f -cCltlca? Ortsin'or th founVrs of our countenanced such a thing. Perhaps J h. Knew aomethir.g of "lobbvirg," but j tnat ras tn the days when you could jpv-. a lobbyist to the shade of the Tixt.v trees snd have It out with him a. ttrPnty paces, . RrrrBi.irA "ATrrorinattely taenty-twr Senators, according to the best 4 estimate, hit d.sinclined to itup-l-rt the Wor'.ii Court rroiosal unless reservations are adopted to make t plain that the ln;ted states is not entering the Ieacue cf Nationo. The I're.sldent has said that the proposal does not mean going into the league, snd 1 have ro doubt but that he wf.l accert ths reservations to maks it certain." The above statement was Issued this week by Senator YVatsorn. of Indiana, following a conference with j l Yi Sider.t Harding. President Hani- J r.g, it is presumed. Is wil'.irg to j it"- ww. w Unct understands that it has noth- World Court created? Py the League j cf Nations. Briefly speakir.g. Article 14 of the Covenant cf th League cf Nations f provides for th eftabllshment cf the ! World Court. In fulfillment of thji ;pruucon the Council of the League J ion February 13. 1920. appointed an advisory committee cf eminent Ju- r.sts to formulate the' scheme of its j crgar.Uat.or.. This committee drafted! gn orgainzation cf th court, which was examined by the Council of the j Lea-u rf Nations at Its meetings at i League in 3320. "Who are the Judges of the court? Lt;t us examine tiie list. It Is composed of the lcadurg jurists from fc'jwxin. Italy. Brazil. Cuba, Great Britain, Switzerland, Holland. Denmark. Japan, France and the United States. With the exception of the United States all tha countries mentioned are members of the Ieague of Nations. The Ui.iled States is represented ly John Fu-elt Moore. "Tlit JVtsidtnt, .wo ar lold py Julian Be Robinson Stationer and Printer 718 Market Street DANGER terms. i vc sro-.ld rather tbir.k that u'tl- trite r-ace and understand. ng are the . cojnrcr.sations for the battles we have to f.ght. Heyond th . pa horizon of ,' thought. f we wi'l search, flickers, j f.rst, a faint light, the light. of faith! in the fact that "ICS will be dor.e.' trerthf red by love and hope, the 1 ght grows to something one cannot descnt It contains those things of the heart which rji'n and worren cannot impart even to their beloved ones. It is the I. ght that shines upon the tace cf those v who suffer, snd makes them brave Again it may be the light that taint a tender Irish the smi'.e upon the face cf one wh. has fallen Into the Last Sleep. Ufe and suffering snd death. These are ir.yier;es that man cannot fathom. He eaiks to the edge of these and sometimfs- with the eyes of angels, '.trr,. tiirouga iah. lc-e srd hope, ths wistful face ,cf H.m who ever elth compassion holds out His bands ; understandlrg. Don's wait for a warnina, wtch your tsetai f-ss ii examine vour teeth as once. HnsMt advice., efficient, service iwas this is our motto. t An examination will not cost you a penny otir professional adviro is at your dispo;. and if your teeth rto not need attention, we will frankly tell you so. We otTer the most efficient rvie that moniy caa buy, yet our prices are extremely low. Good Teeth S10 set Cleaning $1.00 FUlings $1100 op GOLD CROWN AND BRIDGEWORK, SS.OO a Toathj Extracting a specialty. Oiygen gas ad ministered or needle used. tectlr, ventured to s'btda to th lm- portsncs of religion jrt buaoiess. Hef now knows, if he did not know it be-j fore, that his t welve-h'nir policy J j condemned bv the whole "f ptean'redi t elision in .America -by the ptnleral Council of Churches speaking for Protestants. Catholics; snd Jew- elj'Ke. n ths fundamentals of tinman decency all ects sre ss one. On t h immorality of the twelve-hour dav there Is united opinion 'New York World, STILL IM OMTLETE. it is not generally recognised that the Washington monument in Washington, Hie cornerstone of which w laid seventy-five years ngo, Monday.! is still technically incomplete. Part of the original plan for this famous I memorial was that Its interior should! contain In scribe. 1 tablets of natHe stone from every state in the union. Uut four western commonwealth. Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico and North Dakotahave never contributed. It has been suggested that the Iat-named possesses no stones big enough for the purpose, while the other three have ex) many as to make the tribute of a boulder seen ignoble. Unlike moat of the states repre sented in the Interior lining of Jhe hHft, Maryland's contribution to the Washington monument does not stop short with a single memorial tablet. All of the pure white marble which makes the classic simplicity of the monument a thing of beauty is the product of Maryland quarries. Baltimore Sun. PROGRESS By Edgar X. Guest. Copyright 123 by Edgar A. Gueat. hi When Franklin w as a little boy he no doubt heard it told. With gmve assurance of the truth by sages wise and old. That men had done most everything c-n earth there was to do. And everything thera was to learn mankind already knew t There never was an eager youth who has not often thought . That every splendid deed was done and every battle fought; The works of old were brave and bold and men faced dangers grim. But to a finished world he'd come, with nothing left for him. But year by year the world moves on and stronger grows the race, The old, contented with its past, to youth gives up Its place. Old wisdom cries "Our way is best!" and there would bid us stay. But progress fires the so-ul of youth to find a better way. There is no halting place for men. The splendor of the sua Shall never dawn upon a world where all the work is done. Beware the wise who shake theur heads and say your dream is vain. Beyond the goals which they have reached, lie greater goals to gain- There's work for you. and you. and you, young men. Within your breast. The genius of tomorrow's world today securely rests. You shall bring wisdom to the wise, and ere your race is run You shall have found the way to do what cannot now be done. At the Intelligence Office. l.ady "I want a maid who la honest, sober, attentive, and polite." Proprietor "You'd better hixo four, madam.'-. . A-Kay AMERICAN DENTAL PARLORS INC, 602 Shrkk St iryr to co sxa tee wisu n -e-ard tior.s. A tdea! But how wm the Honrs. 8.30 a. m. to 6 d. m. Open Tuesday and Saturday I Evenings. Drs. W. B. Ash brook I and RVSIAS SIALTATIOX. Ksporti trcm Pari that Ruslan eg- j ilea, who fled trcm tbe Had regime. are hTg a undsrourrent cf ac- tivlt'. brings up the question whether, suter ail. njjra.a's salvation Ut:nv:ely wiii not l-e throurh another wax in It own borders. Juat now the out- ui or T."h.r Jlussian are not suftV- -.eniiy un.fled under one leadership or efficiently equ pped financially to make a mov e. The activity at Pans jiortends a likelihood uut at some fu- : j j j j j Wise Decisions our business transactions denenrJ. of in .xa imitations Branch Office: Elkton. Md. Open Mondays and Fridays. R. W. Mitchell. Asst. ATWILAIINGTON .THE OLDEST BANK IN TUB STATE course, upon knowledge of general business conditions as well as details relating to the particular transactions in hand. Often your -banker could supply you with valuable information, and this strong, old-established institution makes this an important part of its service. It handles your account efficiently, and it serves you in other helpful ways. ture time eMher the Monarchist or t San Sebastian; it was decided to sub-lssmovrats of tie ea-ied group c. tnlt the draft to the members of the JLuMua. will redeem their country and League cf Nation. Later Jt was t.ring it back into the world as a rec- j stud-ed carefully by the Council at og nixed .vata. Communism and Paris, and finally was approved at SJietlem both have failed miaeraVr. ' Prusse.s. Following Its approval by They have been worse than faliurea j the League Assembly It was ratified tor they have dragged Russia Into the I in turn ly the members, of the I NIL --sv mira t! poverty, bloodshed and op-preasion condition that are fir unc thin they were in the times of tbe Ciar The ttuJi d.ffVcuUles confronting the cutside Itusaians ara the factional-Isms tn- their own ranks. Wa learn from rarls the Monarchists have two candidates. They are Grand JTXiea Cyril r5d tirand Duke Iainitri. oThe fftowjrrs of each claim ths royal r-ght. through Llwd conncctuns wiUi ik Xs.ia Car. JTh JDvtuocxaU aril i. . .11 a-4 .1 ,1-3 II A 3 e -JS W jjT' SjHSartv WW UP un II T I El A? 1 LU sn IL.J2 !i I'itlstourg a.'ost

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