The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1934
Page 6
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an BI.YTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, )9fl-l McCarthy Stands Pat On Thi* Pair Ark-Mo and Haynes Lose ,. Initial Soft Ball Tilts, Liberty Pitcher Stars Barking slvonn pilchl»B with cxcoilent leani play. li. U. Hii«lu-s ccinpany and Liberty Cn-;h Brokers came ihrmigli \dlli biilllant victories ,in the Kofi Hall league lust nlKlit st Jlal-y Held. IluiilieK v.o:i fixim Ark-Mo Paver, 7-2, i:nd Uberly (rlnnni'd Hayne:, Mi-n's dif;|), 8-C. An overll™ crowd c-sti- r'Eiti-d at 750 «lln?.s.snl the double header. •••In bolt! camrs the inching j ,-lcxxl out. lliwy. a suuthiuw. o.i Uii! mmmd for the Clothiers, held Hie h:-avy hlltliv; Ark-Mo I'OWIT. v.ho hammered bill JO liiLs cmd icor;d loriy-n™ rinvs in n practice t"«ie l»it vttk. t'J !i-vfn .'.calteretl hits. "I/?.y" Thomas' lief'.y vallop with "Call Me Hate" I-ogiin - ui flril depriml hl:n of u fthut- • cut. Haynf.s Men'.s .slmji coulil tarn/ir bill five life o!f "Sharlii 1 " Ecruggs, Liberty twiilcr. The IniU plnl right hanrter \*as in fxce)!onl form, striking o'lt an even do/.en, tlic season's record. Lack ot con•Irol kept, him in lioi water most Of the game. Get To U'rtfnkamn '• Afler being held under subjection for three innings Hughes . began lo solve the slants of Wct- enkamp. Ark-Mo pitcher, bunching their tills. Hits by Humphries end Ltilps in succession together with rrror.s by Taylor and Thoma'i comtlcd two. C. Hunch's double with Marehiill and J. KinnliiBhnm on base added two moie, while • the last two were as a result ot errors after Humphries' lur.-jli; , C. 'Lutes and the Hugla'S short-'! (.top scoring. ".With the score lied, 4-all, l.lVj- DRAWIH6 TO -W.S PAIR i pRCCtoD/f, IIA'J . BO ciwinr. <* "SWWtK. A ON *VD i'.'-'V:'!'* ^OSrT, £> ^ Gf^rVsTONM- Vi vt> SPP-'/J, HF. iv.T red T,-E Oiitjo AvrfME INIIT. CAW-, uy. C ioj;v; .•:,r,i A .10? ,VARK Tit :Tccciy> BWf.wi Vi.VrtD riW Wlf.WG WBf IV6 •(."« KCPOWOfO CF pt.'M6TlLE Man On the Flin New York Americans ucrs Score Run to Win; Champions Hit Hard Hooks and Slides New York Writers Honor New NKA Sports Editor GOLF ^^ Ru Arf- Kronr crty i forged ahead with a Bill Braucher pair j of "hits by Scruggs and Cos. who relieved. Jeilries. \vlth liclp ot bobbles'" by' Amlerson mill Edwards. A "walk, an error, a hil and an infitld out. gave" them ti lead Haynes was unable in overcome although the losers did rally to count two-..on Crockett's blncK' to;;.cenUr, scoring Black«tlt and Iinae, ... ... Iny Stars at Plate . ,"iny" Thomas. Ark-Mo Power Fhort nejder; .was the hitting star tf. the ev;ning; pounding out .11 Slupf mlous! Colnss:il! lliu'inmi WHS wroiiij> There arc wo suckers bom every minute] If thai super-showman were nlive lodny he'd probably change tils cull-illations to coincide with those of this column, heave his menugerlc inlo tbe ImmllcM lake, (Slab himself n Ivamllnl of heavy weight wresllcrs and t-iiibiu'k on j n hiyhly pi-ofilnble cm-ecr. The mnl game o; the prcspnl 1 dny is a circus. It rivals run Ihvte-ving afinir Hint Barney ever piloted. 11 Is filled with Italians, abruptly. Where this is done the hand Ls home run and two s!n?lts in four tries.. Aycock, Pelers und Cox w«re the big offensive guns for IJbcrty, each with dvo hit. 1 ;. One of.Aycock's WU was sooit lorUUc circuit. -.Although. Taylor- ana T.erry. Ark-Mo middlemen, " were credited with errors,' both tnrni'd in fine games In. tlw fli-ld. Smoth- an pitched well for Haynes. e: box scores: r.ame Aik'-Mo'. Thomas, ss Taylor. 2b ' Terry,- -is •• Kendig. 3b Caldwell, 3b Dobbins, Ib J.-Adams, If F. Adams, cf Logan, rf Mleiro, -c Wetenkamp: p Total cr»rceks, Poles, Slavs, Irishmen llusslnns and Swedes, {jnys who di-ow whiskers for show- purposes underhanded gents who wear lead pads '<in iheir JciKe.s to nu-ie out. punishment, one wlsenhehner who secretes ilinburger cheese inSder hts nails to render his opponent, unconscious, farmers, coal miners, couple who pose us inedicos. and oilier choice examples of the hu- Nationally famous sportsmen and. er, so keep a ligiiteV -^rip^on the club. -with, 'the right ../hand -than ' 'I'l-.K New York Yankees Uirncd In n I tn 0 victory over tlic Plill- ndel[ibla Athletics yesterday while Ilir; New York Giants, champions of tlic world, trounced the Phillies l:i n battle of home runs, 11 (o 7. In other words the Giants pcr- U>n.w;.E«vr.i jlornicd like the. Yankees nnd the Yankees acted like the Giants. A crowd of 40,000 fans watched (lit Yanks nose, out, the Macks. A homer by Crosetti, sub shortstop, in (be sixth liuilnsf provided tbe one rtm of the name. Huffing and Marcnm lied up in a brilliant ! plichini; duel, each allowing but j fouj blows, Ruffing was ihc Yank i hurlcr. • ' ' Tlic Boston Red Sox shut oiit Hie American league, champion.'!, the Senators, 5 to 0 at Washington. Tlic Sox hammered out 1C hits off four Washington hurlers wlillc the Nuts got but five off! Welch. President Roosevelt hurled the first b.ili and retired vhen a shower Interrupted, the game. The Detroit Tiscrs trounced the j Chicago Wliltc Sox 7 to 3 al Detroit. A .six-hit six-run rally in the sixth inning gave tlw Tigers I victory-. Mar-berry was the winning I hurler and Hcving the loser. The St. Louis Browns dropped a Ih to 2 game lo the Cleveland Indians. The Indians made' a grand lolal of 13 hiLs. including two homo, runs by Trosky, who drove I III 11TH By Art Krenz Welch lo Take On Elliott in Added Attraction Monday John Elliott, local wrestler, will said lie would like to "accomo- mect Roy Welch, kingpin of per-[dale" Elliott for a .10 minulrr formers on the Sinkey circuit ap-'inntch In precede tbe usual prc- nearinu here, in an added altrac- liminary flnd feature match nc>:l Pelicans Lose When VicJ lory Appears Certain ;| Chicks Bow to Griffin The i .mis Rock Travelers (te-l "cau-d the New Orleans Pelicans) -Jmitlrni Ij-asjin rhninoloiis. 0 irl I in a wr-iid II inning gnme Llil'.e I'.otk. 'I lie I'm ;.]er.s Icoked ::ke 'CO lo 1 slioi fj lo--(> Uiclr ton: ;<>n.wcu>iv:i (jniiic vk-h-n they wenl T) Im In tli-' llih after tlnl VI-, Ijivi er,i:nt^l throe tlmr-s hi h>; fir-,1 liulf of Ihc innln-;. Tin- tl wily N'c-,v Origins mars nm| a single by Mining?!- McCum uriHMl m-tain defeat into victor .or tin: Mis SU-uss was .v.'iiiiln-! uiul liryaiu il|c Inslml -.iu-luT. ijiyunL hit for the cir-l .Hit. 'Mil; Knoxvillr Smokies ran l n llieir grinc wiiii (he N;islivillt Vu!s. winning, la to 5. .I'mul runners Inllr.d in the firel inninj lUieji Rhca. Voi fielder, Ml gnlnl illrr an oisy ny will] tbe 'taded. iiulvey was tncLwii nil K-.-ld.Uic losing 'pituliv'r. Tile 1 Birmingham Daroiis dcfeatH d tbe Memphis Chicks 7 lo it Memphis. Griffin. squ'{)>aw| .wawied to Birmingham. | )y Clicks In.- exchange for Toucb- lone, righthander, was . the mn\ lira pitcher. "IroniealK- eiioug Touchstone wus the Icier. Arletl of the Harbris- hit for four bases! The Climtanoogn-Atlaiita yajiu las iMslpriiictl tecaiise of ruin. ililderbrand'went the tton to the regular weekly show .Monday nitrht. .cured. Offered a 30-minutc match idicated tliat lie believed Eugene thToftaft »'»*-lnnln«'V iC Ury.o«r'th t St..'^ Welch t ) IIIL.UIII.IIU I LOU,,; Cardinals. The score was 5 c( .ni,, ( i lo 4. Freddie Lindntrom 'Was the iriir-halrcd favorite of the Pirate ojiening day fnns. - And why not? j All Freddie did, besides' holding' , ., • •- . , , >, clown bis position in usual fashion,. owning matcli and stalemcnls he was lo hiia homer In .the ninth '" ad ? after h""S removed as the with two mates on-bare-and PU !l, th "' d , raan | n lhof ring. Elliot i the Burs 0! il of defeat into vie- °P enc / ! ^ re/erc<? of a Preliminary Dickersoti would be his choice for vefDirc. The rest, ot the card will The mntch apparently grew, put j°c .'iniimmcert later. ' Ellioit's appearance on last | . . . — referee of the p re j,j; e an( J T omm y to -ealin. when they meet the reputJ ed strong tfam of the Osceola In-( :!lan's ' al Osceola. • The • game in Oscooia SundaJ will be the firx. the Indians havil played in Uifir newly rcnovateci •all park. Whayne Knson, lefl-lianil twiricil '.vill work the local noys in th(f opener. lory. Chagnon was the . and Halnes the losing, pitclier. 1 mntch bctn'c'cn Welch and Ray Myers. Get Together at Cape CAPR GIRARDEAU, Mo.—Freddie Kuicklo., 170 pounds, of Bir- imlneham, Ala., junior mlddle- The Giants, .wearing .slugging' A fler tj >e match had progressed | vv( .joi,t champion of the United suits fo: a change, hammered put r ° r ' som<: time Charles Sinkey.: giaics of America, and Tommy a 11 to .17 triumph over the'Plnls. Promoter. removed Elliott as.- Tassas _ i 07 1)m mds, of. Chicago.! They kept blows rattling : off the referee and replaced him with an m w jv) m ^\ •„, the two hour I Pill-sbiirgb fences all. afternoon, importer! official who has appear- t i:;il , i illlit _ twn ol!l of ^rcr t«\te i gelling 15 blows. Among thine were c . d ! l '" e on several occasions and , ,,,.,t c i, at Houck Field House here two' runs by'ott and two by:Schu- i wl 'o was to work the. main match.; tonight. | niaclicr, Die • winning pitcher. .Wli- ' SinXey .said. Elliott was replaced j ,i lVnn Twittv. ICO pounds. Cape i son'of the Phils hit for trnvcir- j because of protests of fans and ;'ardeau. Mo., will meet David I Last sports writers made n gal* occa- man nice. In Inct, it teems ihnl the un- AB R II TO A oniploymcut iiroblem among nil 41320 trades and iinllonalltlrs hns Iwen 3 0 1 A -\ v.olvctl by Ihc- wi-esUinr; ruckct. 30052 ... 1 0000 (•„,„(. One, Oimr All! ^0011 n:s ri fur cry from the days of - 1 " 0 5 0 Frank Gotch iind Farmer Burns en 3|iorts loiilcs will appear bere 'J 0 1 0 0 io. the present stnto. of mat :il- ' oxcluatvclv In Ihil qcwspaper. 30100 inirs. Wrestling lins devrloprcl | 3)100 iroiii :ui hour-si sport lo a show ,,i,,i,t 3001 0 thni, fentures uppercuts, flying 30011 iackles. airplane -spins, a choice -ion of the dinner given In New VurU lu lioinjr of Harry Gr&ygon inliovci. newly-apiiolnted Eport* f:dlttir of N]-^A Service. Orayiton. I:JIIR rioted (is a siuirts expert, wa« n si:iir ,vrliei for Ibo New Vork prior to joining Ills nultioriliulvc comment If (his is done thcre.'will lie lit- e tendency to lift tlic club huc- <-dlv In the start of the back- ving; instead, the left,will push it • cmblienu back low nnd cln^e o the ground. ' '\ • A. Klnnlngham, Ib Marshall, c Holder, cf . Grimes, cf J. KUrmngham. 3b Storey, ss Whittle, ss P. Stllwctl, rf C. <Bunch. if lluey, p Hitmphries, ss C. Lutes. 2b " W. Lutes, if Total* ' 31 2 7 18 8 AK H H 1*0 A 41190 41130 10000 30100 40110 20000 11000 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 I 1 1 0 0 selection ol grimaces to register t'rau Dean to the Rtscue Tlir farmer boy was trcttUnR the pain, rage, and disgust (there is mouiualn-ihat-\valks rather rougli- a school, we. understand. thal;] V -ioo roughly. In fact, for Mrs wrestlers attend to pick up these tricks of their trade), mid' a varied re|>erloirc of grunts, x snorts and roars. D/nn. wlio was a customer al (lie ringside. What did Mrs. Dean do bu heave her ralher buxom form into 2 0 2 2 30000 Crlven such a wide variety ol the lins; and plaster Fnrmcr O'Dcl props, there's little wonder-, that witli her none loo pellle foot, and Ibc boys put on such a show, tl's Islam him with her diike.s! So \in good entertainment, but It isn't nerved became live tanner Urat h 0 0 wrestling. The fans get their drnp]>«l the match to Mrs. Dean's money's worth in laughs and Jivrs. hnbby. Read Courier News Want Ads. ';• Mat. 2:30, J0 : 25e:"v'- [ , Nile B:4t. : "*-S5e. 1MFMT wrestlers on Sinkey's circuit. This cuit. A.' Mobrc was (he -'losing wrestlers alike. Elliott said Sinkey hurlf-r. - (was afraid Vic would "show lip" The Chicago Cubs, made It six In a row by beating the Cincinnati Reds. 'J to 2 at Chicago. The Cubs .diove Dazzy Vance from the mound i:i the first' Inning, when ••ct the stase for a "grudge" |Jre ]ii n jiiaiy. riiatch. 'Apparently deciding to elihiinatc the local wrestler from j the start Welch, who' rates at the j t Dooley. 1P4 iraunds. of Benlon Harlwr'. Mich., in a one hour] time limit, two out of three falls they scored-all their mas'. Frey ;'' e ' tk . of thl ' group, appearing here and Brcnnan shut, out tbe heavy , u ea . hitting Bruins tbe. rest 'of the wav. I Brooklyn . Dotlwrs 5 to. 3 at Eos- I epanto Will Clash With Osceola Sunday Guy Bush wns-llw winning hurl-lion. . Berger's home run nitied the | LEPAKTO. Ark—Sunday, April er. Shiver of Cii'.chmati got rt, Bostbnians. Frnnkhouse was the 20th, will mark the Lepanto base- four-ply swat. i winning and Beck the losing ball club's first journey of the • The Boston Braves walloped the ' pitcher. reason into the outer baseball every rea oerl JAMES CAGNEY iBETTE DAVIS I'niamoiini News Anty Clyde Comedy Thursday & Frida) MAT.—10-25c NITE—10-35c| 34 1 8 21 4 Summary: Errors—Thomas. Taylor 1 2, Terry 3. Caldwell 2. Dobbins 2, A. Klnnlngbam 1. Humphries 2, C. Lutes 2. Srcond Game tlaynfs Boone. c Edwards. 3b Anderson, 2b Smotherman. p Lsaacs. ss Applebamn, s.s Blackxv;!!, Ib Crockett, rf Alexander, cl Peatherstone. If Total Utcrly Aycock, ss Peters. 3b Eherrill. ss Crook, c. McFtrland, 2b U. Lutes, ct Palaxr, rf Scrufgs, p Jeffries, Ib COX. U Yartro, 1Mb wasn't wrestling, dear thai was burlc.sfl.uc[ So . tut they don't yet n dime on H I Thai dollar's worth of gruppllnj. • reader: A typical instance of" pn-scin ' this column Is circulating 'a pell- clay wrestling was pulled off in a lion lo have wrestlers put in bar- mnlcli between Man Mountain icrt cages, armed with knives mid Dean, the bcwhlsfccred behemoth, cutlasses, starve them for three and Farmer O'Dcll, the man ji I weeks, and let them go to II, Ad- Ibc soil, in Cleveland the oilier [ niKMon gratis. All R I! PO A 22141 40100, 4' I 0 3 0 40123 110311 30110; 31030' 30110: 30010 3 1 0 0 D! 30 S 5 18- 5 AC It II TO A 41210 41210 40100 4 0 0 12 0 300103 0 0 1 01 22000 32113 1.1000 21200 30040 Total 33 8 8 21 3 Summary: Errors — Edwards 3. Anderson 2, Isaacs 1, Featherstone 2, Peters, Sherrill, Jeffries. Yarbro. Stcab Cms of Church PAWTUCKET, R. I. (UP)—Donat, D»rid, 30, was sentenced to 101 <Ujrs in J»tl for sltiling a seven- foot copper crou from old Notre ' Dune church, which was being rued. He admitted selling the trass to a Junk dealer for.. 85 emu. i. HARDAWAY Circus coming—and here's your free pass to the opening performance I All you need is a copy of Ihis paper—and you'll get more llian a ringside view of tlic. Bin Show! For "Donna"—the next serial—is a gripping storj tiial will present for your entertainment the throhbing life of a three-ring circus on the road . . . lake you back of the scenes . . . tell you the things you've wnnlcdlo know about Ihe world's most colorful people. DONNA OF THE BIG TOP Starting Thursday, April 26th, In Courier News i cquali hit peiforrcorKC cf 'Dr. JtVyll i. M'. Hyde' in DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY A Paramount Piclure with EVELYN VENABLE Goofy Movies, No. .1 Comedy "The New Dealers" \vith I'allelle and Catltlt

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