The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on May 30, 1945 · Page 2
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 2

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1945
Page 2
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HO .Tmirnal-Kvpry Evening:, 'Wilmington, Delaware, Wednesday, May 30, lM." Seven More Delaware Men Renorted Freed From Nazis m ' M. t tt crt nni i r 1 1 1 A-! J i. TV".-. li A friia T a T !KaiI a J 'I'm-,- M. XM. A pilll.U Sa A. ' .J K I. a .. m A a. A3 V ft CI I t . 1 1 HU x- a a x a. o n j .mfu a a a - a. a n J ill ll. I Russian Armies Take Over 4 t V.'X. ' .v VJ PC Alrif Private Eugene R. Bogia of 901 West Sixth Street who has been a . prisoner of the Nazis since Feb. 17, 1943, la one ol seven prisoners of war liberated in Germany. a caoiegram was received irotn ine soiaier yesteraay Dy am parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bogia of the Sixth Street address. The soldier was captured in North Africa. Going into the Ariny in October, 1941, he was with a comoat engineers battalion.j Before zoina- Into the Armv he had! conducted the taproom at Sixth and Adams Streets. Othera who are announced as freed by the Allies today are: First Lieut. Samuel M. Ellicott. h.isband of Mrs. Lillian A. Ellicott of Cranston Heiehis. Flight Officer George Albert Rud-loff, son of Mrs. Rosa RudlofI, 403 West Eighth Street. Staff Sergt. Arthur Luckanish. . husband of Mrs. Moyna Tolland Luckanish, 1622 Laurel Street, formerly of 2303 Market Street, Pfc' Raymond S. Sharp, son of .Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sharp of 1506 West Second Street. Pfc. Stephen J. Pielechowicz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pielecho-wicz, 314 Eighth Avenue. Pfc. Vaughn C. Murray, husband of Mrs. Eleanor F. Murray, Selby-vlile, B-24 Pilot Freed Lieutenant Ellicott was pilot of a B-24 Liberator bomber with the Kighth Air Force based in England. He was captured on his fifth combat mission ove Germany, Feb. 24. 1844. The flier was liberated on Mothers Day. May 13, from Stalag Luft No. 1 near Barth on the Baltic Sea by the Russian. A V-mail letter to his wile from l.e Havre, France, said he was waning transportation home. The flier s ..on. Samuel M. Ellicott III. two snd a. half years old, accepted his father's Air Medal reeenilv at. exercises ?! p( D j or c. l Tbe New Castle Army Air Bas ! Pfc- Raymond Pfc. Stephen TjpuLenant ElUcott is the son of! -3harp J. neiechowtcz Mrs. Helen C. E. Crowne of Crans ton Height". A cablegram and an airmail mes sage saying that he has been Hber- Flight Officer G. A. Rudloff Sergt. Arthur Luckanish t'' F .. f ar" I Day's Record, Tides - . . - 7 , . ... area nave Deen receivea ironi iugni.,Sun ,ose hj1S moroinr 5 34 Officer Rudloff. He wrote that he, sun seis th evtnin 21 was in good health and expected to,Sun "sea tomorrow . h-.n , , T ; Sun sets tomorrow evening E:2 ne home soon. He had been ira- Moon riSes tonlsht io. prisoned 8t Stalag Luft I which wasj length of day, J hours, 1 mlnuifs. liberated by the Russians. Co-pilot .e.turM r., rr,.ir of a Flying Fortress with the Eighth jS D m ,esUt(Ur ,6 Air Force, he was taken prisoner mtheu jtsterday 1; July 19. 1844, when his ship wjis hit; lowest dunn n-rht 55 over Schweinf art, Germany. Before , 'onn," J j nUUi ill V Lilt. A 1IJ i IV J- , l.i ' employed at tbe local postofflte. nruc; rium xiits v Liberited rem Stalag Luft 4. oiafl Sergeant LackanLsh wrote hir wife a V-mail letter from Paris May 8. saying he was well and having a wonderful time. He was cap- -ri:rH whn fh Ftvincr Fori rp nn which he served as tail-gunner was ihot down over Paris May 25, 1944. He said hs was awaiting transportation home. A cablegram to his parents by-Private Sharp said "Well and safe. Hope to see all soon.'' He had been a prisoner since Dec. 21, 1944, when he was captured along with many members of the 106th (Lion) Divi- Bond Drive (CaatiaaH Fri Tut One) today. The art teacher at Marshall-ton is Judging the Stanton entries, and the Stanton art teacher is Judging the Marshallton entries. The three prize in each school will be awarded at the end of this week. Other county areas which have made reports are: Newark, under William E. Holton three per cent of $125,000; Mount Pleasant, under Irvin H. Borer, two per cent of $117,000; New Castle, under Samuel H. Carothers, ouje per cent of $67.-000, and Odessa, under William Regener, one per cent of $12,000. The districts which have reported pledges but no percentage of cash sales are Centreville, under State Rep. Samuel B. Bird, quota $112,000; Middle town under J. K. Wall, quota $42,000, and Port Penn, under Harvey Moore tnd Miss Eva Vandegnft, quota, $7,000. City Zones Report In Wihnlngton, yesterday's report on actual sales through Monday ihows John F. Mulhern's Zone Seven still leading with 125 per cent of its $160,000 quota. Standings of other zones which have reported are: Zone Pel. I.eidsr Quota 17 71 ron Finger !01,000 H 3S TVank Orrgson 200 000 15 it Harold V. Mayoer M.0O0 Jl Lewis If Townsend 85.000 Tt u Arthur H. Ka!e 20 000 1! 7 i. M. I.ana 17.000 1 S Albert Husband 15.000 j J I,. C. Parker 1 James P. Mci.a,n 75.000 Reports but 03 percentage i Arthur G. .larTi 65.000 '( Lewis K. TowrLSend 20.000 The New Castle County schools have sold $138,557.95 in war stamps and bonds, or 69 per cent of their quota of $200,000, as reported up until noon, Monday. Percentages of school quotas to date are: Milford X Roads, 4J: Richardson Park, 23; O'.asgoir. 17; Mt. Pleasant No 34, i2; Commodore MacDonoufh, '.76: p:ti-iant Valley. ll: Hocfeer,in White, !47; Yorklyn. 13: Tovmeni Vbite. 132: Harmony, 132: Stanton, 83; Christiana While. 95; Newark Elementary. 68; Eden, PS; New Casile. 74f Henrii J. K.'ebj, 60: Alfred I. duPont. a7; Newark Secondary, 57: Be:h-esda, 5: Delaware City White. 51; Odessa. 41:' Port Penn White, 42; Midd'.etown While, 41: Mt. Pleaiant No. 2. 36; Iron Hill. 3S; Rose Hill. 33: Oak Groe. 31: Clavmont, tJ4; Marshallton White. 21: Tayior s Bridge, 21; A'eris I. duPont, 17; Conrad, 16: Mii-shallton Colored, II: Delaware Ci!y Colored. It: AUsalom Jones. 30; Minquadale, 9; Arden, 7: Pert Penn Colored. 7; Louis I. . Redoing. ; Blackbird, e; Walnut Green, 5: Townsend Colored, 5; Millslcle. 3; Christiana Colored. 3: Lee's Chapel, 3: Booker T. Washington, 3: Mt. Pleasant Co'ored. 2; "ewark-New London Avenue. 2: Ebenezer, 2; Stale Line Claymont, I, and Hotkesssa Colored, less than I. Actress Mary Martin In Critical Condition NEW YORK, May 30 jT). Mary tr axtin, stage and screen actress, is critically ill at the Lying-in Hospital, her husband, Richard Halli-day, announced last night. Appealing for blood donors, Halli-day said hLs wife, who Is expecting a baby in December, suffered a severe shock two weclts ago when a dog attacked her 3-year-old daughter, Mary Heller Martin. The child was scratched, and the shock to the mother led to her present Illness, Halliday said. She already has received four transfusions. M 1! "J ill m t Marin Terminal iMouth of Christina! Mian . , 3:52 2 13 Buh Tiaes Taaar Lewes , Kitts Hummock Bom'oay Hock ... Tort Penn Reedy Point Chesapeake Ctiy . Data compiled Geodetic Survey. A M. .11 43 .12 11 . 1 02 . 1 37 . 2.01 . 12.27 1.ow ;5S 9.33 T M n 59 12 :i 1 :2S 2 04 2:29 12:54 by U. S. Coast and U. S. Treasury Report .sion in the early stages of the battle of the Belgian bulge. Before going into the service in January, 1944, he had been employed at the New Castle Defense plant. He went overseas in October. Private Pielechowicz has been a prisoner since Jan. 21. 1944. when he was captured while with the Fifth Army In Italy. He had previously taken part in the North African and Sicilian campaigns. He went into the Army in February, 1943, and went overseas in October of the same year. His father served with the Yankee Division in World War I. Private Murray, better known as "Casey" Murray, was listed as missing in action Jan. 20, during the Belgian bulge fighting. He was a truck driver before going into the j Army. Yokohama (Continued From Page One "Yokohama's industrial Area was a seething bed of leaping flames. Lieut. George S. Tallha of Weed, Calilf., said that Yokohama w-as a 'great mass of smoke billowing up to aiKut 23,000 feet (more than four miles) while beneath its edge were rolling flames that looked like an ocean of fire. The smoke carried as far as we could see toward Tokyo by a good" surface wind." 100 Targets Hits In fohe last six raids, almost 100 Important individual targets principally manufacturing plants have been destroyed or badly damaged. They include 30 plants turning out heavy war products or electrical equipment, 14 transportation installations, tiiree aircraft plants, eight utUties, three oil plants, 12 military Installations, 15 war materials factories and nine miscellaneous military objectives. In addition an uncounted number of small industrial plants and "shadow factories" have been destroyed. Coincidentally, many businesses and governmental, buildings have been wiped out. WASHINGTON. May 30 .). The position of the Treasury May 28. compared with corresponding date a year ago: Receipis, $63,411,726.57; $40,106,-832.03. Expenditures, $395,676,706.50; $246,-663,646.81. Net balance, $9,504,938,141.22; $9,-030,166,946.29. Working balance included, $8,741,-992.932.91; $8,267,337,855.08. Customs receipts for month, $31,-938,438.52; $33,938,691.15. Receipts fiscal year (July 1, $40,-145,021,552.49;, $37,608,207,791.78. Expenditures fiscal year, $89,394 -416,653.56; $84,195,512,191.46. Excess of expenditures, $49,248,-395,101.07; $48,587,304,399.68. Total debt, $238,971,340,360.12; $187,913,444,487.74. Increase over previous day, $182,-548.245.76. Gold assets. $20,270,152,116.30; $21,263,522,522.18. New Charters Filed DOVER. May 30 Charters filed with the corporation department of the secretary of state's office yesterday follow: Best Brands Co , Inc., importers and exporters. Capital. 1 SCO shares, no par. Principal office, Capital Trust Company of Delaware. Plasticraft Corporation, plastic products. Capital. $151,000. Principal office. Corporation Trust Company. Southwestern Air Freta-nt & Express Airlines. Inc. air transportation. Capital, 5.000 shares, no par. Principal office, Corporation Trust Company. Crown Western Investments, inc.. Investment business. Capita!, tl, 000. 000. Principal office. Corporation Trait Company. Internationa! Powercycle Association, to establish safety standards. Capital, none. Principal office. Corporation Service Company. Prefabricated Ships Equipment Corporation, sh!p3. etc. Capital, 50.000 and 1,000 shares, no par. Principal office. Colonial Charter Company. Lacy's, Inc.. radios, phonographs, etc. Capital, $112,590. Principal office, W. D. Burton. Dover. Masdalena Mining Company, iron ores and other mineral. Capital, $50,000. Principal office. Corporation Trust Company. Crops Cminse6 Fra File Onr liv&iiocfc product prices increased slightly in May while truck prices fell 25 per cent. For the first four months of this year production of evaporated milk was 24 per cent greater than in the same period last year. Manufacturers' stocks on April 30, however, were 14 per cent below a year aa. This results from heavier con sumer buying. Over the nation the food situation looks this way: East In New York City, fruit and vegetable retail associations threatened a "holiday" in protest against alleged tie-in sales and overcharges by wholesalers. This would affect 3,000 shops. Meat and eggs continue scarce. Mid-Continent Earl E. Mason, secretary of the Iowa-Nebraska Poultry and Egg Institute, said a black market in eggs had been added to the operations causing shortened food supplies in Iowa. In Cleveland, a spokesman for 14 packing houses which claim to supply some 800 local butcher shops said the concerns would remain closed all week. In Minneapolis potatoes were virtually unobtainable. I West More meat markets were closing temporarily in Seattle with lamb about the only variety available in quantity. Fish was helping ease the beef-pork shortage. Some Montana markets were closing. Europe Allied food experts estimated northern Italy's rich wheat fields would yield 70 to 80 per cent of last year's bumper crop. This would leave only a slight surplus for distribution to the remainder of the country. Bern reported the Colorado potato beetle spreading in Alsace and northwestern Switzerland as a possible menace to one of Europe's main foods. In Greece, no salt has been Issued for over six months and the black market price Is 70 times the prewar price. Salt now is sold for 400 drachmas or $1 a pound. Parade (Cantiaaed Frem fate One) and Bugle Corps and Bayard School band. Auxiliary police, the A. W. V. S., and Sons of Union Veterans participated. Red Cross Contingent Approximately 150 women from the Delaware Chapter, American Red Cross, representing the various services, were in uniforms. The members of the Motor Corps, headed by Mies Anne Naulty, commander, and Mrs. Elizabeth Challenger, adjutant, were in the line. Colors were carried by a guard from Fort DuPont and four Red Cross ! nurses accompanied the unit. They a re A. June Richards. Dorothy 'Downs, Florence McCaliister, and iThelma Passmore. ) Mrs. Lethe Stone, chairman, I headed the staff assistants and Mrs. !G. Dudley Gray, the Gray Ladies. (Nurses' aides were in blue pinafores ! nd white caps. Mrs. Emily M. Shields was in charge of the seating of the distinguished guests and the gold star mothers and fathers in the reviewing stand on the steps of the Public Building. Those in the star.d were: Gov. Walter W. Bacon; Mayor Albert W. Jame: Sergt. James P. Connor, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and his niece, Dorothy Brown, of 218 West Eighth Street; Col. Albert W. Foreman, stale director of Selective Service; Col Randolph Russell, commanding officer of Fort DuPont; Lieut.-Col. J. J. Harris, commanding officer of the prisoner of war camp at For1 DuPont; Lieut -Col. William B. Hooton, com- I ma tiding officer of the New Castle Army Air Base; Brig. -Gen. Paul R. Rinard. the adjutant general; Col. J. Paul Heinel, commanding officer of the Delaware State Guard; Maj. Raymond A. Lynch, commander of the State Guard medical detachment; Andrew J. Kavanaugh. superintenc t of the Department of Public Safety; Mrs. William N. Cann. and Mrs. Park W. Hunting-, ton, officers of the American Lesion. Department of Delaware, auxiliary; Police Chief Frank J. Ma-honey; Supt. Paul W. Haviland, state police; William W. Webb, president of the Wilmington Chapter, American War Dads, and Mrs. Charles Gallagher, U. S. O. In the stand also were 48 Gold ' Star mothers, and fathers, of whom j 32 Pre members of Wilmington Ichaptsr, No. 1, Gold Star Mothers, i headed by Mrs. Charles Darschel, 1103 West Fifth Street. Service's at Graves The Sons of Union Veterans conducted services at the graves of veterans in four city cemeteries this morning. Rifle salutes wero fired, pastors spoke of the sacrifices of the American heroes, and taps were sounded. The Polish-American Post. No. 3257. Veterans cf Foreign Wars, 106 Seventh Avenue, conducted memorial services preceding the parade, this morning at "Banning Island," Maryland Avenue and South Franklin Street. Archie Drake recently redecorated the "Island." A special plaque with names of youths of the neighborhood who made the supreme sacrifice in the present; war was unveiled. The regular plaque contains names of 83 young men now in the services. Public offices were closed today. The postofflce was closed with a ctiy-wide mail collection to be maae, starting at 6 o'clock. Major war plants were operating as usual, although the Harlan and Hollings-worth plant was closed and Bellanca Corporation at New Castle had only a few hundred working. Trolley and buses ran on special routes for the period of the parade only. Most of the trolleys and buses are on a holiday schedule. Casualties Cattnaed Fra Pa One) his mother are a sister. Rose Bryant, and a brother, Wlllam Bryant, seaman second class, also serving in the South Pacific. Willi jm r. H if fins Mrs. Higgtns received word of her husband's injuries in a War Department telegram. A few days later she received a letter from her husband telling that he had been wounded 4n the battle for Baguio, summer capital of Luzon. The 'soldier, now hospitalized In the Pacific, said he was injured in the left arm and over the eye. With the 33rd Infantry Division in the PaciAc war theatref he has seen action in Hawaii. Dutch New Guinea and the Philippines. William Kovach Sergeant Kcvach was awarded the Bronze Star fox action on Leyte. He is with a combat eng 1-neers group of the 77th (Statue of Liberty) Division. He received ncse injury on Ie Shima, near Okinawa. He is now recuperating at a res; camp in the Pacific area. Before entering the service in March, 1942, Sergeant Ko-vach was employed st the DuPont nylon plant st Sea- ford. His brother, Andrew Kcvach, is with the 30th Division in the European theatre. J - s in ii in ii uttm-Ma Sergt. William Kovach Delawareans who buy war bonds are sharing in tbe future of the nation. Our state's overall goal is f43.0O0.0OO in tbe 7th War Loan. Buy your share now. 1 Obituary Mrs. Margaret M. Br en nan Mrs. Margaret M. Brennan, 77, a Gold Star Mother of World War I. died yesterday at her home at Hockessin. A son, William N. Brennan of the Marine Corps, was killed in France Nov. 2, 1918. Her husband was the late William J. Brennan who died in 1926. Born in Kilkenny County, Ireland. Mrs. Brennan came to this country 59 years ago and has made her home in the Hockessin vicinity since then. She had two sisters and a brother in Ireland. Other survivors are five children: John J. Brennan of New Castle Mrs. William Gorden of Yorklyn Mrs. Harry F. Ford, Mrs. Harry B WlllUmson, Mrs. Ernest Ford of Hockessin; two other sisters, Mrs. Mary Healy of Mt. Cuba, and Mrs. Elizabeth Cooney of Kennett Square; 13 grandchildren and four greatgrandchildren. The funeral will be from her home on Lancaster Pike Saturday morn inff- SnVmn rmiim will K said in St. John's Church, Hockessin, at 9:30 o'clock by the Rev. Leo W. O'Neill. Interment will be in Ashland Cemetery. Lewis McDowell Lewis P. B. McDowell of 2305 Washington street, died Isst nigit at his home following a short illness. Born in Wilmington, Mr. McDowell was the son of the late Philip and Eliza McDowell. ' Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Martha E. McDowell; a daughter, Miss Elizabeth D. McDowell; a sister, Mrs. John Dalzell, all of Wilmington, and a niece, Mrs. Walter Cummlngs of New Brunswick, N. J. Funeral services will be held at the William E. Haines Funeral Home, Twenty-fourth and Market Streets, Friday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock with interment at Wilmington and Brandywine Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home between 7 and 9 o'clock tomorrow night. Robert O. Stewart Robert O. Stewart of the Manor; Apartments, accountant and purchasing agent for the Wilmington Water Department, died last nisht in The Memorial Hospital, where he had been a patient about a weekJ Surviving Mr. Stewart is his wife, Mrs. Mae Stewart. He was a native of Pittsburgh, and at one time was employed by the DuPont Company. He was a member of Hailman Lodge. No. 321, F. and k. Jl. in Pittsburgh Oilier Deaths I CHARLES DUSHKIND In New York, 74; for the last 25 years was general counsel and managing, director of the Tobacco Merchants' Association of the United States. OR A MORNINGSTAR In San Diego, Calif., 70; former 18 1 balk-j line Diiiiara champion; a a native of Rochester, N. Y. ' FRANK COOKE ATHERTON In Honolulu, 67; one cf Hawaii's prominent industrial and civic lead-! ers. LIEUT. -COMM. I3AK LYSTAD Ia Seattle, 49; raJMff of tbe motor- ship Norih Star, ilagship of Admiral Richard E. Byrd s Antarctic expedition. CECIL PARKER STEWART In New York, 64; president of Frank B. Hall and Company, Inc., average adjusters and nsurance brokers and prominent, in insurance, marine and securities fields. In (i',ri a nfl vhr Allies Drop 100 Tons Of Bombs on Tarakan MELBOURNE, May 30 If;. Six squadrons of Liberators dropped 100 tons of high explosives yesterday in a precision strike which laid waste a wide area of Japanese resistance on northern Tarakan Island, the Army Department announced. Following the strike, infantrymen swept over the ridges, rolling up thousands of yards of the enemy's southern defense lines. The advance gave the Australians !nrw footholds for a drive east to i block a possible Japanese - retreat to the swamplands. IN MEMOS! M Tn lovlnc menrsrr of r'ir irm. F .zabe'h Tt tros,n hi Ajti Mar 39 lit". Oor.e but rot Irrznt'n in lovina- tr.trr.nti or bt fj'Jirr Ctiarl--: A Brrroeil n pie4 an or. a jfir a9. My 2 19 A f'e r.t t tif hforr n-. wire J rtr.rr.' fnraet. A imi.e 'rat :ij iat' forever. In pfmorf I se h:rn Fnnfi wrrr thf ti r sroaeli wa trie one ho t ion In memorr I r: im kp h,m A? a ire Ta.- ao on. Safly mtnM r. h Tn loir,iT memorr r,? nnr t'tr.itrt-.ttT. r.ntrttt a B.-oomn: ho caisei ar era 'it aeo. M t 1. 1541. T, 'Ti', ! P'-o P'.p aa it !e Bti. More than the d w taw oy lait. S ime m:ri on e t w w it k- i b'.ct ut cicarr to jou ir,j 1-eaven r tnlnae. a' t iear ar.4 l,oaT 'hT. Kino i',vr ar.d ''are'. .4-1 . . ... . ' i .. - luinw i part r.r more. V,,:1"n ;l "'3 f Jcu Whrn m are jil ,rr.e fiir TitmorT It tbe on t Ittrr.a Tnt grief cr. ' ,1 in nvn Uirr ivy nn a witr''j Whn all other ir.'.nii Our love for yau tii ,1 keep arten And nvf rrore fa? mt Lovea and ionze r Tour 0airtfcp'rr In loving- mrrno" of "m-r ' deer hatband !ir ig. Mif n li t ri ? f w'Sj itlllfl tl)g Jdl And fr! the t rr,- mm tti wer.X r,? 1 t"lr''r r'J and Co-i-ir. ,.B " "T to h t.tstt ar.d eor tent . ir.'rt are tesr tr.ff j lfl1 ,n ,lier.ct. And br'he a f,t: of rret. Fo- ro-i e- p-.-r.t and I ren:ensr. ir.o-jan all '?-e world for- L '"J4en thaise in a rBirr.rt e.'! "r rr had a rfr,e to ur !re-ll-,n ir mT '-ITr'v r-e t-.ds at mv aid And -h'prs, Liear ..'e. dea-.h cannoi diTide " T hav !ot r-.v r,) coT5arir,if. A Ijle l.alted -!!o itit o r. : and day b d3 7 I rr.-s' tv.m tno- I w!it -h-oisri l;f. a!orr Some ojt I irrow not -r-.-,. To rl.p r. hand i-, a land. revtr ?y D3rt in r. Sadly m:.d .... VO'-r l'-.elT WlfeArr' .Jn lovir.s rrmr,r" of my dear fa'r.e- A B.-oorr.el. m.i-.o -5rr th'a one yar wzo Mav 27 104 Tesr r.?. T:as5arl he )r-r ? tt e-r 1: But In" mv v . For e who loved How m if h w Jr. We a re t.-. .: rr of Tn.r.i'ir. r,J y.fl Plriur.rj yn-i !n t J;ist sa w v?w W'e do cot ntJ a To brma tom o Tr da vi w nr, T,n Are Trrt ha-H o .. far 5t.:i betsss: "0'j nnl' know t r.". it ?rt rr.j f.da- dear la'.h" er.d njuii. -r r-errcrj yr. j 1 r cia: day o - t. i r. d t. thrr c of to j T'd .-" ,i" wo'.a were r tn a;t. ru fit' it. Tt ?r;t rr.OTft. 1r et. t,'ir cwr. r-r jfpr .S a n ri r ? & ... a - , - Sadly mix&ed. Ic vd and locaed' for b our T h .- .. -h yn't Death Notice.- W fi 4C U M-4f 3K IN TOm HOME SIGHT NOW CALL 3-5201 TERM. NIX CO. 6Za0"oV 1945 ?frj r-'It J f rttitii. tire of Jjr.rr.: M or Hi' 'J. he '. W". - I of h rrd . rtir Pu T. : c i.'.er. CAPITA SO- I- ? Ma-r It. .Hi Ar-' Vlrcer?o Cis,'in and P'mbt.- of fs, c.r.a Kit.ii !;:;t ' the f-inrl from l- 'V Fifth S--"-! Jur 1 t t T o , ma F.--r-. m-?:ta' e i-.f O' ir.S ! Most of tbe essential supplies of war require fats and oils in their manufacture and operation. Turn used fat over to the meat dealer, and collect four cents and two rer" ration points a pound. laHwt fw tevar rM lata WINDOW SASH CORD REPAIRING Let as replace yoyr wern out cords With new copper cJiain PHONE 5-4746 HARRY A. LYNAM 425 N. BROOM ST. EST. USD We Buy OLD GOLD and DIAMONDS HARRIS & CROLL SEVENTH AND SHlrLET STREETS Phana S-6011 1 (H? KAUFMAN FOR SAFETY GLASS 1215 French St. o'cloclc. I:i-.e.-n."nt r: Ca :nv.Led tn i" r:. i rh-.rclT st WITH A TOUCH OF f(ns t fJ$ X IS --Af MAKES COSTS "J I i wM 24 gim mi l 1 GALLONS OCl JrT . -v SOLUTION 27 X i Jw$& i VETERAH LOANS Full Information Available At . . . VETERANS FINANCIAL ADVISORY SERVICE tiorided at of Wilminjton 801 SHIPLEY ST. Wilmington. DeL Cactial National Back Commercial Trust Company Colonial Trust Company Claymont Trust Company Delaware Trust Company Delaware City National Bank Equitable Trust Company Farmers Bank Industrial Trust Company New Castle Trust Company Security Trust Company Wilmington Trust Company SOILAX Y0UX BIGGEST BARGAIN W CLEANLINESS! The' a riant . . . ma 1 ' ef Soilox makes 24 f el-lens ef cteoning seluKen. At 254, this means yee r enty 1-124 ten par fallen fer the Uneat oll-reend heeteheld cJeaneer lady ever oea! Ana think whet yea can nee it er: painleei walla mn4 weed werk, leers, bathtubs sink, iaanovriaf, sUtarnishing silver, claonirMf eet nets anel pen. In 'net, yev'tf tnj a kiwaraa happy in yeer beeae fer this kara'-weHcino, qvick-ecring daenina cem-peana. &wt a kex lar! Va LB. BOX -FOR 251 FAINTS 204-8 W. 7TH ST. LADDERS GLASS DIAL 4-3132 ; Here?s ice-cool white, a frosty summer delight Smartly styled with you in a iew and deftly touched with Navy blue. "BETTY IEVAY" designed this two-tone summer cooler in now white and Nary rayon crepe and highlighted ii with attractive hows. Also available in lime and grey. Sizes 10 to IS. 29.35 CARMIKF I- :-. r. C:irir.e Mi Mi P-lnh ri-rr --e t:ves end it i: he funeral .-.e-r.r.t hr narcu .j Mi.-er. P'i--e(!-,r-j Road, on Th 'rJ v ? J o c.'rx-k. In-ere: msv ra'.J Wecr.eicaj re.-nair.s Sra! Ce,-r.e:e.- or. "la-r JT - wTe of P-;- T"! P!i- r -! ed id a er ' ihe ri3"nre rf ' Mu CI--ice C P:Ve .! Oa'-tr-rir, :i ft -vare Fnen ;ver.:r.s to v.ew :!-. 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M T. at 1 o'ctnrV ' Tnte- rr.-nt at Mt Ci-.e CemtejT "riends mir rail at the lur.eral home '.his ever.tnc. T . 9 a clock. Mcdowell in th s r, m jj ms it his ia-.e ret:ce-.r r"A 'nh:rtt Msrths E. Merwe;!. Reiatives and l.-je-ci r' lnvitd to stte-d the r-:ces t The Win-am E. Haines fjnri! H-ne Te'v-fourth and Mi:et S'ree:. on Frjda at-.e'-noon Ji n 1. at ! -n n'r!w Ir-te-ment " ' Wi ir.irtton t-d Brarri!n Omete- Irter.cs mar call at the funeral fconte Thurscy evemn. 7 to 3 o'cloclc. Cr.pRTS On THy ?9 IMS. t her hoir- TA'hiteford Mi . Mary K . n Jt cf Hrr- J. Morris. Serv.r on T!vi-r!ev Mr st 1 n. r . (rcrm Whi ford " Methni't Church. Into' at Rtvervicw Cemetery. WJmir.aton. at 3 o. m. PHILLIPS In this city on May J9 T54S Wi.i;tm T.. husb'nd of Nett:- E P?"A.t', area 73 rits. Rf!i:ve$ trienr's and err-pioTe? cf the Jorerh Bancrott At Sana Co Ie?n:,,,a 11 '"! the ft'-,eral service t his laie rs:!er;re. 4 Riddle Averiue. tt S.tiirrir It.w. , . Interment at " hra're!? n Memprial Park" 1 Frienr? may c)l Fridav evpn:n WILLIAM E. HAINES FUNERAL HOME Markel al 24lh Sf. ililSISflli "BETTY IEVAY" did this soit summer classic In bright white rayon crepe touched with smart Navy embroidery ... or lime embroidery. Sizes 12 to 20. rsm hp 85fL tlflf 29.95 JOHN C. timZEL Funeral Director PHONE 9021 Michael A. Mealey & Sin Funeral Directors jj N. W. Cor. 7th fir Broom Phone 2-5913 J McCRERY 'Z,1 2700 WASHINGTON ST. Our Funeral Costs Meet Present Day Conditions CREMATORIUM Ours Is the only crematorium In Delaware. Information furnished without obligation about this service at . . , Silverbrook Cemetery Lancaster Ate- at DuPont Rd, DIAL 3-365S Funeral Flowers and Sprays 110 Middleborootb Boat Richardson Park Phone X.7114

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