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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 11
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 11

The News Journali
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

Evening Journal SECOND SECTION Saturday, May 26, 1913 G. O. P. Pushes City Campaign Women Victorv Bond Dav Twelve Killed At Edge wood Eight More State Soldiers Are Liberated in Europe Burglar Faces PliiJa. Charge Convict Who Robber! 90 Honie-s in Delaware Shot Detective When Quizzed reparc 3 Ward Meeting Broadcast Given, Climax Due Next Held, With Week 51 Arsenal Civilians Hurt in Hand Grenade Assembly, Loading Unit Corp. Ralph Elliott, First Soldier From Laurel Area To Be Captured by Nazis, Freed After Being Held Since February of 1913 awaiting transportation home airman had been nrisoner fcince Corp. Ralph Elliott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Elliott of Laurel, EDGE WOOD. May 26 7P). ThTon King, escaped Or Twelve persons killed and 51 in Feb. 24. 1945 He wrote that he is fr.Uary convict, known local lv the first soldier from the Laurel! iured. four critically, was the toil today of an explosion and fire at historic Edstewood Arsenal, the first major accident there since start of the war. A special Army board of inquiry area to be captured by the Germans, getting "three tremendous and the "Backdoor Burglar" of Brandv-was liberated on May 2. Word that; delicious meals a day," His letter Vin Hundred, is bejrg r-eld their son 'had been freed was re-: was received by his parents ceived yesterday by Mr. and day. Up to that time they did not 1 -ac parses Elliott. He had been a prisoner since know his whereabouts. With others attempted murder of a city Feb. 14. 1943. The Laurel soldier) at the camp he was evacuated by the there-served with a tank unit in North (Eighth Army Air Force to a deploy-? Arretted in Cincinnati. O. whre Africa when he was captured. He ment center in the French coastal he was held far several da vs. pnd-went into the service in January 1941 area, ing inveatigauons of robberies in and went overseas in May 1942. He' Shot down over Austria, he was a that area, the Ohio and Cincinnati had been stationed in Ireland before bombardier on a B-47. As far as is police authorities a2red reVss. is investigating the blast which rocked the station, headquarters of the Army's Chemical Warfare Ser Holding three wand meetings and sponsoring a radio broadcast by Assistant City Solicitor Leonard G. Hagner, chairman of the First District Committee, the Republican Party capped a week Of intensive campaigning last night. However, -ampaign will reach lis climax next week with meetings scheduled to be held during the day as well night with the Republican mayoralty candidate. Deputy Thomas Herlihy, making several speeches in an aggressive finish before the voters go! to thr ill? next Saturday in the I municipal election. i Mr. Hagners speec was the first I taking part in the North African invasion. known, he was not injured and the Kin? to the Quaker City detectives eight other members of the crew to face the more seno-is chars vice shortly after 3 p. m. yesterday. It occurred in a building filled with civilian workers assembling and loading two-pound igniter hand grenades. This and an adjacent building were devastated by the explosion and subsequent flames which j) Tjf? Seven other Delaware soldiers who survived. Lieutenant Stuber, have been prisoners of war are now! while, has contacted ail but one. According to Philacelpnia poLre, listed as lib-i Prior to his enlistment, he was King shot the Philadelphia de tec- burned for several hours before fire- uished it. These women are active tn the radio programs of the Delaware War Finance Committee's observance and volunteers exting the first anniversary of D-Day. June 6, when every woman in the state is asked to buy extra bonds. The' Only eight of the dea Only eight of the dead, badly vwioru Bona Dav nroiect. is hetna snnnxnreii hi the nmmenx division ot the. W. C. to riant' Mrs. tranK burned by phosphorus, have been identified. Eighteen of the injured to be broadcast Swezey, American Association of University Women: Mrs. William Sharkey. Wilmington Panhetlenic of a series of six before the election. ouier w-Qiation; Mrs. Morton Sahbury. Federation of Jewish Women's Organizations, and Mrs. Thomas J. Neil, were confined to the station hos-j speak on the series are Mr. Herlihy Wilmington Junior League. era ted. They are: employed in the office of the record- when the detective s-opped his Tech. Sergt.ler of deeds. The 24-year-old flier car in the police for fugi-Robert J. Hick-'has been overseas since December, tives from the jail break from man. son of 1943, and at the time of his capture Penitentiary. Philadelphia. and Mrs. John i was on his nineteenth mission with) I-ont ound in Car Hickman the 15th Air Force, based in King escaped at tr.a- ume. Frankford; Staff 'His brother. Pfc. Frank Thompson Police found loo' stolen from Per.n-Sergt. Harry stuber k. with the Army in Okinawa -syivania and Brandywine Hundred Wilson, and his parents had a letter from homes in the car. of Mrs. Elva.him last week. Detecnves, using a por.a ole lee- Wilson of Brook-j The Delaware Chapter of the 'tro-magnet yesterday. recovered pital. Thirty-lour others were treated and returned to duty. Ail were civilians. snd J. Clair Kiiloran, attorney general, with the other three speakers to be announced. Wants Every Voter Out Mr. Hagner insisted that every The bombs were described as the! Health Code Action Praised Tliree DuPont Men Promoted In Department Reorganization iana ierrace and Red Cross yesterday notified Mr. and King automatic from Ches- 'ball of name igniters for the incendiary gas tanks being used by-American filers against the Japanese. One woman, Sara J. Creswell. 41, son oi Mr. and 1 Mrs. Shoff that ter River. Nimh and Penn Streets, their son had Chester, yesterday, been liberated told police he threw he on May 23 It is ihto the stream after he wounced believed that he detective ar.d "ed Ches-er, was in one of where he had rooms ad- i of Havre de Grace. herself Imentarily felled by the blast, dragged four workers to E. S. Nickerson Made Assistant General Manager Of. Or. Hitrhens, Others qualified voter should so to the polls; cn June 2 because "We all share in': the benefits of good government and we should all share, in the responsi- bility of insuring such government for the future. I "It is much too important a mat-! ter to be viewed with apathy or in- difference. Good city government' doesn't just happen. It must bei achieved. Its accomplishment is worthy of the vigorous effort of all Mrs. Frank Wilson, 16 Maryland Avenue, Tuxedo Park; Staff Sergt. Fred K. Massey. husband of Mrs. Charlotte of Old Kennett sa ety. Ralph Elliott Fabrics and Finishes Division; Dr. H. II. Hopkin Depart nient Gratified And Matt Denning Are Also Advanced Over Council's Support) Booker Massey Road; Pfc. Homer J. Taunton, Stove Supply earing Crisis J. Warren Kinsman, genera! manager of the DuPont Company Fabrics and Finishes Department, today announced a partial reorgam-j Dr. A. Parker commissioner of Hitchens, health; the Wilmington! our citizens. nephew of Miss Minnie Spicer, EastJ Race Street. Georgetown: Pfc.j Walter Wanros, husband of Mrs Marion E. Wanros, 1017 West Fifth; zation of the Finishes Division, effective June 1. in preparation for post- The city chairman praised the re- cent Republican administrations activities in view of several impending retirements in key positions. Department of Health, under the! solvin problems of civilian defense. I E. S. Nickerson. assistant manager of the Fabrics Division, is appointed new heal code passed Thursday Street; Second Lieut. William the camps near C-echoslov a i a which have been freed by the Russian armies His parent have not yet received any direct word from the soldier. He has been a prisoner since Dec. 4 when he was captured while on a reconnaissance mis-of the Seventh cresses 9(1 State Home Robbed broke about Hundred homes ir an 13-monh period pr.d.r.2 late Decerr.ocr, last year. Working on alternate days he broke into more than 200 homes Delaware County and aong the Mam Line Pennsylvania. Much of the loot was recovered his rooms in Chester after his identity had been disclosed by the driver of the auto in which he was a passenger when he shot the detective. King eventually fled to Kentucky, his native state, hiding out at a point across from Cincinnati. pro lauig an impie supply oi pure mi" stcii iniwsci oi ure tji. a. xi. nwpwiia, Citv Council and otVier night city Council fdi 'i It water ar most economical rates. r-miaaeipnia laooraiory, i Quota Allotments Cut Because of Wide Shortage Stuber, son of Mr. and Mrs. William i Staber, 52 Rockford Road, and Pfc. Mahlon F. ShofT, son of Mr. and; members of the department ex-! pressed their gratification yesterday starting a comprehensive program appointed manager of the Finishes of street repairs, enacting a modern Division, and Matt Denning, direc- Church to Open Daniel Shoff, of 6 East I Twenty-fifth Street. health code, keeping the city tax tor of sales of the Finishes Division, over council's support of Mayor Al-bert W. James, who led the fight for Mahlon J. ShofT rate at among the lowest, per capita, is appointed assistant manager oi.t 1 1 7 of any American community. that division. I Ifc X. ill I Otl Sergeant Hickman had been a The stove supply situation is rap- the adoption of the new code becoming critical. Charles W. misoner for the past 13 months. He sion for ms unit "In the coming election the peo-j The three men whom they sue- pie must decide whether the gen-iceed are making their own plans' eral policies of government which to retire from the company at vari-; Old Swedes, Dedicated In 'Approval oi the new city neaitn Hardesty, Delaware district OPA di- was liberated on code, by Dr. Hitchens rector, said today. May 4 by the said, "is naturally a source of grati-j Stoves are becoming more scarce; Third Army. The Army. He was among the prisoners Vnniver- ncation to tne Board ox Meaitn. aws eacn week, tsation-wiae rationing 'airman was 1699, to Have jwtio broadcast over the German I short wave to their relatives in this country. He was a student at the University of Delaware when he me as an executive of the Board Service 1 nave prevailed Wummgton are ous times during the next year or, to be enrior---" whether sucfi po! j- so. but will remain for the present eies- are to be discarded for new and to assist their successors in prepara-j vaguely defined theories of munici-ition for future activities of the de-: pa! Mr. Hagner de-jpartment. They are J. J- clared. succeeded bv Mr. Nickerson: E. M.I omorrow sarv or Heaitn. By wiis action toan- of stoves became enecuve Aug. 24, forced down over 1943, and the types rationed are Austria while Gas heaters, gas ranges, gas cook- serving with the ing stoves; oil and kerosene heaters, Fifteenth Air oil. kerosene and gasoline ranges. Force in Italy, cooking stoves, and conversion range He wrote his fell has told us that it wants us to C. Batctielder.jhave the authority, the lecal power. Rev. Robert TJ-ie to give the people of wi.mmaton. went into the Army about two years ajso. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. S. Carroll Johnson, formerly of Caroline and Queen Counties in Maryland. St. James' Episcopal "I am convinced that the Repub- Flaherty, succeeded by Dr. rector of not only the maximum of freedom 62 Women College Seniors to Be Invested Sixty-two -members of the senior class of the Woman's College, University of Delaware, will be formally invested with academic caps and gowns in Mitchell Hall on Monday afternoon at 15 o'clock. In the past this investiture has been part of the Founder Day exercises held each fall, but he ac- jcelerated program prevented 'last October. The gown bearers will be members 'parents that the he of he V-t i uy wiurcn at easier, wiupezi iTOm disease, but ak0 the optimum! oil burners 0. jLviiiiiii- at anniversary services at Old i of tiiat aggressive type of health i Before a war price and rationing; liberated prison- ji. uui ujtiriio uii juiie a. nc ntit nf inn Yfars Swedes Church. Seventh and tha rru onlv from a heattM- hoarrt ran issue a certifirate for were "treated concluded. "With these three men whose Church Streets, tomorrow mominsi fill environment rf 3 stove it must he ripfer-illke kincs" bv Three Meetings Held combined careers with the comnanvu, i.i, i.ti u- i.v. 1 i i i 'u WPB Official To Speak Here nrPH I i th an even 100 -vcars" Mr- Kuis-! tion of 246 years of service to the Department, and those who will stoves on hand. jthat he was in 'wJrf sald- 8 a wealth ofi community, since its dedication in help build up the department shall; Quota allotments have been dras--good health. The oir'1TU! knowledge and experience which we 1 1699. lalwavs take pride in a code so mod-! tieallv reduced in the oast two! solder also re- tees, witn a. Koiana Miuourn. State can ill afford to lose." However, hei Members of Old Swedes Church iern. so well-written and so logically months because of the national marked about said, all had agreed upon the ad- and Trinity Episcopal Church, wiiich constructed and so comprehensive. i shortage of stoves, Mr, Hardestv seeing a movie visability of beginning the Trinity Parish, will worship! Our job now is that of purchasing said. Certificates for our chase wiiliwhlch he had of the freshman class, known as "little sisters'" of the seniors. Dean nit Marjory S. Golcer will present the Robert J. Hickman 'urchasing Agents diate training of a younger depart-; together. The Rev. Dr. Charles F. health for the people of Wilmington be issued by OPA only in cases enjoyed Senator James S. Evans, and John H. Bell. Jr, the chairmen, respectively. Mr. Herlihy, Mr LeFevre, John G. Leach, the campaign director. Mr Hagner, Gov. Wralter W. Bacon and if XT I d- 'seniors to Dr. W. O. actir.g A V-maU letter has been received president of the universitv. of the university. Dr. mental organization in vwr ji t-e-nryman. rector i lrinity unurcn. and oi closing our bargains with the absolute necessity, approaching post-war period and! and the Rev. H. Edgar Hammond, least possible commotion. Present regulations do not per- Mondav Sypherd will then invest them with Hotel DuPont from Sergeant Wilson written from France where he their forthcoming retirements. tne caps ar.a guwiis. was the Council candidates the three! wards, including Edward R. Beli.J H. R. Loundsbury. refinish sales manager, succeeds Matt Denning vicar of Old Swedes, will conduct the "The least possible commotion, mith replacement of auxiliary or service. (because a modern health depart- i summer cooking facilities. Choirs of both churches will com-j ment has little occasion to realize bine to furnish music, the Trinity jthat it actually does possess a big i i- choir under the direction of Wil- stick to wield. Our methods will not Rcliohoth GAP fc.IH.lCU, transpor- tation home. He A large group of industrial leaders; is expected to attend the luncheon! mstirMT rf frit TriWii crrio 1 a luuneny Man Decorated For Rescue of 8 been in a campu a wiwi-rtnn as director of sales and in turn is succeeded by D. E. Goldich. Mid-West manager of refinish sales. J. W. Nestor, assistant manager of industrial sales, is appointed assistant director of sales, a new po nam Nagie. and Old Swedes choir! be those of issuing threats and directed by Elwood S. Salter, who fusing our enormous police power: Gives Red Cross S600 1 on Monday in the duBarry Room i Pomerania but had been Councilman Harvey Y. Wrood and Councilman J. Ernest, Barkiey, addressed the meetings which were well attended. Others who spoke included City Treasurer Alexander R. Abrahams. Northern District Tax Collector Charles M. Banks, and Southern District Tax Collector William E. Virden. all seeking reelection; will play the organ. I on the other hand, we shall depend; The Rehoboth patrol of the Civil The Corpo tion of Trinity parish! upon the calm studied, orderly' air Patrol vesterdav Dresented S600 moved to i iv lie i j-ii la in j. uabt, i troiut ut, ti from 1791. at which time, fol- methods of health education which sition. the amount left in its treasury on liberate on AprU 26 of the War Paction Board. did not sav bv! purchasing agents group has Ft. r. Allen, manager, rehmsh jiowmg the Revolutionary War, tne; bring permanent improvement on sales, Philadelphia branch office, is 'Swedish Church property was turned jail the various fronts of public disbanding its activities to the Delaware Chapter, American Red Bronze Star Is Awarded Soldier for Heroism In Luxembourg abDOinted assistant manager oi re-; over to tie Episcopal Ctrurchs activity over to Cross. Presentation was made by which army sPecial invitations aiso to a George C. Hering, Robert H. finish sales, a new position: J. B. number of Wilmington business men ministration. j-ounaed originaiiy; n. i. personally, nave a single Ma j. Hugh R. Sharp, with the with the Swedish Colony in 1638, as I desire that, stands out above all reouest that it be accented in mem- had been re Richards State Rep. Charles succeeds Mr. Nestor as as to hear Mr. Batt, who will discuss topics that are currently vital in Pfc. Joseph U. Orsetti. 30. in A.iegretto and Sixth ward Councilman John Hopkins, retiring leased. The airman, top turret gunner on a sistant manager, industrial sales, and Holy Tnnity Church, the od church otners. it is the sincere wish that ory of CAP members who gave their S. L. McSorley. Mid-West manager; continued under Swedish adminis-j every citizen in Wilmington shall lives in their volunteer work. fantryman son of Mr. and Mrs. American industry. after 16 terms. of trade sales, is appointed assistant tration until However, mat. am wining to sit down; R. R. M. Carpenter, chapter chair- Saturno Orsetti of Fifth and Adams Aid lo Melunius manager of trade sales, another new Swedish language had given way to with mm, or her, for whatever length! man. accepted the gift and said, 'Streets, has been awarded the B-17 Flying! Fortress based in England had been a prisoner: One Building Appeal oi time may oe required, to explain i -The Delaware Chapter greatly ap- Harry F. Wilson position. tne use oi in bo to ooiony and church, by I7o0 By 1767, un Bronze Star for heroic achievement near Mon Schu- Marsh Succeeds McSorley The Board of Adjustment, Zoning in detau wny I believe in the mod- preciates the gift which will be used ern public health movement, and tojfor the benefit of those men and der Pastor Lawrence Girelius. ser since Aug. 6 when his plane was Appeals, meeting next Tuesday in-j jn the Chicago office. Mr. elucidate any specific point that Mr. Batt went to W'ashington in June. 1940, at the request of Edward R. Stettinius. then Commissioner of Raw Materials of the National Defense advisory Commission and served as Mr. Stettinius" deputy and alternate during the days of women in the armed forces." The forced down in Germany. W7ord that stead of Wednesday in the mayor jev jS succeeded by H. R. might seem to be disturbing." formerly supervisor trade sales, and unit which disbanded is Civil Coastal I ne is afe and on his way home was Patrol No. 2 of the CAP, Renoboth. a fine birthday present for his mother who will celebrate her an vices in English were held on alternate Sundays. was built- at Fifth and Kin Streets, as a chapel, in 1830. The congregation of Old Swedes largely transferred to the new building at that time, which subsequently became outgrown and moved again in 1882 to Delaware Avenue and Adams Street. the defense program. When the office of production management office, will hear one appeal, that of Fred B. Pohl. architect, for the Delaware Coca-Cola Bottling Company to build an addition at 2803 Lancaster Avenue. The meeting date has been changed because of the holiday. was created in June. 1941. Mr. Batt was appointed deputy director of production, and when materials di- A. Elects Robert L. Jones was elected president of the Parent-Teacher Association of the Samuel G. Elbert School at the organization meeting Thursday night. Other officers elected are; Vice-president, Mrs. Viola Gordon; secretary, Mrs. Minerva Jackson; man. Luxembourg He was among a group of volunteers who crawled under fire to bring back eight wounded men from a nine-man patrol ambushed by the enemy. The men of the ambushed patrol were members of the 101st Engineers. One was able to return to American lines with the report Mr. Goldich by A. P. Lms. formerly manager of the Chicago refinish store. The five research laboratories of the department are being constituted into a CHemical Division, the director of which will report to the departmental general management. As a result the following additional appointments are made: Dr. John Marshall, director of the Chemical Section, Finishes Division, appointed director of the new Chemical Division; Dr. J. Dorman McBurney, director, Newburgh, I vision was established he became its director. He organized the origi-I nal requirement committee, and i served as its chairman until he was rreen Hills Lions Club Elects Heads Scouts in Fet St Wilmington Area Girl Scouts pre treasurer, Mrs. Grace Boardlev: 300 Drivers' Licenses Renewed in One Hour Approximately 300 motor vehicle drivers secured renewal of their licenses in one hour this morning following use of a new system for rapid renewal at the Wilmington office, State Motor Vehicle Division. Yesterday 1,568 drivers secured new licenses at the Wilmington office. The total for New Castle County is now up to 27.555, more than two-thirds the present number of licensed drivers. The deadline for renewal is next Friday. The office will be closed all day Memorial Day, leaving only three working days which to renew sen tea a iesuvai or song, featuring iscnool representative. Mrs. zabeth '5 ,4 various dances in native costumes, IR. Laws niversary tomorrow. Sergeant Massey was liberated on May 3 by the Third Army. He had been a waist gunner and radio man on a B-17 Flying Fortress based with the Eighth Air Force in Germany. He had been a prisoner since Oct. 14, 1943, when his plane was forced down over Svhweinfurt. In a letter dated May 12. he wrote his wife that he had been liberated and hoped to be home soon. He had formerly been employed in the traffic department of the Hercules Powder Company. Private Taunton, who had attended Georgetown High School, had at one time served as chauffeur to General Eisenhower. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Taunton and his wife now live in Philadelphia. His letter to his mother was received by her on May 18 and was appointed vice-chairman of tne War Production Board in August of 1942. On the international side, he has served as chairman of the Material Coordinating Committee, United States and Canada, the first of the joint United States-Canadian bodies, since it was set up by the Presi- Pfc. Joseph U. Orsetti N. laboratory, appointed assistant last night at the Warner Junior High School. Mrs. James Young was the accompanist and Mrs. Andrew B. Ritter was chairman of the program committee. The entire festival was directed by Miss Daphne Lewis. The motion picture "A Story of a Transport" was shown in connection with the 7th War Loan. Mrs. Gertrude Young and Mrs. Maebella Wright of the Parent-Teacher Association of School No. 21. spoke. remaining eight were that the dent and the Prime Minister of Can- wounded. Ha in 1941. In Seotemoer is-n, director. Chemical Division: R. E. Thomas, formerly chemical superintendent, Newburgh, N. appointed to succeed Mr. McBurney; J. B. Bullitt. formerly assistant chemical director of the Philadelphia laboratory, to succeed Dr. Hopkins Private Orsettis citation states in the her. president appointed him a mem-; courage. initiative, and with the rank of ofommendab.e sollcitude for his Delaware Textile Producers tne special mission io o.o. comrades reflect the great- OI A armed as director. Philadelphia and P. B. Cochran, formerly patent), technologist at the Parlin, N. J.J and acting as memoer u.k di upon him and the raw materials he helped negotiate forcei the first supply agreement with the, rrllr tH. Trl To Get Aid for More Output A "i the first word the family had heard Russians. ffantrv with the Third Army. A vet- laboratory, appointed assistant lorj patents to succeed E. H. Farlnries iti Slat. In Re FWi.t-arr,,! I R.wi I nauvc iTw, r'eran of the Normandy invasion, he Splash Party A coed splash party was held last night by the Y. M. C. A. Boys' Division Rangers in the pool and game room of the association building. The program included novelty cartooning by F. H. Robinson and a quiz contest. The party was arranged by T. Russell Turner, boys' division director, and Joseph Brew deceased. in iis still in Germany. tries, in Philadelphia, for 37 duction Because of Acute Shortage For Civilian Uses, WPB Reveals and has been its "president since Give a share in America, buy War 1922. Bonds and Stamps! No Changes at 2 Plants There are no changes at the Fairfield, and Parlin, N. laboratories. Reestablishment of the Flint. finishes laboratory, and ton has two brothers in the service, Sergt. Wilson G. Taunton, in the South Pacific and Chief Electrician's Mate. Warren W. Taunton who has been in the Navy for seven years. Today the War Department lists Private Wanros among the prisoners liberated. Private Wanros was Every encouragement will be given the five textile producing factories er. The boys mothers assisted as appointment of Dr. Roy B. Davis as Delaware to increase their output to the maximum because of the hostesses. its director were announced m. 7t Dr. Davis, group leader on auto- Club Discusses Dumbarton acut shortage of cloth goods for civilian uses, T. E. Doremus, Delaware i district War Production Board manager, said today. So short is the supply of textile goods that it is impossible to buyj sheets while shirts and other articles have become difficult to secure in; serving with the Fifth Army in Italy i 3 i i 1 At the recent meeting of the Bear! when he was taken prisoner in ac-if tion after receiving sharpnel wounds EQUITABLE Po Bci it 0 I motive enamels at the company's Philadelphia laboratory since 1941, 'will be succeeded by Dr. Peter B. Evans, who is returning to the Fab-'rics and Finishes Department after If Wilmington stores. tf 1 '18 months in the Explosives as a supervisor of training of the leg. Word that he was a prisoner reached his wife in April, 1944. He had been overseas since ApriL 1943. The soldier is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wanros of 700 North ButtonwOod Street. Lieutenant Stuber was among the Save you money time Home Demonstration Club, held at tie home of Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Walker, the Dumbarton Oaks Conference was discussed by Mrs. Kate H. Daugherty of Newark. Mrs. Charles Moore described her recent trip to Jacksonville, Fla. The next meeting of the club will be held in June at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Greene, at -art Frank D. Wilson manufacturers will be given authorization to step up wages where the increases are justified." The five textile plants are: The Delaware Rayon Company, New Castle; Stanton Worsted Mill. Stanton; Hodgson Brothers, Wilmington, Joseph Bancroft and Sons, and the nylon plant at Seaford. Hodgson Not At Capacity All except Hodgson Brothers are working at capacity, Mr. Stovaal said. This plant is working only about one-third of capacity due to the inability to secure an upward adjustment of wages, according to lor technical wors. Dr. L. F. Stone will become research supervisor at the Flint Laboratory under Dr. Davis. Dr. Stone has been chemical supervisor of the Flint and Toledo finishes plants for two years. S. C. Stovaal, chief engineer and head of production service with the Delaware WPB office, said today the increase in production of civilian goods by the textile plants in Delaware depends largely on whether men and women are available to increase the employment rolls of the companies. The production of the DuPont Company nylon plant at Seaford will be increased if additional personnel can be secured in July when the new unit of the plant, now being completed, goes into opera first Delawareans to enlist the day after Pearl Harbor. He wrote his family that he is now in France Frank D. Wilson was reelected president of the Green Hills Lion Club at a recent meeting held at the Union Park Gardens Century Club. The club covers the territory You may open a "Popular-Check" Account with any amount. No minimum balance required. No service fees. A book of 15 checks costs you only $1.00. Your name imprinted for a small fee. Thousands of Wilmington people have used this convenient, dependable service during the past 8 years. Open an Equitable "Popular-Check" Account now. A 1TT TV! TP ft of Elsmere. Lancaster Village. Co- ame to Dairv Committee loniel Park. Westover Hms. and R. c. Wilson, secretary or tne tion. 300 More Needed representatives of the company. The Army buys 55 per cent of the Newt th WsrW" WDIl Dally at M. EQUITABLE TRUST COMPANY Greenville. Other officers named were: First vice-president, E. H. Koib: second vice-president, George H. Binder; third vice-president, Wmfred B. Dahling; treasurer, T. J. McKinnon: secretary. J. Harrv Gallagher; tail Delaware State Board of Agriculture in Dover, has been appointed a member of a regional committee charged with drawing up plans for the annual Dairy Month in June. The appointment was made by V. MILITARY ACADEMY Since one of the country's most suereesful military sehoobs preparing boyi for a colleges, universities. West Point. Annapolis. Superb equipment: modern, fireproof building-s completely equipped laboratories 2 gyms indoor swimming pool. Small classes. Outstanding faculty. Highest War Department rating. Varied thletie projrram. Band. War Department This plant will need about 300 production of the Bancroft plant, 17 1 per cent of Delaware Rayon, all the Ninth and Market Slrert Wilmington, Delr Stanton Worsted output, about half! the Hodgson Brothers and 90 per cent of the nylon plant! Asbaugh of Durham. N. reg KHctcr Wilmor McKinnon: MORRIS PLAN OFFICE 909 SWplay Strael PHOHtS 72Tb 6201 CI more men and women. Successful operation of the new unit and resulting increased production will depend on whether these employes can be secured. "WPB is doing ail it can," Mr. Stovaal said, "to increase production of textiles in this area. Efforts are being made to increase the allocations of raw materials and R.O.T.C. Unit. High elevation (1600 ft), healthful, beautiful location in historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Separate Junior School. Visitors welcome. Early enrollment advisable. For illustrated catalog- and information address Superintendent, Staunton, Bo 41 The Sank for tkm and far Bus in tamer 'Granville Miller: directors. ional chairman. With the commit-Mexander Brvce and Clarence cS Mr. Wilson will work to acquaint Bu-n5 i 411 Delaware with the problems of demonstration of ail type of the dairy industry in this fourth ah ells manufactured at the New; year of the war. Tne number one CMe Defense Plant was given bv: problem, accoding to the commit-frank Elshofl. a member of "the tee. is a shortage of manpower. production. Mr. Stovaal said as the government policy for stimulating production Of textiles "becomes effective there will be a gradual increase in allocation of materials.

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