The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE B1/VTHEV1UK '(ARK.)" COUtUER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY'S, 1933 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. B. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURV, Editor SAMUEL F. NQRRIS, Advertising Manager Sole N»tton«l Advertising Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit St Umls, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered «s second class matter at the post office at BlythevlUe, Arkansas, under ucl or Congress; October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in the City ot Blythevllle, 15o per Rcpk or 65o per month. By'mall, within a radius of 60 miles, $3.00 per yew $1.50 lor six months, 75c for three, months; by mall In postnl zones two to six i»vc, *«50 per year; In zones seven and clglit, per year, payable In advance. any scale broad enough lo wipe out our slum problem. U ift a thorny soil of job from any viewpoint, and it is very doubtful whether any rc-hoiming project will ever pay its way in dollars anil cents. Hut who can read what this New York woman said without getting a new understanding of the real, inner value of the work? To the slum dwellers themselves,-a thing of this kind makes all the dil 1 - i'orencc in the world—the ditTcrence between a bad life ami a good life, between misery and happiness. New Building, New Windows on Lij'e We use. a lot of big words lo describe, the reforms we are trying lo make' in our society. It is too easy lo forget'the human values which those big words conceal. Take "slum clearance," .for instance. Those words call to mind a vision of arc hi t e c t s, draughtsmen, engineers and constructors; they conjure up a picture of workmen tearing down old ' houses and pulling new ones in their places: but they don't, ordinarily, tell us anything about the change that lukes place in the lives of lummii beings. A good idea of what slum clearance really means was provided in New York the other day, when a committee of the cill council called witnesses in a conference about public housing projects. It heard the.usual, experts—architects, engineers, financiers and BO on—and th'en it called Sirs. Anna Schier, to tell about the human side of the picture. Mrs. Schier hud lived all her life in lower East Side tenements. For a num= her of years she and her husband and two daughters occupied a flat in a dilapidated old building which was about as uncomfortable a place as people ever tried to call home. It was dark, the filth of years was ingrained in thu very walls, il .stank to heaven and it was overrun with vermin. : y "The mice and the insects," said Mrs. Sehier, "they could only have' been" killed with dynamite." , But at last a slum clearance program was got under way, ami the new apartments of the Williamsburgh Housing Project, ;j in Brooklyn, were built. -The Schier family moved out of its old' hovel into one of these clean, airy liew dwellings. And .Airs. Schier cried as she told the committee about the change. "It has been so wonderful, so remarkable, that it seems like a dream," she said. "It is truly paradise, l.aiu just as poor as when I lived on the East Side, but when I walk through these grounds 1 feel like a millionaive. clothes feel different, though they are Ihe very same clothes." There is the angle on slum clearance that \ve usually forget about. It takes money to replace slums will* decent homes; more money,, unfortunately, than we arc able lo afford on OUT OUR WAY Maku Yoniw.lf Comfy Italy lias prepared i'.Kolf to receive Hitler in the stylo lo which lie luts become ;iccuslomed. A mi-respondent, reports Uuit cveiy- body in Uie counU-y who "mit'lil for any reason hoar a grudge" against the German visitor is untler arrest. The number of such persons, the correspondent say:i, runs inlu the thousands. Police patrols are carefully watching all the frontiers and keeping track of all the travelers already inside. All motorists entering Komi. 1 , Naples, or Florence are carefully iiuestioncd. "Many (hmi.siiiulii" of detectives havo been concentrated in those cities. Further preparations have been made along Hitler's route. All residents til' houses along the route have been made to assume full responsibility lor the actions of persons using their windows. The street decorations arc voluminous. These are calculated to interfere with gunfire. Wclcomu! War in the Playroom Such "militaristic" playthings as toy soldiers, toy cannon, and toy macliinu guns comprise less than I per cent of the merchandise on display at the American Toy Fair in New York. The reason is thai "children's play interests" reflect those of their parents, according to a spokesman for the fair, and the toy demand these days is that ot a "peace-loving American people." The same announcement was made a year ago. There have been-a number of newspaper stories .in Ihc last couple of years describing a trend away from the military in playthings. 15ut, though the toy soldier and all his military accoutrement may comprise only 1 per ceul of the merchandise displayed at the toy fair ... a national exhibition for buyers . . . playroom artillery ylill takes tip a si/.e- able space on the shop counters. It may be thai it is not being- sold, but jusl standing there. Or maybe the children are a little slow in catching their elders' peace-loving spirit, and the toy people are trying to hurry things along by talking about il. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplejf] WMV WAGS PULL A KEEP AM EVE OtO YOUR TIBS Wt-ISW MS GOES STRU7TIM6 USUALLY PUTS TH' THUMB OM ALL OUR • FANCY PLUMAGE PUCK AMP SLIP OUT QUIET 'Yon just now said lhat 1 was probably calling troin ;i bar room instead of the office. No\y I resent that!" COPR 1936 BVNEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REK. U. S. Car. Off. THIS CURIOUS WORLD ?, William Ferguson TH EV LOSE CJDNTRQ1- AND ARE CARRIED , UP BY " GUSTS OF AIR-. •_. US' OF Denies Taking Simone's Money ELECTRA, MEROPE, ATLAS, PLEIONE AND 'ALCVONE ARE i } THE MOST SPRJNTE/3S RUKI THE •BJ S-3 WITHOUT BREATHING/ ONE of the best known nroups of stars in the heavens is the Pleiades, which frequently is erroneously culled the "little dijiper." These "Seven Sisters" lignrcd prominently in imcicnt celebrations of tlic bsglnnlng of xiiring, since they once marked Ihe sun's place in the heavens as it crossed Uic equator traveling noiili. NliXT: When red hail fell. 1 never fell toller in my life.—Cieorgc Mc- Kcima, of Utlroil, on flic 3Dlh day of il '10-tlay last. By J. H. Williams I HELP IT X GOT 5ISS1E WORSE? HE PONT LOOK AT THAT SIDE OF IT.' a'LU TELL HlfvA SUMP'N TU 1 PAV I eiT THAT DISCHARGE IN MY HAN P.' qurr SOBBIM OM MY BOSOM-A DOUGHBOY HAS TO CARRY MORE'M THAT? THE OLD MAM TOLD AN' TOLD OS THAT ANYBOPY WHO GOT A. SOREBACKEP HORSE WOULD HfvFTA WALVC. !• AM! CARRY V-N9 SADDLE QUIT WEEPlNV BORW THIRTY YEARS'TOO SOON The Family Doctor Ivocky MouiiUiiii Spoiled Fevor rihis L% the fir:.l of Iwo articles in wliich Or. Kislibein dir- . cusses tills ailment.) BV J)K. MOKUIS l' - lSHHIilN Kililnr, Jnunial of "ic American M c ili c ii I Association, and ot irygriii. the llraltli M»R:i7,inc beings have » variety of caiised by innnitcsimivl or'janisms uhicli atUck tlic lis-sues of the human body. There are bacteria, parasites, viruses- M> small they can pass through ;v clay filter, and .seme forms of worms. Some of these conditions are transmitted to human bcinfe-s through intermediaries like the mosquito lint IranrmilN typhus. Ihc tlea lhal Irniismits plague. All over the world there hn:, been identifier! a disease which is transmitted in different, places by ticks Among the diseases now rcco?.nl7Ed as belonging In Ihls group arc tin ^Mountain s]»tlcd fever ol N'ortli America. Ihe exanthema^ lyplius of and what is en lice bouloiincusc fever ol southern Ku rope and northern Africa. In the united Stales several va ricties ot ticks have been incrimi nated as dangerous, Including til Iteky Mountain wood tick, tli American do? lick and the rabbi lick. 'Iho wood tick Is touuct mostly i tlie Reeky Mountain area. Noil and South Dakota, and Nebraska The dog tick is distributed through out the central anS eastern itate The rabbit tick is most widely dis trlbutcd, and has been found from Alaska down through all of the states, in association not only with rabbits but with tome ground birds. These ticks carry the virus or. ingcrotis a^ciiL (if the infection. i:l when Ihey attach themselves : a hiimuii being they may convey ic disease. The (icoitlc aflccted l>y fiwli} 1 iounlnin spotted fever arc ol>- icuxly most often those who live rural or range areas, out the ondilion also altccls hunters and rappers, prospectors and miners, crest service workers, highway •orkcrs. section hands on railroads, nd also fishermen, campers and ourisls. In the sagebrush desert regions j if the western part, of the Unilcrt Slates investigators have found nosl of the cases auicnj men. but vlien families live in (.he liilcctoi irca;-, women and children are more fmjiiently aflcclcd tie:«use of their cnntnct the flog tick. In the western part of the United Staler, most, of the cases occur in April and In May, which is the sea.son when the Hccky Mountain wocd tick is most prevalent. In Ihe higher areas, as in Wyoming. Unique 0 f g a n i z a t ion Launches Vigorous Campaign For Traflic Safely By NKA Service COUNCIL BLUFI-S, la—Veterans of Automobile Accidents—that Is tlic new organization which 33 scarred victims of Americas greatest peacetime buttle formed here in Council Bluffs the other day. Meeting »l. Nicholas Scnu Hospital, the "vets" launched a vigorous campaign fov public .vaiety on the part of their unique or Eanizntinn. More than 50 inter cstetl outsiders attended the incel- .VII ASUS Disaster knows no class nor ay;e limit, Represented at Ihc meeting were plutocrats and poverty- stricken individuals. A Ifi-ycar old grandfather whose leg wns broken in an accident more than a year ago discussed preparations and precautions with hoys and girls one-seventh his age. From I'lsUtsmoutli, Neb.. 20 miles distant, came a young man B'lirsc right leg hud been ampii- lalcd. So badly injured lhat lie could not attend Ihc session, aged James Croivc; signed his enrollment card while flat on his lack in a hospital bed. To serve as temporary officers, the veterans elected John A. Mc- 'Cenzie, Omaha attorney, and June VI. Guglcr, Council Bluffs girl, •president and .secretary, resppec- 'ivcly. Then they sal back to hear tlic suggestions of several of : hc mithve.'jt.'s leading authorities MI traffic safely measures and methods. Promising full co-operation in i.hc drive against- Hie accident T.cnace were such executives lie Council Ulufls police commis- iicner. the chief of the Nebraska highway department, a rrbabilita- 'ion dlrcclnr in Ihe Coinhuskcr ilale vnrational rdiirational do- ^artmciil. j\ mnnirisial jiuiyr. ;uu: i liospila) n.^ociation chairniiin. •Vcl::" Optimislii- Etnicunded by crulchcK ant canes, ttie "vels" iittempt^d t' formulate u .swift-moving and all inclusive cinniiai^n pattern. Co opera!ive action on the city slrcr nn the rr(X':,s-coimli,v pavomeiit. in tile tralfir court, in Ihr liomr and 'he schcol. ant! in Ihc hospital smtleiit ivarfl may well result in thcil victory. If Ihc Council Ulufls cxprii- Yeisraiir Form "Amps" Club VANCOUVER (UP) — To have lost one or unre limbs In war is Ilic qualification for mei.nberslii]) in the "Amps" Table Tennis Club hero. The club has IB members a» was organfe;d four years' a»o. Out 1 cl the speediest players is Com- raclo Oscar Erickson. who is minus talh legs. Read Courier l:cws Wiuit Ads. Announcements Vhc Courier News t.ns teen au« thorized to make formal announcement of the following candidates for public office, subject to the Democratic primary August 9. For County Treasurer : ', R. L. (BILLY) OAINES j For Sheriff and Collector | HALE JACKSON \! (For He-election) :J County Court Clerk ? T. W. POTTER •;> Foe County Tax Assessor r: W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON i 1 BRYANT STEWART " Fiir County and PViiubate Jiitlgc j 1 D6YI,T5 HENDERSOi'f' ' J S. L. GLADlSIT-"' rlr * (For Re-election) ' i; For Circuit Court Clerk i 1 HARVEY MORRIS / ,M For County RcprescntatlTts \ \ jjj W. W. FO\VLER L. H. AUTRY WOODHOW HITITON ! Promising "plenty ot fireworks before this thing is over," Sandra Mariin, above, angrily de- liied in a Los Angeles jaij that slie had confessed to the Iheft of S1B.OOO from movie actress Simone Simon, who employed Miss Martin as her secretary. District attorney's investigators announced the ^2-year-old secretary admitted taking the money to buy clothes and furniture. The chiasuiocloii nigcr. a deep- sea fish, has an clastic stomach and can swallow fish much largci than L'tncir. tiienl (irovc* .successful, simtlur "veterans'" m-|;ani;:al!r.ns may 1:3 formed elsewhere in the United States. Within Ihe wrccfced Ixidios wliicli en re I ess driving has wrouchl. people believe, may the eJiminalion of caretess driv- Inc ilself. Smilin?. (felermhird. tlie charter members are hopeful. They have turned n poramal inlctliulr :>f soirov.- inn an oplimislic program of coiiEtriiclive action. A lump of sugar, held in :> vrty powerful toich, 'will not burn, hut, one tiny touch of cigar or cicarct ash to sucar will lower Ihc- ignition point so Ihal tr.e heat ot a match 25,000 Rolls of Wallpaper iOOM LOTS $1.09 up Mo,;;!' complete line of Paints rind Wallpaper in N. li. Ark. IJ].v1lievilU: 1'aiiil & Wallpaper (.'(>. ir.ljthcvillc Oivncd & Operated) Olcncoc Khl;. rlioiin 830 Vti ARE NOW SHOWING OUR NEW 1038 AUTO SEAT COVERS New Styles & I'attenis New T,ovv Prices $1.95 up Expert. Installation at No Extra Cost A COMPLETE STOCK FOR ALL BIAKK CARS WE URGE YOU COBIE TO Headquarters for Auto Seat Covets Ikforc You liny. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnul St. P!i. 633 the condition may appear later in W jn | )0 sunicienl to set it afire, the summer. This condition usually begins with a low fever and a light rash, but In some CUSPS there may be a sudden liigh fever and a rapid pulse. In Ihe very severe cases patients sometimes die in n feiv days. In these cases there are frequently serious symptoms affecting the nervous system. (Dr. Fishbein. will conclude his discussion or tlic fever In his next article.) Perishable, standard, dry, bread, off-grade, and cull are the six classifications into which, dates are divided. 1935 Plymouth Sedan Oootl Shape No Trade 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $89 Huns (toorf Good Tirc.s 1936 Chevrolet % Ton Pick-Up $275 Clean Low Mileage 1935 Chevrolet V 2 Ton Truck $165 A 1936 G.M. C, I j / 2 Ton Truck $375 toiig \\. B., Slake Body. Ucal Buy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. G. M. C. TRUCKS OLDSMOBILES 307 E. Main Saks & Service Phone 32'J

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