Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois on December 6, 1889 · Page 8
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Decatur Daily Republican from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 6, 1889
Page 8
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d SE. the 0. S. [6 DIAMONDS WE are showing a great many Beautful Designs in Diamond Mountings OF OUR OWN MAKE, and our stock of LOOSE AND MOUNTED DIAMONDS is very much larger than we have ever shown before. Those who contemplate the purchase of Diamonds will be interested in this stock and the LOW PRICES we are enabled to name for them. Our make of 18K WEDDING RINGS have already become celebrated. All our 18K Rings are stamped "CURTIS 18k," and are guaranteed to be PURE AND PLUMP, and better finished than those usually sold. OTTO E. CURTIS BRO., Wholesale and Retail Jewelers, Decatnr, 111, DAIL\ REPUBLICAN, JOHN G, CLOYD, G-irooer, 144 EAST MAIN ST. Loiest Prices for High Grade Goods. SPECIAL. ATTEXTIOX TO Fine COFFEES AND TEAS. WHOLESALE AOEST A. BOOTH'S OYSTERS AND Pillsbury's Best Flour. ^-TELEPHONE NO. 36. FRIDAY EVE., DEC. 6,1889. THE PALACE LOCAL NEWS. Jardimers. We have ;m excellent line of Juriliniers, which we close out at cost, E. i). BARTHOLOMEW Co. IT will pay yon to deal at Niedermeyer's farnih grocery store. RIVERTON Sut coal, 81.50 per ton. E. L, Martin. ii25-d'2vp W. A. COMBS' Restaurant. DECATCR double-screened nut, at ?l.oO per ton. novT-utf DEC'ATTR Xut Coal, delivered to any pnrt of the city, at -?l,50per ton. n7dtf. RIVEBTON Nut coil, S1.50 per ton. £ L. Martin. n25-d2w THIS evening Rev, James Miller will deliver his lecture on "Carlyle" at Danville. The Danville papers promise him a large audience. Foil corner lots in K. A. Wilson's Subdivision, ?10.50 cash is required, and 50 cents per week. Inside lotg S'-.oO cash, and 50 cents a week inliis S80 lot scheme. W. A. Coins' Restaurant. BCDIVEISEK BEER -- the best beer made--on draught nt Chas. Wiefel's saloon, near the post office. dec 2-dtf THERE should be R general inspector of all the electric and telephone wires in the city a competent mnn who will see that all ihe main and guy wires are properly secured. BEGINNING Nov. 1, I shall offer rare bargains to pnrehasers of pianos snd organs which will be continued during the holidays. My stock of instruments I is large and complete. Remember the place and data. C. B. PHES OTT. A Beginners Class. A beginners' dancing class for children will be organized by Mrs. Sedgwick next Saturday morning at 9:30, in the new room m Masonic block. cl-d'3 SJ 75 4 5U 5 01 action, ; and a ading \ I ) E . NS, Stands FIRST in the Rank of Hot Air Furnaces, " BESO-A-TJSEIs They are Simple in Construction. They are Free from Dust. They are Durable and Economical. They are of Unequalled Heating Capacity A N D \v and YOU and $1.50 ·otch 1.25 .75, 1.95 ,00 -r i| lace ·' a RE, LYTLE, ECKELS EONEY, 125 North Water Street. WE ARE THE OLDEST AND LARGEST a Furniture Houses In the city, and will Not be Undersold by any one. READ OUR PRICES and do not be deceived by parties claiming to sell goods who do not hold to their bargains. c '- :vi,'. Rockers, S 1 75 jjo. 8 Coal Cook Stoves, $10 00 ·* · .-'..bie Woven Wire Springs, 1 75 Qak HeBterS| 7 50 HH- .-Wood Beds 1 50 Copper Bottom Boilers,. 1 00 -· · --J Center Tables 2 00 We Save a Great Variety of CHAIRS, suitable for HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Remember the Place. Come See for Yourself. THREE LARGE STORES, EAST MAIN ST. ot iTli© Bis S1.7O. COAL. SI.70. Double-Sureened TAYLOEVILLE LUMP, at $1.70, delivered, CASH. Guaranteed quality, Telephone 55. dec2-dtf V. H. PAEKB SON. Jin, WILSON has sold 310 lots since July in bis remarkable sub-division at the state capital, Decatur being well represented in the sale, E. L. Martin havinp bought 22 of them. 82.50 cash, and 50 cents a week. S80.00, remember. Stealing » Child. A ri'm,irk:Jly intelligent elephant working cm ci new bridge in Ceylon, say! Murray's Maga/ine, had a young one to whom she was perfectly devoted. It died, and she became inconsolable. Formerly the gentlest of creatures, she grew irritable and even dangerous. One morning she broke the chain which confined her and escaped into the forest. One night, about ten days after her escape, the officer who had been in charge of her went out to lie in wait for bears at a pond in a jungle at sorae distance. As he and his native attendant were returning, early in the morning, the native silently nudged him, and they saw in the d i m . gray light an elephant with her calf making their way toward th? camp. They buth sprang behind trees and when the elephants had passed the native insisted that tho older one wa.« their old friend. When they reached the camp they found that the truant had indeed returned, and had gone from one person to another, touching each with her trunk," as if she were exhibiting her adopted child, which she had evidently begged, borrowed or stolen during he/ absence. Her good temper and usual docility returned at once, and her owner blessed the good fortune which had enabled her to steal a child. Proofn of LazJness. When Cyrus W. Field owned The Mail and Express he occasionally poked around the various editorial rooms to get some idea of bow his paper was beiBg conducted. "Who is that man who sits in that room to the right up stairs"' he race asked of his managing editor. 'That's Mr. , our exchange editor," replied the managing editor. "Well," said Mr. Field, frowning, "it's my opinion that he isn't worth hia salt. As often as I have been in this office I've never seen him do anything except r?ad newspapers, and he's always got a big pile of 'em ij front of him."--St. Louis Republic. A Sound .Legal Opinion. E. Bainbridge Monday, Esq., County Att'y, Clay Co., Texas, says: "Have used Electric Bitters with most happy results. My brother also was very low with Malarial Fever and Jaundice, but was cured by timely use of this medicine. Am satisfied Electric Bitters saved his life." Mr. D. I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave, Ky., adds a like testimony, saying he 'positively beb'eves he would have died, bad it not been for Electric Bitters." This great remedy will ward off, as well as cure all Malarial Diseases, and for all Kidney, Liver and Stomach Disorders stands unequalled. Price, 50c and SI at Dr. A. J. Stoner's Drug Store. 6m New Officers Chosen. The annual election of officers of Col I. C. Pngh Camp, No. 14, Sons of Veterans, which now has a membership of nearly 50, was held last night at the Post hall. The new officers are : Captain--Frank CasBell. First Lieutenant--Willis Martin. Second Lieutenant--William Brown. Camp Council--John Smith, L. H. Martin and James Lindsay. There were five recruits mustered into the camp. KSIGHT3 OP PYTHIAS. The officers of Cceur-de-Leon lodge Knights of Pythias were elected as follows : C. C. Stoddard, C. C. decree D. Flack, V. C. A. E. Lmdamood, P. S. B. Moll, M. of E. E. I. Hitch, M. of F. F. W. Wismer, K. of E. and S. C. T, Kinkaid. M. at A. W. P. Shade, Trustee. The rank of Squire was conferred upon A. Tuttle and J. Kriegbanm. After adjournment the new officers stood a Knightly treat of oysters and cigars at Huff restaurant on East Main. Russell. Mr. Sol. Smith Russell was at the Grand last night and the people had to hustle to get seats to see the new play, "A Poor Relation," a humorous and pathetic story of domestic life, in which the popular and inimitable star is given ample scope to display his talents as a parlor comedian, his speaking angularity, his wonderful facial expressions, and his guy spirits when the clouds of adversity cleared away. In "A Poor Relation" Mr, Russell is seen at hie best, and the vast audience was thoroughly pleased with the performance Applause was enthusiastic and laughter so frequent that the progress of the dialogue was often interrupted. Nearly all of the first floor seats were occupied, standing room taken in the balcony and the gallery well filled. It was in the judgment of many the best entertainment yet Riven in the new house- The support included Master Richards and Hazel Chappel 1 , two bright little children; Misses Grace Filkins, Maud Hosford, Lillian Owen, and Aleri Osburn, Alfred Hudson, Arch. Oowper, Louis Carpsnter and R. F. Sullivan. Not Fools. Notice some "ads." in recent issues of Dpcatur papers where our competitors sr.y the people are fools because th»y (the people) trade with us. Such indolence ought to be "sat down on" a.d will be. The people crowd our store and the verdict of the people is always right. They are not fools. FEKKISS LAPIIAM. n!9-dtf Drive Whist. Miss Mary Roby gave a drive whist party yesterday afternoon to about forty of her lady friends, in honor of her guest, Miss Rebecca Brown, of Jacksocville. Delicious refreshments were served after the game. Mrs. W. T. Roberts won the first prize, an Italian olive dish, and Miss Annie Tuttle the second prize, a hand- painted china cream pitcher. The other prize, a silver glove buttoner, was awarded to Miss Florence Adams. DK. BULL'S Cough Syrup is particularly recommended for children, It cures coughs, colds, croup, sore throat, and whooping cough. It is pleasant to taste, and acts like a charm. 25cts. "Jack shall pipe and Gill shall dance" just as long out in the open barn as they please. The free born American citizen don't fear neuralgia with Salvation Oil to the front. Price only 25 cents. As so investment is cheaper than that made for education, 'tis the duty of parents to unite instruction with pleasure, if possible. Teach boys and girls how to use the Merritt Typewriter, and thus become highly proficient in spelling and punctuation. dec5-diwlmo Fine Music. There will be extra fine musio given by the Opera orchestra hereafter. Robert Walter and Frank Williams are gladly welcomed back. SECRET SOCIETY MEETIN GS D A U . H T E R S ot KKV.KKAU. Regular meeting of Progress Lodge, Daughters of Rebekah, this(Friclay) evening at 7.30 o'clock. All members are cordially invited to attend. Business of imvortance. MBS. M EICHISC.EB, N G. MRS KiTiE BALDWIN, Sec. Table Delicacies. Fine Wines and Liquors, Table Deli cades, and Decatur Brewing Co.'s Extra Fine TJnsteatned Bottled Beer, Vacuum and Cincinnati; alsoPiltner Bottled Beer. Orders by mail promptly filled, doods sold m any quantity, and delivered to any part of the city. For sale by PHILIP RUIBSAMEN, 116 North Water street. Telephone 335. [Deo 2-dtf Now is the lime to get yonr holiday pictures framed, and the City Book store is the place to nave it done artistically and economically. Do not wait until the rush comes. J. H. BEVASS. n30dwlw MARRIED. At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Georae Russell, at Macon, December 4, David E. Humphrey, ot Moawequa, and Miss Mmy Russell. Dancing Clubs. Persons wishing to form dancing clubs should now see Mrs. Sedgwick. Special rates will be givta. Private lessons, $5 for term of 10 lessons. 4-d3 W. A. COMBS' Restaurant. [Notices In tnis column, or live lines or IBM will be Inserted one week for 26 centa, payable la advance.] M EN WANTED!--To represent our well known Nursery in this county for ton n and ountry trade. Oood pay weekly. Good references required. Apply quick, stating age. CHASE BROTHERS' COMPANY, Chicago, 111. A BIG DEAL! NO. 5042. A beautiful Plaid Cheviot Garment, 4 to 16 years, $3.00 for 4 years, rising 50c per size. NO. 5037. 4_to 16 year Garnet and Black Woven Stripe, 4 to 16 years, $3.50, rising 50c per size. NO. 50 1 4. Misses',/ Newmarket, Woven Stripe, Satin Hood, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 years, S3 for 4 years, rising 50c per size. nvo. sooa. 4 to 16 years, Handsome Striped Cloak, Astrachan Trimming, $3 for 4 years, rising 5Cc per size. . 5OO9. 4 to 16 years, Mahogany German Beaver, Cord Trimming, 84.50 for 4 years, rising 50c per size. ·7OO CHILDREN'S CLOAKS. 1100 LADIES' CLOAKS. All NEW STYLES, and the product of two First-Class Manufacturers, winch we closed as a Job at Half Price, and will sell: NO. 5023. Child's Braided Beaver, in Seal, Navy, Myrtle and Garnet, 4, 6, 8, 10,12 and 16 years, $2.00 for 4 years, rising 50c per size. XO. 5023. 75 Ladies' Newmarket, Jacqufird Stripe, Fine Plush Sleeves, $12.00. 25 English Walking Coats, Walker's Seal Plush, $15. Have just received the LATEST NOVELTIES in Newm ar kets, with Plush and Fancy Sleeves, tcT which we call special attention. LINN FSlDGGS. The New Store, (NEXT TO MILLIKIN'S BANK,) SEE CUE PRICES: Ladies' Merino Underwear, all sizes, 38c Ladies' Heavy Ribbed Vests, 50c Men's Scotch AVool Underwear, 37c Men's All Wool Scarlet Underwear, in as good quality as you find for $1.00, only 79c 20 Doz. 16-bz. all wool Flannel Skirts, Full Length and Width, 98c JUST RECEIVED, VERY CHEAP: Ten Pieces 42 inch Heavy Black Henrietta, worth $1.15, for ". 85c Ten Pieces Eiderdown, Pink, Blue, Cream, Cardinal and Slate, worth 75c, for 45c Ten Pieces Opera Flannel, all shades, 40c BEAT THESE PRICES IF YOU CAN. S. HUMPHREYS, Agent for the Celebrated Standard Paper Patterns. Standard $400 Cabinet Photographs IVETDTJOEID TO Till Dec. 25, 1889. FOR REHT, FOR SALE. liHTED, te. p roofs shown and Satisfaction Guaranteed. East End Gallery, 4 Dec G-diwlm 1079 EAST ELDORADO ST,

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