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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 15
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 15

The News Journali
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

Fifteen Journal-Every Evening, Wilmington, Delaware, Wednesday, Deeemher 27, 1914 Delaware Casualties Stock Market Trend Weakens Casualties Cntina4 Fram Pag One) Street; on Nov. 19 in IT N. Y. Stock Quotations 11:13 O'Clock Or- Read Physicians Will Tell Jury Of Blood Tests in Chaplin Case Drfen Will Call Doctor on Herl. of Comrrlian'! SMpepinjr Dftiial) of Trlimony by Mi Brry During Suit Over Chilil Patrrnity Produce Markets New York Quotations (Dally report of J. nd nrby produce if th N. Y. market. Wr Food Administration NEW YORK. Dec. J7 Tra din continued light. Apples were dull. Sweet potatoes were steady. Mushrooms were firm. Root crops were dull, APPLES Apples: Bu. bskts. and eas'arn crate. N. 6. No Baldwins. Prgon nd Spies 2-t In. 3 SO, Oolden Delicious tnd Mcintosh J'-a In. no, Sivmn 2' in 7r Reported dally hy Latrd. Hindi Meeda. Free Clssa till Ml I -C Johna-Manallla many. The War Department today made public the names of 2,465 United States soldiers wounded in action in the European area. The Navy Department today announced 356 casualties in the Navy, Indications of Long War Affect Trading, With DaFont Building. A Pre. Cloo Last Air Reduction S' SS1 Aiaska Juneau S' Allied Chem. Kennecott Copper av Kroger Oroeery 3 Rail Industrials Down Marine Corps and Coast Guard, In 2 33. fair quality nd condition In Allied Kid Aihs Chalmer Amal. Leather LOS ANGELES, Dec. 27 VP). A of physicians' testurnny ooiden Delicious and Mcintosh 2oo. 8iy-! eluding 4i dead, 266 wounded and NEW YORK, war indications Pa. Stayman fair quality Dec. 27 the -Long stock I Anal. 4H 5A1-4 1 S. Mta, aai Leather. man 75-3. OA. 3J4 in. 3 00. 3' sise 6S-7S In. 75. 2'a in. heavy min. mr Lea Ttre Llatett A Myera Lockheed AncraH Loew'a Martin. Oienn L. Momiomtry Ward Philip Morris Ai Motor Product 1 H'j 54'. 3' I about blood tet.s Is due for Injection imo the stream of evirjnce it the I Charlie Chaplain trial today to fortify hi denials that is the father jof Joan Berry's 14-month-oJd baby. The white-haired comedian, almost sphinx-like in contrast to the i ft 0 Can International Loco Metal Ltd. topped. N. J. 7: L. 49 missing. Edward Francis Dillon Private Dillon was the son of Mrs Marion Dillon of 1316 French Street and Edward Dil market strain today, bringing out Amer! enough selling to depress rail and Amer. inrluaf-ria 1 aHprc frapfinnc mnr Amer. Beets: Bu. bskt I. 1 00 Cabbage: 1 3-5 bu. boxes Savoy some fair oua'. V-1 no, SO pound sacks Danish i ord. qual. 7.V I lon, 1317 Lan IV S7H 4 1Mb Sfi'a 24 1 1 IS 'a 2a mt SSi 30S S9' 11? Carrot: Bu bku topped and washed. "S' J. ord nual. S-1 (W); L. I. 1 0-75, few outbursts of his first day on the witness stand in Miss Berry's uit to have him declared the father, aid No. I did not. That Is not true Storm 'a SSt i. 14 38 'i 14 fit3. 44 S1H Sl 3n high 3 00. poorer 1 00-1 25 Pfc Joseph N. Private James Bianchino J. Britton Wounded Wounded i Ce.erv cabbage: N. J. eastern 3 35- 'a- caster Avenue, He had been! serving with the; Fifth Army in a chemical mortari 53. apple boxes 3 50. I. 24 qt. berry i Ward Store in Strikr 2S 3S i 7 1 21 131 in Sin, 17 214 2 or otherwise voiced the negative 34 times yesterday. He specifically denied allegations of four intimacies in December. 1942. The intimacies were alleged from the stand previously by his 24-year-oid former drama pupil. mm i tl a i I Ceiery root: bu bskts. 1 35 Endsve-Witioof Per pound 50-55. poorer low 15. Field sld: Tomato lugs 3 00 Horerdiah: pound aacks 140-50 Leeks: N. J. bu. bskts few sales 3.00. L. per bunch 38-40 MVSHHOOM. Mushrooms: 3 pound bskts Pa. extra DETROIT. U-c. 27 JP.K gr-3up of more than 50 persons whi entered the Montgomery Ward A- Co, department store in suburban Dearborn, where a strike has been progress since Dec. 9, were Nat Cash Realsier Natl Dairy Product 2S'j Nat'I Distillers US' Natl Pr. Light Newport Ind 1S New York Central Natl Dept Stores North American lfm. North American Aviatioa. I4 Northern Pacifle 21 a Ohio Oil I7, Oliver Farm Equip, (new) 24H Packard Motors Paramount Picture i Penney. ll Penna R. mew, 3 for 1. Phelps-Dodae Phillips Pel Puohc Service. N. la Pullman Co 4ti Pure Oil If; American Radiator Amer. Roll Mills Amer. Smelt A Amer. Tel. Tel Amer. Tob. Viscose Amer. Water Works Anaconda Cooper Armour A Co Atchison Atlantic CoaM Atlantic Refining Atlas Powder Atlaa Poa-der. Pfd II Baldwin Loco Balto. A- Ohio Corp. Bendix Aviation Beth. Steel Boetnr Airpiana Bora-Warner Brldceport Brass Brig Canada Dry Celanee Corp. than 2 points. Most of the damage to prices resulted from a first hour rush of offerings which started in the rails and later extended to the key industrial groups. Near the fourth hour quotations generally were moderately above the early lows. Atlantic Coast Line, had an extreme fall of more than 3 points but came back a bit. Also hit by the selling were Santa Fe. Southern Pacific. Southern Railway, Great Northern. Northern Pacific, U. S. Steel. Bethlehem. Chrysier. Goodyear, U. S. Rubber. Johns-Manville. American Telephone. Eastman Kodak and Texas Co. Elastic Stop Nut in the first transactions since suspension of trading about a month aeo registered a loss of around 3 points. battalion for the 20 month. Inducted into the Army i October 1942, he received training at Camp fancy and special 1 85-3 10. few 2 15-3 fir cond 1 73. fancies and mediums 1 wno contends her dauzhter Carol ported morning to have over-Ann was begotten by him in that turned several counters and de-monih. And he said no to such some merchandise. buttons 1 75, fair cond 1 5o-o. N. over-: er, and went seas in 1943. He fZt I jestions by his attorney as: Did vou in November. 1942. R. L. Estabrooic. store manager, said the damage would amount to Aprii: rT 43 1j 47 1 jj at any time after that have an act several thousand 111 opens nd flts 75-1 35; N. extr fncy; nd specials 1 75-3 00, buttons 15. Pa pint 35. Parsiev: 1 3-3 bu. boxes root 1.25-30 Parsnips: 'j bu. bskts. ij-l 13, bu. bkts 1.73 Potatoes: 100 pound sacks U. S. No. Green Mountains 3 10-30 Squash. Bu. bskts. Hubbard 135, pump-j kins i 00. l' bu hamper Hubbard 1 50. Sweet potatoes: Bushel hampers Jersey' formerly o-x i 1 ELd ward F. Dillon Killed employed at the Hercules Powder Company here. His twin of intimacy with Miss Berry?" the demonstrators were members of Did you tell her (when Mis squadrons" of the Unit-d Berry disclosed her pregnancy) that Automobile Workers C. I. For all I know I might have a lot u. A. I. O. unions have (Of other children running around oeen supnortmz the atrike at four "Did you tell her, 'You know my Mon'comerv Ward storec showed ches. Ohio Bonds and commodities general declines. type U. 3 No. 1 2 00-3 73. few high as 3 00.1 srnll to medium 50-1 00. Golden D. No I brot her ha.s been overseas for the, Chrysler Corp Cora-cola Collins A Alkman Crtlnmriia .4 In the cub lower prices ruled for Cities Service. American Gas At fair jg months and i.s now serving' Ofrrgt. deorge 1 3 few as 3 13 1 75 I oon 1 Mufte tytroi: area by member of the re- views on marriage; in Private Frank J. Lapkiewicz Wounded with the anti-aircraft artillery in: N. Barnett wit" ur- ronoed and tali, whoiesaie and department Electric. Automotive Ryan Aero. Products and Commer-ial credit Commercial Inv Trust Commona-ealfh i. o-73. Few Germany. Turnips Bu bsk's washed SO-7V as 125 Wounded tnapun lawyer, wnanes aiii- stor employes C. I. 0. 1 union. likan. announced to the court that The-e struck in an at- In a letter written on Nov. 29. Private Dillon told his mother of! being in a rest camp but that he the War Department to families of Philadelphia Quotations Small Declines On Bond Market sne pianneci to caw two pnysicians temp' to force the Ward mam. today and a third Friday to tell of mer.t eomplv with War Labor blood tests they made last Febm-; Board directives, 'ary of the comedian's, Miss Berry 224 i'i; 3lj 23S4i 13 32 13 13a SS i 27'. 31 SS'a IB'i 1 234 47' 33 i 33' 44 Philadelphia. Dec. j- -Be--expected to return to his tinlt wounded men ceipts continued ard slow on, A sister. Mrs. Anne Dillon Werz Of Rpfore coinsr into t.h Armv in 22 1 3ft 10S4 1 13 41 as 'a a- i'a 3a H' 1'4 53'4 4'. 3.S', 3S 4 24 ions. Aircral' Consolidated Container Corp Can Cmt. Diamord nhre Corn Products Com Curtlsa-Wntht "'A'- Deere Co Dist Feasrams. Ltd. Douglas Airctaft DuPont Common DuPPDt ,4 50 Pfd tne local wnoiesa.e proaure mirr inaii.i -i K't Tm i-t. in the Federai-erate Market New, re-. the French Street address, also sur I November. 1943. he was emploved bv and ba bioort. The ets in-ported the Tidewater Construction Corpora- the physicians reported. n2S I James S. McClure tion at Norfolk. Va. He received th Chaplin was not th father and eastern Hoxe. Staymnns 2 73-3 IS Radio Corp of Amer Reminaton-Raod Republic Steel Reynolds Tob. Seaboard Oil CO. (Del). Sear Roebuck Simmons Co. Sinclair Oil Socony Vacuum Southern Par fie Southern Railway Southern Railway. Pfd Sperrr Corp Standard Brand Standard Oil of S'andard Oil of Stewart-Warner Stone W'ebster. Siudenaker Sunshine Mining Superheater Texas Corn Texas Gulf Sulphur Timken-Detroil Ro: er Trans At West Air Twentie'-h Cent. Fox fnlon Bag A paper Union Carbid Hnion pacific United Aircraft t'nred Air L'nes Cnited Pfd 3 63; Rhode Island iwv tSt tajfe muui-cu illMf H1C Orninjv 3 00-3 23; Northwir-m Or-en-. tva anrl Wfnt. nvpr.vas in was kan said, he has only one othpr witness. Joan's a Z-orney. Joseph til la, 7-r- AVAL." iis KrnflanH nnri Fnclariri hfnrp rr- (ro Pickpl Line KANSAS CITY. Dec. 27 JP An undetermined number of worker streamed throuzh picker a.t the Montgomery Ward and mail order plant today, where a c. I. O. union had called a s'rlke. Union oflScials, who estimated there are 'about 2.500" employes, said -hundreds" failed to report to SH 9Va li't 1 4T 1M I w4 tat, S04 snij HI sir, st' 1 ,4 1 1t 34 SI, SS 42' J. 2S, aif nit ii' ii 5" Wa I'a I 4fN, 4t'i i.v r4, 127 lt4 7a S'a 5f 41 "a lit sn 41 M'a nx, ai, 3-' an' an 514 i 19 1U he would -v5 jaw inff to France. His wife believes that! bC0lT- to13 a reporter a reporter J. A. Bader Com- he was wounoea tne ngntmg cross-examine the physicians and that the case probably would not be around Aachen. pany. He had submitted to the jury before early Serseant Barnett is the son of lived near New- VTi- an4 Mrc William Pto mtt nf Xt wee. Castle for the Millvllle. Sussex County. Chaplin took the stand after fhe past three years. work. A sound truck, operated bv the United Retail. Wholesale and De- His wife is livine with her sister rlai mosr- orarnatic scene irna lar. He received for the Hnrntinn sh. hit inct or suent seconas tne comeaian. NEW YORK, Dec. 27 Small declines held an edge in the first part of today's bond market. Rail issues were the first to give ground coincident, with a sudden drop in carrier stocks and while offerings were never pressing, enough bonds appeared to keep the list on the defensive most of the time. In supply were most, of the bonds of the St. Paul. Rock Island. New Haven, Baltimore Ohio. Cleveland Union Terminal. Rio Grande West-em, Great Northern, Illinois tra', and Katy. A few resistant spots developed among the higher priced TJ. S. Governments kept in the background wrh minor changes either way the ruTe. Most of the Brazilian bonds were on offer following announcement of an extension of time in which the debt adjustment plan of last summer Is to be accepted or rejected by present holders. itam.ns aamp hit her aarar.ent Store Emnloves C. I i a orotner. ric. nowara w. viewers in(t. 3 00: Grimes and Paragons. J00, Delicious, 3 1V): 8'irrtnM, 40-2 73 Beets: Pa. bu, topped and washed 7S-3S Cabbace: Pa. 51 pound ck Danish 2 v-2 23. Carro's: Pa bu. topped and washed I is-i so Celerv: Tied bunches, few 3n Mushrooms. Pa. 3 pound bsit-s. 1 73-1 90; few special 3 00. Parsnips Pa b'l bkt hed I 50-1 75 SWKET roTATors i Sweet potatoes: J. bu. hamper Jersey tvpe, M. some fair 1.7S-2 J. some best 2 3-2 73: processed 20-3. medium procesjed 2 00: reds No i 2 00: medium I SO: white yams 1 73-2 23 White turnips: Pa. bu. topped and washed fa ir 1 Ofl Rutaoajtas- Pa. 3O-0 pound sack 00-1 2S; bu. twf. no Whi poia'oes: Pa. 100 pound sacks No I s. Katahdms, td; mostly 3 25-3 40: Sebos imil! 3O0; Green Mountain 3 00-3 15: fair 2.30: various vnene 1 few I siie 1. 10-1 25. medium few 1 50. rc.os Croft, S. C. and went overseas of Berlin. who was killed in oaD tOOQ in ironi 04 in iW? D-x Frmr. nr. -i Another hmthpr I wnile its feven women and five men a war joo at tne with his infan- tl4 7 l3'l .34 1 3' 1.3'a 31l 144 33', 1,3 14'. 3' 31 3Tj 13. 43 at. ii 31 13 Eastman Kodak ralon VTfs Fiec. A'jto Lite Ec. Power Ac Federal Mogul Freeport. Texaa Genera! Electne Oeneral Foods General Motor Oeneral Motors. coodver TAR. Goodrich Co Ot. Nortnern. Ptd Greyhound Corp Hercules Powder Hercules Poadet. Pfd. Hiram Walitet Hrsh Sound occupants studied them for facial States Employment Service offlce." Scrtt. Edward Lee ic leers is now October. overseas and another brother. Lester other similarities. His last letter K-- viewers, is serving witn tne; wa.s written from Coast Guard. Holland on Nov. Joseph N. Bianchino 16 The Purple Heart Medal has been; 4 4 U. S. Fears Long War Japs Told- i United Fruit Cw. i nnred Merchants A Mfi I r. S. Alrohoi Rubber. Com iboer. Pfd S. Steel U. Steel. Ffd 1 Vanadium Cotp I learner Bros. 'Afy'frn Union I W'estinsiiouse Ar Brake. i WesMnghouse Elec I Wootwo-th Co I Worthmgtnn Pump Ja men o. ivic- 7.500 Chickens Iot In Fire ear Denton DENTON. Md Dec. 27 'Special'. Fire, believed caused by an overheated brooder stove early todav. destroyed 7.5O0 two-weeks-oid chick, ens and the major portion of a large chicken hous on the property of Miss Marearet Butenchem. one mile south of Denton. There was no insurance. Dim was estimated at several thousand dollars. Miss Butenchein. who lives alone awarded to Private Bianchino. He; was hospitalized in England after being wounded in the right leg by i shrapnel from a German 88mm. shell. The shell burst near him while his company was preparing. Frank J. Lapkiewirx Private Lapkiewicz wa.s reported seriously fighting, in Ger- Clure Killed Market continues -e-v firm Sup-1 far short of a verv acive demnd.l and clearm quickly reyards of the: 2-renr ceilir.f price effective to-: morrow Some western eajs delayed two 3'. 13'. 43' II 1 1 11? 411 3'l 33 1, 13 ill'. 41'. 3', wounded in the Axi Urpei lo Strike Now War 31alerial Shortages Cited to set up their mortars in an orchard Industrial Rs-on i Int 1 Ha ester Ir.t 1 Nirkei Int 1 Paper. Com. Infl Paper. lnt'1 to four days due to iinfvorbie weather many. 11. Mrs. I.arkiewicz received word last: near Metz in irance on Nov. T-. 8 Ex-Dividend. and active srm' nuyini in wes-ern sections further holding bark norma! shipments Nearby esrs ahorter than i mon'h ago as pracicily no collections week from the War Department that Armistice Day of World I. her son is not progressing satisfac-i A jeep driver. Private Bianchino, torilv. and that thev would ron-lsaid he had been moving forward! By Associated Press former Japanese minister made Monday and home use for houdav of heavily into these. Aerive inquiry for and has no telephone, discovered the with his heavy weapons unit under i commerce declared today the United storage estas w-h four to five cars Local Securities jX. Y. Curb Market iH nder-erade released this week Con BieU A heavy German artillery fire all States is running out of war ma-: morning. iteriais and is "anxious to avoid a "Toward noon we moved into a i protracted'' struggle and called on nre aoout a. and ran to the home of a neighbor. M. C. Buckley, who drove to Denton to summon the fire company. Feoor'ed daiiy by Laird. Meed. DnPont Buildina. Reported daily by Laird. Biasell A Meeds. DuPont Bid little orchard to set up our mor-, Japan and Germany to "deal blows tars." he said. "The Germans that will bring an end to their Ablation All-American Aviation. Firemen reached the scene about Asked 4i 1174 SO 41 IK U. S. Steel Production Continues New Records PITTSBURGH, Dec. 27 (INS). American steel plants have broken all previous records for steel production in each of the five years since World War Two broke out. Walter S. Tower, president of American Iron and Steel Institute, revealed today. The tonnage of steel ingots and casting produced in 1944 reached a new peak estimated at 89.400.000 tons SO per cent above our maximum year's output in the First World War and almost one and a half times the probable 1944 production in enemy Europe. Tower said. New payroll records were also established during 1344 A total of $1,700,000,000 in payrolls was paid to employes during the year. tinue to notify her of his condition. He was wounded once before in the fighting in France. In the Army since last March, he wa.s sent overseas immediately after his training was completed. A brother. Private i Anthony Lapkiewicz, is stationed at I Fort Jackson, S. C. John J. A telegram received by Mrs. Biyf-i kal on Christmas Eve saad that A'las Poder. PXd Jos. Bancroft A- Sons Co shelled us and I was hit by frag- common enemies. America and Brit-ments." ain." Pfd an 2 o'clock, and succeeded in cutting the lone building in half, saving one 250-foot section. Private Bianchino was carried! The former cabinet member. Vice- I back to an aid station and given Admiral Takua Godo. gave his views This part contained 70 hens and a. Prev rlos Alum Co. of Am 34 Amer Oinsmid 'B" Amer. Gas riec 3ni Bellanca Aircraft i Cities Seryice. Cam 141. Cons Gas, Balto fMt Creole Petroleum Elec Pd. Sh I Bd At Sh. 8 09 Heyden Chem l'1 Oil 43 Ir.t 1 Ltd 1'i Lake Shcre M'nes is Jos Bancroft Sons Com. e'j 1 Chritira Securities. Com 230 5fil Christiana Securities. Pfd 139 14? Continental Amer. Life Ins 37 Delaware S3', Diamond Ire Ar Coal Co Pfd 1M quantity of feed which was damaged treatment w-ihin 2(1 minutes after -in an article DUblished bv the news- i i 37'i 3(1 14s 5'i 1'4 1 13 ltl'j Sergeant Blys-i sumer grade A sales, eatra Urge. S(-58 laree. 33-58 3: medium. 48-51's. Wholesale aelling prices of wholesale grade' a follows Extras 1 and 2. extra larjje. 32 3: 50.3: medium. 43-43 3: extras 3 and 4. large. 47'a-4" t. medium. 43-45: standards. 44-45 3: current, receip's. 44-4-3 3. Butter market: Market very firm and supply short of demand. Too early to pet reacton on Increase of ration points to 24 points per pound Pew wholesale sales of grade AA bulk at 424 LIVE POILTRV Live poultry: Market very firm Receipts light. Most quarters without any or Just few coops. One house had a load from North Carolina and a few express. Supplies short for trade needs Quote: Fowls: No. 1 colored. 23l4-24c: leghorns. ordinary and poor lower: old roosters. roasting chickens, 4 lbs. and over. 32'4-33c: fryer nd broilers, 32v4-33c: ordir.ry and poor lower. Guineas: Young, per pound. 50-53c. Turkeve: Wholesale ceilings. No. 1, young. 3 -3 No. 1 old. 34 8-3c: No 2 4c under No. 1. Capons: Ceilings on lbs. or over, 34Ij-3'i: under 6 lb. 31-33e. Geese: as to distance kal was now in! DuPotit. Pfd iyj Hercules Powder. Pfd. 13 Remington Arms 3 Warner Common 7 17 J31'j 3' '3 fil being hit. After additional treat-; paper Tokyo Shimbun and quoted 'a -r- ment at a field hospital ke wras by Domei in a broadcast intercepted Mi-'5 Butenchein two-story stucco evacuated to England. by the FCC. home which is r.ear the chicken The wounded soldier also has re-! The vice-admiral discounted the hcuse. was saved from the flames, reived a commendation and his ex- possibility of in Japan and Firemen were unable to pump water pert combat infantryman's badge. declared Germany possessed every orn a nearby river, because its He went into the service in Jan- means necessary to win the war na- oar's were too high. Instead they uary. 1942 and received training at tional unity, enthusiasm on the part ued two 300-gallon tanks. An Fort' McCleilan Ala. Camp Ed-j of scientific and technical men, and emergency call was sent to r.h wards, and Fort Jackson. perfect air defense system. Greensboro Fire Company, which Warner Pfd Central Bank, par lion Delaware Trust Co. rar $23 'Equitable Trust par 125. Farmer Bank, par $30 Indus'rial Trust par 25 McwilUam Dredein 13' Pan tepee sA Pennroad 'w Pittsbureh in eiberhn Rubber 1'a Sherwin-WiUiams 103 S'andrd Oil. la Terhnirolor 21 Zx-Divldend. 37 lt3 SB 3 AD 17 234 il irul par DOVER, Dec. 27. Charters filed wiimmctin Trust Co par so. with the corporation department of "Ex -Dividend He is a member of the famous. 10 this country at a hospital in Charleston. S. C. but that he expected to be sent to Texas for further treatment soon. Sergeant Blys-kal. who was with the First Combat Engineers, served in th; invasion of North Africa, Sicily, and Normandy. He re- uei vompaiiy was men Etirnrnonen. 26th Yankee Division serving with' Philadelphia Maid A (W, ntgiii in sk-Va. Foreign Exchaime the secretary of state's office yes-i but firemen turned back on reach- Commoditv Prices terdav follow Indicted for Murder ir.g Denton when they learned that Dressed poultry: The limited offerings VKff VOP.SC rier fl r)trH 4 1. drm nrices: Ouotation: by Laird At Ne-: change rates folloa- Gret Britain in dol-1 rresh-killed fowls, dry-packed or iced. I PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 27 A water tanks were necessary, as they had onlv a Dumner. low wood Preserving Company, prser-ratives. chemicals, etc. Capi'ul. ISOfl.OOO. I Report daily Principal office. Corporation Trust Buiidm. denerai rations ruin Armv. nt went overseas in June. Formerly he had been employed by the Delaware Automobile Company. A brother Staff Sergt. John V. Bianchino. 27. went into the Army liars, others in cents': 33'ic: chickens. 37'ijc: old roosters. 2Sc grand jury today indicted Corinne Sykes. 23. Negro maid, on charges Farewell Service Planned Canadian in New York open mark't 10 3-16 per rent discount or 89 8l4 u. cents, up of a cent. Europe Great Britain oflicis.l buvme $4 02. selling $4 04 Latin America in May. 1942 and has been overseas, of murder, manslaughter and bur capons. 3T.a-40'iC. Turkeys: Young hens and torr.s. 43-44'2c: old 41-42'iC Ducks: 28'-jc. Guineas: Young. 63-70e. Wheat: Prices advanced No 2 Red Winter, garlicky. December 1 7S-1 77. Corn Prices firmly held. No. 2 yellow 1 0t: Mrkets firm nd le higher. No. 2 white, 87-BOe. pan-. tic, 1 Welwood Textile Corporation. textile' Open Hieh Low Noon goods. Capital. 10 000 shares, no par. Mar l4i 1R4'- 1fi3a4 134 Principal ofJice. Corpora'ion Service Corn- July IS3' jS5t 1V3 1.3S panv. Sept ...131. 1.34 15.33 154 Ky Mar.n Corporation, and: COTTON construction business. 100shares. Mar. SIM litis 2194 no par. Principal office. Corporation Trust My 217 si3 si7 sist Company. 'July 2130 1149 2149 The Hamburser Company, retail wine i a vear. He is with the Ordnance John J. Blyskal Wounded nel wound be- i Department and is now stationed i. v-(. i.eJin France. He was employed by A farewell service will be conducted at the First Church of the iNazarene. Fifth Avenue near Mixy-j land Avenue, by Mrs. Reese U. Metzger. missionary, Friday night, She and her husband, who have glary in connection with the death of Mrs. Freeda Wodiinger. 45, who was found stabbed in her home Dec. 7. Assistant Dist. Atty. Ephraim Lip- i Argentina free 24 M. unchanged. Brazil free S25N: Mexico 20 65N. i N-Nominal. ear on Oct. 5 In Belgium. The Fnlon Motors Company be- Grain Market l. wound partially paralyzed his omg into tne Armv. 1 Baltimore Livestock land had slightly impaired both his! The brothers have not met over "I.w been active in the work of the local UiTAL IIUJIil.ll. James C. Kelly S'T" nt BALTIMORE. Dec. 27 fjP. iWPA-Office hoes 13.0O0: total Jl.OOfl: fairly active. eyesight and his hearing How-" 7 me Wheat nd rse gained as much as ii ranirflxr nH mmgton Hln bChOOl and attended was indicted on Brown Vocational School. si Cattle 130. Represented classes, active, cuts JW pounds and up at 14 7,3 has honeys of beinc ent.irelv recov- a of a cent and oats were up as much as '1 cent at the s'art. charges of receiving stolen goods and being an accessory after the fact of murder. steady with Tuesday; small lot common few good and choice 150-13 pounds. 14 25-' cftrt to -nd heifers around nnnnds 14 73: virtually all loss 14 00: complete MWI1- i church for many years, will leave in the near future to do missionary work among the Indians in Okla- homa. At the service, a gift of $500 from the Washington-Philadelphia District of the Church of the Naza-irene, will be presented. A' 11 a m. wh-at was James Joseph Britton Private Britton, a medical corps- dealers. Capital. $25,000. Principal office. Corporation Trust Companv. National Truck Leasing Sys'em. management of Industrial problems. Capital, none. Principal office. Corporation Trust Company. Boon'on Foundation, Inc relizious and rharitable. Capi'ai, none. Principal office, Prentice-Hall. Inc. The Aeolian Corporation, p.anos. musical Instruments. Capital. 110 shares, no par. Principal office. United S'ates Corporation Companv. The Corporation machine. 321.500. Principal office. United 6ttes Corporation Companv. Delaware Curative Workshop. treat than yesterday's close. May fi4 il, int, i. i He is lookinff forwflrrt tn seeintr cows 7 75-H 25: tanner 3 00-7 23: odd! Salable cattle total salable 27-months-old son. Johnnie, was wounded in Germany. His 1.00O; fed steers and 1.000: total Corn was off to 3. Mav 31 10' Oats were to lower. May dfi'4. Rye was off :4 to 3. Mav 31.12'n. Barley was unchanged to higher. Mav uiuii iuusi ao- id a lop sau-i raises Picture -Making Outlined yearling including yearling heifers steady bulls quo'aole 12.00: few head cutter was born after he went overseas, mother aid not Know mas ne was He enlisted in the regular Armv in 'overseas until she received word to medium 3 50-1100 October. 1939. while employed by! that he hafl been wounded. She has; "How to Make a Picture" was the; the Delaware Floor Products Com-! no A. P. O. number for the soldier, subject of a talk by George E. U. S. Treasury Report Gire a share in America, buy War Bonds and at home was in Smith, president of the Suburban panv. shis last luriougn The wounded soldier was born in 'July. i Camera Club, last night at a meet- Salem. and was reared ini He went into the Army in Juneing of the club in the Community) 11 i i iliojo -1 TTvf TJ 1 1 un rr ill, ic If ment of fzrk and afllicted. Capital, WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 P'. The Mrs- Carl Henry i position of the Treasury Dec. 23. southern insurance Agenrv. in- compared with corresponding date eurance. Capral. $1,000. Principal office, a Vear aeo: Calve-s 50. Nominally steadyi unchanged. Hogs 4O0 Active, barrows, gilts and sows 2fj higher than Tuesday; good and choice 180-20 pound barrows and gilts 15 30. the ceiling; 130-130 pounds 13 50-73; 130-140 pounds 14 00-25; 140-180 pounds 14 50-75; 160-180 pounds 14.75-15.00: 261-HXt pounds 14 70-95: good sow up to 400 pounds 13 40-90, over 400 pounds selling for less Sheep 25 Nominally steady; good and choice wooled lambs quotable 1500-53: to 25 cent lower; mostly steady except on good and choice weighty bullocks; largely steer run. Bulk 13.75-16.50; top 17 40. paid for yearlings. Choice heavv steers 17.00: bulk heifers :3 00-15. 0o and bulls 25 cents higher, active at. advance Vealers firm at 15.50 down; stockers and feeder trade standstill. Salable heep total 10.000; acat-tered early salea all classes steady, however, very few iambs sold early with higher asking prices retarding: trade: load good and choice fed wooled western lambs. 1500; numerous loads held at 15 25 and 13.35; three decks medium and good lamb. 14 on- rwn IstaHs rrtmn-AH mnri medium uiui, n. yjuc oromer. josetin. is io aim rctcivtru ii huiiuk ivu.ih.ujuh n. Dix and at Camp Grant, 111. LOANS Prentice-Hall. Inc Receipts, serving with the Navy in the Pacific and another. Second Lieut. Stanley Midwest Continental Industries. Inc fl- 243,000.23 Capital. 5,000 shares. trated his talk with slides. The Frost award for the bast picture of the month went to Willard McKen-drick of Elmhurst. The next meeting will be Jan. 30. rancial institutions, r.o par. Principal PrenticeaHall. Blyskal, is with the Army in Alaska. Sergeant Blyskal's unit has two Presidential Unit citations one for Grid Star Marries CHICAGO. Dec. 27 (INS). Naval Lieut. Don Vosberg of Dubuque, la-former Marquette University and Mnr Vork riiant fVv-irhall star, and Inc. Ho'el Adams. ho'el business. Capital. 1 000 no par. Principal office. Henry R. Isaacs. Wilmington. East Coast Oil Gas Expiora'ion Co, oil and gas lands. $3 000 000.! office. Hopisins. Dover. i common nd medium 00-13. 00; culls around 8 00, choice light weight slaughter ewes 8 00. NOTE: The Baltimore livestock market I will be closed Monday, Jan. the regular I market Jan. 2. Navato yearlings 10.30. with two-year-oid their part in the attack at Gafsa in wethers out at oo nd ged ewes 8 75 (Tunisia and the otrier for their tjooo r.a cnoice ten vearung wetners neia above 13.00: native ewe 7.0! down. $100 to $2500 lusinef or Pergonal WYE CORPORATION SUBSIDIARY OF HAKYLA1D C0T. FIHAHCl C0. 1112 King St. Phone 2-5151 j. r. rtintr, Dividend Declared The board of directors of Hercules Powder Company today declared a regular quarterly dividend of 12 per cent equal to $1.50 on its preferred stock, payable Feb. 15, to stockholders of record Feb. 2. Cotton Market NE3V YORK. Dec 27 Cotton futures opened 5 to 33 cent a bale higher. Prev. Close Expenditures, Met balance. $12,437,952,184.13. Working balance included. $11,675,207,548.59. Customs receipts for month. $26,128,490.37. Receipts fiscal year (July 1). $18,679,247,746.23. Expenditures fiscal vear. $43,351,283,179.12. Excess of expenditures. 63; $24,672,035,432.89. Total $169,715,971,603.49. Increase over previous day, Gold assets, $22,003,969,337.18. War Brings No Changes in Kids Fighting It, O'Neill Observes part in the invasion of Normandy Miss Eieanor Giaser of Chicago, a IT. W. A. hostess, were married here A Christmas card for the wounded jtodav. vosberg was I. C. 4-A jave-sergeant from the First Combat En- cnampi0n in 1941. He has served gineers was sent to him in care a destroyer two years, his wife from his engineer outfit. lrSLUZi Condition, Near Normal in tree branches on which are! RICHMOND. Dee. 27 HP). printed Algiers. Tunisia, Sicily, Conditions have returned almost to France and Belgium. normal in Southern Conference His brother-in-law, Eugene Fal- basketball this season. All 16 mem- Bf Aitpmtnlmwmt Opei 21.94 21 87 21 SO 20.60 20 52 Gire a share in America, buy War March 21 91 Mav 2185 21 49V Oct'. 21 5N Dec 20.45B Bonds and Stamps! Bv RfSS NEWLAXD SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 27 UP). kowski, is now receiving Navy bootibers except George Washington and training at Bainbridge, Md. B-Bid; Cotton futures held steady wi'h light mill buylfg aaout bv hedging was limited, influenced by uncertainties over the war situation and Washington cotton policies. There was some smirching from the near to the distant month. Noon prices were unchanged to cents a ble higher. March 21 83, May 21 87. and July 21 43 Washington and Lee have teams, ast winter only eight clubs' played epresentative schedules. Civilian sports in general, horse racing in particular, have Just received a punch on the nose by the government, which makes this number timely. It comes from headquarters of the 41st Division, Southwest Pacific, and is based on one of the touring baseball shows, composed of civilians, which are bring SFXLRITIES AND COMMODITIES LAIRD, BISSELL MEEDS Member NIW YORK STOCK CXCH.4.VGE mmr-AM to umpire at third base, but after the first inning I decided to get behind the catcher. I wanted to look over the pitcher's stuff, a fellow named Fred Sanford. I remembered that before Uncle Sam beckoned, he had a swell year with the Toledo Mud Hens. He's the property of the St. Louis Browns but I guess Luke Sewell won't mind my peeking. Sanford looks good, his delivery masks his throw. I couldn't tell whether he was going to throw a curve or a fast ball. That's form and you don't get it from a mail order catalogue. "The two catchers were good. Hal Schimling was with Yakima of the Western International League. Before returning home, Sergeant Blyskal was hospitalized in both France and England. George X. Barnett Sergeant Barnett, who was wounded in Germany, writes that he is getting along fine. He describes visiting some old French chateaux near his hospital. The wounded man wrote describing a fine Thanksgiving Day on which he received the cabled C. of C. Traffic Group Visits Marine Terminal Twenty traffic managers and transportation officials made their annual "inspection tour" of the ing a type of entertainment to Day' Record, Tides jjw uui-uHif For RADIO REPAIRS 1000 MONROE New York Cotton Exchango New Yark Prodaea Exchango Commodity Exchange. Ine. Chicago Board of Trade New Yark Cars Exenanfe Philadelphia Stock Earning New Yark Cocoa Exehaaga York Coffee Sofar Exchange Sun roee this morning Sun sets this evening Sun tomorrow morning Sun ers tomorrow evening Moon rises afternoon Wilmington Marine Terminal this 2, afternoon following the luncheon 41 of the traffic and transportation 2P. section. Chamber of Commerce, in New greeting from his wife allowed by Length of day. 9 hours. 20 minutes. PHILADELPHIA DCrONT UriLDING WILMINGTON TELEPHONE X-414X NEW YORK Winkler's Restaurant. E. W. Richardson, manager of the terminal, Temperatures at Porter Reservoir 5 p. m. yesterday Highest yesterday Lowest during night members of the armed forces. Whitey Lewis, Cleveland sports writer, is with one of the touring units and in the gang is, or was, Steve O'Neill, manager of the Detroit Tigers. Quoting O'Neill: "When we started out here, I wouldn't say it was with trepidation, but we weren't precisely sure of our reception. Frankly we expected either a horde of kids clutching autograph books or a flock so fatigued from fighting from foxholes, they wouldn't flip an eyelid of interest in a mere handful of ball players. But this is really something." O'Neill gestured toward a skinned diamond upon which was being 30 was host 45 i Particular attention was devoted the methods of storage for the 3 DIVIDEND NOTICE 8 a. today Noon today 20 nugc quantities oi casea canned foods for the Army. J. Ferry Cur- (Mouth of Christina i ren. secretary of the section, arranged the schedule for the trip with Mr. Richardson. Skating Party Announced He's still a kid comer after having been over here 34 months. He has a nice throwing arm and savvys the pitchers. The other catcher, Bruno Pellegrini, is a first looey. Pellegrini, they tell me. was some shakes as a Santa Clara halfback and played in the Sugar Bowl games of '37 and '38. "Back home some of those who always manage to see things under the bed are apprehensive that fighting so fierce a war as these boys are doing, will essentially change them. I know better now. Baseball is one of the ways America expresses itself when it ants to let its hair Mimeographing Multigraphing Public Stenography Direct Mail Secretarial Service JAe Zfetfei Shop INC. A. Rae da Bell, President 222 W. 8tK ST, WILMINGTON Phon. 3 5315 PAYABLE JAN. 3, 1945 SI. (HI more opens an arrennt. Investment Certificate tn maltiple Fl'lXY IVSl RED AGAINST LOSS IT TO 5.00A. First Federal Savings and Loan Association of New Castle County 311 Industrial Trust Bldg. CkartarW k. SrriiJ U. S. Cart. High Low A 10 50 3 20 P. 11:11 S55 High Tide Today A. Lew 7 40 8 01 KU' Hummock 8 35 8 5 Bombay Hook 918 42 Port Pern 9 33 10.17 HeedT ,...1018 10 42; Ctetapeake City 8 43 t.OTj Cata compiled by U. S. Coast and! Oeodetie Survey. A skating party and frankfurter played a game between two teams roast will be held by the Young for the 41st Division championship. Churchmen's Group of St. Andrew's jit was a regularly scheduled con-P. E. Church tomorrow night in: test, not just a show being put on Folly Woods. Members planning to for the fighting boys. attend will meet at 7 o'clock at the) "These guys are ball players." church. lO NeiU continued. "I was supposed down. These lads still have it."

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