The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1946
Page 2
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TJftiB TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MAY 18, 194G sc Lovers To. Attend Met Opera in Blytheville, »ho have <fckeli«.lor the operis C«rrrien" und Tutdiune Butterfly" to be presented hi Wemphb Monday ami Tuesday nights, «ill be Interested In . *ix>wl»« ' of the favorite reaction 'tovihe presentation ; of "C»r- . men"'lh>8t/ Louis. The, Mine Met rtpoilUn .Opera Compsiny, coming to Memphis for the ••tint ••time In hlsloryi was hi St Louis thli week (or (lie.. first. time Jfetropolitan Opera company has presented a production there in 36 years. TiinljaUser" preferred Mon- dav, n&ht and ' Carmen" Tuesday night tt< Kell Auditorium couples trwn here are going to Memphis (or both operas but most of the BlyUieville peop|e plan to attend' trie" taTOrite • "Carmen." Included in those..who: plan to attend both productions will be Mr and Mrs Firmer England, Mr. and Mrs Harry Klrby and Oscnr ' FemHer and Mis! Wright. Patty Shane -Ihfcluded in those going only to "Carmen"'are Mrs.. W. 'U Hurnci and son, W. b. Jr., Mr. and Mrs Karl Wadenpfuhl,.,Mrs.' John Cau dill, Mrs. F. E. Black, Mrs. TVll- Ham J Wunderllch, Mrs W. A; Af lllck,"Mrs.. Meyer Graber, Mrs. pe ell Branson, Mrs. W. J. Pollard Mr. sfld Mrs, Samuel F. Morris. .A review of Bizet's "Carmen", Irs. Hubb s Honored At Party Last Night Mrs. Jack Marsh was hostess ilh a shower party for lier sister, rfrs. H, B. Hubbs, last night at he home of their mother, Mrs. Bessie Kalon, 015 Lilly. Dilring owning yames, prizes went, lo Mrs. Hubbs. Mrs. Jack Mislead and MI'S. U D. Ryals. The Eaton home was decorated with small red roses and replicas f red rosebuds decorated the cake erved wilh ice cream for le- reslmients. )ctette Club Guests.. Of Mrs. Marvin Numi Mrs. Marvin Numi entertained Thursday with a bridge party for members' of the Octetlo Club nnd wo other isuests. Mrs. W. M. M';- {enzie and Mrs. Fred Rutherford. Mrs. Edwin Robinson was awarded high score prize in afternoon ;ames and second high went lo Mrs. Arrangements of .snapdragons, roses and hydrangeas decorated the Numi home, 517 Wnlmit. Refreshments were served durl'.ii; games. Mrs. Leech Hostess With Bridge Luncheon Mrs. W. J. Wunderltch and Mrs Bride Of Veteran Biti'of News » Personal nock where they attended a meet- ng o( the personnel of hospitals in Litlle Hocli. Mrs. Walls Is owner and operator of Walls Hosultnl where Miss Fisher Is employed. Mrs. Mlllan Franks, teacher of Hie fourth ij'adc at Central School, underwent an emergency opcralion today ill Walls Hospital. Mrs. O. rt. Hawkins has gone to Memphis to be with her son, Tommy Hawkins, who underwent ririse the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "In him we live, and move, and have ou'. 1 being;" Acts 17:28. I-AKK STREET METHODIST CHURCH ' Bates Sturdy, pastor Church School, 9:50 a. in. Morning Worship. 10:45 a. m. Evening Service, 8 i>. m. Prayer Service, Wednesday, 7:45 an uiiMTiioncy appendectomy this ' J ' in Mis. J, nines Wollei-d and infanl son, "Dusty", will go to Jaokson, Mo., next week to t make their home. Mrs. WoUers and i ter, eek :it till 1 Baptist Hospital there. She was accompanied by her granddaughter, Ilelh Johnson, who will spr-nd Ihe weekend in Memphis. Mr. Hawkins will Join Mrs. Hawkins ami KMi [her,, and return with Helh. Mrs. Hawkins will l;q nc-xl week of Tommy; anotlu-r son. Joe Unircl Hawkins, and Mrs. Hawkins, and a daujjh- Jones nnd Mr. baby have been milking .their home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. l-u Kayclte May, 404 East Kentucky, while Mr. Walters (Alight school at Maltliews Consolidated School, Mo. Discharged from the Navy in Dec- Jones. Mrs lietly Phillips Is spending this woi'k in Chicago, where she is the snesl uf former school males ut Waid-nelmonl, Nashville, Tenn. Condition of Ivcrson Morris, wlio Ill.GltlM MJTilt-KAN CHURCH Missouri Synod Corner, Sixth and Walnut Sunday School. 10 a. in. Morning Worship, 11 a.- m. The Rev. W. C. Kruegcr will deliver the sermon, "Fight Ihe Good Figlit or pallh." i. inbt'r, he was head of the music . lias been ill for several months, is | clvpiirliiient and band Instructor | slowly Improving, during the Ihe past semester /it j M,. S . Alfred Gray of Memphis Matthews. \\vns Kiiest of lier parents, Mr. and 1 Mrs. Eugene LanRston and Infant Mrs. c. W. Haymey, for several son, I'eler Scot, liave returned to days during the past, week. She their hotr/ In New York City af- was accompanied back to Memphis U-r a three-week ^vlsit with her hy Kmiulol Swciu'cngoii, daughter parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. a. Nlchol- or Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Swcarcngcn, FIRST METHODIST CHURCH S. R. Wllford, pastor Church School. 9:45 a. in. Morning Worship. 10:55 a. in. FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE r. W. N«sh, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. Wednesday prayer -services, 7:30 p. m. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH I*. II. Jernifan, pastor Sunday School. 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship, 10:55 a. m. FLAT I.AKK 'METHODIST CHURCH Ray I/. Mcl^ster, pastor Clnncli Services, 9:30 a.m. Sunday School, 10:30 a.m. PROMISED LAND""""" METHODIST CHURCH Ray I;. Mcl^ster, pastor Church .School. 10 a.m. ['reaching services. 11 a.m. Youth Fellowship, 0:30 p.m. Intermediate p. in, Fellowship, (j:45 ST. MATTHEWS CHURCH OSCEOLA Rev. B. Francis McDevltt, p«*t»r Rev. Paul Bujarski. assistant pastor Sunday Masses, 9 a. in. Wednesday niglh choir rehearsal. i Mrs. John Charles BriHhl was before her niarriaye May 10 1-Yeida O'Neal, daughter of Mr. and Mr.i. Hyson H. O'Neal. 1115 Wiilmil. Lieut. (J.g.i I-nnxston. USNR. was a weekend visitor here during Ihe stay of Mrs. l.nngslon nnd son. Mr. nnd Mis. J. nines Wollers ui'a spending the weekend In SI. Louis us guests of Mr. and Mrs. Max I'rlll. . I Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Brewer will who val. l attend the Cotton Caint- CoiYiing Events MONDAY Mr. anil Mrs. Marion William:; 'motor lo Litlle nock tomorrow .In hostess with dinner parly hoiujiiin; j bi' the guests several days of Mr. Helty Woodson, Hurry . called the "perennial- operatic favorite of. all nation* and all people, frpm.the St.. Lou's Post Dispatch, is given in part: .."The appeal of "Carmen" being elementary arid universal any sort (^performance that offers the Incidents or th« plot lii a clear and connected series Is likely, to prove absorbing to- ah audience. particular vlrtiire of the production lay in the fact that its dramatic t- was consistently pointed up, iisif-'tfSi^niaae 'a' part nf ifec acllon so much Bo that one c&ild listen to It. for its own sake •shthout losing the Ihread of the narrative. . . - >Mi!ch of the credit goes to De* sire Defrere, the stage director, ajjd to Wilfred ;Pelletier- the con- rturlor, who kept his orchestra In sfcict. abeyance, to the stage. Wlth- ifr lliis. framework there was It" Jeer* "expressiveness to the music then on .other .occasions. And niuch tfi'e same thing may 'be said oT Rise Slevens 1 interpretation of tfe name role. ' ' , jg'H Is a relative^ new role" tor Miss Slevens. which rnay account f» the fact that all her energies sBfrned directed toward glvhig """ <$uracler human. Validity, § rhe ballet scenes were ranch re atmospheric tfcan in "Tnnn iser" and the chorus s«ng wilt ill'and;'"precision. Jjt was li ief, a performance well wllhli of Metropolltoi M. A. Isaacs played bridge with members of Thursday Luncheon' Club when Mrs. J. A. Leech was at her home, 1M3 West Iain. Mrs. Isaacs won high score prize 11 afternoon bridge games and econd high went lo Mrs. C. W. Ufltc!:. The dining room table, where he guests were served, was cen- ered wilh magnolia. • • • Turners Have Son Mr. and Mrs, Herman Turner are arenls of, a son born yesterday nornlng at Walls Hospital. Their first child, he has been named Herman Wayne. Mrs. Turner is! the foi tner 'auline Ulm, daughter ol Mr. and ilrs. Cecil U;ir.. Hub Is Entertained Mrs. Ebb Reynolds Mrs. Ebb Reynolds was hoMcs Mis.1 and .Chester caldwell. Pan- > and Mrs. Gilberl Slacy, formerly 1 of IJIylhcvllle. CHURCH NEWS Mrs. J. C. Lowe hostess to Exc- I'vt. Floyd G. Fincher has been utive Board of Woman's Council discharged from Ihe Army at the if First Christian Church, 2:30 Separation Center in Camp Chaffce. Lord's Su|>|)er I'clock. , j Condition or John D. HotlgcrK. a . in Woman's Society of Christian »l |<t the home of his .son, W. J. ch ' ri .sii a n Youth Fellowship and Service of Lake fitrei-t Mclhortlsi: H''di:<>'-s. 81j< South Lilly, remained Evplimg pviiowship dismissed to:- FTKST CHHISTIAN CHURCH It. Scott Itilird, pastor Bible School,-0:45 a. in. Morning Worship, with tli£ and sermon, 10:!iu iliureli meeting nt tile church. Woman's Missionary Ui\ion critical today. of; Charles Lcggett went to First Baptist Church meetini; at the phis yesterday afternoon to attend church for Royal Service program, ,'ihe Cotton Carnival and be guest Woman's Soclotv of Christian vif )>ic criiisin r»i,vlfi T.pcvnll HP f , thp Hj (| Mem- .services. Sc . hoo , uaccalaureate r of Christian ;of |,is cousin. Ehivld Leggett. Hn CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES etluxllst Church -.vlU return hoine Sunday afternoon. Woman's, 141C W. Main Mrs. Cnlile Moore 01 (Jiidci.l "Mortals nnd Immortals" is the mother ol Mrs. K M.. Recenold of subject of Ihe Lesson-Sermon been admitted io which will bo read in all Churches »PP»<> intialtties arid the audienc med delighted." » • • P. Friend Speaker "B" Club Dinner informal talk by J. P. Friend, :al sporU writer, featured Ihe tor- . . l i dinner Blythevllle !hoo!'s!"B" club lost night nt Wakening the game of football (o e game of life, Mr. Friend em- .asbwd the yalue of lessons learn- in athletic competillon in meet- img the problems encountered In Wter j-ears. .''••.' — ^He supplemented the serious por- tjfns of 'Ills: 'talk with humorous atcouhts of his own athletic es- jJtrietices'for trie entertammehl of ijore than: 60 lisleners. members 6t*-thei club r .their "dates,* 1 . Coach Bill Obdwlri, sponsor' of the club, ' ^d several special guests, includ- ig two Junior High School boys. These were present by social in- Yitalian, Gene* Shanks as the "best ((thlete" In the.eiglith grnde and Ted Vance 'who holds the saint honor in the seventh grade. f Jiiiimle" Stafford, president ot flip clfib^ BferX'ed as master of ceremonies, introducing the guests And tiie principal speaker. * Following ilie diner,' served in ^Jic Blu e Room, there was a tiriel iiilermlsslon after which members tfl 'members o( "Alpha Bela Bunco 2: ^,..°' < ;J.° e ^-, Club and two guesls, Mrs. Ben I ahaiiks f .and . Mrs. Cecil Graves, 'tliutsday ; afle'rnooii at her'home, 1517 Hearii. ; The. home was decorated with Dutch blue irises anil roses. Mrs. Lane Nowell won bunco prize dining niternoon games, high went to Mrs. J. T. Hlckman and Jow to Mrs. Shanks. Tile hostess served a salad platr with Iced drinks. Parents of Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson are parents of a daughter born Thursday afternoon at Wnlls Hospital. Their first child, she has been named Sandra Kay. Mrs. Wilson Is Ihe former Miss Eva Mae Hunt. Two Woman's Society Service of First Metl meeting In circle groups. Cirt'ie One meeting with Mrs. Paul Join-. Circle Two with Mrs. A. C. Hulcy ami _ _ ^ Mrs. Byron Mourc. co-hostess; Cir- iiivlfu'vl'lU. Hospital' for Treatment, an'cf "soi'Vclies of "the "church of cle Throe with Mrs. Henry Humphreys; Circle Four with Mrs. L. li. Baker, Mrs. Ocorgc HnmiUon, »n- hostess; Circle Five willi Mrs. S. E. Webb. Mrs. A. N. Williams, co-hostess, and Circle Six with Mrs. J. L. CJunn. Miss Durls Adair hostess to Young Women's Assucinllon of Firsl Unii- tist Church. Woman's Missionary Society of Calvary Baptist Church meetint; Ml the church for Hume Mission sliuly. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH E. C. Brown, pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. in. Morning Worship. 10:55 fl. in. Miolr will sing "More Love to Thee" with Mrs. Farmer Knglaiid Els soloist. No evening services, FRESHYTF.RIAN CHIJKCII Harvey T. Kidd, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship, 11 a. in. Wednesday Prayer meeting 1:30 p.m. Choir rehearsal. 8:10 p.m. YAKBKO METHODIST CHURCH Rjy L. Mci.ester, pastur Sunday School, 10 a.m. Church Services, 7:30 p.m. CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Itev. H. Traiicis MrDevitt, pastor Rev. Paul Buiurski, assistant pustor Sunday Masses, 7:30 and 10:30 a. en. Weekday Musses, B p. m. Novella to Our Sorrowful Mother, Friday, 1 p. m. Dial 474 and We'll Pick up Your • DRY CLEANING • LAUNDRY NU-WA LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS 218-20 No. Second ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH !,. C. Ramsey, pastor Sunday School, &:45 a. m. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. FULL GOSPEI, TABERNACLE M. I>. Mabry, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. Morning Worship, 11 a. m. Approved DDT Residual Spraying Blytheville Insecticide Co. Harold Wright, Mgr. Phone 558 907 E, Cherry for LUZIERS Fine Cosmetics Call Miss Francis Jones Hence Hays, six-year-old (laugh- | Christ. Scientist, on S tcr of Mr. and Mrs. Russell llay.s ! The Goldea Text is: "Henccfurlh of llnys Store, Is recovering from know \ve no man after the flesh: an emergency appendicitis oper- yea. though \\e have knowti Christ ation performed at. Dlytheville Hos- after the flesh, yet now heiite- pital. forth know we him no more." Mrs. J. M. Walls and Miss Anne •!! .Corinthians 5:lfi. Fisiier hnve returned froiu tjittie. Anuing Liic citations which com- 9n fli Miss Dorothy Je:in llii^inKon hos- less lo OEO Club. Woman's Auxiliary of First Prc;i- byterliin Church meeliim at Hie j church, 2:30 o'clock. TUESDAY La Nueve Club mooting wlih \rr^. Newell G. Jerome al her hume on Highway 61 South. Mrs. W. C. Hlsisinson entertain:; Tuesday Bridge Club. Mrs. J. Fan-is McCulla hostess t'> Double G Bridge Club. Ecnior Glee club members roin- plimrnlod with ten dance, 5 In /, at the Woman's Club. of the club danced. and their "dates" ; The "B" Club is made up of High 5(chool nthleUs wlro liive won var- *y tetters in a mijor sport. ^ • > • Mrs,-Berryman Hostess -*'"••*',. •'^VliJllam Berrylnan was i j-Tliufciday sftenioon 10 Women Attend State Meeting Mrs. J. C. Ellis and Mrs. G. W. Dillahunty. president and vice president of Blythcvllle Council of Church Women, have returned from Little Rock, where they attended the first annual meeting of Arkansas Council of Chinch Women, held at the First Methodist Church. Mrs. E. J. Hauschkolb of Little Rock, state president, was In charge nt the meeting. Mrs. R. Ulan Maxwell, president of the Little Rock Council, urgid those attending to assist in the food saving program In her address. She stressed the importance of this project lo Ihe starving peoples uf other nations. Mrs. Andrew Dale of Columbia.] Tenn.. field director of The United j Council, conducted a "workshop" showing the Council functions. Dr. John n. Troltcr. professor at University of Arkansas. Pnyclte- villc. spoke to the group on atomic energy, telling of happenings lhal led lo Ihe production of Ihe nlo- mic bomb. Miss Ivo Wilson, of Hoi Springs, spoke briefly and Mrs. F.. C. Parbec- of Liltle Rock presented a movio, DANCE Saturday Night 9:00 til 1:00 o'clock In the air-conditioned BLUE ROOM of the HOTEL NOBLE 60e IncT. Tax. Checkroom Available I.ADIKS Al>!>:iTTl':i> OM.Y WITH ESCORT We'll Take 600$ Care of Your Winter Clothes this Summer Send all your winter wearing apparel to The Blytheville Laundry for safe keeping and. forget 'about their safety throughout the summer months. FURNITURE Of course, we don't got all we could sell, but as we get H our policy will )>e come, first sewed. Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main Phone 2302 AH our Employees are War Veterans. Lundys' Beauty Shop 2003 W. Main St. Phone 3990 Landys Rowlett i*••••••••••••*••••••••• The Beauty N<x>k 111 No. First Phone 894 Helen LasUr Isabel Farbus For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt tor Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East- Main St. K. M. I.arkin llulen Holmes Continoau) Snow* ETWJ D»y *fi Office Opens 1:41 Show Starts 2:90 UHTEN TO KLCN Saturday They Made Me a Killer wilh Hubert I.owery anil Barbara lirittun Serial "Royal Mounted" No. 1J anil Short. Cont'd Shows Sat. 12:30 to 11:30 Phone 418 ,. 3 Monsters NEURITIS, ARTH RIT I S, RHEUMATISM These three monsters have cinscd more pain nnd suffering than all other human ailments combined. And dining the past 50 years Mountain Valley has fouyhl them day in and day out; End has lo its credit many notable victories. Probably I to 8 glasses of this natural alkaline water may bn the greatest blessing you have ever known. Try it for 90 days. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blytheville. Ark. Sunday and Monday 418 of.Eiitre Nous Clpb and other guestsjtt h*r home, 105 East (Jhcfry. ^ Guests other than club members w«re Mrs. George Moore and Mrs. Herman Cross. £ InV^PW 0 ,.bridge games, firsl prize went to Mrs. Eugene DicWn- ion »nd »econd to Mrs. William C The _ hostess wrved a dessert •ourae with cotfee. ) " * " * * Attorney Ig Soeaker At P. L 0. Meeting Roy, Blytheville attorns a member of the firm of Hell tad Ray, vu guest speak *d»y alttrnboo at the Chap N., P. E. O. *eHiag- Mrt. dies C«Mrweil wM hostess and Mr W. Klrby, co-boctess, at th hone, to* Chidfcinwba. CKr. jFf/'i topic "Our HfrlUgc w*c In conjunctlo otH«nlniHnn'i study berlt««« from other .rth«"««rtoy Inn* WM •^tractive Family Life in the Home.' Mrs. Dale spoke again during Hie flcrnoon session will) "Pioneer- ng" as her subject. She spoke rif progress women had made nivl resscd the Importance of Chrls- an women standing toKcther. A luncheon was served at noon In he church social rooms. It was announced that the anmnl Jnlted Council of Church Women fill be held In November al Grand- Rapids. Mich., wilh a quols o! SO Arkansas delegates. The next state meeting Is to bo eld at Hot Springs. ^WALLPAPER J. LOUIS CHERRY KepreMnllnf New York Life Insurance Co. Blyth«iu>, Ark. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Paramount News and Selected Bhon Contlnooui abawlnc 1:1S-11:M COMING SOON TO TIIK RITZ: MY REPUTATION with Barbara Slanwyck .t George Brent KITTV with Pauletle Goddard * Kay Milland I •18c Washable Now 32c liOc Light last Now 20c to the \VaHpa|K>r Now ... . 15' E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a quick sale see me. I have buyers for homes. • List your property with me. My commission is 5'/o. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 So. Second Ph«nts 446 or 'J930 Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! One call to ua will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just onore, but month after month. Ask about this plan. SHOP r.T.D. Rerrke Pk Ml Mn. I. M. (MM) Wl We DcHvtv Mmtlnec* Bat, & -«L B»T Olflce Opens C:M; Shnr 6:<5 r. M. Kach Eventnc Opens Sunday !:«•; Stute 1:11 Continuous Shows S»U tat 8«B. ItarjUn Nltht ETCTT NI(U BatwxUr. viMreU M the R..J. •3 . Need a 24-hr. Service TAXI!! Call Bonded and Insured^ Biff Wunderficri 968 Saturday Bells of Rosarita • with Kny Rogers Serial: "Who's Guilty"? No. "I and Short Cont'd Shows Sat. 12:30 (a 11:3» Sunday nnd Mmiday Fox News and Selected Short Continuous >howU>c 1:U-11:M

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