The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 23, 1895 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1895
Page 2
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1 THE DAILY NEWS. aay wswxe is this country i eosapetitioft will. £uope«B lia« Is ssrprisiac cad gndfyiBf whea we ooasider that the mala etasusu laroived U labor, a*d thtt Labor to so mack ttemnr kete taa there. Tkat the rowto wiU wkkh the frreateM aad ssost eacceatfcl psla* have been taken in thCM re»pccu are also amoag the beet {wvieg railroad properttes la the coutry U aga! muter for especial gr*l Sficulon. slace U shows that th«ao*l eo«tty iftaiFi«Baoc«oB a v«r »i*o UK moat tcoaoBfcaL TB* ATLATA EXi*O«iT!Oll. e« \ art FLE£LY PERSOXAL. Mr. Richard DvvaU, of Baltimore.. soeot yesterday as the ro**t of f rleads la ! Frederick. XTO. tllfZQUlTT. Ia tb* Ctreett Court tot Frcdfenck CecctyliB V. Maui*ty. Jr.. aixi EeeBU3 F. I . Trustnx if Aiauvm J. W Ktucc, u ' Mite Ettgvai* Pierce, of IhtopeisiSjK of the Atlanta Exposition ; cccbt aot to be ailo*el u pass without i tfc* fact that tbe eaterprUe was ! _.,;!*: a time wb«a tbe c«cntr , IB ibe midtt of tbe d*prt*tiou of ' MONDAY, SEPTEMBER S3. 1885. 1895 September. 1895 22 Mo. Tu. We. Th., Fr. 8a. 2 3 . 4 5 · 6 7 Q ' i n 11 1 0 ' T O 1 4 «x i - * - v --*· -*-·-* ^-^ a- J. 16 jl? Jb 19 ^0 21 231^4 25 2 6 i 2 7 j 2 8 30' MOON'S PHASE*. ;M 4 £ 0-53 18 pn , 25 '-2 TEXEK ars other thing: in the world betides politics, bnt some people don't believe It. TBK only thing that Frederick lacked to complete her program Saturday was a false alarm of fire. WB note with pleasure the expected arrival In our midst of the tall end of the Western cold wave. IT looki as if the Orioles would not only have to play out the finish against well equipped clubs, bnt against combined trickery likewise. TEB Eastern papers are making a desperate effort to convict Currant, the Ban Francisco medical student, whether the evidence gees their way or not. It Is beet to let the courts try all cases first Tbe Secret of Saooesa. It is almost needless to call tic attention ot the business men of Frederick to tbe fact that the life of trade In these days of close competition is newspaper advertising, but it is a fact very patent to all that they do ppt jet realise bow much 4 Ajteciet of business success advertising In a widely-read newspaper is. Over in Bagerstown there is one large dealer that spends more money for advertising in one year, apparently, than all the business . ^Jwwti of Frederick put together. The i Cofiac^neMt is that nU name Is a houte hold word Wherever his line of goods if ·**aeL, and ta extending the fame of bis wares and his own name h* has at the M»e time brought the name of Eager* town to public attention hen and there acd thus become a publlc.beaef actor. A great many merchants labor under tae erroneous impression that the ccet of advertising Is an annual dead outlay and the first thing they begin, to curtail expenses in ii their account for letting the pmbllc know they an alive. Bat Btosey paid for advertising is not a dead outlay by any means. It Is a live, active, working investment that wins Itself back to the Investor a thousandfold increased, «a everybody who hai properly triad It can testify. Jnst at the opening of the fall season, all our merchants should be increasing their advertising space, getting up catchy and attractive announcement*, and inserting them in a paper, that, like Tn NBWS, is read by tne people and is s popular favorite in the community. CURRENT COMMENT. The sum paid in Paris to the Wagner family in royalties on the operas of that composer for this year up to the end of last month amounted to $7,510. · » Lady Wolaeley, the wife of the new oommander-In-chlef of the British army, was a 31188 Loniea EnVne, a Scotch vomaa. Her husband was Colon si Wol- aeley when she married Mm in 1867. PUBLIC OPISIOS. BATLBOAD ?FKSt Jrcia tbe Kew York Times. The c£ciai statement of Mr. Daniels of the £*8?r Tori Central confirms tbe acccBEts ^resiy g'.Ter bj the Times, aod makes h quite c.tar that the superiority ia railroad speed has passed to tide aide of Atlantic. Be shows thi the claim of certain English roads to ran regular trains faater than the ?Ep!re State Ex prets is aot borne oat by iie Sa'est time tabka of tiese roadi. Xven i! U were, he properly poiats out that a continoas and nsjniar service of « Jeeet some oinz-tbs wovld be neceaaary to suppon the claim. As to fpvrUaad special performancea, than to BO devbt that »ea have traveled 2aater for a aOe and for four hundred yflff, cs. ipedsi ocotfoiti, in thti State taaa SMS hare ever traveled IK Greet Brttala. Aa w4 taw aaid below, UMM feats ara wona accompMapiag. «T« when they do go (of ate* to lead to aaytkiaf hmixitli ately pnteUcaL T»ey we extreme testa ·of ia* parlecUosi of raadbad, rolling atock, aid dieeipli»«. Of oovaaa, azotft to the asor* papokua pacts of tfcte coxa- try, It doat Mt My to brtBg thaw thlfigt tOMckpofactiom. That it caa 6a doM ._ of ttaiilcg for "lime* to #., ( tettet" the people of Georgiadeteimlotd to dosome'hlag to make them better. The Atlanta Exposition was the result. asd !t will Bzfioab ecly do a greai deal IB many was to promote tbe development of the entire bjmhean. Tlist icctloD, socljsely connected with New York by natural trade sfBlisUoas, is working out for itself a future to which li c*n afford to look wl'h coen- dence. And, Indeed, it has no reason to be ashamed of its piecenu Its growth in manufacturing and mtnlag has been surprising, and tu farmers are by no means so Impoverished as are those of the , x treme West. If throughout tbe whole of the section tbere ate fewer great fortunes than half a century ago, it Is undoubtedly true that the general wealth is much rreatr that it is better distributed and ihat the une avenge per capita has greatly Increased. New Yorkers who visit Atlanta will see there that the people of tbe Southeast have no reason to be ashamed of their work during tbe last quarter of a century. They have dane so well already that they have learned to do better still In the future. LUCAL LOU1C. Kxpreasioaa Men and women who csn enjoy the services of a bicycle are to be congratulated on their Independence from all other hamperlnx models of locomotion.-Mrs. Wllhemine Bellger, Hartford, Conn. I was very much pleased with the show on Saturday. One thing that struck me forcibly was the fact that the women performers Tvere co; painted up like most of them arc.--N. H. There is plenty of room in this world for iverybody to live and be happy.-J. T. Well, we have now determined to go ahead with the building of tbe electric railroad and expect to make steady progress with It.--Geo. Win. Bmlth. A LITTLB PILOBIM. She came across the waters deep, Out of an nnremembered sleep. The bark that brought her here was love; Ils course bore from the stars above. Our hearts, her hospitable shore, Had learned to love her more and more, And when she opened her blue eyes Our home was brighter than the skiee. The nurse was there to watch her land; We laughed to see her little hand Stretched out In supplication sweet: "Soft ways shall grow beneath her feet," We thought, "and In our harbor here She shall be shielded from all fear, And every gentle wind that blows aii strew her pathway with the rose." She grew to like us, we could see Life s glory, like a mystery, Creep Into every sense of her, And laughter through her pulses atlr; While day by day the wonder grew Of beauty in her eye* of blue. And beauty, shining manifold, In meshes of her curia of gold. Then came the time when we first heard The babble of some baby word; Aad then the learned the skill to talk, And after that the power to walk, And life was widening day by day, Aa yean rolled round from May to May; For she we treasured more and more-Our Pilgrim from the dreamland shore. But, Ol it was not thus to be. Perhaps, she longed again to see The mesdows where her feet had trod Before she came to us from God. Again, with folded hands, she lay, And we were left alone to pray, As gently her frail bark of life Bore upward calmly out of strife. --The BeaUtown. Bard. I thlak our convention on Saturday was a people's convention in every sense ot the term. Everybody had a fair chance and everybody was fairly and squarely treated.--W. A. Gardner, Pe- Xersville, We received the best treatment and the largest patronage in Frederick that we have enjoyed so far this season i any city its sl*e.--Sells Brothers. I gneu we would have welcomed a little bit of that snow they had In the West yesterday.--A Market Street Man in BJa Shirt Sleeves with a Big Fan Going. The Equinox ought to reach us this week. I hope it will come and be over with before the Fair. It would be a pity to nave bad weather during our great agricultural exhibition.--A. P. Marsh. CURRENT VERSE. Contributed and Selected Baetxy. OM Home. God bless tbe hopes that hallow home, The thoughts that make it holy; And pity all who from it roam Along with melancholy. A sister's chair, though vacant there, Seems fraught with sweeter pleasure Than dance, or song, or fame elsewhere, Or stores of goiden treasure, A brother's grave grants more, I crave. Of sympathy and loving, Than any hearts of stranger* gave Since he was forced to roving. how sweet the friende to greet e and hope yet burning; Whose clasping hands your own can meet, The grasp of love returning! hopes that hallow home, thoughts that make it holy; And pity all who from it roam Aiocg wiih melancholy. I love Its treat, the very breeze That toschea it la blowing- Look on It, Loi-d of just decrees, Thy choicest gifts bestowing. --JOSBTH O'COXHBB. Protection from the grip, pneumonia diphtheria, fever and ·pldaalca U gives try Hood's BanapatiBa. It maktt pun Mood. town, W. Vv, who aude a shcn vf*t'- to ·b* !is! j -jf Xr We b. «!r, cc E«: , Patrick street, ta» re:ar oti. Mite Belle De*a, of ntar Frederick . ' »pciH yc4i«rd«y «ica fritaJ* tA(i feu- i lives in Mcaiymtr) coaciy I Mis* B«Mie Pj.lrr of BiUlnvr- wHi ! has be«a tb« e:ue*t of Miss Msxy Tytoa, t OB West Curch street, returned hcm« , today | GeneisJ Jsmt* C. CUike U lo ih* cily j Mr .'«carL Mlikr le'.Uitd on i'r 1- ', Jay last f K m Ocrhsn), U C, where to bsd btt-o to 'be istertaU of the loter- btate Telephone Company The promo Urrs of the ecltr;rt*e in rreO«tick tx- ! pcci to o»»e tee ,ioe in operation prob«- b!y during ibis wtek ' Messrs. Gecrve Mercbfcnt, Wra Clem ; ·ad Charle* IMrotner left Frederick on Saturday last oa their bicycles for Hag- j erstown ' Mr. Okwell rihrttve, ooc oT Baltimore's well known young bnslceas men, wa» In Frederick today. Mr Htny LeDana, ot Pbiladelphi. Is tbe guest of his ancle. Mr F. P. McDonald. Mr. Charles W. Blrelv, who bat been spend leg thetummtr monies »t tils home in Frederick, left this moroiog to resume M« .'t.r-t!»c t V o l n f^"o-,. - - -- . . - .. ^^... B L Mr Chas. Bienftle, fotmerly of Frederick, bui now ot Washington, accompanied by his friends, Messrs. Otto Z'nn and Chas. Myers, were In this city yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert L Pearre and Mr. and Mrs. W. H B Etchison and family., of Frederick, spent yesterday lu Unkmvllle. Mr. David Lowenstein, of Baltimore, is In Frederick today. Mr. Benry CVlneberg left this morniog on a business trip to Baltimore and New York. Mrs. Carrie E. White aid children, of Eanias City, Mo , are vliitlog at tbe parental home. Hon. *nd Mrs. M. J. Grove's, Lime Kiln, where they will remain sometime. Mr. William J. Grove and wife, of Lime Kiln, have returned from an extended and delightful visit to friends in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Man Growing Shorter In Stature. A study of the military records of Europe proves that In 1610 the average height of man was 6 feet 9 Inches. Daring the following 100 jews this average decreased to S feet 7J Inches. In 1790 the average was only 5 feet 8 inches, and In 1830 It was bnt 5 feet 5 Inches. At the present time It la bat 5 feet 8} Inches. It is an easy matter to deduce statistics from the above figures to prove that human stature Is gradually on the decline. Figuring upward, using the same ratio, we find that Adam's sons and neighbors averaged 16 feet 9 inches in height, and at the opening of the Christian era the average height was a fraction over 9 feet. Looking into the dim future, we can see a time, only 3,000 yean hence, when human stature will be reduced to an average of only 15 Inches. Over 4OO Perfui It Is an interesting thing to know that 4,200 species of plants are gathered and used for commercial purposes In Europe. Of these 430 have a perfume that la pleasing and enter largely into the manufacture of scents, soaps and sachets. The St. Louts Post-Dispatch says there are more specie* ot while flowers gathered than of any other color--1424 Of these 187 h»v« an agreeable scent, an extraordinarily large proportion. Next In ordar come yellow blossoms with 951,77 of them being periumed. Red flowers number 823, ot which 84 are scented. The blue flowers are of 594 varieties, 84 of which are perfumed, and the violet blossoms numbers808,13 of which are pleasantly ordorlferous. The Independents. The Independent engine, hose carriage and reels were taken to the handsome new engine house on the site of the old building on Saturday last. The steamer has been kept oo West Patrick street near the Square Corner while the new Dmilding baa been in the course of erection,- but on Saturday last the work was near enough completed to admit of the apparatus being returned. The new engine house is one of the handsomest buildings in the city and it will be much of an ornament to the street. Taere still remains some other work to be done before it is entirely finished. HYHESEAL, TO WED. Hiss Laura C. Yerk^a, for the put five yean a teacher in the articulation department of the Maryland School for the Deaf, will be carried tomo-row to Mr. R. Rnab L-iWis, a prominent young farmer raiding near Frederick. KOI.B--BAxsBcrae. Married, Saturday morning, at the Xvangelical Reformed parsonage, by the Rev. Dr. Eechtich, John E. Kolb and Miss Fannie Bamsburg, both of near Mt. Pleasant, this county. Sale of Village Property. Noah JK. Cramer, real estate, loan acd fire insurance agent, has sold a house and lot in Lewis town to Epnralra O. J. Murray. Nerve* u- Edge. t wu owvoca, tired, irritable eod uov \ Karl's Clover Boot lea tat made me weil ac i heppy. MR*. B. B. WoaDn. For sate toy Albert L. Fearre, Xidusan B«U4- Joc. A Great Germa'a Wood, oomilpttton. mad fctdoer UTsr and towed troablM are oared by Karft For Mfetr Albert j.Pe*rre. Captain Streenej, U. S 9as D!*so, Cs! . ssys: ~3iI!e!i Bemedr » **» flatt Median* I have ever found tlax iroald oo roe «oy good." Jfrtoe 8»i. For nie toy Albert i~ Pwrra. BtchSKn Bodlac. BRICK boose on West Fourth Street, extended. . Brson«r. F OR RSNT.-CARRIAGE HOUSE ·nd subtt for «ne bone. Bent tow for » permanent renter. Appir 197 N. Market 8*. TTOB HBHT. -- HOUSX, EAST X? Ciiurca stnot. Bamflton LindMty. RENT. -- A LARGE BRIGHT « »A iroiinj C^ar. on W««t fcoon* St. A ftn* tooatlon Tor · *cxrtor or U wr«t. Apply to ibMBM£Cl*7,Jk«*lKssate*LoeaA««itta. septlidflw rwicm FOB RBHT.-LABG: brtyfctsa* lUsssfei essoss in ststfe or S SBJETK ASD Ml'Ll»ARD, FAVUIJIMT COkTttACTOW. of BatasiM. who air* new l?tcc ta* etmtmt a ittm'A tot tk* tooth Park *iL» Co.. eor- iliy iart* tbe ratbe tc impact tW-tr work and sMtcttato rawtoje* la tkeeoeMnctioe of w - b* coj tbt Jr .71 _ fctt rtW J W !«. *»' i. · · f ti «*-i AuJtt* J V -rjL rt ki v- r f W a «.«.rtv» t,- tr a;.. Ijr f " s.-« X Va. -- /. to Of CSCE i d tfj · :i. » *t It* t«.J ft !!.(. I^J_ JK lt*r Bay t -· i. j. It* '.-i' t-^'tW J.»,.j L/l! "l K M1SOBLUNEOD8 R EAD THIS WOMEN BTMlT WOEDOF1T. Here is iott tie tajr* wcnto b»Te btea k»krr«£or. lofOHtele to t«ta«Bame relief TABLJBHJED 1870. untn rov IJUJECI i^kmie. 10 UH.AL xz. rooreB-s OTBIXG ASZ BT CLJUKUEG I CBjLLLXmt TfUf WOULD ' t. »LJ f tbt wtb- t. «. r {«. rt* N A LI M.U. f y t uf The oaiy ikic« tie: cesp-ttrij zebeTed ssy wife tuut inttf «r««niAic«- IdUl BOW 1 oarse to fttt^ re It's djr -»c OKOvtry. I sake is I cbiie fcr tbe utuAz ef wceta. ietd tLOO fcr timl Uz. ttt.iu«ri ft*.td Teu'il uusij ttccojcjt cd it Keep tke wldre«i. wiU appear ocij CD*- jt*t IE. L. a KAtTIN. btJC 11TJ. ItUauJtlphia. Pa, JoH-S L. JOK1A.\. Ctcrt. O R D K U M M U N AU'JlT NO "Aty lyl !Tf. ID It* tl/et.:t . -ii Itr rr!trfark CotDlJ. ·ni-t in fct,u:ijr. JiKll) t j c r u t uii. J c j » i t k n Bor. Mwrl- ^kt;ti*c: Jc«c(i. 1 w.gutt tua Unte A. » tfttrr. M* W'lr. ti) lc.t£ V*Ucr cl tUr tbe 6tb d»j ol tew* mini'. lbt*6. MKrtKlUK Tuui, IbiO. c rdercd. 1 b*i t c :b» uts:t e«j ol t*ptemt*r. 18t#i. tbe Court vi i prvttKi 10 «rt upon ibt htporlot lite Auil.ior, nieu *» alvrettiiti. in the ktov« cause, (uOoallr niufr aod out fins the nine. UOK-M cmui« lo ibe ovotrur ihert-of Ur »i.cim teJon: CA.I! Cij.V'rc-\!di.3 a cop; of Lbi« orcer to itm-r[Ml u torn* ctwipaper pub!l»bKl to Frederick COUDIJ. for two luc- O*MUT« we«k* prsur tu (kid any, ttttec UUSLO:»TOI bcpiemter. igee. _KiTJ I ,,'".",,«)·. Clerk of toe Circuit Cu'uit fur"y/etlerick*Co. Truo copy--I«t. JOHN L. JORDAN. J»oob Kohib«cl. to!lciU)r. Clerk. O RDEK K1S1 ON AUDIT. NO.S4USBQC1TT. In the Circuit Court for Frederick County, titling in EIJILUJ. 7 he National Pulidiig aud Loan Ailoclatlon ot WMblcgloD Lout IT. Vortiageoot W1U- IUB NUSB and wife on PctlUoo, In the Hatter o the Auditor's B'port Died the 6lh daj ot September, 1686. f tmvBiB TERM. 18S6. Ordered. That on thb UTUi day ot Septeober. lbi»0, ib« Court «ill proceed to act upon the Keport of U.e jsuoitor. filed SB aforesaid. In the above cause, to anally ratify and confirm the same unless cause to tbe contrary thereof be shown before mid day: provided a copy of this order be Inserted in eoine newspaper pub- Uibed In Frederick County (or two tuoceasire we«V* prior to said day. L, Dated this eth day or September. 1898. JOHNL.JOKDAN, Clerk of the Circuit Court for Frederick Co. True copy--Test. JOHN L. JORDAN. Jacob Rohrbeck, S"!'c'"-r Clert. keplSdSt 1ST O. 6896 EQUITY. In the Circuit court for Frederick County, in Equity. Grafton B. Hammond vs. 'William Downey Ei ecu tor of tbe lest Will of Charles Salmon, deceased, Thomas B. Salmon and others.* Notice IB hereby ph en to the creditors of Charles Salraco, late of Frederick County, deceased, to file thilr claims -with the Clerk of tbe Circuit Court for ircdurick County, duly authenticated, agiinet the estate of the said Charles Salmon ID this cause on or before the 7th day of October. 1S95. otherwise they will be debarred from any participation in the distribution of the assets of the said Charles Salmon in said cause. WILLIAM DOWNEY. BeplDdtd Trustee. AMUSEMENTS. F BIDAY, OBPTBHBBB 27TH. BIDAT. OBPTBMBBK affTH, THB DBAMATIC, SCENIC. AND MECHANICAL EVENT OF THB SEASON. 1/LOBBNCB -r»IHDLBT8 EI LOBBSCB X1NDLBTS 6BBAT BAL18TIC COMEDY DBAMA. THE PAY BBS THE WONDBBFUL INCLINE. WBBCK SCBNB Nothing like it ever attempted. THB MABTBLOU8 BAILBOAD SCBNB, A Train of Cars uncoupled while running at full Speed. THB 8TABTLINQ BOILBB EXPLOSION The effect is indescribable. THB PICTBBB6QCB COAL MINK SCBNB Full of Sensational Features: crowded wlik Bzcitlng Incidents; oveiflawing with Startling Surprfees; replete with Fun. Laughter, Singing, Dancing, and Ocignal Music. 1 BICBB. 36-8WO CBNT8, Seats on Sato at Yeaklel. /^ OPBBA HOU8B, FBEDBBICK.MD. THBKK QLORIOC8 KIQHT8, SEPX BMBEB, 23BD, MTH, AND 36ZH. ANNUAL 1NGAGKMBNT -OF- THB BRILLIABT YODHO ACTBB8S, -\yfI88 OADIA -\TTHITBF08D JBtLiBS OADIA W HITEFUBD -AND- HBBUWH COMPANY OF UP TO DATB ABTlSTa. Presenting a double bill each night in tbe following repertoire. iMABBIBDLiyt MONDAY.-? ASD I THB L1XTB BBBEL. IBABBABA TTJB3TAY.' AMD 13WXCTBBABT8. I A PAIB Or LUNATICS WEDNESDAY. ·? JJrr i DELICATE eHODND. EACH PBBFUBMANCB INTKSSFEBSED WITHBBFINBO SPECIALTIBS. PBICBS.-50,35 AND 25 CENTS. Scats now on sale at usual place. HELP WANTED. A GOOD FAKM TENANT, with come means for a 60 to 100 acre, well watered, tree* or dairy farm, eight mfles from tb« Centre Market. City of waaaimnon. half mil« from Ardwick Station, on tbe B. and t. B.B_Md. 6oodt»rna,dweIil orchard. Terms etay. WiLLIAM A. MBLOY, sepOSdkwSm Waabiagton. D. C, W ANTBD--A WHITI- OffiL 1O do graeral house work in a sicafl f unity. Apply mt SI W«at 2nd 8t »ep3OdlW ANTED.--AN EXPERIENCED cook acd trooer. A»9tr atonoeto 38 Second atxcec. LfDeral wages. s!9dlw S ALXMKZf WANTED.--TO SKL7 Foo-Stooaa* lod *« t gjjajy. Bate eovzojssion, cood side ""*- Baimrtes free. Ad* dre»L«)diitOix.Bhlppwisbnri.Pa. Bai6dljr OILL HXABS. OFAU.WJKDB. . ~ ~ - - .* *. ^ ^ A - d · i «.*!--*- i/r HILL- t ··«:_ !i.-(.'ty kt p i-icr tr i Wa^. '· t v LJ.JI ix i- t-r K re.ri ««UL. i»-«w u M-il (.^y !h^ tut_ «.« iii t.«r.t» t^r !·}.* u«.L. J · t* t r « i .Eij icr 'i,t oijf lur »iiiib ' n ttT«ntw tooth of.JSew Tfi ici Uw oat b4Tic« ciotBi-g to be it* u. abie ertaiil'- tbe too* »t*i M iooe L-JZa*OKCFFUE ·A LEWIS B. ADAMS. 68* W. CHCBCH ST.. »flO. IF ELECT ED. W I L L BE K1QC IKED «.«««.. cf L» t I- lt'-U 1 '-·_»(»., *!.} ri-k . f* 'Jell *tO I*} . U vt tills t f JlL t i--tl EM r ttllli *·· -t . »« Lj »fi..i"«j J i ^bi'l Lrt.l be liaLIr for ihr Tan ry aL lo Ib«r I o^ti or n r*» Ii» »o cCrii'liCi.-. acJ the cctt.-* 1-u- :mi oiKvctl Jvr a tva-pUuitt w tilt: rt'iUlrii.tiilM-'l balii ttititn. prc \lt-i-v! fcuw- c\«.r tlutt Ihr pto\i»iUD uf Iblt. Mretlou thiill Ilol l* Hpplb Hbiv !UHI!\ I 3 * - M l ) O J^SJ C\ '"Sill (Lc tjtu-c c'Cioi. it -*IX"LI LIU.C-. or Jail lu cois* ply w'lh tin ri',uu.ii-tul? nf UT ihr \jtti l*tn ^,i\iii. or wbrre ibir C . -- - *. t) tbt sutLurltj ttfoiisaid. ttui lEu- i buitll lake «5rti 011 Uid aJur itc 'irst day of O».tot»T. A. D.. IWS. -Ui, 18*. G W TYtON. P B. A. AQUILLA a YEAKLB. ilayor. stplv C"OR SHERIFP. At the solicitation of many frleaf's I hereby announce myself as a candidate for theiher- Iffaity of Frederick county, subject to the decision of the Democratic nominating convention. Bespectfully. JOHN. H. GfiOVB. Frederick election district No. 2. aepUBdwtd HO THE PUBLIC Having recently renovated my odorless ex- cavatlnjr apparatus and reduced my prices to 2Sc. per barrel, am now prepared to suve prompt attention to ail work of that character. The public's pstronaae is respectf ally solicited. THBO. C. KBBH, Ho. 28 Bast 6th. Street. P. 8.--All orders left at Win. H. Shipley's by telephone, will receive prompt attention. sepCUMim* POH SHERIFF. At the eatnett soUcttation of my many- friends throughout the county. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the next Sheriftalty ot Frederlak County, rabloct to the Democratic NonlnatiEg Convention. JOHN B. FLEMING. Fred'k Election District Ho. 2. angSTdcwtf FOR SALE. F OR SALE --A LOT OF EJNDLING and cord wood. Will be sold cheap and delivered to any pan of town. H.N.flummer. sep23dlw* B SALS. A FABM OF 118 ACBE8. AT 165 00. A " 187 " ·- $45 00. A " 104 '· " $87 CO. A " M 14U " ·* S55 00. A ' M 130 - FOB $7.00000. A - - 176 - - 12.00OOO. A " 176 " " 8.OOO 00. A .. ,, 85 ^ 12.00000. A » - ^ ^ « 4.50000. A " " 125 " " 6.OOO 00. A " " 80 - " 8,0001)0. A " - 205 " " 3,500 00. A - " 220- " " 6.UOO 00. A " " 90 - ·- 4£OOOO. A Fine Store Property at Mapleville 11400, and several goodpropertles in tbe city. sep'.20dlm HAMlLTiN LINDSAY. TjiOR BALE.--1600 FEBT OF ONE JJ inch KalvanixM pipe, which I will sell at 8X cents per foot. The pipe has been used, but Is in good condition. G. J. Doll. ie: TJOR 8ALB. -- 20 FINE 8HOAT8. J? Apply to C N. Trundle, FeagavUle, Mi. SeptSOaStkwlt* F c 8ALB CHIAP. O-e new Top Bufgy. 1 six-horse Engine an Sills and 1 six honePortable Bngine, 1 Saw and Frame for Kawlnj Wood, 1 FiBST CLASS HOMINY MILL, Also a stock of New and Second Hard Pnmpe. JOHN GOMBBB, septMawlm 62 and 64 B. Market tit. H ORSES. HOBBKS. HOBaKS. I have conitantly on hand horses to suit an purposes for tale or exchange on public sate terms. All stock Bunt beia repteaented or money relunaed and no questions askeu. at B. B. Honck's Livery. Bale, Exchange and. boarding barn, 66 Wen fmtnck street, in nar Of Eagle Hotel. B. B. HODCK, Froprletor. marl4dawlyr R ~EAL ESTATE FOB 8ALB.-I OF- ter for sale all ol that lot of ground lying on the couth side of Bast Church street. In Frederick. Md-, Knpurreo with a two-atory dwelling and stabling, fronting on Church St. SO t eet and running back fora depth of over ITS feet. Ihl* property tt located iaaverr dasirable remedial part of tbe ctty. For price «nd terms appl} W AUnd Bitter. Xxeo- utor. septL7dlia F OB PAUK.-faABE8 OF STOCK in tbe NaOoBa) Bufldlnp Assodacon of Baltimore city, by thetr Txeaatmr sio secretary. WiijiamA.JUu»fleld, jmderick. WANTED. fjOABDKRS WANTED.-PLBAP- JJ ant front ;ocm«witb bon c ccrolorti at reasonable prices. Maosfleld. 83 B, Cbureht. septZldlw* W ANTED--HOTES Aim BILLS to be collected by a good collector. Address Collector, Newt Office. sept2Idlw* W ANTED. -- I WILL PAY 60C. per one hundred, for Artmckle Bros, Signatures ot their coffee. W. A. Mandeld. septaidlw W AiiTKD. JFARM6 FOB TWO good tenants. Baxniltcn Lindsay. W AHTKD. G ODD XNDOKSXD SOTB6. ART AMOCST FBOM 60 UP TO tlOCUCOO. WILLIAM A. MAK8FIBL0. avgfidly Court Street. Frederick, Md. ANTBD.--EVKRY 8MOKBR TO Msad fourteen or* c«nt stamps to faeJp pay votofn, pacttej, ac-, acd we wai Ball ·staple box of 001 Son-Klootlae ICdcet Ccszs, ocOjoae box to one address. A£drese Laadls *Oo- aMppenabune. Pa. TP.ATT, TTHDZHOOVBB1I1 AHTHSACITBCOAL AT.BBDDCBD PRICB8. M ABKZLZi TOGIVEBC'KD. Btrioit -cciun-g itr obttf Ulion »o»olT*c ia havayjtur Irs* xSitActrcetorctcitDlOirTOU nod ttioje iucuruic Uiti !rum uy other buielj .oni*rt.»jnfc UbLriautanettima. AMIKICAN £AJ£^G AKD TEC6TCO, A LL CLASSES OF ±rKETY BOKD6 IBE U ED Accepted as sole surety for the C. fi. Gcrern- caent, the Mate 01 Waryiacd and ail Courts. BAbBT C. KBUNULAcect. J. Boger Mcbherry, Attorney. mchlSdly LO vYfcR POTfc AJ.D JAhDlNEIEBB Kow 5* tbe tute to get jour Herman ready UU IVlUl « AbbUaiUhT OF FOTS. All (.'zea. ^iio dee brifbt Jardlneien, all sixes, lu-t ai ovtcmiij low iiricea, *. B. KAPPUN6TOK, 73 ». Market Bt 1 A. POOLE. C. COSTHACTOB AMD BULLDBB, 0« WEoT SOUTH 8THKBT, FKiDBEICK, MD. 1 have all modern appliances lor the prompt and utusiaciorj execution ot all kinos of work; also oerrick, jope*.blocks and jMls lor removing buildings, teary material. Co. lutliraiu chetrinJuj given on all busiress in my line. ang-lSdJ j T OW PBiCKS AT 8TOBB. I have an elegant stock of watches, clocks. Jewelry, opeia glasses, spectacles tux, eta, wAichl will offer at special low price*. Call and aee the goods, all of the best quality and newest patterns and everything guaranteed as represented. Quite a lot of new goods received the past week, just purchased at wonaerJul low prices ana will be sure to please and suit you. Personal attention given to repairing: all kinds of work done, especially fine and com- pUcatedwatehe«.grana father clocks, flue jewelry repaired or remade and any otOtcnlt work In my line. LAHDIB' JEWELS Y STORE, 28 South Market 8U Frederick. Md. Old Gold and Silver bought. ALL ON PHOTO6KAPHKB. Finest equipped 6«Uery In the ctty. Kverr- thlng new and upt to date. PJR1CB8 MODKBATB, BATIBFACTION QUABANTEED. EBJBH'8 ABT BTTJDIO. 75 8. Market St, oppoalta B. * O. B. B.Be pot, Frederick, Md. BTI8TIC POBTBAITS IK CEATON AND OIL. Full me, life-like Crayon Portraits aiade trom photographs, eto^bv free-hand drawing, the only warofgrvmr me and ezpKBSSionio thepiotura. Oil portrait* from life; also from photographs where persons living can give exact description. 8AUBFACT10S GFTtS OB HO OEJJC8 "W»J er Oolor enS other Famttng to order, STUDIO: 48«AST CHTJBCH8TBBXT. Orders may be left at Etciisonl Turnltuit S tors, Ho. 13 Booth Market 8t maylld*w«B SUB8 NILLH THOMAa / TBOCK8 AND JABS OF AKD 8TONB. FLOWIK POTS ALL elZXB. FDK1*PICB8 AHD APPLB T1HS8AK TDK picsime. UUaTS CHBAP. AUTOMATIC OIL CARS' OaQ na see them at eiO. t. THOMAS*. 182 Jf. JUrketfit, Frederick. »d. MABOH-S, HAIDA ABD IKUIT KXBF IS BLABS BILF BXALIlifi JBUTT JABfi ALL8IH8. ' ' BB8AHT * KHOTT. TTTRBa AR STBICTLT PTJKE AHD OLD AFFLX TlflBQAB. ALSO WB1IX VIRB TINB- 6AB. BBBART ft KHOTT. 8 PICKS. BXUCCTBD WHOLE 8PIUJS AMD 9SXJD8. FOBS eEOUKD pH£ BUFFALO BALOOK, 88 WEST PATKJCK 8TB8BT. I am rtill haadlliaj tbe 7AHOTJ8 TAI. BLATZ BJBKB the finest Bottle Beer now in tbe market. IBS raSXST AIO) IA262ST STOCKiB BAB IH THB CUT. STKICTLY tanch From 11 A. H. nntfl 1O8O P. H. TnanktogUwpabUofortbelr port la ute peec. I am TOUTS * aap- HIOKHATTKB. T EGABDL^SS OF COST. ALL MT SCWtEB is »ect lor ifcj* dutijct and lorward all foods trtwnb him. and W. O. ELDBUKrfiu TOW PBIC2S IN M1LLDUBRY AND MOTIONS AT W. C. BLDRIDGB'B. WB sow HAVE OK n*s-r ^j} ILEGAhTLJKEOF *"* C C5PRING AKD OUMMEIi ^ MlLLIKERY . WHICH WB ABE SBLJLU.GAT LOW PKICB8. ALSO A FCI L LINE OF COR- 8B18. GLOVtb. t-81kiij. fcUK CM- BBBLLAS. HDKFS, TOVTEL8. NAPKINS AND 8CMMER PNDEBWKAB, THBBB GOODS Ha.VJB ALL B2EN BOCGHT AT THE PKB3ENT LOW FI6- TJBES AHD WILL BE BOLD LOW. W. C. ELORIDGS, 14 w. PATRICK ET. FBEBEBICK, MB- JONATHAN A TTENTION CONSUMERS. _ COAL. COAL. COAL, CCAi. COAL. COAL. COAL. COAL. COAL. Tour attention Is oalled to a HXW OQA that I nave reoently Introdnced in tola nark**. It la eraoiallv netmnvi rnvnnovinv^_.^Iir «v vtuuw^uuiu WUKI. trivia ic a urzai KSQ 1 think It will prove what all housewives want. I J« D S! J SLS lu! i Itock of taebest quaiittat, of Hard Coal and constant!/ keep a supply undercover for deli-reir durtnc snowy at sbtsay waatoer. " " Sepatronate of the public is respectfully souoiteo, JONATHAN BI8XS. WOOD AND AHTHBAC1TB AMD BITDKIHOTJB COAL. Ban Tkird street, Vnaeriek. Mo. lanadtf Teleoaooe No. 24, NOAH. E. OBAMEB. XTOAHB.CBAMKB, - , J^l BBAL ESTATE 4 FTBE IKSTJKANC* Call and hare jour property insured in old. and reliable Fire Insurance Lomr«nlea. Blocks, Bonds and Mo- ·acMboucktandsold On QffBut^*^" ,, ' -~ JTOJB BALB. Istr-Dwirable bnfldlag lots Ho. 68 Bast Second BuovV 2nd.-- Mia. Anna M. Grove's 6 acres of rich land, good buildings, near Braddock. Md. Sid.-- AS agent, i offer at private sale the- Conner sen. snown as "Bose HIU." betoBitinff tome heirs of the late David oTrnoma*, situated one mile North of Frederick City on. Woodsboro Turnpike road, containing aboat 178 acre* of rich land, fenced anil watered. The improvements conain of -a Jarjs brick; mansion house, bank bam and all neceasary outbuildings. Thiaisan exceptional opportunity to buy. such property mat rarely ever comes in tie market. eth.-- Dr. Worth in stop's house and lot in 8th.-- lewis SttnBert 48 acres of land ne*r MUu-Xots rn Korth West addition to Frederick bought and sold, desirable sctmtaa "358; . ih,-Jaie itree itory r aider ce inai nil buuneis location on Sfuth Haftet r Trie Jfropert;=ir:Bmc.lM»ctfiert 12th.-Brick (.welling sno store HP. 260 Worth Market street, istiu--$ia.u«.a--to loan on mortgages. ^ * 16th.--Other Ctty, Tillage aoo OouatTT property. Call sad get list. · v .'., .MOAH.B. OBASTSTB? .' i'. ' 8n4 Floor of First national Bank Building. W. S. MILLKE ft OO. W" H A B D A ALL BINDS OF · B D u O F T O O F T O A L'. - O A t * . U NDBB /"1OVBK. KDBB KENDL1K6; WOOD. COEB. STC. WM. UILLKB * CO. BA8T FATKICK STRSIT. THOMAS OLABY, «Ml"%«l'-^i----"rf-WI-SJl--J-^I^WI KALKSTATB. . ofieo ·ores. 7 inflM from 8 . 6. THOMAh. fSO. N. CLABI. SBAL BSTAT* AHD LOAK ASBHTB. 1st.-- We hare for mto » floe term of 9 acrea. 6 Bdi«s from Frederick. 2ad^-Af Fredetick. Sro.-- A floe iaim of 162 acrea,2# mlice from Walkera^flle. 4th.-- We have lor aateadgar factory in city dome a fice baabwam, at » bargain. 6th.-- A flue 3 story dwelling on W. Patrick tolas ncardlees of ecat. Bats as tow as tan cents. Stock must be sctwn rjd of to »**· room foracoapieCeliDeof laD6«oda. MB8. H, TTJBTKBCXrVXD A KSW LDJB Of 8TAMPBD LINBH8, all tae Utt«at btoUtiiactaei CBKTBB PIBCBi AND DOTL1M. Also ants* erne* iaaes ia ftfia* for 1 - mmat^ X.JUAXI.J St, Mbanato. .--Wezavi of North Market 8t, contamlBK ia all abovt ett.-Weh»Te Iw sale tte-well knowa property of W. it, steier, sltaate on vbe west side aoras, unproved wttb laige lactory bolldrnxa. large marnlne shojpe, stabhs and other bciid- Tth.--$17^)00 -to loan on Mortcace* at C per eettt* in sums to suit. No. -JO Wear jrTstnck W» Trederlek. Md. ALL 81ZB8 AHB RTLBsX AT TEB KKvTS Of HO*.

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