The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY,-MAY 2, 1049 BLYTHKVJLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NfNB OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople MAAH/ COME UP HERE.' I DON'T LIKE MAKING BEDS IN THE FIRST PLACE--BUT COME UP HERE; _ j £=<S:V.====4,-5\ «>; GOOD W6'«M6l>ia.'.f THAT DR6AW T WAD LAST Hf S GOT A CUCKOO V%A OH, At.L\ GLEASA IN) HIS 6YS. '-v( RIGHT, Vv'ALOO —-THAT STUPPMPEriELOPE, 1 IS G6TTIKSS WIK.\ ~~ *v) -~I'LU HE SOE&TOOAV/TAKfcXjOSTTeiL HlM,TOA>SAML)S£MENTj> HlfA •a PARK Als!0 lOS&o-^a NOO'Re CARDS vJlTH A GIRAFP6 FWAUY THE- GIRAFFE. dUlTfi, "I'M ecotie, OLD BOY, gOT T HAN6 TUfe MAI6 OF MIRRORS.' ~ IT'S ~ IT'S - EGA.O.' I'^£ FIRST A.SID i.-- LAST DA.V £S=-V- AT City Property Wanted! Do you have city property you want to sell? Small kits, small houses, vacant lols or nice homes. You may have ;'^pt what we are looking I'ur, so call us. RIALESLANDCo. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Bar net t E. E. Williams 3322 — Phones — 4139 Blytlieville, Ark. 4-23-ck-5-5 For highest prices bring your chlck- •n» to Purcell's Grocery. 125 Lilly St. 4.28-pk-5.30 City Property Wanted City Property in Blytheville wanted. Do • you have property for sale? Houses lots, business places. You may have just what we are looking for. See us before you sell Our commission is only o"° | If interested in selling, be sure to see or call— Lutlier Gray Realty (fc, Phone 513 ' ' 120 East Sycamore St. J use East of ; Armory. Hall Blytheville, Ark. 5-2-ck-6-2 For Rent Warehouse 30' x 40' on ruLlroiid cict I ing. Midwest Dairy Products. Ph. 4447 4'19-ck-t all occasions 4'5-ck-t Flash, cameras (or I O STEEN'S STUDIO. Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices XXVI OGER arrived with his girl, a secretary in Colonel Cartwright's office. Cotonel and Mrs. Cartwright didn't appear until after we hod had time to digest— or at least swallow—the Russians. 1, thinking my best chance to make myself understood lay in talking lo Colonel Bolovitch who, according lo Roger, spoke some English, moved over ncxl to him. He greeted me wilh a warm smile; lus dark-brown eyes shone as Ihough he were filled with inner fire and longed for the words to express il. "We had planned to have this party in our garden," 1 said. "Izzalso." "Yes. But the rain changed our plans." "Roger thought our barbecue would interest you." At the word Roger Colonel Bo- lovitch glanced in his direction He said, "Izzalso." "We don't have rain in August very often," I said. "Izzatso." "I imagine Russia and Montana have much the same climate." "Izzalso." **Yes. . . . Though I've never been to Russia." "Izzalso." "I'd like to go," I added brightly Roger having Ijltl me lhat if 1 were polite enough to Ihe Russians, they might invite me lo come to see them after the war. "Izzatso." A violinist may be able to play an entire concerto on one siring but I'd like lo meet Ihe woman who can maintain a conversatioi interminably on Jzzatso. LODGER CO'YIIGHT rv Gt[(NlEk6: rUIUfHIl CWiUIIUHD If HtA UIVICI. INC Perhaps il was the cocktail, peril was hoslessly duly. 1 be- .:m again, "English is hard to earn," I snid. zzalso." Yes, everyone »ay« so." "Roger—" here Colonel Bolo- 'ilch looked again in Roger's di- •eclion "—tells me you are mak- ng greal progres* in learning our anguage." "Izzatso." T LOOKED around for help. Colone] liolovilch and I were hold- .ng a scintillating conversalion, no ioubl about that, but any minute [ might resort lo asking questions Then what? Colonel Cartwright irioved away from the group by the piano and over toward us. I didn't clutch Colonel Cartwright's arm like a drowning sailor clutches a life raft, but 1 did take hold of him. "I think it's wonderful bow Colonel Bolovitth understands English," I said. "Is thai so?" Colonel Cartwright said. We were half through dinner. Ihosc of us who weren'l inter- preling, when Colonel Kolovitch proposed a least to Russo-American friendship. Colonel Bolovitch proposed toast to his host and hostess, according to the word-weary interpreter. Colonel Dojovitch toasted the American Army. Miss de Luce toasted the Amer.- ican home. Robbie Loasled our guests. Roger toasled the Russian Army Colonel Cartwrighl toastec Lend-Lease. Mrs. Cartwright loasled Grea Falls. Roger poured wine. The inter preler look another gulp o food. I thought what a pity it wa: we hadn't simply got down tc toasting first thing and then serve< unadorned barbecue, because a soon' as we left the table th nests sealed themselves on Ihe uor and, in the Ksperanlo of dice, nol craps. Robbie sitir! to Colonel JJulo- ilch, throwing down a silver dul- ir, "I'll fade you." "li/also," replied the Colonel. "Yes, that's so," said Uobbic. Only he didn't. AT 11 o'eloek Roger turned on the, radio. The announcer's •oice blared forth: "Ambassador Villiam H. Standlcy, in reply to llalin's statement thai Ihe Hed Army alone is bearing the whole weight of the war, said tonight, and I quote: 'I have carefully ooked for admission in the llus- sian press that Ihe Russians receive material aid from America, > r cl I have failed to fmd any real acknowledgment of it.'" Al the word Stalin, Ihe Russians .ransferred Ihcir attention from .he dice to the radio. At Ihe recurring word Russian, they looked more and more interested. Though heretofore the inicr- preler had translated any and all conversation glibly, Ihis time he slrugglcd for words. Colonel Ro- lovitch spoke peremptorily. The interpreter, a far from happy looking mini, did his duly. Colonel Bolovitch rose from the floor. So did Colonel Kolovilch and Colonel Dolovitch. They lent their arms lo their ladies. Gravely, all smiles gone, Ihe fire in Colonel Bolovilch's eyes out and the ashes cold, they shook hands with Hobbie and me and went home. The interpreter and Miss de Luce accompanied them, mumbling gracious thanks as they sidled out the door, one eye on the Russians and one on us. Colonel Cartwrighl and Mrs. Carlwright and Roger and his guesl left direclly afler. I was still in Ihe kitchen when Roger returned. "Well, anyway," he said lamely, "they had a good time unlil the radio was turned on." "Izzatso," I said bitterly. The party was nol a lolal loss; possibly Colonel Cartwright felt he had to make some concrete return for the evening, for, like an amoeba, Roger's silver bar split in half and made two. (To B« Continued) f#v« 5-Z FKKCKU-IS & HIS KUIBNDS Hy MEHRILL Quick I'ick 'I try to overlook th» fact that ho got it with a boxtop and ten cents in coin!" A'i IHC ESKIMO SMO : WHAfS F.o NICE ABOUT ICE ? ,— YOUR NOSE THROUGH . TUE GLASS ' k'RISClLLA'S I'OI" Oomph (iirl By AL VERMEER Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DH.EIFUS MRE! Urp.irin . . . Wear (liamnnds :IIB MST \i\i\ si Three Rooms rurmshert 343 S. Division. Will rent to couple only. Ferguson, Ph. 552. 4 27-ck-tl Personal rainy minute photos tatlc service O M1KKN b tjTUJJLO l|6-c£-tl Salesman Wanted First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GUI, % Courier News. 4-22-ck-tf WANTED AT ONCE: Men to aupply consumer B wllh e vet yd ay household necessities under our fnciory-to-home p]txn. Full time. Earnings based sales. Oiceola or East Cralghcad County. Write Rawlrlgh's Dr[it. AKE-210723. Memphis, Tcnn. 5 2-pk-3 Insurance All Work Guaranteed For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W. Ash St. OI.ENCOE HOTEL BUILDING "If I had known it was io easy to get a personal loan from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION, we would have had triplets!" I'hone 888 1/1 H C 0 m w AXJ'LL BE -SORRY PRISCILLAI JUST AND SOME. BOY FRIEND/.' IE HASN'T SMO A WORD TO ME FOR TWO WEEKS/ GUESS WHAT.'/? RICHA.R.O JUST SPOKE TO ME/ Tclllulc Smudges Hy MIC11AKL O'MAl.UCY and RALPH LANE WHOEVER EXISTED TIIC UXK GOT CARE1ESS. THERE ARE SAMIDGES OH THE5E PAPERS.' LOOK.fOG. BflSCOM POND AND HIS WIFE WILL REPOttT THIS WHEN THfY SET BACKTOTOWN.THE COPS WILL BE HERE THEN WHAT 7 the Ponds drove away, Bugs took to the river. THIS BRIDGE FOREVER ; FOUOWIN6 WO AT A DISTANCE, FLINT. GO ON. ELUCIDATE WASH TUBUS By LRSLIK TURNER BLAZES!. ..THS IS VWM BEN WftRWEO SO I'M OW THE WAGON fOR \ WfWBE YOU'RE 3OOD, FELLAS. BUT IT'S STILL ) TRVIM' TO DO IT PRETTV RUGGED AT TIMES'/TOO SUDDEN.GIGl V TONIGHT...WELL,I..J VOu GOTTA TAPER •Off GE&DLKXL. HO... I HftD TO 00 IT THAT WM TILL I VJtxs IM e COHTCOL! But ONE siaoEE OF BRAMOV WOULDN'T HURT HOW, M)D 11 D QUIET ME ASMMST L GIG Wft'S IIERVOU5 (V60U1 WMOKROW SURE, PAL. WEXL FIX VOU UP AT SHORTY ROOM... HE WAV UNDO AUWEME- ACCOMPLISHED so FAR'. A <Z \NILTV W KOAMS THE STREETS WE MEETS TWO FORMER DRINKING CROMIE&.,. com IM» BY Htf. tcavict. inc. BUGS BUNNY By FRED HARM AN J I'inalc Dinini; Koom BUT THAT S TH MOST EXPENSIVE EKTIN 1 JOINT IN TOWN ' GREETINGS, VJHER.E VA , -r^ GUV'NOR .' . GOIN' ? / / I'M OFF TO EL. RESTWJRW-IT FOR A BITt OF DINNER. TO SVLVeSTER. PUSSVCAT, PRICE IS V NO OBJECT/ By V. T. HAMLIN Snorini; SVIIKIMI Ojicns S(35H. OOP. IM SO HAFPV Y£AJ FCUND ME . . roz. KNOCKIN' IT OFF i KN£7W. CWLA. A, r'CE FT.ACE. BUT I'D LIKE IT IF I COULD SUV MYSELF A 6OO& CIGAE.' ND 5O PEACE. QUIET AvND ONCE KEIGN IN THE OF OLSH- FANTA5TIC; CBHO2.O\C By EORAR MARTIN vo • ooo - *iL\«f<-< r t'o i ^y IAY M«V. fSNiO MV SO fO>iViV ? \ VOM& WV\U «09\t ? ? ? ? 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