The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 3, J038 BLYTHEVII.LE' (ARK,) COURIER'NEWS America Sends Planes To Japan PAGE,THREE i County Agent Gets Reports Of Destruction; Suggests Poisoning Wurnj.s are causing heavy dnm- tifre lo crops in Mississippi couiHy. i It wns announced today by )). H.} hanlrip, county agricultural ugei'.i, who lins Issued u wnrninu to nil i tiiruicrx. Both tut ami army 1 worms, which appeared here only a wwh auu in small lots of widely scaUr-ml anas, have .so rap::]-' ly incK'tiu-il tbul much damiiM J'lOI'C Will 1)C (llJli-: if they UH: MCI ' iniilrollcd, Mr. l.:\:.u ii> said. I 1 I 1 our land owners, in vuiiniis jiurl.s or Iht: liorlhtni (ml ol the ! <:n>miy, have rqjorKd largo utmn- j lltif-.'i of worms. Tire Bmdiitc. plantation had n pasture c.f wiili.e clover .sli'ipjjcd by the insects and yMltrday they started in a nearby tic-ht of alfalfa. E. A. Stacy, of I near Uc I, found a bun- cloier field .'.tripped by the worms which are now In Ills collon. Fred Fleemun found worms eating his cotton over H large area. C. C. t-ang- ston. of Number Nine, will tcgi.i using jwlson tonight, after finding worms In Ills alfalfa and col- lou. This is the normal lime for worms to appear in crops but last ycnr, farmers o! this section had practically no worms although Ihe fciasshoppers did .some damage. It! is believed that the worms this! year will do more damage than] the tirasshoppers did last .se.i- son, if lliey are not destroyed. The formula for control of cut. worms and army worms, as rec- inmeuded by United Stales Dc- piilmenl of Agriculture, is- given below: The bail formula LS ns follows: Brnn. 25 pounds; sodium arsenUc, one pini; molasses, one-half jjal- Jon; water lo ivet. Ostmlly' tsvn to three gallons of water are required. The bran and poison .should be mixed dry. The molasses should be dissolved in a small amount of water and added to the poison mixture. More water can be added ns needed. The linlt mixture should be a crumbly mass, but should nol be sloppy. Usually bait should be scattered wherever worms are observed late ; In Ihe afternoon, since the worms feed by preference al night. During cloudy weather they may feed throughout the day. Atalit 10 pounds of bait to the acre are required. Caution:: When raising this ma- lerlal^wllh Ihe tare hands they shquiaj'be/.gfeased, to i prevent ln r i.s liolh poisonous 'and 'caustic.', - Ventriloquist's Dummy Is ' Progirssivo Party Nig-Wig Willie diplomats fret over Ihe undeclared war in China and statesmen argue about whether provisions of the neutrality act should be applied to J ipan and China, many American-made planes nrc Icing shipped lo the Nipponese. Here Is a rather common sight In Los Angeles harbor as a lighting i:K:nc is loaded aboard a ship bound for Japan. Se.iator Nye has declared Hint' the bombs tluit stink the American gunboat Panny in the Yangtze last December were probably ma;le In the U. S. V. nulcl "Keep Door To Union of Protestant Christianity HTRM1NG11AM. Ala.. May 3. iT'p) Possible union of all branches ' r Prc'.estimt (ihriMianily was ••••!?cstc<l to-day \>t thc general con- f'Tencc of Ihe .Southern Methodist ^'•ireh. \vhi"h already has approved !''•> mer-rcr of thc Ilirce Methodist The conference adopted a vopDit "" the committee on iuleidenomi- fitional relations and church un'"•i. culling on thc church (o "keep ''»e door open to anv groin desiring '•'•»ion '.vilh the people called Melh- r -fists." "Although (he chief interest of *'i : s conference is the unification r< Metliodism we must nol foi-RCl ' 'in rlaV'rfr field of all ProLcslant- lii." the report said. South A'rica Pinched Rising Food Costs JOHANNESBURG (UP) — Food prices in South Africa are soaring toward famine level. nit: government i.s alarmed and is instituting inquiries (o check tlie ien cost of living. Butter is almost unobtainable, and many households have been deprived of this commodity altogether. So scarce is It that only hospitals are celns; fully served, while food lines arc being formed, at various shops for small rations to regular customers. Prices for wheat, meal and bread are also expected to go considerably higher, for it is believed Dial lliere will be an.nctite shortage or hcme-grown wheat. thought the camera didn't, lie. Bill we know better now. We know the photographer, like the reporter, must convey tlie facts to us honestly, or «-e do not get a Inic picture of what we would have seen If wo ha<l been tnere." Sues For Divorce Mrs. Vlcia Matthew.; lins filed suit in chancery court here asking for n divorce from King II. Matthews on the ground of Indignities. She also asks restoration of her maiden name of Vlda Oulesby. Holland and Barlmm are attorneys for Mrs. Matthews.. Kiss While Motoring lly Xi;A Service EACIl.K niVEK. Wls., May a.—A dummy Is one of the inosl Inllu- eullul nii'inbers of Ihe Progressive jwirlv up hero In Ihe noi-lliern I'lid of Wisconsin. His uiune Is Charlie Curler, and If Hint sounds like the niune of Kduur Ht'iKen'.s uicrtl lover It may be bociuise ihis Ulliirley once ifjw.sftl In lln> .smite C'hlfiiKo workshop with the IrresisllWe M<'- Cuithy. Churllo Is, of course, a ventrll- ot]iilst\ iliiininy mid he's the ward of Cimiily Jtidiji- Knink W. C'nitcr. whose reputtilion us a voice thrower Is well known horealjouls. When the Jmlne uud Charlie start out cnmpulijiiliiK for n I'ro- (jri'.vslvc ciuidldnte, the opposition usually finds Its han<l:> full, unit ; Judiii' Cnrli'r iilrendy I.s olltni: up ' the dummy's tongue fm- iiimthi-r turn arouiul (lie political .Mmni>- CllX'lllt. Charlie Wows 'Mn: en .Speaker I'wiil Alfmisl entered the race for the Wisconsin assembly In this district, last, year he appointed Charlie and the. Jiitluc as Ills co-campaign mnniiuers, al, Cm'. Phil LnFollHlo'.s advice. IM- Follciti' himself .stumped two counties for Alfousl. but prosiiects for the Progressive ticket in this normally 1Upublican section lixik- wl pi'eity Wcnk—(inlil Clmrlle' Curler' started wise-cracking. Cttnrlle and the judge were billed lor appearances at. more than ;io lowns, nnd they played lo , capacity crowds every shovi'lng. Chnrlie's iiuips were okay. ton. HeVe's a sample of the two-way eonversiilloiK Judijc: Clmrlle. you say you're u real IVogrcsslvc? Charlie: You uol me rlKhl, pal. Judge: And yel you won't vote the 1'ronrc.sslvc ticket straight? Clmrlle: Well, t don't think so judge. Judge: Tel! me, Clmrlle, why not? Charlie: Timl's easy. Judge—be- •auye I'm a dummy! The Saturday before elecllor he judge and, Charlie drove lit miles through a downpour lo Ihi little town •; of Winchester. The rnwd lit Hie rally thai night dldn'l 'el them off tbc stage until nearlj Jiulijc Is nn exijeii inngiclnn. Anri Mrs. Cai'lt'i' nnd Die t'.vo sons, Ly- inan and Frunk, play just about (ill tho musical Instruments. The Oarlets have a private llica- Irr in the bsemcnl of (heir home at his home. Wage Suit of SKWnh IIKO1NA;. Snsk. :'('UP.> — Believed the hmiillesl amount ever Involved' In Saskatchewan court ' cajse, : liern In KsiRlc River. Tlie fnmlly j John Vouchv, ncglim, won a suit has the lalcul to put on variety i for $1 In it wage claim ni;nln«t U liroiiruniii of many dllfevenl acts, K. Kublnson. ' Which |s whnl lliey di>, treqiienlly. MiniNin Jluuljli's As Artist COWJMliUH. O. (UP) — II. W. IMutlrlrh ullllws hl.s spine hours away from his llre-ll^iUIni; dulles by eniinitn-i in art work, .lie look up |!iiliittn:j Ilirce years e.^o toi 1 ll_:'ll :ll[l!li Dill U!KV I 111 IIS Dill ClIlS a uuutq. $wme ff Fine Point in Law -'\Cootcr Students Are i Woman Wounds Another Bv Guniire Released On Bond , riiddick. charged with manslaugh-j [[j cln i on tt-r nnd leaving the scene of aninav Hat Flossie Mae Robinson, 19-year- ld negro, is in city jail being held In awail tile outcome of a bullet Mo.. May 3.—Westal v - num \ S ], e is alleged lo have in- on another negro girl, Am... - . - ,. .„, Halchell. this mornhiR. The accident, and AMin Alichie. a i ,.|, ot . which lodged in the leg. is witneM, were released from llu-j , 13[ , expected to prove serious, county Jnll at Cantlhersville Mon- Thc llvo negroes are said to have day ufernoon, Riddick was driv- ,- a(I „„ argument Sunday nighl cr ol the car which fatally injured V ;liicn was climasea with Amposa lvom , !t| s , l( | U . rt ., y night .. tri i;i n g p] 0ss i e Mne with n bottle. • Flossie Mae, according to stories Camera isn't Truthful; Technician Relates Why PITTSBURGH (UP) — The old. old saying that "the camera docs not He," Is a. fallacy, according to Thomas M. Jarrett. University of Pittsburgh photographic technician. He says he knows better. "Point a camera at a man's face," lie says, "and you get onc kind of characteriznlion of him. 'Shoot' Him from Ihe floor, and you get quite nnolher. "Further, a photograph—and the story it tells—may be altered by 'touching up.' ; "There was a time when it, was negro near Sleelc. Kiddick's bond, formerly $5,000. v:as reduced to $2,noo. and at) 'old by negroes, met Amposa this ?vfichie's bond was reduced S2.W.O lo 51.000. from 1 Read Courier News Want Ads tncrning about 0:30 o'clock in UK 'treet near (he end of Franklin • nd the trouble started again. It • during the argument thai the . hot was fired. Spring Tune-up INSURES Better Spring Driving JL. Our equipment is mrxleni . . . Our mechanics " sire experts . . . Otu 1 prices.arc very reasonable . . . Our work is siiiaranlced . . . All of which menus . . . your complete satisfaction . . . P.KING YOUR CAR IN NOW! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY [>t!i & Walnut phone 81(1 MAY Kll-nll flc/ffccr Wlnjilrr— [/.».(.', MOONLIGHT EXCURSION firs/ of llic iS<w«7i LY. San Souci Landing 9:00 pm (On M.,* Hilt*ir tV, "". W«» Oi.rrl.) Come and enjoy n good lime icilh in an 1/ic Sir. Cnpfinl N™ Thrill,t Ktw Funl Danein; to !h« mntle vf I'lCHON'S 'Pepper-Uppers" Ihe CjpKol'i bund new II P«cs Notellr Bind <!m<t*4 by FATS WALLER'S DOUBLE ol N,* O,l,,n, Sintet, Pj»oo pu r er and Hutei Entertainer with loti cf rip and pppl VISALIA, Cal. IUP>--California law makes it. necessary for Miss Lillian Johns to establish In court whether nn alleged effort by Dale Sterling Smith to kiss her while driving a car wn-s wilful mischief or just plain negligence. Tlie car lurned over during Ihe osculalory process and Miss Johns suffered injuries for which she asked $25,000 (Jamnges, charging negligence. However, the court held Umt under the California law a guest in a car cannol claim damages for negligence, she must establish 11 the kissing constituted wilful mischief. Rend courier News Want Ads Curler mill Cliurllo 2 o'clock in the inoriiliis;— anil tlie Ujri'sslvcs curried Wlnchi'Mer almost ICO pec cent. Alfonsl won tlto district In iv walk. .lnill;r Cms II Almir Clmi'llc has scored innny othci notnbli: iiolltlcal succi'ssc.s, bul lit, lins never cnmimli;ni'cl for tin Judge. Tlio< JiidgL- uppuri'ii dcivii't ncixl help. First, eleelcd In 1019. Jmlisi' Carli'i 1 is now Nerving his fourth eonsmitlvp . sls-yeni term, llesldes his vcnlrllocuiism, the WASH *t (illKASU $1.11(1 tl'nsh, (ivi'nse, Pollih nnd unxril JS.OII II. It. SaiiHUCK "Kssii" Station Muln ami Division GET THE RIDE" SENSATION OF THE YEAR IN THE BIG PLYMOUTH „ 0 '•'•*• Every Thursday 10A.M. Auction sale brings more stock, more sales, and better prices each week. This Sale is growing every week and fast becoming the outstanding sale in this territory. The buyers and sellers are gelling together. Each week sees a faster moving sale with everybody satisfied with results. We have a bunch of white faced steers and heifers coming through the sale — the kind you have been looking for to go on grass. Our hog sale is getting stronger each week and maintaining top prices. If you are looking for a real hog sale don't miss this one. We Sell Anything at Auction Missco Corporation "Farmer Owned, Controlled, and Operated" On Old Chicago Mill Site ' On Highway 18 10:00 A. M. RAIN OR SHINE BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Today's leading lowest-priced cars cost about the same...but one stands out! That car is the big, beautiful Plymouth "Roadking".. .with a remarkable new ride that's the year's sensation of the lowest-price field... It has more room, more riding comfort... engineering's last word in safety features. It has amazing powerand record economy... BOTH! And it's easy to own...your present car will probably represent a large proportion of Plymouth's low delivered price...balance in surprisingly low monthly installments. PLYMOUTH S-PASSENCERSrlXtN $ — "Detroit delivered price," including front and rear bumpers nnd bumper gu;inl,s, spare wheel, tire am) tube, foot control for headlight Ijenm with indicator on instrument panel, asli-tray front :\nd rear, sun visor, safely £l;iss ntul blft trunk space (19.3 cubic feet). Plymouth "Roadking" models start nt SM5; "De Luxe" models slightly higher. Plymouth prices IN'Cl.UDK ALL KEDEKALTAXES. State, local taxes not Included. Convenient time payments. TUNEINMJUORBOWES 1 AMATEUR HOUR.C.B.S. NEIWOHK.TKUHS., 9-10 P.M., Airplane-Type Shock-Absorbers Plymouth's double-action, nirplnnc-type sliock-absortiers swallovy roMlshocksfar better he- cause they control bolli the up and down movement of allfoiirsprinss! Result? A jtcwriilc... A Pi>-moui!i plusfasterstccring,cns- Sllo<:t -Ai>snrbcr ier handling, anil the cslni smoothness of double-action hydraulic brakes. Rubber-Cored Body Mountings To prevent road "drumming" and vibration from rcachtnft passengers, Plymouth engineers have developed "Hvc" rubber body mountings to do nwny with metal- to- metal contact between Ixxly and frame. These nciv body mountings—together with Plymouth's new scientific soundproofing—block out road noises am! vibration...give usmooth,"luished"riile. Biggest of the 3 It's important to know tliat thc PIymouth "Koadking" Is easily the biggest of the three leading low-priced cars ...H is nearly 7 inches longer tluin onc; and more than ID inches longer than thc other. Floating Power Engine Mountings This advancement koepsengine vibration from being " lelegraphed" to passengers. .Floating Poiror Knglne Mounting One of the first things people say about the Plymouth rideis— "You ain't feel the motor!" And Plymouth is famous for thc economy of Us 82-h.p.,"I,-hcad" ' engine, with full-length water ji)ckctsand4-ring pistons. Owners report IS to 14 miles on gas... lowest oil consumption! try Plymouth's New Ride To know today's lowest-priced car values you must tlrive the big new Plymouth. Telephone your nearby Plymouth dealer for a demonstration today.'There's no obligation.Pi.YMoirrtiDivtstoxoFCiiRYS- LF.R CORPORATION, Detroit, Michigan. PLYMOUTH BUILDS GREAT CARS THE "ROADKING' THE "DE LUXE"

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