The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1939
Page 1
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— ^ D ° MINANT 1TOVSMPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AKn B n, mn »«n Z™ -*- ^ -i-^ ? T O VOLUME XXXVI—NO. ]sn ARKANSAS^rnUHSDAY, AUGUST 31, 198!) BRITAIN ORDERS GENERAL _ -•»» »»» »,, "~ "™ ~ ^^ " European CrisisIsAlmostAt 'BreakingPoint firoa* Pv4J.r*;~'« TWT-__- DnnCn/riTMflU -=====~^=^ ^ \s*J.Li. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Great Britain's Move Declared Surprise By High Nazi Officials to /G«5mX W ' 10 have £ ee » ,^>'»»>K Poland foi- obstruct? oeiraanys peace eflorts" in cooperation w ith Gveif Jtain, turned toward the British l ' ml struction. mg f,the ; concrete pro- W4D c,,,, WARSAW URGES CALM =2 "Final" Plea Is Believed Planned By American Government WASHINGTON, 31 nrp) Some of his to avert chief foreign sed him la" d ,1? lsto " llellvcc " «'"'• «"d ace Is likely to be made before lie end of this week Mr. Roosevelt conferred for nearly » hour this morning with Under* ecrctnry of State Sunnier Welles. NEW YORKT~Au"g. 31. (UP>Most scheduled Labor Day holiday ruises were cancelled today and im i an<l Fl ' ellclv sMPPinff lines lotmed persons who had booked to resorts in the West Inies that they would have to have assports and visas henceforth. llic United States liner Woshfai"- -n on arrival today from Europe be siiiiplicd with 500 cots nnd -xtj-a life boat^j and will sntl Sati-day to pick ui^.1,500 of the hoiisands of Americans stranded i Great Britain and France The Bremen, pride of the Gcr- Mrt mcrcllant mar l»e, sailed last She sailed iwithbiit General Evacuation Of Women, Children From London LONDON, Aug. 31 Britain will begin tomorrow Ih mass evacuation of children motli ers, e.vpeclfltit mothers, blind peo Die and cripples equipped, with ga masks from cilies to safety areas (he ministry of health announce today. Tlie evacuation, unprecedented taken to safeguard tlie n ves 0 those concerned ngalnsl air i'3l<! ers, will Include "priority" classes in nil cities and towns 'In (he crnmenfs evacuation zone About 1.500,000 school children will be affected In London ami the big provincial cities of England tnirt nf ntlElnrl -: and Ireland are not nf- Scotland. Wales feclcd. There are 700,000 to be evacuated n the London area alone Only On Tuesday. Arthur Oreen- vood, acting labor party leader >ad demanded In the House of Commons that the government lart, evacuation at once. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain did not then respond But at 12:20 p. .m. today (7:20 a rii edt), live British broadcasting company sent out the ministry's statement. statement said that the evacuation did not menu that war was regarded as inevitable, but that the government imd ordered It «s a precautionary measure In view of prolonged tension. Realizing the tremendous Ijisk He. oret, one which win me aii the ™B«SHES ms ' 'BEMANDS •Pope Appeals Again VATICAN CITY, Aug. 31 (Tjp>_ The Pope issued a new appeal for Peace today lo the envoys of al foreign countries attached to the Holy See. After pointing out that the international situation is mcst tense the pope's appeal urged that Christian reason prevail in order lo prevent armed conflict. Berlin Patients Moved BERLIN, Aug. 31 (UP)-Allhough were was no indication' whatever ol any impending civilian evacuation it was learned today that patient* who can be moved in ambulances are being evacuated from Berlin hospitals. Trans-Ocean Service Suspended NEW YORK, Aug. 31 (UW-The American Telephone and Telegraph company announced that only official government calls were belnc accepted between the United States and Europe after 2:15 p.m. (cdt) NEW YORK, Aug. 31. (UP)Cotton closed quiet. open high low close "" 838 540 828 841 ?« c 828 828 815 825 ^"- • 811 811 804 812n M" 809 810 799 808 *^y 197 797 787 796 Ju 'V '.. 777 182 769 " 780 Spots closed nominal at 891, up 9. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS Aue 31 Cotton futures closed slea-' 1 up one point lo off <nc open high low •• 847 848•• 834 836 •• 822 823 •• 815 817 .. 803 805 • * 769 73;) Spots closed steady nt era. u™. Chicago Wheat Ralph England Dies Of Heart Attack Today . Ark., Aug. 31 (TJP) •Ralph England, chairman'of Ihe state racing commission and local banker, was fcund dead loday at ms home here. Relatives said he died of a heart attack. Tells Kiwanians Of Visits To Other Clubs Knvanian j. wick Thomas told members of the local Kuvan , club of his recent visits to the Dyersburg, ret,,, and Hopkinsvllle. Ky, Kiwoms clubs at the regular weekly „ ...... " ii.ii.uuuv msajngsrs, '"'^ lv . ""B »vncii win mean the .» or cargo, nil lights cut except Baking up of hundreds -of thou- those necessary for navigation,: her . santis °f Homes -in Englana radio sdent and a band on the deck Scotland, ' tlif'minlstry 'of Playin •Ger ' ' ' 1 iipcessory movement ,.„„, country by civilians which Itilciferc wllh the evacuation It "skcd Ihnl mow who nrc to iccelve evacuated persons "put. aslilp every consideration of personal interest and convenience and ao everything possible lo conlrl- —. «Wr B "° r tllls ment sa^" ^ ° f " cim " * M ° "It has been decided lo star evaciiatiou of school children' nni other priority classes, as ahead) arranged under the government 1 scheme, Friday. " No one should conclude (ha us decision menus that war I now regarded as Inevitable "Evacuation, which will lake several days to complete. Is being «n- cicrinkcn as a precautionary mens- ire In view of the prolongation of lie period of tension. Children here will entrain al It subway stations which will be closed to ordinary traffic, llallroat . will be severely curtailed for nree or four days. H will be one of tho greatest rmss evacuations In history II was decided Ihat heart 'brcak- •] ns II might be to parents the i 11 i — imicuu-i me 'illy filing lo do was to solid chli- wti to safely areas In care of heir school teachers. Teachers nnd olhcr adults w -company the children to trains nd buses. At their uiet towns in the counlryslde', ic children will billet In private omcs and camps. x . n e ec , imnsry 'of ief Playing •German martinl'sirs. She' n W c nl«l earnestly' 1 for national co- dipped her nag In salute as she I operation. P It asked passed the great French liner Normandie, which hnd cancelled her sailing nnd remained here indefinite^'. The Nbrmandie returned the'salute. mn' le , B , rUisl1 " ner Mullanla left a little later. In adciiliqn to Ihe Bremen and the Aquitania the British liner Transylvania left with 300 passengers, her portholes and windows blackened and 300 sandbags on deck. . WASHINGTON, All?. 31 (UP)- Boi'dei' AfC A high official said today that he Grovvma believed that the federal govern- ulow >ng ijient should not do any financing during September because of the existing European crisis. nlld . . • .Seme clilWroBiIrgfti.-»Uie\cro«,-dcd •?«rt end of Loiiaoirwlll-gel•their rst train rides and will sec j. ' "«™ n»n .-n:(j JLUJ^SI Ihe woods and- the sea for thc first FKHTJEIICEll Battles Along Mongolian Steadily ' AU B- 31 (UP)Japanese Russian troops are fighting igng fiercely and In considerable mim- Miss Betty Jane Scott Succ um b S _On_Wedne S day X' Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 840 826 822 800 close 848 835 823 8 IS 803 Sept. Dec. 673-4 high 683-4 low 673-4 close Chicago Corn Sept. l)ec. cpeix high i ow c)ose « 441-2 433-4 43 3.4 441-2 443-4 44 «J.g Stock Prices NEW YORK. Aug. 31. (UP) — Tile stock market quietly receded today along with the markets of cTurope. , A - T. & T 1697 _ 8 Anaconda Copper 24 Associated D. G. .. y Beth. -Steel ."; 73 0 ., 3oeing Air IS 1-4 Chrysler 78 1-8 3oca Cola 117 General Electric 35 knernl Motors 44 1-2 nt. Harvester 49 Mont. Ward 47 L . N. V. Central 12 1-2 Packard 31-8 Phillips M 3-8 Radio . .. v 51-s Scheniey 10 1-8 Simmons 20 5-8 Socony Vacuum n Standard of N. J 40 1-2 Texas Corp 36 1-2 U. S. Smelt 48 1-2 U. S. Steel 4S -8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Aug. 31. (UP)—Hogs, receipts: 9100 Top, 6.60 170-230 Ibs., 6.40-5.55 140-160 Ibs., 5.40-6.00 Bulk sows. 4,65-5.75 ' Cattle, receipts: 4,800 Steers, 8.75-9.60 Slaughter steers, 6.00-10.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.00-965 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-10.00 Beef cows, 5.00-6.00 Cutters and low cutlers, 3.50-4.75 mas taken there because of complications which had arisen frcin a disease of the mouth. She had been ill only a short time. The 10-year-old daughter of Earl A. Scott of Blytheville, Miss Scott was making her hcme with Mr and Mrs. Bill van Winkle at Hol'land Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, at Cobb Funeral Home with thc Rev. E B Williams, pastor of the First Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be made at Maple Grove ccmelery. Eighty Five Attend Townsend Club Meeting Eighly five members of Townsend club, No. One, attended the nieeting of the club at the court- hcuse last night when a musical program was presented and lalks were made. s Fowler Lendennie's band'and the Hoosier Hot ShoUi rendered several selections after which the address of welcome was made by the president. A duel by thc Dallas Sisters preceded a talk on the Townsend i inn as viewed by a young person wh ch mas made by Rambnd Xen- nell. Cooksy Dodson, high school student, was the principal speaker of tne night's program. His subject was "The American Yonlhs' Re- sponsiblllly to Their Country". Attends Meeting Of Vocational Teachers Freeman Robinson, vocational igricullure Instructor in the city if2h school, is spending tcdsy In uixora at an all day meeting of Mississippi County Vocatlcnal Agriculture leachers. Tho conference was called by the cw district supervisor, Earl Landers, anese to The Russians were reported to be using now non-inflammable diesel motored tanks. The Informant said that before August 20 the Russians had one division on the Khalga river front on the Manchukuo side, but that on tlie night of the 20lh two motorized divisions crcssed the river and attacked the Japanese al Balshagal. Six hundred armed cars and tanks, accompanied by flame throwers, formed the spearhead of the attack, it was said, with heavy artillery supporting. ft was said that the Russian.' reached the Japanese positions 3',i miles on the Manchukuo side of Ihe river and that the Japanese right and left wings counter-attacked, forcing them to retreat. But It was said that thc Russians rcma ned on the Manchukuo side, resisting stoutly. Beth the new tanks and the Russian artillery, situated on Herman Carvill, Brother of Mrs. Louis Cherry, Slain Al Helena nermnn Cnrvlll Jr m \^ ( nx auditor of the Arkansas slalo ruv- eiiiic department, and brother ot Mrs. j. Louis Cherry of Ihls clly, British Action Falls Like 'Hammer Blow' In 'War Of Nerves' The admiralty announced that nil lhfllr < lc "° ls wit " ollt - department nllemplcrt to question the driver of a whiskey Irilck. Kugene Harrison, 20, of providence, Ky., wns arrested on n murder charge and held hi the coiinlv Jnil at Helena. . Mrs. Cherry was visiting In Hcl- in mid will be joined there tomorrow by Mr. Cherry. Mrs. Nor- woccl Hedge, a slslcr of Mrs. Car- vlllc, and Mr. Hedge went over Hits morning and also going lo- morrmv nrc George W. Patterson, uncle of Mrs. Cnrvlll, and members of his family. Mr. Carvlll, who was 38, got the shot believed Intended for Alelvln Uiose unfit to travel who • -•••• decision—announced in an offipini rr" ,™"r- ci «">'* *e«; rs Payne ol Heleim, highway patrol- nan, who stepped first from the car lo miesllcn Hie truck driver, The shot missed Mr. Payne 'and struck Mr. Cnrvlll who was. ciyht steps uchlnd. • Mr. Payne, who had' instructions- to question Ihe driver, was also accompanied by w. B, McCrlglit of Little Rack, collector .ot |hp ;cvchue departiuent, nmi' t two Helena olnccrs, Mr. Payne 'said thc Irlvcr told them lo stand back and hen opened fire. The revenue oiilce nt Helena relived orders to stop Ilia Irivor us he was jfUng through iiknnsns to Mississippi with n ruck load of whiskey without an Arkansas license. Tho men from , die revenue department and Ihe | ofnccrs met the truck at llic Intersection of two highways near West Helena and aflcr follswliiB a short distance, compelled tho driver to stop. When Mr. Payne stepped from the car and walked tounrd Die truck, the shot, jnng out. Mr. Carvlll Is survived by his ^ARTJTHEHSVILLE, Mo., A u g. wife; livo sons, age six and nine —Hugh B. Eiiglnnd continued as 5' Mr - s ,' .his aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cnrvlll Sr,, cf Helena, nnd five sisters, Mrs. Cherry, Mrs. " P. Douglas who recently left In Bcrllu, In Paris, h, Homo and In Watsnw similar and r:r=r,r-i/t beyond hope of further dlptomatlo maneuvers r Caruthersville C o u ncil's Majority Vote Insufficient To Discharge pe of nn agreement less bright than ever Con"toT "poinTr'* 11 ' llS llct(!l ' l " lnat!o " lo tnkc D" 1 ^ and the move, Qreat Britain and Fi Soviet missiu meanwhile- called up another "BOO,OQU"men" her armed force already estimated at 2,500000 , IU>ly, listed as tho nrat tnrgcl of^ n mighty British-French ' attack' !,? r c ™ < -a_i-.worked furiously to.prevent a final''showdown ' J/ins tho dramatic, niid^inibki ultimate decision by Grant down of " Great Britain's preparations, including not CLAMPS CEN'SOKSHIP LONDON, Aug. 31. (OW-Criwonrhlp ot tnccmtaj nnd o utg oi nir ' nW1 m W "' CICSS «* as annonneed f; SERVICE SUSPKNI)EI> — i'---L""~ uu|n;4 ri*iw Sdld , ".".^ lunu mi telephone and teleprinter service wllh the continent , ImdjKon suspended. Service v, ns cut oir at 6 :40 p.m! for an in" -•• "usu o. MginiKi contl street commissioner today after a motion to discharge him for al- iniscomluct In cilice failed o g«In the necessary, two-thirds majority at an open session of thc clly council last Last night's council session cli maxed several weeks of lnvcsU B a- ion into the alleged misuse of city tiulpment and tools nnd the use of IV paid employes on private con which had been T0 (for 70 a hill or 230 feet) were reported to"txTou- JratltiB effectively. Rotary Club Approves National Cotton Council A resolution approving the Nu- tlcnal Cotton Council and Its work was presented by c. w. Aflllck and approved at Ihe mcctino of thc Rotary club at Ihe Hold °Noble for luncheon today. Copy of the resolution was sent lo J. Mell Brooks, secretary of (lie Chamber of Commerce, to be delivered I? the Coiwcll. Cecil Shane, Fred Warren aad George Smith were named to Ihe program committee for September and October. Following lunch, the mentors and one guesl, M. H. udd Jcnesboro, played bingo. of Iruetion work linrged to ....„ „. On the motion to discharge En°and five nlctcrincn volcd nmrma- ively and litrec east negative voles Mayor D. D. Pinion also joined win Ihe minority, casllng hls'voic n favor of retaining England Voting f Cr the motion to di?- iiargc were: J .W. Tipton, Gordon Vrlght, Obyc Coker, Dick Lewis nd Wyinnn Dlllninn. Votlnp ngainst discharge were: Beti Rogers. Humphrey Johnson and John Nelson. A transcript of testimony given wore the special council com- mlllec named to investigate the charges against England, over 100 oagcs of typewritten ccpy, was read aloud nt last night's session Seventeen witnesses had testified before the committee. Mr. England appeored before the council In his own behalf l fls t night omj WBS represented by Attorney Sharon j. Pale He admitted that city employes iiad been used on private construction jobs he had been the contractor on but said that they worked during off hours and were paid by TAKE HAID PliKCAJJTION'S ----- - , .-.. / ,,,. L ° ND ° N ', A " 8 - 3I ' <"P'-Alr raid precaution controllers throush- hcrc after having resided in Bly-. out (| i c country were Instructed to take up their duties W. P. 1 Local authorities everywhere were ordered to set up air Ihevlllc for Trice and Mrs. Milton Cave, of Helena. Funeral rites will be held Friday Afternoon at Helena. \Vif c Q( ll - ul Asks Heart Balm From Official him. He denied that city equip tools were used on thc . ment or Jobs. He admitted thafhe once Iiad a ly truck "toiv" a concrete mixer owned by him, lo Cotlonwood oint, where he had a private Job. «ut explained ihat he had frequently used private equipment on city work without charge. Much testimony before the com- •nlttec centered around a private lob of England's on the Majestic pool room building. England specifically denied that clly employes lad worked during regular hours on the Job. It was staled Ihat Mayor Pinion had on Interest in tlie pool ronn. Christens New Ship NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Allg 31 CUP)—Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt today broke a bottle of champagne icross thc bow of the $15,750000 liner America, largest merchant ship ever built hi a United States shipyard. The vessel Is the first of a fleet designed to regain the maritime supremacy of thc North Atlantic for the Untied Stales High School Students Register Next Week Students will register at tlie clly high school on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 6 and 7th, instead of on Thursday and Friday as was previously aniuunccd, W. D. Mc- Cliirfcln, superintendent of schools snld today. Freshmen will register Wednesday and upper classmen on the following day. Registration will be at llic high schorl and will begin at nine o'clo:!;. Charging Edw.ird J. Barrett, Illinois slalc auditor, with breach of promise, Camillc Marlinclli has filed $250,000 suil in Chicago courl. She claims to have been confidential secretary in uudilor's office. Fisherman Says Flounder Carried Union Label WILDWOOD, N. J. (UP) _, Alld now the fish are going fa- unions! Harry Lloyd of Philadelphia rc- porled catching a 3Vi-pound flounder bearing an International To- baccj Workers' Union (A.Fi) label. Tho label was Imbedded in a flat area near the fish's head. Seal Huns Up $100 mil LONDON (UP)-Unlcss ho can raise $100 f or j> water lax bill which was run up by Bonzo a 30D- First Bales Ginned At Luxora This Weak LUXORA, Ark., Aug. 31.—Two Lux:ra gins have ginned Hielr first bale of cotton for the 1938 crop. The Dyess gin turned out a bale of cotton Tuesday for Sam Brown negro, on the O. B. Wood /aitn one mile north of Luxera on Highway 61. The bale weighed 485 pounds and was graded strict middling-. Tlie Smith oin Co. ginned a bale of cotton Wednesday noon for Ben Tucker, living two-miles west of Hightower. This .'.cotton was raised on the Tuckex farm. The bale weighed 450 pounds, and graded strict middling. This bale was wrapped In cotton bagging, the first to be used in Luxorn; Tlie bale was displayed en thc streets of Luxora. As yet neither bale has been sold. seal, Frank Jenkinson, a Visit At Marianna Experiment Station Visitors from North Mississippi County who are In Marianna, today for the annual Experiment Station Vtslling Day are: C. B. Crlgger, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Regenold, A. C. O^.ens, Dan Hamner, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Lipford, H. F. Meadows, J. M. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Crallori, Hubert Lanlrlp, E. L. Hale, MUs Cora Lee Coleman, and D. s Lan- Irlp. i They will return tonight. WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, showers <• \T "*-"'' * ««»m UVJJAUJSUJI, a ^JTiMllstlii l>ll»SUy C scarbcrough fisherman, will have tonight arid Friday. seized" bvt'lmn 5 P °^ B °?j° wl " bc i itDml)his ' and vlclnit y '- Partly if auction" 8 "" 18 a " d S ° !d 8t pub - dou , d >' ^Wl and Friday, not UUL " OT1 ' much change in temperature.

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