The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1931
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 1931 RLYT11KVILLE, (ARJQ JflURUjR; NKWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement tflken' for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 = ' • i FOR SALE GET STEADY GOVERNMENT- JOB—?105-$225. mom It (men- women). Particulars Free. Write, I Instruction' Burer.u ti7T, St. Louis.! Mo., Quickly. ' ' 23P-K.301 Where Red Cross Is AidingJDroulh Viclims OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE,FIVE .'. By Ahem FOR SALE— Saw Cotton Co. mill. Sternberg 21C-K23 __ _ FOR SALE— Baby Chicks. All varieties Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, Blytterllle. " ' 20-CK-TP RELIABLE MAN WANTED - To call on farmers In Mississippi, county. Wonderful opportunity.', Make $8 to $20.doily. No experience j or capital needed. Write today.!- PURST Si THOMAS, Dcpt. I, Free-1 port, Illinois. j New Orleans Cotton \ NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 26 (UP)—i Cotion closed steady. open high low close ( Jan 1022 1022 1013 1013 , 1035 1035 1059 1032 ' FOR SALE — Dalton adding ma chine price reasonable. Mrs. Sisk, 124 Dougan, Phone 612. 2GC-K29 KENT OR RENT—Four room apartment, 810 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-TF FOR RENT — Modern bungalow garage, on paved street. Call L Fowler, or 450J. Mar May July Oct Dec 1038 1081 1101 1116 1058 1081 1102 1117 1052 1074 1094 1115 Spots closed steady at 1007, up 12. j New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 20 (UP) — ; Cotton closed steady I open high low Mar 1032 J034 1028 200-TF FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. SKam heat. Call 036 or 1015. 22P-K27 May July Oct Dec 1057 1058 1018 1081 1100 1103 1118 1121 1051 1074 1097 1116 close; 1031 i » 1055 • This map, repv.-ducrd from one prepared by thi Red Cross, .snows the !-.tcni ol the ••hunger br'.t' now 1™1 j resulting in rural communities ficm the drouth of lost "*"" ! a Red Cross chapter that is giving iooil imd similar relief In Its Ewry An on the map territory, Arkansas unii FOR RENT—Steam "heated front bedroom, 603 West Main. Phone 642. 17c-tf | FOR RENT—Furnshed apartment,] newly decorated. 719 Chickatawba. • Phone- 505. 19c-k29 FOR RENT—Nice furnished apartment—115 W. Davis. Rental $35 month, and other property. Thomas Land Company. 24C-K31 FOR RENT—One of Shane Apartments on Main Street (downstairs or upstairs). Hnrdsvood floors and best of fixtures and heating plant. Telephones 197 and 571, 24C-K31 ci jiu " •— •• " ; a R^ cross cnupier U'.at is giving 100:1 ima MUUI^: IUUL-I m m tvn-^.i, f iiiv.>ii^i>^ m*u »,.v.•",*..., =° , , i'nnini'll 1040 o" 5 -Mus t' ic Principal sufterors/ Such nld Is now Wing, given In 552 comities,. with more being added Spots closed quid, at iu™. u- „. . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ „.,,„..,,.„, ,„, „,„ n r ,, n-n« to 224.IM nersmisr before (lie new SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN;^ ;!iily. On Jan. 1 relief was being tx'.cMdrtl b;.' the- Red Cros.-i to 224.B3-! persons; before the new •-cr.r '.vas three w:eks old, the number had jumped to 517,774, and is still rising. Already the num- t:-r of pirsons being helped approaches the Mississippi, flcocl figure; of COU.OOO and Red Cross olliclnls say the l>-ak -Is nhead. WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. SC-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by compe- Mrs. Brown, 17CK-TF tent white woman. 704 S.. Lake St. POULTRY WANTED— Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 210 N. Railroad St west ol courthouse. Not- buying at BY SISTER MARY NBA Service Writer Since there are several types of food which never so good as when they are cooked In deep( ia! perhaps a few suggestions regaling this method of cookery 1 will be helpful to home-makers. Tlie digestibility of fried feeds has loong been a much discutsed question. There ts no doubt but that fats of all kinds require a| longer time for digestion than "erne other food-stuff, but properly fried foods cooked in deep fat at the correct temperature do —• absorb a large amount of fat can be includsd in the diet of the healthy person without fear of digestive disorders. The temperature of the fat in deep fat frying is -of utmost Importance. It is this that determines to a great degree the digesli- f Fisher's place on First St. anjmorc. hjility of the food. A correctly I J. E. FISHER. Ific-kl rlcd croquette or fritter or any | ther fried food does not 'soak at" If the temperature is carefully vatched but even if some fat is bsorbed there is nothing particu- arly unwholesome about it, ex- ept its added richness, t provided he fat uns not overheated. It Is he overheating, of faV that makes ^ :ied foods harmful. The principle of frying foods in WANT TO BUY LAND—We have buyers for tracts from 10 acres to 500 acres or more and parties have money to buy. li you have land for sale, see Us at once. .Thomas Land Company. ' 24C-K31 WILL TRADE for your equity in improved farm. E. G. Hankins, 123 Missouri Ave., Blytheville. 23P-K30 WANTED -Dress-making. SMain or fancy scwitig. Mrs. Sisk, 124 Dousan, Phone 672. 2CC-K2 PUTOGREASIHG I QUICK SERVICE Gulf Service Station "That Good Cnlf Gasoline" Phone No. 4 FOR TRADE New or Used Automobiles City Property. I,. FOWLER Phone 8S8 for Red Ball Marker Shop 318 W. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle, Fred Boyett. Guy Rogers, Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. Repaiced FAY 0. DAVIS Phones 234 or 421 Cash Paid For Late Model Used Cars W. T. HARNETT 117-119 East Main St: Phone 838 or 887 Local and lomj distance hauling. Special rates on carload lots. Team for lorai hanlinj. V. H. WASHAM TRANSFER 1400 Chickasawc.i Phone 851 \Vc can Save you money on Aulo Glass JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main Phone 66 HAY One bale or a train load. EAR COKN. shuck on, 88c bu. Shuck off, 86c per bu., In car lots. Cotton Stitcs Sales Co., Inc. Blytheville, Akk. Phono 171 or LD 1806. deep fat demands that the fat must | :e hot enough to sear the outside ' of the food and immersed in it; mmediateiy. EO that over this out- j side ai crust is formed which prc-1 vents the fat from soaking through j and penetrating the innermost no; tions. Vegetable Oils Preferred Any good clean fat or oil is: suitable for deap fat frying and; if Riven proper care, can be .used, over and over again. Vegetable; oils can usually be heated to a higher temperature without ] scorching than animal-tats can.^ For this reason seme housckecp- j crs prefer vegetable oils. How-j ever drippings from roasting-, meats and other unsalied fats that | accumulate from meats can be' clarified nm\ used. To clarify . fat, add sliced raw- potatoes, was'.ied but not pared, to cold fat. Heat very slowly and when the bubbling In the fat due to the water in the potatoes ceases and (he potato slices arc floating, remove from fire and strain through double thickness ol cheesecloth. The fnt should be trained through double cheese- loth each time it is used. Tins emoves nnv pnrticle of food or flour that have settled lo the kot- om of the frying kettle duons ccoking. Careful straining each ime and an occasional clarifying i cccp the fat sweet and clear. The ii'e of a fat thermometer I nukes it pcsEible to mr.inlnin mi] •veil and accurate temperature- dunns the entin- coo!;in s process.! This "insures n^ainsl fnt soaked foods and over-heated fat. Fritters, doughnuts aud un- cocked mixtures generally are put] into fat at a temperature of 3.0 j degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 330 degress should be | "croquitlcs and cooked mixtures j such as fish cakes, as well as I .,rrmll fish aid oysters, are cooked I In lat heated to 300 degrees Fah-1 rcnheit. BREAKFAST - SlicEd br.imai with cereal and cresm. crisp bra1- cd bacon, potatoes hashed m milk.! traham muffins, milk, coffee. j LUNCHEON — CUamed scallopr, i in ramekins, carrot-cabbage and 1 r.eppcr solad. toasted mulTins, stewed dried apricots, vanilla wafers. milk. tea. j DINNER—Veal nmt, stuffed onions baked spinach, creamed sals-l-! ly. chocolate pudding, milk, coffe;. ANIMALS FI.KK FLAMES j WAUKEGAN. 111. iL-ri— A hnrcls , ^ of rabbits and fdiiivrels lied t; I safety in the open as Ibin=s frair.! o grass nre swept an area of twr; miles, north cf her? rccenti- i G.imc wardens icmalr.scl at the. scene to protect the animals from | Injury hy t!ic crowds which g.uli- | crcd \u watch the blaze. | Ml j^^^ -l : "? : -J^sjt As , •'''•• ' Serioui, Ones Too They have their .skeletons of studding and rafters; windows that are their eyes; siding and paint that serve as protective skin,and their inner structure that might be likened to the body's interior by stretching the imagination a bit, ' "Keep Your Home in Good Repair" It is essential that the various structural elements of the house receive attention occasionally in order that the house itself \vill give comfort and 'satisfaction to those who live in it. In these matters it is wise to let your lumberman serve as consulting physician. He is experienced in such examinations and is ready to serve you at any, time. . ] E. D. Ferguson, "l\he House Doctor" V<J£UI_ 7 cAse, TP A VIC-rllRE ARE- PROOFS OF50M£ "PrlO-fOS I rlAP ME WrllCrt LIKE BEST".' I'M .SEWP "EM -fo MV Au/its M" 1 MCL.-&S, VaU A owe witH -THIS LIKE: A GUV •A SilaWER- BATH, . ' PASTS A -CALENDAR oM. -TH 7 MOUTH J ME TiiR TWELVE odots"AND HER BUDDIES By Martin SOMETHING HAS.-TO. .HE DONE FRECKLES __- , - . 1 LEY, AND HtSJFRIENDS G£E.,^n" TH£(L\.L CAI.LER FLYlS-lS OM THS £XP2E^3 TsAWSfyf LI US, PASSES OVER SHADVS1D6 EVEPJV DAY Od So, BOT HAS KISVS^ To OSoP Do^iiJ To see us -Lm\.g FEEUO, HAOVSIDE.... VJ1SH TD GET A CARSO FOR i THAT TovjJiJ, OKIS OP |j THESE PAYS.... I'D m\-\\i£ To 5Ei= n AS HSLLO! VJJHATS THIS ? S60UDS LIKE 1WE OLD SHIP'S eonw' op... \JlSLl_... I SOT LEVELED OFF THAT 6UESS A PISTti>: OR TWO A>JST BG 60ME...\1EU-, QJSSS i u*ie A!!D VUHiLETtS OOltJS TWAT t KUO\XI \WHAT 1'Ll. BE CX3IS15 PUTTING; OVKH A FAST P*1v\t PRESIDENT IS INSISTENT UVON AtiOi'HER I'LiDeN.ONSVRN'nON, BOTTU£AM6RICA,WS A!J,E. T)tTeP.WiNE.O NOT To OWE TrtE.Ca^fTV, OLD (JfM \ CtAftMCE T 0 STgJXU Tum PRbC'OUS UyMfettlloM <;-?>! THE rtM> OF NttiWT, «hoW 1-7:0 FASS JJ.LWeP. if OUT OF [V. BWV, WIOTOW, f\NO HOIST ir IKTO r% WWTiWft \&>: -.- - -. -„ ~<^ r v. -^,,^5. ,-. REG. U. S.''p*T.'orr''.<?'931 BY UE WONT. H BLOW AT VOUT Ri&HT OFF

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