The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1930
Page 6
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•HI.YTHRVlLLiVCAliK.). COURIER NKWS Nick and Al Were There Memphis, Anxioys for Win, . Able to Place Full Power Against Hudsonmen, ; The Central Htulv Warriors of j Memphis will present, the slronjest f line-up they hav6-bS;en able to put ' • On Uie field this fOi;:un wlit-n they [ entertain the BlyUicvlllo hi B-school i Cliick:isavvs at Hodye.';-Field, Mem- | phis.* tonight. - i Cpich Ilnsh MaRcvuey of the-' Green ,ind OoW's^uad, stated .in i news dispatches fixnn Memphii yes- teiday-alte:noon' tliat lie would b? nUe. To lr;ro-A- his'fu|[-force inlc-1 . tlio'bafclc against, the 'Maroon un<l \ While mschlnc- from. Blylheville'. ! , Memphis grid coaches have a j wholesome respect, for' th» lilythc- rtllo asuregati'jn as the B. H. s. • Chickas-uvs l-.avomany.a ijaiiie with I Memphis toams In lliclr win col- unm Inclurlins a triumph over tlis in:s', highly touted team In Memphis liiitoiy, tho Mempliis Univei-- sit-y loam of '?2 l«l by Jack Wak'_- ru-lcl.iLasl ynii- the Chicks b«t U.a b?st tenni in Memphis. Coach Henry Hudson . oi the Chicks Mil probably slarv )i!s stiohges', backfl'.-ltl ajnlns'. .theWnr- rioi* with the cxcnpllon o! -fs bssl. broken fi"]d ace,. .1. 'T, : .Gralg; wiv: is.oil. the slds lines ..with a brcken coltavbone.. MeAfw, who caiiied Ills 1 letter' last year at. quarterback for the .toys he will faco tonight, will slart, for the Chicks at ciunrtcr, Pete Craig, ail-state fullbaik, will be at Ills resiilr pest. Short and Buna" will lii:ely -ba at t'.ic- otlier positions in tie rear, works. SATURDAY. OCTOJiKR ,|, I03fi Manufacturing Halfbacks ! A. World Serifo wouldn't be offclal without Nick and Al—and here 1 v.-c piestnt Me3.srs. All rock and Sctiacht, ba.seball comedians de luxe. Of course, Nick and: Al had In eiuvrbiln Uie crowds-at Plilladelphla, and thoy did with thcli* biirleajiie boxliif match.-.AM ypru might »uspect, Nick Li the .bird who seems to fan lildlng Ills fact; la opxs of.-Al'.'i boxing rnitts. bulo^v ara tho mascots of the Cardinal 1 ; ami Athletics, Joseph " •<•* •••• lr.'oiinls . .-> The N?w York .GUnte.. that I picked to .win the National League chase did 'not win any chase, as you well know. But they wqund up tiie sf.ison snugly' in third place, a game behind the Cubs ana three notches away fiora the champtonihip. The nice p«t.<Jf-;it,"-n6t- from my own standpoint pkrtlcularly, but from a New' YorkerX is tlia'f the ;. -crowded under .the -wire ti>?li- "n'oaes-in front-of- tlios" ' "(Lefty) - ConUsk, left, aiut.Ixiubi Ftela, right, pesky- Brooklyn'- Robins". (heir- bit- I FHfffll ML Thnrobreds Set; Seminole 11 Back in ;Harg Fpught Carrie. '20 to 2. • ". FORREST CITY,.- Ark. —Tlie Thcrougljbreds.of .the Forrest City Hljh .'school defeated tW.'.'Oscroli . , . nt Hodges Field here yes- ter ; -si.. enemies'--, from --the opening I l«'ln>' by:.lhe scoro'.pf 20 to 3. Tb'; gong-. I still thuik IJat if Brookljii liaii bieu. barredx rroh\' the league this season; my Qlints w-tkild liaye • won. :'.-... .-•;. ,.y<Ai,;,-.:v, .i.-cpkiiig.ib«cjL,breT tit . Ql'anu lcc«ls .complelcd tlirec forward weren't I'they.t.cThey. put on more dramatic ;-.driv«!r ? more? complete collapses, in 'crucial ''spots, more sensattaftal. ,hlttinjr,;pltfhing; a n d fielding; fcatS s »ndI'lmore .agonizing inconsjsteridfi of 'i«ieball -than any o ther'^tyji* Yoji;: hiyeSto "agree' that they '»•*«; interesting. ' / ,ck for , tlin Thoroughbreds, starred In buoklhf! ho : . Seminole' III*' 'for! spct-ltib'ilidr /avdage-,' while'BudEdqar'olKv' dlfT Qarfrlsori were tlie,flashes in curry-r- ug-.thQibaU >lqhp; dlst*nceq' around he- Semlnplp ends.,' : .''•' ; •;'.: .;. • '; Tlie Sfailiibtes]pill u'p.a, stulitxim rtz'ci.'and"siiowed, 'one 6T-ths-fist 1 -' 5st.'b»ckflelds her'e.Uibiseiisoii: 1 .' : •• Following ...trio 1 game, c live . learns had W n'a'termeWii fopsl^.V-' . While the : *>ys are renewme'.ac- qualntanees bick'home tn'Oretna, La;; Meeker, Ok|*.;-ArcAdia;'Calif.; Someryille," Misi, and"oih^r bul- oi-Uie-way'places, I've been having a lot of fun' mulling over' the statistics after. Memphis .Bill Terry's name. Big -Bill'.did some noteworthy things with' his bat in the sea sen just closed. First of all, unofficial average^ show that ho hit..401 to lead Uie league in batting. Secondly, he regisiered 251 base hits, which figure tied tho National League mirk . ttvsts. fyr. lo>>? Bailt Sluirpc,'- quarterbac DID YOU KNOW THAT— • Twenty-two thousand fans went out to Cubs' Park the-otlr- er day lo watch tho Bruins King their swan sorjjf .. . '.'That sinak.s well. for Cub fans, Vivo had to swallow bitter pills ill tho. Cardinals' pennant victory and Ou: canning of Boss McCarthy ... Statistics for Cubs' attendance after the final game showed that the ex-cliampioris railed to'briak" their 1929 record by something like 20000 fans' . .'.'Trie 1930 uttejuUuicc was 1.465,000''paid admissions. 1 . .'... ".' Of course, that doesn't Include the^femmes who overran Uie field on Ladles' Days. . . •, A C.hleago newspaper recently f printer n. story panning the'football correspondents fqr Ecnduig out the same "bearish," stofie., 'night .after night and iiiglit after .ril'glit. . . It.does sOin,' t fiat'some tiling of Uitei- est,.w~6uld' linppon .at a grid camp;,price in a while., . .-'•(' If Spccdball Lefthandei Can Hold Macks Birds Hope for Better Batting _ ST. l-OUlS.-Mnn!iscT Strcvt wouldn't make a statement In, the absence of lib ghost, oilier thun to repeat the announcement thut Wild Dill llallaliau will pliUi (odity arid is counted upon to le-id Hie Red Birds out of the darkness Many jMwsns hiive bccu puz*!cd as to why Manager Street has held HallRhan iiiilll the third'game; he beiux rated by many as the ace of tlic Cardinal stalf. Mr. Street ha held Hint there ^'us no ue^d o( hur rylng about the- inatier' just ,sA he didn't wait until tne ssrteb was all over. ' - •' ' Mr, (street now figures that Hal luhan Is a clnuli to win anil tlin' Grimes will win Sunday. Tliat will make the lerles even. So'SylJohn :on or Lindsey or Jos Haines will come i-luht back Mundity aiwj win The rerka will be resinned In Phil adelplita. next Wednesday ulth Hal lahan uvailabl* tp pitch and win the deciding' game. • , This ra'uition tlilnj • works out perfectly, muthematlcully, aixl who are »u to pick u fallacy Iii the plun, such as the- possibility that maybe the Cords won't.take three straight on 1-ielr hcrne lot. Mack Still Mysterious ., Connie Mnck arrive<l in town to start Hie mystery business all over lji hi rusard to pitching posj>i bUllic-s. .He won't say definitely im 01- game-time today. Some of the experts hold-that the A's boss is enger to have the series Over "In" a hurry that' he may settle down .to his winter-reading and writing and that because of t!)i£ he 'will colne back with Lelty Orove : and fpllow with Oebrge. Eamshaw: Sunday. With :the series two gtmes to none, in' fivor of the Athlietlej many point out it would be more logical, snd. : considerate, of .the. rest of his force were Connie to gamble with.spme of the lesser Rights of his pitching coterie.^ Rommel, may- bf, or, Walberg. Some guess Shores. But the Philadelphia guessers favor, tlie two-pitcher series Idea— Grove and Eurnshaw nil Uie way. 'A Sell out Is "predicted, for .'the garni; tomorrow, which Is good news to the players, who still cut In'two more games." The capacity" of Sportsman's park is said to be just a" shade under 40,000. DIXIE mm w •*hlls Furman JJ|VE.S Army scml practice. ' . Ti-e conference spollljlu will to on Allnnta today where Georsta Tech plays n cttky (Mm of fioulh Oarojyia game cocks. The Golden Torn/rdo Is rattier un unknown inantity so far this season w'lSlo Jie Game Cock's have won two game', easily. Oilier games that fU- '---' interest are Kentucky-Se- find North Oarallna-Virxinia - . i . .1 " I T I • 1 * <il> 'Vanderbilt and Tulane in ^ OIMW ronrerence y^ntf, :a D' T' » i 1 IP crippled eleven from Ole Miss will Dig InterSectlOfial dames; lournev to Alabama w.>re report', Tprh- Vc N -C ^ v- ; "'~ ••' l'|dlcal«' WalLice Wfute has analh- , tci_ii »:>. 11. u.;j; \j^. or 'championship edition of the ' ' •'•••• Crimson Tide In It"? makinir, and ATLANTA, Ga.- With twelve North Carolina, will go all the way Kames . wllhin the . SoutlierA: Cori-'to TVflrfpa to me*t one of the Irad- ference'on (he book'; for Icd.ay and ing' cWnpkmship candidates iii five conflict' tcb?d- Florida. ultid. tui active wc3k-end ,,ls ut Ttiints'ee lakc-s an easy start for hand for le^ns-hi Hie Djxitf LO:I- a Jp>i5 conferc-nce slate by rnecl- ter f nco ' ' t«K 'Cwure In a (;ame that will VanderMIt and Tulune will slop nrcbably show little in iH- way />f outsidi! the ranks of ,iho conference Teunesi-ee'K strength Georgia for an-invasion- of: the: (Western iwintin-f fov Hie coming Yal" con- Conference. The Commodores will lest, plays Mercer and Auburn tnek- ! phy tlw fonnidubk! Minnesota k* Sprini-hlll. Missi.'-slrju A. nud M'> team. »-lUle_Tiil.ui», vvillila'ke^qn an- nliiv.s Mississippi College Virginia' oilier 1 Bitr'Ttn litk prosiJjet in Military plays St. John's aii'l N«rlhwreU-ni. Maryland and Pur- Wa*hl»irum and Ix;e mee's Kicli- muu are easily dooed for the lea- mend. inv; end,. of Uieir inler.'jectional ___ sli-Ujcgles.-Xfao'bnd Uckles Yale Read Courier News Want Ads.//• Charter No. llfiM _ R««rve"Dl<itrk^~Nor 8 i ;' '' ; , ' ' ; REPORT OF. CONDITION OF T1IK v First National Bank of Blylheville In the -State*of Arkansas, at the close of biLsinees on September 24th, 1930. ' ' f. RESOURCES and discounts « If you see Northwester's halfbacks doing a lot of fancy side stepping and pivoting out of the grasp of would-be ticklers this fall remember this picture and"you'll see-how they got thai way The" top photo of the panel'shows the Purple using (heir Scrimmage mi-chine, :i device of padded posts which.takes a lot of abuse when the signal h called sending each player to 'get his "post." Next below" ls. : a device that teaches.the halfback to use a stiff arm while throwing Ins feet over the Imaginary arms of a tackier. The third picture $552 14670 . ... 91Mi Other bonds, stocks, and securities owned .................... 16,179!3|Q Banking . hoase, $76,1001.00 Furniture and fixtures, J17.100.rxj.. 93.80Q:oi&' Repl '{state ,aVpeoV other., th^n jjaniirig 'house ................ 21,70a.'$> Reserve with Federal Reserve BanR' ... ........................ 59^9^38 137,812.07, s.399'.f/2' CasK an;} 'due from, banks . .. .,,,-,.,..,. ..'.. ...................... 137, Cthdr . assets "•'•', . . '.'... . . .•; '../i £'. K >!i .......................... s.3 ' '•"•'••* * ».'•/ Total ............ -...:..... ...... . . ..................... }884,Sfil>$ ••.-•'• •'••:' LIABILITIES t:.-- Capital' stock 'paid in . . .'. .................................... J150,00o!90 Surplus .... .................... . ............................. 27,000.190 Due..ta-.b'ui)a^ including . qerUfiaUttnd ctLshlers 1 checks '- .'-'' •' stlfl-arminc with hurdllfig. The athletics are to take these hurdles .'in .order without getting out of taught .- step. Below are the special boxes which are Used to teach the" ball-carriers the arl of the body twist arid' knee lifting. Bruised shins frequently are the result of this drill. Football Result s '" . . Cpllfgc ;.Hendrbt-Kendersmi boro Aggies 0. Reiser and ooscsin on Joneiboro Whirlwinds ,, ,-, Beat Hayti lUserye*, 70-8 JO>fFSBpRO, Ark.—Tlie 'Junior ifih Whirlwinds.'' of Jonesboro owned .tltfir-home seisoh with'a oue'-slded triumirfi. over : the Haytl, K'io., high schopl'reserves,. 10-to 6, beforo a.big' cr.dwd "of' fan.?' at Woodluwli Field '. yesterday afternoon. .-^ '••".'- ''"'.'. • '• •'• Kennett High in Easy Fin, Oyer Chalice, M(j. '. 'kENNETT,-m—^'Kennett.. High school .loomed 'ai one of the outstanding .candidates, .tor. Uie "south- oastMissouri championship • after Oie locals administered a crushing £7 to 0 defeat to the Chaffee High R«d Devils Jiere Friday afternpon. Tie ilndiahs ' downs aciwa In the first quarter, two in the second, three '-In 'the third and two in the final quarter. Three of the touchdowns resulted frciii intercepted forward passes ^wlth, the Indian blocking -function- Ing excellently; '.> ; •.-..-•-< -':-••'•. •.'"•' The rtctor>- was Kennett.'s soe- ond triumpli'"of'the season.- : The locals have not t?en scored upon. CORRECT—ATTEST: •.' . ....Joe .Isaacs. .A. t .O. Little, C,,S V Lemons. Directcrs.^ '. ': .. INA C. HUNTER.'Notary'Public My commission expires May 9i 1932. 19. Jonos- Teachers 0. •Henderson Slate 48, Army .t Navy Hospital 0. 'Arkansas College 33, Montlcello Arales. 13. i-ecordcd a year ago by Frank ILet- .Magnolia Aceles 7. Ouaclilta 0. ty) O'Dmil of tlie Phillies. Thirdly. '. "-• IHjh School he established himsslf as the. first ' ' Giant to hit .400 or better for a £ea>3n. Lastly, he was the first Gi- nnt uv win a batting championship sines Larry Doyle turned the trick with an average of .320 back In 1Q15. '. Tlie Papooses of BlylhevtUe junior, and senior high and the Kaiser FUtbush Flattery Uncle Wilbert tRound Rcbtn) Rr/ohuxsn gave those Ftalbiislisrs plenty to be prcud of Uiks season '-co. They didn't iviu any pennants, to te sure, but Ihey pejchetl nt the top .Ichger .than any of tlie rcot. uii-'ass you count the' Cardinals' r.^:tiiig period frcirTnow until the scaslri opens next spring. In addition, there was an improved pitching staff "vitri Vavicc." Li;q'ue, Thurs- lon and the youthful Phelps lurh- iiig in many fciisatloicitly pitched victories. There were the rejuvenation of Glenn Wrishi, the discovery and rl?e to stardom of young "Alfonso \Loprc. tbe Spanish catcher, and tiia grest defenslvo improvement of Babe Herman. Master Babe deserves a para*; graph ty himself. He made the highest batting average of.'hls unusual career. While hitting .395 to gain second honors in We )»tting- race, be jpcosored 35i. hoine nuw, more tt>a »ny other Robin /eter acotMtptWMd in th* history of Fkt- bush DMdMU..He also scored the. most mm tot 'drove .home the moat. nM oa tbe .team. His total of II itotan b«m nuked him second OOlT to KHd .Curler of ths Ou*«. Ana MHB one coreiders (hit UMMr 1Mb* ««t transformed in one jwr'ttm teOnfis the world's »or»t fljc*lxber to one. of the »»con's tiM.' jmll ««ree th*t Brook- lyn'i Btattao-bad » pretty good 19. Beebe 0. Morrilton 15.,Searcy 0. Rector 12, Hoxie 0. lli'on 31. Star City 0. renhr Bluff, (Mo.) 0. Donlpriim Mn.) 12. - Emlora 13, Montlciilo 0. Van Buren 19. F«vMt«ville 8. Crtlr-n Plonl 57. Euelntirt 0. fi'vln<?dale. 45. Bonlmiville 0. Cawion IS. Arkadclphla 0. Oh 13. Paris' 12. Vol« Win A« Brofden Makes Counters Tenn.— The Junior Vois nf'lhe Junior University of Tenn- r^ee here defeated the CarutlieTS- vlllc Junior college 19 U> o last iiii-hU B. P. Broaden, former Uljthcville high school athlete. Id! Ills males to victory with Ivn touclidouiis and a iMlnt after touchdown. Brogden vas the shining offensive of the gnme while another Blytheville boy,' Capt. Armatrout ployed well. scoreless lie on a dusty gridiron, at Haley Field Friday afternoon. The Papoose.', made the only serious scoring threat at the start of the game, when they itmrched the ball down wltlilii the visitors' ten yard line only to lobe the pigskin OH a fumble. Thereafter neither team showed anything in the vray of a;cojislstent attack and the ball moved back nnd forth In mldflrld for the remninder of the satiw. The' visitors got their one chance at anything like a scoru when the Inexperienced Blylheville (cum with almost ten yards to go on * fourth down attempted to run the ball. An 'Incomplete pass over Uie goal Ine by Kelser gave the Pnpoosfs he ball and they were never In, danger. Neither team displayed nuy &us- tainad offense with tho Individual defensive playing on both sides srrioUierlng almost every effort to advance the pigskin. Clarence Webb nlayed a good tackling game for this PapoosM. Baker did some hard but ineffectual running for the vlsitors- Panaent of tue* In monthly Ln- stalfmwiU ,(«'. beUJe »«iUkd in ' • • HOLDING OS TO IT {•Who-is the mcrt miserly nwn you'.know?" OW Smith. Just Ihilik: \Vn»n there's a crowd at the ftatiou and neople are. standing Ir, line wait- Ing for. their j tickets, he always goes last so that he can keep his money in his pocket as tag aa possible."—Travasso. Rome. SO CONSIDERATE "I suppose you'll want ;iic to give up my .lob. Htnry, uh;n we arc married?" "How much do you earn? 'Twenty-five dollars NOTICE 'TO CONTRACTORS '- Sealed bids for" the recapplnf lot Fitte'en miles: of- 'Jevee,- irom ?lg Lakp North' to State-Line aiid »loij« State line Bast' Three miles, will be received''until'10:00 A. M. October 8th, .1430, 'at w.hich time the bids will be publicly opened at the office of Drainage District No. 17, Lynch Building, BlythoviUe, Arkansas. • Approximately estimated quantities are as follows: Improvement No.. 2S 70.072 cu. yds. Improvement No. 29 22,500 " •". Tclal 98.572 " " Plans and specifications covering the work are on file at tie District's office. A certified check for ten percent of Uie amount bid must accompany each bid submitted. The right Is reserved to reject any alid all bids. For further information fee or address J. W. Meyer. Engineer, 201 Lynch Building, Blytheville, Ak'. CLIFTON H, SCOTT, Receiver, Drainage District Number Seventeen, of Mississippi Courjty, Arkansas. 10—4-6-7 Reiser Cruse Ma.isey Turner Brock Dftvls. Ry»n Lamtirt B«lc«r : Hay Johnson, CMsidy Pos. LE LT LO C RG .RT RE QB HB HB FB B'villo Brlster linydcr Usrey Pud tie Prldo Harris Blnnchard IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Mississippi County Building A: Lotn Association of BlythcvlUe. Arkausis, 5«oy Drogden Brooks No. 4799. Plaintiff, vs. Subetltutts — Keiier. Massey Smith. Blytheville—Webb, Poster] Taylor. Referee Kramer, (Arkan- M) 'Umpire, Hunt. (XH.F INJURY FATAL PLANKINTON. 8. D. (UP)— A home nude golf club brought death to Charte* Cruthoff. 11, hr-re on an lmpro\-ed miniature golf course. Ths. Iron club head flew off as a companion made a practice swing "Tlwt's not a jot. Its a rarwr ! arid penetrated the boy's skull. He I wouldn't v<mt to interfere with I died an hour later, your career, darlui s .--Ncttin2ham ' England, Express fte*d Courier News want adj. Tress McBrldo, Mnry Ann McBrlde. a non-resident minor, Marjory McBrlde. a miner, and Teresa (Tress) McBrlde. as guardian of Marjory McBrlde. WARNING ORDER. The non-resident minor defendant, Miry Ann McBrlde, is hereby warned to appear In this action within thirty days and answer Ihe complaint of Mississippi County Building & Losn Association ;o! BlfthevUle, Arkansas, seeking to foreclose a mortgage on Lot 9, Block A of the Rlchnrds Add! lion to the town, now city, .of Blyti'iGvllle, Arkansas. Witness my. hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this the 27th day of September, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, Deputy. 27-l.ll-IS The Levee Tax Books Will Be Open for Collection at the Following Places:Blytheville Court^ House Oct 1st to llth, Inc. Osceola Court House Oct. 13th to 18th, Inc. Blytheville Court House Oct 20th to Nov. 11, Inc. Leachville Bank November 12th Manila Bank November 13th Blytheville Court House November 14th and 15th Osceola Court House November 17th to 22nd, Inc. Blytheville Court House Nov. 24th to 29th, Inc. '!' • Lyn P. Gooch, Levee fax Collector Blytheville, Ark. 41]^^^ deposjts '•'.;. ,.-.'...j..,-,.1!-:.- : , 391,78036 Time deposits 65,317,ji Bills payable and rediscounts 195,141 "'" ..Total •.'.!. -,'.;. :..'...:'. V. ,,;,-....,,;.. STATHJvpF ARKAIfSAS,'"'."'.... .•-;..'; •'^- : '.,.•;'(-! "' cdUNtY or MISSISSIPPI, ! ssV'• : .'.n,''---',f•'<?.,'' I, A. E. Scott,' 'Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly Uia.t tho above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge ai)d belief. -jv A. E. SCOTT, Cashier. r;\ •• ?<: }'-}

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