The Bradford Era from Bradford, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1946 · Page 5
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The Bradford Era from Bradford, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Bradford, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1946
Page 5
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THE ERA. BRADFORD. P/L. THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1946. PAGE nvm New Draft Regulations Likely ToScrap Occupation Deferments Harrisburg-(AP)-Selective service headquarters said yesterday that occupational deferment may become a thing of the past in Pennsylvania if local boards follow to the letter a new directive to give deferment only to those "indispensable and irreplaceable to the national existence." ^ Start in September I The order was issued by national headquarters Tuesday and affects ' men ot 19 through 29 years. The first Inductions under the order will not start until September since the Army has issued no calls for Julv and August. "There would be verv few reeis- trants who could be found to be indispensable for national existence Early Return Of Mines to Owners Unlikely Washington -(£}- Soft coal opera. ln Pennsylvania," said Lt Col Rayl t o r s have broken °" . mond E. Clouse. head of state head- * th he *° ve f nme ? rt f^f ,.« , on quarters' occupat.onal dn Kton e * TM ne tWorkers , U ^J££ u ,, .j .L,: , , the knottv supervisory workers is- He said the initial announce. '^ reduced the pros . ment probablv will be followed by . , t)GCt *0** changes in selecthe service regula-' ^ n t h p f * tions which will clarify the new national policy on deferments. Engineers Hard Hit Hardest hit of any group by a literal Interpretation of the new directive, he said, return of the mines .. their owners. ! John C. Gall, attorney for the i Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation, disclosed this yesterday at a news conference in which he an-- --- nounced new Federal Court action ~~ , be engineers | seeking to res train the government who were exempt under former reg- j from ma ki ng a n agreement with illations while employed in such UMW covering supervisors, operations as the Manhattan pro-' Ject, radar and telephonic work. However, before any estimate can be made of how many new men the directive will make available for induction in Pennsjhania a survey of local boards' file will be necessary. So far only the text of the directive has been forwarded to local authorities. Fire Sweeps Tire Plant in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh -(ff)- Fire swept the premises of the Acme Tire Co. yesterday on Pittsburgh's South Side doing damage estimated at $10,000. Eight fire companies fought the blaze which was fed bv a highly inflammable solvent. The fire started when the solvent caught fire as It was being poured by two em- ployes. Morns Reiter, 38, a co- owner of the shop, and Fireman Louis McDonnel were injured slightly In the fire. Vice Admiral Ben C. Moreell, administrator of coal mines seized by the government, has been presiding over closed-door conferences among government, union and operator representatives striving to win an overall agreement on the foremen's question. Gall said these discussions collapsed last Friday when it became evident that "no amicable agreement could be reached." The mines have been under federal operation since late May. After the seizure PMW members broke their long strike and returned to uork in early July when the government and WMW Chief John L. Lewis reached an agreement on issues involved in the strike. Since then, the question as to when the mines will be returned to their owners has largely hinged on whether the operators and Lewis could agree on a contract and on settlement of the supervisory issue. The operators and the union are disputing whether assistant mine foremen and fire bosses represent Mahailovie, 8 Others Die By Firing Squad Btlgndt-VP)-Gen. Draja Mihailo- vic died at dawn yesterday before a firing squad. The bearded. 50-year-old Chetnik leader who electrified the Allied world In 1941 by organizing the first Yugoslav resistance to the Nazi Invaders, was executed less thi-. 481 hours after a Yugoslav military j court found him guilty of treason and collaboration with the Germans. Eight others who were convicted with him were executed In the same private military ceremony. In this capital, the people apparently lost all interest in the convicted men once the death sentence was passed. On the only official comment yesterday morning was this terse announcement: "Since the presldum of the Yugoslav parliament rejected the appeals of the accused men, all the death sentences have been carried out." Otherwise, Yugoslav authorities remained silent and adopted the attitude that the news of the executions was unimportant. The sentences had been carried out swiftly in accordance with the Yugoslav custom of exacting the death penalty within two days of its imposition. The military court had sentenced 11 men in all to death, but two had been tried In absentia. They are Peter Zhivkovlc. former Yugoslav general who once served as a member of King Peter's government-in- exile in London, and Mladen Juje- vic, 51, former Chetnik commander who now is believed to be living In Paris. Twenty-three other defendants were convicted and sentenced to prison for terms ranging from 18 months to 20 years. Mihailovic, throughout his trial, maintained stoutly that he never collaborated with the Germans and that he had fought to drive them from his country, but the government of Marshal Tito charged that the Chetnlks not only collaborated, but did battle against the national liberation forces. Summer Fashions at BehindT WHOLLY By HARRISON CARROLL In early England coins sometimes ·were cut in halves or quarters to make change. management or whether they arc workers to be Included in union bargaining. Advertise In the Era and Star GOOD/VEAR If your tires are smooth, we'll save you real money with dependable recapping. If you need a new tire, Goodyear DeLuxe will give you extra miles, extra safety at no extra cost. 15 plu tax 70 GOODYEAR AIRWHEELS FOR PICKUP TRUCKS Heavier tread, heavier beads and rayon body -- m o r e plies than most passenger tires. YOU DOtf T need cash use our BUDGET PLAN GOODYEAR TUBES Now amazingly improved . . . tougher than ordinary rubb«r . . . hold air longer leaf long- $/V65 ·r tool Th« finest 4} tube we've built. p l u , .,, 6.00X10 GOOD/YEAR TIRES -^ GENERAL GARAGE CO. 133 Main St. PoTM 3106 CHAMBERLAIN SALES CO. Washington at Bennett Phone 3513 JOf E. MOWN TROPHIES ARE GIFT TO U. C. L A. HOLLYWOOD BULLETINS -Another eviction notice is the crudest blow of all for Susan Hayward and Jess Barker. They've had only two months in the house for which they searched so long. And n o b o d y wants to rent to people with twin babies All of Joe E. B r o w n ' s famous s p o r t s trophies are be- l n g presented by the comedian to U. C. L. A. which will build a special room to house them. Joe's collection, one of t h e country's most outstanding, represents the accumulation of years and contains several hundred items. e MORE delays in Walter Slezak's trip to Europe to settle the estate of bis father. He had planned to leave after finishing his role in Pat O'Brien's picture, "Mr. Fix," but he's snagged up on transportation. It's easy to get to Vienna, he finds, but hard to get back. They can't promise him any reservations for four months. BIXG CROSBY Is on the casualty list, with a cut upper lip, after a- fox terrier named Buttons leaped too enthusiastically Into his arms for a scene In "The Emperor Waltz." e LOOKS now as if Miriam Hopkins instead of her husband, Ray | Brock, will go to Reno for the I divorce. . . . Barbara Stanwyck and Bob Taylor may buy Ida Lu| pino's home. . . . A thief broke into Danny Kaye's car and stole i a set of matched golf clubs that were a gift from Leo Durocher Understand Helmut Dantine isn't so keen on sailing after his 43- foot schooner developed engine ' trouble and he was 17 hours en route from Catalina to Balboa J Director Peter Godfrey's 76-year- I old father is getting married on the 25th. His former wife, Peter's mother, died as a result of bomb Injuries. . . . "Arch of Triumph" may set a record for Intimate pictures. Schedule for first 36 days of shooting calls for only Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer on the set . . . Rin Tin Tin HI has been signed up for $45,000 a picture. HUME CRONYN BUYS ESTATE IN BAHAMAS e . . . Did you know that his famous canine ancestor was used by Warners for the first sound test made 20 years ago? e NEVER A DULL moment in the lite of Peggy Cummins. An electric fan set fire to draperies in her dressing room and ruined two dresses she was due to wear m "The Late George Apley." CHARLES BICKFORD made » trln to San Jose to cheer up an 8-year-old rheumatic feter sufferer, Ronand Llndstrom» Jr., whom he didn't e\en know. He took along two dozen autographed pictures of stars and s home recording made for the youngster by Susan Peters. " THE BRITISH government has accepted Hume Cronyn's bid to buy 125-acre Children's Bay Cay in the Bahamas group. It's about SO miles south of Nassau. Cronyn, incidentally, is playing Cat Tech's atomic scientist. Dr. Robert Oppenheimer. in M-G-M's "The Beginning or the End." SHORTS: Egyptian Star Tahia Kanm lost a 4,000-year-old scarab down a washstand drain while visiting a Hollywood director and his wife. They still are tearing up the plumbing looking for it... Lucille Ball's helicopter will be delivered this month. . . . Louis Prima Is having his horse. Republic, flown out here for the Del Mar meet. . . - Remember Adriana Caselotti, the voice of "Snow White"? She's married now to Robert Chard, a local theater ticket broker, and finally will be seen as well as heard in the new Frank Capra picture. . . . Ann Blyth is spending every spare moment at the bedside of her mother who is very ill . . . Cugat had his whole band r e h e arsing on Newport Bay. T o o k t h r e e boats m o o r e d alongside. . . . Carmen Cavallaro will take two weeks' rest on a r r i v i n g here -- his first vacation In two years. . . Richard Ney, who couldn't get a job for so long a f t e r leaving Cavallaro the Navy, has had nve more picture offers since going to work at Twentieth Century-Fox. PASTEL and PRINT Steel Issues Lead Quiet Rally On Stock Mart New York-{/P)-Stocks generally got back on their feet in jesterday's market with steels leading a quiet rally of industrials and notably "thin" special issues executing wide jumps. Reinstatements of bids in most cases was attributed by brokers to the belief the list was entitled to a technical comeback after the sharp drop of the preceding four sessions. Numerous customers, however, held aloof pending settlement of the price control controversy. Caution also still was based on growing consumers' resistance to rising living costs, tightening money rates I and some skepticism over the earnings outlook. i The Associated Press 60-stock composite was up .6 of a point at 77.3, first upturn since July 9. Of 935 issues registering, 498 rose and 248 fell. ' American woolen preferred climbed about 12 points and the common 6 at the best following stockholders' approval of a recapitaliza- tion plan. The former ended up S^i ' at $175.75 and the latter 3'a at $5950. Eastman Kodak added 5'i at $236 on 400 shares. American Distilling, In the wake of an increased extra dividend, tacked on 2 i with transactions of only 600 shares. 1 Montgomery Ward, ex-rights. , suffered an early stumble but revived and ended up 3 » at $7687 1 Silver King and Sunshine Mining 1 were up fractions as Congressional i conferees agreed on higher silver prices. s Among forward curb movers were Grayson-Robinson, Polaris Mining. Trans* estern Oil. Babcock , Wilcox and American Cyanamld. Turnover here was 330,000 shares versus 470,000 Tuesday. Pronghorn antelopes are found only In a few isolated spots in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico. Utah, and Wyoming. Advertise in the Era and Star "UNBLOCK"^ And Stop Do*ingr Your Stomach With Soda and Alkalizers Don't expect to get real relief from headache, sour stomach, gas and bad breath by taking soda and other alKa- lizers if the true cause of your trouble ta constipation. In t his case, your real trouble is not m the stomach at all. 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Limit 2 pr to a customer bring credentials. MILES-BRADFORD COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS a armerb 8 49 Bembergs -- Linens -- Spun* -- Luonos Pretty dresses to keep you heavenly cool thru Summer. See them now on Fashion Floor . . . the most eye- catching charmers m town. You'll love their jaunty ucpluin. brevze-ca tchlng sleeves, gay trtas' Come «*" \ours today. 9 to 15. 12 to 20, 18«£ to «Pref ty ll/latemit 10 to 16 Cool flattery for young mothers-to-be. · Note the expanding waistline . . . slim style. Pretty print*. Others 499 to 10.79 Value Miracles . . PRINT SPUNS Thrift-frocks . . . dressy or tailored in fresh Summer fabrics. 499 Sizes 12 to 18. Pretty as a Picture . SHEER PEASANT BLOUSES 32 to 38 159 Summer favorites . . . cool sheer blouses -- snowy white with bright t r i m at the square neckline and sleeves. M-m-m -- Cool/ NYLON GIRDLES by "Plicmtform" 495 Enjoy fhe Water/ One Piece LASTEX SWIM SUITS 32 to 38 795 Ready to romp over sand and surf . . this popular trim one- piecer with skirt effect front. Durable, pretty and practical. White, light blue, maise, navy or black. --_,. Sun-up to Sun-down Monotone Print SPONS ,95 12 to 20 25x29 Sleek with zipper closing, elastic panels and inserts. Short bones to prev ent rolling. Charming classics in attractive print . . . for around town, afternoon relaxing . . . daily wear. Black on yellow, blue or pink. Scoop/ Budget Priced SHORTY PAJAMAS 39 Suitable for sleep or beach wear. Two piece bare midriff numbers, consisting of shorts and bolcra style top Floral print -- rose, blue or yellow. vaL Young, Young Fashions ... 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Si//o 24 x 48' 239 A Scoop/ Bright Fruit and Floral TEA TOWELS ea. 29c 39c vaL NEWSPAPER WSPAPfcRI

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