The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1944
Page 8
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i>AGE EIGHT BLYTIIEVILLE COUJUKK NKVV'S Parker Subdues Two Opponents ; Portner Eliminated, > But Big Jim Defeats Belkas And Canny Enacting the role of "Iron rmrn" i$ getting {o be n popular hnbit wllh>.VBlg ilm 1 '.. Parker. i-Th'e ': 225-pound • loughte came through with successive victories over Bill Canny and Staff Eergt Chris Bclkns, alter his pvtnci, Yaqul Joe, had been disposed of, to lead his teajii to n thrilling triumph In .'the, feature. tag match of Prompter ',- Mike ' Mcroney's 'weekly TVTestlinB program last night at the American Legion arena. ;"Blg Jim", however, can thank ; ln IIQ small measure, the contempt which ' Canny has for Merone)' for his .spectacular double victory, his second 'in .four .starts. , For 'he was well on the road to defeat at the hands of "Wild Bill" when he received a break which he was able to 'turn into a win. • . . Tlie trouble began after Canny had bulldozed and manhandled YaqurJoe into surrendering will) a surf board, . and Parker bounced smaller Belkas on his knee with a back breaker, in Hie third fall. That set • up the match on an even-stc- phen basis, one fall apiece and half or the finale. .• Bill Gets Tough .'"Wild Bill" came tearing out of his corner, like an enraged bull and proceeded, to give Parker a thorough going over with everything .he'had in his bag of modem wrestling' tricks. His principal Item was by clicking.. Naturally, Referee Merdney: didn't stand lor much of that and kept pulling Canny loose every tjrne he went at- Parker's throat. Finally, Canny got enough of the "Interference" and proceeded to turn his'attention to the otflclnl himself. Curing that lively melee "Big Jim" was. .able to come up for air and recover. So lie too joined in the twosome between Canny > and Meroney. He reached down, pulled BUI to'iits feet and clipped him with a,i:bcautlful .haymaker. It was a very ;sinipte -matter to fall on him for- 'the third - : and 'deciding fall, bfijJBlng together one of the wlcrd- est and comical matches of the season.; ';-.••- '- .• • :•'-, .-•'.-. • o ''' i :', '-Has Funny 'Mome ills .jMIUCn." of 'the; .comedy w&s ;sup- Plied , by',, tile ' :inimltlable . Ctiimy. Watching his mate, Belkas, expertly knock . both . . Parker and' Yaqnl Joe' loose : froin their ; bridgework " DOPE BUCKET •1 J. T. PULLS A HOUniNJ After the sUmt which I stroycr on the hunt In the Pa- Wult ] clfic. ... He hasn't been in the (Dub) Logan pulled the oilier evo- service very long, but long enough nlng In New York, it will lake a 10 gel In on some very hot action lot of convincing to make Virginia —ami I do mean "hoi." Wetenkamp, nee Terry, believe that IN GAY ittllKG the ,UP correspondent Isn't a Paris (France) Is u mighty long legerdemain ... It all started some walk from Blylhcvlllc, but quite time ago Walt had just re-1 n handsome phcc to meet fomc- turned from the Pacific where he one from home In the opinion of covered the war activities in nnd , WAC Eldorn Ncn), daughter of Mr. around China and India for his ; and Mis. J. E. Ncal of Yarbro . . . press bureau ... By chance he en- | She was walking down the streets countered Kink-and Virginia and ' of tile historic city recently, win during the conversation mentioned (he fact that orchids were a,s common In Ceylon as fleas on dogs, pdsslbly more plentiful . . . "Why, they're everywhere." lie told her. "Yqu can hardly lake a step without stepping on them." . . . Anil lie likely went on and on, promising to bring her back a whole minload the next time he wn.s- over there . i . Well, she probably forgot all about the Incident until (he other night Willie they were riding In a Inxl Walt quite unexpectedly handed her a .spray of the beautiful flowers, telling her lie had just received them from Ceylon ... In reality, he found them in the taxi where a previous customer had conveniently (for Wnlt) left llicm . . . Bui, sh-h-h-h. don't toll Virginia . . . Promise??? COMFI.KTES Alll TOTJK Writing his parents In the same letter, Wall mentioned Hint "Marsh Callaway, Jr., showed up last night, en route home from England where he hud just completed his tour of missions as n B-17 navigator ... He didn't seem very glnd to be home; seemed to think he should have stayed for another tour of duly ... He brought me n carton of cigarettes, and said if he'd known how hard they were to get he would have brouqlit a with" .well .executed kangaroo Bill Vyciled out"wateh me do that" upon receiving the tag. Well, he clid fairly:; well oil the' first: But the jiexf 'lime he'nilised completely nnd. fell, flat on his bottom, \\\> the mid- case of them had known." . I sure wish he Mnrsh is the sou of the Rev. Cnllnivny, u-ho served cs pastor of the Presbyterian Church here for several years, and Mrs. Cnllnway Houston, Texas, now They live in GOOD EXCUSE—We have heard of i-oyl- om excuses for not writing, but Seaman "Buddie" Warrington. son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Warrington, gets the fur-lined syrup pitcher, or the croched bnth tub, for t his quirp I'm sorry I have written sooner, but have been very dle';of. Uie ring as'the large crowd roared.;He tried '.several'' times' to connect .with 'inaccurifV'.success! '., '•^ got away,'to,a good start-by taking the first fall,which fairly' teemed with activity. Parker put. the'skids under'Canny iwlfti, a series of rolling short arm scissors, followed by a painful arm strangle for the nod in 10 minutes. ' . . ''.It: took Yaqul Joe, who seemed to have chrls*.number all evening, only .five minutes to piii; the. soldier without use of his hands, A perfect reverse .body scissor .did the trick. .-•/:•'•.. Losers-Optn Up . .j.Leo; b'y Belkas, Canny and •'Clirb opened :u"i> with :i i fast open attack to;;even the score at r a fall apiece. g$j£5.:exp!oded ffa'ngjiKJo'' kicks Yin, theSfac?' of Parker and 'cpmbinbtf it with; Irish .(Whips; and .flying 1 Uck- Ijs'to" soften^up^lie^blg ,boy. ; Can- ny..had.the*hqiior'iri nine minutes. i'Belkas cani'e throiigh: with his first.'and .only'defeat of'Yaqui 'Joe to complete the fall, using much the.same dose"to win. Faking a lieadjock' which",lie had'been generously., using,. ..Chris' ' suddenly launched /out-feet first .-to - : catch the •Indian nnpplhg. Three' more in succession *yere enough. -•-"; .' ?.-Business began ,to :tnriye'. as the third...fall .got under way.- thanks tp-'Sonie heavy roughing by Can- liy. who rates second to none Here. Bill'icofnered-Yaqui Joe and-eliminated him - without permitting a tag; But Parker spoiled the fine •york 'by eliminating; Belkas, mainly through superior, weight. That set the .'stage for the, winning splurge. .;• Indian Is Clevtr .Yaqui Joe, effectively using his powerful.;iegs'and.feet, disposed of Belkas in the opening curtain raiser.-But Chris paved the way for his own downfall. Be had the Indian going With flying tackles, connecting twice.. But on. the third Yaqui. stepped aside, let him pass and .came up with a neat drop toe hold.. . Canny finished atop of Parker in their preliminary which, true to all expectations, developed into a rough, .tough, bruising affair. Bill used an arm stomp to become a jwinrier in 11 minutes. Boy, was it jrugged! Look Out, Pop! i busy I.had to get MncArthur back Into the Philippines" Youngest, of five athletic brothers "Buddie" is tx member of a cle- dow shopping jvissibly and not looking for a bonnet since Uncle Gam furnishes her duds, when she ran into Scrgt. nolnnd Warrington, former Papoose star, No. 4 son of Hie Lcc Warrlngtons, and hus- Caruthersville Cage Schedule Is Announced Boys and glils Iwskelbiilt teams of Cartillicrxville Jllyh School will play a double-header against, War- ilell squads nt Caruthersville Jaji 12. Coacli Bynum lins a boys sriiiail of 33 out witlj ten of the group Imvlng hud one season of competition with the Tigers or some other team. Three of this croup have lettered at oilier high schools Ijc- fore coming to Caruthersville. 'nicy arc Leonard Kindred at Kennelt- Paul Waljwle at llolcomb, nnd I.emvrod Foster nt an Arkansas ichool. The Ctinithmvlllc boys who were on the teajn last season arc Herbert, Conell, Wayne Calcl- wcll, Bud Pierce, Jinnnio McFall John Cantrcll, Jack Jeffries and Evcrelt Stroud, band of the former nuik.s . Peggy Another of the Wnr- .'iigtons, Sergl. Dan, has arrived In the Aleutians . Address: 122ml AACS Sqd,, APO 462, % I'M, Minneapolis, Minn. . . , FOR ItEPAlUS—Elinor Llnd.scy and Ills LST must have Into sonic trouble out in the Pacific recently .' . The former outstanding Chick linesman wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Lindsay, of (Hilling Into nn Island for repairs . XMAS GREETINGS: Yuletide felicitations have been coming In rather lively of late . . , from service men nnd [nas . . . 'Hie Idlest have come from Lieut. Jus Dllciy, now stationed at the San Antonio (Tex.) Army Air Field fWliig 2, AAPPF); The Hcrky Mosloys, 1370 Gulf, Blvd., Mudllln, Bench, SI. Petersburg, fin.; Ens. and Mrs. Rny Grant (KeiT), 1613 E. Jordan. Pensacoln, Flu.; Lieut. Oeo. Trusty, Gl Troop carrier squadron, APO 920; Rev. T. L. Lawrence, OJiceoln; Corp. J. D. McGill, 8th Plato Recon. Sqdn. APO 12, San Francisco, Cn,lif.; Peter Thomas Hnney, F2-e US Naval Net Depot., Navy 121, & FPO, NYC; Willlnm B. Brown, A-S., V-1'2, Co. 14, Sec. 1405. Billet M•1152-1, USNH, PMS, Asbury Park, NJ; Lieut, nnd Mrs. Marvin (Soak) Sanderson, Htj. 53rd AART Bn., Fort Bltss, Texas.; M-Sgt. and Mrs. Virgil Fisher, Camp ruickcr, Ala.; Scrgt. Pete Biirnham, Co. A., 100th lln, Camp Blanding, Fla.; S-Sergt. Willlnm C.' Crowe, 343rd QM Depot Co., APO ,.503, % PM, San Francisco, Calif:; Frank Hfnncuso, 7111 Avc. K., Houston, Texas, for which we say "thanks," with lots of oomph. Other members of the sqund are:! 'imeti Murphy, Maurice Kantor,' IHily Jack Tieecc, Julian lioyd, Wayne I-ce. Orvllle Hooker, Yak*, Louis Proctor, Gilbert Ennis. Tommlc Blnckford, Bobble I'nttemii, G. W. Fox, Hubert Wagner, Hilly Ollllnin, Rouble Mor- iiim, Dcwey Nccly, Jack Allen, Thomas Ncely, Billy Acuff, Dick Tliwcatl, Robert Swift, Dai-rcll JJIeJtv and Duffy Sclnilt.' The following Ls the schedule for both toys nnd girls: Dec. 22—Open date. Jan. 5—Open dale. Jan. 12—Waaxlcll, here. Jim. 10—Holland, there. Jan. 20—Hnyll, here. Jan. SO—Cooler, here. Feb. 2—Open date, Feb. 9—Hayll, there. Feb. 13—WardoH, there. Feb. 1G—Holland, there. In a B-29 Superfortress there are, not Including duplications, •KM5U different kinds of parts. More (h;m :i million rivets hold the huge u'tu.s.'ililp together. Blue and Gray Squads Forming <•» Annual Grid Classic Scheduled Dec. 30th At Montgomery, Ala. MONTGOMERY, Ala.,' Dec. ig (UP)—Practically <ill of the arrangements have been completed for the annual Blue and Gray football "lassie at Montgomery, and It's July a few more days before the North and the South elevens will lie taking to the gridiron. The game Is .scheduled for December 30th. The Gray team, representing the South, lacks only one man. But the Blue team, standard bearers for Hie North, has been completed. There is plenty of football talent on both the squads. On the Grays will be such talented plgskin-pack- TUKSDAY, DECKMHKK 19, 1044 crs as Charlie Trippl, aienn Dobbs, and Jimmy Nelson. Then, too, there's Curtis KuykendaH, Shorty McWIIHains, Ski Tinsley and Joo IZenfroe. Against these outstanding southern footballers, the North's Blues will pit such rugged individuals as Eddie Gingrich of Dartmouth, John Sica of Pcnn, Bub Hoenischmeyer of Indiana and Tonic Minis! of Pittsburgh. Read Courier News Want Ads. LABORERS WANTED URGENTLY NEEDEI) NOW TO HELP BUILD NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT i.Dr, Earnest A Hoolon. above. I professor ol anthropology at •Harvard University, suggests Hh« postwar v.orki police lone •T?c tomposcd entirely of men j over 45 He behe\es these men • already have accomplished > j"lhc!r life's \\orX" and might as 'well devote icst ot their lives ^ "m piyfnonl ol benefits tney * l ly have ' " \ AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Haglin, Missouri Volley and Sollitt (Prime Contractor*) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions.. Help build this plant 80 vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS IT tn M *tn, M«n mnttt tl «• under 18 mwt h»T« w*(e re- Ie».ie farm tl(ved Vy p»rtnta which «•« iMt *M»lm4 «4 Offlee, Beau Br Spell Bounteous Cheer and up to : $5 "As Beau Brummell Ties Go—So Goes The Fashion" .'•tii • , •» \Vc are proud to present these iialiomtlly ntl- ycrtiscd ties in ii glorious Christmas array. Choose from stripes, l)f%li( say prints, or neat solids ... No mnn hiis'tou many! In Blytheville Since 7902 Five on Jot) 113 Vcurs FOHT DEVENS, Miiss. (UP) — The total continuous service record of five Port Devens employees adds up to 113 years—four times the age of the camp. William J, Burns served 22 years and two months. Omer J. Durepo has been' on the job 21 years and eight months Charles w. P. Fales has served 24 years and two months, Joseph c Heath 24 years and two months, while J. Stafford. Shecdy has been i Derails 22 years and six months ADD WOKS OF MAILMEN BOSTON. (UP)—Boston letter carriers have their troubles-am: Swvtt, For all weather smartness, it's AQUA-PRUF HATS . .. fine "fells made water' repellant through cm-exclusive process ... smartly styled in the season's latest shades with' careful attention to detail that adds a distinctive touch; - : • •- ' 6.50 and 7.50 JOE ISAACS; Inc. In Blytheville Since 1902 then some--these days. Already overworked because of lack of manpower, the carriers hnve to struggle wlih letters addressed to Pasture, tiie old name tor Jphains Corner, Cork City (New- .011 Center) and Washington Village (South Boston), The Navy's newest bflmp, (lie M-l, has a three-bladed electric ovopellcr which can be used as an airbrake on either side or both at once. New Theater Manila's Finest i What have you done today that"' f some mother's son should die for ( you tomorrow? • —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents. Dress Up For The HOLIDAY SEASOH In Quality CURLEE CLOTHES Dress smartly for Christmas get-fo-gethers (and long after) in smartly styled new clothing tailored by Curlec. You'll find we have a wide selection of all-wool fabrics in both single and double breasted models. You'll like the fabrics and the cut. * * ;i: Curlee Suits 135 and $36.50 * * Exclusive \n B/ythevi//e At JOE ISAACS Incorporated In lilvthcvillc Since 1902 Tuesday "STRANGE AFFAIR" Allyn Joslyn ;uiil Evelyn Keys "Serial & Short Wednesday '& Thursday' ,".• "CANTERVILLE GHOST:' Chas. I,ai!(rhlon and Margaret S O'Brien l-'ox News and Short •/ CHICKASAW West Mala Ne*r 21rt gt Sat lUrta 12:15; San. lUrti l:j Night ihow« 5:45 Eicept Maniaj, op«n> 1:15 Continuous ihom Sat. and 8«n. Tuesday BUDDY NITE 4i 2 Tickets For the Price of 1 "THE GREAT IMPERSONATION" with Ralph Bellamy & Evelyn Ankers Also Musical Short Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "BLUES IN THE NIGHT" with Friscilla .Lune i. Richard \Vho)f arl( l "LET'S HAVE FUN'' wilh licrt Gon'on, "The Mail^ Russian" and^Mui-garel Linclscy,. ,. RITZ* THEATRE^ Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY mGHTH Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Start* at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Openi 1 Show BUrti 1:18 Tuesday & WeCnesdiy Tuesday Night Is Opportunity Night "LEOPARD MAN" with Dennis O'Kccfc, Marge RKO NEWS AND COMEDY Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Tuesday PAL NITE 'Rookies In Burma 1 Wall}- Drown ft Allen Carney Selected Shorts Wednesday & Thursday 'Higher and High er n-ilh Michelc Morgan & Frank Sinatra Xews of the Day Shnrt

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