The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 26, 2000 · Page 73
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 73

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 2000
Page 73
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- I I , , , , , LOS ANGELES TIMES WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2000 F13 CHANNELS Los Angeles m KVEA (Tele) 23 Orange County B3 KDOC (Ind 1 56 O KC8S (C8S 02 EB KJLA (Ind ) 25 OKNBCINBCI04 B3 KLCS (Edu.) 17 H KTLA WB 05 m KRCA (Ind.) 20 DKABC(ABC07 palm Springs 0KCALlnd.)O9 EJ KMIR (NBCI 04 mKTTV(Fox 11 1456 KESQ(ABC)7. 00 KCOP (UPN) 13 25 Santa B-rtar. 8DKCET(PBS)28 l4 KEYT(ABCl07 63 KPXN (PAX) 30 San Bernardino SHKMEX(Uni.14 2 KVCR (PBS) 24 EQ KTBN (Ind ) 40 Ventura County 0DKOCEPBS5O !6KADY(UPN16 Cable Services A&E 39 El 63 NICK 38 AMC 35 ESPN 34 SCI-FI 87 BET 57 ESPN2 84 SHOW 41 BRV0 54 FAM 47 TBS 43 CNBC 31 FSN 27 TCM 88 COM 79 FSN2 59 TIC 51 CSPN 29 FX 89 TMC 58 CMAX 45 HBO 33 TNN 49 CNN 42 HIST. 30 TNT 52 DSC 37 LIFE 46 USA 44 DISN 53 MTV 48 VH1 62 Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where mere are two numbers, repeat the procedure. (R) in the grid, denotes a repeat program. TV RATINGS (TVY) All Children (M7) Directed to Older Children (TVY7-fV) Directed to Older Children; ; FantasyViolence (TVG) General Audience (TVPGI Parental Guidance (TV14) Parents Strongly Cautioned (7VMA) Mature Audiences Only ID) Suggestive Dialogue ID Coarse Language IS) Sex V) Violence Movie Ratings rVW A CLASSIC FIRST RATE FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS DESPERATION TIME Morning 9:00 a.m. B KCBS Martha Stewart 30978 I.3) KEYT Regis & Kathie Lee O KNBC 13$ KMIR Later Today Prime-Time TV Rankings 'Millionaire Outshines Golden Globes, Streisand In a ratings story grown very familiar, ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" continued to beat out all comers, including the Barbra Streisand-fueled Golden Globe Awards on NBC Sunday night, based on viewing estimates issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. It was a period marked by "Millionaire's" continued success airing three nights a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) and the two awards shows, including the American Music Awards, which gave ABC strong numbers Monday night. Streisand, honored with a career achievement award at the Golden Globes, boosted NBC on Sun- Natfonal Nielsen Viewership Here are the rankings for national prime-time network television last week (Jan. 17-23) as based on the average number of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen U.S. viewers age 2 and older. Viewership is listed here in millions. Net- View- Program work tn 1. Millionaire (Thur.) ABC 32.46 2. Millionaire (Tue.) ABC 30.13 3. Millionaire (Sun.) ABC 29.54 4. Golden Globe Awards NBC 22.11 5. Friends NBC 19.35 6. Malcolm in the Middle FOX 19.29 7. Every. Loves Raymond CBS 19.01 8. The Simpsons FOX 18.37 9. Frasier NBC 17.31 10. Jesse NBC 16.91 It. NVPDBlue ABC 1687 12. 2020 Oo.nlown ABC 16 72 13. American Music Awards A8C 16.68 14. Dharma&Greg ABC 16 SO 15. Becker CBS 16.34 16. Touched by an Angel CBS 16.11 17. ER NBC 16.03 18. Providence NBC 1598 19. "Fire Dovm Below" CBS 15.39 Twenty-One NSC 15.39 21. King of Queens CBS 15.38 22. 60 Minutes CBS 14 68 23. "Murder in the Minor" CBS 14.63 24. Dateline NBC (Fri.) NBC 14.54 25. Judging Amy CBS 14.45 whose line Is It? (8 30 p.m.) ABC 14.46 27. AllyMcBeal FOX 14.41 28. law 4 Order SVU NBC 14.33 29. The Drew Carey Show ABC 14.28 30. JAG CBS 1419 31. The Practice ABC 1397 32. TheX-Frles FOX 1385 33. Diagnosis Murder CBS 13.80 34. Ll Man CBS 13 60 35. 60 Minutes II CBS 13 57 36. 2020 (Wed.) ABC 13 47 37. Walker. Teus Ranger CBS 13.34 38. 2020 (Fn) ABC 12.91 39. Spin City ABC 12.79 40. Sports Night ABC 12.64 41. "The Loretta Claiborne Story" ABC 12.47 42. Law S Order NBC 12 36 Family Law CBS 12 36 44. Stark Raving Mad NBC 1229 45. Whose Line Is It Anyway? ABC 12.17 46. Third Watch NBC 12.14 47. Sabnna, the Teenage Witch ABC 1203 48. Martial Law CBS 11.67 49. Greed FOX 11.60 50. Two Guys and a Girl ABC 11.51 51. "The Birdcage" ABC 11.42 52. Winning UneslFrl.) CBS 11.38 53. Winning Unes CBS 11.25 54. 48 Hours CBS 11.11 55. Will t Grace NBC 1104 56. Golden Globes Arrivals NBC 10 78 57. America's Most Wanted FOX 1061 58. Norm ABC 1047 59. The West Wing NBC 10.39 60. TheHughleys ABC 10.02 61. Boy Meets Work) (8 30 p.m.) ABC 996 62. Cops (8:30 p.m.) FOX 9.94 63. Chicago Hope CBS 959 Tips for Today 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Mozart Birthday Bash: . Tony Hanover and Mara Zhelutka discuss and present the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarl; guests include baritone pavid Sanncrud and pianist Dr. Charles Fierro ("KCSN Opera House" offers Mozart's "Cosi fan tutle," 8 t.m.-midnighl), KCSN-FM (88.5). 8:30-10 p.m. Rockline: Music and Interview with Mickey Hart of (he Grateful Dead, KCBS-FM (93.1). &-9:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m. Gunsmoke: Two people are in love but (here is a problem: Their fathers are longtime tnemies, KNXI107O). 9:30-10:30 p.m. The Kim Richmond Clay Jenkins I nsemhle, live jazz broadcast, KI.ON-I'M (88.1.) iO p.m.-mldnlght Chicago Symphony: Verdi ("Te Deum"); Bruckner ("Psalm 150"); Orff ("Carmina Burana"), KKGO-FM (1(15.1). TODAY ON TV B KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TVPGI 61862 D KABC 1423 KESQ Regis & Kathie Lee 56930 El KCAL Maury (TVPG) 14978 ED KTTV Divorce Court W KCOPMontel Williams 50794 m KSCI I Can Do Itl m KWHV La Corte del Pueblo 24I KVCR Sesame Street 87404 BO KCET Barney (TVY) 33046 EH KTBN Dr. Cherry 03 KOCE Instructional TV m KVEA Monica 89862 S3 KDOC Life in the Word Si KJLA Mike Russell (TVG) m KLCS TEAMS: Turn On to Algebra AMC "Copacabana" '47 1hr45 31968133 (9:15) A&E L A. Law BET Videolink BRVO Moonlighting CNBC Power Lunch 71317 CNN Newsday COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? DSC Assignment Discovery (TVG) DISN PB&J Otter (TVY) EI Talk Soup (TVPG-D) 370978 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Fishin' Hole FAM It's Itsy Bitsy Time (TVY) FSN Golf the West FX Picket Fences (TVPG-DS) HBO "Beaches" '88IPG-13) 2hr03 905607 HIST Weapons at War (TVG) LIFE Next Door (TVG) 921510 NICK Little Bear 756268 SCI-FI Highlander (TVPGI TBS Matlock TCM "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" '58 1hr48 6542713 TLC Bingo & Molly (TVY) TMC "Critical Care" '97 (R) 1hr45 49187510 (9:25) TNN Dukes of Hazard TNT Lois & Clark (TVPG) USA Almost Perfect (TVPG) LIFE New Attitudes (TV14) 635201 NICK Blue's Clues TLC Salty's Lighthouse (TVY) USA Something So Right (TVPG) VH1 Pop-Up Video (TVPG) 10:00 a.m. H KCBS Dr. Joy Browne 40268 131 KEYT Home Improvement El KNBC Time & Again (TVG) IJ KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TVPGI 88442 D KABC 42 KESQ The View 73510 CI KCAL Jerry Springer 91 930 m KTTV Queen Latifah 26626 IB KCOP Forgive or Forget 59864 24t KVCR Creative Living BO KCET Sesame Street 65220 W KMEX Maite !361 KMIR Judge Mills Lane EH KTBN Behind the Scenes m KVEAvV"Roxanne'"87 (PG2hr 49171 EH KJLA Richard Saxton (TVG) BO KLCS E in Me; Entrepreneur in You; World of Work (10:15) m KRCA Cine A&E Law & Order (TVPG) BET Hits From the Street BRVO "Rebel Without a Cause" '55 2hr45 40246336 CMAX "Rudy" '93(PG 1hr54 657423 CNN CNN Today COM "Car 54. Where Are You?" '94 IPG-13) 2hr 3828152 DSC Home Matters (TVG) DISN Bear in the Big Blue House El Rod Serling: The E! True Hollywood Story (TVPG) ESPN Tennis- Australian Open, Men's Quarterfinal. 837607 ESPN2 Super Bowl Highlights FAM The 700 Club FSN2 Fitting It In FX Beverly Hills, 90210 (TVPG) HIST High Points in History (TVPG) LIFE Chicago Hope (TVPG-L) NICK Kipper 539688 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) SHOW "Black Beauty" '94 (G1hr25 514930 TBS Hunter TLC The Big Garage (TVY) TNN Alice (TVG) TNT In the Heat of the Night USA Ned and Stacey (TVPG) VH1 New Videos (TVPG) 9:30 a.m. OD KTTV Divorce Court m KWHV Quien Tiene la Raz6n BO KCET The Puzzle Place 70065 03 KTBN Dean and Mary Brown EB KJLA Dow 30 Report (TVG) BO KLCS 3-2-1 Classroom Contact (9:45) CNN Burden of Proof 161125 COM Win Ben Stein's Money DISN OutoftheBoxTVY E! Mysteries & Scandals (TVG) ESPN2 Spanish Fly FAM CBN Special Edition 662355 FSN2 Aerobic Conditioning 10:30 a.m. 13 KEYT Mad About You (TVPG) m KWHY "Los Valientes No Mueren" '62 1hr30 414189 I24J KVCR Kaye's Quilting Friends day night, drawing an estimated 22 million viewers.though not enough to challenge Sunday night's installment of "Millionaire." For Fox, "Malcolm in the Middle" appears to be holding its ground as the 1999-2000 TV season's one emerging comedy hit, finishing with nearly 20 million viewers its third week out among healthy competition Sunday night. CBS continues to get strong performances from its sitcoms, fueled largely by "Everybody Loves Raymond," but its much-hyped midseason drama "City of Angels" has had disappointing performances so far. PAUL BROWNFIELD 1 -0 PS Barbra Streisand Tmi rf fri ImJI Net- View. Program work era 64. Nash Bridges CBS 9.43 65. Dateline NBC (Mon.) NBC 941 66. That 70s Show FOX 937 67. City of Angels CBS 924 68. Dateline NBC (Tue.) NBC 9.21 69. Veronica s Closet NBC 9.16 70. Now and Again CBS 9.05 71. Malcolm In the Middle (Tue.) FOX 8.75 72. Boy Meets World ABC 8.59 73. Cops FOX 826 74. Cosby CBS 825 75. WWFSmackdown! UPN 7 79 LrfeiTnaS AHvMcBeal FOX 7.79 77. Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction FOX 760 78. Freaks (Geeks NBC 7.55 79. Beverly WIS, 90210 FOX 7.27 80. Just Shoot Me NBC 712 81. 3rd Rock from the Sun NBC 6.70 B2. "Maximum Risk" FOX 6.18 83. Party of Five FOX 6.17 84. Get Real FOX 5.73 85. Star Trek: Voyager UPN 5.70 86. Buffy. the Vampire Slayer WB 5.35 87. 7th Heaven WB 5.10 88. Charmed WB 504 89. Angel WB 4.77 90. Dawson's Creek WB 4.10 91. The Parkers UPN 4.03 92. Roswell WB 3.62 93. Moesha UPN 3.53 94. The Jamie Fon Show WB 3.45 95. Steve Harvey Show (9 p.m.) WB 338 96. The Steve Harvey Show WB 3.36 97. Popular WB 324 98 Grownups UPN 317 99. "I Dare You" UPN 3.10 100. Grownups (Mon) UPN 3.05 101. For Your Love WB 3 04 102. 7 Days UPN 287 103. Safe Harbor (Mon.) WB 2.80 104. I Dare You (Fri ) UPN 2.47 105. Felicity WB 2.34 RADIO Drama-Comedy-Family 9:30-10 p.m., 2:30-3 a.m.-The Whistler: A wife stands in the way of her husband's freedom (originally broadcast Sept. 3, 1943), KNXU070). Classical 8-9 a.m. Commuter Classic: Bach (Flute Concerto In C, James Galway, Wurlcnberg Chamber Orchestra), KKGO-FM (105.1). 1 1 :30 a.m.-noon Masterpiece of the Day: Mozarl (Violin Concerto No. 5 in A, Martin Bell, English Chamber Orchestra), KKGO-FM (105.1). 7- 8 p.m. Symphony at Seven: Mendelssohn (5th Symphony, English Chamber Orchestra), KKGO-FM (105.1). 8- 10 p.m. Evening Concert: Mozart (36ih Symphony, English Baroque soloists), KKGO-FM (105.1). 8 p.m.-mldnlght Opera House: Mozart's "Cosi fan tutte," with Robert Peters, Hichard Tucker, Blanche Thebom, 36! KMIR Judge Mills Lane E3 KTBN Casey Treat m KDOC Froozles (TVG) 746862 8 KJLA Bio-Med Check-Up ED KLCS Hands On: Crafts for Kids 57688 DISN Rolie Polie Olie (TVY) ESPN2 Super Bowl Highlights NICK Franklin 745152 SCI-FI The Twilight Zone (TVPG) TLC Jay Jay the Jet Plane (TVY) TNN Real McCoys (TVG) USA Fired Up (TVPG) 11:00 a.m. B KCBS The Young and the Restless (TV14) 20404 a KNBC News H KTLA Judge Mills Lane O KABC (3J KEYT Port Charles (TVPGI 72220 O KCAL Judge Mathis (TVPG) DO KTTV Living Single OD KCOP Jenny Jones (TVPG-L) 89220 Ml KVCR Sewing With Nancy BO KCET Noddy (TVY) 32220 SB KMEX Girasoles para Lucia (TVPG) 87862 (36! KMIR The People's Court BD KTBN James Robison AZ KESQLeeza 69046 BO KDOC Southland Today m KJLA Local Angle (TVG) BO KLCS Using Maps, Globes. Graphs, Tables. Charts and Diagrams ; Special Programming (11:15) 1631 KADY The Newlywed Game AMC "Our Little Girl" '35 (PG)1hr1 5 4675591 A&E Northern Exposure (TVPG) BET Jam Zone CNBC Street Signs CSPN Public Affairs DSC Lynette Jennings Design DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) E! Inside the Gucci Empire (TVPG) ESPN2 Super Bowl XXXIV Press Conference FAM Who's the Boss? (TVG) FX Beverly Hills, 90210 (TVPG) HBO "The Inner Circle" '91 (PG-13)2hr17 513862 HIST 20th Century (TVPG) LIFE Party of Five MTV The Return of the Rock NICK Gultah Gullah Island 955442 SCI-FI Lost in Space TBS "Matlock: The Fortune" '93 2hr05 77710539 TCM "Sweet Bird of Youth" '62 2hr 4069201 Please tee TV LOG F14 compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are estimates that there are 260 million potential Nrt- View-Program worn trs 106. 7tri Heaven Beginnings WB 2.09 107. JacktJIII WB 2.07 108. Shasta UPN 1.73 109. Oilbert UPN 1.53 110. Oilbert (Fri.) UPN . 1.30 111. Shasta (Fri.) UPN 0.97 Cable Top 10 Here are Nielsen's top 10 cable programs in prime time last week, also ranked by total viewers (in millions). PropM writ in 1. Wrestling (Mon., 10 p.m.) USA 7.04 2. Wrestling (Mon.. 9 p.m.) USA 6.79 3. "Mary Kay Letoumeau Story" USA 6.10 4. "Letoumeau Live" USA 5.46 5. The Sopranos HBO 5.33 6. Wrestling (Mon., 8 p.m.) TNT 4.01 7. "Conspiracy Theory" TNT 4.00 8. "Jack Frost" HBO 384 9. Wrestling (Sun , 7 pm.) USA 362 10. Walker, Texas Ranger USA 355 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. week eidatt ABC 15.82 million 13.03 CBS 12.99 12.99 NBC 12.86 12.98 FOX 11.37 9.31 UPN 3.94 3.88 WB 3.63 3.85 Southland Viewing Here are Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs in the Los Angeles area during the same week. The rankings are based on the number of households watching. Stt- Pngrare 1. WhoMillionaire (Thur.) KABC 1,042,425 2. WhoMilionalre(Tue.) KABC 975.669 3. Friends KNBC 878,102 4. American Music Awards KABC 801.076 5. Jesse KNBC 703,509 6. AllyMcBeal KTTV 657,293 7. Providence KNBC 636,752 8. Frasier KNBC 626,482 9. Dateline NBC (Fri.) KNBC 585,401 10. "The Birdcage" KABC 528,915 KCSN-FM (88.5). Rock-Urban 10 p.m.-midnight Chocolate City: Gerome Syndenham and Tony Watson are guest Ds (11 p.m.-midnight), KCRW-FM (89.9). Sports 5:30-8:30 p.m. Pro Hockey: Kings at Dallas Stars, KRLA(lllO). 7:30-10:30 p.m. Pro Hockey: New York Islanders at Mighty Ducks, XTRA (690). Los Angeles Times Archives. -1-800-788-8804 u latimes.comarchlves Rosenberg: Assault on 1st Amendment Continued from Fl barely registered beyond wild swings at media violence following the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton, Colo. ' That aside, there was only last I fall's footnote of Bush supporting land Gore opposing New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's petulant vow to severely punish the Brooklyn Museum of Art in the pocketbook for exhibiting a controversial painting by Chris Ofili of the Virgin Mary featuring pornographic images and bits of elephant dung. Even if the painting was as banal and repulsive as some of its critics insist, Giuliani's assault on the 1st Amendment sank still lower. As did Bush's strong praise of the GOP mayor, and Gore's refusal to go beyond a vaguely worded rebuke. You'd like to sound out these presidential contenders on the state of culture in the U.S., sit them around a table for an hour or so for a schmooze in-depth. Charlie Rose is a fellow who could do it on PBS. Do they agree with Pablo Picasso, for example, that "art gives form to our terrors as well as our desires"? And where do diey stand on Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," which the Enid, Okla., school board is considering removing from a required reading list? Say what? Kid floats down Twain's favorite river on a raft. What's to dislike? Plenty, for some. Which brings us to "Culture Shock," a smart and important documentary series that PBS is airing on two consecutive Wednesdays in chunks whose imposing thickness (2'2 hours and 2 hours) may challenge even dedicated viewers. It opens with zest and strength, using the past to comment on the present in 90 minutes from producer Jill Janows on Twain's much-beloved and much-banned Huck, followed by an hour from Richard P. Rogers baring all about "Olympia," the once-despised 18th century nude painted by Edouard Manet. Then in next week's interesting Part 2 comes early movie censorship that was meant to "stop the sewage at its source," and the "devil music" of the '20s jazz age. Alleged devils are a subtext of this entire series. "Culture Shock" will come under the laser scrutiny of Okies in Enid. The school board there is reported to be awaiting tonight's opening segment before deciding the fate of "Huckleberry Finn," which is widely regarded as a masterpiece, just as its author is often anointed the father of the modern American novel. "Huckleberry Finn" follows a, white outcast boy and runaway slave named Jim as they flee on a raft down the Mississippi River in the 1840s. Published in 1884, long after the Civil War, the sophisticated novel attacks bondage and inhumanity as institutions that linger indefinitely. The raft and river become a sort of refuge from the corrupting social influences on the shore, against which Twain contrasts Huck's innate goodness and evolving awareness, although the Missouri youth never questions what he's been taught about slavery. Almost from its inception, controversy has risen around the novel like mist from the Missis- - .-'' V II 1 iMllWll. V Edouard Manet's "Olympia" is the sippi. What many regard as its greatest strength its narrative in regional dialect entirely from Huck's point of view continues to evoke charges that it stereotypes blacks and promotes the racism that Twain, the son of slave owners, sought to ridicule. It's a Tempe, Ariz., school board that largely occupies the opening segment of "Culture Shock," which celebrates both the novel and the right of its critics not to celebrate it. They include Kathy Monteiro, a thoughtful mother whose passionate crusade to have "Huckleberry Finn" dropped from the mandatory reading list at her daughter's Tempe high school is examined here. "I'm wondering as a teacher and as a mother, how you can ask kids to go home and read the word 'nigger' 200-something times . . . and then expect kids to come to school and not use the word," says Monteiro, who is white, her daughter black. As counterpoint, "Culture Shock" has African American scholars and others defend the novel and Huck's repeated use of the racial slur because, as one notes, it was "the operative word in the South." In fact, the problem here seems not to be so much the novel but the failure of teachers to give it clear context and explain to students that laundering Huck's language and his view of Jim through 1840s eyes would launder Twain's antiracist message. "Learning has never been painless," argues Jocelyn Chadwick-Joshua, an African American scholar at odds with Monteiro and her teenage daughter on Huck. Observing Manet's lovely "Olympia" through 21st century eyes, it's difficult imagining this benignly reclining nude courtesan with the mysterious gaze causing even the slightest pain. Yet without equating Ofili's modern Virgin ill!! inlnl I MOVIE PAY-PER-VIEW OJ All THF HITS AT YDIID FINGEDTIDS I " Ofder a hit movie tonight, follow Instructions on your screen or check guide tor details. Available from your satellite or cable system ERICH LESSING Art Resource NY , subject of "The Shock of the Nude." Mary with Manet's famous nude, last fall's volcanic eruption in Brooklyn did match in some ways the level of outrage that greeted "Olympia" when it was unveiled in . Paris in 1865. Not that nudity on canvas was scandalous then, for nudes had been painted by masters and others for eons, and Manet based his own painting on Titian's "Venus of Urbino." It was the manner in' which Manet painted his subject that drew such howls, we hear; from art scholars. "It wasn't the fact that she's nude and she's a lower-class nude, but also the fact that she was painted in . . . what many people read as almost childish or unskilled fashion," explains art historian An ne McCauIey. "They are raining insults on me," Manet wrote to his friend, French poet Charles Pierre Baude-' laire. "Something must be wrong." Something was with the critics, apparently, for Manet is now regarded as a superstar, and his once-reviled "Olympia" is now ensconced in the Louvre as a French national treasure, affirming that artistic expression in all forms needs room and time to breath. The point here is that today's trash may be tomorrow's masterpiece, and "the damned human; race," as Huck describes us, is ca-i pable of ignorance and excess at'f any point in time. Ask John Rocker, t "Culture Shock's" "Born to Trou- ble: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" can be seen at 9 tonight on KCET-TV, KVCR. "The Shock of the. Nude: Manet's Olympia" follows at 10:30. Two segments of "Culture Shock" will air Feb. 3. The network has rated them TV-PG-L (may be, unsuitable for young children with special advisories for language). Howard Rosenberg's column appears Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He can be contacted via e-mail at calendar, letters 933 4 t f K fkiMUltUU UiliWIWUil. " fct Intertainer

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