The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1934
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLE rat COQWCit NKWS COVR1ER NEWS eo; ?upu-- Vvagei , '• Chicago, PEMtofaed grery Afternoon -Except Suiiaay! • Enttnrj »? second clius matter at Hit (Httt on(cc &(, B:ytheville, Ar- kqnias, under act ol Congress, October 9, JL917'.' ' ' ' ' ~erve.cj oy 'yp pniieo frea •-•••' SUBSCRJPTlpN RATES By carrier ta")he' city or Blvtliorllli, 15o per week or $6.50' per year in advance. By mMl Whfn : »'radius' of '50 miles, »3.M per year, 11-50 for ilx months, We for' months; by'rrutH in''postal' zones two to six! fncluslr*. W.50'iJcr year, in tones Mveri and eight, 110.00 per year, payable iri advance. W u$Jiing/pn No 5/gn o/ Nation's Feeling \yiiilu limproiis folk talH cxdlwlly of revolutions iiluimcii at Washington xlji^ijcr partii's, the 'man who lias a gocxl pair of eyes in his head c<m i?el <) nutch better siv.p r ui) of the situation by looking around the country to tilts spots . iylierc the spray is Ijc to fly over the. bqtti u\cnt<;. If yve eve] 1 do have 11 revolution, . it wp.n't come from the nliuiiag)iut; of eagef intellectuals in Washington. In- stfatl, ;i{ '\viH be the vwijlt of t\ lot Of ; ' ordinary folk (fctllng m«\il and starling tg thrinv .liijuK:!. •J-Iie last week's news contains several Ut^ris that come pi't|\y close to Iwiflmg in that category. '".In Chicago, io,000 holders of <le- faultctj-'rciil estate luul municipal tjonds parJUlc <l"pwn Michigan lioulevunl, shouting "-We have been robbed'! at the. top of. their ' ' .. ^ In Oklahoma City, Goyijrnor. Murray •{crs national guasdsnien on duty -in. 11 • counties to prevent sale of property fof delinquent taxes, as advertised by - countj; .authorities. The sojdiers are ordered I p arrest "as a military •prisoner." ./any county treasurer or. , other ' officer \y|\o Jries to cpncjuul fjii'cii sale. '. '' •In Nebraska, farm leadurs plan' for ..a'dernpri^Vation of 25,000' farmers to • ; : protest against Ne\v Deitl- agricultural 'poIJcies^aiid -to-dcniaHd tlie "releu&c ot''\ two men arrested for preventing farm mortgage foreclosure aaies. ' .-'" ' - • •"».-• " , ,/yid.;> in Noi'^h Dakota, (anners • threateh ''actual b'svltlp! 1 ' to" save their \land ' from ; fgrecjosure, and bei; \\\v govcr'nortq de.claiXMi»\Vtml layy to stive t|;e ^tufit^n. ' .. Wimi ynu tula all these things together, they sound rather ominous. A charige'- is coming .oyer the face of M 1 .? Voters— imd H> thp la(| tlo.vvn at tlip bqttqrrj of " tjie heap wlip'sj causing it, not the brain trusler silting craftily at. a desk in Washington. What trouble we have is coming up from ,thc grass roots, not down from above.; AM\ the way to avert more trouble'is to remove the causes of this discontent on the spot. Tiininp in' on after-dinner chuts at ' Washington tells us nothing and gets us -nowhere.' — Haiti! Cation. Behind the Dillingcr Case "You learn about Uic Jifc uf a counlry by studying Us crline slwet." sujs Uic London Express, \vliicli Is IiHcrcstctl in the grail man hunt over here for Jolm DUIiiigci 1 . You do, anil on the same d;iy Dlllliwr sliol Ills wuy oiil of a Imp HIL-IO was an incident In Ktuisus City not iiiirehu-d to tliu' incident in Wisconsin. Setinilk's v:iliiwl «i nioru than <200,006, stolen fiom a liuiik in independence. Kiuuias, In Jaiiunry, \vcrc Iwiignl tack from Uic rqlilwrc for $25,000. I.ikc our own Grain! National Hunk deal, in which $HO,000 was. \rM to thieves Ihroiigh Inli-riiiccllark-s. Uic Iransnctlon looh place out of tiic ):nu«l- edge of; the police. A few days uuo, our Beeri'taiy of Htal/.', Conlcll Jlull, hnd KonicthhiB lo xiy about iliv l)iitlk> now golilf on iKlwcen Cutitrres and Wall Sl'rccl 'over Uic stock exchange 1)111. The secrctury fiiild the (joveriinicnt would have bvon "Jiislly pUloricd" hud Ii not rapostd and cle- iiianilixl reforni of the: "outinHeons fijiuiicnl manipulations of slock markets and security llotutlons which stripped million.; cf Individuals of their life savings and lelt a finance nus. woidiy of public conndcncc." Says the isrltish daily, liltlierln cTllical of (In- HoOECvclt udiiiliilsliiillon and ll.s .so-called revolution: Hull said a f«v words yc.Mciday aUout Wall Slrecl which will help you iindcrstniid Hie ai- nms|)lier(! of the coirntry In whicli Ulljliiijfr «°rks. When a community leu a iiack of man- enlini; tigers dwell in ils mldsl. it is easy for a ipiic VoJJ like Dlllliifcr lo .slip lender the fold Bate. * * * The LWIiugei-s mill Cnpwies, (lie Wifgliis and M.Hcliclls, U'lc scurvy lawyers \vlio proslilule justice, the greedy money changers who prey ujxm the nutlon, and Ibe iniirdcrmis U.-IIIK.S which terroriKo the Aiuericun ix-oplc, 1 are all the Ijllter trulls of lhal Inck ol character concerning which James TrusJow Adnms said I" Haiirer's Mnga/inc last July: Without characler In its citizenry, a democracy must inevitably fall. A imtloji composed solely of go-getters, bent on individual gain, regardless of how obtained; of iieoiile li-ying lo get as "much for as liutc as pnsslblo; of citizens Insisting solely on their rights and refusing to pcrtoun dudes unless heavily paid, can come to but one end. it is bound to finish In- a. vcign of force Instead of consent. The forin which our life Is taking under aome of Its iispecls does nut conduce, it would appear, tu the formation of characicr. The problem would seem to be tiow ihe eirecls of .some of these new innuetia-s can uc nenlral- feed. This-Is a problem, however, which ni>- liears to be shelved by everyone, even by those who'make such a nolhcr about having (he fUlurc In uharge itliru i .:ph lb c education -. of the young, and ycl who align Uicinselws with the forces undermining jnstcad of building up thai character which Is : 'ns essential for the safely of the nation ns it is lor a .stuic and satisfying life for the Individual. 'The love of money is the root of all evil." .said I'AUl. If u-c'aru to regard' it us an end which justifies «ny means, however villainous 01- dishonorable,-H-e must sturcr tlic consequences, : including tlie exocnillons of civilr/ation. —St. Louis Fost-Uispalch. We seek lo jirei-enl. one woman takiim ati- oiber's cook, and we hope lo establish the efficiency of ihe home and of servants. —Mrs. W. Wayne liubcock of Philadelphia, orguuiz- ing a domestics coile. » « « I was brought up ns a B iHimmi. When f was a boy 1 used to cany Iwo guns, nn heavily armed now and I'll kill a man at the drop of n hat in self-defense. —Wilbur GIrmi Voliva. » » * It tlic so-culled New Deal prevails. Ibe hmd- uoiiBhl gains (or liberalism mui Individual liberty aie lost. —Coi. Theodore Hooscvdt. BLYTflgVULLE, (ARK.)] COUBtKB NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2p, 193 SIDE GLANCES By George Clai-k KY Dlt. MOKItlS VISIIBEIX , HwMin^. that is iuieriOr should hilltor, .luiinul »f Ihc Aniuricaii be controlled by studv •« to Medial .Uinfliitiuii. and ^of tly- | wlieilicr there .rs infection. If the ela the He.UI Ichikj 1 ., heal ins has'- bc V n damaged, '-- ..toHt the celebration ri I'., 0 ," 5 ' "'i W*- '', >, '•:• i l ;lrc>b ) i . 1 VV*Pfi..';'-iPl>led,'or other- Chlldien always , haVe .y^tfcnSvlsc, physically' luiiidicappctl 'inay imong Hie sicnlrat sufferers, dur- (ha^ utmost. . .opportunity 'to dc- ns periods of depression. At'such velop. - .line.s their nutrition is likely to suffer, simply bccauscrof Wi!K of adequate food. • .. However,. |he child n^o. ^jv. Miti- jeclcd to I'xiiosiire'.'.'tHirJngi'hevUxls of depression, because r 'dt inadequate bousin'f-. and clothing", and -- -'i IB-: :*-Vr. II ,'*^ »:- . ^. ,-. fa~*~.${- ' '.l)u >DIJ remember' >vhen ihcre M-;I S jusl (he t\vo of Your Child Has a Right to HeaJthy Living Standard . gela, the He.UII, . There Is a special slsniflc.liu-c .11 sliould 'liiiC-c-bpnorliiiiUy of sp of ..':Clnld jcial schools' in ! wSileli ' thosi "vho ' bet.-utse of inaclccittate fuel. •,- .. The children's chiuio', r .':<-VI|;c.h came oul ol live While. Houst.jSm- fcrence on Child Htall^i a lection, says Unit,-" every .'V:l .' By'-ljeo; i,W. ' '' ' ' ' It lists-'ainoiig-the.rights of. the child, the rlghj, to grow up -in' a finnily with adequate : slHiidnrds of "liyliij;. ; [' . ". : ' • +.•'•/, Good health is I'f'iindanienial to cfticiency. A heallhlul child is able lo carry on its'life with happiness. Il diK'H'nuf bfcoiiie'loo lired quickly. It' sleeps Well. • It is always ready to a-viialu with other children in tames and hi work. The students. of child health have r.Mablishcd carefully ih<- ji^ns by which you can rccogni/u wl elli- tr your child is developin-: .- uis- faclorily from both menial and physical paints of view. Tho chilli health cliarici- jsays that every child is enlitli-d to protection of ite health from birth Ihrouth adolescence. Such protoc- . . of today, j ..{• spent from- tlirei; to /ire .- hours; _ 'evciy", Sunday of v "uiy early lvfej.-ii) ' a , meeting -hflusb.' rn (hosf-.'tlil-s .tlferc' not'- : so a regular OUt.OUltWAY Bv Williams - j.. . . - : jutih ti)i-dq';::in lact. the d.iljr'cli . was i;ot so liiglily my present clulrcli am wlial may ! bo ULYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from Irte nlw j< the U»ily friday. Auril 23, 1921. W. C. HlueitiSon of Ihe Dlyliie- ville Coiton Oil to. caught'a .|i;. pound bass In (he drainage ditch at l.eachvillc Thursday.' n. p. Town.slcy. who claims lo have been reient. vouche.s for Ihe weigh!. Tliur.-:(!ay afternoon at i o'clock occuried the marriage of >lhs Aiiiu-lli! Mahaii lo lioss D. Hughes. I lie ivcdding took place at • (lie lioiiu- oi the bride on West Wal- iiiu .--Irrct. Simple in ilreoralton yet beautiful in itiis simplicity w;« Hie altractivci Mahan home. As Hie .siralns of Miiidelbsulin's cdciiii'^ march wcrj heard, milt Miss Nancy lilrshncr and Mn.-.ter fiiion Mor.-:e marked Uic: bridal path wilh miillnc streamers. Mrs. liyion Moise.'sister of the bride. was matron of honor. 1'rc.stun Oli- vei of Memphis was Ix'st'nian. Thv bride was never more lovely :lian on ibis occasion. She wore blisi- lluce piece Iravclini; s'liit of lona. sir»i«lii lines. Her coat A-as thrown open, shoivlny a huiitl- :pmg bloiise witli lieliUilng blue as Ihe (ircuoiiiinaliiii;"color. She wore a eniy hat and other accessories were of Ihe same color. Her cor- aye was ot w:i;:o 'oriciul roses and alley lillies. Mi 1 , and Mrs. Hughes lelt on the Ccuth bound train amid the usual ira 1 of riee iinrl old fhocs. for Memphis, where they, will spend several days- before B 0 '"!! to liaynes. Ark., where 1 they wji[ make their home during Ihe summer. 12,511(1 Qls. of I.i'tucrs Huughl ISTANBUL (UI'i—A New York linn of importers has placed an order for 12.500 quarts of liquevs with tlie Turkish Wine and Spirit Monopoly. The limicrs. which include slrawl:eny, cherry and raspberry, are prepared Cinder French fupevision, and are a product of the newly - established Turkish vine-growing industry. \THIS_CURIOUS WORLD % . .^._«,^^ A &eA& AND 4O wotves WERE BAGGED IN A WOLF HUNT WITH^ THE PRESeKlT CITX LIMITS OF CHICAGO OF E1.M APHIDS TO PRODUCE M*B5G.f I-'irst in the life cycle of ihc elm aphid comes the cyg. From only females arc hatched, and they, without mating, give birth t generation of daughters. So on down the line, generation alter gel alion of faiheriess daughters are born, anil then, in the sevent! male heir is born. Then comes the mating season, and another egg c: NKXT: What lish attacks and kills eatile? Kcniucky, Massa.rln'iscii.5. Peiin- syh'ania, and coins to Hie total value of only commonwealths in tlie Unitct! Vermont, Is called a "cbm- ' cnlation in this country as In or' a slate 11 , in its con too badly worn to be. of pn " ' Head Courier News Want Ads. lion should include physical examination each year. Your child's weight .should ho irieqiiaic (o its height anil ils.ate. Us teeth should be elr an. • fret Inim cavities, and. its -.•urns '. fr£i- from infection. It then: is dilli- cully with it.s brcathiii'4 Mo::i 'tonsils or adenoids, '..-ho-iid )i a ur pioper medical alU-iiUcn. : Ciirboh\diatr.<> and faU f!,: i'r.ersy' ininrr:.! Kills i:errs.--ary to: dCVcl- OpMCnt Of li.VMlr-S of IJ-.L- |:r);!y. alltl vitamins necessary n> .lii.qiialc liiTvcnlion "t infection, nnd alKcnie ol d«-.:cicncy FriBn ila: ini-nlal noiis; - : [ V i<-w y<mr child i.s rntilU-d in >:ntab[.' .-tudy wJiich will slnnv wheliii-r ils ' an function a:, -.-. i-!l -> s those of -iihc,- :h-.i:i U -n. i).-;iciem I mould have .suitable passes. AMOUNCEMENTS^I . ctiinccUons..-'! eailctf; n Triindy-andy. 1 dg'.'any : tliiiij( frjjitr'jujiltor lo services us- iialiy •licrlorin'clrVb.v, the deacons or stewards. hi my many years of cliincli soing and licluing I've: isariivil a lot abtml luimaii" ii'aluriv ov ra- Iher inimiin.acl.i.L-n. it you 'would wait iviU'i me doivn '[he aisle when Inking up thg collection, you would leayn spmelliing. of, expression. . A great nia'ny "-put. 'in their collection with nn'' expression of gladness. While an. occasional one botds up tlie services while limning atom the pew for' the, large handbag winch holds the! finall uurse lhal has lhc : bills. and the liltle pur.*' or container wilh. the MIIUU eoius; jiftc.r i\ K hundbax is local-.-cl 1113 '.small bill purse and cn:u contnincr taken ' (o '.•.nrr'lfic" ' cut and lli» iccalcd. 'drum cr fully j)ll 'lli'.r. It, n . "' H*V IL1.1, fltiaer aim wilh a farewell ttme'-z- is- (tropix-il i;c-::t]y in n is! C0 | :i .,. tiRn p!»le v.uh an es|Me.-sion 0:1 his m her fac:_- s o:!t- but ,-ot fcrsoiten." The Editor'* Letter Box st August: for c.ounly .iiidjp ; JMI., U. HARP.lKO.'s' GEOilGE W. BARIUM: Tor 3irmbcr c r t'onsrrvi CLINTOM L. CALDWEI.L Tor Klieritt and Collrrlor CI.AKENCE H. WIISON For Ite-elcction [or Second Term I I-'or Loanly Treasurer JOE S. DliLAHU.YIY ROLA.VD GRF.EX I'or Circuit Court Clerk TIUGII CRAIG ADDfPON SMITH Ii. D (SHEET) STOUT I-'or County Court Clerk Jt-'RED I"LEEMAN' I'or lie-Election for 2nd Tgrni Tor As«»sor H. L- IBILLV\ GA1SE3 «. C. (1KB) HUDSON !'or 'Conslahlo nr i'lilr)i:i!uinha Touiislii,, .'ACK ROBERTSO.V Invite WMkc-r- Tn ,lni n licit:-:t A Mi'lik in at Urn- jjiivf ii;,j n,.^,.. swf- n and inii.c.i f.i:,:ioi .so)-, j hav- (on :n:iny ; : - v , ,.(,-. i Th.- Oaii.iy V.'iiiki-i.* Union u-.,:- !!•-- ur in-is-. .;.., ..( (he tori.-, runu!a:ed knnniido- of Ilin p,i.-: fH" ami h-.niibleir,, nt niiii'] asm no: 0^51115 at the I K , o, ti . c raih . tov.. v >iitf) :h" :i:::;ii. () ; the wr)rk- v,-i:o miiat ihe heavy .«l* 0( ;i:iy .-'...(f,,; Wi- nci-d the i-c-om-niiion of all jthe, o: ' . , u ,, ;y . , i':iMng lo ;i nc | ttlull C ; C;1V Wt ^ s •ire in di; T , ; ,tidb o: workers, when Ihey are allowed to express them *'"" awurauce of sympathetic heanng. 1ft us jet lojtjlicr, ami inform well other. The County Workcis Union meets ul the courr i- mi!f n( , Motl< j a ,. niiht al T-W. co:i;c and Join us, \01I WOlkr;-,. v «- IS. Muue. Pies.. 2epli O'Brien. Sec. (2"'I AUBREY had told Pabltto Kj ' ' -' .-. tap -n-liolc slorv ami no>v sat walling for the young roan to speak. Pablito scemwl too (julct, l«i contained. . His manner made ' Sir Aubrey remember tlie pitiable twisting of Msiry's hands. He could not guess wjietl.'ir his confession anil bis promise to ilo everything possible in .make amends would • count or not. - . , • . He hail told'his wife, anil daughters lbc saino story, promising I hem die inhcrltanci) tlial was rislilfiilly llicirs Iml ((eclarias tliat Hie hcinsc and cnousb to run It must ho dis son's. His sou's! And now that.son sat lictore him. so strangely quiet. Suddenly I'ablito sjmkc a liltle metallically. "I siimmse slio bad a roltcu lime of il." bo £,i{ii. "It i*t«l licr." Sir Aubrey ail- milled. I'ablilo milleil up a sleeve to show on bis upiicr arm a Jagged, deep '.iliile sear. "Jly foslcr mollicr old Inal." ho Jri i,|. •• sh( , , t ,,| u one flay when liev n^ood waa no '••'orsc Uian usual. I saw her In K-jy West a mor.tb ago. Noycs had l' lier. not'knowing, of coiir:?, ,vho siic was. Sbo rccos- lu^iid niD a. : i'l her i\-oTa-o'jl beart stcr-peU of frisiit. She knew I loo nnicli to .rcincmlicr. But 1 rti'In't really Mair.c her. It's jou I b!.tn:e! Vnu and ir.eii like yo'i >'.'l:o ilcior: cliiiiircr, anil leav; them |., fcii'l for llic.'nselve^; N'nr- ris Xr.;t; is ]n y fuller—" "Thai — Is yoi;r nn=v,-cr?" Sir Aiilirey r..>!:c.-J. 1'alMit-.. ii-:!|r! = i]. "I v.-il! lalw i:'Jliiiria frr,:n yoli!" bs said. "Il U loo tatc." ytaa'Jia.^ stiTi'Iy. lie v.alcbcrl Sir A-ibrfy m<ll:o tlU way ratlin: slowly ro'.ianl Hie .sJalrway, reallz- 1115 .ii lie Ji:l to (aiitl Uying to ls:i»rn Hie tliousht) that Sir Au- b'ty u t is ,111 old in:in—a ^'cry old u: Mi. Hi:t rAblito couid uol for- .Mi tho woman wlio harl bcca bis Uiotlicr—rl.'A n-on;an W!:GJC nrm;c. Sir' Antrey bad said, was Mary MarrLi;-:. As lie tfr.oil iliii=. ri,-i/l frora the nio:ne:il Uui ba-1 |,a:..-»il. Noycs ramo liurryiuq up tiie sinirs. ^iiyci 1 ejes «erc br.'gii:, h:-, t.'iln cbcekj flushed. 'T.-ibiiio—" be s.i:d Iy:cali,lc53ly, "I liruc .1 inoiads-- fcr 5011. J.'stcllc KicM wants ti sec \oii."' * • « JN au .iiiiazinsly siiort time (con- sldcrlug tbo dlslauco bo bad lo co\crl Pablito nas tlrrio-: B shabby Iliile boy who opened the sale (>t (lie KieM fslala tor him. Then lit wtnt !o the jirdeo liejond lh>! house, the rnde:> laat faced llo saw Estcll,> !• U« '(wiliebt wbicli bad tliickcaci'sivlftly. Sbe was standing agaiqst a wall and she wag-trembling as--6be ivalled. \Vben bo had readied her lie found tbat ho could not speak.: pa'blito dropped to bis knees and felt ber band on his lialr.'""0*. pleasef" she whispered. "Please!" ' And' lie : knew-' tbat the meant. "Get.up! Kiss me!.'! ' JIo striijigled lo his feet; to bold her close and ki£3 ber frantic-ally. To murmur tilings he bad 1161 said for so-long —Ibose. .exa^geratioas tint are but a part of tbo truth wbea one IK in love. "Don't ever tcnvi* ir.c a^ahi! 11 "nearest, I never will." bo answered. "I lovo yon more (lir.ii ever, Pablito! 11 . "Jly dearest! Jly darling!" "I cnu't live — u o w — without you!" Her bands, as slio spoke. tuoyed over bis arms anil sbouldcra, clhigius, reassuring bini tbat sbc j was really there. In a moment be thought—trembling ana brealhles? | as ho looked down al ber—in a moment be would \vake agaiii. "Is it true?" bo managed to wbisper. lie beard, "Oh. Pablilo. dearest!" j and thcu a EO!J. "Of rour^c itV : Irue." ! ... .CIP. AUItliKY bad ma*; rca^y for ; tbc ni^bt und crav.ieil bcnc-tl: j [be raosqnilo netlir.:; tbat covered I tlio irninenEe bed. All his liopin^ ! new was at an cud. lie was ^01113 .back to I^o'-vcr (Jirtinps to see on • lbc terrace a line of roiind-clieckei). i jalc-cyed v.-oaicn who wn:il>! \vcl- come him wilh l^ve. evc-n ibou^b i knon-lns be bcca. Tiitrc • wr.iiM be r.o ton in ilio old house — no son v.-lin would tn!-:e i;i= nrnr.e '.*i;jd tiring ilierc. ia ti:t.c. .'115 owj; (<vifa anl t^a. .\ml :-, ija.c a::-l circnnisiaacc.i ^oulfl Fi:a.7 o::l t::7 He rr^lixc:! lie >.:i*] U^ncd a ^rn:it as lie !ay. trandh'nr. i;mlcr llio inoiqailo i.etti:ir. ,\inl l.c kr.e^v l:e lui'l lov^rl r.,MHD hy the liurt I'aiililo l.;.-l v.f,>u;lii j biui. Kiiddcnly I'j.ii., sitlmrcd tn bis eyes and roKerl dov.n tits ;checks, fi-j Ic! l!:e:n come, ua- jcliccked bv ihc li.i;idkcrc!:!ef la tbe I Ttica there was a lap on IU« ; door. I-'or a moment Sir Au!>;cy was minded lo Ijnmc il. He could hardly see anyone now, l,ut son-.c- tliln; mado him struggle trcn of the mosquito netting and move unsteadily toward tbo door. There lie called oul. "What, fs H!" in » 1011.0 lint kt tritil to m.ikf r;i^ji ".'t I:; I--r.iblit.i," be heard. Kir Aubrey opened the «oor. Fahli slopped Into the room — net a L*i lito Sir Aubrey biid erer seen I fore but a new version, strouj; ; smiling. Sir Aubrey .regarded tbo you wilh wonder', forgetting tbo tea on bis checks. I'ablilo saw the: remembering suddenly that the were tears in the world and rt tons for them. "I carne back," be said, laying band on Sir Aubrey's arm, cause I know thai I "wug brut I'm not—fcclins brulal any mori "I'm glad." said Sir Aubn Then lie bad ' to wifio away I lears bccaiibo they were rtilli down bis checks agaiu. "Oh. da U!" be murmured, wholly Shan faced. Then lie had to.sit a wicker chair ihat squeaked as settled in iL For when a grc deal ol joy or nain came to h Sir Aubrey realized that the yer were creeping up on him and 11 those ycais weru numbered. OAUMTO stood looking down • • I bo older inn a. a hnnd on .bhoiildcr. Now, without 3ha:ne. ! Aubrey groiitd for rabliio'3 ba and held il in hi.-, "ralhcrl" wiii Pabliio. Kir Aubrey mnnucc:! l-> ray. "1 ! wiiut?" almost cri3i,ly. ; "l-'alber." IMUito rer-calod. "I j^yino lo be married. The girl v: , tiaj luomhcd to marry me has 1 i her lallicr. So If you'll dress y •can cconc to our wedding and ^ i lie: away— lo inc. You'll lo ;S I !n^ .1 d.T:shtcr. ft'.i al! veil- -, ; den—and rather ainaziiii:. isn't I: .He l..ush = d a liio 1 '"I'lj^n somo day ,T. l/.v.-cr ti; ; ings—" Sir" Aubrey |J;;:.T:I. i P.ilililo rn ij.l ti-ii let li;-i g-i "fni sjrry to ru:!i :-<j-i." !-.» s. "bat *e rc-.lly must j'> ris'.t a-.v I'.'li'hiiy ;r,T ;.:c!" '1 liea aHcr a iTidra | Itreai.'i I'alu'iKjj Kclii set n/i ! luwcr lip. his liandi clciirhcd .1 ' for a moment he closed his c;. ! Influence wi.Ti tlic authorilirj ! made it ro.-,-ib!e lo arr:<c:-: t •niarriase trruuon? lianlly. Will: ib.ilf an bo.'ir I-Mclls KouM l-e ! wife. Ills v.He-i I "Oti. quite naturally!" said ]Aub:ty. strusslins into his mcnls. "So 11-3 to be a wcdii and t\-fO of you lo come fioi , Hie Srnall House—unlll I go on And Jv'oycs. loo-It bo will-. I ' n» -jnd grateful to him." -Ng-iln bo mopped bis eyes. 'wedding at midnisbt is roni:..: | Ann, iianrl me mi braces, n-^l I THE SND

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