The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 7, 1962 · Page 48
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 48

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1962
Page 48
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HERE ARE FOUR D. S. Saund Trails VOTERS WITH CAPITALS in 38th District Veteran Being Defeated by Martin; Other incumbents Lead VENTURA Ventura County has at least four registered Voters, County Clerk Robert L. Hamm noted Tuesday. They are Charles H. Voter, Robert Voter and his wife Constance Voter, and Kenneth W. Voter. Three Voters live in trailer parks in the Ventura Ave. and Casitas Springs areas. The fourth, Charles, lives in Silver Strand on the O.xnard Beaches. g Port III' WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 7. 1962 3 Democratic incumbent D. Tulare Countv onlv Ha gen, 2,308; Arnett, 2,248. b. b a u n d, mysteriously ill during the election campaign, apparently was being defeated in the 38th Con COUNTY CONTESTS CUT BY PRIMARY 33rd District (San Bernardino County) TOTALS (incomplete! Harry Sheppard (D), incum gressional District of Imperial and Riverside Counties, according to still - in bent. 4.180; William Thomas complete returns from Tuesday's general election. Local Ballots Marked by Fewer Propositions; Many Nonpartisan Posts Filled in June Vote His opponent was Repub lican Minor C. Martin. In other key races in coun Countv Proposition C. ties outside Los Angeles, in Sub-standard Trailer Parks Cited in Study cumbents were building up winning margins. Annexation to College of Sequoias Junior College District Yes, 403; No, OS. (D), 3,024. 34th District Orange County TOTALS (Incomplete) Robert E. Geier (R), 1.3S3; Richard Hanna (D), 2,033. 35th District (Orange and San Diego counties) TOTALS (Incomplete) Democrat Harlan Hagcn was leading Ray Arnett in the 18th District of Kern. Kings and Tulare Counties; Orange County State Assembly 69th William Dannemey- Charles Teague (R) was lead fc. 1 UKA bixly per er (Dl. 589; John (R), 319. cent of Ventura County trail Voters in Southern Califor-J ria counties, struggling: through the numerous state propositions on the ballot, were thankful Tuesday that the primary elections had greatly reduced the contests for county offices. The local ballots were marked also by much fewer county and city propositions to be decided at this time. Many counties, in the area outside Los Angeles County, had only one or two contests on the ballot for nonpartisan county offices. All of the others' had been decided in the primary elections last James R. l'tt (R) incumbent. ing George Holgate in the 13th District of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties; B. V. Sisk (D) was well ahead THEY'RE VOTERS, TOO While adults went to the polls Tuesday to ballot on state and county officers, students at Ventura's Buena Junior High School held their own election. David Grau shows his identification to Carrie Palmer to get his voting card. The school was divided into precincts, like a city, for the voting. cr parks are marginal or sub 10,316; Burton Shamskv (D), 5,019. standard, the Ventura Coun of Arthur L. Selland in the Orange Countv onlv L'tt. ty Planning Department 16th District of Fresno 5,385; Shamsky, 2.357. says. County. San Diego Countv onlv In the first extensive study Republican James B. Ltt Litl, 4,931; Shamsky, 2,662. was leading Burton Shamsky Vote Tallying Machine Shows Speed in Test ever undertaken ot trailer parks in the county, the de State Assembly 70th Dis-trice James Whetmore IR). 667; Reese Ballard (D), 751. State Assembly 71st District Mrs. Burke Harrington ID). 2,325; Robert Bad-ham (R), 4,770. County Supervisor 2nd District John Dean, 249; David Baker, 319. County Supervisor 5th District " Claire Nelson ( Incumbent) 2,084; Alton Allen, 2,244. in the 3-)th District, of Orange and San Diego Counties. partment found there are 72 nf them containing 2.792 36th District (San Diego County) TOTALS (Incomplete) Bob Wilson (R), incumbent. .lime. In Kings County, San! Bernardino County and Tu- trailer spaces and about 5,200 In the 33rd District of San and cities also watched the BAKERSFIELD A newi are County all county non occupants, of whom a third are retired persons. machine operate. Across the Bernardino County, the incumbent, Harry Sheppard partisan offices were filled electronic ballot tallying machine being tested in Tues 8,541; William Godfrey (D), street at the county clerks m the primary. tion members by districts and elect at large; reduce term of office from six to four years Yes. 7.791; No, 7,345. San Luis i Obispo County ' State Assembly 36th DistrictJames L. Holmes IR). incumbent, 7,715; w'infieid A. Shoemaker ( D), 8,505. Sheriff-Coroner Paul B. Merrick, incumbent. 6,596; L. R. Mansfield, 7.576. Supervisor 2nd District Jesse E. Drake, incumbent, 1.39S; Samuel Borradori, 23 New Parks (D) was leading William office deputies counted ab ' The principal local issue on the ballot was the pro sentee ballots by the old Rents range from $16 to Thomas, and in the 34th District of Orange County, Richard Hanna (D) was leading hand-counting method. posed unified harbor dis S55 per month with the average rental for a trailer space $32. Twenty-five new parks trict for San Diego Bay. San Robert Geier. Riverside County State Assembly 74th DistrictGordon Cologne (R), incumbent. 45S; Joseph Po-laia (D), 432. County Board of Supervi have been developed in the Diego, National City, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and Coronado were voting on last five vears in the county. .),OJO. 37th District (San Diego County) TOTALS (Incomplete) --Lionel Van Deerlin (D). R.-494; Dick Wilson (R), 6,224. 38th District (Riverside and Imperial. Counties) TOTALS (Incomplete) D. S. Saund (D). incumbent, and 10 have gone out of 13th District (Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties) TOTALS (incomplete) sors 4tn District wunam Vote Close on Hermosa High Rise HERMOSA REACH - 11,155. Cook. 115; O. R. Crabtree, 61 Most of the new trailer parks maintain high standards, the report said, with deficiencies mainly noted in Charles Teague (R), incum bent, 8.207; George Holgate day s election in kern- County gave promise of success as it flashed out its results on a screen in an old county garage building here. In less than an hour and a half the machine had totalled 64 precincts. Ballots were tallied at the rate of one precinct a minute, and the results punched into summary cards. The polls had not closed in the county until 8 p.m.. an hour lated than in other counties. Ballots then were sorted by election officials, principally because the machine can not tally write-in votes. The ballots then were filed for permanent recording and the results fed into a tape for totaling. The preparation for the Propositions Bond Proposition A S 1.35 million issue for San Luis (D), 3,700. older, smaller parks. this issue. Incomplete returns f o r counties outside Los Angeles County included: Fresno County TOTALS (incomplete l Arthur L. Selland (R), 1,887: B F. Sisk (D) incumbent. 4.S63. State Senate Hugh Burns (D) unopposed. Obispo High School District 4,028; Minor C. Martin (R), Santa Barbara County only - Teague, 5,817; Holgate, The report estimates there are 500 trailers scattered on (No incumbent.) San Bernardino County State Senate 36th District' Eugene G. Nishet. (D), 745; Ravmond N. Oregon- (R). 500. 2,283. Yes, 4,322; No, 2,760. Bond Proposition B SI 25,000 issue for San Luis Onlv a narrow margin sepa residential lots throughout Ventura Countv onlv rated opponents and advo the county. 4,916. Imperial Countv onlv Saund, 1.124; Martin, 1,872. Riverside County onlv . Saund. 2.904; Martin. 3.089. Teague, 2,390; Holgate. 1,417 cates of high rise in Her Obispo High School District Space Facility 16th District (Fresno County) State Assembly 72nrl Dis mosa Reach with two pro-! posals slightly behind in still incomplete returns tabulated Tuesday night. The incomplete vote on Contract Let EDWARDS Contract has trictJohn P. Quimby ID), 877; Clayton Stanhope (R). 35S. Totals (incomplete) Ar Voters Split on Two School Bond Issues BLYTHE Voters here been awarded for a $1,163,-! thur L. Selland (R), 607; B. proposition H, an ordinance machines' operation began Yes, 4,341; No, 2.731. Santa Barbara County State Assembly Gfith District James L. Holmes (R), incumbent, 4,593; Winfield A. Shoemaker (D), 3.132. County Recorder Lawrence H. Dunn, 2.716; Mrs. 700 addition to the National State Assembly 73rd Dis setting up the high rise zone 60 days ago, and crews from Aeronautics and Space Ad Tuesday were approving a the Coleman Co. trained trict Rav Conatser (D). 311; Stewart Hinckley (R), 385. ministration facility here. was Yes, 898; No. 971. On proposition I, to permit countv clerk deputies and The two-story, 100x200-fl F. Sisk (D) incumbent, 1,430. 18th District (Kern, Kings and Tulare Counties) TOTALS Uncomplete! 26-story buildings on a spe-l precinct workers in the op-1 building will he added to Propositions Proposition Civil service cific site in the southern eration of their duty, the the main NASA building. section of the citv, the vole ordinance Yes, 750; No, 277. machines ran through three test runs before the big Construction is expected to $795,000 elementary school bond issue and defeating a $670,000 secondary school bond issue. The vote in early returns was: Elementary school bonds Yes, 336; No, 151. Sec.ondarv school bonds Yes, 301; No, 174. A two-thirds majority is required was Yes. 901; No, 959. In order for Proposition I he complete in less than i Harlan Hagen (D) incum-! San Diego County night. Among the interested spec year. to go into effect, the voters bent, 13,991; Ray Arnott (R) 11,716. The contract was award Rita van Buskirk, 3,774. Propositions Santa Barbara city proposed charter amendment: to amend charter to increase tax limit from SI to $1.50. Yes, 1.30S; No, 1,794. was would have to approve Prop- tators Tuesday night. State Senate 40th District Hugo Fisher (D). incum Kern County only Ha ed to the Quiller Construc State Assemhly 32nd District George Zenovic'i ( D)J 2.94S; Ethan Bernstein (Ft)., 1,494. State Assembly 33rd District Charles Garrigus ( D), 1,526; David Provost iR). 1,033. County supervisor George Malm, 64; Claude A. Wickliffe, 46. Imperial County State Assembly 75th District Leverette House (D), incumbent, 1,322; Victor Veysey (R), 1.600. Supervisor 1st District Leslie H. Dowe, 3S0; Moblev M. Milam, 316. County Superintendent of Schools Olin R. Gresham, incumbent, 1,610: Eric D. Rice, 1,110. District Attorney .lames Marable. incumbent. 9S3; James E. Hamilton. 1.6S!). Inyo County lordan. osition H. settinc up the Secretarv of State I for passage. gen. 11.683: Arnett. 9.468 tion Co. in Los Angeles. Officials from other c.ountieshigh rise zone. bent. 17.016; Jack Schrade (R), 17,294. TOO SHORT, TOO TIGHT State Assembly 76th District Rav Rainwater (D). 3.390: Clair W. Burgener Tulare County State Senate 35th District Howard Wav (R), 2,378: Jim Stein (D), 1,843. (R), 3.SS0. (No incumbent). State Assembly 77th Dis Resort City May Ban Bermuda Shorts Day trict Armando M. Rodri guez. (D). 2.951; Richard J. Assembly 35th District (District also includes Kings Donovan (R), 3,414. (No in cumbent). AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA ONLY. State Assemblv 7Sth Dis County) Myron Frew ID), incumbent," 2,003; Gil Swifi (R), 2.125. PALM SPRINGS The.matert () cases have oc trict h. Richard Barnes weeklv Bermuda Shorts Day curred during the last year of female students being sent (R), 3.S66; Roliert B. Shan- "lner contests lorjat this desert-resort's offices were decided I . , . , . , , , home Fridavs because their State Senate (district also shorts were too short. , c Includes Mono Countv) in the primary election.) !Mllnent n,B'1 sl'""" "w-v Proposition County civ-shortly be a thing of the Charles Brown, 10S; William il service- Yes. 4.826; No. past. Symons, 40. State Assembly fith Dis 754. The Student Senate had ner Jr. ID), 2.!) Hi. (.n incumbent ). State Assemblv 79th DistrictJames R. Mills (D), incumbent, 3,505; Tom Horn (R), 2.626. State Assemblv SOth DistrictHale As-hcrafl (R). 5.0S6; George N. Hood Jr. (D). 2.494. (No incumbent). trict (also includes Mono suspended the traditional County Airport Extension OKd Bermuda Shorts Day each Ventura County State Assembly 37th Dis County) Paul .1. Lundardi, 105; Rav Tavlor. 36. Sheriff Merrill H. Curtis 92: Charles Cline. 74. Friday on which bovs and girls heretofore have, been trict Burt M. Henson (D), 2,252; John S. Locke (R), Sheriff A. E. Jansen, in-l permitted to attend classes O.XNARD A plan to Supervisor 1st District Edward C. Knapp, 23; Ray cumbent, 14.S46; Joseph C O'Connor. 15,960. lengthen the runway at Ven long shorts. The suspension may be Establishment of unified port district Yes, 13,061; Mcilurry, 49. Kern County come permanent. No. 6,395. tura County Airport, here, and at. the same, time move it farther away from Oxnard High School has been approved by the Ventura County Board of 1,560. Sheriff William E. Hill, incumbent, 2.049; John L. Sullivan, 1,633. Supervisor 2nd District Martin L. Miller. 134; John C. Montgomery. 133. Supervisor 4th District Ered E. Ireland, incumbent, 45; May Rudolph, 91. Change municipal elec tions from spring to fall of School officials said the long shorts, especially the girls' long shorts, have been getting too tight or too short. They added that an esti- State Senator 34th District Walter W. Stiern (D). incumbent, 11.207: Robert W. Karpe (R), 10.033. Assembly 23th District odd-number vears les 8,779; No. 6.0S4. The board let. a $14,000 Nominate board of educa contract to H. K. Friedland ,jonn u. Williamson (Dl, in-Icumbenit, 6.522; Robert G. and Associates for design of Charlton (R). 4.107. !'. Assembly 28th District the $234,000 project. The runway will he extended from 4,500 ft. at present to 5,900 ft., and the taxiway extended the same length. wacK y. uasey (U). mcum- jbent, 5,543: Cameron Paul-.den (R), 4,552. !: Auditor Ray Theurer. i$,210; John E. Veon. 8.79S. !: Supervisor 2nd District Ex-Labor Leader C. J. Hardy Dies SAN DIEGO Charles J John W. Holt, incumbent, i3,296; Todd Madigan, 2,684. ), Propositions Hardy, 38, former president of the ban Diego County City of Bakersfield $400.-1 "fiOO grade separation bond! AFL-CIO Labor Council. 'issue, xes. o,vsu; no, d.o41. died Tuesday. juiarter amendment, es, He headed the labor coun f.txw; io, ,bUb. cil from 1958 to 1961 and was secretary-treasurer of the Kings County Waiters and Bartenders Un Assembly 35th District! ion here from 1954 to 1961. He leaves his wife, Teresa. District also includes Tu- !are County) Myron Frewl ID), incumbent, 4S6; Gil School Bonds Trail Swift (R), 313. ALHAMBRA A S950.000 (All other contests for school bond issue, Proposi jfcounty offices were decided THIS IS THE RAREST OF ALL CANADIAN WHISKIES. IT1S THE ULTIMATE IN INTEGRITY, CRAFTSMANSHIP AND TRADITION. ITS QUALITY IS PRE-EMINENT. ITS QUANTITY IS LIMITED. ITS NAME IS SEAGRAM'S CROWN ROYAL. tion O, was being defeated in iln the primary election.) early returns, with a vote ofi Propositions Yes, 1,752; No, 953. A two- County Proposition A thinds majority is needed. ivjI semce system Yes 12; No, 349. County Proposition B . Ed Ainsworth is on special assignment. His "On the Move" column will be resumed on his return. U.5 million bona issue for -high schools Yes, 369; No, NATIVE JEWELS Louis J. Werner, a student in Herrier ' High School's night class in lapidary skills, shows sortie of the area's semi-precious gems and stones he has fashioned in hand-made sets and. mounts for.sterling silver, jewelry. 138. IliMiri ciowi font fltiiDEi emtm 'su rnw. iwm-wvnwt twin uw nttit

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