The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1939
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1939 Passenger Space At Premium 'Fighting Anthony" camps With His Terri tonal Unit At Bcaulicu BY MILTON NBA Service Stan Cora>|ioiici«tiL LONDON, Aug. 28.—When it was nimouneed the British government •was going to conscript for niilllla service youths just past their 20th birthdays, the London papers made much ado ab;ut democracy. They quoted Kipling's old wheeze about "cook's son, Duke's ton, son cf a belted Earl," etc. But if any Duke's ewe Iamb or any Earl's son and heir has been doing any training, the press has been singularly reticent about it And the London papers are not i usually tcngue-tied when there L news of the upper classes to bo broadcast. But there have been two exam pics of deration to duty nmde b' men who bel;ng to the ,, p ,, e crust by relation to the aristocracy by wealth and by social ami political position. Anthony Eden, who res!»ned from his great post as Foreign feccretary. and DuiT Cooper who resigned from his job as First, Lord of (he Admiralty, each because he disapproved of Premier chamberlains foreign policies, have now returned to military duty. Each could have plcu that he had done his full 1 duty, in the last war and that it was now up to the younger generation. Each could have pled—as so many do—that their duties as members of tlie Uittsc of Commons took up all their time. Each could have pled tliat he did not enjoy the most robust health. But, they did nothing of the sort. As each had demanded that Britain take a firm stand in Europe, even at the ccst of war, each deemed It was his job to get back into military harness. BOTH NOW HACK IN UA'IKOftM In the last war Duff Cooper was a junior officer in the crack Grenadier Guards. Frequently mentioned in despatches, he "won the coveted D. s. O.-tlic Distinguished Service Order. He wound up ns Captain. Master biographer of Lord Halg ami of Talleyrand, he has now forsaken his beloved bo;ks and has rejoined his old regiment as a subaltern. As Lieut. Cooper of the Third Buttalicn of the Grenadier Guards he was,Jp.'J)<!..secn in full fighting Kit an the parade grounds at Al- dcrshot. He took part in Die march ol some miles lo a spat of country where the Guards played in a war game. Anthony Kden in the great war served in the King's Royal Rifle Corps and also -\\ound up with the rank of Captain. He has now joined the London Rangers as u Major and 50 is second in command of the 2nd Battalion. He is living in a bell tent at Beaiillcu where his battalion is having special training hi field work, gunnery practice and a ccr- lain amount of motor transport work. COMHONtttS RESENT HINTS THEY'RE "SOFT" The lads of the "common pecplc" and of the middle class, who have been conscripted, have been working under specially iiard conditions. The weather has been s-j, continuously bad «llh rains every day that in many camps the ground has been flooded. The London papers, at a loss for •summer stories, have been filled with yarns which might, tempt the Germans and lUiJinns I? think the youth of England was composed of mollycoddles and'mama's darlings. Long yarns have been pnnlert about the b;ys suffering from the damp and about, how tney complain about the food. As a matter of fact, the lads have sh:\vn the same old stout British spirit. They have been Inarticulate about I he press stories, but found n welcome spokesman the other day in the Rev. A W Orr, chaplain of the -East Surrey depot. Speaking at the church parade of the militiamen cf the East Surrey Regiment, Rev. Orr protested against the idea that Ihe youn" conscripts wished things to be made easy. From his contact ttittf them, lie round they disliked (his talk that had been going en about making things soft and easy. Such Mlk was an insult. He found the. young men wanted" their trainin" « be as hard and as stern as that of (he regulars. thousands of American tourists at .he ,, Me of the Mnnhh crlrt Iliousaticls Of Americans May Encounter Difficulties Reaching Home MY MIMoT~BuoNNEH ? tllollsail(ls ° r (rappwi iu tuis Cavalcade'" Brings Old-Time Actors Back to Screen Inquiry revealed Uml M ships for American mid Criimdlan arc solidly becked for (ha . three weeks. This is partly due . S nu,l otsu fore the crisis, but the rest of (he m i,nT c snmw] U|> ns *<><>» « the slluation here became worse. a '' Cl llu: steamship . s »wy cre»lc extra spncc did the slcnmship " Held in Slaying Of Wife and Kin compniiv in£ ac n , gust. 25lh. 'j' si»ilcrt 30 cols in cjnm.ort.te that SHU'S CROWDKD ''O CAl'ACITV A lour of the city, showed even- American. Caimdlan. B?iUsh n, d trench steamship office which M" taata going lo the America c=, l nenl besieged by down, of anxious men and w r . If "' thcse to "'^ls with ii, nUD( noney may tun short and it mn> be necessary to help them n, ^overdid for a time In the ,a"t j nm contimies, some . Comity Council ics show there Is a nemin «nl colony of 5000 ^V^n wndon. S:me belong (o Ihc lcLsiire<! • who like livlns here, but represent American business '' n haVC ' Last of f.vo articles telling (he part Mack Sennett played in building the movie industry * » * B>- PATH, IIAIIRISON NBA Service SUIT Correspondent HOLLYWOOD. Au B . 30-There can be only a capsule history cf Jhc movies in Ule , )lctul . c ^ Hollywood Cavalcade." After all, , - „-- Alice Fi\ye and Don cd up fcr comcny effect. The company" was scantily re- nimnccrl_"i,msily by panning our wives joveh-y." Bennett recalls _ and another picture was produced It made money, with new confidence and a new bankroll, Kesstonc Comedies nuved to .Hollywood Ihc pioneer doesn't remember Hie name of the insignificant flicke- ,,,t cer.^. solnc LONDON WJl,L nK A MAN'S TOWN Following the Amb assiu:ors advice rm ?,i' C r C cpmitry ' lllc American S" 5 " p="w»l asked all Americans to icgistcr at the Consulate so he can contact them at need As a result, there has been « 'sfc queue at ilie Embassy each day A ccnstilar official fmormctl'mc that in case war come,';, military authorities will take charge of Loni don. forclnu nil women and children to E0 to ciUsltlB places This applies to American women even If permanent residents here and im- Calvin Kelly Mimilck, WPA work IT. shown in the West cliestei a., police .sliidoii where, author! IK* say. he ndmltled he kill;, Ms wife nii<i clubbed him brother in-lnw (n dcitlh for trying to In terfere. i t , , ] ' / ^ I '(iiilio (,ouc,h- Making School Will Be Held Plans for the school at winch -he making of studio ccnclies will be taught show Ihat a number ol hcme demonstration agents Iron nearby counties will bring delegations here fcr the school Friday uul Saturday. Only the president, and two <lelc- iles from each of the 26 Home demonstration clubs In North Mls- wlilch glorified the custard pie. It „ ""- ""in.:, UL .uusccr Kcaton, Ben Turpin, Chester Confc- 1111 and many i.ncthcr old-timer. So'the great Mack Sennctt who rame out o[ semi-retirement to be m associate, producer of the- pic- «re can tell a lot of significant >tcries which he isn't able to put on the screen. ... He' learned • flicker-making the Jla " ! W »J~ >V error antt accident and plenty Qf gilll . T1 , c J l pic era began with a comedian's mistake. The technique of the comedy chase sprang from a cameraman's ignorance. The batliin«- outio troupe, which contributed m:re stars and decorative pulchritude than all of Ztcgfclrt's Follies was born from a publicity slum! The famous Keystone Comedy Coits name suggested by ;( si ,, n 0 ,,',, Ireislit car-was the upshot cl Scn- netfs $100 debt to a couple of nice uack book-maXcrs. "It seemed like I jnsl couldn't cops; 1 didn't invent the admitted -Sennetu co;nedy pictures ' had been using- borrowed the Idea "French and we — ~.,.isuln(e wilt t r y ( 0 keep in tench with these evacuated persons so it can advise them of chances to leave the country if snips arc provided. strictly a man's them — —-•• v.if luua and ' built our screwball police fcrcc Into i » really great 'institution. Two i dozen famous actors and directors came out-of-that kiigh finishing iCllOOl, JIKI.S AI>UED f.'«;il HIicMles Hotel Doomed JOHANNESBURG. South Africa IOPI - Once the resort of Cecil Rhoiles and Barney Btiriinto, the former Klmbcrly - Booysens Ilclcl, a landmark on the Hand Goldficlds is to be demolished to make room' for extensions to ' "orks. rhe hotel w for coaches out of SaveYourSoybeais Sw us ;tlioul ;i iMa.ssuy {Ian-is Clipper Combine Full d-foot cut. Full width, straight through separation. Power take-off or motor driven. Easy terms arranged. Blytheville Soybean Corp. So. It.R. St. I'hone D55 mi engineering ' the first stop : days before the railway TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS'" ----- • j"-'i> i.uimut (, get ciiougli lo pay off these guys" " 'cm South Africa to Test "*• ., • A rca (UP} . •South —ux-w-agons, which motor cars for army should South Africa be will be tested during i ar 'g c scalc military maneuvers in the n-rth em Transvaal next monih They are the Pirow. South Minister. Small cms. drann br better than In the South chuckled Sennctt. "r dod»cd for weeks, and they were pipllv sore, and (hen one day they cornered me on 14th street, I had lo think fast. I said, 'Lo:k~-let's not argue about a measly hundred bucks. You fellows lend me a couple of thousand and we'll all get rich making movies!' 'Their anguished screams could have been heard fcr blo:ks. Hut I got the money. And eventually we all gol rich." RUSSIAN CRANKS CAMERA si.OWIiV First, though, came catastrophe. I Senncll quii. his job nltli Blograph, hired a few actors and a mysterious . Russian who said he was a ralnera- j man. and they whipped cut live short comedies. The Russian cranked his machine very slowly, which pleased Sennctt because! It promised economy ol film. There ivcrc no daily rushes in those days, and film processing -.1 as sliiv. So. when i , : all Hie stuff came from the la bar-, idea of Oswald atory about the same lime, proud • Airican Defense members of the new company as- deep-walled wag- sembteri for a tirst lo:k at their they are product. Prepared to chuckle mod- transport estly, they sat " • Armv nrmy • "ere Sri to draw on . '" J '°" C ° ! " d "' t from ih« rimlrf !, clcclric «y Irani heavy. haU n *> moment, but they had s, ffi dlstl "S« fsh ""oine It al the discovered "And ntjotit the Mack s-nnctl Bathing Beauties: Our pictures Had been built on male comedians but we couicin'i get. much publicity for .'iem. i began to nnicc that whenever a star comic happened to have Ins picture taken with ;i pretty girl the shot, would lie" widely printed in newspapers and magazines. And if the dame wore a bathing suit Hie picture would be used every-' where. - ' "So I thought. Tf this is what readers want, i»a.\bc it's wlmt audiences nanu-'We began to use m:re and niore girls. Bathinz suits then were dresses and bloomers and long • stuckiijgb. i pul ' em i" knitted suits and with tare less or short socks. "The Jlrsl comedy' with bare legs caitscd a national riot, Wcmen's clubs and reformers and preachers gave us a million bucks' worth of publicity, in any other medium than comedy, we'd have been stopped. Cut the comedies weren't am- trous and suxy; they v;cre ju^l slapstick uilli a touch of gluinor." Lest yon lorgct. Bennett wasn't a mere, master ot the balsa-wood ib and the banana skin. One ot his silent features. "Mickey." nicked tho world market f;r S8.- OOO.COD—a sum uiwpiiroached today by anything except "Snow White." Ifts "Molly TJ," also with Mabel Normand. earned nearly as much 1 »e brought w. C. Fields out of '' nematlc cblivion lo the tune of) $5000 weekly paycheck. And he! Crosby nfler the per-' _oy had been ob- at other studios by palpably makeup and characterlza- -de aoout r *" ' "j°. d °" ble bill now Is on its ^W out. -The comedy king expects to ke tack at «* ^ ^ now. Nearly 3 times as many Studebakers sold as a year ago! •VWH it STUDEBAKER CHAMPION Big new success of the lowest price field X)ID UV/OllUIRfft AT QWM this beautiful Champion team mate of Studcbakcr'a v Commander and President. It holds 35 official A.A A. records for economy and endurance. It averaged 27J^ miles per gallon on coajt-to-coast round trip. Soundly built by Studebaksr's expert, permanent craftsmen to give you years of carefree, low-cost service and then bring you & top trade- in price. Low down payment-tasy C.I.T, terms. J. F. Livingston Motor Sales Co. i Invited .„ „,„ Industries chairmen. Miss Sybil l), BniM of LIU! nock, extension spcclniiji In IK™ Imliwlr es, will conduct (he two •lay school (lt ll, 0 W om,,,l Chib insisted by AJIss Cora Ue . innti, county ngcnt and Mrs Qnrrctt cf Ulyllicvilte, who 14 years 11510 nn,du the first nmllress ever made by,, f nnn WO m", 1 Mlsslsslpiil county mid W i 10 wi | tench this phnso of coiicli making. The «oodcn irniue will be unlit by the women nftor they done, the nvt of "inking n mattress will Do *HM i" J 'If 01 '' 1 "! '" '"rcaions Issued by the octonsloa department. When completed, tire ccuch wilt compare favorably with (he better wiih'lh ?' U ", S 1Wml so " 1 l » ««S >yilh the legs stnliwjil and vurnkhed llnlshcd ' V UU "° ns mul " e " Uy "StudcnU" at Ihc school will In turn Instruct «ll members of their , C , C ' Ubs ln lhls "H- which lso teach (hem to miiko mat- tresses for 'beds omi „„,, V ov clitihs mid othor furrilture, 11 Is planned to have an eichlbl cf ihh kind at tub County Fair here Sept' Stccle-Cooter Society— Personal. - _i Mis. J. F. Knight of Portagevltlo ' who Mrs. vcck r?,"" 8 ""•' d(iu » lltcr . ,. Fisher of Holland last when she took suddenly ill im utiuck o( pneumonia is omo better u t tills tl mc , Alllolle u-r visitors Sunday were licr sou i „' ' !> '""- cf Wardell AIUI Ma rtaug Here, Mrs. W. M. Pettlgrau ,,,1,1 1 81. ) of St. . ? e r "n'^" b01 '" to Dr ' «>«! t; , p lln l >n ">n at tho Melh- st Hospital in Memphis J M I f<H>y hns been named jcny ll\u- cll Chupmnn. Mrs. J. u. ii cs [, of Hollnnd nud nuglilw, Mrs. Claude Edwards of t. LOUI.I iiccompaiilcd their cfimglj- B«t to - - — St. Louf« thi'litUr Part cf tho week where she fcS undergo an operation. Burglars SU« e Mont/ PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Thieves broke Into the home of MW, M ar . Stuel lielnecka whllt she was on vacation, ransacked the house and Joittertd ' bills totalli ie -.SJo Oiroughout the house. The green- only ,, n , ,u stored In a bureau draper. NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Servfc* PURCHASE ONE TIRE AT LIST PRICE AND ON THE NEXT ONE! WyVfSW MORE DAYS LIFT J& GET '»« ™s an. «W $TANDARD tlRES h^e HiStory-Mskihg Low Prices ' : ' ' n«>v tlrp lofaty for fall and; Wnulno- Hrestono Gurn-DJpped-Tiro bdilf with Vir es , ono patented safety fealuros for as llttlo m . . 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