The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY Z, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN THE NATION TODAY [Russians' Soft Talk Designed To Lull Congress Into Refusal To Provide Arms for Her Allies ) By James Marlon WASHINGTON, May 2. M>j—President Truman's administration | doesn't want any Russian soft talk to solten Congress. Russian talk ot ending the Berlin blockade comes just when Congress | Is considering spending $1.500.000.000 to arm Western Europe. It will be some time before Cong-* I can get around to an actual I volt on spending money lor European arms. II. beiore then, the blockade ended an-l relations with Russia looked He Was 'Dead' for Three Minutes | better, Congress might think the arms program wasn't necessary. It's already worried about the money It will have to spend on other I thii,gs this year. Not having to arm Europe would be a big saving. You don't have to be a diplomat to know the last thing Russia wants Is a re-armed Europe. You can judge by its actions how it feels. It dUln'l want this country to I stait the Marshall plan to help 1 Europe recover economically. And on Aprl 1, 1948, two days before thf. Marshall plan started, Rusia bcgtni Hie Berlin blockade. Kmslnn.s on Defensive But the Marshall >la bewail to work Then this counti-y and Western Europe bcaan talks of one more j stop- the Atlantic pact and rearming Europe, « mse talks continued tor month; ?nriy thl! year, a month or TO before HIP Atlantic pact was ready for sl»nin?. the Ru-s-slans droppec the first hint the blockade migh be lif*.rd. The pact was signed. The next j step was up to Congress: voting the T.oney for the European arms j prop-am. At Just about that point, talk of ending the Berlin | blockade began in earnest. An sm'ed Europe would be a j discouragement and a block to any I future Russian moves on the continent. But an unarmed Europe wouldn't | be much discouragement at all. And therc'd be the psvchological iroU^n: WouM an unarmed Europe have the will or confidence to resist ! A Russian push? W. Averell Harriman, roving ambassador to the Marshall plan countries, told Congress last week: There's 9, growing wave of confidence In Western Europe, because I nf the North Atlantic pact, that, ''free mer. will stand together." Positive Stand Necessurr Ho said that If the United States I nhpuld ''turn aside at this moment, •koubi whether we can ever again SkpUire that spirit." Some Republicans in the Senate I «re skeptical »bout pouring money | Into arms for Europe. But the program was urged by I Louis A. Johnson, secretary of defense, RiwTWarreii R. Austin. American representative io the United I Nations. Anr) Secretary of Stale Achfson I not only said the arms are necessary but th?l Russia's lifting of the Berlin blockade would not lessen the I neeo for them. All four men gave their views durins tbe Senate Foreign Reaiioas I Committee which Is considering the urmr program. Thr. makes il pretty clear that— I IT th«s Russians think lilting the | blockade may lull Congress into believing srms for Europe arc unneeded — the Truman administration doesn't want any lulling. Tenants Given Equal Rights With Landlords Tenants are given rights equal > landlords In presenting their cases under the new procedural regulation Issued by me Office of the Housing Expediter, C. A. Cunningham, area rent director, ported out this week. This new regulation give either n landlord or his tenant the to be heard before any rent office action is taken oil request of the other party, Mr. Cunningham explained. The "right to >e heard" extends not only to the local rent office, but to the Offices of the Regional Housing Expediter and Ihe National Housing Expediter. In this new "bill of rlRhts." whenever a landlord or tenant files a petition or application for any action affecting his controlled rental accomodation, the other party will receive the request and a chnnce to see the evidence submitted wilhlj... _ - /•-_*, example. If KlSS Costs 60 Cents Tommy Billings, 6, relaxes Vinnpily in a New York hospital atler being "dead" for three minutes while on the operating table to have his adenoids removed. When tiie youngster's hcail stopped beating, Ll.-Comdr, Kichard Gailiard made a two-inch incision (note scar on boy's chest) over Tommy's heart and massaged it until it beEt'in bestiue acuin. original request. For tenant wishes to oppose his landlord's request for a rental adjustment, he can submit an objection together with supporting: evidence. After the landlord has been given opportunity for rebuttal, the rent office may issue an order either denying or approving the requested adjustment. The area office decision is final subject only to application for review filed by cither party. Such application must be made to the Regional Housing Expediter in Dallas. Texas, and either party may submit additional evidence. The new procedure applies to all requests for adjustments in maximum rents and eviction cases In which the landlord must obtain a certificate from the Area Rent Office. KARACHI. Pakistan, May 2—M'j —E/.zat Mohammad, 25, was fined two rupees (60 cents) Saturday for kissing his girl friend in public. He pleaded RtiiHy. Under Pakistan law, it i.s against the law to kiss even one's \vife in public. icilian Bandit King declares War on Italian lovarnmcnt and Police ROME. May -'. </l'i — Snlvnlorc Oiulhinu. Sicily's buiutit king, rie- lured war on the llnllun govcrn- niMil Kulmday. lie Kstiod n "bulletin of war" rum his mountain hUU'out, wurn- IIR pollco mid CaiiibiuliTl lo stay away from the "Cllulliino /one." A dispatch to the Qlornalc d'ltnlln In Home quoted ahillnno's fort'p.s of justice" us warning they would fire on imyono who np- nrcnic-lird while not wearing u while armb:tnd. Gliilhiiio hus been nuid at the? |K>lii'r and HIP C:imblnlerl for I months. They IUTUM- him lit nuni- cvous ^anj;-.styk' robhi-rli's und killings, lie hus been loo .slln|K'iy for them. Two \vreks HKO. Olulluno chal- leiiRed 10 mcmbiM'.s o[ (lie llallixn fio\ - erninpnl, or llirlr dole^ale.s, to it "tturl lo ihe rlcitill," 'c otfcrtnl lo lake on the 10 onr lU a lime. und "if I win. 1 \sill tukc over tin 1 Kovcrtuncnt of Italy. If 1 lo.sp. It will be (he end of me." He specified thai hr wuntod only the shots available us furs. His chalkni^L 1 ox;>hcd and the drrlarullon (if war followed, ns Ihe fuljulous Sicilian Imd promlserl. NOTICI: Nolifo is hereby j^von thut the inuler.siuiH'tl hus lilod \vllh (he Commissioner of Itcvpiuu'.s of lhr Slulc or Arkiinsus tor permit to sell anil dispense lii-or al tctull on Ihe 1 premises descl'lhi'd at -J'.'iiT \V. Hosi' SI.. Blythovlllc. Mississippi county. The undt'r.siKncd stnli-s thht tie Is 11 clllM-n of Aiktinsas, of good moral churacli'v, llial ho has never Los Angeles officials estimate ; ^ conv | l: i ci | of „ Many „, other there were 1.500 Industrial plants j In that city's area hi 1910 and 9.000 ' such plants in 1040. 1'i'lmo Involving moral turpitude; (lint no license to sell beer by the undersigned luis been revoked wllh- in five, years last pnst; and Hint the umlerhlyncd has never been convicted of violating Uie la\va of this state, or nny other state, relative to tile snlc of ulcohollo liquors Application Is lor permit to bo Issued for operation beginning on Hie 1st duy of July. 1SH9, nnd to ex- RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All I'Tpts ttxcepl Cancer) pirc on ilu> 3D duy of Juno ,1050 W. N. MrDuntd, Applicant. Subscribed nml sworn to uclorc me tills ao dn.v of April, Ill-It). Mrs. Miirslmll lilnckurd, (tiKAli) Nolnry Public My Cominibslon expires: 3-D-Kl FOR SALE Concrete culverts, U limb to 4N liii'li, pl;iln or rcfiiitorwd Also Coiirri-tc IliilliUni: llliiokk ulu-up- fi tli;iii Uiinlia till I)urns uhlrkrii tiousps. pn nip housfi. Iriunl mm si's. Uiul ihnls Wr deliver Cull us fur ftcu csllnuito . . nhonc GEM OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO 1 1 It; GRAMS COMPANY [\i u roi^ eal I *ldt«' - Mortuiuje loan*- UIMIKMV oscroiv Phone 521 Phona 3075] Europe expects lo have :i50.000 American lourlsts in 1949 and 500.000 in 1952. Monette Druggist Dies Of Injuries in Blaze JONESBORO, Ark. May 2— liTi A. D. Wecms, Monette druggist, died here Saturday of burns suffered early that morning at his home. Weems formerly lived in Memphis and Jone.sboro, Weems was found seated in a chair in the living- room of his home, his bed clothing and the chair aflame. Mrs. Weems said her .usband was recovering from tile lumps and apparently fainted 'hile smoking a cigarette. Surviv- rs include his wife and two child- en. Mr. Weems and his father, the ate Judge Weems, operated the Chisca Drug Store in Memphis for a number of years. Vice President of Bank 1 In Pint Bluff Dies 0t 79 PINE BLUFF, Ark., May 2— Wt-^ I William Nichol. vice president o: the Simmons National Bank hen Klnce 1924, died at a Pine Bluf hospital Saturday following a long | Illness. He was 19. A lifelong resident of JeHersoi I County, Nichol also had been i merchant and was manager of th' tnol Brothers plantation nea Sre. He was »n elder in the First Pres | bytcrian Church. A brother, Jo. is president of 111 | Simmons Bank. Funeral services were conducte | here at i p.m. yesterday. Some years ago the United States experimented with tea growing in South Carolina and Texas but later abandoned it. 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Inlril'crnicc willi railin nml * V- (ilrM inn \irlual1y cltiiiicialcilt nil for Fln«r P«rfo elTic input, stores baltcry npact, llc^ Oil Killc nts llian w Still Mor» N«w Chryil'r D»velopm«n New Generator gives longer life, more i drain more quickly. New Air Cleaner, r lo service—gives you quieter engine performance —filters all your oil, slrelches engine life! More ) describe—New Fuel Pump, New linger Breather Pipe, New DiMrilmlor. Come le.l us demonstrate ihis magnificent Chrysler Spilfirc Engine and amaiinj; I'rcstomatic Fluid I)riv« Transmission ... Agnin you ga the good thingtjint from ('Jir)slcr! Frfllomatic Fluid /7rll'«* Trnnsniissf'o/i—rfrfrc i Chrysler Spilflr* Engine comliin") with Frestomalic V'luM Orive Trsnsmis.'ion give you America's finc'l perforniing mnior car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Street Rcul n Ctimt'i'ii tor Color Pictures The IiltMil ivay In rruicinljcr fipcilil [HTilslllllS. AIM) llllli'l lV|K'N ot il\lll- cras fur rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200(i W. 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