The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1930
Page 5
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. SATURDAY. octoi3ER 1030 BI,YTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COUfUEU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS T»9 cenu ft word ICf Ditt, In- «*rtk>H ud. cs* cut * •«* Jpi Men tuJMcqutot imtr- (Wt. No kdrcftiMMBt uk*a IOC j££9 ^h|m MC> COUOi t>i* vcrdi tod wnd'ttM PhooeSH FOR SALE FOB SALB-Cash or Trade—my equity In property at 109 West Asii St., priced at a great, deal below value, Dr. C. A. Caldwell, Late, Ark. - 23P-10.16 FOE SALE—My Cafe an a bargain tor" cash, See me at 1'Jlb W. Main St., Blylheville. 30P-K" FOR SALE—Durant sedan, abso. lutely .His* new. Easily wortl ^UV&.OO, owner lorced to sell for only $^45.00 at once. Mr. Laster, 111) West, Ash St. 4P-KJ FOR BENT FOR RENT—6 Room House, 110 Cherry. Phone 014, SSP- ] FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 197 and 571. 15tl. FOR RENT—6 room house, 232 Dougan. Phone 334. 16cktl FOR RENT—5 room house, mod ern, corner Fifth an< Park sts Mrs. F, P. Carter, 606 North Filth St. 30p-k5 j FOR RENT—Front bedroom, con I venlent to bath. ; Phone 479W. , . Private home 1C-K FOR KENT—Light housekeepin rooms. 208 West Davis. 2P-JC FOR RENT—Furnished apartmen 108 Kentucky. Phone 683. 4P-KU FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment. Reasonable rent. Call 758-W. 4P-K9 i FOR RENT—Three room apart- y J mcnt, private entrance and batli. \ pall T2-W. 4P-K8 WANTED •WANTED 1 — Family Washings. 1 Wished «nd Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, , 704 S Lake St. 17ck-tf ; COOK WANTED—For short orders. Woman preferred. Call at Bennett's Cafe, 1916 West Main St., Blytheville. 4P-K7 CHANCE OF LIFETIME—Reliable ambitious man to establish local business. We finance you. Experience unnecessary. Make; S8.00- $12.00. day. Full or part time. McNESS Co., Div. 55, Freeport, 111. LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On September 20th, two black horse-mules, weight about 900 pounds, age 8 or 9 years. J. S. Trimue at Puxlco Bridge. 25P-K9 LOST—Black horse mule and mouse. colored mare mnlc. Finder notify W. A. Dates, Holland, Mo • . . 2P-K6 T-BQNE STEAKS THE BEST IN TOWN 50c. Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE 105 N. Second St. Phone 11 BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOI'PE PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandmchcs and Fountain Stnice WRIGHT'S FIVE-AND-TEN CENT STORE WERT He Makes 'Em See NOTICE With our recent partnership *!th Mr. Gto. Carney, we now h»vc the best equipped independent shop in tOTfii, CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We know we know how" —Auto Parts— Why Pay More?. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Haln at 21st ClUi 66 Royal C.MiUs Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone SI -Bjdg. Blytbertll*, Ark PAGE 1 Pliffi IlKlilN HIOIIi: T01IAY CKMA MITCIIKM,. IT, lacr, « »«wr Ille wflrn «kt' iMVri the knmr In llnltftuiorr nhrre ihc kna livud >illh kcr itldnvrrd nioflirr, MAHUAIIKl Itor.lUIS, tu Jiil» birr fillUt-r, J.'UIX MITCIIKI.I,. and lirr ItViiuilmLitlirr In a itnlHy ,\rw Vork dwelling. The iflrl did »«t even knovr fcrr fAlbrr. «o« llvliiK naill thr tiny Jir canto in Ibr llnlllmort- ii|inrl- 1«<I>I. Cclln iiiil sui'no.cJ Hull llonEKS, her mothrr'ii ici-imA •u«hui.<l. lo br krr (alkrr. Mllcli- rli off rr« the rlrl i. H(F iif \\mllh and iNiiurdlntrly evrry- IbtriR' change*. She Irarox krr lijQtUrr, uucnvnre that 31m. Itnucr* ti Hcrlnti«l]r III and the Irnvra IIAII.M:I snn-.l,ns. ntnuiiiuiii youiiK ui>n»ii:i|ii-r iiljnfng;rav!icr, i^Un ktvenrif. that MDIIIQ day h« ubd CHIa Mill br rantrlcj; Thr clrl U lnni-17 and III «t ruwc In hec BUT komr, Mllclirll fllid* lirr In <cnr« nml !• ivurrled. IK- minoiii to >Mts. i;vt:j.y\ 1'All.SOX.S, brnulKul irldnu \r1inse bn^liaud linn bi-cn Mltrlii-U'M clu^e tcjpHd. Mr«. k'lirxinii ngrtrii la iHtrudncr Olln to Ihr rluhr i^rl of yuun»r prnplr Ihoucli It Ix nlivlini> Mhr rpe:irdn thr girl [[« n iiirnni tii h-:iln Mil, tell 1 , ntlrrllc.n.. 'I'n IhlK rnil Khi- invllm <V]ln *n »|ii'nd n tVi-rk-i-ml al licr l-i>pK I^l^nil hauir. Ainnnic thr nthrr fit.'ll, i, '!<>!> .KI1IIHV. n hiinil- Hiiinr ^ULIH^ nmn Mhn ili-votr« bhmelf tv r<-tln. .Idrd^n fni.c-1- nnft-x thtr »lrl hut ihr l-t lojiil In IlarncT nnd Irf.itH lihn coolly. Next Murulnc Kv«'ljn I'ur.incM Hn- nuunfpn nlit ILHK neif» Inr ^rtln. KOW CO OX WITH TIIK STOKV CHAPTER XX . ityOUR father's going to he here .;.'r- for luncneoii," Mrs. Parsons paid briskly. "He Blioulil think he'd be here almost aily time now." '-. r : Celia said she was s'atl lie ,coiild come early. Privately she T»6iiilereJ how Jolm Mitchell won fit: Into this crowd of curious, care less young people. Her father wa: Filll r« dlslant an ncmiaintnnce a he bad- been the day sl'.e arilvei in Now York. It was hot and Usl Duncan who had won the last set of ten nis, declared she was "simpl; wrecked." She tumbled into : porcli chair, calling for ice watei Kate,' htr sister, appeared in French v/indow and eyed TJsi di approvingly. Kcte wore loungla pajamas ot orchid silk printed 1 beige and green. She looked lial Itnally as thougli- gbe had ius turned from a mirror. Eve Brooks was wearing paj; mas, too, an orange antl black, ou fit. For a wonder she was s'lltin beside her husband, .who was reading the ne\Y&panor sports section. They heard the sound ofia car coming up tlio drive, and Evelyn Parsons 'hurried out to meet her guest. Celia would have come, too, but Mrs. Parsons waved h'er aside. A few minutes later she hoard Mitchell's voice in the living room'.' Celia went inside. "Good morning, fattier," ' she said. "'Morning, .. Celia. T.ook as though Long Island agreed with you." "Oh, it (Iocs, indeed!" Evelyn Parsons spoke up quickly. "Keally, I hope you'll let this daughter ot yours consider Larchwood her second home. She's been'the belle Of the party;" It wasn't true, of course. Kate uncan would be the belle of any rouu In which she appeared, but lltchell Bccrucd pleased. It o«- urred to Celia the Imd not real I ted eforo how good looking her f»- icr was. In white flannels »nd IMC coat ho appeared younger. CelU Inquired politely about htr randinother. Then Evclya Par- uns said gaily: "Hun along back to your young en, Celia. I'm going to take our father to see the nev Illy wol. Wo've jnsl tlmo before unchcon." Slightly resenting this dismissal, lelta went back to the porch. She Id not nee her father agnlu mull he meal was announced. • • • 'IIB saw very little of Tod Jor' dan that afternoon. There was omo discussion whether tho after toon should be spent watching ten- its matches at the club (the third anking national player was to >lay an exhibition match) or vhcther they should all drive to lie big flying field, where elaborate iianeuvers wero to be staged. In he end It.was decided, to do both, Young Carr, who had a pilot's 11- 'ense, Evo 13rooks and Jordan set off for the aviation field. The others went to see the tennis. Though tha third ranking tennis champion was In excellent form Celin Mitchell did not enjoy her self. Everyone about 1 her chatting and vUiting. Usl Dun can was constantly being hailed by young and old! She teemed t inow everyone, to have a swff comeback for every word of rail lery. Cetia felt lonesome. Her father and Mrs, Parsons r< mained on the clubhouse veranda, She and Webster joined them whe tea was served. Ltsi had a blon youth in tow and did not reappea until Jimmie Webster went I hunt for her to drive home. It was 5:30 when they reachc Larchwood. Tod Jordan, arid h companions were not yet bac from the aviation field. Cell went to her room to dress for din ner. , . She combed out her brown, hat which tho hot weather had curie up rather tightly about her fac Then she tried pulling the hair s vercly back from the Zorchcad Eve Brooks did. The effect nothing at all like Mrs. Brook sleek blond coiffure, .'.t wouldn do at all! Celia tried again. "When, the experiment was eu ed Celia had achieved a becomin compromise. There were curls b fore each ear. The rest of t hair was brought back, iu a digu fled effect. Sho usnd powder, a touch rouge, and then drew on her bl' chiffon frock. Tho dress slipp down quaintly off the shouldei H had a slimly fitting waist, tb' bouffant skirt. Wearing it Gel could almost have pacu4 <cr girl of 40 years ago. She Impacted herself doubtfully | ber, You tco, l don't liove her the mirror, Celia had tio idea old-fuhlontd effect wa; Is|i(. 8^« thought ot Koto |)un- n'» glittering necklaces. After a (niite Celj* opened her traveling g and drew out a small black . InihU wai the little gold -cket her mother had given her, « • • EL1A fastened the diatu about her neck, decided the locket as an Improvement. Then ilic ent downitaln, No one vas In Eight in the |!Y: g room, Then she »aw her tuber Handing before the. window a small room beyond. As she entered the doorwjy ho urned. It wa« the hour be.torc unset. There were long the |awn outside and fading ght wUtiin. Vor an Instmt the rl BEemc-d almost an nnnarlllon. "Celia!" the man nald, "you art led m«." "I didn't mean to." She carae over beside Mitchell her* was eoniething strange In [5 eyes, almost as though he had ever seen her before. 'Do you like it?" Blio aaked, ml! ing. "Like whatr "The new dress. It's ono of OSo Mrs. Parsons helped ine buy think It makes me look older Thai's why I wanted it." John Mitchell gazed down at his aughter, "Tte drew Is very pretty," he aid. "Blue, Isn't It?" Ho pausei nd then added: "Your mothe: ised to wear blue." Celia podded: "I used to try to get her to have a. blue dro«v Only it course, now she always wear black. Sho has to wear that ho store, and aha says it's m practical." Mitchell \vas' looking out in window again. For several mo rucnts they did not speak. ''Been having a good time down hero?" ho asked. "1'es." "You seem doubtful. What's tu trouble?" CclU hesitated. "Everyone' been awfully nice to me," she sail "It's—oh, 1 guess it's my ow fault, but you tee I'm not used t doing the things theso people d I hardly know how to talk t them. I guess it's because I've B ways just been at home."The girl's eyes wero appoaltni Her father put an arm about he shoulder—the first stgn of father! aSection Mitchell had ever shotf "I guess we'ro alike," 'he sa slcwly. "I've never taken tin enough for play, cither. That's a over now. Over for both of us," nnHE little gold locket caught his •*• eye. "Cilia—where did you get tlialV" Mitchell apoke sharply. "Yon mean tho locket? Oh, mother gave It to me. It's an old one t^e's had ever since I can remem- ctuie, It—well, it sort of makes fcfl as thou.h 6ho weren't BO r mvay," Tlio man illd not seem to be 11s- "in?. He had opened tlio tiny Old case and was looking at the :cture of Celia na » baby. Tlio her side of tho locket was bare. "Fallicrl Is anything tho mat- Tl" "Nothing," In saltl. "Nothing." Tlieii John .Mitchell really slur- ed Ms daughter. Ilo slipped both rms around her ami liehl her lose. Tliey wero standing thus •heu Kvelyn Parsons enw them. .Ecelyn'B sbnrn exclamation was lined. Slio turned away, Tho Bin lino of her Una distorted her ace and tier oycs/wcro llko llniiica, 'ojba thwarted''by sucli.a Itttlo 1)11! Hatred for Celia Mltchol!— atred tlint \va? blind and unrca. onlng—overcame tho woman. Sliu hurried from the room, At .Ipiiei an hour la.ler Mva, 'drums smiled and [irosiclcd at her i?ble as graciously and sweetly 113 usual, she looked stunning In anther of her Purls KOVTIIS, a filmy, floating creation of while chiffon ind black lace. Mllclicll praised be frcck. •Tho emlto \v|th whlcli slio fn- rorcd him was llueerlng. faintly rrovor.nlve. Sho lUtciuM Eynipa- ketlcally lo Ills tale of a tnmlile- some law ease. Evelyn could ill- ways lie Interested lit any man's business affairs. .There was music .again In llio ovculng. For a time they u\l-gath- ored on Ihc ver.tnda, but soon Mrs. ParEons slljipcd nway. No one no- Iced she had gone. ' No one saw ler go upstairs, enler'.her bedroom, reappear and hurry' down tbe hall to- She room Celia 'occupied. Mrs. Pareona entered, closing the door EOftly belilud tier. She looked about. There in tlio corner ab'o saw what she soiisbt. -She lifted Oella's traveling bag to tlio bed and opened it. Tiio fluscrs of her left hand unfolded, revealing a'slrand of pearls. For an instant their opalescent beauty held her. Then she dropped tho necklaco In'- to the (ravelins ba;, fastened tho lock and went out of tbc room. it was still early In tbc evening that John Mitchell met his hostess in tlie hallway. ."I've been looking'for ynti," he tnld, then added miickly, "Evclya, what's tlio matter'.'" Sho tried to 'smile, but her brooding look deepened. "Oh, it doesn't really inaUcr,' she. raid. "I—wc]l, 1'vo Just hnil a,, shocir. Of courso tho otlicra mustn't litinw. It's my pearls—" "Are they missing?" • Evelyn nodded.. "I'ro leaked everywhere," she said, "and 1 can't understand It. I know 1 bad tlicm yesterday because J showed them to Cells. 3lie saw me put liio case away." .Mitchell's voice cut In: ."You don't mean—3" (To li» Continued) New York Cotton LOST—Red day book, containing milk accounts atul registration papers on •. cattle. Finder return' ~ to J. V. Pierce, Route 2, Blythevilie, NEW YORK . Oc t- 4 - (UP)^Cot- 4P-K7 on c ' ose( ' barely steady. Open lligh Low Close '" Oct. Oct.. old new Dec. old Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new Mar ..... May 1028 1053 1050 1061 1057 1077 1097 1112 1035 1054 1056" 1021 1044 1042 1066 1084 1103 1119 '1050 1071 1090 1105 1021 1044 1W2 1051 1050 1071 1000 1105 Spots closed quiet at 1035, off 15. Read Courier News Want Ads. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 4.-IUP)— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low close Oct 1021 1029 1013 1013 Dec IMS 1054 1041 1041 Jan 1058 10CO 1051 1052 Mar 1075 1082 1070 1070 May .... 1096 1101 1090 1108 July .... 1108 1115 .... 1102b Spots closed steady at 1016, off 16. CLOSES OLDEST STORE LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. (UP) — Peter J. Emmert, 90, has closed ;hc dry gocds store he operated for 7p years In the same location. He retired after being in business here since 1855. OLD CAR TRAVELS FAST FORT WAYNE. Ind. (UP)—A' 25 year-old auto was driven betvrccr Fcrt Wayne a:id Columbia Cit-j —a distance of 22 miles—in 45 minutes by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wass, Fort .Wayne. While only 500.0CO foreign vis! tors entered Great Britain las year, France received nearly 2,000, coo. v,;;!!6l FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Comfortable foi-func-s cnnicd inUie movies -by. their latc'husbands are left to these txro Hcllyivocrt widows under wills that have Just. b;en probated. Mrs. Doris Kenyon Sills, above, widow of the late Milton Sills, 'received property valued at $250.000: Mrs. Ilozel O. Chaney, b:- low, \i-ido\v of the late Lou Chancy, gets the bulk cf Chaney's $550,000 estate. V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rotes on carload lots, Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-931' H3RS6 SHOS PR1HTS, sowe OOTV.AVH HAS ?F v^irm FB6CW-ES...TU. RJH 'EJA OOWH IP IT TAliES LAST MOM'N POP THE OLD ARMY -THC UtTV-C. RASCW- 1 .'. \'D BET-Ttn ATTEND TO THIS OUR BOARDING HOtfSE WEtt TARE-WE.U. TUB -THis WEEK I'M rKv/!Me» A SHOWER pti-r VOLl CAAAV OR S-TAV -UiOPeR A HOUT? AT A -Trie sriouiER WILL SAVE WATER 7 QAS OkW BafrYi!? AS TH 1 -TUB, BALLOON BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES IT'S KATAL1 By Martin HEARD GOME &TR/\M&!1 MOIGF-G AROOWO THAT one sroT W\OST OAVBiZEAIC SO! XOU«<1 VCXi'VE A STRANGE N.OISK

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