The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY, UUCBMHKK 19 ADVERTISING INFORMATION I0r conseouUve Minimum Charge 1 time per line.. time, p.., wr Hne tit a,, ; ^ 0 time* per im, p, r „», ....... ™ J-i itaiw per toe per daj ...... 60 1 Monti. per Une ...... j^ Ada ordered for three or rti'tUne* wd stopped before eiplr»tlon will charged fcr the number at times ol All Classified Advertising cony •ubmltted by persona residing out- 1 nfn. S'», the u lty mwi te ftc <»n>- panied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken jor more than one Incorrect Insertion o! »np classified ad —-—~— -~- —^^^ For Sale Used circulaliiuToll heater. Call Mr, Clewons, Montgomery Ward Co __ ' 12[lS)-ek-22 12 Kit. Pump G^mT $45. 701 So. Lake _St. Phono 3243. 12jl9-pk-27 T\vo electric water heaters—30 gal- Ion Kclvlnatpr nixl 52 gnl. Hot- liolnt. Charlie's Electric fciliop. Ph 2993 - 12i]9-ck-22 Warm Morning heater ana oil cook stoves. All kinds of used farmiiiL' equipment. Lee Wilson Co., Armorel, Ark. Phone 2.088. !2|14ckl4 WE NOW HAVE LISTINGS ON SOME OP THE BEST .RESIDENTIAL PROPERTV IN BLYTHEVILLE! -Here's a beautiful home with 3 bedrooms and two baths. Less than 4 years old. Ideally located. Six room house with 2 baths Ou two lots in excellent location. Servant's house and garage with concrete floor. Arcola heat. Six room house on two lots. Has a new roof, solid foundation, modern \ appointments. v Five room house on West Chleka- sawba on 1 acre lot. Five room house on the edge of Blytheville. On two lots. For nuick sale, $2000. The above homes shown by au polntment only. SEE JIMMIE STEVENSON at NOBLE GILL AGENCY We Arrange FHA- Loans We Make 4% Farai Loans 12118-ck-25 Don't.forget—new Gift items arriving daily at Parkhurst, 107-109 East Main. 12-16-ck-23 A very attractive home and-(Trail Investment. 5 bedrooms. Hardwood floors, Butane Gas, well located. In connection with new modern duplex, complete with highest grade furnishings and , equipment. Own this and you will • have a uood income for,life Completely furnished duplex n't 815 Chicknsawba. Butane gas, modern equipment, occupied by good tenants.. A money maker. Call for price and terms. A nice moderately priced home Stucco construction. 3 bedrooms' oath, living room, dining room ij and kitchen. ^;- MAX LOGAN Phone 502 . 12jl9-pk-22 For Sale BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Table model Radio-C lube. Looks and plays like new. A real buy Phone 2-104 after C. I2|lO-i>k-2l Horse, saddle, bridle. Cull 2701. 12iI6-pk-21 1 B model Ac tractor, disc, breaking plow and cultivator. 2 A model John Deere tractors and two two- row cultivators, 1 two-row planter, l disc, l set of middle busters for John Deere tractor, j p-ao Farmall tractor, l H Fnnnall tractor and cultivator. J. W. Widner Jr., Portagevllle, Mo. Phone 3012. 12jlfl-pk-22 12 guasc Savage pump Run. Good slrnpo. 32" full choko barrel Price $40. Box 07. Armorel, Ark or phone 819. I2ilD-ck-24 licautlful cabinet mode) radio. Looks like new. 1021 Hcnvn St. after 6 12;19-pk-2l All fur coals reduced in price for the last week o£ Xmas buvlng Montgomery Ward & Co. ' 12ilD-ck-23 Our gift department has a large assortment ol beautiful dresser sets at very reasonable price's Montgomery Ward & Co. 12!IO-ck-23 .Tuple bedroom suites on sale this week for the reduced price of $99.88. Montgomery Ward '&. Co 12119-'ck-23 PHILLIPS : WILL BUY YOUR CAR- Blytheyille'sHighestUsedCarBuyer» Tl!1 ' c , c room apartmcHiTTurnlshed^or ^unfurnished, 914 Hearn. 12jHpk21 3 room apartment, furnished Unlit' housekeeping. 1125 W. Sycamore ' 12jl9-pk-2i Hospital beds. WadeTwrnTurcTco _ 12|13-ck-13| One 600 acre tract; one 300 a^re "•act; one 275 acre tract; two 80 acre tracts; one 53 acre tract,'All good alluvial soil, located Southeast Missouri. Phone or write E a. Gee Cotton Co., 2026. 12|ll-ck-tf B»i/<rY J wi " poy y° u thc T0p CA $H M PRICE for your Car. No Delay. No Expense. No "Come-Back". ALL CASH. « Avoid care and expense of your idle car. Turn it info CASH, Buy Bonds and *» enable your car to provide essential transportation. *t Don't Sell Until You See Phillips^ Come In Today. 50 Cars Needed 4 " PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I Tel. 453 , Trail Mike Buchanan, 2nc| S 'house & No Camp Moultrie, Highway 61. _ '12|lG-pk-20 siz « 12 Blue Silk Robe ncvei^voTn" cost S3fr-for $15; size 14 silk Ina _' termty dress, $7.50 ph. 3255. . 12!lfi-pk-20 Something nrrvT in "vases— ringless—with rings (by Tiban) and many other styles (o select from. Pnrkhurst, 107-10!) Easf Mnl "- _12-16-ck-23 »fl: arTfTTnTv^aT'traiJer; new n w t ™V° 1Km '°'\, &fa*llEe 2' 12|lfi-pk-2fl ' Steel Watering ll-tushsi g) Steel Of) Drums <f< Steel Garbagq Cans Blythevillc Machine Shop. '___ 30-ck-ll|30 BKl >y bccr~praetlcal]y~ncw. with water resistant inner-spring mattress; one two burner oil heater _8S8 So. Franklin. 12[15-pk-20 Pair of mules; coroi>Ie1e~o~u7fir o f Farming Equipment: also, farm trailer. W. G. Seymore, Blytheville -—^—____ 12 J 1G ' pk - 23 and heater; good" condition^5 good tircs.jjQ9 so. Lilly. IZjlBpkZI CH ; lc Cat , iSktmk) Trolteur Coal Perfect condition. I2;'i8-pl:-21 Room adjoining bath.. Gentlemen only. Phone 2496. 613 Walnut " 1. 12|8-pk- 1J6 Office In Ingrnm Building. Inquire __anhe^>arkhiirs^Co. 11-30-ck-tf Help Wanted ' Walnut it 5th Services Washing and Ironing. Have drying room. Willie Bell Green, North Highway 01, back of Mrs. Scruggs' warehouse. 12jl3-pk-13|'45 U. S. steel producllon totaled 89.1 million ions In 1943, 70 per cent more Iban Axis Europe combined w'lh Japan was able to make. Good "<>"rs-Good Pay "i^srTy^SeTr.^n^r, i.i.Od forking Conditions, classified as musical Instruments Write I?o.\ WA, Courier. ' *' 12-19-ch-27 the Brlllsl1 Assn. Taken Up 0 mules— 3 mare mules and 3 horse mules. Wt. about 1200 Iba :each Call Noble Qill— 313] o*- SSI •' Wanted To Rent 00 acres of farm land with good conveniences. Will exchange references. W. T. LGLLAR, stcele M°- Rt. 2. 12H6-i*-2J We Need A Young Man r or Permanent Job • A young man that has a reasonable amount of imagination and native intelligence. He should have n high school education and antl at least enough ambition fo fry In do a job well. No physical work involved but it is a joF> that will test your wils ... a job that will slart you at a living- wage with plenty of'oppor- tunity for advancement. it entails both office detail and outside contacts. ['arts of the work will be a pleasure for anyone bul ! , : like any job worth hav- if ing it will have some head- j i If You Wont To SELL YOUR CAR ... Of Want To Buy A GOOD USED CAR Wantei to Bug Second hand football. Call Mrs Hurry llalnes, am 12,8-dh-tf Before you sell your fur, sco Ooo Hester and 6011 for highest prices Ueiiters In raw fur. Joe Hester's Grocery, N. Highway 01, Phono _ 2 <" ii - izn-pk-a-i \Vil! iwy c-iish for SI0,000 worth of jrnod used furnl- luvo. Wnde l-'nrnitiiru Co. Will pny aoe |>or don. (or wire coni tinnaers. Hudson Cleaiwrs. Try Our "Own !\lade" ICE CREAM Oiii Hickory Inn Across Fro,m High Sflinol Save SO.Vi, On TRUSSES Steel nnd Klnstlc STEWART'S Drug Store Mfiln & Lake ('hone 2822 Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W Main «^ ril.L ALL OOCTOM' PRESCRIPTIONS tN*O HAVE VOII MONK) STEWART'S Drpj St*r e lot . BIDDLE EXTERMINATORS 1 Roichm, 'ILils and Mice eliminated. Contract service (n pest control. Odorless 5Iethod<>. .115 H. Third I'hone ZJ51 O.PA CEILING PRICES ON 4LL USED CARS will ho If you contemplate selling your car -HOW IS THE TIME! ' Is-always in the market, tor-used cars -we'll buy 1 or 100! • • i DONT SELL YOU GST OUR PRICE "" ' •'• ' [ Sec Your STUDEBAKER DEALERS WE PAY TOP CEILING PKIC1! FOR GOOD CARS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ash & 3rd Sfs. Lev Chnmblln Bill Chamblln aches. U. S. Governor We dare you to write fully I T~ regarding your qualified ! "OWZONTAL 59 Symb lions to Box "R. D." Care • ' Plc(ured the Courier News. E ° venlor ' 12-7-ch-tf !11 Suffix 12 Age ; !3 Emmet 14 Myself 15 Tear - olher shipment of Guilars -Autoiiarps—Violins. New sheet music, hillljjIJy and many other items to numerous (o mention, at Parkhurst, 107-109 East Main. 12-lG-ck-23 Com, Oats, Chops, Hay, Dairy and ..Poultry Feeds. Custom feed grlnd- Jl'ing. Blytheville Grain & Elevator °°- 12,9-ck-tf Fireworks. Buy early. All kinds of fireworks, Xmas trce.s, fruits, nuts and candies. Joe Hester's Grocery and Market, N. Highway 61, Pho King Alford Jonquil bulbs. First size. Plant now. Hcalon's Home of , F'owers. U|20-ck-tf Electric and Battery Radios. Hardaway Appliance Co. 10-1.6-ch-lG Wood or coal circulator heater. Night phona 3309. O. a. Rolllson. 10125-ck-tf Experienced cooks and waitresses "--'•- Hotel Noble. • '30-pk-W Lost Black Cocker Spaniel, 4 years'old". Answers to name of "Dicklc'C RE- 20 Belnntr-: In WARD. Phone w . o . ^^ ^ , ™* n & «° Wilson, Arkansas. 12J13-pk-20 21 Information «ed woolen IcBeiiigs to child's snow f, S°f. of '° vc suit. Reward. Phone 2575 ' , 24 Na ''ve of I^IIR nir 9! Latvia M18-PL-21 . 25Qua]ifiC(3 Green tarpaulin for truck, lost Sun-' 2 ? Symbol for day between Osceola and Hoi-' radium land. Charles M. Cohoon phone 28 She '""" """• ' Mo. iajl3-pk-20 29 Anesthetic for tantalum eOCalumniale SI Discourage VER17CAL 1 Flock 2 Silkworm 3 Music note •lYcar (ab.) (Pi.) 1 Within 8 Court (ab.) 0 Exude JO Pause rib barrel and 2 sigh,,. Red rub- 35 BchoW- bcr butt, lasl near Stevens Gin 36 Inset magistrate The B-29's five multiple-gun re- 53 c °mpass point mote controlled turrets arc com- 54 Average (ab.) pietcly electrical and can concen- 55 Italian river irate mstaneously on any target 57 Exclamation fromjiny^irection. l of surprise ^ ^jjL HA PHILLIPS "WINTERIZE IMimy ul Hal LISTEM TO THAT \VIMD3AG ^ OUT THERE HAVE NJO FffAP.VDUR _- » , HISHMESS, UK ASSAULTAlT WQM'l UPON7HE POCK WILL/ EH z VOU'f$E. AVAIL HW NAU^T/i ABSOLUTELY SURE? FKHX'KI.IW ANT) RIR DO MAKE : jIt ; Ck;LES BURN WE OIL i 20 At ibis place 40 Seine 5 Out of danger 22 Mimic 43 Daub (dial.) e Male sheep • 24 Conducted 44 In reality 26 Hackneyed 28 Abhorred 2!) Shade Iree 30 Also 33 Companion \! E '. v !Lf QJ Tp_ GET ™?"SHXAKOUND ecSrSiE^fT'K^^ 47 Snatch 48 Roam 50 Royal Italian family n,ime 51 Darling 55 Jumbled type 56 Whirlwind 57 Alleged .force 30 Single Ihing 58 Him IGChic-f noil of 34 He governs Memphis state ol 18 Slop Indiana A SEETHli*3 ^\^55 OF AND FIRE SNEEfS OV POOL A5 1^\6£R CRACK Accuracy, as Usiuil BY LESLIE TURNER '. THE JfcPS Of EH UP WITH FLAK 7} AND RADIO -It^TOWo REPOR«OM THE FUSHT. of YANKEE 3-295 WERE DRIVEN Off IWH. HEAVY . LOSSES roPAV BEfiflSE THEY CQUL& PROP TiiCfcs* OXM iaw YOUR CAR"! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTUS WE. vtws u WE. t$ \^wti^$$r-\ •f t —*—fif il- 1 -\ "'-. / .A / ^;fej»; 1. Tune Motor 5. New Battery 2. New Spark Plugs 6. Antifreeze 3. New Motor Oil 7. Glass Installed 4. New Brakes 8. Fenders Refinished PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Teil453> \ Walnut at 5th.

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