The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 21, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, APR!,, 21, 19-17 Pneumatic Fever To Be Challenged Researchers Ready To Tackle Disease At Northwestern U. EVANSTON, 111. (UP) — Northwestern University has ar.nounced «ans for establishing the nation's 'fit institute jor tlie study of rheumatic fever. The school lias received Kills of S45.00D from tho U- S. Public Health Service and $13,000 from Hie American Cyanimid Company's Lcdcrle Laboratories division for establishment. o[ tlie Institution. Dr. .1. lioscoc Miller, dean of tlie Northwestern medical school, said Ihc SUO.OOO represents initial funds for tlie project, which will require tiie full-time .services of at least nine leading experts. The Rheumatic Fever Research Institute, he .said, would he housed on thp entire floor to he set aside in the Municipal Contagious Disease Hospital in Chicago. Research workers will seek t develop methods for prevention ant treatment of the disease. The im mediate objective, however, will be to gain new knowledge of the way tile disease uorks. Dr. Alvlu F. colnirn, prominent In incdica! research, has been 'Hi- pointed director of tlie institute. He formerly wa.s assistant professor of medicine in the College of Physicians and .Surgeons nt Columbia University. Clinical Studies I'lanned Tn conjunctitjn with its research, tiie institute will have the services of additional investigators to engage in clinical .studies in collaboration with hospitals which care for rheumatic children, h "The economic im|X>rtaiice of ii'ieunjatic fever as a world problem is appreciated more by physicians than by the general public.'' Cobui'n said. "In all countries of both north and south temperature zones, rheumatic heart disease ranks high as a cause of death. Furthermore, since most rheumatic patients have repeated attach, long and expensive periods of hospitalization are to be exper f ed." He said rheumatic fever usually is a disease of the underprivileged, } who must rely on charity lor medical care. Coburn, who was in charge or epidemic disease ccntrol lor the Navy during the war, said thai even after screening to dim- | inatc rheumatic subjects, tlie Navy found that training activities at .several of its large stations was endangered by prevalence of the disease. Navy records snow, he said, that more than 20,000 inon developed the disease in training. ISI/VTUKVIM.K (AUK.) COUK1KK NKWS PAGE SEVEN Learns War Is Over Confederate Home Superintendent Resigns April '21 vliun!:;. ud i'<1 as host and Iniro- diiri'd ihr speaker. 'I In- urxl mei'tiiiK will lie held :it Hmclrtlc i>n MHV 21. \Liixora Rotations Elect R. L. Houck President UTTLU KOCH. Ark. IUPI c. ii. luwthorp ti' week as superintendent of I he Ai- k.msiu Confeiieiatt- Home iuul the boanl of control nanied iMis. Hob Piathor of Vimy liidne us his sue- MI.XOHA. Ark.. Apr. 21- • The cessor. I '.iixura liolary (;!ub eli'i'U'd (he Mrs. Pralher begins her duties (nlUnviiig ofiieers for the UM1-1H July 1. (year: l{. I,, llnuck. presldelll. Civil Lowthorp. a resident of Jlope. Wrlj-ln. vice presldeul; Abe l.iver- ha<i served us head of Ihc liome ant, Ki'i^eant-at-i\rtns; Turn Callis. !or llu« past seven year:;. The board's m-Uon c^ine. altev mt'cting wllh Oov. Hen bancy. ami Ii. W .Nichols. I Doiuild wwl spoke on the Mississippi Vnlloy CaunhiK Compiiuy ojiei ullim.s. Visitors were Dr. Italn- wali'r nf Walnnl Hldge, J. K. Mor- I'.au, Wilson; Frank Kauili'rs. Kd- wuril Tenford »uil 1-dimon Wll- Hiuns uf Oiccolu. The iv-oi'iMuii'. •(! boanl is composed of Mrs. Drown Rogers of Russellville and Mrs. John M. 1-of- lon. Or. T. E. Uurj:ess. Roy Kumiic mid Mrs. Austin II. Lewis, all iv. Litlle Hock. Fabcr White Addresses Schoolmasters in Dyess HYKSS, April 21— The -°cllOOl- muMers Clu'o. an organisation ol' school siiperlnteudenls unil principals of Mississippi County, mei at the P.vess HlBh School Wednesday nielli with \V. 11. Nicholson, superintendent of Blylhevlllc schools, an,| president of the clu'J, presiding. 1'Mljer A. White. Osccola uiisl- j ncssiuan was principal speaker. He used as his Icplc "the businessman's viewpoint of education." promising the superintendents mid principals oE today I'oi 1 the work bcinn done under existing con.1i- I ium. Dinner was served by members o[ (\i<> Home Keonooiics Department of tlie high school. Lowell It O;«len. superintendent ol Dyess »am, n llmii-k. Directors: I'Tauk Har- Knrlv., c. 1>. Lowell. Ii. ),. CVcil Wright, Tom Oallts One argument for tho rear- en- Bine bus Is that II luis better ucl- i;hl distribution and Is alforded a decided advantage In driving In mud, HUW, .sand, and other soft i.iiilaces. , Heart Courier News Want Ailji Meet Superior Seaman Tsnehida, of the ex-Imperial Japanese Navy, who recently learned that the war is over and surrendered to U. S. Marines on (he I'ar.-ilic island of 1'elclin. Kirst to .surrender out of a group of holdout Japs on (lie island, he had never heard of the utoinic bomb. He's pictured under guard of Cpl. William O. Hull, of Oxford, Miss. Two Packs U. S. Cigarettes Give German Month's Wage FRANKFURT (UP)—111 Gcrmn- iiy you can support a family on 14 cents n month. That includes rent, groceries — such as arc to bo had—in.sui'ance, clnthe.s. everything. II works out like this: tlie average German laborer or factory hand is paid approximately 45 reichsmsirks per week, or 180 marks per month. He can't buy much with i',. hut it will pay his 40-mark monthly rent, his M-mark monthly legal , grocery nllouauce far his wife ami 1 Anu'.rieuns seven con's. On the black market a package will bring !10 reichs- niarks. Thus H cents worth of cig arctics bring 180 marks. Americans who smoke loss than their 10-packnge weekly ration or have tnx-rrce cigarettes 5cnt trom (lie United Stales often give their German drivers or laundry women n:Kk;u-e'; ol cigareite.s n.s pay or tips K is an umvriltcn rule that a GI with a fraulein must keep her in ci'iarottes. So any German who can form a steady contact with which nets liim us LIFE STARTS TODAYl HOW DO YOU FIILT II II O.K. To T[| nirfithoria Deaths Cut LONDON (UPi—Under a nntion- al imnuvnv/.aUoii program begun in 1940, dcnths 'from diphtheria- "'• Great Britain have, dropped by al- tU'O-thirtis. IBoiorc the war. jjqost, tu r o-thiri child, insurance at 12 marks, and much as two packages of leave him 92 marks for clothes and a month has earned Ills living, incidentals. Theoretically, Germans No O ne has dared to estimate Ihc are living on it. numhcr of cigarettes which go iinm A package of tax-free crgnret.!ei ; American to German hands in pri- cost.s the GI or American civilian vale deals, out Americans have set ! up barter marts in Frankfurt and diphtheria claimed some 3.000 vie- lieilin where Germans can legally thus a year, and hospital tveat - acquire cigaicUe.s by UntHnR ment or nbout CO.OOD. [ntionls' rifit, imliles. •'Cu'iuetlcs - [roodcci • the more than $4,000,000. Now dcalhs marls ;il such a rate I hat an cm- arc down to 1,00(1 a year. [ tar^o had" to be clamped on. FOR REAL MERCURY SERVICE SEE YOUR /}$. r ./F/f^ DEALER Arkansas Stata Planting Seed Grade 'A' D. 8/ P. 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