The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26. i9S4 COURIER mm Leading Roles in Far Eastern Drama PEnCUN EOT Xfould Stand Aloof Should Russia and Japan Engage in War This i-j the fourth of a strirs of v« articles nn Ilie Chinese silua- on, by William I'iiilip Slinms. otfd foreign affairs expert, now •urlns Hie world for The Courier *ws anil olhfr NKA Service lu-ws- *. It Is of rsjwUl inl nd timriinrss lirruusr of Julian's larj warning to (ho world ajainsl pfl'rmn-c in China's affairs. V WILLIAM 1'IIH.II' SIMMS NANKING. April 25.—Startling it may sound offhand. China nil! join neither side in event war between Russia anil Japan. Dr. Wang Ching-wei, president China's Executive Yuan and ulster of foreign affairs, told -, in an exclusive Inleivlnv at ; foreign office here. After Japan's femire of four o[ lina's richest prov^ces, her at- j •k on Stiunghai, and her stand- I ,,„„ threat against all North China. 1 world has generally believed 1 lnkil:1 nt China wouid jump at the! ance to help any country de-1 Nippon. ' ! That would seem to be her only ance. Somewhat surprised. 1 asked esident Wang why. 'China," he replied in a low ice. "stands to lose in such a r. no matter which side wins. imesl IVLsh for Peace "Far from desiring war between pan and the Soviet- Union BO we . fish in troiib'cd waters, our ost earnest wish is for peace. I "If Russia should be decisively feated, China would be left at e mercy of a militaristic neitjh- Tlicre would be nothing lo event a further advance into this untry. "Should Japan be defeated, there )uld be nothing to check our ler ijowcrfnl neighbor." China and Russia are now on ost friendly terms. But the Chi- f have been trained to think decades, and even, .centuries. w and for a Ions lime to come, lina's security, in large measure, pends upon some kind of balance power, in the Par East. ' i ns Hij>t on America 'Should these two countries go war, therefore." Dr. Wang counted, "China could hardly choose les. On the contrary, she would •k to keep out, af it and pin her ith on tin: I/eague of Nations d America to save her from the :ermath." Here was another surprise. Most leaders witii whom I had Iked were frankly skeptical ot e League's value to China in her ic of peril. 'The League and America did i save China in Manchuria or Shanghai," I observed. "What ids you to believe they would be •y more effective in future?" I ri'm afraid you mistook my ' fcaning." he said. "The existing ' •rid peace machinery is widely ^credited. I know. I do not ex- Jct it to prevent war between •pan and Russia, If that is to •nc. it what I do foresee is that, puld it come, the world would such a frightful situation af- I wards -regardless of which side Injuries? Just a Broken Fingernnil Chinese statesmen arc playing an important part in the en Drts to k-ad Ihfi lakii:g Wall Chim-wei, lell. has played an iiii|x>rtn!U role. At the risnl, in the it-ad, yarded as a trailer to his homeland—Eir.|»ror Kang Toll of Manchu:;uo. foimrily known as Henry Hsinking. his capital, nfu-v a slate banquet. nation out of chaos, and m this ;; i>!imL- -.n.d>r- • shown the funnel' impcror of Clnr.n. ir.v. r- Pu Yi-: . (,.. leave-, I he pa!.u-i- a; ;Once Branded Spy, Now Monk Ohi, , Girl Greeted F.D.R. On Visit to Bahamas First Photo ol' Japan'.- ;\ f > w CLEVELAND 'UP! — When the ; Astor yacht Noiinnahal dionpidi anchor in Nassau harbor, n fnr- j incr Cl'.vcliind womtin rod- nut I with her husband, the Briii^i i governor of thr Manama:;. 13 ssi-itl' President Hoosuve-li. ; She was Lady Bed: E. H. Clif-1 fcrd. '.he former Alice C;indry. ol Cleveland. in a letter 10 her father. John M. nnndr:. hanker, here. Lady Clifford to\d of ll!/:: dnnkinjj cocktails v. islrlhi- A-si:r! tarty. Hi 1 , n of a sponge fisher • diimborinj atoard iln: Noiirmahal lo make l-'retlej-ick New York justice, who is n member of the fi-.hlnj puny, "hovi- r.r.!i-y commissioner of the mud." Taii;ltt O«u Toii'iie .GAY HEAD. Mass. HTi _ T!l^ Indians of this Martha's Vi:i?yard Island town are l:ein? iair;ht tlrsr own language by Chief Oiisa Mp- Clllll 'Y.iicv.- fL-:dl;tl) or Rov U:- roy FVrry in English. f;ilh;r oi lue Wani|;ai.oaj i:rniun Head Co'irif-r N't-ws v.':i:it Aiis KITCHEN 11Y S1STKIE MAHV MIA Service W'rllrr In Ihrsi' days 01 lnjji>nluu.i nml Hi Iclligi'iu liou.scwifi ry. Dad ilci'.n'i nerd lo uo onlskir Ms own illiilni; i [Him to nijny hjs ( : i|[|. rlim or hint; nlm•• lundir-on. <1i>n* :is iM'ifrclly :ii II i-vcr «.ii by Ihc chol »i his fiivoilti- <:cnni-iowii H'Miunruil. Mcircnvi r. Midi n hmotirai or i dinner MIV.s Ixith lime iiinl jnuncy. llhmiili who «oul<[ i-m him 1 ilhl Una iiiiylhlnu >. 0 .-,:ills!y- j Hi", lu tin- ]j:>!:ili> i-.iiilcl liuu- MI many alii r vliliic.v? ISO you know wli'-re ilu-y nol 111' lll'iue "Ijili:; |ll:il"' 7 Wily.' Oil;- Illiilly I(»-,(• |!|-||| dishi-s ulij, [,.,,•_ i llildi'i 111 kc-:|i luiil :.i|jiir;itt. v\ (r III:HII- cxi!i:>lvi']y In ii i.|;i.--;iii- . irr..rel «:u"; Hut mn - vaH j, r . v 1 buy limn In Kluss us well us ;i|. I ill' >t Jiny L'luliii ]):ul<-rn. > Any tyi.r cl' 111:11! tun bo .snvi'il "on url.l-]!]iil-." coiiiuiiny litncli- <u...s. ou'ii clbnui.s. vi'jeiabh' philL.s. top-cf-llie-Muvc mill uroil- id nuiils ure n!l nttrncllvo nml .••avi- Mi>jis ami iijsh wu.iliing «-IK I II MTVi-il on n compimmoni pinto. As In pliinnlnj nil mtuls. iho ronitliinilon for urlll |>liiU>s should !>:• direful])' thought oul nnil I!K:S<>M ttlih rcanrcl to color. shunt 1 «nil icxlnri 1 us vvi'll us iliivor unil lixxl vnliic. A conr.sf of soup niul a ck'sserl inny be; iiddcet to the com- Uniilloii Miegi'slud. tint llii! pliUi'i HIT well hulnnccd nml hearty ns 111! 1 !' HIT. Ull'llll t;f MlUIf .Stll'l 1111(1 n IjevcniiiC .should of course- l;p In- 8*rvc with a ctnntmon ipe!« and »poonrul o( the harwr»dl»h TMMTT**'* Mrai BREAKFAST -H«lve» of grtpe fruit, cereal cooked with date*, crisp rye toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON— Creamed' asparagus In crusty rolls, and fruit "ilod. ginger drop cookies, mil.: tea. 1HNNKH— Drfaded cutleLs, ;repn bonns, scalloped and rice, new onions, pinldins. milk, coHVc. Ked-llalrrd Olrti Cm Win K NOUTIIAMITON, Moss. (UP) — A contest for rcd-halrcd girls u-lll Ix held during the Three Coiinly Knlr In September. A Ja prize will U' rmnrdcd to the younjj woninn wliudi; hair ino-sl closely nmtclies llii' frmhers of (he |ir!7.?-\vlmilr)3 Illialc Island rooster. would tx Mi:liihie lor .an Infnnmil u):i:p;my : l.unchi-nii I'ljic ! Hiiki-tl Cninidlan bacon wltn . irintappk'. n'.'\\ pDimoe:; in cream. ;i;:dlshs and rir.c olives, haltca-ii 'i^pi-niBiis Mlth pimento. Ci.t Canadian bacon into illcw ! abnui :)-•) .in I'.iki'waim wntm.for one hour. cm | O j stl(|k '.Drain and sprtud .n-lth prepared biilti-r , nu'.Mard. Arnuvju In a .-angle ' • /> v . n Mr .. i 1'V' 1 ' ih'rJiv""""?."'"'?" nM *'"'"• Motk '' ""»«"«*» ' .in, cinmi- 'f'.v, ;»h bim-n M , 3 nr. ir.on i.pple.s, stutfcd paMav ,; .spin- iiov.i ttilli syrup uralned from ach in inusliroom sauce horserul- itrn d pjsneanilc und bake one and L«!I smice "<"»«" |a:(:-h:i!t hoi:rs In n slow oven. Ust . nliernatlUB slic-s of pork Kk'phnnis will range ihemselve.s iiloiiQAldL 1 a wounded comrade and •u.i.ii It to a place of .safely. NOTK:K OK COMMISSIONER'S HAI.K Notice Is hereby given, that In liiirsiiance of the iiuthnrlty and dlrecllons contained In ihe decrc- | tul order of Urn Chancery Court of Mlsstisippl County, for the Bly- llinllle District, m»de and entered on Ihe 27th day of February, 1934, In a certain cause (No. 5M41 then pending therein between The Federal I.nnd Hank of St. Louis, a corporation, complainant, snd Harry- Taylor, et nl, defendants, -the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public • vcmluo to tlw highest bid, der. nt the south door or ontrunce of .the County Courthouse, In the City of Blythevllle, In the County of Mississippi, for the Blythevllle „ , , ' "Mrlct, within the hours pre- indlsti mid oil™ In same comniirt-1 scribed by law for judicial sales me " 1 ' '• -Ion Saturday, the 12th day of May! Clicose new potatoes ot uniform' A. D., 1934. the following descrlb- >bi< nml cook In bo'.llnij salted |td n-nl estate- to-wlf " '"- The North thirty-two (.12) acres of Ihc Northwest. Quarter INW',1) of the Northwest Quarter (NW!I) of Section Tuenty-three 123) Township I-lfteen US) North. Range Eleven (11) East of the Fifth I'rlnclirai -Meridian; i Mississippi County, Arkansas TEllMS OF. SALE: On it credit l,nck rod* with J»nioH Men wbtD (hit oil tank truck •rid trailer .ct was driving enihed thrnmh (h« Croiiswlck Bridge, D««r Vardfllit, N. J.. and daritUd perllouiij oYer i creek, u ittowj here. lt!i only inlurj wu t broken Onierull. vufr until iilmrat k-nder. Drain | and put Into u .shallow pnn wllh iniKigh cri'iim to hull cover. Drlni! to I lie boiling point uiul sorlnkle with minced parsley when reiuly 10 serve. Arrange four or 'nvc stnlks ol cuok.d HSimragu.s In n neat pile 011 cuch [ilnte mill place u bund of pimento across each pile i,,_i, ii.i i , . . , ^»""«' j.uinvinu eacn pic C V ,.%' ''' '° • S "!" 1 ""lf™.v between Heads iind |£dc Pour over mflted •P-fo"''^!'^'" 1 Plm ' °" 7 di """ V " nl ' ((;nk " ™""«keW~to -i.-i o, ii.ent |,m u nnv - O f pint- make the mock :i|:|Ki!. l)it!.t« with ih = S j, rll|) an(i i, cnt . h skcft . cr , hi- Imi-on ma very tain, dot «ith ,|i E htly buutui b'.ll:-r. Ii'.crr-ase heat mid iii:lll plnen;:ple Is nicfiy 1 and slightly brown. Serve drumsticks. Dip crumbs, then uiid in. crumbs ' bake •> ajn. iinnvn cpilckly' in hot fill lae»rt in n fryliiK nan, cover und bakf wllh two liours In n moderate oven. of Ihrec months, the purchaser Iwing required to execute u bond as law and the order -ind Ui'crei! of .sold Court in said oamt;. wllli approved security, Mining Interest nt 11% rate of nvc percent .(&•,;) per annum from date of sale until pnld, and n lien being relumed on the premises sold to secure the payment of .ihe Iiurchuse money. • : Given- under my hand thli; ib :lay of April, 1B34. II. L. .Games Commissioner In Chancery. (Seal) ,8.2,,.^ "Mystery innu" of the \Vorlil War. once accused by Kii^lanil -is a spy. l!!ii.iiiigs Tn'liii.h Lincoln, .li;w by liinli. Cliris- tian hy conversion, now -lli^- liuilcllii^i Alibol .Cliau KM 111:. is flmwn as lie- /i|>|io:in-il In V:iu- 'inivi-r. wlu-i-p aiillmrli:.--, qurs- nrni'.'t] litru licforo Mo pa^-«cil aen«s t:auaila on his u.iy n. found a lluihlliht rno=cjit<-r\' in .Ihe way tobacco if cut has a lot to do with the way "«-«.»-it•g.dUHtts oi wnicn side i . , ".-that it would be obliged to " ^ m 1. if onlv tn «,v n n»i> I™, . cmM Sivc '.. if only to save itself. And to re itself, it would, of necessity |vc to save China along with it." dom in His View President Wang did not pursue f subject further. There came |silence. OuUside it was getting '". The room was filling with fp shadows. In the gloom his low resonant |ce sounded prophetic. The Chi- were an ancient, race long fore (he coming of Christ and |re was some of the nccumulat- wisdom of the milleniums it 1 lo me In what he had said flore was one of the most sol- wnrnlngs the world has hnd I\W Woodrow Wilson told the Jicemnkcrs at Paris that only a •rid leagued together to insure lice could save humnniiv from |cide. broke Ihe spell. ISo China does not expect lo fticipate in a Par Eastern war [get back Manchuria," I said TiNo." Ihc phllosoplicr- itesmnn replied. "She lacks Ihc ber. It would not improve her iltion. Ifiesides. Manchuria has not been Teen from China. It is merely |-up!ed by a foreign foe. Sooner later the military occupation •l end and everything win be as I was before." Against Rfcoenilton |There arc rumors," I remark, "(hat China will eventually !ogni?e Manchnkuo. That would ' an entirely new face on the gnltinii problem for (he other Jions." |chin.i will never recognize tiie status In Manchuria." replied Wang. Henry Pu Yi in his jallow-tall coal as regent, or •nry P« YI in his Dragon Robes I emiwror, Is all the same to llna. He k still a traitor. fWhen th« military po»'er that sustains this puppet show In Manchuria, the puppets tUll with It," Wnn? is one of mod- ern China's finest brains. He is 51 years old, but looks almost SO ytais younger. Hu could easily lie in his middle thirties. But only tlmii could make his voice as mellow as it is. and only a tremendous amount of thinking tilrt jive it ils tone. Tall, well built, he affects conventional Chinese robes. film Despite Chaos Wliat he said about Manchuria, I was later to hear repeated in high places many times over. The Chinese have a tremendously cnlm way of looking at their country's almost appalling plight. | Most of them admit things ivili 1 probably get. worse before they get ! better, but. as Vice Minister of! Foreign Affairs Hsu Mo expressed ' It to me. tn his peifcct English: "Yet. I somehow have the utmost confidence that, in the end China can't lose." I China's Salvalion Is Worl.l Problem. Tlir West Indian centipede scme- Inurs reaches a foot in length. Don't Gamble U« Belief When CONSTIPATED -l ,n,|,lc-,t „„! nicc.HM.ilir ai ' ti ""-«''i'n Hut i the inl hv.n, v< . i ( M , ur |,,,, iucis , j ([l , j I L. G. MOSS Ulythcvillc's Cut-Ratc UNDERTAKER Why [>ay A I?i K Price? •/ burns and tastes rp Ihcrc are many different ways of cutting tobacco. A long time ago, it used to be cut on wlmt was known as a Pease Cutter, but this darkened the tobacco, and it was not uniform. The cutters today are the most improved, modern, up-to- the-minute type. They cut uniformly, and cut in long shreds. The tobacco in Chesterfield is cut right—you can judge for yourself how Chesterfields burn and how they taste. Everything that science knotvs is used to make Chesterfield the cigarette that's milder .. . the cigarette that tastes brtter. the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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