The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 3, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUMK XXXV—NO. 39. Dlythcville Courier BJytbevjlle Herald Mississippi • Valley Blythevllle Dally News TI1E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MlSSOUtU HUTHBV1M ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, MAY :i, 19:!8 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS NAVAL EXPANSION BILL Fedrrol Judge Fines 10 Arrested In Recent Roundup; Missourians Fined Ten residents of Manila were fined In federal courl at Jonesboro yesterday on charge of violation-of the federal game laws as the Ilnal roundup in Mississippi county al •this time for the prosecution of the a'leged ".sellers." The llnelng of these, the release of two more nnci the settling of cases In municipal court and circuit court here several weeks ago closed ijases against, nil who were arrested the weekend cf March 26. when federal officers led in a drive which extended through Arkansas, Mississippi ami Tennessee. A.B7 year old long time resident of Manila. Pete nice, drew one of the heaviest fines assessed when lie was fined $100 after pleading guil- ly to a charge of selling ducks. One of his sons, Jake Rice, who pleaded nol guilty to a similar charge, was fined $50 after having! been tried but another son, Jos Kice. who is only 17 years of age, was released because of his voiilh - Buck Over turf and Elba" Crowe were alsxj each fined $100, Lee Roosevelt Kinds .Fishing Program Upsrt By Weather CHARLESTON, S. C., May :(. tUI'i— President Roosevelt .extended his vacation cruise farther into Wfsl Indies waters today foul choppy seas prevented him from engaging in Ills lavorito recreation, deep sea tishlng. Radio ii:lvicii.s (vein (lie cnils"r Philadelphia, serving the chief executive as a floating Wltlte House, indicated thai the weather kepi him clow 10 quarters. The PhlJaHelphlii WHS of; S:i- mana Bay, near the eastern end of (lie island of Santa Domingo. Roughly Ihe stil]) was 11UO mlle.s from tins port Irom whleli she Killed last Saturday morning Colton Carnival Boosters Extend Official Invitation to Blytfieville The Blylheviljc school band played and representatives of Hie Lions club, Rotary club. American Legion and Chamber of Commerce wore , , - — -- Carter was fined $50, Ernest Bed-1 £miles of welcome as they stood well was fined $40, Murray Ray Hutton and Herman Nance were each fined $25, and Charles Carter was lined $5 when they entered pleas of guilty lo charges of selling ducks. All of these reside at Manila. L. V. Stevens, who was the other Manila man to stand trial on a charge of selling ducks, was convicted and fined $5. The case a.-ainst Charles Neivcomb of Manila, .who ..was also charged with .sflling.'duttei. was;dismissed. . V J. Bryafi JaH^V.)•/ ftt> .HOIJana i^and Jerry' Holly, of Cooler, were each lined }25 on-charges of possessing clucks in closed season after they hud entered pleas of guilty. Jim Taylor, of Marked Tree, was lined $10 utter entering a plea of guilty, to a charge of selling ducks and Mark Katz, of the same town was fined $10 after enlering a plea oP guilly to a charge of killing ducks out of season. Noel Glpson, of near Jonesbaro was fined $5 after he entered a plea of guilty to a charge of hunting without a plug In his gun. Oer-1 Manila and oilier • towns"oVi"High"-' iu.i .Simmons, of the same vicinity, [ way 18 was fined $5 after entering a plea After le; of guilty to a charge of hunting uted "keys to "Memphis" al Bur- ducks without a migratory stamp, dctte. Luxora, Osce'ola Driver Wil- Cnses against the Manila resi- son and Joiner dents charged with violation of the .'late game Jaws regarding quail were settled here. Elba Crowe, Mrs. Opal Ashabranner, Mrs. lla Newton. L. V. Stevens, Mrs. Elba Crowe and Carl Newton were arraigned in municipal court March 28 ' and of these, cases against. Crowe, his with Mayor Marion Williams to greet the Memphis Cotton Carnival boosters when they rolled into town at five o'clock yesterday afternoon. The 20 Mempliians, who were traveling- in a special Greyhound bus on a tour of 18 northeast Arkansas towns and cities to Incite everybody to the Cotton Carnival May 10-14. paused 1 for 30 minutes on the court house lawn to present Mayor Williams a golden key lo (lie cily of Memphis and an'official inyitaj,ion ,-Jo^.tlle carnival. B. B. GoodmAfi.'-toVm¥rh'" o'r'Here b'lit "a Mempliian of many more years, spoke "briefly in inviting the Blythc- ville oeople and C. A. 'Cunningham accepted the invitation for local organizations after Mayor Williams had accepted for the cily. Lee Bacheri". chairman of the tour, and oilier Memphlnns also spoke briefly. The goodwill tour for the carnival started at West Memphis, went to Tnrrell and then west throi!?h tiic .Tonesboro section, where the visitors had lunch, and arrived lipre after brief stops at / wife. Mrs. Ashabranner and Slev- k ens were heard in circuit court ' ' April 4. II was announced by officers today that the drive against the buyers would start immediately, since the eases agalnsl the sellers were completed. Anno mice men t that arrests of buyers would be made wns made several weeks ago but it was later decided (o postpone action until these cases were closed. BLOGMINGTON. Illd. (l}p> _ Tarzan, just a plain black dog with possibly a strain of shepherd, is a dally visitor lo the grave of his master, Edward P. Eckles. 111 T€LL LC ail^ I — : I YOU BY • BOB -< BURNS __ You use 'ta be able to judge people prelty well by their clothes but now since moving pictures have set the styles for the nation, pret' near everybody dresses alike. Not long ago. I was callin' on my doctor uncle down home and while I was there, a lady called on my uncle for an examination, After he was In the room with lier for a while, he conies out to where I was slllin' and he said "Did you f«e whether this lady came here in a limousine or a wagon?" I says "She come In a wagon." He says "Well, I couldn't tell by her clothes whether to prescribe three months In Saratoga or sulphur and molasses," leaving here they clistrlb- Says Democratic Party No Longer Democratic HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. May 3 (UP)— E. M. Allen, vice president of the American Surety corporation, said loctay the Democratic party no longer is Democratic and llial successful methods of government in the past have been discarded. In an address to tlre^iiatloiial association of Insurance agents Allen charged tlmt business had been shackled by New Deal laws. "History will Icll whether our children ore to enjoy (he same privileges and. happiness we have enjoyed In the past or whether they win stagger through succeeding years with a debt they will never be able lo pay." Allen said. "No sane man can say we can spend our way out of debt." Allen is a former president of the association. \Vnnls Contractors On Federal Projects Barred Unless Orders Obeyed WASHINGTON," May 3. (UP) — Chairman J .Warren Madden of Hie national labor relations board loday urged a, house Jn:ilctnry subcommittee lo strengthen ami approve a bill barring- Wngncr laboi act violators from government contracts, loans or granl.s. He said Ihc bill would make compliance uilli labor board orders more prompt and "effective" and extend tiie benefits of Ihe act to persons not. no,v protected by the. act. '•Both of Ilicse," .Mnddcn said, "the board regards as desirable." He said he would prepare a list of amendments which lie susgestccl for strengthening and .simplifying Hie bin sponsored by Rep. Arthur U. Hcaly I Dem.. Mass.). Rep. Clarence E. Hancock fRep., N. Y.) raised the. question lhal no "remedy" or compensation was provided in the bill for contractors deprived of government, work us the result of n board order should the order be reversed by a circuit court decision. Madden said circull courl decisions had been handed down on more than 30 orders and "I reiiiem- ber of only two reversals and two partial modifications." tank Measure Shelved WASHINGTON, May 3. iupj_ A seiiate banking nnd currency sub-committee Uxlay pigeonholed for lliis session any action on President Roosevelt's proposal lo regulate bank holding companies" The committee, under chairmanship of Senator .Carter Glass (Dem.. Va.) voted unanimously 'lo defer action indefinitely -on':' ufe bank holding company's bill, one of the major recommendations of (.he president's anti-monopoly program Missouri High Courl Affirms Sentence For Massacre Defendant JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.. May 'J — Adam Richelti, one-time friend and companion of Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd, must die in Missouri's lethal gas chamber for his part in the ' Kansas City union slntion nmssacrc of June IT.JOSS, division two of the state supreme court ruled today. Richelti. believed to be the last survivor of the notorious Floyd gang, was convicted by Ihe Jackson county circuit court of participation iu the bloody attempt to release Prank Nash, escaped convict, from Leavenwortli. Five persons were dead when Floyd, Richetti and Verne Miller both now dead, stopped firing at detectives and federal agents in front of" Ion s Masons To Meet The Royal Arch Masons. 117, wi have a supper meeting at the Ha Thursday afternoon at 5:00 o'clock when degree work will be done, H was announced today. Leachville Business Man, Daughter To Fisli Off Banks of Nova Scotia Four months of fishing off the banks of Nova Scotia is the program of C. L. Smith. Leachville store owner, and his daughter. Miss Frances, who left Sunday 'or that fishing paradise. They are motoring—with seven days allotted for Ihe trip as Mr. Smith is so much of a fisherman he doesn'l like lo hurry about anything, when they arrive at Indian Harbor, Nova Scotia, they will take up their slimmer of fishing for the third time. It was ill 1930 that Mr. Smith first decided lo go Ihere for a fishing trip. When asked why he selected thnl spot, he replied thai H. U Reynolds, well known farmer, and who was horn and reared Ihere. had told him so much about It that he decided lie must see the country. His daughter, who was then 19, couldn't let daddy wander off alone, so she decided to nccompan. him and they left mother to tend the store. They liked Indian Harbor and cod fishing so well that Ihcy spcnl the entire summer. Last year, they decided to return there Instead of going somewhere else, and thb; year it was the same old story They stop at the same little boarding house, along with other visit- Ing fishermen from many points and they fish in the same small boats. The fishing is done daily for about flee hours with several go- in? out in each boal lo where the cod fish are running. Mr. smith, who has operated a store at Leachville for n years, lias spent many of his vacations visiting various places of Interest. Before he moved there he lived In Louisiana and it was there that he "caught the fever for fishing" he says, President Off To Sec To Fish Two Burn To Death Near Coney Island NKW Y011K, Mny 3 (Ui'J— Two women were limned to ilciilh early today wlicn n two story rooming houstf. 150 (eel from the Coney Islnnd Ijouid walk, went up In Humes. They were IdcnUftad UmtiiUvely us Mrs. Msry Welssimm, who conducted Hie liouso. nnd iv French woman, named Millie, wlio worked for her. UHEY1510 With the white-uniformed crew at salute from crow's nest. lo upper deck nnd manning the rails from sten } to stern, President Roosevelt is pictured above 115 he waved a genial farewell lo crowds gathered nt the pier In Charleston. S. C., while being piped over Ihe side of the new fast cruiser Philadelphia which will carry' him lownrd the Virgin Islands for n ten-day fishing vacation With his desire for an expanded -'adequate" navy, he will observe with keen Interest th~e performance of the new ship on this, her "shakedown" cruise. Al left Is Thomas Quarters, .the President's bodyguard. New Deal Tests Seen In Florida Vqting and, Indiana WASHINGTON. May 3 (UP)— Primary elections In Florida and Indiana today tested public reaction to President Roosevelt's administration for the first lime since his defeats In congress on the supreme courl and government reorganization bills. Bolh states presently are In Ihe New Deal camp. In Florida Senator Claude Pepper is running for reelection with Mr. Roosevelt's goon wishes and the outspoken suppart or James Roosevelt, the president's son. In Indiana Gov. M. ClifTord TownsoiHl's state regime is loyal lo the Democratic administration nntl Archie N. Bobbitt, Republican chairman, believed that any increase In the usual Republican voting strength today would indicate a trend away from the Democralle leadership. York Cotton NEW YORK, IVfay 3. (UP(—Cotton closed steady. open high low close May 857 8B5 855 805 July 85fi 865 85li 805 del 8SS 874 864 87,1 Dec 858 875 867 813 Jan 870 870 8G9 Slfin Mar 876 882 874 882 Spots closed steady-at 865. olT 2. Veu; Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 3. (UP>Colton futures regained mosl cf early losses today and closed 1111- changcd lo three points lower. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open . 860 . 871 ..876 . 819 ..881 . 885 high low 866 SGt 878 870 884 880 888 894 876 870 881 885 870a 878 884 886 888 893a 873b 89 lb S;iOls closed qulel and unchanged at 881, Livestock May 3. EAST ST. LOUIS. Ill (TJH>—Hojs: 10,500 Top, 8.00 170-230 ibs., 7.75-7.90 140-160 Ibs., 7.50-1.85 Bulk sows, 6.65-7.00 Cattle: 3,000 Steers, 7.50-8.50 Slaughter steers, 6.50-9.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers] 3.75-800 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-8.SO IJcef cows, 6.00-8.00 Cutters ana low cutters, 4.00-1.15 Prisoner Wounded By Marshal At Newport • . -, '"! NEWPORT, Ark., May 3. (UP)— • Night MarshnVA' G. Stedinan last niifhl shol and wounded O. Perry. Tn;:rlo. Miss., when the latter nt- lackecl him. Perry was struck In the leg. Sted- inan said he was taking Perry lo Jail at the time of the attack. filcdnian Is former superintendent of the Arkansas penitentiary mid former stale game warden . Missing Memphis Doctor's Body Found With Bullet Wound Near Heart MEMPHIS. May 3. (UP)—The body of Dr. Ross Anderson, prominent young physician, was found today on a highway near here. A bullet had passed through his body near the heart. Police said lie disappeared la,sl Wednesday and his automobile wns found in the suburbs of [he city the next day. The body was found today by a truck driver. Police had no clues. Dr. Anderson graduated from Queen's university. Kingston,' Ontario, In 1931. He interned at Kingston hospital and the Royal Victoria hospital at Montreal. Stock Prices NEW YORK, May 3. (UP>~The slock market made a substantial technical recovery today In slightly Increased volume of trading. AT&T 188 1-2 Anaconda Copper 271-2 Assoc DO 5 3-4 Belli Steel 41 Boeing Air 20 3-8 Chrysler Cities Serv 81-4 Coca Cola 121 General Electric 321-4 General Motors 301-4 Inl Harvest 57 1-4 Montgomery Ward 31 3-8 iV Y Central 12 1-8 Packard 4 Phillips Pet 33' 1-4 Radio 57-8 Schenlcy Dlst 161-4 Simmons 171-2 Eocony Vac 13 1-8 Standard Oil N .1 463-8 Texas Corp 367-8 U S Smelt S4 U s Steel « May July Chicago Wheat ojien high low close 78 1-2 80 1-8 78 1-2 80 5-8 77 1-4 79 11 1-8 78 5-8 The northern hemisphere lias a warmer average temperature than the southern hemisphere, Revelation Of Plans Coming Weekend Predicted; Page Seeks Reelection LITTLE ROCK, May 3 (UP)— Slale Trcji.surm' Enrl Pugc loday iilinoiinced Ills cnndldiicy for re- nomlnalloii In the stnlc Domocrallo primary AUfiust 0, bccomtiiR the fourth constitutional ofllcer to seek another term. Pagu now is serving Ills second term ns treasurer, having been reclected In I0;iii without opposition. , Ills announcement Icnvrn Clov. Carl E. Bailey, State Auditor Oscar IlHinpliicys and State Land Commissioner Otis Page In the list of unannounced constitutional officers, , Oils Pane indicated todny that ho wolilil announce Inter this week while Oov. Bullcy Is expected to make public his future political plans over the approaching week end, The deadline for announcement of candidates Is midnight May U Earl Page's corrupt practices pledjje was filed today In the secretary of state's oMlcc ulong with two otbcr pledge,? of men seeking slate senatorial posts. Those seeking senatorial aeaui Included W. P. Reagan of Olcnwxx for thi! ninth-district and • W. P Jackson,. Walriiii'-'RJugi,- 'fdf- state senator In the 19th district. Ministerial Alliance Mem- hers Are Guests of Ar- Pastor morel The river bank at Barflcld was the meeting place of llio Ministerial Alliance this morning when the RPV. C. L. Bishop, pastor of the Armorel Baptist church, nnd Mrs. Bishop, entertained the members at, n breakfast meeting. The devotional reading from John 21, by the Rev. H. Lynn Wn<le. pastor of First Methodist church, preceded the business session. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptlsl church, was asked lo hold cards, complied during Ihc cily wide religious census conducted several weeks ago, for the denominations which have not yet called for them. The alliance will urge attendance at the .services at the Lake Street Methodist church and the Plrsi Methodist church on Tuesday, May 24 at 8:00 o'clock when tue two churches will observe the 200th anniversary of John Wesley's conversion on Aldersgate streel London. Rabbi Herman Pollack, rabbi of Temple Israel, and Ihe Rev. George W. Patterson, pastor oi the First Christian church,.were appointed committee to work out the details of the peace heroes' memorial service which will be sponsored by this group May 30. The idea Is to commemorate peace heroes, such| as a mother who died in childbirth I or a fireman who lost his life In the line of duty, ralher than Ihe war heroes who arc honored year after year. '/he Rev. A. W. Harris stressed the extension service of Vandev- blll University's library and virgcd !!)tit advantage be taken of this offer. In reply (o the Rev. Mr. Carpenter's suggestion that activities for next year be mapped out, it was announced thai a steering committee would l>c appointed to make up the program. Authority to appoint a member oi the group to be responsible for Ihe weekly radio program was vested In the executive commilWe. At the conclusion of the meeting, announcement was made of a meeting of the Vacation Church School workers and ministers Friday al 1:30 o'clock, at the First Presbyterian church. Vote On Expansion Program Is 56 To 28; Amendment Adopted WASHINGTON, May 3, (UP)— The senate today approved Prcsl- lent Roosevelt's $1,150,000,000 ntival cxjuiuloii program, designed (o give the- Unltexl Slates tho largest mvy .In history. ~l ", The vote was announced as 5G 10 28. The. bill authorizes the construction of battleships with a total ton-' nitgc of 135,000—sufllclcnt for tliree dreadnoughts of 45,000 Ions each. United Slates battleships -would, be limited to so.OOO tons, however, unless President Roosevelt determines ofllelnily that another power ilans ships In excess of that Hml- :atlon. I'ocs of the expansion program obtained the limitation on size of the battleships In nn effort to preclude Unlte<l states leadership' in a world armament race. The bill must, bo returned to the house for concurrence or conference ou seriate changes; ' . . The $1,150,000,000 program merely authorized the construction of bit- • tlcshlps and 43 other combat ships. Appropriations must be obtained later for the actual iaying : ol the keels. , Memphis Docton To Talk To Medical Group Talks by three Memphis doctors illustrated by slides will constitute the program to lie pfoscntcd a the meeting 'of the Mlsslsslpp County Medical Association Tuesday nlghl at 8:00 o'clock at the BJythcvlllc hospital. Dr. C .11. Heaeock will have ns the subject of his talk, "Treatment of Cancer of the Breast," Dr. J. P. Long will talk on "Antepartum Hemorrlisee" and Dr. William C. Chancy will discuss "Diseases of Ihe Thyroid aland." Chicago Corn May July open high 57 SI 1-8 58 1-2 58 7-8 low close 56 1-8 66 3-4 57 5-8 58 3-8 Of England's total population of 40,350,000, there are 19,351,000 males and 20,993,000 females, Pretty Jacquelirje Dunn spent half her days with airplanes and the rugged daring chaps who run them. Yet she dented any interest in mon. Glibly she talked only of an aviation career. That is, until the day bronzed Roger Breckner zoomed into her consciousness. She learned then where a woman's life begins and a career ends. But find out for yourself in the dramatic new serial Starts Today On Page Six Garden Club To Have Booth At County Fair Plwis for the. flower booth which the BJythcvlllo Garden olub Is to sponsor at the county fair, tha membership drive which Is to begin next week ana.the 'movement to secure better cooperation in tho campaign to, clean up and beautify Blyjjievllie vi'erj made at a meet- •inoiatitlie/.cmfclasbhlfht at-tho city hall;- '••'•' ' .".V " Various members of the club are growing flowers, which they plan.'to enter In the' fair, for which the club will arrange a,booth., Copies,-at a'report of what the club has done and what it plans'to do -.during the remainder of the yearAwhlch was complied by the meiiib6rs present nt a meeting last week, are to h.c sent to oil civic and church organizations In the city iir an effort to arouse more Interest In the. program. The group will meet again next Monday nlglit. To Gravel Streets At Cooler In WPA Project CCOTER, Mo., May 3 (UP)-The city of Cooler has received a WPA project of $12,000 lo gravel /three miles of streets in Cooler. Forty- one men have begun work and the project v/ill almost gravel all streets In Cooler that are hot already surfaced hi such a manner. Bill Jerry Purchases Clarence Saunders' Home MEMPHIS, May 3. (UP)—Attorneys for Bill Terry, manager of the New York Giants, loday purchased "Arnsward", the home of Clarence Saunders, at public auction for $75,000. Attorneys for Terry said they would Issue an Immediate notice to vacate to Saiinclers, who has made and losl two fortunes in chain stores. Negress Fined $150 On Assault Charge Yesterday Minnie Brown, negress,-''KSs fined' $50 on a charge, of; assault 5wlth a deadly weapon, In niuhiclpiil court yesterday after she had withdrawn a plea of guilty and entered one of not gutlly. She was granted an appeal and bond set at $125. she is alleged to have cut another negro. Leon Augustus,, who ; pleaded guilty on a charge of petit larceny, was fined $10 and sentenced to 15 days In jail. Nine arrests were made over tho weekend on charges of public WEATHER Arkansas — Unsettled, scattered thundershowers In northwest portion tonight and In west and north centra! portions Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Pair tonight, Wednesday partly cloudy, continued warm; lowest temperature tonight 66 to 68, possibly showers and cooler Thursday. The maximum temperature her« yesterday was 87, minimum 65, clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls, official, weather observer.

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