The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, .JANUARY 26, 1031 BI.YTHEVILI.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREl. All About That Big Land Deal With Mexico SM Reorganization Plan Likely to Spell Ed of Early Sssoion Harmony. 11V SA>! I'niled Trris Staff Correspondent 1.1'ITI.K ROCK. Ark., Jan. 20. (Uj>)_work of lnc forty-eighth CitnciEl Ars::nb!y during Die llry two uc-jks has moved along .swiftly 2::d for trie most, part, uninterrui-'i- , c-d hy the usual personal and fjc- tlcnal conlllcls that have hammr- j t-d ether sessions. • But.' In ihe opinion o( informed : cbicrvei-'i. the calm of the oiioniii'j '. Simians v.-il! be sho:t-lusd. "Giv: them a Hill; lime to get their bear- i Ings, and then watcli 'em i:::wir. 1.1 When the fireworks is once set oil, | there will be plenty of healed ar-; Ctnnents and Hoar scraps," cue leg- ; islatlvc- follower said. ; Witii a number of hig'ily c=u- : ^ifcvcrsial bills and resalulions al- , ^•pjily before the two lawmaking | liodles, it is not unlikely that tlie i above prediction will be horns cut. ; i 1 -Signed by Many Members ' The first real "till" is expccte.i 13 • . center around the joint resolution i introduced in the house last week | to'-tubmit to the electorate at the i general election In 1D32 a constitutional amendment, paving the way for the administration's proposed reorganization cf the stole Government by abolishment and consolidation of a number of departments. The resolution found its way i-> the Constitiitkm&i Amendment' committees nf both houses and j public hearings are expected to he | held this week. In the meantime, i sponsors ct the resolution confi-1 tienlly predicted "clear sailing" fr/r < ,....,.. ^ T the measure, pointing to the fact, j \ Il'ftinmil S LiqUOr LoiHVOi that it carries the signatures of 05 members of the hcu£e aiul has bseii approved by a gootlly number of senators. On the other hand, reports were current that those opposed to th2 proposition were marshalling thoir , fur thi- |u>rrlitiK» jf Ihf Mi'.i- farm, ji lu-nrrr Ir.irl vrk'^ au liuUNr «m IE, mid |iru<-«V4rd, lyllh ihr n«Mt>l:.nvc at Kr- Irlc-ndii. in HVrvr,n\il BII.I (urtilv', U. uf • . nbu rrniy ul.uul "The United States should buy Lower California and Eonora from Mexico," says Senator Henry P. Ashurst of Arizona (shown in inset), in u resolution in Congress. "Not to fast," retorts General r.afnel Mclgar, leader of the group of Mexican congressman, who goes Senator Ashurst three betler with the proposal thai Mexico pv.rchate In; slates of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and the city of New Orleans. How much la:id each nation would obtain, If either of the two solons had his way, is shown on the above map. I'llll. VAX l.ilDHN. (tilrrnn: i-r/-)»n mid Olncrr. Our drr , t>Mlr Ckr rrfcnMltlB- 11'IH of fir club fco.u* ttit* Kiting «m. nk ^niki cullrtl mt Ihr hllchfH • I Ihi Ti)llt,»r «ni •ffrrril !• di. j V'irlrnll (n rivhNMBV for u mrml Atlrr kr k»« >b>lr< off M. h«-r .d lilngrr (.mud lu krr KUT- i.f.fcr Ihul kr wn» KU»d luuMnK. rir hull .lutllrd In I'ntl. ntid Ul. • m»r ,, : i, || tun LIOI.I.OWAV. f'-iiKvr, ttliu irk* fi«rrr HI H ICM tj '.'-in tltnuichl II nituld hie a Guud iiur L ( llnrd rrmnlnrri fur • i.hllr In llrd Ibr.i.V. luilrnl al linmlrrliii: NLuul rhr ruualry llkr • imliu. }li> tould |)lrk up luiur •i»nr; palnllnft |inrCrNll». ABd b* t'.lUlJ lid 111? MUnil dl-L'IITHtl.ltl* III the DVII .-lull kuair. fur 1*lnKrr «*•• Ijituud II ttuuld he a BKrrrii. Pkll. 1., I..II, tkr l-i*ni*rrB. U m ID i|. , <,11k kMI IL» aril*! d»- written his party's platform In the can neither iBiioret the appalling slat:, and hits had a hand 'in drafting the national party platform. _ Twice he has been the choice of' their continuance. The time has Virginia for the via? presidential'arrived when in the interest of our n- mination, and once was the Re-1 country we should lay aside theo- condlticns which this commission iias founci to exist, and to be growing steadily worse, nor submit to Proposal May National Issue. Become forces to tight the measure »--^« ! ^^ ,5 ^ member of President it was reported back to the com- ; K - M v Sr - s ln ., v enforcement comnm- miltees. Efforts are bsiiis made to ls1m d . ?clarcd tnal prohibition is a induce members signing th: icso- = fnllllre alld 5 ,,bmittcd a plan for iL-tlon to withdraw their v.Titten ! government liquor control, is ccn- , tent to stand on the conclusions olfered in his section of the Wick' erslmin report. If anybody wantb to make the "Andersen Plan" V-ichng i?:ue in Congress, well.anc good. If not, he is no less con approval, it was learned. ray rolls Boosted The only mailer that has given rise to any debate whatscever In cither house thus far was employ- lenl of house and senate workers. i lime was devoted lo dtscus- of economy during the early sessions, but ^apparently they did little tc'impressTnembers. A cneck of employes shows the present £En- fltc.payioll to contain Ihe name of 138 workers and that, of Ihe house, •77.: i'he tipper body added an additional 31 employes last week and it was reported that a move was on foot lo materially increase the number of house workers. As it stands at present, the payroll of the''two chambers for Hie session will total slightly more than $70,- COOj Any attempt to increase this sum is cxpscted to meet with vigorous cppjsition and may furni?h some interesting debates this week. Other biiis. already introduced, which are expected to result- in sciaps are: lo apportion and cstab- ll£h.state senatorial districts to re- nuire licer-sin? of all aulomobile drivers, to require the carrying of liability insurance hy operalors of motor driven vehicles used for commercial purposes, to regulate practice cf medicine and surgery' In Arkansas, to provide for election of county suoerinlendenls cf schools, tc increase gasoline tax one cent per gallon and reduce t'r.e ryp'EM? i ^iw^cr^r^ K*S relating to operation ot motor vs-; can meet and solvc , his Mfm if hic!?s en ftaie nijrr.vays, lo t-.x | 2 br:n ,j cur coml!lon Mnse and electric current for purposes of ere- i PX p =: . i(!ncc to tear on the silua- . otuiK relire ir.deblsdiif.; : ; S! ,.- 1,5 .laid. "The plan I have % - publ:c scliccl districts, for an oc- i D r-p=s=d would conserve what we ! cupaticn tax in cities sf 3.030 pop- i have gained and meet the existing ulatlon or mere and to reduce tha i c-vfc. If ethers arise, we will meet rate for publishing legal notice:-. | them. Society cannot be defeated, Ly oiganizcd lawlessness." i He laughed. "But just now I I may.have to taV^ to the woods in 1 [ stead of talking any more-" I Any such figurative flight would i surprise his friends. They, an;l nis enemies. !ra>. know Anderson as a Rooseveltian character who says what he m?ans and then sticks by it. He likes battles, legal anti political, and carries his 61 years as though they were 20. WM Honored Abroad Henry Vf. Anderson — and Vir, Vmlans high and low al.vays use his full name — has walked with kings but never lost hi* touch with common folk. He has more foreign dcccratlens Ihrm any living Virginian, and almost as American outside military circles. Yet he is proud of b-Mn<? nn "honest- l"-gcodness dirt-farn^r." and often pcints out that he operates a large publican candidate (or governor of he stale. Everybody agrees lhat t Virginia ever goes Republican, Henry W. Anderson, if ho is living, will become its chief executive. . Is Talented Orator He came from nn old Virginia family In Dinwiddlc ccunly, and was educated at Washington and University. Law was his profession, but politics engaged his attention almost at once. From thei time his convictions ran counter '. to Democratic principles, and he bolted to the G. 'O. P. ranks, lie has fought continuously for reform .of the state's elecion laws. In sptie ol his widespread activities, Anderson usually has found time t" support local causes in his home town. His oratory is a delight to : the voters. He. never speaks in; half-empty halls. He is a bachelor. Friends will tell you that "he never had time to lie any courting." But he Is as ries and emotions, frae our minds from prejudice, and meet the problem as it exists." Farm Equipment Company Sponsoring Program at Home Fhealre Wed. Several hundred Mississippi am Crittenden county farmers and bankers «'ill be the guests of the Farm Equipment company here Wednesday when a program Is to be given at the Home theater celebrating the 100th anniversary o - a ,^"^,Y! r ?i n , ian "'..t™.?.* 1 i th = Invention of the reaping ma .... chine. J. E. Crilz, county'farm. agent, is scheduled to act as master of cere school. When he was a lieutenant- colonel.during Ihe World War, and chairman on .-Red Cross relief work, it was said that Queen Marie par- Henry W. Anderson, member of the Wickertham commission, u he looks today. vinccd that in his suggestions lies the solution to the temperance licularly valued his friendship. Marie and Illeana visited Rich- n\ohti when ithey later came to the United Stat&i ; Ahderson'ii'-."records in the of war relief work won him three!. .,, .• -. ,. . . decorations' train Serbia, four from I m * wl11 d P to relieve-them, is, Roumania,-and others from Rus- te the subject of an address by-.: sia, MonterWerb,' Italy and Czecho- A - IjVnch . president of the Farn Glovakia. --V. < • • ers Bank and Trust company, ah monies which will start at 10 a. m Mayor Neill Reed will deliver th 1 welcome address which 'will be fol | lowed by a vocal solo by Miss Mar} i Ellen: Stevens. Conditions and what power fa: .He is a.iSnember of the firm ol Hunter, Williams, Anderson and this will be followed by a. talk •... "The World's. First Reaper," by \ Gay/ cprpo'fatlon lawyers of Rich- j Louis Cherry. mond.--'His'ls".^ familiar figure ouj A feature of 1 the gathering wi Ihe streets,-i-alljing back and forth I be. the showing of a five'reel mov between his offices and the home I ing picture 'deciding Ihe inventldi that contaln's on? ol 'the best.pri-jof the flrsl reaper and its evolu vate libraries-ih the state. "- -- - ' Held Other II, S. Jobs His President Hoover from the • Wickersjiam commission was a tribute lo the manner in which he has handled other im- portantr governmental commissions. In 1922 and .1923, Anderson was special oilorney-general for the United States, and was appointed U. S. agent on the Mexican claims _ . .. _ commission. He represents the! LardWell ri minority stockholders in their stic: ccssful battle to-prevent Ihe merg- I ing of the Chesapeake and Ohio with the Nickel Plate railroad. Those who know him will tell you what Anderson's refusal to lion as a modern farm machine, reproduction of the first reape which was invented by Cyrus McCormick,' will also be used i the demonstration here. Tlie visiting farmers and bank ers will be taken to the local bffic of the equipment company whe: they will be served lunch at 12:3 Will Have Bullet Remove* 'Y BS - MHV UO (I* WITII Till: >IUU> CIIAPTIOU XI Ibid ilolloway aatd des lely. "1 want to. and I'd TO «tny, tun fcliss (Singer— elmw the'i got you to liike It or granted— Nutiody bcie. kuuns me-" "Hill Mri. Updike—" bc-gnn Plill. "Oh. Ebe arranged that ho >ver tbo iihune not 20 ralnulca Site's the nveaiesl little arranger ever saw In my life. Tlie don't know a thing about mo. Tliey ust uid It bccHUso II n-ab ner SUK- ri'sUnn." "OI all the dumb-bells," innllercrt linger emsperaicdly. Plill Untied, Mr. Tolllver looked mildly puzzled. "I'm terribly sorry." Ilolloway eald to Ginger. 'Til love to slay— I'm lust craiy to stay-liui look where It places a>\ Von put every- tblng wrong." "Don't worry, my dear Mr. Hollo way," said Phil- consolingly. "You »eo, we bave oua Krejt udva over you. We know Glnser. anil you don't," 'Wall I—I'm beginning to sin pect. Let me tell >uu bow It imp ixjuet]—"' ^ • It isn't neressory." pro Uln^er. ."Tliev wuuitln'l liave luylud; yuu It tlier hmlu't wantcii you." . ' • ' ' . . . | , tlDUT you "orkeil lliein Into in- siting me, 1 -Jg r (iiknow yuu d.iili Ginger To/li'vcr l/rc greatest little (manner you ever You time arouriiii hire o ' (Dd il waa thj'iifckcat lob I erer M« pulled. '"Let rue tell you. 1 went Ihrough tin Uaru» In New York and tooh it iot. ol prlies and lot a two-year BcbolarjblD to itudy lu Farli. Well I look more prliea In Paris, «iid 1 make a go ot It. L'ciililti't noil any thins. Couldu'l eel orders (or portraits. I tiled, Imt I JiiBl tl III n't the LaiiB of 1L 1 can palm all rlylit. but I just can'l sell inypclf. "I went oni lo Chicago nntl tiad n try nt some, counnorclul word, but t I roulilii't put Hint over either. Soj 1 lust took all my worldly posses-1 giuiisaiut tiUc{) Lbcm into my clobt- Ici-.nlne-liand Illvver and set mil— •i paint, lo drive, to torn more aliout life—hoping, of course, I'd :ome across something good. "Unce in a while a little job | inns up ant] 1-loaf over a fe\v days t'inl il.i lu Anil tlien breeze on. 1 was desperate in N'en 1 Vork. 1 hfiil lo do SQQiclbiLir;. Se- I trapped up tlila mornint; and offered to do a sketch ot your cook for piy dinner, anil Miss GEogcr tooli me iu Hand—and yon see wtiai sbo lias dono with me. 1 can give you tlie names ot people kbo IIUOVT mo—1 have my passports and a Eut ol paporn aud tlilncs—I can proyo everything I've Bald. Uul Mls.i GtnEer—" "You . say jou ara driving througli?" asked Plill with interest. wlicti I offer my art In c-xchani for nourishment ll seems more. keeping with tlio part to leave tl natUelrnp aronuJ Hie hcnd of tl roail. 1'vo got driver's llccases ni everything. , 1 dlrln't aleal tho car. Nobody would." uw/r.M* run tlio Rairietrap up lo ULC gnrr,go tfieD," Bold Pbll cliccrfnlly. "llornlll will carry yout things upstairs, if Ginger lioa taken you In band you'll probably b« do-! ins portraits In Red ThrusU tUn rest ot your life." "Do you mean you—you still want rnc-^you will let me slay_a ivijllc?" lio demanded boyishly. "Of course." feald Phil, i"s one stirprlsctl. "\Vo aro a parsontigo. Wo would never dream of retract- and woman ernllea gladly |rm> tocb otber'i Ai Bard llolloway bv) «ald, th» itattlctrap was very, very old, and heavily loaded, contalnlni practically all ot bis worldly possessions, and far from worldly for the most part they wer». He pulled off to the garage, and aiull], tlio man ot all work, busltil uisclt uuloadlug the contcniB, bag ter bos, eeparatlng the thlDgs ard Indicated that be would want pstalri from tlioae to t» left In 0 car. Tho three Tolllfcra sauntered In- rcBlcdly out to sw what wan co- ig on. "Why don't you take everything ght up?" questioned Ginger am- msly. "Ttcn you can Mttle rlgbt own—and everything. "OL. 1 shan't need all tbat tranri. »o got Bluff here for camping, for reakdonns both motor and Mean- lal. and all other contlngenclci. 'bat's my easel and etool for c<t- oor painting. Tboae bagi 1 muit /\ ip—my wardrobe! You tet, '. irought everytblot I have to Jij tame except a few caayises which left'on display In tbe lallerlci la Vow !'>rk. Hope doesn't die hard, 1 u«jn't jj|e at all. I allU bave a </. *, sale or two. I brougbt fen with ive. I suppose inn wouldn't car? about Bcc-lDR' tbem," le added iuggestlvely, "Wo'd love It," iltd Phil. •• rr\KE artist I* him Ignorinf all -*- conventlonalttlM of tlrne and place, be eagerly pulled out a big squaro case, riretullj wrapped In nu old blanket wblch he quickly removed, laughing with Ingenuous pleasure. "Tbta first one—you're really safe In saying It's ratuer good." he said, "it got honorable mention ever so many th:ics In 1'arlj and Vienna, and liay won me three, cash prlzea. It'a » battlefield In Franco—early mornfne—all gray mist. Those Mto blurs aro tho crosses on tbe iirjVfep—everything swimming in *J\e gray mist—blla of old eniauglc~ mcnt, charred tree slumps, old shell! boles, (arm Implements ot reconstruction—and wblte crosses—ill blurred together Into the gray sea think 1 was terribly good. "Yes. Taiyitig west, as you might But I cam* back, and 1 .couldn't [say. I call It 'Uattlctrapplng. liut Ing an great." Invitation, she milled Tlioy're really .la a tone of frlomlly conlitleuce. "You'll Hk« them when you get on to their little ways. Will you bring your car up?" Ho ran down tlio steps at once, .auehtng with pleasure. "Hut, Ginger," began Mr. Tolltver In a puzzled voice, "If you dlil not know the boy, wbat did you want him to stay for?" "Oil. father," said Ginger, "I— wns—&o bored." Hut her band sought Psil'a and squeezed it rauturoullr, u tirl ot morning. Do you like It?" "That's good," vit. ftAl slowly, more Imv^oic'd iuau she was ready to acknowledge. "I think It is t^uolte," Mid Ginger passionately.. .. Bnrd flushed vltb pleasure. "Tills is the eld woman i bougbl my papers ot In, Paris." I'bll laughed. "I fcnow her,. In tLu Quortler. She ut oa't'threa- legged stool BO noar tbe curb tJint wo wet*' always breathless espifct- Ing her to go over head-first. That's very good, ray dear boy."'.' . •'•;•• "Tills ia Eugenie. She wa« : tbt chambermaid In our pension.: Sb» would never stnnd.atiH long eiioiib for me to get a proper iketcb' 'it her—I had to steal It, line unon )ln« precept upon precept, when she wu dashing in and out on errands, Sho bold tbe corner of her ^pron' to her 1|B lllie tbat wben sh» WM trjmg to apeak English. Oh, tbeyre not much—I'm young yet;"- he edited with a great assumptloi tt Btnlecfr ness. And bo made an Indifferent motion to toss tbem back; Into in* car. 'TO u* E11H-11GI PRIZE .1. fred Cummings of Waxhaw, Miss., over 25.000 entrants from the Instates. His record was 1.420 pounds . _ _ _ , _ of lint eoUuii and 2,0-42 pounds of recently opened, shows that back; He recently completed his 60th year ly News Metier and Market, Report p fore District Judge Joseph - R. of 1055. found by John G. McKay i Churchill. If you violate the, law or Austin in n safely deposit box'today you will face the same Judge. i cotton seed which had a total val-1 in that day of cheap prices for ' other commodities, cotton was sell- Ing for practically as much as to- risoner's Partinc- G'i* !o Wife Causes Trouble KNOXVIlfLE. Teilll. (UP)— JC2 Hunt, sentenced to the f-d- cral r."ison In Atlanta, was waiting in the prisoner's dook. to tei' his wife good-bye. She csme, and utter the usual farewells Hunt Ihought of Ills pccket-bcok. He wcuidn't need money where he v:as going and it would help prcviic br h'.-, v,-;fe. He handed it to her. In the pocketbook were two pictures. 3Dth of Ihe same woman, and that woman was not his wife, either. Savagely she tore the pictures to blt3 and tlirew tr.em on the floor of the marshal's office, while Hunt laughed from cell. "I fcrgot to ink? (hem out," he said. "I'll mail them lo lier, said Mrs. Hunt as she tried to p:ec: ; the bits together, "I know who she is." farm. Generally at a loss, It is true, but It keeps him in touch ni'-h the soil. Andersen was a Democrat until the frco silver movement, which he bitterly opprscd. sent him into the Republican ranks. He soon became the recognized head of the CARDWELL, Mo.—A. J. Bradley, farmer, living about a mile north of Cardwell was taken to a hos- ! pital at Jonesboro Saturday, where he will have a bullet removed. Mr. Bradley night in Oclober Here Is a plcturo of Henry W. Anas ho appeared when ue of S210.35. The winner of first place In Arkansas was Floyd Jones of Elnins. t ! whose production of 903 pounds cf 1.932 pounds of s;c:l attempted to rob him at his home, the bullet entering his right shoulder. He was in the hospital a few- days at Paragould; the doctors there not removing the bullet. Since the shooting he has been, unable to use the right arm. At Jor:sbrro he will have the bullet removed. He was accompanied to Jonesboro by W. D .Tatom Hobart Bateman, farmer living near here was taken to a hospital at Memphis. Tennessee, Friday for treatment. 1 Mr. an:-! Mrs. M. O. Moore took their young son, George to Dorothy Davidson Second " nt »nd . , , r, 'brought a net money .».«- «. •_ Among Arkansas hn-: 5127.30. other Mississippi county' Orlcnns tl'antS in Cotton Contest. ! order ™nm b eTare h Dorothy 5 Bo/.e?: 5 —; jJuanita Galnos and Ora Lee ]Iaw- OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 26.--Doro- : ici,^ an( i {filbert Evans was shot orve thy Davidson, 4-H club girl of Eto- i '_ when three men wahi Kho won secon d p i ac e in the day. Good middling wns quoted at ten on the Dorchester district bench. Butted In Stomach, Skull Hurl _,_ ..„ SEATTLE. (UPj-Btitted in ths to ib'i ccnls on the Houston mar-! stomach during a rough and turn- valu-"o':t lfct an ' d at ll to } '- : - on tne New time whisky :o £48 a barrel. LE BOURGET. (UP)—Travel in state colton production contest for| co , d frclght c;lrs lm a delr , me; . 1:)1 4-H club members, was nlso awarded second place among Arkansas entrants In the Irl-stale contest conducted annually by F. M. Crump Co'.ton company of Memphis. She received e, cash prize of $50 on her production record of 1.018 pounds of Unt cotton at a net value of $119.81. The winner Is' the 13 year old daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Davidson of Etowah. Her crop, which was the largest yield per acre made by a 4-H club member ON SAME BF.N'CH ,60 YEAUS I BOSTON. (UP)—If you had vlo- • lated the law in Dorchesler In 1870 ble fight, Perle J. Larkin, stage scene painter, died of a fractured skull here recently. He had struck J. E. Russell, who retaliated with a flying tackle. Lsrki.! fell, unconscious, but soon reviv-'J and was left alone In the room. Two hours later he was found on good cameiRbert the most, temperamenlal of r!l cheeses, so producers In ihe rcib.i of Saint Pierre-sur-Dlves. In Normandy, have chartered airplane and send weekly ioitis of 600 pounds each to choice clients in Pr.ris. These cheese planes rv.ti en iv;,:- lar schedule. you would have been arraigned te- dead. 1^ THREE DAYS' COUGH IS YOUR DANGER SIGNAL AUSTIN, Tex.. Jan. lUPI — A copy of the Houston. T.?xas. Week- Jonesboro Hospital Monday for in the state this year, was produc-! f \\\t\nfX\f1i \ Disordered? trer.tment. Water Works Employee Hasn't Tasted it in 10 Y«. ATLANTA. (UP)—J. C. Turner, of the Atlanta Water de- ed under supervision of County Agent S. D. Carpenter of Osceola. First place In the Crump Cotton company contest 'was won by Al- atrvcd abroad with Ihe American Partment. paradoxically hasn't had Red Cross. He w>5 awarded s«v- » <Wnk o f t«ter In ten years. cral foreign decoration., for his Doctors orders, despite the fact n'ork in Ihis connection. ; Atlanta's water supply comes with• I in one eighth of one per cent of sidestep what he considered the the finest supply In America— a demands of a temperance solution town in Oregon. is typical of the man himself. Andi lie cured Indigestion by cuttln? while Republican party in his that it was only an example of his : otit waler, salt, «weeta and all slate, and is known by all factions nr- a souare fighter, a shrewd poli- cuslomary thoroughness that An-' p-casc, and eating a diet consisting Courier News Want Ads, . . .. - Person, ot all the commission mainly of grapefruit juice, leaf 1:01=1.1. ,,,4 one of the keenest | members who favored Mrtslon of vegetables, lean meat and fruit, .niiids In tlie Old Dominion. , the amendment, formulated the; p,,,. exercise, 15 minutes with , tehich most of the dumbbells night and m-vrmn?, 'and WallC btt ° re eoln8 to rallied. I tie for a lily-white Republican: "we must not lose what has . , party iu Virginia. In all th.3 major been gained by th3 abolition of the I j campaigns of recent years he has saloon," the lawyer declared. "We Road Courier News Want Ads. Nearly Killed By Gas-Druggist Saved Her "Gas on. my stomach was bad It nearly killed me. My druggist told me about Adlerlka. The gns Is gone now and I feel fine."— Mrs. A. Adamek. ' Simple glycerin, buckthorn, saline, etc;, as mixed in Adlerlka. helps OAS on stomach in 10 minutes! Most remedies act on lower bowel only, but Adlerika acts on BOTH upper and lower bowel, removing poisonous waste you never knew was there. Relieves constipalion In 2 hours. It will surprise you.! City Drug Co. —Adv. 4 Act Promptly When Warned By Kidney Irregularities. When bladder irritations, getting up at night and constant backache kccpyou miserable, don't take chances! Help your kidneys at the first sien of disorder. Use Doan's fiUs. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed by hundreds of thousands of grateful users, by dealers everywhere. Doarts ills _ Cotigbs from colds may Ic.iii to serious trouble. You can &lop them now with Crcpmulsion, an cmuliiiitil crrotolc tint is pleisirH to late. (Vomulsion is a medical discovery viih .two-fold action; il Hollies and licnls itic inflamed membrairts and inhibits perm gro^lli. Cf .ill known drugs crcoootc is rec- o^nircd hy high medical authorities r;3 one of ihc prealest healing agencies for coughs from cqM? anil bronchial irrl'.aticns. Crcomalsion contains, in rd'iliiion to creosote, other healing dements wrnch soothe and heal tho inflamed membranes and stop the ir- riuiion, while Ihe creosote goes on lo the Etomich, is absorbed into the blood, altacks the seat of the trouble and checks ihe growth of the gtrmj. Crcomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the Irtatment of coughs from colds, bronchitis and minor forras of bronchial imuiion!, and ii excellenE for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist, (adv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG OH ••••^^•^••^•^••••^•••^^•^^H •••••••^••••••^•••[•^^••••i WANT 1000 BALES I am negotiating for 1,000 bales of colton if •the price is righl. Write to H, E.MURRAY Hotel Idanha, Cape Girarrleau, Mo.

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