The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1939
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VOl.U.ME XXXVI—NO. 138, — ™ E D ° M ™ ™PAP E R OP NORTHEAST AlUCANflAa *„„ _,„„.„.,, '."Z^ 1 1 lj ? ? ^ THREAT OF WAR AND SOUTDRAST MISSOURI K, ARKANSAS. WHDNKSDAY, AUGUST 80, low French Government Takes Over Railroads; Nazis Ration Gasoline SWGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS In die Bags: London's Safety ™j ™ - '• - „.-..„„„„... _ _ ^ j • a«(l gives priority to military t'lvll passengers no longer will be t'liaranteed passage to their destination and most civil transportation will be suspended entirely depending upon military requirements. BERLIN, Aug. 30 (UP)_A decree was issued talny rationing gasoline beginning Friday, nation tickets wll Ibe good for five liters,' about one and one third gallons to each car owner but it was 'not stated how frequently the gasoline will be issued. Military Mission at Warsaw WARSAW, Aug. 30. (UP1- Frsnce and Great Britain have sent a Joint military mission here, It was reported today. Maj. Gen. Adrian Carton do Wiant of Britain, who has lived in Poland many years, and Gen Jacques Paury of France, former Head of the Polish military school head the mission and several of ficm and members of it have ir- rived at the Polish capital, the reports said. The Polish army, meanwhile, was being reinforced with five more mobilized classes, reportedly of men aged 30, 33. 35, 37 and 39. In calling them up, the government charged that the German occupation of Slovakia constituted an act of aggression against Poland's vital interests and security. A spokesman at the foreign office said the government had learned Hint German mobilization 'now •was, complete and that German troops in Slovakia were ready -lo . march ag'ainst\Polaiid.,,. Tire "newly"mobilized reserves report lo barracks Friday noon. Placards announcing the call were posted all over the country, contrary to Poland's past practice of mobilizing ns unobtrusively n.s possible. There were widespread fears ihut a German thrust across the Slovak border would jeopardize Die central industrial area and vital communications lines to Rumania. The government was ready to decree general mobilization at the moment the situation became critical. It was .announced officially that three bands of saboteurs had been captured, two in Silesia and one in Lode, with a total of five suitcases full of time bombs. The bands were affiliated with a ceu- Iral office in Beiitlien, Germany, and al Imembers were Germans but some had become Polish citizens, the communique said. The same band wns blamed for placing a bomb in the cloakroom at the railway station at Tarnov, where iin explosion killed 18 and wounded 30 yesterday. It was nlso announced - that the government had ordered police t isolate the German consulates li Lwow and Cicszin and permit IK one to leave llicm, in retalialioi for the treatment accorded th Polish consul at Marie-inverter Germany. Thc Polish consul irai been unable lo leave his offic since Friday, was abused by si> policemen continually in his of fice, and was taken to Koenigsbcrg yesterday nnri handed over to th Polish consul general, it was re ported here. un( , transport. • aulhorily Belligerent Bull Helps Corner Fugitive CHARLESTON, S. C., Aug. 30 (UP—Hubert Owens reflected in a Jail cell today that all bulls don't have flat feet. It was a cloven-hoofed variety of Ferdinand that landed Owens In his present plight. Suspected o f bootleggin» Owens had Jumped out of his ca°r at the approach of federal alcohol unit investigators. He fled into an open field and ivas gaining on his pursuers when—plunk —he ran headlong into n °mz!n" bull. " The bull gave cliase and Owens vas glad enough to reverse his field and be arrested and rescued by the officers. Bilbo's Candidate Appears E lee led Over Mike Connor JACKSON, MisTTAug. 30 (UP) Former Governor Martin fici.nett Conne, tcday burg C^ner said' n of Hattlcs- ° Jo "'' s °» t0 s. 30. (UP) 53-year-old ..„, Supported By JACKSON, Miss.. A ~ Johnson. f" tt0rney slated for the state's cn y ° n i " e task <>' complete returns from 1,335 of the slate's 1,640 precincts Johnson, tacked by u. s. Sen " e Man) Doubt Russia's Position . LONDON, Aug. 30. (UP)—Soviet Russia's position in the Europcai situation assumed new interest today because of three developments, each of which was cf potential importance. ; 1—Russia was delaying ratification of its non-aggression treaty with Germany. 2—Russia announced that it was strengthening its troop positions on its "western frontiers." 3—The German Nazi party official newspaper organ said that thc German-Russian non - aggression pact was "not one of the usual paper agreements about •non-aggression', "but that Germany and Russia had common interests in Ihe Polish situallon. Berlin Is Confident BERLIN, Aug. 30. <UP)_Vcel klschcr Beobachter, official Nazi party organ, said today that the German - Russian non - aggression pact was "not one of the usual paper agreements about 'ncn-ae gression'" but that Germany and Russia had common interests in the Polish situation. "The Polish problem whether viewed from the Oder or the Nuleper rivers Icoks as like as two peas" It said. ' "We should regret If the western powers, Including Warsaw, would on this score also again have illusions." ' Government Tells Utilities To Cease "Aiding", Handbook Activities | - OHiOAGQ.-AugV 30 '" (UP)^Gbv- ernment counsel obtained seven lottery conspiracy income tax evasion and perjury indictments today from a federal tax grand jury investigating handbook horse race betting and warned the nation's principal communications syslems: "Cease aiding these violations."' Four of the indictments named . L. Aiinenberg. Philadelphia publisher, who already lias been indicted twice for alleged evasion of nearly ,$C,OQD,OOQ in income taxes and penalties. . ' ; U. S. District Attorney William 1 J. Camubcll said copies of the indictments will be mailed to the Western Union Telegraph Company, the Illinois Bell Telephone ctmpany and Die American Telephone and Telegraph company I "The telegraph and telephone' services are named as essential for the successful operation of the Annenberg companies", Campbell said They are not charged in the indictment with any violation of the law. However a copy of the indict- nents will be served on each company and it will serve HS a final warning that they arc aiding this illegal operation and can be subject to'federal grand Jury action 0 Conner's 08,309, „ lead of votes. " '1= seven-sided first primary 'i •™ ohnson Ollt(i istai!ced Gon- by 23.794 votes. Nomination in His state is equivalent to election because 38 per cent of Mississippi's electors are democrats Conner, governor of the state from 1D32 to 193C, | s backed by * feUti llctw ' ci:i1 "ic Jolmson- group and the Conner-Hai-- rison-White group started during; Mississippi's "dark. days" dllrl ng the depression in 1939 the voters nija for, gotten when Bilbo-wlth Ms" red galluses-stepped from the governor's chair i,, 1933. Th < , *^a~,. .meit.* balance of S1.32S.27 ' Stale warrants in default and appropriation obligations oulslandim totaled S7,4fi8.7Sa. Short term notes, issued for current expenses, maturing during the 1931-33 Wcnnluin, totaled 55,250,000 Stale agencies and institutions "'"^:,rr;=r!s£:» ir ™ r=;r5 Paris Orders French Linei lo Remain ; Bremen Officers Are Vexe NEW YoriK7~M[ t . 30. (UP,._ -, U)>0 ls!la y °'' <l( ''-« ormiuidlf, in, w . st slll , al|a to .stay hen- until furlliei- tiollci-. She wns moowt near the nrc- icii. Oeviiiiiiiys i nrgos( . IUM , n mere mill «hl|i, whirl, federal nu- UiorlllRs- «-ero holding in port foi "mtami SCnrC " f01 ' " Vlns luul C011 ' Orders to hold U, c Nornmiidle aime from Paris lo the French Line offices here. There , v ,, s ,, 0 cxplanntlon. She had been scheduled to sail tit 10 a.m. today bill ma I K ^ K searched by customs officers in ac- CDrdnncc with a new policy un- iriince<l yesterday by President Rooscwll for Inspecting ships ol nil nations Hint inlislil Imcomo bcl- iRerciits. Of ua.0«0 tons, she would bo a magninccnl prize (or n sea alder. acnnnn oporalors pi-otestcd nn«- 'ly ngnlnsl the llreincn's clclcn- loii and const guard boaU inovod loiiBBidc to see tlmt slic did not lip "way without cluamncc pn- 'I'hc Fnrncss-Bermilda liner the Queen of Dormnda, arrived today rom Brruiudii with uso imsscn- ers mid wns detnchcd from (lie New Vork run ( 0 stand by for The Cunard wiiilc star liner A.-mllania. scheduled ( 0 sail at, con, also postponed Its depdr- Cnpt. William- Drcchscl/ warrants for being ^ . — .-i*v« neat; uejiiij New York Cotton . NEW YORK. Aug. 30. (TJP)- C=lton closed barely steady. open high low close 846 853 834 830 815 802 Oct Dec Jan Mar May July 785 841 827 822 810 794 837 815 812 794 718 837 825 812n 807 105n 778 Spots closed nominal at 882, oil 9. Vew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 30 (UP)— Ootton futures closed steady today Jff three to 10 print. 1 !, open high 853 843 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July 831 823 813 706 862 849 831 830 814 798 low 8S3 834 822 815 813 787 close 847 834 822 815 803 783 Spots closed quiet at 878, off 8. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Aug 30. (UP)—Hoijs, 8300. Top, 630. 170-230 Ibs. 670-675. HO-160 Ibs. 550-565. Bulk soys. 500-585. Cattle. 3300. Steers, 835-070. Slaughter steers, 600-1000. Mixed yearlings A heifers, SCO- '75, Slaughter heifers, COO-1000. Beef COR-S, 500-GOO. Cutters & low cutters. 350-475. , '~t trvn m, making them net 8 per cent Then Conner ran for governor with the slogan that he was a "practical politician." Before he left office in 1S3G the cash balance In the general fund exceeded $1,000,000 and all outstanding obligations had been paid. No bonds had been Issued for current expenses and bidders competed for state bonds at par The general property (as was To Follow Direction LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 30 (UP)— School directors were assured to day by Education Commissioner T H. Alfcrd that "you win not be liable in damages for accidents to school children if 5 ' OU observe our regulations regarding buses • bus drivers." The attorney general's office held last week tlmt directors may be liable for damages when pupils traveling on school owned buses nre injured if lh ey neglect their duty In supervising sue), Iransuor- talion. reduced from 8 to 5 mills, representing a saving of $250000 lo public utilities ?.nd $1,550000 to business, industry, large land owners and wealthier home owners Conner's political friends and enemies differed on how he had put the stale back on its feet, but argument. the friends won the They had the proof. In national politics, Bilbo and Harrison are none too friendly m (he first primary, Johnson and Conner played on national politics but during the run-on, the national scene was delegated to the background. Main- think that Johnson's present lend is due to his security program which includes promises of Mf» monthly for thc a*cd over 65- iree school books, better hospital facilities for the poor, $3 automobile tags and protection of local government from state encroachment. Conner's pledge lo "give the peo- all ;. H "- U5<: lu B' VB me I'eo- i> ..... • 'in me surplu they arc wiling to pay consensus lhat not „„„„ „, ..... ._.... Leachville's City Hall Is Occupied LEACHVILLE. Aug. 30-Lcach- ville's new city hall and jail wns completed Monday of lhl s wcel-' The building, purchased by Ihe city from W. B. Garner, is located on first street and has been reconditioned b:th inside and out wll» two modern steel cells comprising the jail at the rear'of the biilldin" Thc Iront of Die bulldin^ has been partitioned for the city offices and psllce court room. The construction was done under the supervision of Mayor Shaneyfelt. Warns Farmers To Check Requirements Farmers cf Mississippi County should check their performance.- at once so as to comply with n i government regulations before tlicv •ell any cottrn, according to D S Lantrip, county agricultural agent A few farmers who overplautc;! their cotton acreages have already •" -in thc surplus and it fa the War Department Officia Tells President P a n s Are Ready ,3'^. F .™ GT0 . N ' A «8- 30- (UP) . ncrn- tcndent of North :. Oorman Lloyd Lines operators of the, liremen, protested that (he prolonged 1 search and Inspections, were "out- raBcoua, unfriendly nets," and snld he hnd asked thc German cm- Missy in Washington to protect to the stntc department. 2 a.m. Tuesday the ship Hitler's 'Ultimatum' Type Note Reported Rejected By Britain 'Unact'epiablc', I'Vciich 'Vie\v Of Hitler Nolc --- ... k ».,,,5l. ,ll:j) t ijy lllllCr £ Great Britain was rcsnrd«l hei grcnt Siiys "l.asl Oliancft" HOME, AUK.'30. (UP)—The ox Imngc of views and proposals be »eon Adoli Hitler and Prime Mln slcr Neville Chamlicrlalu const! lies the lusl clmnce cf a poacc/ii oltlemcnL of llic Kuropcnn dispute 'irginlo Gnydn declared today li •Is niilliorlliiUvo newspaper On.v<ln snld In his editorial tlm :vlslon of n Irenty Is not aggrcs "Perhaps n lew days, perhaps a iw lunrs separate Europe from i nal decision on wnr or pence,' nydn wrote. "The present exchange ' views between ilcrr Hitler am Ir. Chnmbcrlnln In the favorable ;:nospherc crctitcd by direct con let between Premier Mussolini nuc 10 fuehrer constitutes, HID IriRl c|i- ortunlty lo clear up the situnllo: nd fix responsibility." bn.s been under sli-nm' back rciuiy to N. A. McGhee To Head AAA Office Temporarily The Blyllicvlllo AAA offlco Is lo be In detailed while inspectors compartment, l,.,.,, measured rooms and to Germany v ,0,1 „,," rTi 80 °' N ' A ' WcG " cc af passengers or cargo ll, c none t A!, S°° kl , Cmployo of lll ° stnl ° customs authorities pennlttc 1 8lie f AA ° m , CC tllcre ' " utl1 n » ^W"""«„., ,.„!„„„„ „ J yS^dnv"! 1 * "I'P-"'t«l for the position, It searched eve"/, Tf ™ n ™™« l°<l«y by D. K. L, Wicrt on wall.,, tr fe,,T!! ls ' »6<'cultural agent, nri ^n,i,,,,,™i n,,. I When the new l ls _.._ coimmred (.ho 1 " K " LW " encl ls appointed measurements willi blue prints ex- wl " lm tllc )> 05ll lt»> lumte vn- iimincd tin; iiHiclilncry, lifted 'im- ciui1 by lllc n-'slBimlloii of If. n. ,,, ,„,,,. .,„. <u,-|_ linullns to look for gun cmplnce- nlcll " r<!s °n l«'0 weeks ngo. Secrclnry of War Louis mp " t -' i and even peered behind the *"'• Mcal ' ce lln s ulrendy assumed -— said today thnt plans for bar «'»<> furniture in the IOIHIRP ! llls llallcs ' Industrial moblliznllon l,, event of At dusk, Hurry M Durnliw nil ' ~ war t'nienrcncy involving IH<- lectnr nr n > "'a- *-oi- *j to » T TJJiTit rtr r\f, i v *\ tu o ill., i K tiui ui LIlC JIOI'L CJllldl (AT 111" fVOflSPVOlr Spfc flu t-uuiHry in c in complete ronrllfin-- • ^rnrdi in it t i i »«ti«-ti uu m^, *t.\si/ ju veil o £4.0 U (J h?IM,o«r cXren^th 1^- lo'S T^lf SulS! Tllanl£ ^"g ^ 1940 WASHINOTON, Aug. 30 (UP>~ President Rooscvcll, Collowlng up his advancemrat of •rlinnksglvlug by one week, Uils ycnr decided today nlso to advance H In IBM by one week and proclaim the holiday fa- Thur.wlny, Nov. 21. resources wlici abou Johnson snld tlmt the mobllta- jon plans were "complele 'he board was appointed" :hree weeks ago. Meanwhile Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull disclosed lhat thc United Stales had been Informci of Hie genenil naliirc of Adoli Hitler's latest note to Great Brl- aln but he declined lo reveal nny of its terroa j partHlons to look hcnln( , , hem On the olhcr hand, j,e said the Bremen mlfiht be permitted to sail with the afternoon tide. Durnlng said m ono wo ,. (| w , 1I|t Ihc Inspectors were looklni. for- weapons." b Tiie searches were related lo the fcliropcan crisis and Ihe dcicntloii pi Ire Bremen was consldercil .is . wng o pay 'or apparently was less appeal- ng. Conner favored hlcher old age pensions but contended their jnymenl depended on a buslness- IKC, economical administration's Beeping the budget balanced. In the other races. Walker Wood held a. 10,000 vote lead over Roy Arnold for secretary of slate. Tab- from wtl , more os farmers should check their records carefully, Mr. Lnnlrip said. Giant Clipper Ends South Pacific Survey Chicago Wheat open high law close Sept 56 7-8 07 3-4 66 1-8 G7 1-4 Dec. 67 3-8 C8 1-8 65 1-2 07 3-8 J. M. Causey, by the .same tabulation, led Bert Darnett for state '- Barncll, 76,218; Causey, McCtillen, incumbent, seeking election as land commissioner, led Ben Lowry by 6,658 votes. Mcdulen, 83,063; Lowry, 76,305. In the northern district highway race, with 418 of the 604 pre- f'"I* 5 . Bunted, P. L. (Abe) Linker trailed T. j. Lo Wry by 2557 votcs Lowry, 29.359; Linker, 26,792. In thc southern district public service commission race the count m°L; »? mis Cat0 ' «.«»; c. M. (Red) Morgan, 27,075. n Airways 74 passenger ship, completed a leisurely trip from San Francisco today when it landed at 8:28 a. m. alter surveying a projected route to thc Souih Pacific. Attend Opening Of Carutliersville Store A large group from Blythcvtlic attended the opening cf the new Grater's store In Carutluirsville last night. : in addition to the employes of «„„, ,,,„,, , 0 , He local store, a number ol friends Sept « 3-8 • « 7 8 43 also attended thc opening ' Fire Damage Slight City firemen r.iaclc a run to Paul uyriims sl:re o.i East Main slrccl «l 2:15 o'clock .yeslcrday afternoon when a water licntcr flared up The damage was very slight. Stock Prices NEW YORKr/tag! 30 (UP)-Thc stock market displayed a slightly more hesitant attitude today after yesterdays sharp rally. p rlce£ s ,|.,_ pod back after a steady opening A - T - & T 1027.8 Aimconda Copjwr ... 05 Associated D G "714 Belh. steel . Boeing Air Chrysler . Coca cola General Electric 50 18 3-4 78 7-8 113 35 1-2 -~.~-i.i,, ......... O;J |_^ General Motors .......... 45 1-8 Int. Harvester Monf. Ward N. Y. Central Packard 49 1-2 49 13 1-4 3 1-8 35 5-8 S 1-4 11 1-4 21 Standard of N. J. .... 41 1-3 Texas Corp 30 3.4 " c Steel 47 Phillips Radio Kchenley immons ..... Socony Vacuum Chicago Corn hli-h low close 43 3-4 3-8 43 3-8 44 3-8 . some possible effect on it Germany has called nil her shins home from the Atlantic,' fcnrln? that they would become prey of British warships In the event of wnr. Every hour thnt Ihc Uicmon was detained B«VC British mcn-of- «-nr more time to get into pcsl- llon lo intercept her should war stnrt before she reached thc Ual- (lc. The Bremen Is (he tourl'i largest ship afloat, and it was considered possible that thc question of her safety might be n factor In prolonging peace. The Bremen was nlso bcinr examined lo determine If h cr crew and cargo were "legitimnle." and met nil safely require- At thc reciucsl of Rhen Wliilley counsel for Ihe Dies congresslonil committee Investigating un-Amerl- cnn ncllvitirs, police nlso watched the Bremen to sec that IriU fCiilm, Gprman-Auitrtcan bund leader, did not (jo aboard. Thc committee has been InvcstlKalln" thc blind. ° Pope Pleads For Peace concessions were made In advance. In her answer Britain vms understood la bo standing flrmDe- lilnil her pledges to Poland Accordlnn to a high British source Hitler s communication to this BOV- M'limcia asked that Poland send a PjenlnoUmllary to Ucrlbi Immediately to negotiate on what Hitler described us a "basis of equality" bill, which British sources said In- Immedlalo Britain declined even to lo Poland any proposals for Polish emissaries to go to Berlin under such circumstances but Hie cabinet drnftcd a formal answer designed to keep the exchanges golntf. B London sources described Hitler's message lo Great Britain as "a mockery." So far as could be lenrned In London Ihc sudden outbreak of "optimistic" views among high Nazis In llcrlln late yesterday was merely n preliminary to another demand by HHler that a peaceful scltlement be negotiated on his own terms. •' • . • In normal dlplomntic exchanges Hitler's message would be regarded n.s an ulllinalum from Hitler by way of Britain lo Poland.-In fact H was reported in London lliat British Ambassador Henderson upon reading (ho message said: "Why, this Is on ultlinalumi" "Oh, no," Hitler TOS supposed to have refilled, 'l/aiti"proposing' ne'go-' tldtlflllS." - •' T. • .. . i,. ; Regnrdless of Its accuracy the story Illustrated-the wide gap bc- Iwcen British r,nd Uazl methods and viewpoints at the climax-of Europe's wnr of words. - - . ' As Long As Germany Doe»^ LONDON, Aug. 30. (UP)—'hie 'orelgn office announced tonight ,hat Great Britain had assured Denmark that In the event of war Jrltnln would respect Danish neu- railty ns long as Germany does he same. , if she ments. St. Peter's School To Begin Registration Registration for pupils attending ,' St. Peter's school will be made '.' Monday, the Rev. B, A. McDcvitl / assistant to the Rev. J. J. Thomp-' ' son, pastor cf the Immaculnle Con- ' ception church, announced today Regular classes arc scheduled to begin Tuesday. The school Is tinder the direction on of the Bcneitecline Sisters. Further - - D S" V...IJ, 11 IV OVIIUU1 may be obtained by phoning 938-W or addressing Ihe Sislcr Superior the Rev. Mr. McDcvlU said I'olnnd Sit-ells Forces WARSAW, Aug.- 30 (UP)—Poland died up new thousands of rcserv- s<s todny lo swell Its army of 1,00,000 men already under Ihe coU rs. Simultaneously the government rdercd all horses and wagons not ngagcd In harvesting, ns wc ]j as U automobiles motorcycles and Icycles, plnced at the disposition f Ihe government within seven j's. A government commission will ccldc what will be requisitioned ml will reimburse the owners. 1'lncards were posted In the Irccts calling thc reservists. Tho government announced ovor the radio Dint "German aggression" made adequate defense Imperative. Troops hitherto have been called up without public announcement. Today's action meant abandonment of the unobtrusive mobil- Izallon which always had been the motto because Poland wanted to aviod nny charge of aggression. Tries To Break East- West Non-Stop Mark NEW YORK, Aug. 30. (UP)— Arthur Bussy, Rcyersford, Pa., flyer, took off from Floyd Bennett Field jut 8:14 ajn. eastern daylight time loday for a non-stop flight to Burbank, Calif., In nn attempt to break the East-West transcontinental record held by Major Alexander P. Do Severely. Drive To Publicize Poll Tax Date Starts LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 30 (UP)— Three thousand justices of the peane in Arkansas will be asked to help publicize the state's new poll tax law, It was stated today. Attorney General Jack Holt and State Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey said they would mall today or tomorrow a circular letter emphasizing that poll tax receipts enabling holders to vote in 1940 must be dated prior lo Oct. 1, 193S. XII, says "it is a grave hour in the world," deplores force in solution of problems between WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday, continued warm. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday, slightly warmer tonight.

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