The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 29, 1951
Page 8
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WEDNESDAY, ATK3UST Our Boarding House with Moj. HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams , (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ELEVEN COOL. VeR H66LS HSRE, COUSIN AMOS, WHILE I 60 AR6V VJITH TH' F6LLER6 .-MOT (SOT FRIEMD MAKE AMV MERVOOS MOVJES A STRANGER HER&- C6RTAItOLV, I'LL PLftWT MV56LF AS. , FIRMLY AS A F1R6PIUG.' -«~OWCe DURlUS THE 8OCR WART SANEOMV LIF6 ABOOT6 15 AS WCLCOM& -^ SCARECROW 60 R6AU- AS A WASTIM' DISEAS&/M|6TICftUY NO BIRDS SEEM . SLIGHTLY SLIMMER IN THOSE- Hot or cold, wet or dry, Blue skies, blue Jays—ho hum! Meyer's Bread remains the same. REPAIR SERVICE All appliances: refrigerators, frteiers. ranges, and irasherit. Radios and/smal) appliances, All oar work Is guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Best H-flLTCRS UqiJTY 5.HCC SH: 121 W. M C| I N ST. What Don't You Need? J Old rlck«*ty furniture, worn I clothes, flshin? equipment. Anything nn earth that jrnn don't want Is worth money In trades and swaps at H A M Sales Co. Bring It down— ron'H find something /on DO | want! H & M Soles Co. in K. Main Phone M59 Get The Best Cor Service! , All MaktM »Bri Modrlx! No matlei wliat Kind oJ car you drlTe youl! save mcmej DJ getting the personal service ak T I Seaj Motoi Co We'll care (01 ,-our car as you would yourself T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. !2i r Main rh«i THE JOVIALITY AMP 1M THIS LITTLE C.BOOP TOP \iiiiiri PROTORTIOM TO GENERAL ).ii|'ll| ywiwSipiiW Ik EMERALD CHESTED Man jerked OUT at his complacence. "How do you know?" "On* Hears ihing! 1 havt bnots; a whole outfit—and a neai sc\ - en niillitncter Leblanc pisioJ m a shoulder hol.ster. a nine millimeter in a hell hojster, a machete and a hunting knife! Alan stepped out, locked the door, strode two cabins up the t deck and knocked on Bench's \ door "Erifrez!" Hermit's voiw sa.d already the surprise upon your countenance. And you will accept the little gilt." \ LAN BARTON himself was accustomed to hearing about something and snatching up some .ittle gear and starting oft within the hour. a S ain: Denoit surprised him "1 sure had forgotten a!) about an outfit." Alnn said. "But why .Annamese amah who's faithful be-,the arsenal?" cause 1 don't slap her. You tverel "Oho. the weapons. Scat your- to<be knifed." "But. why? I've clone nothing. 1 (ion'l know anybody." "It could be that you know something. What did youi Consul tell you about that other dead man?" self, my friend, and let us discuss some things that you perhapt do not know." Alan sat grimly. "So : now iff coming, eh?" "He didn't know anything. Ex cept—" And then Alan told her 'about the lost bird species. i JJENQIT went on unperturbed. "You are aware, no doubt, that his Ho-Chin-Min, who even now . A boat of the Navigation Sal-| tuc>- Villiers. looking far away sjonnaise leaves the Quai Myre de Villiers at 10 of this evening In the interval you may dine with me." Alan shook his head. "Sorry. A late—with a lady." Monsieur Benoil wagged his fln- '.er again. "Ah. you Americans!" And then he was serious. "But, sir, permit that 1 venture a small warning. As I do not inquire of vou the location of your secret. I suggest that you do not speak «f it to other*. For » something of my value— you understand—" He •nade a gesture that meant anything and everything. "I shall nake arrangements at the steamer for—how far do you say?" "Pnom Penh," Alan said. Benoit's delight was extravagant "Splendid. Monsieur. It is just about where I would hav* thought for myself." Alan was not cautioul. He told '.he gijrl over their tete-a-tete dinner. Her name, he found, first, was Lucy Villiers, an old English name though she stoutlj claimed colonial birth. Cleaned up she looked to him exactly the kind of person to whom one could tell things, healthily pretty, poised, a .Xeen mind alert to have studied conditions m thii country where jhe was over her frosty glass ot iced tea. 'Henoit. hm-mm. He's been in bus- ness here for iwo years. He's shrewd to turn over a piastre; but I'd say harmless." "I'd say so harmless that, if he'd stumble over a root in the deep woods he'd burst a tropical spleen." "So you've noticed that. too. Do you know how his partner died?" "He said of some local climatic disease." The girl nodded long and thoughtfully "I think." she said, 'I. can now tell you something more about yourself. 1 think you are a babe in some very 'deep and dark woods before you even get up there: and so I'll break a profe^- siona at my hospit^. r of the alkaloids, probably datura.' Alan stared at her. '"THE cabini on the river boa: .were all deck with -airy.' windows—barred 'but riot 1 ' mosquito screened: for that '"was another American custom . that had not found universal adoption. Instead mosquito netting hung over the real beds. Alan's was still rolle up, and on th« bed, neatly displayed, were new shirts, white Danu. cord riding breeches, stou a so rn break a profes- infidence. The diagnosis ispital was—poison! One calls himself. Uncle Ho. controls omc considerable rabble of guerrillas, all of them Ai-Quoks. They operate in Viet Nam. in Cambodia, ven here in Cochin. They war. as is their method, against all order, whether of Bao Dai. whom wf support, or of Mong Ywa. who wishes we would support him: but particularly and without discrim- nation against the French government, which, in their minds includes all whites. The mass of thf peasantry, though not active Ho- Chis, do not love us. They sit upor Ihe wire, awaiting only some sign to run amok and establish what their uncles Ho and Joe preach to them as liberation. Since we proceed somewhere away from military' protection in search of our bird, it is then obvious, is it not?" ?Yes." said Alan. "Everyone knows that except the diplomatic idiots. But your arsenal is not so obvious. There's no snot gun." "But, my friend!" There came the gesture of high shoulders and spread hands. "We do not go to shoot this bird. You wish to entrap it alive, is it not?" "Let me tell you something," Allan said. "I'm a guy who has always -believed that the most important thing to come out of the jungles alive it ME!" (To Be Continued) Moose in the Traffic NEW HSKEARD, ont. (^,—TWO huge moose stood patiently In » field by the highway here for hours. Occupants of a nearby farm stud the male and female animals evidently were waiting for a hrealc in the traffic. Finally they got across. REMOVE DANDRUFF Kirby Drug Store Check Your Speedometer! N Will ft*** T«« Mane? « you iur» foui speedomeLet -eads correctlj? It's no excuse foi speeding Com* In tomorrow me (Uj sefYlce lor all cars and trtickR. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 I Mull Phone -4122 -. 225 N. F1HST Fhone 4161 • MACHINE WORK (All T;pn) • LAWN MOWERS A)) kind mowtm and mower engines repaired. • WELDING (An> Type.) • Bicycfo Repair (Complete line of parts) Atithnrirefl SIT vice A Tart* (or Clinton Fngin-s. See as! WESTBROOK'S MACHINE SHOP FRECKLM AMD MW FRIENDi By MERRILL BLOMIK Have a Drau, L»r4 » ' ' • PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranleed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores ¥* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—CiilTtrts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Hiwa; S« FOR SALE Concrete calrertn. n Inc-h t* M Inch, plain or remfnrccd. Also Concrete Building Blocks, cheaper thun lamt>rr for barns, chicken homes, pnmp houses tenant honaes, tool ^heds. We rteliver. Oil us (or fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Thone Ml FOR SALE LUMBER Siaioned Oak & Cypren , All Dimensions E. B. Gee Cotton Co. Ph. 2026 or 6645 SHEET METAL WORKS ^- OF ALL KINDS Custom work l"ur gins, alfalfa mills, nil mills. Oislnm Shearing tip to ',$ inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sonlh Broarfivny Phone 2fiSl Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Pow«r Get Hie Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phon« 2089 "Forget trying to read my mind—if you could you'd land me-Komi*!" . ..- Or A NSW T&I6AL 6ROWER ! PROCeEO.CHieTi ALL WHO EMTCR OUR. "TKIBE MUSTJOIM IN PIPE OF BROTHERHOOD/ PRISCII.LA'S POP Sorry! Wrong Party! BY AL VERMEER A/WATS THIS OUT-OF-STATE ALL ON THE HONE BILL? 1 CALLED AUNT PEGGY TO TELL HER "5HE LEFT HER GLASSES WHEN SHE VISITED THE OTHER DAY! NOW THAT'S WHERE YOU COULD HAVE SAVED MONEY, HAZEL 1 . WHY D/OM'T YOU SHE COULDN'T READ IT WITHOUT HER GLASSES! VIC FLINT The End of Lefty BY MICHAKl. O'MALLEY and RALPH LANS LET'6 TRY A LITTLE EXPERIMENT, LEFTY—WE'LL SEE HOVM | LOM& YOU CAM LIVE WITHOUT OXVGSN/ NO AVORE BUB3L66/ TAK&N 6OOD NI&HT, fAVEET PRINCE,. AND FUSHT* OF 6EA. FOOD SINS THEE TO THY CAPTAIN EASY Upset (ing New* BY LESLIE TURNER 'KS.,.\ f HE LEAGUED X TOMORROW?I..ISEc!7'HMlM THftT -*"~- TODW TH' OWUER \B^ THE WftV.VOU BOYS/UEW5 UPSET KOM& /WONT SK W.Y KEYS > HIW1 BUT H6 TRIED TO COTER UP! WHY? IF- GREW SCOTT OF COURSE; EVKRY- THING f ITS! I.DOKIWS \OH.HELLO, FOR. 5OHAE -1WR. TL SB 5! YE 5,1... THIUGt ME. /A TRIFLE. IT'S NOT INPORTWOT MiTIGS? J SEEM L-WP THEW BUGS BUNNY Quick Solution HA.VE -VOU G-SOT AMV ,• LOCK TH' POOR, / LEWE HIM IN THERE v FIVE MINUTED WITH THIS/ ALLEY OOP He Made It BY V. T. HAMLIN BMHS. \NO.NOTHINGYET SIR?TOOO? 1 IMUSTftyVAIT i WiOH.OM.GOSH.rwiSH I WAS IIOME.STFAIXIAPI f\YI GP4TLEMAN HL-RE I WITH OOP Olir SCROUNSIM' FOR CLOTHES OF KftNK 3 HE CAM JOIN ME IN THIS HOVEL OF SWANK.' •YANOTHEROFftCER -' WHO I PFAK Vic' M/ OH.OH. I THINK •!lVet'' I fLL MAKE MYSrLF 'y — \ b-IALL ""OME 'THIS \\ BIS SHOT B?(V5S , aUST EN FEREO V TH ' HALL," &-££ HO.' TKEKE YOU ARE, \ , LIEDTENANT...SOKXY \ /' . FO HAVE KEPT YOU ,11, V ,.•:/ WAITING...AHEM' '/.' 4»; KAFF/.' W* BOOTS AND HEU BUDDIKS lip (o Dale J3Y EDGAR MARTIN

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