The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1944
Page 6
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, FAGS SIS BJA'TJIEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUESDAY/DECEMBER 19, lO- JBil! Time !o jiisulafe .' Put insulating Board •i* Info AtHc and Save ." • On Precious Fuel .While Old Man Winter has pulled '-his;'punches In some areas of the nation during the early part of the season, weather authorities warn that much cold weather is still iihead. Howe owners, therefore, are cautioned'to watch their fuel supplies carefully so 'that a prolonged ;;co!d spell will not find them with ..empty bins and tanks. .. Better than (rusting to luck, home maintenance experts advise, Is lo lake precautions which will prevent the waste of hard-to-get fuels. It Is not too late to insulate, for example, ;There.: arc always.other winters to /come and i-wiiation pays dividends -year after year. Then, too, insula- ' tion installed now will pay :•. summer bonus in protection from heat, .." A simple method of installing In•; sulalion Is to apply insulating board , 'to the-attic rafters. If the attic is \.unfloored, the board may be nailed directly to the floor joists. Tiie boards arc light and easy to handle .'and nail. .:/ Finishing" (lie /attic into rooms • wilh walls and ceilings of insulating board will provide insulation and 'landltionnl living space at the same I'.timc. Insulating boards In pre• decorated planks and tilcboards, as •well as large panels, arc available 'for this use. . Board Mode of Fibers Slows Passage of Heat '•> Insulating board is made of wooil, 'I'canc and other vegetable fibers. '/The rearrangement of fibers gives ...the board an insulating value sev- * era! times that of wood in ills or- ^dinary bonnl form. Insulating board ^ls used for sheathing, as a base for ^piaster, f 0r certain kinds of roofing ^and nnd .for building interior walls and ceilings. When Better Are On the Market We Will Have Them '• For Sale. Growing Flowers Indoors Teaches Garden Lessons Both pleasure and experience can be gained by Victory gardeners during the winter months, by growing flowers in the house. Much closer observation (s possible of polled plants, than of those in the outdoor garden. The gardener learns how plants respond to feeding and watering, and how (hey arc injured by adverse conditions. The flowers he can grow tills winter will be doubly welcome because of the great scarcity of pot plants, duo to decreased production, and heavily increased demand. The easiest subjects for bcrjln- iiL-rs are Hie tulip, narcissus, and other bulbs such as florisls use. All may be forced by the amateur who has ;i sun parlor and is willing to be patient and careful. fn ih'iy operation, as- with others, you do not grov: flowers, you merely permit Ihqm'lo grow. Flowers are as eager to live as arc animals; we, have only lo place them in-an environment \vhleh. •makes It possible for Ilicm io thrive. The procedure with bulbs Is well standardized.' The first step is to plant them, in pols or the shallow ppts called "pans." The soil should be what florists call good potting soi'i ^d is best purchased from'p flor!^ s.'nce very little is needed^ Place the bulb EO that its point Is half an inch below the surface. Now it is necessary (o allow the bulb to make I roots; niid'Cor this purpose the pot must be placed in a dark and cool place, where it cannot freeze or dry out too much. A cold frame, where It can be covered wilh leaves, or a pit protected by n curb from surface drainage/ Where several pots may be stored, covered with leaves, ashes or sand, will do. When placed In this storage the pot should be thoroughly soaked, ar.d no further watering should bo necessary. If'stored in an Indoor cellar or closet the soil should be prevented from drying out excessively. Root action will follow and when -top growth begins the' pot may be brought indoors or kept in the storage place and so.retarded until wanted. After, being brought indoors the pot must be given all the light possible and kept in a temperature which averages CO degrees until stems, leaves and /lower buds are formed. This means keeping them out of overheated rooms, preferably on a sunporch, where windows may be opened for .ventilation and cool- Daffodils Flowered In tho' House. ness. Night temperatures should be lower than clay. After buds are formed a temperature of 70 degrees will .'bring'out .the (lowers, and ij hasfe Is needed a higher temperature will produce II. : Too high tcmpcr.ilurc\villproducc spindly growth 'and may prevent flowering. Air is as itnporlant as light. Success in forcing bulbs Into flower in soil depends entirely on the points here enumerated ami Unless one is willing lo pay strict attention" to details it is better not lo undertake it. But it can he seen from the discussion that no skill Is required; some knowledge -of plants, plus patience and care, arc all that arc needed, and the reward Is rich. To watch liic flower's develop will teach many lessons which may be of value iii Hie garden next year. It takes much longer to produce flowers by this method than wilh (he /(tilde-growing lilies of the valley and paper-while narcissi.'Fronj six n'nd eight weeks are needed for the formation of roots and the subsequent growth is slower, but tho Home Freezer To Eliminate Daily Buying NEW YORK, Do:, 10.—The huckster crying his wares in the street soon may be no moi'e-^he'il be displaced after Die war by frozen lood tracks, with super-cold freezer units, making weekly or monthly visits. Electrical manufacturers assert Hint the electric home-freezer storage unit and the locker plant together may eliminate < daily buying of fresh foods, A revolution in the pattern of American' food produ;- tlon and dlslrlbotion is • expetcd — tmtfli as transportation changed after Henry For ( ] Introduced his mo(l- Thcre are many cheering features in the Impending change. Mother, the manufacturers report] will be able to send "a complete frozen home-cooked meal to daughter or son In college, and fastidious buyers will be able to get. in Wen- York, lamb ragout cooked at Slicp- heanls' in Cairo." . Many families, particularly in agricultural and urban . areas, will grow, prepare and freeze their 6wn food supplies — vet'ctnbles, meats and fruits. Others, it is pointed out will buy foods in tjuantlty, have the locker plants process them antt then- store .the p'ro'duels hi Ihcir homi units until needed. Tp those 1 who desire to utilize commercial operators' services arid buy ready-frozen foods, the home- freezer- unit will still be a "must,? Construction Primer (A department conducted by the l.os Anodes 'lime.; as a ronslruHinn Inro.inatlin bureau service. What construclitm problem have you? All written queries will hi: answered without charge, provided .they are accompanied by a slamped., iScli- aildicsMii), envelope. Address Ihe Editor, Construction Primer, cure of the Home Magazine,'I,us Angeles Designed To Take Hard Knocks Time;'..) QifestiQn .. Having a number of children in the; house, one of my main household problems Is trying lul first, it Is important, that the'two hours ana.then apply.the sec- losses uifr.ce' be absolutely " before owl coat. A-iyaxed floor-can be kept • _"' \ ny:,p?.lnt is applied. The smoke clean by sweeping every day with 1 lain is .probably,a film 1 deposited a hair broom 'ol wide cotton mop. .11 the'--'walls and ceiling by the Prom time to time, polish the heavy •ookliig vapors. Clean this off well,: traffic areas to remove scar marks. sing hot water and soap or a prc-1 At Intervals, as the floor 'necdsilt, Hired cleaner. Theii rinse tho-1 you can touch iip with wax the i etighly. For best results/ the first .spots where, severe traffic has worn •out of paint .should be flat paint,! away the wax film. The entire floor ir undercoaler, 111 the color thnt doesn't have to be rewaxeri for this, he finish coat Is to be. When it Then at longer Intervals^depend:<; thoroughly dry, apply the eiram- cht on the amount of wear yon M. Your paint dealer will be glad 'o etve yon further information on Real Estate Here Recently Several real estate transactions hfivc been made recently involving •, Blytheville property. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Halter have purchased from Corp. and Mrs. W. O. Clements the house nt 53! Madison. This residence has live rooms and bath. Mr. and Mrs. O. I. Tlyrd, who have been living in the Floodway section where they operate a store and farm, have purchased the J. P. McCalla residence at 1023 West Holly. The Byrd family will move there Jan. I, while Mr. Byrd commutes to his farm interests. The residence at, 129 East Davis, owned by G. It. Carter who now lives at. Fort-Myers, Pin,, lias been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Biship. Max Logan, realtor, announced these sales. Spark plugs for all sorts of automotive vehicles to come should have lives three or lour times a long as prewar plugs, because of wartime aircraft experience. Secret of extended life is a core of copper in a plug's central electrode. he subject. Remember, a pnliH Is not an economy. cheap Q.— We have a concrete floor that la(d directly ou the ground, " give the floors— take off the bid \vux with a, preparation made for that, purpose and rewax.the whole floor. -. ... •Q.—\yhat causes those tiily halr- itke crticia' In furtittiif'e and what Will. If: be all right to lay n wood can I do iiboUt tiiem? floor over it? | 'A.—HalfliM - cracks usually are A.—If the concrete floor is tho- due to. checking.. Sandpaper down ron/jhly waterproof, wood can be far enough, to eliminate the cracks used over it successfully. There is If they/are in the finish, and then a waterproofing compound that is apply a'newcoat of varnish. If the used for the damp-proofing of lloor slabs laid directly upon the Riouml. Its use prevents dampness or water from penetrating throiiijh size of the flowers is mueii greater, [° 1 ' em ? ve stnlris from things that the concrete. When that "has been —•' " : -' '•-' "-^ hlwc - bl '™< " nnlr " 1 "" f1nn " ""'' used, wood flooring may be laid on Dwelling Units Wipe Built In Tennessee • WASHINGTON, Hec, 19, (UP) — The National Housing Agency has announced that 850 privately - flnnnced dwelling units will be constructed in Memphis, Nashville and Chattanooga, Tenn., to relieve housing congestion. " Memphis will l>ct"35(f unltsTNash- villc, 275; and Chattanooga, 225. Sale prices will range from $3500 to $7500 and rentals from $30 to >CO per month. Reduction of railroad accidents means that railroad passengers nre three times as 'safe as they were 25 years ago. and railroad men are twice as safe. aitv ul lllv Iluwv;l3 J» lllul^ll {^lutLll.1, , . — ------ _ nnd the variety of choice- wider. , >i«ve; been spilled on floors nnd _„ _ furniture. Do you have any itifor- i), c slab bv the application of a nation on this subject that.:will hot nsphalt coating to hold the Help me? :, • , fioorlny in position. Literature on Answer—We have prepared :V bul- me waterproofing compound is WARNING OftnEP, In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- sawlia District, alississijipi County, Arkansas. Fannie Lliitzcnlch, Plaintiff, vs. " No: 0300 ' >-•-;;-" C. i,. Untzenich, ct nl, Defendant. letin on the subject of • subta and stains and their removal. Although mail a co it doesn't, cover nil kinds, ItVshpuld' Q—Our help you .with most of 'ypui..,l»ol loins. We will be glad to 'serul compound (•.variable and we will be glad to ipy to yon. hardwood floors have just been refinishcd and we • will appreciate any information you can The defendant Fred O. Grlmwopd, copy to you on receipts your nanw pivV us that will heln us keen "them is hereby warned to appear within'mid address arid 10 cents,to cover foot-in" new •"<-'••-lays in the court named In handling. . | A.-Alter ihe new finish has dried the caption hereof nnd answer the Q.—Tho walls and ceilings of my for several (lavs ^ it's complaint of the plaintiff, Fannie kitchen, in th'e ---- •-'— IJnzcntlch. . , — .. vnry good area around the idea lo wax the floors. Paste wax stove, seem to have been stained Is n'.-ommcndM for the orWna! Dated this 4th day of December, by smoke. I'm now going to repaint coat anfl then either paste or II"• " lc whole room. What, type of paint mild for later maintMianrn Annlv PM -jH^WMORMS.-Ote*. '"OUWIUSD? ' M»\hi UM ai:icir 3u Sl C s*»?d o. M. Buck, Atty. for plf. A.—A gj0 or oil-, ; then polish with a weighted brush O. W. Barnaul, All, tut ntem. type paint will be the best, to use. or'electric polisher. Wait at least MDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Over Wallpaper, Plaster, Brick, Etc. • Ifi oo* big turprtM «ft«f tooth* -**•• fp« «d»cor«t» clli wwy b aiJiK) V»!t!i wxl wilx. PITTSBURGH PAINTS HARDWARE CO. V, LaGuardia Field, N. Y.-Sinclair's unique oil-jeep drains and fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S. Airline, relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear o'ri its costly airplane engines. Now that your car needs all possible protection, give it the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL B. J. ALLEN PkoicZIIS ~- — BlytfcenUt, Ark. fe . cracks are deeper than "that, remove' the- finish with' a paint or varnish remover, sand, and then refinlsh. ' ' . ; ' Fuel Saving Material Renews Old Interiors Rooms marred by cracked, nnd disfigure,! ,wail surfaces can b^ reconditioned Iri a/ day or two by covering walls arid ceilings .with cleco- mtive 'Insulating board. This treatment ad<ls n, distihctlve newness to old rooms'. and at,: the' same time helps save fuel by reducing heat Roll Brick Siding A true reproduction of brick a: a roll roofing price. Made in red arid buff blends with embossed brick design and black mortar line. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service In Every While you're racking your brain about what to give, don't overlook the most welcome of all gifts—a War Bond. . . It's the gift that's always appreciated; one that will grow; one that will buy a full measure of happiness after the war is over; one that will help insure the return of loved ones. . . Bonds are the perfect answer to every gift problem. * * * * Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!"

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