The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1953 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1953
Page 4
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FA« FOUK BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JAN. 1, 19M Society Muliint. Society Editor f Pat Mullini, Society Editor Fhou* 4461 New Year's Dance Given for Club 28 Members of Club 28 wer« entertained last night at a New year's Eve D*nce at Hotel Noble In the Mirror, Room, when oflicers, I,. E. Old, president, and Mrs. Old. and Fred Sinctefur, secretary and Ireas- urer, and Mrs, Sande/ur entertained. Moo than 150 guests attended, with » number of nu t-of-lo w n guests. Colored balloons and stream- era from mirrored post.s and over mirrors formed decorations. Paper haU of varied design, liorns »nd other noisemakers, confetti and »erpentln« were given to the gyests. Following an evening of dancing >nd watching the old year out and new year in, the group was ushered Into the main dining room of the hotel for breakfast. , Timka Bunco f Club Meets Mrs. Howard Beslnuse was hostess at her home on .Wnlker Sireei to members of the Tlmka Bunco Club Tuesday night, when one guest MEM Inntha Brannum oC Horners- vlll, Mo., attended. Centering the card tables were lacy doilies holding a potted Christmas plant, n l(h napkins and tnlllf. carrying out a New Year's theme A dessert course was served. In the bunco game, Mrs. Besharse won high score, with lo^' going Mrs. Cftrroll Lnrkin, and bunco to Mrs. Herschcll Besharse, Magic In The Gape Bits of News //« Phonal WILSON NEWS By Mrs. B. F, IJoylei Mr, and Mrs. J, D, Wisdom and are spending the New Year's ollrtny in Forma City. Mr. and Mrs, George IX Pollock I, of Little Rock arrived lust ,j»til to spend the holiday week id with Mr, Pollock's parents, Mr, tid Mrs. George D. Pollock, Jr. Mom lie Gene Drowu, who is a JIR- cnt at, Walls Ho.spilal and whose ondition was reported serious, Is w reported to be Improving. He the two-year-old son of Mr. and Irs. John Brown. Mr.s. Glair Miller was dismissed rum tlie Walls Hospital yesterday. ;er condition is improved. Guests at the Henry Young home pr the week end ami attending a uftei luncheon were 47 members f tlie family. Out-of-town Riio.sts •ere Mr. anil Mrs, Guy Walker :ind laughter, Frankte, Mr, and Mr.s. ilnrlyn Young, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wives Who Spare Husbands Add to Their Own Burden Sue wishes Jim were more thoughtful, considerate and unselfish. Bhe wlshr.s he as much thought to her happiness and comfort a lot of her friends' hus- Redden, Mr. Mrs. Kenneth 8819) By Sue Buinetl Vftlker antl son, ami Mr. and Mr.s. .larcus Walker and family, A\\ ol ,loyfield, Ky., and Mr. and Mrs, iin Harris of Puducnh, Ky. Mrs, C. G. Scherer spent the past hrce weeks: with her dnughtcr, Mr.s, H. I*. J'arrls, Jr., Mr. Pnrrls, and nfnnt da Lighter, Patricia Jean fn JemphJs, Mr. Schcrcr snent lost veok end there. Mrs. Maude Green lins arrived icmie after spending Christmas hoi- days with her daughter, Mrs. B, L. 'erry, and Mr. Perry in Memphis. Miss Gay Garrlgan Ls In Toxnr- :fliia'where she Ls tlie of Miss Alice Burru.s. She? went (.'specialty for n New Year's Eve party held there. Ilicy arc students at the University of Arkansas. Gene O'Brien left yesterday afternoon for Ralnbrldge, Md., where 'in Ls stationed in the Navy, aflcr spending a M-day leave with his Rrnodparcnls, Mr. and Mrs. G. L». Scott, hLi. brother Johnny O'llrlen, and sister, Miss Mary O'Brien. Mr. and Mrs. George Hubbnrd and children, Bill juitl Rusty, hnve gone to Scnatobln, Miss., for the week eiul, where tljey nre the guests of Mrs, Hubbnrd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. ShecUlnn. Mr. and Mr.s. Dick While and chil- clrcti, Richard and Ellen nre visiting' Mrs. White's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. ( DnggcLL of Marlanna, Ark., for the holiday week end. Mr, and Mrs. ,13en Harpolc and family returned yesterday from n Christmas vacation spent In Trenton, Tenn., where they \vcro the guests of her pnrents Mr. RIIC! Mrs. L. C. Lcmond. Eti-route home, they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. nheu Blake In Memphis,' where they all attended the Malrt of Cotton Contest nt Ellis Auditorium. Mr, and Mis. E. H. Wooclson rir- ,rived home ycslevdny Irom El Pnso. Tex., where they spent, the Christmas holidays with their daughter, Mrs. John S. Hudson, nnd 1,1. Col. Hudson. Mr.s, Hudson nnd daugh- .cr7 who had" been the houseguests of her pnrents, were accompanied jy them to El Paso, where her husband, who lnul been stationed In bands seen) to give to their wives. But Sue has made R big mistake In her marrlnKe. She has tried to "save" Jim in every way. After an evening out Sue suggests that since Jim htifi to get to work In the mornnlg she will drive the baby- Kuth Milled sitter home. Instead of ask- Inff Jim to make small household repairs for her,, she usually does the Job herself, and then shows him how well she nmnngcd without his lie Ip. The children aren't allowed to bother Jim with thc-fr small troubles. So they nlways come to Mama nstead. For years now Sue has been so busy sparing Jim tlifit he hns come o expect being spared ns lite rightful due. Naturally he doesn't protest., Why should he fight for the chance to put, a wnshci 1 on a faucet, drive a baby-sitter home, or bandage a child's cut finger? ' Sue takes over and Jim lets her. And yet, though shs lias created the slUmtLon herself, Sue Isn't hap-, py about It, She realty envies the wives whose husbands don't expect their wives to spare 'them nny Inconvenience. She wishes Jim were more like them but sighs that she Just didn't mnrry the kind of man who Is good around a house. Pew women do. actually. A husband Is usually only OR thoughtful and helpful around n house as his wife expects him to be, Ask nothing nnd you gel nothing. Start assuming his responsibilities and they are yours for ns long as you are willing to shoulder them, Sue's only chance of having Jim become more considerate Is to -stop sparing hint and start waiting for him to spurn her a Little. It's really as simple as [has. Cooperative Club to Meet Mrs. ElsLner D. Beall, president of the Wilson Cooperative CLub has announced that the January club meeting has been reset for Jan. 8. It was originally scheduled /or Jan. 1. Watch Service Held A Watch Night service . "Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New," was conducted nt First Baptist Church New year's Eve from 1:15 until 12:02. The service opened with the officers and feachera council meeting with the pastor, the Rev. D. B. Blcdsoe and Sunday School superintendent were Jim McCiilior In charge. Song and prayer service from 8:00 until 9:10, under the direction of the pastor and H. O. Vates Jr., was followed by refreshments. tiamiu and fellowship ,by the various departments was followed by a Him "The Return To Faith." Meditation and thanks giving with testimonies, prayers and singing climaxed the service. Hev. Bledsoe offered the dismissal prayer, two minutes nfU?r midnight. MUlnrs Entertain Mr. antl Mrs. Curtis Miller entertained with a fish supper at their home Monday evening, Guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. B. LovctU Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Manker, Mr, and Mrs. D. D. Cafih and Rev. and Mrs, D. n. BtedsoR; Keep Arms Youthful For Lovely Lines . HOLLAND NEWS By Mr* Ed Hawpton, Jr. Open Home Held One ol the largest social events of the holiday season was when Mr. and Mrs. Floyd S. Reese Held open house at their suburban home Saturday evening. Fifty of their friends gathered for the occasion. Frosted magnolia leaves and nan- cllna berries used In decorations on the innnlle was the center of attraction. turned to her home. In Sharon, Tenn., after visiting two weeks Ir the homo.of her son, W. M. Arnn and Mrs. Arnn. Week-end guests pf Mr. and Mrs, Arna were her mother, Mrs. Cora Trench, and her sister, Mrs. J. n.,Hall of Jackson Tenn., and their Kon-ln-law, Jame Donald Patterson. Mrs. Patterson i spending this week with her par cnts. Others who were dinner guest of the Arnns Sunday were Mr. am Mrs. Arnold McDantel, and Jud and Dannie McDanlel of Wilson. Among those from Wilson who are In New Orleans this week for the Sugar Bowl game, New Year's Day are Mr. and Mrs.' Charles Bciill, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Greenwell, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Cash and Mrs. J, II. Whilakcr. Marine Pvt. E. A. Haskett, who Is stationed at Camp J.e Jeune, N. C., snent Christmas in the home of Ills sister, Mrs. Jack Smith, and her family. Master Sgt. and Mrs. J. T. Cook ot Jacksonville. N. C., who wer« the holiday guests of his motlier, Mrs. Josle Cook. In Osceola, were the dinner guests of his aunt, Mrs. liulord Boyles. and her family Christmas Eve, Other guests were their .sons, Billy c. Boyles of the Navy, from Long Beach, Calif., nn- ford Boyles. Jr., and family of Memphis, and their daughter, Mrs. Marshal] Conner, and family of Bono. Mr. and Mrs. n. E. Wiley have returned to their home in mfkln. Texas, after spending the holidays with relatives hare and in Osceola. They were accompanied back to Lufkin by Mrs. c. L. Wiley who has been visiting her son, Gilbert Wiley, and family. Navy Storekeeper Ernie J. Nelson arrived home Christmas Day for a visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Nelson. He was one of the two Mississippi County servicemen •r AUCIA HART NBA Beauty Editor It's sad to put on t beautiful evening gown anil rcallJe that your arms have lost the delicate curves of youth. Those curves are the re- suit of arm musclee In good tone. If arm muscles ajre flabby and lumps of fat hang over the elbows where once you had a neat angle, realize that you can do something about It.. ' Women whose lives call for frequent, wearing ot evening gowns will have enough Incentive to keep up exercises after they s«e visible results. llils exercise must be done grad ually, working up to 10 times a. your arms beconie stronger: Raise your arms palms upward until they are parallel with youi shoulder* and thrust straight out. Now clap your palms together straight above your head. . From that position, throw your arms with force out to the original position. . Bring your hands in to touch your shoulders and then drop them to sides. If your arms not only lack desir-- able contours but are covered with freckles as well, you can bleach them to some extent for greater evening-dress beauty. Here Is a freckle lotion your druggist call make for you: \ij dram zinc aulphocarbolate V, ounce glycerine 1 ounce alcohol 2 ounces orangeflower' water 4 1 ..;, ounces rose water This preparation can't Injure your skin or poison your blood stream as some freckle creams, sold on the market are apt to do. Nancy Jenkins, polio patient at John Oaston Hospital in Memphis since late November, is still In crit- cal condition, although holding her own. An iron lung patient since the beginning of her Illness, she enjoys a small Christmas tree In her room and a Visit from Santa Claus. Tubes In her throat and nostrils prevent her from speaking but she remains fully conscious. Almost 10, she Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jenkins and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Jenkins. Mrs. Etta Hlgdon and son Mr. and Mrs. James Hlgdon of Mt. Eton, III., have returned home after holiday visiting. Mrs. Hlgdon was guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. Berry and Mrs Richard while Mr. and Mrs. Higdon drove to Jonesboro to spend Christmas with the former's parents, Mr and Mrs. John Clark. The Higdons are former Holland residents. With the Russell Littles over the holidays were Mr. ami Mrs. Earnesl Robertson and sons, Jimmie anc Mike, of Nashville. Mrs. Virginia Bright and Mrs. Mary Scruggs of Memphis. At Joe Frank Littles for the j) [days was his son, Joseph, who attend.* a business Naal>. v!l!e. The Harold Littles and daugh ter, Mrs. Joan Childers. Mrs. Ber tha Ward, the Russell Littles Mi and Mrs. Bob Turner and Infnn son and Mr. and Mrs. Alsie Wilsoi and family were Christmas dinner Tlie dining table was overlaid with a lace- cloth. The centerpiece was an arrangement of glittering gold candle.s. Pine cones, winter greenery and other decorations carrying out the Christmas theme were seen throughout the house. The guests spent the evening Informally. Included In the out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. William Fuller of Pnscngoula, Miss,, and Miss Teddy Mitchell of Memphis. Other guests wore from Osceola, Joiner and Wilson. Coming Events Friday Stitch and Chntter Club meets with Mrs. Henry Thompson at the Personals Harold Birch has returned to nt 1:30 p.m. Thti adornbte HLLle ensemble is certain to delight your miss of three to eight, The dainty little cape turns the sleevelet dress Ihto R party frock In a twinkling. Sew another version with brief slit sleeves. Pattern No, B81$ Is a sew-rlte perforated pattern in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years. Si?* \ dress, yards of 39-Inch; cape. *i yards of 39-Inch; cnpe, For yard. this pattern, fiend 30c in COINS, your name, address, st?,e desired and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Courier News, 375 Qnlncy St., Chicago 6, 111. Ready for you now— Bnsic FASHION for '52, Fall nncl Winter. This new Issue is filled with Ideas for smart, practical sewing for n new season; gift pattern printed Inside the book, 25c. Dorcas of First Baptist Church meets with Mrs. J. W. Portlock at 409 Er\st Dftvis nt 2:30 p.m. GlmiHer "N" of PEO hns 2 p.m. meettriff^wlHi Mrs, J. W. Adnms. Accidents claim the lives of "71 of every 100,000 persons In the Edmomiton, Cnnadn, Joined them. United States each year. 11 Boys Give New Year's Eve Dance Eleven boys of the Junior Class of Blytevllle High School entertained more than 250 friends last night with a forum] New Years dance. .The affair which was held at the Women's Exhibit Building nt the Fair grounds, was given by Charles Ray Hall, Bob Clilldrr-ss. Bobby Lee lilll, Kelly Jones, George Stanftcld. Terry Vail, Bobby Francis. Jerry Strickland. Brit Owens. Hilly Oil- bow and Freddy Gore. The hosts received at the door and presented each with colored paper hat nud horn. Streamers of vatie-d color former a canopy over the dance floor, nncl wns caught at the center with n shower ot ninny colored balloons, vhlrli were released at midnight. Tlie long table from which sand- viches and Iced drinks were served vas overlaid with a lace cloth and wns centered with a scene of "Winer -Wonderland." At a few minutes before midnight .he guests were given nolscmnkers confetti and serpentine. Chaperons Included parents ol 1 you've saved iip (he casli to pny for your Natural Gas pipe installation. We'll finance it for vou. You select your own pipe installer to do the job. We pay for the complete installation and arrange for you to r.C|iay us on low monthly installments. Call, write or come in and see us for complete Information. No obligation. Ark-Mo Power Co. Flag'i Cross In 1218. King Waldcmar, of Den innrk, saw R white cross In th sky. He was engaged In warfar Ish flag. Michigan City after spending Christmas with his mother, Mrs. James Cobb, and Mr. Cobb. He was accompanied back by Elmon McNabb. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lovett and sons, John and Jim t had as their guests during the holidays his mother. Mrs. Edna Lovett of Shaw, MI6S., and his brother, Billy Lovett, nnd Mrs. Lovett of Hulevllle. Mr, and Mrs. Charles Hay. Harwell were the guests of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harwell, In Corinth, Miss.. Christmas Day. Mr. nnrt Mi-fi. Randolph navitts of loorehead, Miss., were the holiday uesls of her mother, Mrs. George Vilson. R. C. Hobson Jr., has returned to lontgomery. Ala., after spending IB holidays with his parents and ils sister, Miss Mary Hobson. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Arnn were he guests of their daughter, Mrs. 'aine-s Donnld Patterson, and Mr. 3 attcrson at their home in Pinson, I'enn., Thursday and Friday. Walter Kcllner returned to his ionic In. Alken, S.C.. 'Sunday after ,'lsltlng Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wheeler and daughter, Glendft. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keen had as heir holiday guests Mr. and Mrs. Wllford Keen nnd daughter, Jnnet Leigh, of Rockford. 111., and their son. Robert Jr., who attends the Arkansas School for the Deaf in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Edrington had ns their guests during the holidays Ihelr sons, Willard Edrington and family, and Millard. Edrington. and family, of Michigan City. Ind., their daughter. Mrs. Otis Warhllrst am family of Aurora. III., and Mr. anc Mrs. Bud Parker nnd children o Michigan City. Mrs. W. A, Wcatherford has re- abonrd the Navy transport Gen. Simon B. Buckner when It, docked Dec. 21 in. Seattle with servicemen from the Far East. This Is his first visit home since he enlisted In the Navy In July, 1950. After he completed his basic training at Sail Diego Naval Tralclnir. Center, he was assigned to duty in Yokosuka. Japan. Prior to his enlistment he was «* student at Wilson High School. Raymond Edrington hns returned from Michigan City, Ind., where he has been emoloved at a defense plant for several weeks. >Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zook were the week end guests of relatives In McGehee. Ark. • i Miss Nornia Anderson of St. Louis spent the holidays with her mother Mrs. Barda Anderson, her brother, Dwlght Anderson, and other relatives In Wilson. Mr. nnd Mrs. L. E. Sullivan and children of Trumarin spent the week end with her father, Henry House, and other relatives. Mr. and. Mrs. L. T.. Stotts and son. Davle. were the week cud guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Womack, In Greenville, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hays and end with her Officers Elected And Party Given Miss Ellen Moore entertained members ol the.Intermediate Train- Ins union of Calvary Baptist Church with a watch party at her home last night, wnen new officers were elected in a business session. Officers Include Betty Watson, president. Wayne Polssrove, vice president, Janet Boyd, secretary, James Thome, treasurer, Dorothy Jones, Bible quiz leader, and Barbara Ledbetter and John Priest, group captains. Four guests, Victor Vanbibber, Peggy Reeves, Pat -Lester, and Ver- noti Boyd, Jr., attended the 4 flffalr with the 17 members. Nfr*. Josephine Rollisou assisted Miss Moore in entertaining. guests in his home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Neal and daughter nnd son Ann and Bobby were guests of Mrs. Pollv Stewart In Memphis Thursday. Reluming with the Neals were Mr. and Mr.s. Harley Garrett and family who spent the remaining week. Visiting the Gafvhi Wilsons were their daughter and .son, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cascv of Sikeston, an_d Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson and naklng brighter the season for Mr, and Mrs. Bill Sherwood. Otheri Topping in for visits in this hpmt were Mrs. Palsy Martin and Gene lowie of Memphis; Mr. and Mrs. Doward Tatem of Blythevllle: Mrs. •essle Richard of Haytl and Mr. nnd Mrs. Price Tatem of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Nunnery ar« entertaining Staff Sgt. and Mrs. : .. Dharles Parish, recently of Mem- >hls, and Ray. Nunnery, of Slat» Teachers College, Cape Glrardeau. Visiting 'Mrs. Sam Workman dur- ng the holidays were Mr, and Mr». Ira Zahncr of Portagevllle; Mr. and Mrs. John Azibll of Rlsco, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Randall Workman of Clayton, Mo.; and Mrs. Lcxlc Holdman and grandsons, Ray and Jon, of Stoutland, Mo., who are remaining for two weks. Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vorls Workman Friday night were Mr. end Mrs. J. V. Gates and Mrs. Blanche Hall of Blythevllle; Lt. Col. P. w. Scott of Chicago; Mrs. Sam Workman; Mr. and Mrs. Randall Workman of Clayton and Misi Cynthia Robinson 'of s,t, LoXiis. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kenley were visiled by relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Marian Waller and children of Dubuque, la.; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Frank Palmer of Sikeston; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Clark of Steele; Mr. and Mrs. Urban Kenley and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kenley of Memphis and" Sammy Henley of Cape Glrardeau State Teachers College. Mrs. Gideon Crews was recently returned to her home here after traitmcnt for chest Injuries in an automobile accident near Monette, Mo. Mrs. Crews' brother, Albert Edwards of near Deerlng, who also Heart Fund Benefit To Be Conducted A benefit Heart Fund card game will be conducted at Hotel Noble Jan. B beginning at 7:30 p.m. Games will consist of duplicate bridge with sectional rating, and pnrty bridge and canasta. daughter of Greensboro, N. C., Mr. and Mrs. Newt Hendrix and daughter. Shirley, of Chicago and Mr. and Mrs. Heber Jones of Dycrsburg, Tenn. ' •A reunion of all seven children of Mr. ami Mrs. Noble Ca'pehart's wns held during the holidays, '''hey were Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Hudspeth nnd three children ot Birmingham; Mr. nnd Mrs. Finis Holmes of Marion, III., nnd their two children; Lt. and Mrs. Plimcll Canohirl nnd daughter of Havelock, N. C., Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cohoon and two children; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Moon and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Flovd Smith nnd family of Steele. Vistim; Mr. and Mrs. Porter Harris were Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Methvin and two sons of Truman, Ark,; Mrs. Dorothy Harris nnd daughter, Christiana, and Bennie Jo Harris was involved In the accident, was removed to a Kennett hospital where he will receive further treatment for chest Injuries. Paul McAimlly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Paul McAnally of Hayti, and grandson of Mrs. Maud Richard of Holland, is showing improvement at the children's Le- Bonheur Hospital in \ Memphis where he was taken three weeks ago, a victim of muscular type iwlio. He is 16 months old. Marriage Licenses The following couples hnve obtained marriage licenses from the office of the County Clerk, Mrs. Elizabeth Blythe Parker: . Robert Garrett, Steele, Mo., and LnVoime Portlock, Blytheville; William Humphrey, Parkin, Ark., nnd Patricia Regan, Blytheville; Sam Lacey and Rachel Williams, both and Pat Harris, all of Portagevilie; of Luxora; William Lents, Halls. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Richardson Tenn., and Wilma Paulk, Keiser; nnci two children of Wichitn, Kans., Leeman Hyde, Albuquerque, N. M and Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Harris of Trumann. Butler, Chattanooga,Tenn.; Clifton Galyean, Leachville; son spent the parents. Mr. and Mrs. G. M. demons, and family in Fisher, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Wiley and family spent Sundny with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Craig, Sr- and family in. Munford, Tenn. Miss Frances Craig accompanied them home for a. visit. Mr, and Mrs. R. C. Hobson and daughter. Miss Mary Hobson, and guests, Miss Ruth Johnson of Te:i- and, N. C.. and R. C. Hobson Jr.. of Montgomery, Ala.: spent ih a week end with Mr. nnd Mrs. C. W Sprlgg n Little Rock. Mrs. Sprlgg and Mrs. Hobson are sisters. The Rev. and Mrs. D. B. Blcdsoe and children, Bobby and Nancy, Mrs. Hudson Wren and daughter. Miss Jenny Wren, J. B. Lovett and sons, John and Jim, were among those from Wilson who were in Memphis. Monday. Mr nnd Mrs. F. S. Reese spen' ./<// ktospitaiA l osp BljrUiiivllte Hospital Dismissed: . F. L. Lackman. City Mrs. Mike Wells and baby Mrs. Lily Smith, Osceola Willie Reed, city Mrs. Charley Stnlcup and baby, City Gall Hudson, City Kntherine Brewer, City Wnlls Hosiiilal Dismissed: Eliza Bowen, Calumet Baby Annie Brown, City. Christmas Day with her aunt, Mrs. C. J. Brooks, at her home in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy -Easley of Arnboy, Calif., are visiting her mother, Mrs. Sue Nicholson. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Klnkaid and and Emma Mangrum. Arbyrd, Mo.; children of Memphis, A. C. Porter Lowrey Joe. By mini nnd Mary,, Pat- of Blytheville and Mr.s. O. R. Tho- • • - • - -- •• ••• - ' ' mas of Miami, Fla., visited Mrs. Nannie Porter and son, .Culton. Throughout the past week at the Lloyd Bookers were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cain of Concord, Mo., and their two daughters, Joyce Kaye and Marilyn; Ivan Warren Crawford, student at Arkansas State College In Jonesboro; Coy Jordan and Glen Jordan of Sylvia, III.; Mrs. Evelyn Smith, Mrs. Mildred Franklin and Mrs. Norn Ledford of Steele. Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Utley were their daughter^ Mrs! Larry Bell and Mr. Bell, both of whom are University of Missouri students. Also In and out at this home were Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Ladd and son, Michael of Larned, Kans., who were also guests of Mrs. Gertrude Ladd; Mr.' and Mrs. Felix Carney of Blytheville; and Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Stiles and sons of Yarbro. Their only son, Pvt. Max Sherwood of Fort Bermlng, Ga., Is home REVIVAL SERVICES Jan. 1st thru llth-Each Night 7:30.p.m. Church of the Nazarene First & Sycamore —EVERYONE WELCOME— TODAY and FRIDAY FUNNIER THAN "SAllOR BEWARE"! DEAN JERRY NlAFfTlNlEWlS RITZ GUESTS Mr.» awl Mrs. Jim Shinn Mr. and Mrs. D. Alackilwain Mr. and Mrs. ,lim Rrnckin Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hrnoks and fnmilr ft. i - ~W1 Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. h Admission I4c & 39c At All Times TODAY ONLY Double Feature W ^Scfc^aSSV; Gospel Preaching Inspirational Singing Opportunity to Seek the Lord R.CV. \V. T. Johnson Special r— Duncan, OWa. Joe L. Bean Faslor SPIRITUAL-PRACTICAL-FRIENDLY FRIDAY & SATURDAY Double Feature Whip WILSON SERIAL: Dick Tracy Also Cartoon

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