The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1930
Page 3
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.SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4. lO B1.YTIIRVIU.F!, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'S INDUSTRIAL AND BUSINESS Trade, Build and Invest In Blytheville * A City of Optimists' Your Cooperation will help make Blytheville mightier. PAGE TIJRKF! Fair ^Winners '' •• Note: (f"<JUwlu('Js a pi rib) list uf. tbr ^ndRidlut: wiuiet^ at the MJssi'iipptv>UJit>' fair. ThUfce nut Irirlcdeft i«i this IM, ! ami riot pr> - vtouslf prUUrd,' will .'be published Monday. ' •!'. • .'•-• V ; ..• ; : . - :]- ••• • Individual; Agriculture ;,t'o4to«> Byil,'V,talk aid .ten bolls slicn staple—1st, F.' B. Quails,.. Rt. I; 2nd,'P. B. Jarrett, : Rt, 2. .' B«i stalk and len balls bng Kt4p!&—Lt. O. L. 'Salman, Prsuch- nvrny.'.'i-'Baj'c.u; 2nd, G. L. -Salnwii. - :... :t v"£V>potatoes nc;t.' peck imh potatoes—Is 1 ., Shawn** School; . 2ml', Sravniec schcul. • ' ' ' • ' ' Mrs, H.. C. DI-R-, Lvaehvlllc; 2nd, Dr. J. K. Homnson, Noieni. ' Corn . Wilton Hiih a'li:-jl; 2nd, Ktn- WalUni, Lone O-ak. Best ten ears prolific— 1st. Johrr Siaothcrman, Armorel; 2nd, Johii Smothertnan. Armc'rel. 1 Best ten ears yellow c:n- prolific — Ist.'Dick'Crais.'Nodtna; 2nd, Wilson High' school. 1 WiL<nn Best peok of whsat— 1st. Wilson Best peck of oats Mrs. MI." 'C/D!ew,' JIU1, Rt; 2. 2nd; Best." & 'Ktalfc- sorghum-^lst, M. C. Cook, Luxora; 2nd. A. V. Bar- wer,' Rt; 2lt ...-•-. .•' , ,. Qiui;i .jar btsLs^lst-,. Mrs. N. IV Moorp, city; -2nd, Mrs. R. L. Jclin- sun, BasstU. Qiian jar pumpkin—1st, Mrs. J. M. Aycock'. 'Rt. t; 2nd, Mre. I). : airs, Luxora. • ' . . ' : Quart jar swtst carn-'-lit, m;u-; 2nd, Mrs. "Whiter Wotxls, Luxora. I Quart Jar nurots— 1st, Mrs. H.', C. IJew; Ltratlr.ille; 4;id, Mrs C. •E. • Lynch, Nolena; . Quail jar Knglish peas—1st, -Mrr H. •W-Dey.SLeach'vlUs; 2nd,'Mrs: C,. R-> 5 Lynch,' Niideui; 3rd. MR . Rl.'WUdy. Eunvah.-V.. •-'• Quart, jar buUerbeans—lit, • Mis. Addlson Smith, tJly'thevllle; 2nd, Mrs. C. C. Thompson, 305 E. "Ky.. Ave. ! ; 3rd. Ate. Walter Worts, Lux - . ; Quart- jur okra—L«t, Mbs SiiUie .W.hjUe,-R-. 2; 2nd, Mrs. Walter WvCjSj, ,Luxora. Qita'rt jar vegetable soup—1st. Mrs'. H. C.' Dew, LeaL'iVville; 2nd. Mrs. H. C. DOT.-; 3rd, Mrs. Addi- -yjn Smith, cily. Quart jar tomato pure*—1st, Mrs. .C. .E/Lynch, Nodena. Quart }ar-peaches—1st, Mrs. H. C. Dew, Leachville; 2nd, Mrs. R. L. Johnson. Bassett; 3rd. Mrs. J. M. Burne'.t, Shawna. Quart jar apples—1st. Mrs. A. S. Dean, Yarbho; : 2nd, Mrs. W. L. Thompson. Manila^ Quart jar -pears— 1st, Mrs. Will Terry, Luxora; 2nd, Mrs.'E. M. Bcg".in, Luxora. " ' ' • Quart jar blackberries' or d«w- terries-r-lst. Mrs. C. E. Lynch, Jclmson, Bos«;U; 2nd. Mrs. 1!. C. IX-w, Lenclivllle; 3, Mrs. a. w. Baihajn, clly. Hlruwbeny |>reM!rves—l-st, Mrs. Eustne DickeiKon. IU. 1; 2nd, Mrs. J. A. MSK; 3ixl. *trs. C. P. Feivllcr. Slrawbfrry jnm—ls(, Mrs. Walter Wood, I/ixom; 2nd, Mrs. w. W. Cox. L*ae:ivllle. • Orange uiannalade—in. Mrs. H. B. Jarre-it, Rt. 2; 2nd, Mrs. Wnl- ijr Woods. Ifuxom. Jeles Appie jelly—1st, Mre. H. C. D;-w, Leaclmlle; 2nd. Mrs. J. W. Hill. UachvUlo. Service Slution Provides Public Parking Space A free parking service for the motoring public lias been Inaugurated by Ite liuni^Lill Sun-ice Sta- tiun at the corner of Main aitd Plfih ftr;et.s, ric'cordlng to Jake Cc.ii^r, mtiniiger of the siatlon. in- fErvice b; especially adapted for Saturdays when the nunnul parking places are crowded and h .'.' ;^-J will featuix; of (h'j slulion. Space Imck of the company's s'.o(ion is utilized fcr this purpose mid i through Hie courtesy of tte nian- OEIIICETO fe PROTECT PlilS' •mrr 13 pifgs under weeks a c.. n aiul 111! sci, cliick.; nn;l ' l? (3 lie fgi-ves' llies 'llie ^uln* hen fc.pi ri«h'. •*!]£• r o o I Lee and O'Brien Will Manufacture Frost l> Garden Frames. Simon p. to, or, aim 7.e|)li O'Drltn pi™" to nmn- ufacture mid niaikel locally n n«»frost IITOO! vegetable covi-r on which iu b'ish, Oysters Grape jelly—1st, Mrs. Maude ingniiuit is opjn lo ull ino'/Jrists !' lu ~.t T ,„...„.. ->,,.i x,,.. ,....., he lias :i patent ptndlng imd Cook. Luxurv; 2nJ. Mrs. Eii'<«n> i «hn Dk'lterson, Ht. 1. Pliun jelly—1st, Mis. W. w. Cos. care, lu park In the business district, regardless of whether they tire cuUcmerA of Uie station or not will enable garden plan's to reiidi miiuirily tiboul 30 d-iys c-arller Uuin normal device is constructed of cel- L;ac->ivU!e: 2nd, .Mrs. Will Wood. BpecLili/lni; lu frcsli oysters und fKli, Jirnmle O'llrii-u's cnfi) nt 101 South Second s;iecl, lias been ten- I Hiring sen- foacl servlcu Tor n mini- i l>ei ( of ycura ! Mr. crilrkn mine here In 1001 i from Clc;vlaiul. Ohio, wlu-rp lie j I luam'.tl the ii's'riiiriinL biiHincjs and- iviwk grow- lias ),„„ hl ts([l[wss hl>1( , S , |IC J',,, j Mirlous Incadons. His cafe Ix'en lit lh» present locution for i Iho paM four yiurs. In th<> pan HID cafe has beau locnlcd ni sevcrnl iiluoa on Muln street. , from sea food tlie ^V r .•llp|l and Jowelry Upi):irriii(r (All Work (am ran (ml) Jewelry Co. Telephone H7 Uly'lieville, Ark -•".'.'•,.' Cook. Luxora; 2nd, Mrs. H. C. A]>pl» butler— 1st, Mrs. H. Detv, Leachville; 2nd, Mi^. C. Thompson, Blythe\111e; 3ni; Mrs. K. R. Bogan, Luxora. Dairy tuller—lsl, Mrs. Ben Davit, Luxora; 2nd, Mrs. W. W. Mel- Ki'n. ShawTiPa; 3rd, MLss Willie Marshall. • Plum butter—Is'.. Mrs. C. C. Sptok, 'Sluwnee; 2nd, Mrs. A. F. Smith, Blylheville. Orape butter—1st, Mrs. P. B; Jarrett; 2nd, Mrs. Walter Wood, Luxora; 3id, Mrs. H. C. De™,-, Leaii-.vllle. THffiE PITCHERS FEEL H IF features "Kimous Chicken Dinners" wlilch trad cxpij'ssirm hn.s become lllfliV «M> HEN HOUTJI FALLSUUno, N, Y.(UP ,. ,- <Contmed Irom pace onei hon .fanned. DouThit sin g ,ed. Adams grounded out. Two runs, perimenled with a number of Lynch. Nodena; 2nd, ^t^. Gahn. McHufley, Rt. 2; 2nd. Shawnee .(school.-.1-. ': • ..-• .... ( v j SWavo. and Grasses ' Best siieaf ca1s-lst,-E. : S. Wildy.- Etowah." Bat sh«at ; alfalfa—1st,, n. H. lYarbro.'. • :.• • . . , 'alfalfa" lay—1st,. Taylor 3rd, Mrs. Ed Etowah. " •Quart jar. plums—1ft.' Mrs.-Lsc Stiles.'Rlyttievills; 2nd.-Mrs. L. W. Go5hom, Tomato; 3rd, Mrs. C. E. Lynch, Nodena. Quart jar "grapes—1st," Mn;. BeifiV \VTHteliorri, Manila; 2nd, Mrs. P. B. -JaratV; Hi.- 2; 3rd,-Mrs. Hen- dersonj--Yarbro. .. . -.. - Henderson Enrollment Higher Than Last Year ARKADELPHIA, Oct. 4. (UP) — The enrollment at Henderson State four lilts, no errors. Eighth Innin; ATHLETICS— Ccchrane ^round- , , BJtst ted-clbver—1st,- Arnold Phillips; 2nd?Wlllie Marshall. : -Rt.-. 2:. ' Soy tjiaii -hay—1st;'C.'-q.:Smith, clly;''2iui, Xrnold PhiUlps.- " Canned and Cured Meats Floral Department .fiesc.. general display—1st. Mrs. I/,;S.- Bfikoe,'city; 2nd, Sirs. C. If.- Gray; "city. 1 '.' • . Bfst ,'disB.lay -roses—1st.' Mrs. J. t.'"Chri;rj(; 1 -cLty; 1 . 2rid. Mrs.- J. T. ftnil,' cit'y.v : '.'; ' .;: • • • Bwt display-dohliai—1st. Mrs: L'. s;;.Br>scoeO,c,ityi.'2n(l,' Mrs! C. M. Gray, eityT". *'•".'".""." Best display gilliardiis— 1st, Mrs. j. : L./Cherry-,.'city; 2nd, Mrs. M. O. -CKodwLn, city. Best 'display zinnias—1st. Mrs. Lee-Stilts,, care Mri.'J. G. Bourlahd: 2nd, Mrs. B. -A: Bugs. city. Best display marigold—1st, Mrs. L. S. Bflsroe. city; 2nd, Mrs. Lee Stiles; care Mrs. Bonrland. • Beat display ferns—1st. Mrs. J. C. Harnirfi. city: 2nd. Mrs. W. J. Jordan, Rt, 1. Lanpest fehv—1st, Mrs. J. C. Har- ruih, city.. Largest dahlias—1st, Mrs. L. S. Brbeoe, clly-; 2ml, Nrrs.-C. M. Gray, city. 4-H Club Agriculture Cora : Po'rk, .Manila. -t, ;Mary. Nell Noo..... . Pork .sauiage^-vlst, ilildred Jar- r'et't,-Hi. 2; 2nd, Mre.-P.- B. 1 Jar^ .Sp'are ribs^lst, -Mrs. .Walter Woods; 2nd, Mrs.'.C..E. Lyn'cri, Nb- deua, . . ; .-.'-• -..'- .' " . '. . Minoe meat-lst. Mrs. E. R. Bo-' gan.'-Luxora; 2nd, Mrs. J. E. Neil,' Blytheville.". ''" : ' " ' ''''"''.' '. 'ete*i^l;.cl.ilck^ii—1st. Mrs. : .Wai-' ter'Wcod, Luxora;' .2nd, Mrs. D. ..• . . .. Gaiined duck—1st, Mis.. C. E. Lynch'.".. .' - "•:" /.Canned squirrel—1st, Mrs! C. E. Lynch. . 'Best cured -ham—1st, —Luxora; 2nd.. New Liberty. . Bes, 'cured bacon—1st. Wilson; 2nd-, to second. Miller grounded oiU. No ruas, one hit. no errors. CARDINALS—FrlEch grounded out: BcUomley doubled to right. Hflfey doubled to ri?ht, Bottomlt scoring. Watkins tiled to Boley WIlAn jrcunded ouL One run, two lilts,, no erixiri. Ninth Inning ATHLETiCS-Mocre botled for Haas and single - dtp left. Bpley fouled out. MoNalr bailed for Quinn-and Hied to Walkins. Bishop walked. Dykes struck.put. No runs, one hit, no errors. - . tomatoes, peppers, egg plants and cantaloupes, but ran be adapted (o ciner crops. i The Initial sfik> of Uic covers will be mode to fomllles desiring a. small I number for domestic uv>, but later It. Is planned to make (ho covers In larger ciimntltles for commerclnl Mr. LCR says the covers wn be i used for Uuro or more seasons uml i «ui be made et-ononiiea-lly. ] ^ He lins worked on the Idea for I and • — inbc'r of dll- i ferent, mojek. His present model ' •-ias been used successfully In the early production of cantaloupes PteJilj;, he points out, can be set out a month earlier Uian usual and prelected by the covers will produce from 20 to 40 days before U'0 regular crop comes In. depending upon the-weather conditions. RF.CqiXECTIONS ELDERLY . GENTLEMAN: Can Fruit Juices, Vinegar here has . ire total ehroUmenb of last, year, j President J, P. -\v6mack annqtuic-"; . cd here Iqcloy. '.-,'. ' ' " -I -There are now- 256 students en- ' rolled beside the special students in the conservatory department. 'Womack £iys tlie-enrollmmt at thrend of (lie year" should-be. 300. RADIOS QtiTNTJMBEli Cl.OC'KS ' GREELEYi Colo. (UP)— Weld ixJunty citizens taye more radio's than .they have clocks and .watches, arid but few families; in the county have'any. means of tellin? tun= accprdlnjf (o the abstract of assess"- ments completed by County Assessor Beitfprd. Th.T; abilract show's a; decrease;?! more'thin t5.000.000 i In'.total assessed valuations from' i are .»,3tu JTKUQ.,. . | 24. Miss Sl»t% suddenly clutched '. oiuir.rvr Allan's arm and screamed. Allen '•tVaii" • j' v. t! '<- f ' psiiion flnplrcutly bccajuc fright- W 611,. SSUQ I16T AUliXUld ' >i3««i few as iwsslble."—Tit-Bits. INDIVIDUAL HOT BEDS PrepnrcU By LEE and O'BRIEN For Sale AlMUll . NOV. 1st. See Them At HIS. Uailroad SI. At S. P. LEE'S SHOP you do any of the old-fashioned danc?=? .••:'•• . • • SWEET YOUNG THING: I think rc-nember the Chnrlestonl— - Show. '. • '' . '-- . SCBK.Wl IS FATAL^ SYRACUSE,-N:-'Y.'' [UP) —- A Catsup ripe" tomatoes—1st. Mrs. Walter Woods, .Luxora; 2nd. Mrs. Cany Jarratt, Yarbro; 3rd, Mrs. R. L. Sanders, Lone t Bottle grape juioe—1st, Nfrs. Waller Wood, Luxora; 2nd, Mrs. J. K.-| Hampson, Nodena; 3rd, Mrs. Eugene Dlckerson, Blytheville. Bottle vinegar—1st, ; 2nd. Mrs. Walter Wcod, Luxora. , Bottle blackberry Juice—1st, Mrs. Best ten ears wmt* nou-probflo Walter Wood, Luxora; 2nd, Mrs. cqni-lst; Kinnard Walters, Rt. 3; jj. K . HampsDn, Nodena. 2ml, Atnokl Ford, Burdette; 3 Ar- j ^n^ apple juic^-ist Mrs j nold Phillips, Manila. p. Epper-^on. Rt. 2; 2nd. Mrs. H.' Best ten ears yellor non-prolifio c. Dew Leachvllle —1st, Voie^C.opk. Luxora; 2nd, Ar- BoLlle pe*eh j'uicc—1st. Mr?. iiold-PolMigii^liuilla.. -' V;s. .' joe Epperson. Rt. 2; 2pd, Mrs. Best ten ears white prolific com Walt'f Wood Luxora --1st, Be.n Ray Aycock. Rt, L>. Ely- B ei. strained honey-W. Mrs. C. Iheville;' 2nd.'Amcld Phillips.'Ma- A.. Hu?hes. Shawnee; 2nd. Mr* H. "™- ' '•:' " • 1C. MoHaffey. Ht, 2. Baa ten yrtlow proliric,-cpm t ^^ . ;ancy ^ TO, u b-lst. H. C. —in. Arnold...Phillips, Manila. i McHaffey; 2nd. H. C. McHaUey; ' CoUon . . 3 rd| ^rhi. G«nn, Yarbro. Bfit stalk and t*n bolb long sfaple-lst, Dunward aarrett, Rt. 2; 2nd, Mary Nel} Nopivai\, Manila Best, stalk and ten bolls s'hart slap'e—1st. Monsen Scott,' Rt. 2; 2nd, Emret McAfee, Rt. 2. PeUto CLnb Btst peck Irt>ih potatoes-lst. Bethel Lloydi Rt. 2; 2nd, Mary Nell Noonan, Manila. Best peck sweet potatoes— 1st, Y«tf« McHafley, Rt, 2. S«»!th.H»gfcn Department Best, ten pus prolific corn—Isi, Wilson High tolwal; 2nd, Sliawne i school. Best ten ears non-prolific corn— Irt, Wilson High school. • SURE SIGN BROWN: I'm afraid five dollars he owes me. JONES: Whv do you think that? BROWN: He always MCII ^ sr , glaj to ESS me.—Answers. though h-s saw nothing unusual. DJDl'T CATCH IT ANGRY GUEST: Are you the manager of t):is Infernal place? HOTEL MANAGER: Yea, sir. "I have a serious complaint." i CTRL.: You Ply you are goln? to i marry a woman with a SlO.OOO-n- fnrmprf i^ J ^ " !conle a » d you Iry to con- .1 P.rt of nu?ny "^\ V ^^^ ?* * ^ nalch rolls wereMeie, Paris. When the salad and butter or love money.—Pole Green beans—1st, Miry Loulss Hatnpron, Nodena; 2nd, Mrs. H. |iv^ .towarns, Etowah, (Juart Jar lomatoss in purco—Isl. Preserves and Jams Plain W4t«rrnelon preserves—1st. Mrs. H. C.. Dew, LeachvilJe; 2nd. Mrs. Walter Woods, Luxora, Gingered watermelon preserves— 1st. : Mrs. JValter' Woods, Luxora 'Apple pttberves—1st Mrs. p. B Jarrett. Rt. 2; 2nd, Mrs. H. C. l-<w, Leachville; 3rd. Mrs. G. W Birhapi v Blackberry jam-Isi, - Mrs. Jos Eoperson, Rt. 2; 2nd, Mrs. W. L Thonipsjn, Manila; 3rd. Shawne" SClKOl, Plum preserves—1st, Mrs. Hen- cteraon, Yarbro; and, Mr3. J K Hampscn, Vcdena; 3rd, Mrs. Myrtle Bourland. city. Pear preservcs-lst, Mrs. John Oorxran, Luxora; 2nd. Mrs. J. R Rush, Luxora; 3rd, Mrs. A. Smith, Pfnch iweserves--1st, R. L. •Bu^^^v^^Hgnii raura COTTON TOP PRICES HONEST WEIGHTS Courteous treatment from responsible employees 17 Gin Stands 8 unloaders mean QUICK SERVICE PUT NEW LIFE m YOUR MOTOR Grind Valtfs Heat* O»«,kfts Cltah (-»rbon Install Rinj;s' . Let Us Tu'ne Up 't\al (Mil C a r—All Work li Ouar.lotrrd COMPARE bUR SERVICE AND PRICES ANDERSON'S GARAGE """ ACROSS FROM RUSTIC INN ON H1GUWAV 210 W. Main ie Radto See and Hear It At Walpole Electric Co. • - '- Phone'314 O.CANALE&CO. .Wholesale ..." . Produce - - Groceries - Fruits Oldest and largest fruit and produce house ; in the Memphis BLYTHEVILLE Helena. Clark sdale a meal of fresh fried oystei* thcso crisp fall days : ... and a cup of the best coffee in town. We also serve regular meals and short orders as well as fresh sea foods in season. JIiYIMIE O'BRIEN'S CAFE 105 S. Second Si. DRIN IN TiOTTLKS rrs-Gobij FOR LIFE NUGRAPEBOTTL- ING COMPANY Wagon Covers Flat Covers Heavy Weight Duck Seyt Covers Cotton Sacks, Specially priced in dozen lots. Top and side curtains for Fords and Chevrolet CARNEY AWNING COMPANY 113-11R S. First. AVE n»Y CLKAN OR DYI? ANYTHING Blytheville Laundry Plionc 327 liry Misl(;r T can save you §1" per Ion if you'll ]hiy your coal now" D"n'l Wait "Till Winter C.L Bennett & Co. CCAL S1PSEY SATISFIES Also Other High Grade Coals Buchanan Coal Co* f^.ffm M.I _ — _ Office Phone 107 Residence 717 A New Kind of Service Little things count. We try to maintain a special attention to such details as not spilling oil on fenders or giving your car a gasoline "bath." In other words, we're not careless. Tom W. Jackson Ash at Second St. Phone 8 A.S. Barboro&Co. Blythevillo, Ark. Whole5ale FRUITS — NI7TS - 'VEGETABLE BEANS — PEAS Serving southern merchants over fifty ve»rs. Phone 920. Second and Ro«. Chicago Mill Ana Lumber Corporation

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