The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1949
Page 11
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f FRIDAY, JULY 29, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms VJELL, HE'S OF THE GEM- EEATIOW THAT PEMAN PEP THAT ALL THEM THIN6S BE DONE.' HE LIKES TO RAZZ TH' '>a>0<& GENERATION ABpUT THEM HAVIN& TO PUT COVERS AM SAFETV DEVICES ON EVERY.- ThlKlG 1O KEEP TH' BABES. OUT Our Boarding House with Mo j. Hoople VOL) A «T < MA.VB& <*X> CA*t W*U> MX M14SOS—-KM JAW 6WOLU6M AMD A — *O4O*> »B.I AM DOCTOR CAOUC STRi3CI,TH* ASPERGILI.OSIS M*V I EXAMtMC V0OR POOLTeV? AkK> M*v vie sea A erre oe MtAR Of *>OT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Corroded WE KNOWS ALL ABOUT TOOTHACHE — GOT A PAIR. OP PLIERS ? Kirk Plans Russian Trarrl MOSCOW—(/Pi—Adrairnl Alan G. Kirk—new Uniled States ambassador to the Soviet Union -plans to sre sometlilriK of the country to which lie Is accredited. Sources son WATER ON YOUR FARM T« afai. v «ij«T'.' > tl» i.'franderM convenient* and. eeohom* •! having soft water on your farm K j»u ret a modem Water Softener from '. • BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. S*. Hljhwij SI Phon* Z4M By Mildred Cram and Norwood THE ATORft Mr*. •••!••*. That'i Our Motto/ We ipare oo elTort Lo providing in EXTRA everyd*} prescription yrvice which mean* «xtri convenience ro vou peel [ret to cmli on lift it an; time Prompt dc* liver? service Phone 5Q7 WOODS DRUG STORE. M • HlfnrjNrd rhavVfnr H*dy. •»< » >n»a>Tfr irnir»r p«HM by • •«•- rf»M which T1«1«r. fh« ritlt>'»* wh* Mp^akm Ilk* * e«ll*«c« prnfrw- • nr. drive*. ETrrythlws (• rflelrwt • nri writ ylnnxprf. bvt alrrBriT Mm. Mnlonr U hrclnvlHK l« wnMrfrr *iknr kind «T prnptr •!»* 1« w»rfc- IHK f*»r. Her r»^l*y*r I* Mr*. KvcrMiM. Middle Bleed, hmt •till ic*4»4 1**klHir »»•* vrh« baa lh* m««w«-rlMM* *f nm »ctrr*«. With fc«r U • v*r«t. the H«rrbr«r O«-l- Lar**«, «*h« «»»nk» w(ih « f*r- rlfc* *?ftmt. f.Tr+m R«4y, tb* rhRBttr»r. •««•!« xtrjiPK^Iy *•- mltlar r* Hr». M»liMr. "V**. a«re «-nrr7 rIvl|l*L« !(«• vrllh y*m," "he trll* TtMd7. -Th»t w»* thv M»«*" DITDY removed his cap and sal facing her. He wore a thin white sweatshirt under his apron his powerful apd,hairy_ arms were bare; a strapped witch accentuated his lean wrist; his nails were short, well cared fbK healthy. He lifted his cup of steaming coffee with both hands and something in the gesture rang anothe b*ll in Mrs. Malone's memory. "Wail!" she cried aloud. "I'm remembering! A movie a long tim- ago . . ." "You're getting warmer," Rud interrupted harshly. "But what d you say we drop the subject?" "That's fin* with me. But I d want the truth about my bow After all, I'd like lo know wher I'm Roing. And why- IT there anything crooked about this dea I'd better know it; I've told yo all about myself. Now just ex actly who is this Mrs. Ever son and who's the foreign gentl&ma with th« bracelet? And why th million dollar outfit?" Rudy and Victor exchanged glance. The look mi£ht hav meant anything. "I can tell you the story." Rudy *e:an. And then hesitated, **I*m all ears." Mrs. Malone said • • • '"\7~OU don't, have to believe -"- anything \ tell you." Rudy on tinned "I'll give it to you ind you can take It or Ele nibbed his head reflectively "To go back a ways: Mrs. Everon wasn't always rich. She start- d out as a waitress in Oklahoma nd married a man much older n herself. I figure she had her ye on some oil leares he held. nvwav his wells rame in." "Lucky, wasn't she?" Rudy shook his head, "No. She wasn't. They moved West and btiill a little house on op of a hill near Los Angeles Pappy was a millionaire, all right. ut he turned out to be ignorant lealous and tight as the lickens. She did all her ouseworJc, made her own clothes, never went anywhere. But she ilayed with it. Twenty years I juess she figured he'd die first, ind then she'd have her fling." "That's what 1 call a smart woman," Mrs. NTnlone said. "IE you like them smart. I don't." 'You've got to hand it lo her She was patient and faithful- She never let on she was unhappy. and sh'e kept herself young. Not so bad 1 . Then the old man died oft —that was three years ago—and left her his millions." "It wasn't in the papers." "No. She didn't want publicity She was after position. A real place in the social sun- I know, because I was one ol her first em- ployes. I answered an ad in the paper, and here J am: driver, mechanic, bodyguard and father confessor to a rich dame. Mrs. Malone inclined her head toward the Filipino. "And Victor?*' ^She itole Victor from a cock- tafl bar in Beverly Hills. The perfect hnusehoy Unattached Needs no sleep. Crave* no personal satisfaction." • • • TT was on the lip of her tonjnie - to ask: "How come h* talks like a professor?" But she checked lerself She must have made some sign. however, because Rudy smiled, a bit derisively she thought. I know what you're thinking," he said "Tell the lady. Victor You graduated from Columbia, didn't you?" "Yes. 1 did." Victor said. "That explains It." said Mrs Malone. "But why do you work as a houseboy—surely you have enough education to do something more?" > "11 is not bad work," explained Victor. "The pay is excellent." '*Some day. when he has collected his stake." Rudy continued, "he'll go back home, he doesn't care much what he does or where he goes - -" Mrs. Malone met hi squarely "H happens 1 do care, are we going?" He hesitated he cofTee in his cup, creating mall vortex of bubbles. "The story is," he said at last. 'we're on our way to a place of safety." "I don't gel you," she said. "lt'« t long story," Rudy said. 'Why don't you lei it go at that? ! very one wants safety and security. 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THAT MEAN* OFF THE June 6OJ< OH OOOO OI.D SAX/.OPCOORSE (T MAY Be A BIT RUSTY, BUT--- RUSTY. Me \4 SAYS' us«d to hav« a crush on Bing Crosby, too, but 1 finally hid to »dd him to th» list of fellow* who »tay married!" PiUSCIl.LA'S I'OI' formal Anulu'iitiim 11Y M. VKRMEER I'M SURE THERE MUST BP. PRlSGLLA.' X WELL,.. WHEN 1 GO TO HEAVEN DO VOU THINK 1 COULD BE TRANSFERRED MOM IS THERE A HEAVEM FOR AM1MALS Christopher? No! MICHAEL O'MALI.BY and RALI'H LANE fUNNY YOU WOULDN'T REMEMBER HIM. HE HAD A SHORT, PEPPY AMIGO NAMED JOSE. THAT NAME STRIKE A BELL? OH.DEAR.IUCY. I M THROUGH inn 1HISAWSAZIWE.OAN I LEAVE OU HERE WHILE I PADL7LE SHORE FOR ANOTHER? BY THE WAY. I THINK ^ NO, MR.T-UNT, I A fRIEND Of MINE I DON'T RECALL THE USED TO STAY HERE--/NAME AND I'VE BEEN A MB. BASIL ^ HERE FOR FIVE YEARS. CHRISTOPHER ? NO. IW AFRAID IT MIAN5 NOTHING TO ME WASH TURKS HY LESLIE TURNKR NO JkMTTEK WHAT \ gUT THEV THOSE 80Y5 SMD \WEKE TO M4KE VOU SO \ THEY WIRI! WGCV. C(VTHV, IT WiVSU'T MICE TO MO DADPY... DON'T WMCE ME TELL WHAT THEY OK&.Y. HONEY. FOES6T ABOUT THOUGHTLESS KIDS CM) 8E MIGHTY CRUELrGIG. BUT WLIK FBIEMDs ABE PROUO o' THE flGHT VOU'RE WWNlua AQMUST w.conoLi5M'. ITS BEEN FOIR MOUTHS WOWl WH&.T THEY 1OiO HER. EASY! IWSTIIL A DELJMK4CD TO SOME PEOPLE. BUT I WISH TBEYCOLJir>'UE SPACED HEE.— HAT A«£ y HELM.' IN A. \ YOU 6OIM6 J MINUTE Y*LL Li TO oo? ../HAVE A. SWELL (J OOWc ' DOlLY/ SlGH.'i IP U<E \ SHUSH, DOC. \ TOUPEE FOR MY ) I'LL GET 8»LD HEM>...iur/ ONE IN A THEY'RE TOO IIFFY FEB. NOTHIN'/6lMME SCISSOHS.' 6OT YER. TOUPEE.,. *,N' A FUR COAT AIN'T NO 6OOO TO YA IN TH' 5UMMER.-TIME, ANYWAY/ Al.I.EY OOP ^—- WrlAT'5 I!Y V. T HAMI.IN SMOOTH SMLING F2OM HE ON. . S\'E'KE / NEXT O\'EIiTt!E / 5TOR THE MOON >c KICK.' UKE A G'ANT KAS-'NT ACCELERATION I MUST A \T>-E 5 PAS-'ED KICKIN6 CUT.' / LOOSE i THE BOOSTER. HOOTS AND HEK IHIDDIES 1!Y BUGAR MARTIN rcnows where to find it." "Safety from what?" Mr*- Malone asked. "It's not an easy thing to explain." "You might try. I'm fairly intelligent." Rudy sipped his coffee. {To Be Continued) Blylheville. Ark.

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