The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1939
Page 2
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1939 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE -FIV* BiniR HOMES Stone for Dignity May Result In General Improvement Throughout Neighborhood One modernization j:b encou ages another, a bank official In small midwcslern town- has ill covered. "It is wholesome and unenim the way people -will strive for in provement when there is some h cenlive lo do so," said Hal G Vli cent, cashier of the ouscgo (Midi State Savings Bll tik. "The ol P ace, surrounded by scores o others m hke condition, may i m managed for years without any at tempi at face lining. - nicll bc nold-a transformation occurred L (he house across the street. "Scon the owner ot the horn next door, catering into the spir of the occasion, learned how he too, might purchase a new coat o paint on favorable terms throng he bank. The 'old place' was next in fact, whole streets were made t take on a better appearance no to mention the comforts provide these home owners through interio improvements, bathrooms, furnaces and insulation." Making improvement loans through the Modernization Crcdi Wan of the Federal Ilousin» Administration, the bank found after installing the department that j accumulated "net what we hopet to gel in good improvement loans but live times that much." Business, Residential Properties Improvec Improvements have been made to several business buildings and residences in (he past week, despite it being what is commonly called "the dull season." The Royal Pig cafe, at 307 South Second street, has been redecorated throughout on (he interior along with new curtains and other features. The E. A. Rice house, at 1300 Ghickasawba avenue, has been rc- '•:••','\"> I'^'.'.v numerous imprcve- mcnls made lo thc interior; A"nc* barbcc.iie pit, to be made.- of'-s'lcnie to match the fireplace chimney is to be built in the back yard. ' Ira Crawford Residence Thoroughly Remodeled One of thc most extensive remodeling jobs clone during the late summer is that of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Crawford, 2118 Chiekaauvba avenue, which is completed except lor painting the outside. Several rocms were added the arrangement of the interior chan»- od and the entire house redecorated. There is now a large livine room, hall, four bedrooms, diniiv room, kitchen and bath Pine paneled walls and bunks feature ihe room of their son Raymond, and Margaret, the elder daughter, has a new bcdrorm done in Ihe feminine fashion. There is also a room for their infant daughter, Barbara Gail, hi addition to tho master bedroom. Cabinets were built in the kitchen, which is one of thc new rooms "'"' * co 'OTft'l decorative scheme used there. Porch Roof Can Be Made Into Sun Deck H is a simple matter to convert the roof of a porch into a sccond- noor sm, deck, and ih e improvc- S/SS.X thal thc Clltirc A railing around the outer cd"C of the roof would he necessary, hut tins, ifce other additions necessary for (he change, could bc provided under the Modernization credit Plan of thc Fcrtcral Hmisiiv Administration. A wooden balustrade w:uld bc sufficient, bul for a larger and morn expensive home a ••nought-iron railing may be rtesir- ™ie. Besides tt .| wt structural rooTiuiir^ii ';U C would' remain !"„!? < ^.™" rt "o insUllailoTo'l Special ^Kitchen Cabincls Can Frequently Be Added '/"'; « v «8e kitchen cabinet i" i '" 6ta! mA rillwc o! me 7c >VC for nil kllehcn meiit nn,i functions, there nre jiianv K 1 .""I"" whlch din, ,t° SlWC S °" 1C Of l?i; , " cw ltllcll( ' !1 concs. he e special cnWllet . s , , able" ? 10 ", W "" '"" (ls ° Mnll >" , (|immtol "Wllng Instllu- ''«• Hie Moderntatlon ihere is an emcimt use of space in this small homo, will. it s skill- fill plannmg reflectod in the living roo m .,ll,,i llg room arrangement Here Ihc (lining space becomes part of (he living room after mealtimes. Jhc bathroom may bc reached without passinp through cither of ll,e two bedrooms, while the kitchen has a rare and highly m h° ih pV" I ,' a ,, lntRC hay witulow - This home wns "'"^ al .1,.' V C f «*,„« nK Ad ™ ini3l «'i 0 " and was built in Ohio the aid of a $6,200 mortgage insured by the FI1A.. •FLOOR._____ Arranging the Bathroom nalhrooras should be of a size a ,,d shape for convcmcnl arrange- of Ihe necessary n.v|, lr e s , Federal /tonsin s Administration nIS C..U pomt oul Under (he Moderation Credit Clan, bat", Sin - CP H rC< ? "" - mo(lcr ""« ! < 1 w '"' f«'«fe oMamahle from luialiHcd -tn'^.'". I !•"!"'!' '", i " uslrallori Number 1 above, an economical .ingcniCTH of fixtures is shown Iral operation of the window i? iliffi- culf. *,,n,I,er 2 ,s considered a very desirable layout, ,,ussibl c mainly wlicrc the halh is privato lo one bedroom. Number 3 is considered a f.° od . a ii rfa 1, BI! T ll V rCIIllirin(r s<1 "'' lr;!le "<""<-•• vml. and supplies for he balliluh. Number 4 is a desirable layout with (lie .Inor clearing fc r« «"" cntra deck from the house Pian'T , . fi»n s »!sed in making " e to the Slm Credit ight Windows Help Reduce Loss of Heat The Federal Housing Administration urges prospective builders and buyers lo give special attention to the windows in structures they contemplate purchasing, healing studies having demonstrated repcalcdly thc importance of wtndcMs as a factor in heat loss. j House buyers have learned that, light wealherstripped windows mean an essential long-term saving. FHA officials say. Builders 'Irave learned that (he most economical method 'to get windows with the necessary .qualities islobuy llicmnrcfiUcd as | a packaged unit, whether in wood or metal. From the standpoint of savings. a separation cf the two functions of windows—lighting and ventilation—gives a belter approach to Ihe problem. Authorities say that glass fixed in place is cheaper than movable sash. If used in combina- tlcn with easement or double-hung windows, such an arrangement will definitely result In economies. Water-Softening Equipment Available The ivalcr supply In ninny regions lias a considerable mineral content. Federal Housing Administration officials say, which has no effect upon the p:lablllty of the water but which may have a detrimental effect upon plumbing lines boilers, and plumbing fixtures. Equipment has been developed to neutralize, or precipitate the mineral content In hard walef . One useful cabinet now being n,, 1 m,f,, c(t ,red h dc^ne.l for the stoi ec of vegetables. The r,- 0 nt of the three drawer-type bins Is If l r °f „ ? nlr Clv(: »"tf'°». Marie face " S " 100Ul vvork Sllr - ofiL'n'Y 111 ? 11 ! 1 * 8 Dl ™0'I»Z lielehts cffeclivcly lake care of linen storage, while soiled linen Hnmp«rs, wli cb operate oil the dmwor principle. offer (i permanent solution to n temporary storage problem. implement cabinets, available in R» heights mid sizes, provide space for mops, brooms, soaps, and other denning materials while shallow stc|>" shelves may be Installed hlgli on the wall lo lake care of canned and bottled goods. Bread bins and bulk storage bins, the taller for sugar, coffee, etc., form small cabinets, while "dead corner" cabinets arc made lo fit Into Inaccessible corners for general storage New Houses Being At Dell -._-. Aik., Aug. 20.—Two new six room bungalows arc bclns creeled by s. T. l-'recmnn on (ho lot adjoining (ho DnptLsi church Bolh buildings arc frame sliucUnw nnd will cosl approximately $4000 The houses are built on n lot which Is divided by n gravel drive- Way running from Ihe street to a double garage nt tlic rear of the lot. Knch licuse contains six rooms, bath, front nnd back porches The back porch Is divided by Iho balh loom ami the houses Imvc two back and trout entrances. Tho In- pirto wi\lla are Mulshed wllh a WHllboard and pntntccl. The homc.i arc covered with red cwlnr shingles Mr. Freeman lias built the houses for rent. These houses, besides ncld- hiff much to the npiieamnco of the lown, will meet n grait demand which 1ms Ireon [elt since Ihu building of Hie- compress. Wash Morlar Before Painting New Brick I'lilnl iiiillmiHlcs recommend Hint before palming n nctvly built bvlck house that Is rtnmp tho mortar Joints should be gene over with a wilier wash of siUiilmlc ot -/.Inc. . This, they say, will neutralize the lime used In the mortar Joinings which would otherwise ciuisc' illlfl- culty with the Ilnlshlng coat. Both new and existing hcnics may bo painted wllh funds obtainable from ciunllflcd lendlna InsMtutloiu inulei- the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Admlnlstra- lon. For Better Meals 6CHANTON, Pn. (UP) - John Schott lias Invented a liobber for iljlil fishing which lights If 11 fish s hooked or nibbles. Bcbolt also ds a patent on ti wcedlCas fish 100 it, If Smn ,, inflations are count- ccl, Maine has more than twice! mnch coastline as Florida. i Authenticity Given By Forged Iron Forged Iron hardware, reflecting the true spirit of the period is being ofTerert the owner of the modest hcmc at prices far below that which prevailed for forged Iron pieces made to order. Not only on the front entrance bill throughout the entire home wrought-iron hinges, door pulls latches, and other fixtures add accuracy and necessary detail to the period style. This typo of hardware may be placed in the home with funds obtainable from qualified lending institutions under the Modernization Credit Plan of the (Mil-Slmpcil ISIIiuls- Venetian blinds lo' fit window ojicnlngs of iinnsiml ghnpc lire raldly available. These blinds are npw being marketed for windows with round tops nnd can lie oh-' tamed in plain "circle lop" or ''sunburst" design. In the former, the slats run horly.onUilly while In the latter thc slats arc spread open fan-wise. - Wianrpl Guides for Illlnrts Venetian blinds permits an even light dtfluston, eliminating glare streaked patterns, "twilight /ones" dark corners, and shadows. Dul while the eyes are protcctol, blinds can bc n source of annoyance if they jnnglc against the window frame during a brcex.e. Venetian blinds equipped with channel guides will remain noiseless even In a brisk wind as courier Nftws want Books Add Interest, Richness To'Home Books In Ihemselves arc diw« tire and add interest and rl*m, P « ?« any surrou " d i"Ss. With book ^li^tvttc otinlUl^ f • "".u OIKJK- fsnenes eligible for installation im rter the Modernization Credit Plan cf the Federal Housing Admlnlstra lion, many more home owners "ill avail hemsclves of (his fcatu c Bookshelves built m m entrance hall son-e a dual purpose. -Tiev offer storage space f cr books and at the iame time create an mvUlns appearance. Flexibility Offered In New Style Cabinets Nen- all-steel kitchen cabinets, (iesigned to give accent on llexi- bllity In service,- arc being used for Instatatlon in new homes arid to modernize the kitchens of older homes. Among the advantages of the cabinets, which are eligible for in- •tallallon under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, nre refrjgeralor- typc adjustable shelies of steel wire, concealed spring-action hinges. Automatic Interior lighting, roller bearing drawer slides, and m(«r- Read Courier Neffs want ado. Kcnl rcccipls arc a pn or in- vcstmt'iil, especially when FHA (erms arc so liberal for those who wish (o build ihcir own homes. Often §25 or $30 per month will 1)a y for n comfortable little home built just for you. Let » s helj) you plan for home ownership. Phone 40 THE ABKMO LUMBER CO. Dnbr Operators The automobile owner will find considerable convenience in motor- operalcd garage doors. With a touch of a button or the turn of n key, which may be Iccalcd at any strategic point, thc garage door opens ot cltses smoothly and automatically. Motor units which operate garage doors may bc installed, if thc Bftragc | 5 attached to the home, REMODELIrVO wllli funds obtainable from mmll- flcd lending (nsHtutlons under tho Mcdornlzation Credit Plan of the Fecderal Housing Administration, Switch posl*. which .lire located besido the driveway, offer ti convenient method of control, Equipped with a lock, they can bo op- ernled only by (hose having a key. Screen Door Grilles Add Decorative Touch The possibilities of decorative effects of ornamental grilles used In connection with screen doors arc frequently overlooked by homo owners. In front doors having leaded ass side lights, a grille simulating a leaded efleCL In the screen door would carry out the general character of the entrance. Aside from their ornniiictitnl qualities, the srilles also serve to protect and strengthen the screening. Screen doors with grille design, as well as plain ones, may be Installed with funds obtainable from qualified lending institullcns under the Modcrnlv.atlon Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. llrntr' I 1\ "wyllilnK and ( n (U place" applies psr - Icijlnrl well lo llic contrast ng views nhinvn of a kitchen (ataVtV bfforc I ,e owner., decided on (he dennllo Imp rove men I ,hown ,M»w a M ±&l^-»^^^ Questions and Answers The prnylng mantis, most blood- llilrsly of all Insects, Is carried about as a pot by Orientals. THE "FAMILY SERVANT" The modern water system places al (he command of every member nf the family a tireless .servant, on dtify 24 hours a dav. This servant is Water. It has many hands and can perform many chores simultaneously if necessary. All homes, however, are not properly cfiuipperl (o take advantage of (his servant, of oiit-of-dale plumbing. The installation of a nd\v outlet where needed or a new fixture or two will cnnhlc this good servant to work even more effidenllv. BLYTKEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Alien, Mgr. '.•Wafer Is Voar Cheapest Cnmmodllj" Q. I hnvc several. rcnlal hhuscs which I wnnL lo modernize. Is 11 possible lo chtnln m6ro than-one loan mirier thc l<'!tA plan? A. Under die Modernization Credit plan of the PIIA, one bra-rower may obtain any number cf lonns to Improve nny number of separate pieces of property, bul a separate credit slalcmont-nppllea- tion Is rernilred In conncclt:ii with snch lonn mndc. - Is paint a good nnish (or floors? A. 'JTic aeiccllon of paint ns a ncor lltilsh depends largely upon (lift decornllvo effect doslrcd nnd the use that the floor TUI! receive. fn living areas where color may bo desirable ami the traveled areas arc generally protected from excessive wear by runs, paint Is satisfactory. If the natural color cf the wood or a stained effect is desired, the floor should lie finished with stnln nnd varnish or shellnc, timl frcqiicnllj' 'Waxed. For service aiens receiving niml wear nnd ficquent cletntng by mopping, or. scrubbing, Unseed oil applied h=t, or a similar preservative, may be used. Wooden porch floors should be painted two or three coals cf good quality deck paint. f!<>nd Courier News want mis, KXPEBT ELECTRIC WIRING UEAUTIFUI, LINK OP ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Ranges nnd Water Hnttcn WALPOLE ? S ELECTRIC SHOP UO So. 2nd Fhon« 318 "RENTITIS" Arc you allergic to landlords? Do yon get spots before your eyes and suffer ; mental - angui^li when you pay oiil money for rent?' If" these a'ntl other similar symptoms arc common'In you yon arc suffering wilh "Hentilis, v Unless the condition is cheeked at once it will become chronic and home-owners: will sadly shake their heads when you pass by, , • . • : Cheer up! We have a positive cure. Come to s«* us at once. . -.••'•• Several doses Of our atlraclivo house plans plus a healing Ireatnient of our complete building; service and you will soon be a happy convalescent in YOUR OWN. HOME. E.G. ROBINSON LUMBER GO.

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